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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

~*Celebrating three years of Nafrat & Mohabbat: IPKKND*~

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June 6th 2011, is a day that is forever etched in our hearts. For this was the day a magic by the name Arnav and Khushi entered our lives. They brought, still bring joy to our hearts. We lived every moment of their togetherness.

Here is a beautiful poem written by DurgaS that refreshes our IPKKND memories.

For eighteen months ran the show
Eighteen months since we saw it go
Three years since it got us tied
Raaba ve on, we are still stupefied 

It happens when a show shuts down
The craze diminishes, everybody moves on
But IPK has reversed the trend
The fan base has only widened
What's the reason?, while some analyse
Watching again and again, becomes the premise
As dubbed ones, remakes and reruns thrive
They've helped to keep the show alive
So dupattas fly, while the gazes continue
A mesmerising hi, which still sounds new
Sighs, laughs and cries, we get even now
In an abyss of love, we happily fall down
Jo pehle hua na, ab hone laga hai
Nuttier and nuttier, dil hone laga hai
On this third anniversary we need not be sane
So let's rock and party, while going dhak dhak again

We have compiled a thread which will take you back to those wonderful days. Here's a chance to relive it. What are you waiting for? Scroll away. :)

 This thread would not have been possible if not for these people. Clap

arshi-pooja /aamir18/ LazilyAnonymous/ areeba_blossom/ -BarunSanz- /..Athena../ Preet.KC/Dee_J/-MallyluvsJ2M-/cinthiann1758/-Cutyee/ aartipartyy/ Mrs.MuffinSobti  /Edna_Philip/ appy_indy-KD/ -Kina-/ pancakes/ ARS24/ 

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Credit: harjaaiyaan(permission taken from ...shruti...)

June 6th2011 had made us embark on special journey called IPKKND which is the common factor for we ArHians on India-forums.

Millions of people worldwide watched the Saga of Raizada and Gupta family and continue to do so. .Also, dubbed versions in Telugu ,Bengali, Kannada etc...paved way for increment in the number of fans , going gaga over Arnav and Khushi.

"Nafrat paas aane na de, Mohabbat door jaane na de"...the tagline of IPKKND aptly describes the whole story in one line.The story, brainchild of Gul khan , was the core strength , along with fantabulous performance by the whole cast.

The story started with Lucknovi girl Khushi Kumaari Gupta, full of life, beliefs, morals, principles, family values, funloving carefree; engaged in the wedding preparations of the her beloved elder sister Payal Gupta. Sashi and Garmi gupta, were their loving parents...hoping the best for their daughters.

Fate had other plans, when Khushi Kumaari Gupta crossed path with the ruthless business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR. If she believed in means, then he believed in end; If she believed in love, he believed in hate;If she was the calming moon, he was the blazing sun. Such was their contrasting personalities...yet they kept crossing each other's path as if some some unknown ties always kept them pulling towards each other.

The first meet of Arnav & Khushi aka ArHi happened admist the whole world, when she fell straight into his arms. For Arnav , Khushi always evoked unknown emotions right from the beginning.

It wasn't surprising when he actually made her life hell, by pulling various tactics.Each situation was bravely confronted by Khushi which bruised ASR's ego.

Enter into picture was the charming , sugary coated villain Shyaam Manohar Jhaa; besotted by Khushi, trying his best to get into her life and woo her ; inspite of him being married to Anjali Raizada , beloved sister of ASR.

Family values is something which is prominent throughout IPKNND.

Madhumati , the lovely buaji of Khushi , was always effervescent with her Hai Re Nandkisore chants...loved her nieces very much. Arnav's family consisted of his maternal grandmother, Devyani Raizada , his mama Mahinder Raizada, his mami Manorama Raizada, cousin Akash Raizada. 

Owing to his dreaded and painful past , Arnav grew up to be a strong person , but with major trust issues. When khushi entered into his life like cascading river, he tried his best to shield his heart ,to get away from her...yet he was pulled towards her.

When Khushi secured Job under him; lots of What the's and Hey Devi Maiyya were uttered frequently. Verbal fights, pull and push where common scenario in the office.

Same things happened when they crossed path again when Khushi was appointed as a teacher of Indian values to his ultra modern Girlfriend Lavanya Kashyap. Lavanya, a dusky beauty , loved ASR dearly and hence embarked on the journey to woo his Grandmother with the help of her aid Chamkili i.e Khushi . 

But somewhere Khushi started making way into ASR's heart.Lavanya gracefullybacked out on seeing love in the eye's of ASR for khushi. But these confused mates where still at the loggerheads. However, things mellowed down when Khushi's sister Payal engaged in a relation with Arnav;s brother Aakash. Two families where now officially related. Circumstances changed, so did Khushi and Arnav's feelings. The damn was broken. Arnav and Khushi started to feel for each each other.

But as we say , life is not bed of roses...Arnav and khushi too witnessed a  storm  in their life called Shyaam Manohar Jhaa.He created ugly misunderstandings between them which made Arnav take extreme step in anger - a contracted marriage for 6 months in hatred so as to protect his sister's wedding. The wedding was done, tears were shed, yet Khushi was blamed by Arnav for every single deeds. Khushi, being the fighter she is, pushed away her feelings for him and started to face him bravely. Their nok jhoks continued ...however , one fine day Arnav was kidnapped by shyaam manohar jhaa, who was hell bent on destroying everything that come in his between  Raizada money and khushi,

Khushi who wasn't aware of Arnav being kidnapped, followed her intuition of seeing Arnav in danger, seeked help from Nandkishore (Arnav's cousin ) and mami...embarked on journey to find him.

As her intuition was confirmed, she tried her best to get Arnav out of clutches of Shyam for which she had to risk her own life and she did it too.

Arnav was saved by her .Their love triumphed. She proved her innocence in his eyes...however Shyaam didn't backed out. He used support of his pregnant wife Anjali , to gain entry into Raizada household in order to create havoc.

Meanwhile Arnav -khushi started their own sweet life .With remarriage in cards , forofficially making Khushi as Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada for eternity, Arnav paved way for beautiful life with Khushi.

After exposure of Shyaam , Arnav-Khushi tried their best to bring happiness in the life of their sister ..which they were successful in doing so.

Raizada household was once again happy and content...But here entered Ms Sheetal (Arnav's ex girlfriend) along with child Arav. She made Arav as her bait in order to lure Khushi in trap in of misunderstandings.Arnav cleared picture soon and she was thrown out. However , they adopted Arav as their son .

In order to be independent, gain knowledge and to stand shoulder to shoulder with Arnav , Khushi wished to participate in the Mrs INDIA contest. After much cajoling Arnav agreed and she took part and  won too.

In short, the above sketches the overall outline of IPKKND, the most largest forum of India-forums, with ten thousands pages and most numbers of stories too.

The only show, even after its closure, still rules heart of many .

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Also written by riti4u. 

Main Male Protagonist of the show. An Angry young man who wears his heart on his sleeves. Going with his name Arnav's character had many layers and depth in the show. He is shown as the man who has based his principles on what works in practical world-power of money. A man who is ruthless for outside world is at same time shown to us as responsible and caring brother -His sister being center of his world till he meets a girl who changes his life. The man who had always stayed away from feeling called love ultimately falls in love with this girl. She brings out hidden Arnav inside. We see a man capable of going to any extent for his loved ones. Arnav goes through emotional turmoil when he misunderstands Khushi and just in order to keep his loved ones safe marries Khushi. Then we see journey of this man torn between his love and his hate for Khushi which finally ends with his love winning it all. His love for Khushi changes him and brings him out of that shell he had created for himself due to turbulent past -his mother's death. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is a love story of Arnav Singh Raizada -where his love crosses all boundaries created by misunderstandings and fate.

Khushi Kumari Gupta- Main Female Protagonist- True to her name , she is a joy in everyone's life. Khushi , a girl who has faith in her prayers -her devi maiyya is a small town girl with strong moral values. She loves her family a lot especially her jiji payal and is a kind of person who can sacrifice anything for her loved ones. She likes to see goodness in every heart. A firm believer ,an optimist who likes to cook jalebies in order to make herself stress free. She is the life in the show and also light in Arnav's dark world. A simple girl with her pure heart falls in love with a man she could never dream of falling in love with. Her journey lets her explore other side of Arnav Singh Raizada which is kept hidden from outside world. She is attracted to him and eventually ready to accept him when her world falls apart when in sudden turn of events in her life her very own prince charming turns into her rakshas.She is heartbroken with his hate yet determined to know the reason behind. As someone who always keeps other happiness first, Khushi tries to bring joy in Arnav's life. Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon is a journey of Khushi Kumari Gupta's love which redefines sacrifice and selflessness.

The main antagonist of the show. Initially he was shown as Khushi's savior and a simple person, who is a lawyer by profession, lives as a paying guest at Gupta House. But later his true colors were shown and he turned out to be Anjali's husband. He tried several ways to break Arnav and Khushi's relationship. Other than that he tried to kill Anjali and he even managed to kill his unborn baby framing it as an accident. After all this, his truth was exposed by Arnav, Khushi and NK and he was thrown out of the house by Anjali and the other members. 

Protagonist. She is a sweet and caring person in nature. Her life revolves around her family members and her dear husband. She loves him immensely. Her chotey is the apple of her eye. She trusts her husband blindly and loves him immensely.Unaware of his true colors she always falls in his traps easily and does whatever he wants to.At first she didn't believe Arnav and Khushi when they accused Shyam for his bad deeds because of her blind love and faith but later when Shyam was exposed with evidence Anjali herself slapped him and threw him out of the house.

Protagonist. He is Manorama and Mahendra's only son. He is Arnav and Anjali's cousin and Payal's husband. He is a simple, shy and a family-type person. 
He loves his family a lot. His bhai (Arnav) means a lot to him. He is soft spoken and the complete opposite of Arnav's nature. 

Protagonist. She is sweet, caring and a bit shy. Elder daughter of Shashi and Garima Gupta. At the start of the show we saw that her marriage was called off as her family failed to give dowry to the groom's family.  She loves her family and her sister Khushi a lot. Even though her mother-in-law Manorama keeps on taunting her as "Khoon bhari taang".

Protaginist. His full name is NandKishore but everyone calls him NK. He is from Sydney and he is Manorama's nephew. He is quite funny, talkative, a foodie and his broken Hindi makes him even more hilarious. He shares a good bond with Khushi which irked Arnav before. He liked Khushi before Arshi's marriage but later they became good friends. At times it seems like he is not helpful but he actually is. He had helped Khushi to free Arnav from Shyam's clutches and also helped the duo to expose Shyam. He mingles with everyone quite easily. He disappered from the show after Arshi's marriage but made his comeback when Khushi was in search for Arnav and stayed till the end.

Protagonist. She is the eldest member of Raizada family. She is not at all like the strict mother-in-law or grandma but instead she's funny, lovable and very supportive. But at times for the  betterment of her family she takes strict decisions. Her love is hidden behind her and Manorama's small fights. She loves her children and her grandchildren a lot. She is very fond of her pet goat, Lakshmi and she is very religious.

The Glamorous Manorama Singh Raizada (or at least she thinks so) comes from a middle class background like the Gupta sisters.  She became a Raizada, changing her status from their servant to Bahu, when she fell in love and married Mahendra Singh Raizada .She is intelligent, an instinctive detective, a lioness who loves and protects her "sons" (biological son Akash and nephew Arnav) and a busy body. She loves to snacks and is constantly watching her weight. She has a love for aesthetics including fashion and make-up.Akash is her child but Arnav is her precious nephew whom she helped put into business by selling her jewelry and secretly giving him the money to start his business. She spars with Buaji.

Famous lines: "Pleeege, Escuuuz Me"



There is not much to say on this character because he disappeared so quickly but in the short time I noticed: He was a loyal husband who accepted his wife's faults. He loved his son and backed his decisions. He was a loving son, husband and uncle. He disappeared from the show by working overseas in America.

loving mother, married to Sashi Gupta and raising two daughters, Payal (Sashi's daughter from his first marriage) and Khushi (her deceased sister's daughter), she has become their Amma and loves them as her own. She is shy, adoring and loyal, a dedicated caregiver. Her desire is for her daughters to be happy.She has a hidden past and secret which involves Arnav's parents.

 A confectioner in Lucknow who has relocated in Delhi due to circumstances (he sold his business to cover dowry expenses, only to lose everything and have his daughter's marriage break) and lives with his family in his eldest sister's home.Honest,loving and hard working, his daughters are his priority, related by blood or not he treats each equally and love them wholeheartedly.  Once strong and able bodied, he is now wheelchair bound. His medical issues brought upon by stress and only exacerbated by a sneaky villain who has caused him to have apoplexy that has lead to a heart attack complicated by a stroke.Unable to speak and is paralyzed but his eyes are his voice.

A young orphaned boy who was taken advantage of by Sheetal and used for her plans to exhort money from Arnav Singh Raizada.  He imitates Arnav to make all believe he is ASR's son.But DM had other plans for this youth, for after Sheetal was exposed this young boy was adopted as Arnav and Khushi's and the Raizada's own.

She is Anjali and Arnav's paternal grandmother who left the family after her son and daughter-in-law's suicides and lived in an Ashram for many years without contacting the family. She returned to Raizada mansion after Shyam prompting. She is strict, firm and unbending of rules. She believed Khushi was a servant when she first came and has great disdain for her andhas bitterness and anger for Khushi because of Shyam's story.The revelation of Arnav's elopement forces a remarriage, thereby separating Arnav and Khushi temporarily but causes amplification of their love and trust.  

 She is Sashi Gupta's elder sister who lives in Delhi and has opened her home to her destitute brother and his family.  She is crazy about the girls, her nieces but in the beginning treats Khushi poorly, which changes as the series moves on. She runs a home business.She is a beautiful rotund woman with a good heart and is outspoken and fierce when she needs to be.She always has a bandana wrapped around her forehead and she flings her long braid around her and keeps her glasses on top of her head only to forget where they are.

Arnav is her Bubwa.

She spars with Manorama.

Her famous words are, "Haye NandiKishore!"

She is a past girl friend of Arnav's college days at Harvard.  Although innocent looking, this beauty is sly and cunning. She always has a plan and enters the Raizada household to only cause upheaval. She has one thing in mind and that is extortion.  Sheetal enters with Khushi saving Aarav from kidnappers.  She slithers her way into the Raizada household and proceeds to place doubt in Khushi mind about Arnav and Aarav's relation.  She plays on Khushi's goodness to her full advantage and uses Aarav as bait.  Her true nature is clearly seen by our hero who sets a trap for this "fishy" woman and bags her hook, line and sinker.

  She is a four-legged confidante (goat) to Naniji and Khushiji. She is well dressed and well cared for on the show.

There are so many Prakash brothers but Iss Pyaar Ko Kya naam Doon? would not be a show without them.Om, Hari, Jai, Uncle Chacha...

Which one are you?

So many different Prakash's but all have one thing in common...

Arnav's wrath.

Yes, it has been taken out on every single one.

One yell from his lips and one comes running.  They are either yelled at or discarded.  The trays are either taken or refused and sometimes glasses or coffee mugs have been broken.They have been splashed on, yelled at, door swung open in their face and the master of the house walks on in and they never know his mood but needless to say they know how to handle him...

run away... or y..y..yes, Sir!

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It's all set, Payal and Aakash's engagement is going to take place in few hours and Lavanya is in Arnav's room, but he is lost and while asking sorry he takes Khushi's name, Lavanya gets hurt and reminds him that she is Lavanya and not Khushi and saying so she leaves from there with a sad face.Arnav goes to Lavanya's room and says that he needs to talk to her; she tries to avoid as she was well aware of what was coming next, but Arnav stops her and she just shook her head mumbling "you don't need to", convening to him that she already knows it. She told him that she know it since a long time that he doesn't love her in the same way as she does.

Arnav is shocked, but at the same time relived that at least she understood. Lavanya asks him for a last hug before parting ways and he willing obliges.  Arnav asks Lavanya to inform the family but Lavanya is hesitant and tells him that she will tell everything, but after Aakash and Payal's engagement, since she doesn't want to dampen the festive spirit.Before leaving the Raizada house she hinted Arnav to accept his feelings for Khushi and to confess it soon and to not waste too much time.

 Arnav was ready to confess his love for Khushi. After helping her sister Khushi comes to her changing room to find a message written on the mirror, that someone wants to meet her in the terrace. Khushi thinking that it was Arnav happily, with her heart doing Dhak Dhak goes to the terrace, she was looking here and there when someone hugged her from behind, and she realized those arms do not belong to Arnav and tried to free herself, well after being so many times in his arms she has at least learned how his arms were.

She freed herself and saw Shyam standing in front of her, she asked what he was doing and he started his melodrama on how much he loves her and how unhappy he is with Anjali, that his marriage is a  relationship is just namesake and nothing else, heforcefully hugs her and just then Arnav reaches the terrace and is shocked to witness the scene in front of him and as if it was not enough Shyam's next words "I love you Khushiji" shook the ground under Arnav's feet. But what tore apart Arnav's hearts were Khushi's words, when she asked Shyam to leave Anjali.

Arnav like a lifeless body leaves from there disgusted at Khushi not willing to listen to anything else. He thinks Khushi is a home wrecker and a gold digger.

He opened his eyes to find himself tied and caged in an unknown place. But that was not the worry. He saw khushi, sitting right in front of him, looking directly at him. He wasn't sure if it was reality or just a dream. So, he tried to touch her, to be sure that it was indeed her, but all his efforts went in vain. The rope, which had him tied to the chair, didn't let him do anything. He smiled, saying he thought it was just a dream. She slowly cupped his jaw and replied that it indeed was a dream. And then she was gone, vanished into the thin air. He closed his eyes in exasperation and tightened his fist to control the rage he was feeling at the moment. All the times spent with her automatically started flashing in front of his eyes, making him feel guilty even more for not believing in her, for wronging her and their love.

IPKKND, throughout its many episodes, experienced the presence of countless villains. However one specific villian could not be replaced. He made us cry, me made us mad; and well-he was Shyam Manhor Jha. Shaym was honestly the one man that we all loved to hate. And well, we all loved his demise.Yes; despite hisconvincing abilities Shaym was no match for Khushi, and eventually he did exit our lives. Shyam had thought that he had entered the Raizada household once again and claimed a place in his Rani Saiba's heart . However, Arnav and Khushi had a brilliantplan; through constantly reminding Shaym of how he killed his own child and making him think that he was being haunted because of it our very own villian went MAD! It drived him crazy; all the constant reminders were killing him. And then the final straw came when Khushi and NK pulled of their amazing play; where the gave light to Shaym and his cruelty. Shyam in a rush of anxiety claimed his sins and gained slaps from Anjali and a permanent visit to a jail cell. 

And ladies and gentlemen; that was the end of one of the most ruthless villains in IPK history; Shaym Manhor Jha. 

One of the very first things we all got to know about our very own ASR was that his past was anything but...pleasant. He faced sadness, betrayal and well- a complete disappointment that came in the form of his father and the woman he chose to over his wife. When the IPK fandom got to find out that the 'other woman' was none other than Khushi's very own aunt...well we nearly died. This was the breaking point of our ArShi's love story; no Arnav could not recover from this. He would break, Khushi would never really be married with her Arnav ji. 

Boy were we wrong. On the day of Arnav and Khushi's wedding Arnav did find out that Garima was in fact the other women in his dad's life. Yet despite all that, our man game to the wedding- fashionably late, but yes he came. He did not betray his bride (who held hope till the end) and explained how Khushi overshadowed his past. He explained that Garima was innocent- as she was unaware that his father was married, and told his Dadi  to kindly stop trying to break him and his girl apart. 

Finally, after more than a year of hatred and romance- Arnav and Khushi got married. 

When she'd first met Sheetal & Aarav, she couldn't have been happier to finally meet one of Arnav's old friends. And aarav was such a cutie pie except for the times he behaved like her laad governor. But still, she loved her laad governor and now even him. When Arnav had disclosed in front of her about Sheetal's and his relationship, she'd been jealous, like any wife would be. She trusted her Arnav completely, but still the insecure wife in her just wouldn't shut up until she completely knew about her husband's past which he always shrugged off, when she asked him, saying they were meant nothings' to him. It was the day of karwachauth when the truth had been revealed to her. That Aarav was indeed Arnav's son. She knew arnav loved her too much to leave her but she couldn't see aarav growing up without his father's love, when Arnav was right there. So she decided to leave her Arnav, just for Aarav's sake. But Arnav was no less stubborn than her. He needed her like the next breath in his life and so he promised her, that he would make everything alright. And he did that, by unveiling Sheetal's true face and adopting Aarav, making Khushi's faith rise in him by every level. 

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"Hum sach bol rahe hai. Hume kuch nahiin pata"

Khushi accidentally reaches a fashion show organised by Arnav's company. The staff thinking that she was a model send her on the ramp. A frightened Khushi finds her self standing in front of a big crowd, not knowing what to do she turns to go back but is held by two professional models who  drag her by the hand in order to save the show.  Arnav who had his eyes closed all this while opens them to see a girl wearinggreen when the theme of the show was red and this girl did not by any angle look like a model. Pleading to be let go Khushi reaches right in front. Angry on his show being ruined Arnav stands up giving Khushi a deathly glare. Scared , Khushi turns to go but unfortunately her dupatta comes in her way and she slips and falls into none other than Arnav Singh Raizada's arms. Her huge eyes and quivering lips expressed hernervousness while she looked at the man who had caught her. Arnav looked at her in disgust and put her down with force instructing his guards to take her and question her about  the mess she created. While being  helplessly dragged Khushi's dupatta comes off while she turns and looks at Arnav her eyes glistening with tears.

"Kaha aap, Arnav Singh Raizada. Aur kaha hum,Khushi KumariGupta"

"Aapko humari payal kaha mili?"

One step back. Another step forward. Dhak Dhak Dhak DhakThe ringing of her payal encompassed the solitude of the midnight... the sound of his silent confession lingering in the thickness of the air that surrounded them. The hesitancy, the anxiety and the excitement of discovering a concealed token kept with whom she considered a monster. His safekeeping of her late mother's last remembrance. It was quite a sight --- him and her and their reflection in the still water by the poolside. She quivered at the warmth of his roughened hands and the coolness of the smooth breeze... the most delicate and beautiful contrast. The friction, the passion, the desire, all communicated without a single word exchanged. In fact, forget words. The pull that is present without even touching. When they are on different sides of a room full of loud, crowded people and celebrations. 

And then, that almost kiss. The scrunching of the sari, the gentle caress of the hands and the passion of those burning eyes. Diwali 2012. A scene to remember. The most viewed scene in all of IPKKND history and the second most viewed in the history of Indian television entertainment. 

Sanaya and Barun acted so PHENOMENALLY in this scene, that the scene and lyrics have become equivalent with the most natural, deepest and righteous feelings and sentiments. Perhaps this is their biggest accomplishment; making the song theirs. Who could have guessed, that the original depiction of Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai in Jism concentrates heavily on the physical pleasures of love, namely sex and flesh? In the rendition of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, we are presented with most innocent but most passionate attraction. No vulgarity or lewdness, whatsoever. 

"Tumhare isharo pe na sahi, tumhare saath toh naacha"
She stood there, on the stage. Nervousness etching her face while the crowd silently looked on for the performance to start.
He guessed it. Right there and then, that she was ditched by her friend. Unable to take more of the worry that seem to burden her he rushed towards the stage. The lights went out and Khushi along with everyone, turned around baffled until the spot lights shone at him and her, leaving her astounded. He was up, on the stage with her. 
The music started playing from the back pulling her back into the beauty of music and dance. They started moving across each other, their bodies moving in sync and communicating through only the power of their love. The lyrics build a chemistry for both of them until the sound of the music vanishes and the only thoughts remaining between the two are in sync with the moments spent in their past. 
The flashbacks follow through from when they first met, to when they almost separated by taking their own ways till how there yearning for each other almost became physical.
The music's ends marks the end of their dance to which they separate instantly from each other realizing the crowd's eyes upon them, along with their family's.
A jittery feeling overcomes both of them as Arnav realizes his strong feelings and Khushi falls not confusion of what blissful moment is this that she is only able to share with the laad-governor.

"Humse doobhara nahiin hoga. Hum toot chuke hai"

The tears refuse to stop. The tears refuse to cease. She watches her Bau Ji behind the streaked glass window, tied to long tubes and metal wires that tracked the beating of his unpredictable heart. Her aching refuses to lessen, and it seems impossible to be bartered. Not with her mother. Not with her sister. Not even with a friend. She is alone to fend with the fear and anxiety. Alone... once again. 

Until she feels that breeze run through her hair. That gentle breeze that means... everything might get better. He would make everything alright. And suddenly, she doesn't feel so alone. One upward glance and the unbearable pain lessens, with just a single look at Arnav Singh Raizada. The sound of her name rolls of his tongue, gentle and alluring. He calls for her. Unsteady legs rise of their own accord, and her bodycraves for his embrace. The need for him grows so strong, she runs across the waxed hospital floor and crashes into him, letting the warmth of his body seep into her hardened one. And at once, she's home.  

Comfort is attained at last. Something she could not find in the presence of her family or Shyam or even Devi Maiyya. Freedom was in this man's arms... the man who had insulted her, hurt her and abandoned her. But somewhere the only man that could truly make her happy. She bore her heart like an open book as tears settled into the soft cotton of his sweater, clutching at the material to confirm him a reality. 

"Pehle do kadam chalna seekho, phir mooh kholna"

Khushi along with Payal comes to temple in order to return Anjali's pooja thaal when Khushi's eyes fall on Arnav who is busy with a call. As if sensing her presence Arnav turns around and looks at her. Their eyes lock but Khushi quickly tears her gaze away and instructs payal to give the thaal to Anjali while she would wait for her. Feeling a littledizzy due to the fast which she had been observing on her buaji's insistence Khushi looks for a place to sit. Arnav looks at Khushi who was struggling to maintain her balance but failingmiserably. He runs just in time to catch a falling Khushi by her hand, lifting her in his arms carefully taking slow but steady steps towards an empty bench. Putting her down he gets water and sprinkles a bit to wake her up. Nearing the glass to her lips he helps her drink while Khushi comes back to her senses . 

Seeing the glass in his hand she recollects everything and gets up with a start questioning Arnav as to why he made her drink water as she was keeping a fast. Surprised at her sudden outburst he explains that she had fainted and he dint know it was her fast. Asking Devi maiya for forgiveness she walks away but the dizziness  gets to her again on seeing which  Arnav quickly goes to her and steadies her by her shoulders while she clutches onto him for support. Time freezes as their eyes meet.  Wordlessly staring at each otherunmindful of their surroundings they drift into a world of their own. A little while later they realize their position and slowly let go of each other. Khushi quietly walks away while Arnav is left staring at her retreating figure.

"Jo kuch bura kaha, uska koi matlab nahiin. Sirf ek cheez ka matlab hai, ki mein..tumse... hamesha"
She stood confused for a moment on the stage until he walked in wearing the costume of ranjha. He silently whispered in her ear about how he knows practically nothing to which the confidence of an egoistic female boasted inside her.
Khushi started off by declaring her happiness for a wedding, her wedding with Ranjha.
Arnav had by then walked off the side as she twirled her way, in parallel to him. He asked her to indicate with hints when he needs to come in and perform. Frustrated and ready to take hold, Khushi whispered back to him to come in, once she's dead. Something that he would love to see happen.
He looked at her baffled, not realizing that his feelings of hatred, which she had targeted over had slipped away; completely reluctant to the thought that she might think that he'll be wishing for her death. Unable to grasp, he sees her play out the part of eating the poisoned sweet and giving her life away. He rushed to her side, pulling her up and shaking her to one back to him but all the yearning of love and the desperation to have her went in vain as her eyes remained closed. 
Not finding any other way, Arnav took himself to be a ranjha and declared that if not here, in this world, then somewhere in the next world they will be together forever and ever because he..., leaving his declaration open ended.
They both afterwards sit up and before before exiting, when she starts questioning his feelings towards her again.

"Aaj mein yaha sirf tumhari wajah se khadu hoon. Mein tumse shaadi karna chahta hoon"
He stepped in through the doors of now-almost barren hall to see his family members standing on one corner and her in the middle of it all. She rushed towards him seeing the blood on his forehead. A small declaration of being betrayed followed from his mouth, letting the remaining energy left in her to drain.
Khushi almost fainted when he held her up, in his arms and took hold of the situation by proclaiming that the wedding must go on. 
They proceeded towards the mandap, where the ceremony begin with the exchange of garlands followed by few words by priest until they stood up for the pheras. The vows that they had fulfilled without even taking. The flashback of the night they declared there love to each other in fury, flashed before their minds. A smiled followed on both there faces as it came to and end. 
The family members, both the Guptas and the Raizadas looked on with pure joy as the couple walked onto the side and embraced each other, promising their love to each other forever.

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somergasm. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2014 at 3:17am | IP Logged

Another year has gone by but our love and memories of "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon" remained strong and fresh because it is etched in our hearts forever!  This extraordinary love story of Arnav and Khushi touched our lives and became a part of our daily routine, we lived and breathed them 24/7.

We felt a deep void when the show ended.  We still miss it every day...looking for that helicopter to land again.  We find solace by rewatching the show, working on creations, doing wonderful analyses, creating vms, writng Arshi fan fiction and so on.  Thanks to the show, we have bonded with friends who shared the same love and passion.  We found love and happiness in this IPKKND universe!  

Happy 3rd Anniversary Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and all the amazing fans!   I will always be grately to Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani for breathing life into the characters.  My appreciation and thanks go to the creator and the whole IPKNND team as well.  Let us celebrate and basking in all the beautiful memorable moments.  Wishing for many more anniversaries...

- Katelyn

ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON ! Just the title itself brings so many emotions and feelings altogether! <3
This was a show that aired for a mere 1.5 years..but this show has changed me and my life so much forever!
It really helped me discover a complete new side of me..a girl who watched nothing but sports on dreams about Love-stories day and night :P
Never went a single day after this show went off that my mind didnt think about this show, drool on their love-scenes and go to sleep without thinking about them..

Could relate so much with a famous dialogue of the show: 
"Kya kar diya IPK ne mere saath.?! 
Itni koshish..itni jyaadi koshish ki maine IPK ko bhulane ki..par main tumhe bhula hi nahi payi
LOVE can reduce anyone to anything..! "

People say us to move on ? Trust me moving on was never this hard and for me its never an option when it comes to this show!
3 years?? Memories that this show gave has left a permanent imprint on my mind and soul that's never ever gonna wash off and will be cherished forever (hamesha)..<3


Happy 3rd anniversary IPKKND <3

Still can't believe three years have passed since the shows begin and one and half since it ended.

It almost felt yesterday when I first saw the promo, and was damn sure I will defiantly watch the show, and I am glad I did.

This show has given me so much but most important it gave me ArShi/SaRun their awesome chemistry, their cute off-screen segment. And many more beautiful memories that I will cherish for rest of my life.

I wish everyone who was associated with IPK all the success they deserve.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ?

A magical journey that started on 6th June 2011 and that keeps living in our hearts todayEmbarrassed...Happy 3rd Anniversary to our beloved show !!!Big smile I can't express my feelings when it comes to's all about feeling amazing mixed emotions be it love hate pain happiness joy or fun I was waiting the whole day to watch daily episodes...LOLit became my choti si dunia...EmbarrassedI've so many memorable moments related to 6th June 2011- 30rd November 2012 golden era...the eagerness of the upcoming episode, the deep analysis or each spoiler promo or precap...those sleepless nights...the craziness on IF or others social much fun...we fans had and are still having a wonderful IPK time !!!Embarrassed
Thank you IPKKND for 1.5 years of magic !!! Nothing can replace'll be always unique and so special...
Thank you IPK producers, the channel, IPK team and a veryyy tighhht hug to the whole cast (Barun Sanaya Akshay Deepali Abhaas Daljeet Karan Sana Mamiji Mamaji Buaji everyone) for giving us superb onscreen and offscreen moments to cherish...
IPK will remain so special for me... Arnav and Khushi stole my heart and many characters inspire me in real life...HAMESHA...I LOVE YOU ALL *DAMMIT*Hug 



Ipkknd is one of the best show ever i had watched. It started on 6th June with such a huge and brilliant actors. Every cast of Ipkknd hold their own charms starting from Mamiji to Prakash brothers. Even Laxmiji was accepted and appreciated. This show have given us a beautiful memories as till now we are rejoicing every bit of it. *Sigh* the time passed so fast and it have to come to end. 30th Nov our Ipkknd was taken from us Cry but that doesnt mean we will forget this show. Ipkknd is such a awesome and epic show. None can replace the charm of it. Love you Ipk, Hamesha Heart




Love Of  A "Thorn"

By ArshiHamesha


A rose fell in the arms of a thorn full of animosity

He plucked her petals with the force of hostility

She faced the wrecking nature of his shattering

With smile Here and there against his  asperity


She challenged to enter where no one could  dare

The Heart  of his  fluttered with her feathery touch of care

She  Smiled at the  palpitated veins of  venomous  savage

That altered the course of pulsation in the beast of  a scare


Thorns of his venomous hate made her bleed to her heart

Still couldn't remove her from the kinship of  his drought

Hate denied love several times from the ruthless  pact

Still Love found the way seeping into the shoving hate


He smiled ,cried, allied  by making her part of his skin

She was the bride of  same  beast and a prince of   akin

Winning both she persecuted all the thorns of  his kin

Making him, kissed silky Rose by showering petals of tin


Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon!!!


OMG! IPKKND completed 3 years! *Happy dance*

Huh! Where do I start from? I saw the promo of this show when I saw Sanaya and Barun paired I was really happy as I saw their previous works and then after watching the first episode I got hooked to this serial! I never loved any serial this much. This show was one of the best daily soap ever created. The cast and crew for this team did a splendid job and justified the show and made each and every episode look perfect and worthy! About the actors like Barun, Sanaya, Karan, Sana, Daljeet, Abhaas, Akshay, Deepali, Madhura, Pyumori, Jayshree ji, Swati ji, Sanjay ji, Abha ji, Utkarsha & Rajesh ji has done a marvelous job and had justified their role!

Not to forget the Prakash brothers, Lakshmi, our invisible Aman and the cutie pies of this show Vishesh and Dhriti were amazing as well!

I am re-watching the whole serial again and the episodes never seems old. For me my favorite show and couple will remain IPKKND and Arshi always and none can change it.

Lastly I love this show and I am missing it so much I hope SaRun will be back onscreen with a new show in future.





 Three years ago

A man emerged from a helicopter,

And descended into our hearts!

A girl on a scooter,

Tickled like a dart!

Arnav-Khushi pyaar bitter sweet

Gripped us !

What the! This fever...

Soothed and

Ripped us!


When the show

Was snatched

We cried!

Tears that rolled,

Never... ever... dried...

So after three years,

We still are rooted

To a point

Devi Maiyya mooted!


IPKKND lives...

In our hopes

For a better self

Behave what we are

No pseudo pelf

Overcome your fear

Your shame, your hate

Make your dreams

Your destiny, my mate!

It's not just another show. It has become a lifestyle. It has become an integral part of life. There has never been another show that even after almost two years of ending, we still watch it every single day. For three years, we have gotten to know and love the characters- Arnav, Khushi, Anjali, NK, Akaash, Payal, Naniji, Manorama, Mamaji, Lavanya, Buaji, Garima, Shashi, and even Shyam, Laxmi and the Prakash brothers. And most of all, we fell in love with Arshi, the way they had fallen in love with each other. The countless Rabba Ves are still in our hearts. The show has become our obsession, something we cannot live without. Even today, we write about it, discuss it, make creations and vms. We talk about it so much that the forum is reaching its 10000th page, something that has never been done on India Forums. It has been three years since the cast and creatives of IPK came together to give us one of the most loved and brilliant shows of Indian Television History. Onscreen and offscreen, we fell in love with them and the story. Never again, never again can this magic be created. I don't know about others but for me, this show will always be number one and will always hold a special place in my heart and it will be a show I will watch for as long as I live. A show never to be forgotten. Happy 3rd Anniversary Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Thank you for bringing a special kind of joy in our lives. #IPKKNDHamesha


What should I say about IPK
Arnav & Khushi made a very special place in my heart and I can never forget them. Even after almost 2 years of its last episode I watch ipk everyday on internet! I read FFs 24/7. The thing I hated the most "reading" now I love to read FF/OS/SSs.. I really love them sooo much and miss them alot too! Those months of IPK were the best phase of my life!! I wish they come back in future! 

I LOVE Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon & ArShi alot! Heart

#ArshianForever Heart

ipkknd is an amazing creation and i will always be thankful that i ever found it! this simple yet complicated story spoke to something inside me that i didn't think existed anymore. the beautiful characters made me laugh, cry, be happy, sympathise, empathise, dream, hate, and fall madly in love again and again. it competes with my most favourite fiction and my most favourite movies. it gave me the deep, complex, unforgettable arnav singh raizada and the lovable, endearing, fearless khushi kumari gupta. 

the melodies instantly take me back to certain moments and feelings, and the classy, talented actors i will love hamesha. it changed me even as it moved me and it made and still makes my life a brighter, sunnier place. everyone says it is just a show and of course it is! but just like great art can have an impact on ur life and the way u perceive things, ipk and the beautiful, emotional, human love story at its heart affected me as deeply and will continue to do so always. for me it is a living, breathing thing of beauty with a lot of heart and a joyous soul. 

i believe fate played a hand in ipk's timeless magic - everything in the universe colluded and collided to bring together each wonderful element that made this show so outstandingly perfect. ipk will always awe me, it will always inspire me, it will always remind me of endless possibilities, of hopes and dreams and salvation. and most especially it will always be synonymous with pure, passionate, electrifying romance, a perfectly imperfect, achingly beautiful and deep, utterly mesmerising pyaar.  

3 years since a trip - fall - catch on the runway.

3 years since those caramel pools met the hazels orbs for the first time.

3 years since the first sound of music.

3 years since we were struck by this magic.

 Happy 3rd Anniversary Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

IPKKND Hamesha.



Arhi/Sajan OS Kal ho na ho

Intro :

1) Arnav Singh Raizada  as SRK (Same as in da  serial )

2)Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada : (In this OS she is shown dead ,She has a younger              sister Gunjan)

3)Gunjan Kumari Gupta/Mehta as Preeti Zinta(She is studious ,she is Khushi younger                       sister who looks identical like her who is 2 years younger than her n she is practicing to be            a doctor)

4)Samrat Mehta as Saif Ali Khan(Gunjan's love-interest n later gets married to her)

5)Arshi Singh Raizada/Mehta:(2 year old Daughter of Arshi but later adopted by SaJan)

6)Sanjana Mehta:(3 year old daughter of SaJan)

In the Hospital

Khushi was taking her last breaths n saying to Arnav to take care of  their daughter n get a good guy for  Gunjan for her to get married (Note:Khushi is dying bcoz of her complications in her pregnancy in giving birth to the baby)..

Arn : weeping in memories n biding her by the funeral rituals n lost in her thinkin n wishing that to die to 2gether but bcoz he had promised her that he will  make  Gunjan to get married(Note:Gunjan has a secret crush on Arnav as she feels she wants to hv a husband just like Arnav)

Gun : Jeeju(Brother-in-law)!Can I tell u something !I feel shy in telling

Arn : Yes Gunjan tell me!!

Gun : Will u marry me Jeeju!!

Arn : Are u out of ur senses dammit!How can u marry me

Gun : Di (Sister) said in her last breath that she wants me to get married so I thought of getting married to u coz I love u nd I will take care of Arshi as my own daughter

Arn : No!i cannot marry u nd even if I marry u I wud not be happy wid this relationship coz I cannot give Khushi place to someelse in my heart let  it be her sister  I mean  just becoz u r khushi sister who is identical n plus when da my proposal was for khushi u thought it was for u luking at this situation I wont be able to marry u or some other girl nd decision of takin care of my daughter is my responsibility as long as I am living.

Gun : Ran to her Room with weeping n hurt by those those words which Arnav said .

Ar:I am sorry I didn't want to hurt u I cant see tears in ur eyes but I did this to not to make u unhappy making u as my wife I don't want u to feel dat I don't hv any feelings for coz I luv only Khushi not u I hope u understand nd live ur life

The next Day(in the Library)

Sam : Chashmish!!

Gun : Talking in da Library is not permitted Samrat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam : Where am I talking Gunjan I am jush callin ur name out

Gun : whatever

Sam : Gunjan r u angry wid me

Gunjan : For what

Sam : For dat note  which I kept in ur bag

Gun : Don't irritate  me

Gunj: leave me I said

Sam : leaves her hand  and lets her go  and sees her leaving...(in his mind :I will try to do something which I will make u tell those 3 words to me)

In Gupta House

Gunjan got a call from Samrat(she pics up da call)

Samrat : Gunjan !Do u luv me

Gunj : (she wanted to change da topic by sayin dat I want to study n my  final exams r nearing  )

Sam : don't u hav anytime for me

Gunj : (was silent)

Sam : today in da library was r last meetin we had. I am going(he disconnects da call)leavin her depressed as she was thinkin why did he said so what has he done ...(she rushes to his home n sees him lying unconscious n his hand bleeding (he cut his wrist )she sees a note on da table (which Samrat had put in her bag the last day nd plus he written it again )

Note : I AM WAITING FOR THOSE 3 WORDS FROM U (she takes him to the hospital n doctor says that he now fine n she enters da room n says y did u did so u don't kno how I will feel if anything happens to u

Sam :  why

Gun : Coz I luv u Samrat!!I really luv u...they share a eyelock n Samrat says when shall we get married

Gunj ; Very soon (Smiling n sayin)

Sam : Oh chashmish !! very soon u fell for me

Gunj : Nothin like dat(thinkin what Arnav said to her she proposed to her best buddy who she had not loved him before but bcoz of fulfilling Khushi last wish n what Arnav said to her she made this decision sacrificing her love nd started liking him .)

Samrat n Gunjan tell this to Arnav n then he arranges for them to get married .

After 1 year

In  ArHi room

Arnav was in pain holding his chest as he got cardiac arrest n Arshi saw this n went called Samrat n Gunjan n sayin in her baby voice Da.. da.. he.. ar.. t pa ..ini.. ng  (Dad chest is paining)

Samrat n gunjan came to Arnav seeing him lying on da floor n telling them in his last breath

Always be happy like this ,love each other n care for each other promise me dat u will make Arshi as ur own daughter n giv a lot of happiness n do not let her feel dat her real parents r no more ...

Kal Ho Na Ho - Heartbeat Instrumental!

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chaanv hai kabhi, kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan 
Jee bhar jiyo jo hai samaa
Kal ho naa ho
Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chaanv hai kabhi, kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan 
Jee bhar jiyo jo hai samaa
Kal ho naa ho

Chaahe jo tumhe poore dil se
Milta hai woh mushkil se
Aisa jo koi kahin hai 
Bas wohi sabse hasin hai
Uss haath ko tum thaam lo
Woh meherbaan kal ho naa ho
Har pal yahaan 
Jee bhar jiyo jo hai samaa
Kal ho naa ho

Palko ke leke saaye
Paas koi jo aaye
Lakh sambhalo paagal dil ko
Dil dhadke hi jaaye
Par soch lo is pal hai jo
Woh daastan kal ho naa ho

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chaanv hai kabhi, kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan 
Jee bhar jiyo jo hai samaa
Kal ho naa ho
Har pal yahan
Jee bhar jiyo jo hai samaa
Kal ho naa ho

Jo hai samaa kal ho naa ho

He dies ...(Sajan thinkin ur both  love is unconditional ur lovestory is eternal a undying lovestory will remain in our hearts ...

Sam: Arnav n khushi ,we will take Arshi as own daughter n will never make her da absence of urs

After 4 years

Sanjana:Mum n Dad who is Arnav-Khushi

SaJan : ur choti maa n papa aur Arshi's real parents

Arshi : Yeah! Sanjana ,they r my parents but even though they r my parents choti maa n chote paa r my parents who brought me up n gv me their love to not to feel da absence of my parents.I love u choti maa n paa

SaJan : Love u my angel

Sanjana:Nd what abt me...(making a puppy face)

Arshi:Sanjana ur dad n mom loves u a lot my jaan...

Sajan:Arshi is sayin right we love u both equally as u both r God's angels to us...(a smiled appeared in Arshi n Sanjana face)

Sanjana : Di lets play wid are dolls n make them get married n think that we r marrying our parents.

Arshi : Yeah

Sajan(with tears)thinkin that ArHi will be happy seeing are n Sanjana bonding with Arshi.

In Heaven

Arnav n Khushi unite n they were happy to see Gunjan found her Love Samrat n living a happy life wid their daughter n our daughter too..

"Jai Ho" Tumko To Aana Hi Tha Video Song | Salman Khan, Daisy ...

Tumko toh aana hi tha zindagi mein 
Der hui aane mein kyun
Jeena mujhe hai bas tere liye
Jo bhi karoon its only for you
Because I love you, I Love You
Because I love you
I love you till the end ...

Aa... aa...

Meri toh har ek subah hoti tere sath hi
Teri hi baaton mein beete din mera..

Duniya ki har ek khushi
Main chhod doon only for you
Because I love you 
O.. I love you
Because I love you
I love you till the end..

Chaahe jo kuch bhi ho, ho!
Main tujhe yunhi chaahun sadaa
Har mod pe main tere hi saath hoon

Jab tak chalein saansein
Mujhe jeena only for you
Because I love you..
I Love you...
Because I love you
I love you till the end

SaJan ,Arshi n Sanjana  live as a happy family...

************************************THE END**********************************

A Sad n Sweet ending of this tale of Kal Ho Na Ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Credit for the GIFS : Tumblr and Aanya.

Some say magic can be recreated. Some say it's the byproduct of hard work. Some say it'll be forgotten in couple years time. I say different. 

When two people come on the same screen, with sparks and fire flying to and fro, we know we're witnessing something that cannot be reproduced so simply... we're witnessing something different

When even the most innocent stares and gentlest touches can set hearts dangerously aflame, we know we're witnessing something... different. 

When just a single scene, the moving forward of quivering lips, can garner nearly 2 million views, we know we're witnessing something... different

When friendship continues to bloom past the end of a show, we known we're witnessing something... different.

When laughs and hugs and smiles and pranks set stage for the greatest love story to be captured on Indian Television, we know we're witnessing something... different.

And that, my dear friends, is perfection

And that, my dear friends, is SaRun.

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Posted: 05 June 2014 at 7:24am | IP Logged

The opening of the IPKKND forum in itself was on the 6th of June. The forum that was always the most active has now achieved another milestone. It has been successful in reaching 10,000 pages.

The ardent fans of IPKKND are still in their true home on India-Forums. The forum is here to stay, as we have many a times shown to the rest that no one can move this forum. It may be archived, but the members of this forum still stand strong and together.

We bow down to all those who have been a part of achieving this milestone. Clap

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