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KriYansh OS - The Betrayal (Page 1-Post 4)*COMPLETE*

anjoriii IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2014 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Hey! An Idea came in my mind. just thought to pen it down :)
Hope you like it. ^_^ 
It's a 4 Shot :P 


The Betrayal


"I said OUT Ms. Ghai" he shouted
"but sir..."
"please sir..." she pleaded again. She had never felt so helpless ever in her life. Without any mistake of hers she was being punished. No! She can't let that happen. She cannot afford to loose this job. She has a family to support. If she looses this job, her family will come on roads. They will be left without a penny in their pocket.
"Ms. Ghai! Do you want that you get another job after leaving or not? If you don't go now, I'll make sure that your life becomes hell!"
"Sir, please...let me explain"
"SECURITY" he called
"Sorry Sir!" and with that she waked out of the cabin.

Reyansh Singhania, CEO of the Singhania Industries was for once feeling helpless. He could not believe that he was being fooled from the past 1 year. The person he trusted had betrayed him, cheated him. He called his manager and asked him to dig out all the information on what had happened which led to her betraying him.

Kria Ghai, a normal worker of the Singhania Industries. A trusted employee who was now fired because it was thought that she had betrayed Reyansh and The Singhania Industries. No one except her and that leech, Anil Shukla knew what had actually happened. Only if she had been given a chance to prove herself innocent, she would have shown Reyansh that she can never even think of betraying him and his company. But alas! She was not even given a chance to speak a word more than 2.

He had a soft corner for her and she too felt something different when he was around. Both had something in their hearts for each other. But one was feeling helpless and the other betrayed and cheated.

What had destiny in store for the two?


Scroll down for Part 2.


Part 1 - Page 1 Post 1 (Updated On 23/05/2014)
Part 2 - Page 1 Post 2 (Updated On 26/05/2014)
Part 3 - Page 1 Post 3 (Updated On 08/06/2014)
Part 4 - Page 1 Post 4 (Updated On 10/10/2014)

The End


So, howzz it?
Did you guys like it or not?
Want me to continue?
Tell me one thing..was I able to create suspense or not?
Honest feedback needed :)
Much Love
Anjori <3

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anjoriii IF-Rockerz

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"What The Hell Mr. Reyansh Singhania" Sharon barged in, shouting! 
Rey looked up from the file he was reading. 
"Don't you dare 'what' me! You exactly know what you have done rey, so don't you even try act  innocent in front of me!" Sharon said raising her voice again.
"Sharon! What are you talking? Come to the point" he said irritated.
"Point. Yes! Exactly! The Point."
"Fine! On what basis?" She said sitting on the opposite chair.
"Come again" he resumed reading the file in his hand.
"Do what?" even though he now got to know what Sharon was talking about, but he did not want to start the 'Kria' topic again, so he chose to act oblivious. 

Sharon Rai Prakash, Reyansh Singhania's childhood friend and a trustworthy person of the Singhania Industries. A person with high self esteem and confidence that can bring a person to his knees. Sweet and caring for the people close to her but a complete bitch for the others.

"Rey! I know you have got what i want to say. So please tell me what has happened?"
"Sharon, nothing much! She had betryed the company by giving the company's information to our rivals and because of that she is fired. It's simple" he colncluded
"Proof?" She asked directly
"I said what proof do you have against her?" 
"One of our employee has informed me and then even i found some important papers in her hand, so it makes sense"
"No! It doesn't. *takes a deep breadth* Who was that employee?" She had to go to the bottom of this case and find out what has actually happened. She knew Kria! Kria can never do such a thing. She would give up her life to prove herself innocent and loyal but what had gone wrong here. She had to dig up well to know all the details. Sharon knew Kria's financial state. She knew that Kria needed money badly but she also knew that she would never take up the wrong way to do that. She was also a girl with high self esteem just like her and maybe that was the reason Sharon could understand her very well. She came back from her thoughts when Rey told 
her the name of that employee. 
"Anil Shukla" 
Her worst fears had come true."bas***d" She muttered under her breadth. She knew that one day he would harm Kria in one way or the other. But Kria had stopped her from firing that person. She closed her eyes, thought for a while and then looked at Rey.
"Rey, Do you trust me?" she asked softly
"Would you beleive me if i tell you something about Kria and that bas***d Anill Shukla?"
"What? Kria and Anil Shukla?"
"Yes! Wil you believe me?"
He nodded. Maybe he was wrong. He badly wanted to be wrong. He wanted that Kria should be proved innocent. And when Sharon told him about his Anil Shukla, he was shocked beyond words. He was now regretting each and every word he had said to Kria. She was innocent rather she was the sufferer. He had been a complete fool! Believing what had Anil said. He should have investigated further. He should have at least listened to what Kria had to say. Maybe she was trying to tell him the truth. 
But it was the matter of heart. Yes! He has accepted that he loved her. The other day after she left, maybe forever. He had over reacted. He was not able to believe that the girl he was attracted to had cheated him and the reaction was disastrous. He had to face the repercussions now! 


Scroll Down for Part 3.

Do tell me if you liked it or not :) 
Positive Criticism is welcome.
Next Part will be up soon.
Much Love
Anjori <3  

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anjoriii IF-Rockerz

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(Past in Italics)

It has been 3 days after the truth was out but there were no signs o Kria. Rey had tried to find her almost everywhere he could possibly go in the town but Kria and her family were nowhere. Sharon had also told him that Kria's financial condition was not too good, so she may have to leave her house because she had no  job  but he didn't expect her to leave to soon. These 3 days had been hell for Rey. He had lost all the concentration he had for work. He just wanted to find Kria and apologize. Right now he only wanted to ask for forgiveness rest all was sidelined.

He came back. exhausted. He went to his room and tried to sleep but her thoughts were not letting him sleep. Dreams of that cursed day haunted him at nights but he could do nothing but just wait for the next morning which may or may not bring a ray of hope.
He remembered what Sharon had told him.

"Rey, Do you trust me?" she asked softly
"Would you beleive me if i tell you something about Kria and that bas***d Anill Shukla?"
"What? Kria and Anil Shukla?"
"Yes! Will you believe me?"
"Of course Sharon! Why do you say so?
"Because what i will tell you now will be something you may not be able to believe" She explained
He nodded and then she continued.
"Rey" She took a deep breadth. This is going to be difficult for her. But she finally mustered up courage and spoke. "Anil Shukla is a complete jerk and a big time stalker of Kria. From the very first day he was behind Kria. Kria was my friend even before she joined this company so i had known her and she was comfortable sharing this with me. At first, she just thought it to be her hallucinations but slowly and gradually she realized that Anil had been following her everywhere she went. As days passed he even reached her home. She was really disturbed because of this. She came to me and told me everything. I was very angry. I just wanted to fire that person right away but she stopped me. She is a sweetheart! She didn't want him t be fired because she knew finding job in this industry is very difficult and without a job survival is next to impossible. She knew what hardships one has to face in life without a job. She did not want to take away a daily income of a family so she requested me not to fire him. I had no other option except agreeing to what she was saying. Even though i cold not fire him but i started keeping an eye on him. I cancelled some of his projects but that was not helping. He is a disgusting man. I still don't believe how could you trust him and that too over Kria! Were you not able to see what was happening in your office? From the past one month the whole office knows about this and they try to keep Kria away from him. But you ruined it all. Poor her! She hhas a family to support. He father is very ill, he can't even walk. She is the only support for her family. She has two siblings, whom she has to provide proper education. But what effect does that has Reyansh Singhania, right?" she mocked. "Do you even realize what the f**king hell have you done? I guess no! because even you are a heartless bas***d!" She shouted and left the room.

He was lost in deep thoughts. He was still not able to understand what had actually happened that day. He recalled all the incidents which he saw in her cabin.

He had entered the cabin for some work and his mood was visibly good. As soon as he opened the door of her cabin, he saw her in a compromising position with Anil. Some of the papers were scattered. From the way in which he was seeing the whole scene, it felt that Kria was trying to force Anil. He was furious. He just left the place. He called Kria in his cabin and then...fired her.

He was trying to decipher what had went wrong but a knock on his cabin door brought him out of his thoughts.

"Come in"

It was Swayam, a common friend of him, Sharon and Kria.. He was a sweet and kindhearted person. A very practical and intelligent one too. A counselor for Rey, Sharon and Kria..

"Rey, i know what has happened here. I just want to help you with this. so can you please tell me what had happened that made you fire her?"
He told everything to Swayam, that too in detail. Swayam was shocked would be an understatement. He finally composed himself and told Rey where all Kria could be found. 

He just wished that he could find Kria soon! He was being restless and sleep was far away.  He just wanted to go back into the past and change everything that has happened because of his idiotic behavior!  Only if he could do that! 


Here's the second last part :) 
Hope i have done justice with the past related thing ^_^ 
Waiting for the reviews.
Please do tell whether you liked it or not.
Much Love, 
Anjori <3

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anjoriii IF-Rockerz

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He had tried her number thousands of times but every time, it either came switched off or out of reach. He texted her saying sorry but no reply came. He waited for days and days but no clue of where Kria was. He had finally realized her importance in his life. He was feeling like an idiot, a brainless idiot.

He took his cell phone out and dialed a number.


"This is Reyansh Singhania speaking"

"I want you to find each and every detail about Kria Ghai and also where she is right now"

"I want it by tomorrow"

After cutting the call, he turned around and saw Sharon standing there. He summoned her in and asked her to take a seat. She sat in front of him and shared her worry about Kria with him. Rey stood up and went to her. He gave her a tight hug and said that he was guilty for hurting Kria like this. Sharon comforted him and told him to keep hope and believe in god, he'll make everything alright.

He entered the office and straight away went to Ajay. Ajay was working on his desk. Rey held his collar and pulled him up.

"You bas***d!"  He roared

"Sir?"  Ajay replied terrified.

"How dare you touch her?"

By now he got what Rey was talking about. He freed himself and suddenly started laughing.

"You know what Reyansh Singhania, you are a fool. A complete fool. An idiotic person. You just believed everything you saw. You didn't even feel the need to confirm the facts. Poor Kria, she must be suffering hard. It was really an easy task to misguide.." Before he could complete his sentence, Sharon gave a tight slap on his face.

"Shut Up! Enough is enough. Now just wait and watch" Sharon threatened him.

A police inspector came in and arrested him for trying to force himself upon a girl and for leaking confidential information to the rival companies.

After this drama, Rey sat on a nearby chair and held his head in his hands.

"Sharon, Where will I find her?"

"Did you call her?"

"I have lost count of how many times!"

"Let me see, what I can do. Please don't stress yourself"

He nodded.


 "Rey, Sharon has got a wonderful plan" Swayam said entering his room.

Sharon handed over a piece of paper to Rey. He looked at it confused. He opened the paper and found a number written on it.

"Whose number is this?"

"Kria ki mom ka"

"Kria ki mom? Main iska kya karun?"


"Lagta hai, iski buddhi ghaas charne gayi h" Swayam exclaimed.

"abbe idiot! Kria ki mom ka number hai! Call her and request her ki who Kria ko job wapas join karne ke liye mana le"


Sharon smacked his head and both left the room.
Rey called up her mom. She picked after a lot of time. but he waited just like he waited for his love. After she picked up the phone, he apologized to her for treating Kria like this. Her mother was definitely angry. he tried to make her understand. He even confessed his love for Kria and explained that it was because of love, he reacted that way. After a lot of cajoling, her mother finally agreed. Rey requested her to talk to Kria and ask her to join his office back. She said that she will try.

Kria was back. She was finally back. He finally had some hope. He decided to apologise to her and sort everything out. He went to her and tried to talk to her but she royally ignored him and went on with her work. He never missed an opportunity to talk to her but she never acknowledged him. Finally a day when she spoke.

"Kria, I'm Sorry"

"It's ok" She said plainly.

"No, It's not ok. I have hurt you so much. Hit me, Slap me, do whatever you want but please don't leave me" he begged.

"See, Reyansh, there's no point in talking about this. It was past and let it remain past. Please. And one more thing, I'm already searching for another job, so please don't expect me to stay here for much time" With that she walked away leaving a heartbroken Rey.

All this went for many days. Kria was frantically searching for another job while rey was trying his best to stop her from leaving. He found new ways to get her to him and make her his.

He started sending gifts to her. Even though he never wrote his identity but she knew who the sender was. He used to send her flowers, chocolates, photos, sweets... he did not leave any stone unturned but kria was determined to leave. And one day she did leaving rey heartbroken all over again. Swayam and Sharon took care of him but she could not be back to normal. Sharon decided to take the matter in her own hands.
Rey's conditions was bad. Doctors were saying that he was suffering from depression and something had to be done quickly otherwise it could be fatal.

The next day Sharon went kria. She rang the bell and kria opened the door. As soon as she did, she received a tight slap n her face. She was at first shocked.Sharon barged inside and shouted.

"You have no right to play with his life like this!", she screamed at the top of her voice, with her finger pointing towards Kria.

"Sharon?", Kria asked, "what are you talking about?"

"Oh! you very well know, what i am talking about!"

"No i don't!"

"you know what, you are a heartless bitch! from so many days he is trying to rectify his mistake but no, you did not pay any heed to him. and now, becuase of you... just you... he is in a state of depression and fighting with death!"

to say kria was shocked was an understatement. She did not know how to react to the situation. even before sharon could say anything, kria ran out of the door, towards her car. She reached rey's house and ran upto his room. He was there, lying on his bed, with eyes closed. She ran and hugged him tightly. Feeling some weight on him, he opened his eyes and saw kria hugging him tighly. he too wrapped his arms around her.

she was continuously mumbling a sorry. He kissed her hair and said, ' it's okay. it should be me who should say sorry to you. I should not have treated you that way!"

sharon and swayam came there and saw the cute couple. Kria got up. Sharon went to her and apologised for her behavior.

then swaron left the love birds to themselves.

"I love you kria!"

" I love you too rey!, she said while blushing and hugged him tightly.


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Nice concept..
Do continue. ..
Pm me if u can

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alex754 Senior Member

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New concept
Awesome start
Pls pm when u update

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sumimita IF-Rockerz

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of crse u should continue...
awsome concept yaar..

loved it

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nice concept anjii 
update soon

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