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~~~ Kitali - Prishna Fan Club ~~ # 2 ~~ Welcome!

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Kitali Prishna Fan Club



Prishna Pintu and Krishna  
are  indeed a magical couple Smile  

I thought of sharing with all of you their journey!

Pintu - a handsome young lad always seeking and getting attention( that is understandable...) from peers...
Krishna - a simple ( beautiful...too..naturally...),girl with high values and unassuming.

Pintu - not interested in studies and academics - does not see the  importance as he is born into a rich family...
Krishna - belonging to a lower middle class family which has struggled along their way and so understands and values education.

Pintu - does not believe in following rules as he feels rules are meant to be broken - 
sometimes for the ishtyle part ( like in not wearing helmet...) and sometimes for the welfare ...( in tit for tat cases )where he feels that one should be spoken in the language they understand.
Krishna - always abides by the rules irrespective of any situation or circumstance..

Pintu getting attracted to Krishna for her simplicity, honesty, calm disposition and ability to discriminate between right and wrong.
Krishna on the other hand drawn towards Pintu after noting that he can be changed for the better if given the right vibes ( as seen in the helmet wearing...) and also seeing his golden heart rather than his brash approach!

The story moves into this beautiful stage where each one is not sure of how to confess to the other about their feelings and how circumstances force them to confide and commit themselves to one another.

Unhe chahana hamari kamzori hai, 
Unse keh nahi pana hamari majburi hai, 
Wo kyun nahi samajhte hamari khamoshi ko, 
Kya pyaar ka izhaar karna zaruri hai 

To add to all this is their patience to wait for getting family support to move their friendship forward and give it a name of a relationship.

Each one gives the other the much needed space... though as an audience we sometimes want things going on at a faster pace...Tongue

The magical manner of their walking together, the humour in their romance and the subtle way of letting each other know how much they care and love each other!

Kehna to bahut kuch chahte the UNKO...
magar zubaan ne saath na diya...
kabhi waqt ki khamoshi mein khamosh rahe HUM...
to kabhi UNKI khamoshi ne kuch kehne na diya...

To put the other before you is the key in any great relationship and if one has complete confidence in the spouse what we get is this magical couple affectionately called Prishna by all of us here!


Link to the First Thread

Kitali Prishna Fan Club # 1

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Kitali Prishna Fan Club


Pintu Singh --- The Male lead in Afsar Bitiya


Pintu and his dreams

I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

He dreamt of living life to the fullest!

Carefree---happy go lucky!

But what made him stand apart was the nobility behind his overt carefree style!

Dream to DO good and BE good!

Pintu and his relationships

Respect for elders was the base of his relationships ---right from his Babuji/Dad with whom he had conflicting views on his business strategies. Love for his mother, Bhabhi and his brother. And what an adorable relation he had with his nephew Sonu!

After marriage he showed a great of respect to his in laws despite not being in their good books, helping them wherever he could in whatever way it was possible for him to.

His unconditional support to his wife as she dreamt to make it as an IAS officer and he left no stone unturned to make that a reality!

Pintu and his beauty

If good looks were to be assessed by the worldly stricture, he was HANDSOME and most DASHING!

If good looks were to be delved in to the personality, he was a GEM of the rarest kind.

A rare blend of beauty both inside and out!

Pintu and his values

Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury - to me these have always been contemptible. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.

A simple guy, with an honest intention in dealing with the world though his methods may have been crude and harsh at times!


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Kitali Prishna Fan Club



Krishna Raj - the protagonist of the show Afsar Bitiya


I am writing this as a reminder to all the dedicated viewers of this show on how our Krishna has won our hearts through the character she portrays brilliantly -


Krishna and her dreams - 

She had dreams of making it big through sheer hard work and dedication. Coming from a modest background was not a set back for her as she had in her the determination to fight against all odds with a single minded focus on where she was heading. Education was her passion and she enjoyed studying unlike all other girls of her age. Her 'never give up attitude' was exceptional and worthy of emulation.


Krishna and her relationships - 

A girl who respected her elders. She could see the concern of her mother when she got scolded, the pride in her father when she was victorious, the affection of her siblings when she was in distress. All this was a result of her immense love and caring nature. She believed in giving whatever she could to help all her near and dear ones.

Her love life started with a lot of apprehension because of the vast gap in the two families - financially and socially - however, she could win the hearts of all and convince them of her true love to get married to the man she trusted and respected the most.

Her respect for her in laws was visible right from the day she was a part of their house. Her poise and dignity, her calm disposition and her strong character which came across clearly in the Contest in the dance round - all spoke a lot of this wonderful woman.


Krishna and her values 

Honesty and truth was the foundation of her being. High in morality and integrity towards her profession irrespective of the outcome was commendable. She made effective choices to balance out professional and personal goals - many times sacrificing one for the other!


Krishna and her beauty - 

It laid in her simplicity and her innocence. She could win the hearts of people with ease because of her unassuming nature. Always preferred to be in the background, yet the main source and pillar of strength for her loved ones!


Here was the beautiful journey of our Krishna enacted to perfection by Mitali!



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Kitali Prishna Fan Club











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trinilisa IF-Rockerz

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 ~~ KITALI ~~
 Kinshuk Mahajan and Mitali Nag

The coming together of these two individuals was unique
They seemed so opposite in height and built
Kinshuk being taller to Mitali who was petite
Yet their onscreen chemistry was simply magical
They complemented each other perfectly
Their speaking through their eyes was just awesome
Kinshuk & Mitali smiles brought happiness to my life
And they will forever remain my favourite Jodi

Thank you Kinshuk & Mitali.. Love you both
Krishna.. Simple Smart Sensible Strong
Yet underneath that strong-bold tongue is a beautiful, shy and
gentle soul
Krishna's struggle and hardship was so life like to the real world
I felt her pain as she went along her journey
Her respect for elders, her taunts, her trust in Pintu
Mitali's beautiful voice echoed through Krishna perfectly
In me she has a fan for life
Pintu Singh.. Brat Bold Brave Dhabang
Yet underneath that rough-tough boy image is a loveable soul with
a heart as pure as gold
Pintu's entrance made me say here comes the spoilt brat
But for sure he made me eat my words with his sweet nature
 Love for his family, his kindness, caring for Krishna
This loveable character portrayed by Kinshuk was done to perfection 
He stole my heart forever
  Along Krishna's journey, a friendship developed with Pintu
 A friendship that grew stronger with each meeting
Pintu became the instrument in helping Krishna fulfill her dream
 Krishna trusted Pintu with her life 
Pintu trusted Krishna with his heart
 Without realizing their friendship blossomed into love
A love that was pure and selfless
A love that would last a lifetime

The purest simplest magical love of all... Prishna.. unmatchable

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When you fall in love with your best friend there can be no greater stronger love than this..

When you fall in love with your soul mate there can be no separation..


When you fall in love with your destiny there can be no end..



When you feel pride in saying he's my husband, there's no shame

When you feel safe and protected in his arms, there's no worry

When you feel strong and confident with his support, there's no stress



When you feel pride in saying she's my wife, there's nothing but love

When you feel lucky to have her in your arms, there's nothing but romance 

When you feel comforted in seeing her smile, there's nothing but joy



When you feel the world is against you, support each other

When you feel family tearing you apart, trust each other

When you feel broken inside, hold each other

When you feel restless and dejected, comfort each other











Love you Kitali / Prishna





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A very tough act to follow after such amazing creations and inspiring words from 2 of the biggest Kitali fans so I hope that I hope justice to this amazing thread as well especially since they have said all the things I would have said.

I got to start of my saying that I sooo want Mitali back on our screens in a show that will showcase what a fine talent she is.

Mitali as Krishna was amazing after nearly giving up on indian tv  female characters and writing them off as weak and uninspiring I come across one of the most inspiring characters on tv. Krishna was hardworking and her never give up attitude was an inspiration. Just like her name which could make her either male or female her fearlessness and determination to follow her dreams won over and inspired men and woman alike who watched her.

To the Daughter, to the student, to the worker, to the lover Krishna tried to fulfill all her roles to the best of her ability and with all her heart.

To never giving up on our goals and dreams and always living up to not only  our abilities but capabilities Krishna will always be loved.

To knowing that we can have everything in life that we wish for and deserve and that love, family and hardwork is all we need to have peace and happiness. 

Life without dreams and hopes and aspirations for the future will always make a person incomplete. To the ultimate dreamer who not only saw her dreams but realized her dreams Krishna will always be number one in the hearts of her fans and so will Mitali.


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Pintu Singh the heart stealer, the show stopper and the ultimate rule breaker.
He broke every rule as to what an obedient son should be or what a brat was supposed to be like or even what a man was supposed to be like.

Once Pintu loved he loved whole heatedly and would do anything for those that he loved pride, ego even though he had enough of both never entered his heart or mind when it came to protecting and ensuring their happiness. 

The family man who would give his life for his family and loved them more than himself. Respect and love for them was not only his weakness but his strength as well. 

 A man ruled by his heart conquered the ones around him with his heart as well. Yet at the same time he was street smart and could and would help his loved one's put of any situation.

The best friend and lover who never stopped being a best friend to his partner once their relationship went to the next level. Her strength was his strength, her dreams where his dreams and her loved one's where his loved one's.


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