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Haleb Heaven -- Hiding My Heart

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Welcome to the Haleb Heaven

appreciation Thread #1

Hanna Caleb Haleb

They are the kind of couple that takes the significant other's problems as their own. They pretty much walk into each other's lives and learns each other's drastic secrets and decide to get together as if, "Hey you are being toyed by A" and "Hey, you are a thief and live in school vents" We will make a great couple! They complement each other and what more to say. They are simply Heaven where all the broken things seem perfect when they are together. 


Ashley Benson

Ashley Victoria Benson, born December 18, 1989, is an American film and television actress, and model. She is known for her role as Abigail Deveraux in Days Of Our Lives (2004-2007), Carson in Bring It On: In It To Win It, and her role as Mia Torcoletti in Eastwick.

Interesting Fact: The theme song for Pretty Little Liars "Secret" by The Pierces was suggested by none other than Ashley Benson.


Tyler Blackburn

Tyler Jordon Blackburn, born October 12, 1986, is an American actor and singer. Blackburn began performing in 2002 and appeared on the seriesUnfabulous on Nickelodeon In the following year he was a teacher in the short film The Doers of Coming Deeds. He is known for his roles as Jesse Pratt in Peach Plum Pear and as Caleb Rivers on the hit ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars andRavenswood. He also recorded a song for the ABC Family television show Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Interesting Fact: Both Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn had appearances on Days of Our Lives.

*Thank you gk_09 for the permission.*
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Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin

Hanna has a beautiful heart shaped face complimented with piercing baby blue eyes, full lips and dimpled smile. She has a curvaceous frame with slim, shapely legs. Her golden blonde hair was long which she cut short before the start of senior year in Season 3. Her skin is light with a milk and rose complexion which sums up her innocent and playful personality.


Hanna used to be very overweight prior to Alison's disappearance. Despite being the sweetest of the bunch, she was constantly mocked upon by Alison for being overweight. After Alison went missing, Hanna befriended Mona and lost weight, becoming thin and popular over the summer. The newly minted queen bee, Hanna, wins Homecoming Queen but is constantly reminded by A of her dorky days as 'Hefty Hanna'. Even though Hanna is one of the most popular and pretty girls at school, she is generous and kind. She is the boldest and the most outspoken of the four girls often making snarky comments, not afraid to speak what she really thinks of a person. However she is very gullible and ends up trusting people easily. 

Hanna is witty and sassy but also innocent, caring and thoughtful. She does everything to keep her loved ones safe from A. She is protective of her friends and shows her fierce side when defending them. She tends to get in trouble owing to her impulsive and rebellious nature. In the last few episodes Hanna has to deal with the fact that her mom is in prison because the one and only A framed her for murder, but as always Hanna is able to pull through and show some real strength towards clearing her mom's name. After Spencer, Hanna is the one who has shown most effort, strength and dedication to find out who A is.

  General Information  

Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Marital Status: Single
Birthday:March 6 1994
Clinic Assistant 

Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers

Caleb is a street-smart, new kid at Rosewood High, former housemate of Lucas Gottesman, and a former spy for Jenna Marshall. Caleb has a sketchy past and illegally upgraded and fixed people's phones for money when he first moved to Rosewood. Caleb was the first person besides Dr. Dullivan to be told about "A" and actively worked on decrypting files from "A's" phone to help Hanna and her friends. In Season 3, he got shot by Lyndon James after finding Emily and Lyndon in the lighthouse at the Lighthouse Rock Inn, but he has since recovered. 


Caleb was given up by his biological mother, Claudia Dawson, twelve years ago when he was around four or five years old, leading him to live in different care homes and foster parents. Caleb is open to reuniting with her for a visit when she extends the offer to him in Season 2. Living in foster care and his relationship with Hanna has greatly changed Caleb's outlook on the future. Caleb used to work for car thieves as a computer hacker in Allentown, but realized it was wrong and moved away. 

He also realized spying on Hanna was wrong so backed away from Jenna and told Hanna the truth when she confronted him about it. But because of this they broke up but she eventually forgives him and they get back together again in Season 2. He is reunited with his father, who Hanna figured out was in fact Caleb's fake uncle, Jamie. Even though Caleb has had lots of family problems, Hanna is always there to support her boyfriend after he helps her with Mona and because they are in love. He was also previously shot by Lyndon James in the gut but has recovered since. He has moved to Ravenswood for the time being. He returns back to Rosewood in Miss Me x 100.

  General Information  

Age:18 (senior)
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Marital Status: Single
Birthday:Celebrated in "A hot piece of A"
Former Spy for Jenna Marshall 
Shaggy (by Mona)
Sweetie (by Hanna)
Hottie (by 'A')

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Haleb Heaven

  General Information  

Pairing:Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers
Kind of Pairing: Couple
Status:Broken up (in love)
Started:1st Relationship: The Badass Seed

2nd Relationship: Surface Tension
3rd Relationship: The Kahn Game
Ended:1st Relationship: Someone to Watch Over Me 

2nd Relationship: Birds of a Feather

3rd Relationship: Who's in the Box?

  Start of a Wonderful Love Story  

After Caleb arrives in Rosewood, Hanna learns that he's a hacker, and despite his reputation as being "sketchy," decides to ask him to help Emily contact Maya at reform school, however she feels offended when he over charges Emily and takes advantage of her desperation. Caleb begins to enjoy playful banter and teasing with Hanna, flirting with her while she usually responds with insults. Caleb ends up helping Hanna with an A situation and Hanna, grateful for the help,repays him by letting him stay in her basement. Eventually they date, but when Hanna learns that all along Caleb had been spying on her, no less for Jenna, she dumps him. He tells her he loves her, but she is unmoved. In Season 2, she acts civilly towards him for Lucas' sake and eventually forgives him and gives their romantic relationship a second chance. In Season 3, They seem very close but tention starts to rise when Hanna starts visiting Mona at Radley to find answers about the new A, who Caleb has no idea about. In order to protect Caleb and his family from further danger Hanna is unwillimg to give him answers. Feeling shut out from Hanna's life, Caleb breaks up with her but evetually they get back together once Caleb comes to know the truth about A running his mom off the road to keep Hanna quiet.

  Threats to Haleb  

 Wren - He has a crush on Hanna and made several moves on her. He also tried to kiss her after he stitched up her wound and cooked her dinner but only to be rejected by Hanna.
 Mona - Hanna's constant visits to Radley to get answers about A from Mona usually cause tension between Hanna and Caleb. While he is worried about her safety, she on the other hand can't tell him about the new A either for the same reasons. When Mona's A identity wasn't revealed, she constantly tried to break Hanna and Caleb up by doing things like tearing up Caleb's letter for Hanna that he left with Mona. She also got Hanna convinced that A wants Mona to break them up and later Hanna made Caleb kiss Mona so that A would leave them alone and stop going after Caleb.
 Jenna - Jenna has a grudge against Hanna. She paid Caleb to spy on Hanna whilst he stayed in her basement. Once Hanna came to know the truth, she dumped Caleb and he left Rosewood only to be later brought back by Lucas.
 A-Team - When Hanna finally decided to tell Caleb about the new A, A ran Caleb's mother off the road to threaten Hanna with Caleb's and his mother's safety. Hanna had no choice but to keep the truth to herself causing Caleb to break up with her.
 Miranda Collins - She's one of the main characters in Pretty Little Liar's new spin-off show, Ravenswood. Many fans think Miranda and Caleb will end up getting together. It's starting to look like they both have a crush on eachother and Caleb stays with Miranda in Ravenswood.

  Notes on Haleb  

 Caleb was the first one to say "I love you" but in Picture This, when Caleb was leaving, was when they both said to each other.
 Tyler Blackburn, who playes Caleb, said in an interview that Haleb could outlast Ezria.
 Caleb was the first guy Hanna opened up to about her weight problems and how she spent five summers at fat camp. Hanna was also the first girl that Caleb opened up to about his parents and how he never really got to meet his father.
 They both have a parent that left them. Hanna's dad left her and Caleb never knew his dad.
 In Single Fright Female, when Hanna is sitting at her desk talking to Spencer, behind her nail polish she has a picture of Caleb.
 They had their first dance together in unmAsked to the song "Always."
 Hanna figured out and revealed to Caleb that 'Uncle Jamie' is in fact Caleb's father. 
 Oliver, in an EW interview, stated that for Hanna (as the rest of the girls) competition for her affections is coming up. However, many of these romantic interests "don't surface maybe till we're deep in [season] 4A, sometimes earlier than that."

  Dating Timeline  
 First Relationship
Started"The Badass Seed" (1x18)
Reason: They develop feelings for each other and kiss.
Ended: "Someone to Watch Over Me" (1x20)
Reason: Hanna found out Jenna paid Caleb to spy on her so she ended things with him.
 Second Relationship: 
Started: "The Devil You Know" (2x05)
Reason: Hanna forgives Caleb for what he did and they rekindle their relationship.
Ended: "Birds of a Feather" (3x04)
Reason: Caleb was tired of all the lies and that Hanna wouldn't listen to him about Mona.
 Third Relationship: 
Started: "The Kahn Game" (3x09)
Reason: Caleb got Hanna to confess there was another A and he told her that he would help her take down this New A. Caleb should just mind his own business.
Ended: "Who's In The Box?" (4x14)
Reason: Caleb has secrets. Particulary he doesn't say the truth about Miranda. Also Caleb wanted to protect Hanna from the secrets of Ravenswood.

  Memorable Places/Items  
 A Tent\ The Woods - Hanna lost her virginity to Caleb in the tent while they were camping out in the woods. The woods is also a memorable place because its where Hanna revealed she went to fat camp and she wants him to know more about her.
 Spencer's Cabin - Hanna took Caleb to Spencer's Lake House so he could get away from the guy that was following him. They sleep together on Spencer's couch. Hanna also uses the Lake House to throw a surprise party for Caleb.
 1105! - This is Caleb's password that Hanna cracked into when Caleb was in trouble. Hanna reliazed that the password means the night that they spent together in the woods.
 The Police Station- After Hanna cracked the code and Caleb is freed from the police, Hanna meets him there. As he walks out he is so happy to see her and so is she. They run to each other and Hanna is glad he is safe. They begin to make out as well because Caleb is safe and Hanna helped him out.
 Radley Sanitarium- After Hanna tells Caleb that she wants to go see Mona, he tells her that he'll go with her. He waits on a bench while she talks to Mona because he was worried about her and wants to protect her.
 The Park- Hanna met up with Caleb to try and cheer him up after he found his mother. She tries to tell him to contact her because he always wondered what it would be like to reconnect with her again. They also hold hand while on the swings together.

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  Haleb Quotes  

Caleb [after Hanna checks him out in the shower, in The Badass Seed]: Wanna share a towel too?

Caleb [in The Badass Seed]: What, and now you think you have to throw down too?
Hanna: What if I dont want to?
Caleb: It's okay.
Hanna: What if I do want to?
Caleb: That's okay too.
[She pulls him and they have their first kiss]

Hanna [in Over My Dead Body]: You're early!
Caleb: You're beautiful.

Caleb [to Spencer & Emily, about Hanna, in The Blond Leading the Blind]: Because I love her and I want to protect her.

Hanna [about Caleb's password, in CTRL: A]: November 5th. You couldn't have just told me that it was the night that we ... you know..
Caleb: Hanna, there was an exclamation point!

Caleb [about the mess with Kate, in The Naked Truth]: Where's your cell phone. Let me help you.
Hanna: Just hold me. Okay? That will help me.
[He holds her then they kiss]

Caleb [after Caleb surprises her, in Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares]: Did you miss me?
[She runs up to him and they start making out]

Hanna [after Caleb tells her he's going to California, in Picture This]: I love you.
Caleb: I love you too.
[They kiss]

Caleb (In Save The Date): Hanna, I am not going anywhere.
Hanna: Well, if you do can I come with you? I'll pack really fast. Seriously, you know that I am good at camping. (They look at each other then begin to make out.)

Caleb [About him leaving and what it means for their relationship in Picture This]: We're going to talk on the phone and I'll be back. I'll be back before you know it.
Hanna: You say that now but I have seen pictures of Montecito.
Caleb: Well, I have one very good reason to come back. You.

Hanna [trying to help Lucas on his date, in Blind Dates]: Put your arm around me.
Caleb: What?
Hanna: Just put your arm around me.
[He puts his arm around her and they get closer]
Caleb: That was easy.
Hanna: Well I'm not.

Caleb [in UnmAsked]: You must have me confused with someone else. My name's Romeo.

Caleb: I thought the whole point of cooking together was being together?
Hanna: It is, and I promise, when I get back we will make an unforgettable Dong Po.
Caleb: Say it again.
Hanna: No!
Caleb: Please! Do you want me to go to the store or not?
Hanna (Whispers in his ear): Dong Po...

Caleb: How could you not talk about us? We're intimate.
Hanna: We're what?!
Caleb: Yeah, lets just forget that part...
Hanna: You just said the "i" word! I have never heard a guy say the "i" word.

Caleb [in A Hot Piece of A]: We've gotten naked together in more ways than one, Hanna.

Hanna [in Blood Is the New Black]: Why would you do that?
Caleb: Because I love you.

Hanna [in CTRL: A]: I thought you couldn't get online in this cave.
Caleb: I've got a hotspot in my pocket.
Hanna: Yeah, I know that but what does that have to do with computers?

Hanna: It's not that easy, Caleb is all over me! 
Spencer: I don't need to know that.

Caleb [to Hanna in It's Alive]: Most of my life I've felt alone, even when I was with people. That was until I met you.

Caleb [to Mona in Kingdom of the Blind]: Do not mess with Hanna.

Caleb (To Spencer in Stolen Kisses) Whatever happened, Hanna is important to me. So if I have a chance to crash the Mona Monster, I'm in.

Hanna [in The Kahn Game]: Caleb! This isn't easy for me either, alright, I miss you so much, it's making me do stupid things, crazy things. 
Caleb: Hanna, you're talking to the guy who just kidnapped his own girlfriend. And you know what, for the record, I am going to help you stop A, I'm not asking for permission. (He steps towards her and they begin to make out.)

Hanna [about their break-up in The Kahn Game]:Do you think I would have just let you walk out the door if I had the choice?

Caleb [over an IM in Single Fright Female]: I'm finding it really hard not to come over there and kiss you.

Caleb [over an IM in Single Fright Female]:You need to take a breath. I can see that cute little vein above your eye twitching from here.

Caleb [in Single Fright Female]: I don't know how much longer I can do this, Hanna. I need to touch you.[They kiss] 
[CeCe walks into the room but doesn't see Caleb]
CeCe: Hanna, I have some shoes out here for you. How does the dress look? 
Caleb (mouths the word): Hot.

Hanna [in The Lady Killer]:What are you doing here? I almost killed you! 
Caleb: With a pink furry lamp, Hanna?

Caleb [on the phone in The Lady Killer]: Hanna, I love you. 
Hanna: I love you too Caleb.

Caleb (After Hanna kicks him in This is A Dark Ride):Why did I think that you would ever need protection?

Hanna (In This is A Dark Ride):You kiss pretty good for a man without a spleen.

Caleb (After knocking down toilet paper in This is A Dark Ride): This hiding stuff is getting really old.
Hanna: Tell me about it. This is my third cleaning in the last two months. 
Caleb: Well, your gums look great.

Caleb (As Hanna sits next to him in the courtyard, in She's Better Now):Hey, are you sure you want to do this? 
Hanna: Face it Caleb, we were never under the radar.

Caleb (About Hanna's clothing options in Misery Loves Company): Alright, go with the dress. But, just to be sure you should probably try it on for me. (they smile at each other)

Caleb(what Jamie thinks about Hanna): Actually he thinks you are remarkable. He thinks I'm the luckiest person ever..

Hanna: Which one screams "Young adult and hot without being too trendy?"

Caleb: You're asking me? Hanna, I've had this hoodie since I was twelve.

  Important Links/Posts  

Ashley Benson Official Website

Tyler Blackburn Official Website

Ashley Benson Facebook

Tyler Blackburn Facebook

Haleb FB Page

Ashley Benson Twitter

Tyler Blackburn Twitter

Ashley Benson Instagram

Tyler Blackburn Instagram

Ashley Benson Wetpaint

Tyler Blackburn Wetpaint

Ashley Benson TV Guide Profile

Tyler Blackburn TV Guide Profile

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  Rules to Follow  

 Please keep this AT clean, no bashing or use derogatorive language. Conversations must be kept clean.
  Try not to quote over 3 times. 
 Keep the discussions related to Hanna and Caleb or the show, Pretty Little Liars. Do not bring in talks related to other shows.
 DO NOT open any other appreciation thread for this couple.
 To be part of the discussion, you have to be on the Members' List.
 To be added in the list, hit the like button and/or mention in the comment.
 If at any point, a member wishes to withdraw his/her name from the AT, please PM me and I will have it removed.
 If anyone would like to be added as the admin of the AT, please PM me.
 Be sure to follow the general Appreciation Thread Rules of the Forum!




Have a Fun time Liars!

- Monal

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You are free to start commenting now Embarrassed

This is my first try on any AT, so I hope it's a good success Big smile
Enjoy (:

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Yay a Haleb AT Big smile
the thread looks really lovely, I would like to be a member Embarrassed
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Originally posted by Desigirl_21

Yay a Haleb AT Big smile
the thread looks really lovely, I would like to be a member Embarrassed

Thank you (:

Added ya Big smile

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