CID Written Update: Fridge Mein Laash (10th May, 2014)

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Scene 1

The episode begins in a mall where we see a couple walking and talking. Suddenly, the man Shishir abruptly stops near a grandfather clock and seems to become hypnotized. As soon as the clock strikes twelve, lights in the mall go off and we see the shadows of a thief snatching a lady's handbag. There's commotion and the guy is soon caught by guards after the lights come back shortly afterwards. In the ruckus, Shishir is nowhere to be seen and his wife starts looking for him and finds his mobile lying on the floor. She calls the security and explains the situation. Meanwhile we see some guests shopping downstairs, and they're shocked to find Shishir's corpse stuffed into a refrigerator there.


Scene 2

Dr. Salunkhe, Freddy sir, Sachin and the others are seen investigating at the crime scene. Shishir's wife says a builder named Mohit had been trying to usurp some land belonging to them and he must be the murderer. Dr. Salunkhe points out that there are no traces of blood outside the fridge, and it looks like Shishir was stuffed into it first and then stabbed to death. Freddy sir wonders how the killer managed to do it all in the two minutes of blackout; Sachin says it's an impossible task. Shreya adds that all the panels inside the fridge are missing and it seems to have been pre-planned. Sachin says it could've been a staff member. Dushyant questions the wife who says that their visit to the mall wasn't planned and she was the one who forced Shishir to go as it was the last date of redeeming some discount coupons they had received in mail the previous day. The mall owner examines the coupons and proclaims that they're fake. Dushyant construes the killer lured the couple into the mall, and then staged the blackout to commit the murder and escape. Sachin asks for the CCTV footage of the mall.


Scene 3

The team checks the footage and sees Shishir abruptly stopping and standing still. They deduce he didn't have the knife and his position made him very vulnerable to attack. They are then taken to the power supply unit of the mall to investigate the blackout. Dr. Salunkhe finds no fingerprints upon the lever and says the person either wiped them off or was wearing gloves. Sachin tries pulling the lever and notices that it's jammed, and hard to do unless one uses the nearby wall for support. He says the culprit might've left behind fingerprints on the wall in that manner. Salunkhe sir checks and indeed finds a handprint on that spot of the wall. Sachin asks for fingerprints of all the staff members in the mall.


Scene 4

In the bureau, Dr. Salunkhe tells ACP sir that the knife was stabbed at an odd angle into Shishir's body and it bears no fingerprints other than his, thus it seems to be a case if suicide. Daya sir says the killer could've staged this by putting the knife into Shishir's hands, but ACP sir points out that Shishir would've tried to defend himself. He wonders why he had to kill himself inside a fridge. Daya sir adds that he didn't have the knife when he had entered the mall. ACP sir says there must be some significant reason behind his death and his wife Lekha should be able to help them.


Scene 5

ACP sir, Purvi and the others meet Lekha who says Shishir wasn't so emotionally weak to kill himself. She again names the builder Mohit as a prime suspect and adds that the property he was after was worth more than 500 crore rupees. Her young boy comes up to them and she says he's her previous husband's son, who died in a car accident. She was greatly disturbed by this, and went to a meditation camp in Kerala for help and met Shishir there, and married him. The team goes aside and Purvi informs ACP sir that they'll be informed as soon as Mohit returns from abroad.


Scene 6

At the bureau, ACP sir instructs for the case not to be registered as a suicide one. Shreya informs him that Dr. Salunkhe found out the fingerprints on the wall belong to the mall's security incharge Arvind. ACP sir orders for him to be arrested. Nikhil finds out that Mohit is back in India.


Scene 7

The team arrives just on time to find Mohit trying to move away. He proclaims innocence and says Shishir had finally agreed to sell the land and signed the contract, so he had no reason to kill him. He adds that they can check the CCTV footage for proof of the same. ACP sir warns him not to leave the city until the case is closed.


Scene 8

Sachin, Freddy sir and the others arrive at the mall to find that Arvind has locked himself in a room. They hear screams from within and break inside to find Arvind lying dead upon the floor, frothing at the mouth. They search the entire room, but find nothing. Another guard says Arvind had went outside for a lunch break, and Sachin deduces somebody cunningly poisoned him there.


Scene 9

Team ACP arrives at Lekha's house and finds the place in shambles. They search it but find nothing, and deduce she and her child have been kidnapped. Purvi finds a withdrawal receipt of bank worth 500 crore rupees, bearing both Shishir and Lekha's signatures. ACP sir points out Lekha knew that Shishir had sold his property and yet she concealed it from them. He wonders why.


Scene 10

Abhijeet sir, Freddy sir and the others ask their way towards Arvind's house and are told he'd been out since last evening. They break inside and find lots of expensive electronic equipment and luxuries inside. They search the place and a diary marked with lists of business houses is found. Freddy sir points out that many of these people were killed in mysterious ways. Abhijeet sir wonders if Arvind was a contract killer and thus prepared the list. Shreya finds photos of Arvind and Shishir together in some Kerala meditation centre.  She points out that Lekha had met Shishir there too. Abhijeet sir says they need to visit Kerala and find out.


Scene 11

The team arrives at Kerala (not so convincingly LOL ) and asks a coconut vendor about the meditation centre. He gives them some vague details and, once they leave, is seen warning someone about the CID on phone and asking for instructions. The team finds and visits the meditation centre where the guru tells them that Arvind and Shishir had indeed joined there together, though the former was a much better learner. Pankaj spots the coconut seller spying upon them, who bolts upon being spotted. They chase and seize him, and he confesses having been paid to spy on them. He takes them to the house of his employer. As they approach, hidden thugs ambush them with gunfire and injure the seller. The cops retaliate and kill them, break into the house and finish off the remaining enemies.  They find Lekha and her son held hostage inside; the child has been hit by one of the thugs' bullets. They move both of them to safety. 


Scene 12

Lekha is taken inside the bureau and ACP sir informs her that her son is fine. He'd been shot in the kidney but they've found a donor and operation is underway.  Lekha thanks them for everything. ACP sir asks her about Shishir's land and she says she never knew that he'd signed the contract and kept all those crores for himself. She says Shishir is alive and he's the one who abducted her and the child and took them to Kerala. Shreya says Shishir's corpse is lying in the morgue, but Lekha insists she saw Shishir talking to the thugs in Kerala. She asks to be taken to her child.


Scene 13

Lekha is seen with her still unconscious boy in the hospital. Sachin tells her the doctor has declared the operation a success and the boy will awaken as soon as the anaesthetic wears off. Shreya and Freddy sir reveal that the blood group of Arvind's kidney miraculously matched with the boy's and thus the doctors managed the transplant. Sachin asks her to return to the bureau for her statement as soon as the child awakens.


Scene 14

Dr. Salunkhe arrives in the bureau and reveals to a surprised team that Arvind and the boy's blood group, antigens and even DNA match uncannily, implying that Arvind is actually the boy's biological father and thus Lekha's first husband.


Scene 15

The team arrives at the hospital and is told that Lekha left her son's side as soon as they left, looking tense. Sachin deduces that she's behind it all; Freddy sir points out there was no motive for the kidnapping and thus she must've staged it as well. Sachin decides to find out who the owner of the Kerala bungalow where they found her is.


Scene 16

Lekha arrives at Mohit's house, who is surprised to see her back from Kerala. She informs him that the CID raided his bungalow there and killed all his goons. She demands him to cover her tracks, but Mohit is too concerned about his own and prepares to shoot her. The team arrives on time and disarms and captures Mohit. Purvi seizes Lekha and hands her a tight SLAP (tm).


Scene 17

In the bureau, Mohit confesses that Lekha had planned to murder Shishir a year ago. Lekha says she and Arvind used to live in Kerala and wanted to get rich quick. They met Shishir at the meditation camp and, upon finding out about his property, befriended him. Arvind was a skilled hypnotist and befuddled Shishir into thinking he's married to Lekha. She went to Mumbai with him and planned to pretend to be his wife for an entire year so everyone was convinced, and then cleverly murder Shishir and usurp his property. However, Mohit was after the land too and offered her 600 crores if she somehow managed to get Shishir to sign the deal. Thus she planned to get this extra money and get rid of Arvind as well. Arvind hypnotized Shishir  and forced him to stab himself to death inside the fridge. Lekha knew a bit of hypnotism as well, so she tried to get Arvind do the same, but it wasn't strong enough and Arvind managed to come to his senses long enough to scream for help (so what about the missing poison and all? Geek). ACP sir condemns both their evil crimes and says they shall now rot in prison until the gallows are ready for them. 



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Thanks for the the lovely written update, Ravi bro! Big smile

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Big smileTHANX DSBig smile

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Episode was so...Pinch
You made it...Thumbs Up
Thanks Ravi broEmbarrassed. Brainy update of a brainless episodeWinkClap
In the main its lovely esp that hypnotised emoticonLOL

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Thanks for the lovely update, bro Smile

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Wow ravi bhai awesome WU of a fazool case LOL
The case was really pathetic for me but seriously u have done a great job Thumbs Up
Thanx bhai Smile

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ROFL Lovely Emocations...
Thank You DEMONSTAR...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Thanx Ravi for the WU Clap

I m talking about Scene 14...actually when i was making caps of this episode this doubt came to mind LOL Arvind was dead due to poison...right? then how his kidney can be taken for replacement Confused Another point he already died few times ago then how his kidney can be used for replacement as its not preserved ConfusedConfused

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