CID 9th May 2014 Written Update: Khooni Chaku

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CID 9th May 2014 Written Update: Khooni Chaku

Note: Please forgive any mistakes in the WU. I couldn't sit through the entire episode in one shot. I felt like I was suffering. So I watched it over the span of 3 days, 15 minutes each day. And even then it was 5 minutes every hour. Anyways, the point is that I watched it on and off so there might be some mistakes.

A man covered with a mask is trying to get into a house. Inside a room a girl is putting on make-up and jewellery. (Welcome to the Indian TV serial format of welcoming the heroine.) She smiles at the camera. Outside the man is pulling himself up a pipe. Inside the sister of the wife is welcoming the guests to her sister and brother-in-law's marriage anniversary party. Upstairs the sister is calling someone and getting frustrated wondering where he is. Then the masked man gets in and hits Jasmine, the wife, over the head. The guests hear and run upstairs and into the house to find Jasmine missing. One guest calmly takes out his phone and calls CID. (The way this guy was calmly standing made me feel like he didn't give a damn that Jasmine was missing. And Jasmine's sister was way over-acting!)

ACP Pradyuman, Kavin, Purvi, Nikhil, a lady cop, and a male cop (I don't know their names so I'll just call them LC and MC and so on from now on) enter Jasmine's room. ACP sir tells them to search each corner of the room for evidence. (Here's a hint: Where's the one way Jasmine could be taken out if the door is locked from the inside? Answer: Window. So don't search the room, search the window!) ACP sir asks Jasmine's sister what she thinks. Jasmine's sister again overacts saying she doesn't know anything and she's just scared. ACP sir asks about Manav and the man who called CID, Lalit, says he went to Ahmedabad but still hasn't returned. Kavin finds blood drops near the window. (Wow finally! Now will someone check the window!) ACP sir says that it could be Jasmine's blood and the kidnapper took her out the window. Purvi brings the money and jewellery saying that the kidnapping wasn't to rob the house. (Does anyone here keep their money on a plate like that?!! I know I don't.) ACP sir leans out to check the window with Kavin and he sees fingerprints in blood. (Stupid kidnapper! Which kidnapper leaves their fingerprints for the police?!!) He's now sure that the kidnapper took Jasmine by the window. Purvi says that the kidnapper could be one of the people in party. Lalit is angry, but Kavin says that it could be. ACP sir says that no one is leaving until we take everyone's fingerprints.

Jasmine wakes up in a bed with a heavy head. She gets out and wonders why everything is so silent. She goes downstairs to find a lot of blood and several knives. She rushes towards the door, but can't get out. She runs towards the other door and then suddenly falls into a pit with a lot of male bodies. She climbs out of the pit and falls near the door over a wire. She follows the wire as she starts losing her breath and reaches a phone. (Her acting was a bit more natural though I felt even her expressions were overdone.)

Back at the party, Nikhil says that Manav phone was last traced to Dhanu Road (I think that's what he said. It wasn't very clear.) and then it was turned off. ACP sir says that maybe Manav has been kidnapped as well. Kavin says that someone knew where the 2 would be. ACP sir is sure it's someone from the party. Lalit's phone rings at this time and he picks it up after ACP sir tells him to. It's Jasmine on the line. But the phone cuts before CID can hear the conversation. ACP sir tells Lalit to call the number again, but the phone doesn't connect. ACP sir tells Purvi to find out where the phone call came from. (My guess is that the sister is involved in everything. She keeps overacting!)

Two cars reach the house where Jasmine is. Sachin, Pankaj, Dr. Salunkhe, Dr. Tarika, Dushayant, 2 background cops, and Lalit get out and come inside through an open door. (Excuse me?!! Now the doors are wide open?!!) The team are shocked to see the number of bloody knives lying in the hallway. Sachin wonders what happened. Dr. Salunkhe is sure that there was more than one murder at the site. He looks behind the sofa and sees the pit. Lalit slowly understands what Jasmine was saying. Dr. Salunkhe sends Tarika into the pit with Karan (background cop # 1). The bodies are now missing. Dushayant tells Ishika (background cop # 2) and Pankaj to check outside the house to see if Jasmine is there. Tarika and Dr. Salunkhe are spraying in their respective areas checking the blood. Dr. Salunkhe says that the knives are all old but the murderer tried to make them look new and the blood is all real. Sachin wonders if the blood is from one person or multiple people. Dushayant wonders why the murderer didn't hide the knives. Tarika agrees because if the murderer had enough time to get rid of the bodies then he should have gotten rid of the knives. (I don't get this whole case! So I don't get why you're trying to understand the murderer. First explain the case to me.) Tarika says she did find 2 weird chemicals. Dushayant says that the murderer was here when Jasmine phoned Lalit and he hopes Jasmine is okay. Dr. Salunkhe tells them to check the farmhouse and he'll make a temporary forensic lab here to check all the evidence.

Dr. Salunkhe and Tarika are performing their tests when Dushayant and Sachin comes in asking if they found anything. Dr. Salunkhe says that they did find out about the chemical, but he's wondering why it was used here. He says that Tarika found embalming fluid and Dushayant says that it is used in funeral homes. Sachin says that the murderer probably did this to confuse us so that it seemed that the bodies were new. (Actually even embalming fluid can't stop a body from decomposing. It just slows down the process. So technically none of the bodies should look new even if they're just a week old.) Tarika agrees and says that most likely Jasmine saw old bodies that looked new. Pankaj comes running in saying that Manav has been found in a very bad state. The entire team rushes out and Lalit looks very worried. Ishita calls the ambulance after Dushayant tells her. (What type of cop are you?!! Do you really need your senior to tell you to call for an ambulance?!!)

Sachin and Dushayant are waiting for some result from Dr. Salunkhe. He did a hemoglobin test and finds that the blood is 2 days old and every blood sample is different. Dr. Salunkhe says that each knife had different DNA and that count is 20. (Actually I counted probably 14 or 15 knives.) Pankaj is searching the house and comments that the murderer probably came there before that's why he knows about every corner of the house. Then Pankaj opens a drawer and yells out as he gets hit with something. The entire team comes rushing out. Tarika calls an ambulance, while Dr. Salunkhe checks his pulse.

In the hospital, Manav is murmuring to leave his Jasmine when Abhijeet, Freddy, Shreya, and 2 background officers come in. Abhijeet sits down next to Manav and wakes him up. He asks what happened in the farmhouse. Manav says that his life was in danger and so was Jasmine's. He says that people were phoning him asking for 55 crores, but when he refused they kidnapped Jasmine. (55 crores?!! That's a weird number. Most people ask for round numbers like 50 or 60. And this guy is so rich?!!) He says he knew Jasmine was there because Jasmine phoned from there for help. Abhijeet asks if he recognizes the people, but before Manav can say anything he faints. Abhijeet is told about Pankaj fainting. (Chalo even if it was for 2 minutes we got to see Abhijeet sir. Here I was thinking he would disappear fully like Daya sir as well.)

Back in the farmhouse, Dr. Salunkhe tells Sachin that Pankaj has temporary paralysis due to the needle. Dushayant wonders how Pankaj got hit with the needle. (Poor Pankaj. Temporarily he can't say or do anything. I like his comments.) Dr. Salunkhe says that the murderer probably has something set up in that corner and tells them to search it. Dushayant and Sachin put together the event leading up to Pankaj being hit. They understand that it was for Jasmine. She probably had an asthma attack and she should have gone after the pump, but instead phoned Lalit. (Wait a minute. The way Jasmine was going around the house made me think she didn't know about the house. Now they are presuming she did know and she would know where the pump is. I guess that means that the farmhouse belongs to Manav and Jasmine. I wish FW wouldn't leave so much to our imagination!)

Abhijeet, Sachin, Freddy, Shreya, and 2 background officers reach a hospital morgue room acting as Indian Medical Group. They want to check the bodies because they were told that the bodies were taken out of here. The ward boy says that they're information is wrong because the bodies are back. Abhijeet reveals that they are CID and the ward boys say that 3 nights ago they drank too much and so they were unable to stop a thief from taking some bodies, which were returned the next day. (Hold on! The bodies were seen by Jasmine today. Then how could they have been returned 2 days ago?!!) Abhijeet asks about the embalming fluid which the doctor says is done at a special store and there are only 2. (Yeah sure. Pure Mumbai main sirf 2 jagah yeh kam karte hain.)

Dushayant, Pankaj, Sachin, and 2 background officers reach one store and show their badge. They ask who went to the farmhouse, but the man says he didn't go anywhere. They ask maybe someone brought the bodies here, but he says that it wasn't that either. He says that apart from him, Ashok does this job, or else it could be the thief who stole the fluid. Sachin asks who else knew how to put the fluid on the bodies. He says that it was Ketan, his old employee who was drunk so he kicked him out. (Pure Mumbai main sirf 2 log yeh embalming fluid laga sakte hain?!! You've got to be joking!)

At night, Ketan is caught by Sachin, Pankaj, and a background officer. They demand to know who he stole the fluid for. He says that he met 2 people at Matrix Bar who promised to pay for all his drinking if he stole the fluid and preserved the bodies. He gives a paper to Sachin reading Birju with a number.

2 men are digging a pit at another spot. Kavin, Pnankaj, and 2 background officers reach that spot with their guns drawn. They watch as the 2 men dig the pit and then Pankaj sees Jasmine. As the men are putting Jasmine into the pit, the 4 reveal themselves. The 2 men attack Kavin and then make a run for it, but one is caught by Kavin and the other by Pankaj, while the 2 background officers check that Jasmine is dead. Kavin demands to know why they killed Jasmine. They say they were paid to do it and Kavin asks who paid them.

A lady doctor finishes an operation and then Abhijeet, Sachin, Freddy, Shreya, and 2 background officers come in at this time. The doctor is revealed to be Jasmine's sister. (HA! HA! HA! I WAS RIGHT!!! When this girl was overacting I knew it then that she was involved!) Shreya takes her away. She reveals that she got Jasmine kidnapped by these 2 for 55 crores. She says not to ask her anymore questions because she's accepted her crime. Abhijeet asks why she left Manav alive and she says that was so that she could get the money. Abhijeet demands to know who put the pin in the drawer. He looks surprised to hear the name.

ACP sir, Daya, Purvi, Kavin, and Nikhil stop Manav as he leaving. Daya says that they have to ask 2 questions. ACP sir asks why the blood isn't Birju or his partner's if they kidnapped Jasmine. Manav says that maybe they sent someone else. ACP sir smiles and asks how did the murderer know that Jasmine would open the drawer with the pin in it. (Good one! I've been asking the same question since that idea was introduced!) Manav then says that he actually forgot to tell them that he suspects Lalit. Daya says there's no use because he killed his own wife. Manav refuses, but ACP sir says that the blood in her room is yours. Then Jasmine's sister comes out and says she told CID about Manav. Manav pulls out a gun to shoot her, but ACP sir delivers a strong kick knocking the gun out of Manav's hand. (YEAH BABY! I was waiting for that! GO ACP PRADYUMAN!) He pushes Jasmine's sister towards them and then runs for it. Nikhil and Kavin give chase, but Daya is the one to catch him as he tries to jump up a fence.

Manav says that he was frustrated of Jasmine's asthma and wanted to leave her. Purvi asks if he had the problem then should she have done the same thing. (Good one Purvi. Asthma isn't something so bad though the way Manav makes it sound.) ACP sir says that he took advantage of Jasmine's asthma by giving her tension to kill her. He hoped that on seeing the bodies and the knives she would get asthma, go to take out her pump, and get hit with the poisonous pin. (Wait! Pankaj was hit with that pin and it was to bring about temporary paralysis! Now it's poison?!!) ACP sir delivers the final dialogue.


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Kya Boss...Wink
FW Gajni ban gaya tha na...LOLLOL
khair Yes that Plate, Emablam Solution was completely Yuck Idea...DeadDead
even Emblam Solution is tarah rakhty bhi nahi...D'oh
and that Paralysing Pin turn to Poison...WinkWink
kya SHERYU, Punkaj itna Mota hay tou Zehr ka Asar nahi hua hoga na...LOLLOL
Thank you Boss...EmbarrassedClapClap
Hilarious WU...LOLLOL

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Shreya wonderful WU Clap
And that background cop 1 nd 2 are just hilarious I liked their names by uROFL you know atleast in every WU we get to read the new funny names for those new cops by our writers WinkLOL
I liked ur comments more, else this story or say case was poor Ouch

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Didn't watch the episode but enjoyed the WU only because of your commentsTongue. Thanks for the WU Shreya di.

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nice wu...

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Awesome WU ShreyaClap *Chuckles*LOL 
Indian TV serial formatROFL
We have very same viewpointsWink
Did you count knivesShocked? Wow! I am not a good observer in this senseLOL
And about the morgue room, maybe they resumed their investigation and started it two days laterErmm
Embalming fluid scene seemed so dull witted. Totally lacking senseWink. He call it kalaROFL
I also have same doubts about that poisonous pin. They didn't made it clearConfused. Was it a murder weapon or for temporary unconsciousness. Any ways...!!!
All in all, it was hilarious episodeLOL. I didn't watched it at first sight. But i am a damn foolPinch!!!!

Thanks ShreyaEmbarrassed...Yet another lovely update by youBig smile

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Thanx Sri for lovely WU Clap

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Thanks for the lovely WU Shreya di...

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