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Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR FF#5 inst 1 pge 1 17/07/2015

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 Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

Story till now 

Armaan And Riddhima were married and riddhima is riddhima armaan mallik. All the family members of mallik family loved riddhima and they loved riddhima and accept her whole-heartedly but not armaan, he did not behave with riddhima properly and after that riddhima come to know that armaan did not like her and did the marriage just for the sake of his mother Nandini Karan Mallik as he loved his mother very much but did not accept riddhima. But Riddhima tried to win his heart, but all her efforts go in vain. 
                                After one month of their marriage riddhima comes to know that the reason of armaan did not accept her is that he loves someone else and wants to marry her not riddhima, but he could not as the girl herself, CHAAVI  whom he loved leave him on their engagement. And after coming to know this riddhima feels rejected  and heart broken so she want to leave the house but with Nandini's  advice she thought to give her marriage a chance. And she start to win armaan's heart and slowly slowly armaan becomes dependent on her.
       Time flew away and armaan start feeling something for riddhima. He even feels guilty for not giving riddhima her rights and he start accepting her slowly. In the process armaan's younger twince brother Rahul Mallik married to Muskaan their friend and in the wedding cermonies armaan and riddhima come closer to each-other.They even share intimate moments with each-other but armaan always regret their closeness so riddhima try to keep herself away from him so tht he can not feel guilty, until he forgets his past fully.
                                    But something did not go well and due to one misunderstanding armaan  was about to commit a mistake, he has mistook riddhima for something and force her into a physical relation in his anger but as destiny decides armaan did not commit it fully, as riddhima ran from there. And armaan come back to his senses. And armaan's misunderstanding cleared and he is so shameful for his deed that he could not met riddhima's eyes and hurt himself physically. He apologised riddhima.
                  And riddhima understand his feeling fully and she forgave him and armaan also promised her to move on his life and try to forget his past fully. And armaan and riddhima becomes friends and armaan comes to know riddhima more.He even start liking her or may be loving her.Armaan And Riddhima come more closer in Holi Function and armaan even gave her a kiss in public and Riddhima also comes to know that armaan has a one childhood friend whom he missed so much. Now armaan and riddhima shares some intimate moment armaan did not regret it rather he enjoyed it.
                                 And the truth revealed that Armaan's childhood best friend his basket whom he loved dearly and miss in his life a lot was none other than Riddhima Armaan Mallik, riddhima recognise him, and she was so happy that she was finally going to marry Armaan the love of her life and was going to surprise armaan on their wedding night that she is his basket but things changed she come to know and that he lovedChaavi, so she does not tell him that she is his basket, but finally armaan come to know that Riddhima is His Basket.
                                                 And Armaan confronts Riddhima in Mussorie as Riddhima leaves with her brother Sumeet Gupta from Mallik mansion seeing Armaan's photographs with Chaavi thinking he did not forget her and Armaan received a slap from his mom Nandini Karan Mallik and wrath of all his family members as they come to know that Riddhima leaves him because of Armaan only and Armaan then admits his Love for Riddhima in front of everyone and then he went Mussorie to get his Love back and there both Armaan-Riddhima confessed Love for each-other.
                                             Armaan cleared her he never Loved Chaavi she used him on name of her, his basket and Riddhima cleared him that why she did not tell him earlier that she is His Basket only and then they spend some moments there with each-other feeling each-other's presence in their lives, and confessing their long desires for each-other and Armaan gave Riddhima time to ready to become His completely. And Armman become billionaire with the success of his project. Riddhima spends some moments with him some cozy moments with him. As they shared their first ever kiss in Mussorie only.
                    Riddhima stays at Gupta House for sometime as her Bhabhi Kumkum Sumeet Gupta's Godbharai. And in between these days both Armaan And Riddhima live their long forgotten courtship period. And now they eagerly waits to become each-others in all senses. Armaan And Riddhima once again get engaged on their engagement ceremony this time with their hearts. And shared close intense moments with each-other telling they love each-other and trusted each-other deeply. And Armaan prepared a surprise for Riddhima and Riddhima comes back to Mallik Mansion with all the rights and Love with Armaan to start a new life with him.
Riddhima comes along armaan to Mallik Mansion after their confession this time purely from their emotional senses as Riddhima Armaan Mallik. Armaan converted their room as now AR's paradise. Riddhima resumed her duties and gets all her love from Mallik Family, in between armaan stole some passionate moments with his loving wife riddhima and as they share the moments they carved for each other more and more, riddhima this time wants to becomes ONE with her jaan her armaan. And armaan thinks about to go to their long pending Honeymoon along his darling wifey riddhima. And before they can plan anything there comes business trip and armaan sends his mom and dad to their long pending vacation of two days, as they did not able to spend some time with each other because all of the happenings in armaan's life.
So Nandini Karan Mallik finally left along Karan Mallik after all the requests of her children leaving all the responsibilities of Mallik Family on her darling daughter Riddhima's shoulder and riddhima happily and somewhere getting anxious about it but armaan is with her at every step like her shadow, he gives her all the confidence and most importantly his undying love and in between these two days armaan feels guilty too as he finally comes to some facts that his riddhima actually lost some of the best moments of her life post their marriage because of his behave and their complicated relation. But riddhima makes him understand that they are together and this is all she desired for, but armaan promised himself that he now returned all her lost moments. And riddhima in between two days is perfect house maker a perfect sister in law to nikki, muski and rahul and a daughter to ramu kaka. And a loving a caring wife for her husband.
In between these days the story moves to 45 days later on and the story finds Mallik Family is shifted in their pent house leaving Mallik Mansion, riddhima and armaan is on their honeymoon. And this is the day of the Birthday of Nandini Karan Mallik when both returned and surprised her and armaan returned Mallik Mansion to his family as Birthday Gift for his mom and he is guilty that all this happens because of HIM but his family and his riddhima makes him understand that its not his fault. And all of them geared up for the celebrations of nandini's birthday.
                                                                So Friends this is story till now, now we have to see What happen in those 45 days that leaves armaan all guilty? What happen in those days that they left their house? What is the reason that riddhima and armaan left for their Honeymoon in such a haste? Will now riddhima and armaan live happily ever-after or their is something more waiting for more? Will now armaan and riddhima get each-other in all senses? Will they able to become one? Will armaan makes riddhima his? Will riddhima will able to give time to armaan in Mallik Mansion? Will armaan's success did not come in their love ways? Will that kid topic create any problem in AR's relationship? Will Mallik Family always blessed with this happiness in future also? Will armaan and riddhima's exams finish or some more are there to face them? Will armaan's insecurities lessen or increased? Too many questions so getting answers stay tuned with ''DHADKAN BAN GAYYE HO TUM-AR FF''.

Hope u enjoy the journey of Armaan And Riddhima's Marriage till now friends.

Thanks for ur apperciciation and support

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Thanks to all my beautiful readers sirff aapke kaaran aaj Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum Is Mukam Par Pahunch paaya hain main jaanti hun aabki baar maine aapko bahut intezar karaya hain kya karun peeche ek saal meiin situation hii kuch aisee thi kabhie kuch ho jaata kabhie kuch beech meiin main khud hii bahut beemar thi so could not able to but i tried in between and i know kii maine jo tit bits meiin likha oosmein Dhadkan ne aapna essence kahin na kahin lose kiyya i know that aap sab bahut ache ho nahiin kahoge yeh baat but i know it and i accepted that it's my fault par main bas simple sa promise karti hun aab main time par update karungi aur han Dhadkan ka poorana magic vapis laane kii koshish karungi hopefully aap mera saath denge aur han aapke har suggestions and queries and even bad comments i appreciate from my bottom of my heart so please be free to express your feelings as always and Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum ka har reader mera special reader hain each of you has special place in my heart kyunki Dhadkan mujhse zayda aap logon ka hain aap logon ne hi ise yahan tak pahunchaya so three kudos to you thanks and han aab kuch logon ko thanks kehna chahti hun main here you go
@jiya- thanks so much sweetheart you know tumhara one line comment bhi i always look forward because you are my oldest reader of Dhadkan thanks so much for being with me in this special journey.
@tennorchid Farwa-hope i am correct in taking your name well thanks so much sweetie like jiya tum bhi Dhadkan kii sabse purani readers meiin se ho and i am sure ek bhi part aisa nahiin hain jahan tumne comment na karii ho so thanks so much mera saath nibhane ko its special thanks.

@Ayushi- thanks you miss yo yo mere pyaare readers aap na is pyaari si ayushi ko thanks boliyega last thread ke almost 3-4 parts yehii post karti thi aagar yeh post na karti tou i guess Dhadkan mujhe hold par karna padta so i owe to you and thanks so much Dhadkan ko itna pyaar aur time dene ko.

@gaurikajen-sorry i dont' know your name in these days i received your scraps and everything and i gets how you loved Dhadkan so thanks for loving it.

@keenu-thanks for reminding me that i have my ffs jinka aap ko besabri se intezar hain so thank so much.

@shilpa, gyanu,baby, geet , asma and jannat and madura and sargam and srishti-thanks to you all my gang though i know aap log aaj kal kam ate ho IF par but i still know aap sab mere saath ho aur Dhadkan ke bhi so thanks so much Dhadkan ko yahan tak laane meiin tum sab ke pyaar aur mujh meiin confidence ka bahut big haath hain so thanks you sweeties.

@mimmee01- sorry nam nahiin pata mujhe aapka but you are my favourite readers and yes the very much loyal fan of Dhadkan you give so much love to Dhadkan that i sometime feels you knows Dhadkan more than me and yes this is true because how you give comments and eagerly waiting for the parts so thanks so much for your love and please be with me and Dhadkan for its complete journey thanks so much thank you :)

@And last but never the least Sonu Sweetie-she is soul reason of my existence on IF aagar oosne mere start ke days meiin merii help naa kari hoti aur did not gives me itna pyaar aur support na diyya hota tou naa main IF par hoti naa kabhie Dhadkan hota so Dhadkan ke honein ka yahan tak pahunchne ka real credit Sonu ko hain i love you so much sonu thanks for everything and anything and my all ffs on IF and their success on IF is all owe to you hope to see you here sometime.
And very much thanks to all of you my each and every silent reader i love you all and will  always loved you thanks you Dhadkan is all yours more than me.
Thanks to all of you readers i just can say this to all of you with all of you by my side and with ''Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR FF'' we reached here 5th thread that i never ever imagine,  itnaa intezar karati hun mai aapko update kee liyye fir bhi aap sab meree saath rehte hai ooske liyye mai aapki dill se shukriya karti hun thanks so much friends oos wait kee liyye joo aap Dhadkan kee liyye karte hai,thanks so much for all of your Love you shower on Dhadkan's each character and the story, and thanks for your Support that you gave me with this FF and shows your trust in me I Love You All For This and i hope kii aisee hii aagee bhi mujhe Dhadkan meiin aapka saath milta rahega is pyaar kee liyye aapki Dill se shukurguzar hun hope kii aisee hii iss thraed par bhi aap sabka pyaar milta rahega mujhe aur ''Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR FF''   kee iss thraed meiin bhi Armaan-Riddhima aur Mallik Family aap sab kaa wait karegi with bahut saare twists and turns par han 1 bat kii guarntee hii iss thead meiin pyaar hii pyaar jhalkega chahe khushi meiin chalke chahe aanson ban kar bas chalkega PYAAR hii so aur once again Thanks So Much from ''Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum AR FF'' kee har character kii aur se ARMAAN-RIDDHIMA kii taraf se oonkein pyaar kii aur se aur merii aur si iss Dhadkan kii writer kii aur se Thanks So Much
With Lots Of Love And Regards

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Part 59

(Credit for this beautiful banner goes to ayushi thanks so much aayu i love you and this is best i love it thanks so much)

She is still surprised how her bhai got to know that she is on the call not her bhabzz when she is surely calling him from her cell and then unable to holds her curiosity she out of blue actually askes from her bhai
Ni:"bhaii aapko kaise pata chala kii yeh main hun maine tou bhabzz ke cell se call kiyyya tha aapko aur abhie tak kuch kaha bhi nahiin tha"
As she said riddhima looked at her she is actually in mood of playing a prank that's why asked her phone now tou she herself wants to know how come armaan knows it's nikki not she where as Arman laughed hearing her little sister as he is expected this
Ar:"isiliyye kyunki nikki terii babhi kabhie bhi car drive karte hue baat nii karengi aur jab tune mujhe call kiyya there is noise of cars and othrr veichles so I come to know its you not your bhabzz its so easy"
He said and nikki surprised at her brother's answer but next moment she smiled knowing the love his bhai holds for her bhabhzz and then as nikki put the phone on speaker as she is sipping her coffee riddhima too heard his reply that makes her smile  as he is the  one who knows her better than she knows  herself and then she
Ar:"acha nikki aab tum log aaram se ghar jao merii bhi meting hain main tum logon ko ghar par milta hun aur basket do give me a call as soon you reached home or just leave a message don't you dare to forget it in all your chores ok"
He said as he knows her and riddhima smiled at his care and before she can say anythinh nikki speaks
Ni:"don't worry bhaii main bhabzz ko bilkul bhi stress nahiin lene dungi I'll make sure she don't exert herself ok bhaii so no tension"
She said making armaan and riddhima smiled at the kiddo of the home then
Ar:"off course I believe you kiddo chalo  now I am leaving merii meeting ka time ho raha hain bye love you both"
He said making nikki smiled and riddhima blushed 
Ni:"bye bhaii love you and all the best for the meeting bhaii"
She said followed by riddhima's bye
Ri:"bye armaan and good luck for your meeting"
She said and they hung up and then after picking kaka's reports on her way riddhima entered in Mallik Mansion with  nikki. And she gets call from muskaan that she'll get late and being riddhima she happily says that she can take her time and enjoy. In all the caous of doing the chores riddhima actually forgets to call armaan or messaged him tnough nikki reminds her before going to freshen up that she has to call bhai but she for gets eventually as entering in the home she is on her toes to do the chores she even did not change her clothes she don't have the time actually so its the reason she is cutting vegetables for making the dinner in night when the sound of land line grabs her attention she is about to wash her hands to get the phone when she heard nikki's voice as she comes from her home getting freshen up
Ni:"aap rooko bhabzz main dekhti hun ok"
And giving nikki a nod riddhima ho back to her work as she has lots to do everyone's dinner and then khichdi and soup for kaka as in his reports it states that its virul fever so he needs proper care and she is doing her work wheb nikki walks in the kitchen with cordless phone in her hands and then forwarding her phone
Ni:"bhabzz aapka phone hain"
She said and riddhima looked at her and asked that she
Ri:"kaun hain  nikki mom"
She thinks it may be nandini  mom as she didn't talk with her from morning but to her dismay nikki shakes her head and riddhima is confused looking at her bhabzz's confused expression nikki rplied to her that
Ni:"armaan bhaii hain"
She said and holding her bhabzz the phone she moved from there and riddhima is shocked why armaan is calling her on land line not on her cell but nevertheless she holds and just
Ri:"hello hi armaan"
That's it and next moment she heard him bursting at her.
Ar:''tumhara dimag tou theek hain naa riddhima had hoti haiin laprvahi kii merii tou zara bhi parvah nahiin hain naa tumhe koi bhi bat tum merii tou kabhie nahiin man sakti naa sab kuch tumhe aapne man ka jo karna hota hain aakhir main hota hi kaun hun jiski tum soonogi naa bas ek simple sa kam bola tha maine kii riddhima ghar pahunch kar mujhe ek call kar dena par nahiin madam ke pas itna bhi time nahiin hain aur ek message bhi nahiiin no duniya meiin sabse zayda busy tou merii patni hii hain naa off course sab zaruri hain sirff aapne pati ko chod kar you know riddhima just forget it''
He burst at her making riddhima shocked at his sudden outburst and tears flow from her eyes still in her choked voice she
Ri:''armaan merii baat''
But she is cut short in between as armaan speaks
Ar:''no need mujhe koi zarurat nahiin hain kuch bhi janane kii jao tum tou busy hogi kisii naa kissi kam meiin so no need to waste your time just you riddhima forget it''
He said and without giving her a single chance to speak up he cut the call and riddhima is dazed what happened to him suddenly she knows she is at fault yes it skipped from her mind to inform him that she reached at home though nikki reminds her she got busy in preparing his favorite kheer and forgets everything damn but she never knew that her small mistake will makes him so much angry but her heart knew better as
Ri:''this is bound to happen naa riddhima tuu jaanti hain naa ose tujhe lekar kitni chinta hoti hain especially jab vo subhh se isi baat ko lekar tension meiin tha kii tuu sab akele kaise manage kar rahii hogi aur aab tere ose call karke inform naa karne par ose kitni problem hui hogi kitna bechain ho gayya hoga pata nahiin main bhi kahan se kya kya kar bauthti hun ooski favorite kheer banane kii sochne baithi aur ose naraz karke baith gayyi dekha naa kitna gussa ho gayya aaj mujhse aur aab office meiin kam bhi kaise karega oopar se meeting bhi hain itnein gusse meiin tou ose headache ho jaayega sab merii galati hain main kyun aise sab karne lag jaati hun pagal hun main mere qaaarn kitna hurt hua aaj armaan ka i am so bad he so loved me aur main ose humesha bas dukh takleef detii rehti hun i am so bad main bahut zayda boori hun main naa i so hate myself i''
She said to herself as tears makes their way from her eyes feeling terrible as she hurt him and thinking about him makes her much more worried about him and she dont knows how to manofy him now as she has to do her chores and he is in the office and then she heard nikki's voice and she immediately wiped her tears before nikki can saw her in tears and gets worried and
Ni:''bhabzz aapki baat ho gayyi kya bhaii se bhabzz''
She asked as she entered in the kitchen and riddhima without looking at her nodded and then nikki said
Ni:''thats good bhabzz acha bhabzz layiye main aapki help kar dun muski bhabhi tou abhie ayi nahiin naa''
Ri:''han nikki ooska call aya tha ose kuch time lagega aur tuu rehne den main kar loongi naa''
Ni:''aise kaise bhabzz aap akele kaise karoge sab let me help you kaka ko bhi virul hain naa so please naa bhabzz''
She said cutely as she tried to take veggies from riddhima's hands but 
Ri:''jii nahiin main kar lungi aur tuu jaakar rest karegi 2 din se nahiin soyi hainn aap kidoo aur aagar aab nahiin soyi tou raat ko kaise jaag paayegi fir aab bas 1 hii exam hain naa so go bacha have some sleep before dinner gets ready ok''
She said knowing nikki's routine and then nikki 
Ni:''nahin bhabzz i am fine aur main aapko akele kam nahiin karne doongi you must be tired aap subh se lage ho aagar aap aise karoge tou main bhaii ko bata doongi kii aapne aapni coffee bhi nahiin pi ate hii kam karne lage''
She said try to blackmail her and hearing armaan's name riddhima's eyes again glistening with tears she knows if armaan gets to knows about this she is again in trouble and that too big one but she cant let nikki ill she has exams
Ri:''acha chal nikki main coffee pekar kam karungi par please baby main tujhe kam karne allow nahiin kar sakti you know naa kidoo you have exams aagar aapke exams nahiin hote main kabhie aise nahiin karti so please kidoo naa''
Nikki looked at her bhabzz's cute face and she can't have heart to say no so she nodded but
Ni:''ok bhabzz i agree but only on condition aap abhie mere saamne baith kar coffee peeyengi aur small saa break lengi then you can work boliye chalega kya''
As she said riddhima nodded and then she
Ri:''ok baba as you say tuu chal main aapni coffee bahar hii laati hun ok''
She said and nikki smiled and riddhima gives her a smile and
Ni:''ok bhabzz come fast i am waiting''
And riddhima quickly pulled her cell as soon nikki left she is surprised to see 20 missed calls from armaan and 40 messages now she knows why he is so angry sighing she typed a message as knowing he is in meeting and
Mujhe pata haiin bahut gussa ho mujhse ghar aakar jitna dill karega ootna daantna ootna ladna aapni basket se bas abhie tension mat lo please nahiin tou mere baby ka headache ho jaayega aur fir tum mujhe ache se daant bhi nahiin paoge sorry armaan jokes apart aapni lapravahi ke liyye yahan sorry nahiin kahungi bas itna request hain tumhari jaan kii please coffee pi lena before meeting mera gussa aapne aap par mat nikalna i so love you
your idiot
She sends the message and then finally made her way out with the cup of her coffee.
As riddhima  is sipping her coffee she keeps on looking at her phone as she is waiting eagerly for his message or reply but to her dismay he did not though somewhere  she knows that he is angry with her so there is least chances of his going to call her but she thought may be he'll atleast message her just simple plain "ok"will be done for her for this time but he did not and this is what is making her restless he got so angry now how she is going to manofy him she is so much busy in her thoughts that she did not knows that nikki is calling her and when her bhabzz did noy reply she puts her hand on her shoulder and that brings riddhima comes back from her thoughts as she looked and finds nikki is looking at her and then she thinks she did not may be pay attention to nikki so she speaks up and
Ri:"sorry nikki mera dhayan nahiin tha kuch kam tha"
Hearing her bhabzz's polite voice and apology nikki smiled and then she
Ni:"nahiin bhabzz main tou bas aapko armaan bhaii ka message dene ke liye boola rahi thi" 
And hearing armaan's name from nikki"s mouth riddhima's face lit up and she instantly getting up making nikki little bit surprised with her bhabzz's behave and as
Ri:"kya armaan ka phone aya hain nikki den kahan hain nikki"
She asked and nikki smiled seeing her bhabzz she is missing his bhai she thought and
Ni:"nahiin bhabzz"
And just hearing the negative response riddhima's face fell and nikki notices it and then before she can say she heard her bhabzz saying that
Ri:"oh acha nikki main naa kitchen meiin jaati hun kaafi kam pada hain kitchen meiin kidoo"
She said as she start walking towards the kitchen she stopped in her tracks as she heard nikki"s voice from back as
Ni:"arey bhabzz bhaii ka message nahiin sunana kya aapko aab aap tou bina sune hii jaa rahein ho u know this is not fair han bhabzz'"
She said and riddhima looked at her in pure diabelief then composing herself she just say that
Ri:"par tune hii kaha naa kii phone par nahiin hain armaan abhie bola na tune nikki"
Ni:"han kaha tha kii bhaii phone par nahiin hain"
Riddhima looked at her confused she is not getting her
Ri:"nikki mujhe kch bhi samajh nahiin aa raha"
Ni:"offo merii pyaari bhabzz mere kehne ka matlab yeh tha kii bhaii ka phone aya tha kii apko message den dun oonhein shayad thodi sii der ho jayegi ane meiin vo aapko phone lga rahein the but aapka phone nahiin lag raha tha isiliyye oonhone mujhe message dene kaha bhabzz"
Riddhima nodded and
Ri:"par  mere phone ko kya hua"
She mumbled to herself but nikki heard her so
Ni:"oh ho bhabzz networking problen hoga naa"
Riddhima looked at her then she nodded as
Ri:"han ho sakta hain"
She said and nikki smiled at her bhabzz and riddhima smile back and then
Ni:"yup acha bhabzz bhai ki koi important meeting ha in kya I mean aapko kuch kaha kya oonhone bhabzz"
Ri:"umm as such tou kuch bhi nahiin I think mujhe kuch khas nahiin pata haiin but subhh vo aur rahul bhayiya discuss tou kar rahein the kuch meeting ke baare meiin kyun kya hua tuu kyun pooch rahii hain aise nikki"
She asked from her as she reminds morning discussion and she picked her hardly sippef cup of coffee to put inside
Ni:"na bhabzz actually na jab bhaii ne mujhe call kiyya tha tab vo coffee pi rahein the kafi jaldi meiin the isiliyye very fastly he was drinking so I thought kii shayad aapko kuch pata ho kii kitni important  meeting hain bas"
And just hearing nikki's words riddhima's face finally broke into smile as she heard her that he has his coffee and she just relieving takes sip of her coffee and then she
Ri:"acha nikki yeh sab chod jaa tuu jaakar rest kar len main tujhe dinner ke time par ootha doongi go sleep bacha"
Ni:"par bhabzz aap akele I mean main aapke pas hii"
But she cut short as riddhina speaks in between 
Ri:"sochna bhi mat yeh tuu tune mujhe abhi promise kiyya tha mere coffee peene par tuu jaakar rest karegi nikki so go now"
Ni:"bhabzz par"
Ri:"nikki now this is my order go and sleep for some hours now"
She said sternly still her voice is filled with affection
But riddhima not try to listen her just pointing to lift to show to go to her room and
Ni:"fine jaa rahii hun seedhe seedhe kahiye naa nujhe bhej kar aapko armaan bhaii ke liyye romantic dinner banana hain aapko naa"
She said teasing her bhabzz making riddhima smiled and then she
Ri:"han tou aab tuu sab jaanti hi hain tou jaa naa aab"
She replied back
Ni:"going bas bhaii ke liyye sab karte karte khud ka bhi dayan rakhiyega"
She said making riddhima smile and kissing her cheek she moved towards her room knowing her bhabzz now not spare her and not going to let her do anything. 
As she leaves riddhima moved towards the kitchen as her gazed the family portrait and as she looks at her darling husband she
Ri:"pata haiin gussa ho mujhse par mujhse gussa hote hue bhi mere vaare meiin hii sochte hii rehte ho jaante the kii tumhari daant sunane ke baad kuch nahiin    karungi tumhari fikar karti rahungi isiliyye nikki ko call karke bataya aur convey bhi kiya that you had your coffee par aapni narazgi bhi ache se dikha dii nikki ko message dekar I know mera phone tou tumne try bhi nahiin kiyya hoga I know you  but I know u deserve this so but aapko nahiin lagta Mr.Mallik kii aaj kal aap kuch zayda hii gussa karne lage haiin aur roz roz aapko manane ke naye naye tareeke dhundhne padte hain mujhe you know this is so not fair but koi baat nahiin aagar tum ziddi ho tou main bhi tumhari Basket hun tumhari Riddhima Armaan Mallik so aab aap dekhiye janab hum aapko kaise manate hain kii aalke saare gile shikwe dur ho jaayenge humse you know I so love you"
She talked to his picture and then finishing her coffee she blow a kiss to his picture ensuring no one is watching her 
Ri:"aab aur mat daantna pi li hain maine coffee aur aab let me do something so that I can get ready for my dear husband love you so  very much"
She finally moved from there to kitchen to complete her chores now she has a smile just his message gives her the contend feelings and that's the magic if their love.
As riddhima looked at armaan telling him the other day activity the day when he is angry with her and blasted on her over the phone and hearing her armaan smiled remembering the day events how he shoutes on her for her negligence and then how she makes up for that and seeing her he wrapped her in his arms and naughtily whispered in her ear making her go red just
Ar:"oye tou Mrs.Mallik merii absence meiin mujhe itna miss karti ha in kii merii picture se batein karti hain aur kiss bhi karti hain" 
And hearing him teasing her riddhima's cheeks turned red and she rushed from there letting go from his grip and armaan smiled and then rushed behind her as he finds her near the stairs he holds her hands again and then smilingly he blowed near her ear
Ar:''merii basket mujhse kabhi bhag nahiin sakti jaanti ho na tou koshish kyun karti ho"
He said making riddhima shivered as feels his blow near her ear and then she
Ri:''chodiye na armaan kuch bhi karte hain koi aa jaayega please''
She said as she shied away and armaan smiled and kissed on her cheek making her blush and her mouth opened in shock and
Ri:''armaan kuch bhi''
And riddhima blushed hard and then armaan kissed her hands as he holds them in his and then he smiled and speaks huskily
Ar:''kya main kuch bhi riddhima i love you''
He just confessed making her go red at his sudden confession and then she lowered her eye lids and seeing her red cheeks armaan smirked and just to tease her as she is looking so gorgeous to him that he thinks he might end up doing something and
Ar:''oye hoye tumhari is sharam se tou naa merii jaan hii chali jayegi ek din''
He said and hearing him riddhima immediately placed her hand on his mouth preventing him to speak further and then she
Ri:''kya hain armaan kyun kuch bhi bolte ho kitni baar kaha hain maine kii aise mat bola karo par tum naa''
She said scolding him a bit and armaan smiled and then he kissed her palm and then holds her from her waist and then pulling her closer to himself
Ar:''basket yaar i am sorry gussa mat karo naa please dekho hum kitne din baad humare ghar laute hain aaj bhi gussa karogi mujhe''
He said cutely and that's it riddhima's heart melt she can never remain angry on his such a cute face and he knows this so he every time takes advantage of this thing and so as this time but she just
Ri:''par armaan yeh aakhiri baar hain aagli baar aisa kuch kaha naa tou main tumse kabhie baat nahiin karungi''
Ar:''off course jaan aur vaise bhi abhie tou humari zindagi shuru hui hain abhie tou mujhe tumhare saath bahut saara romance karna hain you know kitne dher saare Honey Moon par jaana hain tumhare saath aur naa vahan oon sab sexy lingerie''
But before he can complete riddhima shushed him by placing her hand on his lips as she is feeling so much shy and then she just
As she mumbled his name armaan smiled and kissed her forhead making her smile and then she remembered the function in evening so she
Ri:''armaan hato chodo sham ko party hain aur hum abhie tak bas yahin khade hain''
Ar:''han tou tension kyun le rahii ho jaan sab manage ho jaayge yar''
He said not letting her go as she tried to escape from his hold but then she just
Ri:''armaan lekin fir bhi i know aapnein mom ke liyye sabse best hii choose kiyya hoga but fir bhi humein at least check tou karna padega naa aur dekho it's already quite sometime fir mujhe lunch kii bhi tayari karni hain mom se pooch kar so please chodiye naa mujhe''
She said stating him the facts and her schedule and then armaan frowned and then
Ar:''mujhe pata tha ghar ate hii tum bas sab bhulne vaali ho tabhie i am not ready to come back main mom ka Birthday celebrate karke vapis jaane ka plan acha banaya tha but you just did not agreed''
He said pouting a bit and riddhima smiled at his kiddish complaint so she just
Ri:'' han tou agree honein vaali baat hoti tou maanti naa ek din ke liyye aakar vapis jaana acha lagta hain aap naa bas khair chodiye mujhe kam hain''
She said again struggling to come out from his hold but then again armaan did not let her move a bit he just 
Ar:''jii nahiin koi kam nahiin hain tumhe bas mere paas raho tum''
Ri:''armaan lekin lunch main''
Ar:''lunch is already ordered from outside so aapko kuch nahiin karna hain jab lunch aayega tab kaka serve kar denge so now aapke paas koi kam nahiin hain sivaye aapnein is bechare pati kii seva karne ke''
And riddhima is surprised hearing it she never knew that armaan ordered their lunch from outside so she just keep mum and seeing her not saying anything he smiled and pecking her for head he just speaks
Ar:''so aab aagar merii is patni kii izzazat ho tou kya hum bhi aapnein room meiin jaa sakte hain please see i am really tired so please''
He said and riddhima nodded and then they walked towards their room hands in hands and armaan looked at her as she is looking all over the house while going and armaan knows she is feeling the memories of their house and he can understands her emotions and riddhima did not herself knows when they reached near their room as she is so busy in admiring their home again she only feels that when she feels she is not on the floor anymore as she is being picked up in his arms and then riddhima is shocked beyond limits and shocked she asked him as he grinned seeing her shocked face
Ri:''armaan yeh kya kar rahein hain aap neeche ootariye mujhe koi dekh lega na''
But armaan nodded his head in disagreement as he keeps on walking towards their room and then as riddhima again
Ar:''na main tou tumhe aise hii aandar lekar jaunga merii Dulhan ke jaise aur kya keh rahii thi tum koi dekh lega dekh lega tou dekh len den main kisii aur ko nahiin aapni biwi ko oothaya hain so keep quiet sweetheart''
He said and placed a kiss on her for head bending a bit and riddhima blushed and then she looked as they crossed rahul bhayiya's room she 
Ri:''armaan please ootariye naa sab log hain ghar par please naa''
She again requested him and he again replied to her that
Ar:''no means no''
And riddhima sighed that now he is not going to listen her and armaan smiled seeing her getting shut as she knows him and then he
Ar:''that's like my good basket so madam here you go''
He said as he pushed open the door and as soon they entered in their room riddhima just speaks looking at him then
Ri:''aab tou pahunch gayye naa hum humare room meiin aab tou mujhe neeche ootar dijiye armaan please naa''
She said and armaan smiled looking at her and then pouted as
Ar:''ahan aab tou bilkul nahiin ootarunga aab tou you see tum yeh bhi nahiin keh sakti koi dekh lega kyunki hum humare room meiin hain''
He said and riddhima blushed hearing his deep husky voice and that deep desire and love and riddhima just feels her heart beat increased and armaan seeing that smile and red colour on her cheeks knowing her heart and her feelings and then he just speaks
Ar:''basket maine aab humara room complete kar diyya hain''
He speaks huskily in her ear as he slowly makes her stand on the floor and riddhima is astonished hearing him but soon her mind registered his words and she remembered how she desired for their wedding picture in their room when she first comes in their room after kumkum bhabhi's god bharai how he makes their room actually theirs and as soon her heart registered his words she has million dollar smile appeared on her lips and then her eyes immediately start roaming all over the room to find that picture and there it is right on the side of their bed the huge picture and she smiled and blushed at the same time remembering the picture it's from their First Wedding Anniversary she is wearing her Wedding Dress And Same With Him and she never knew that he takes their picture as she just wore that for him in their room when they actually becomes ONE in all senses as he wants to get her dressed in her Wedding Dress as he wants to savior the moment and that followed by their becoming ONE and she blushed at the thought and the events occurred in her mind and memories flashed in her heart which is deep imprinted on her heart and as riddhima traced the picture to be precisely says his face over the frame she never knew when she walked near the picture and seeing the emotions on her face armaan smiled seeing her face he did not expect less he knows this is the Best gift for her after all the exams she gives with him and then slowly he moved closer to her and holds her from waist hugging her encircled his arms around her waist and puts his face on her shoulder snuggling in her nape and riddhima smiled and leaned back more to him and they both looked for the picture for sometime cherishing the memory with that the day they gets each-other finally as ONE and then riddhima speaks
Ri:''thanks armaan''
She said putting her emotions and thanking him for this magical gift and armaan kissed her cheek and then he just
Ar:''aab tum mujhse thanks bologi basket''
He complained then
Ri:''nahiin armaan par this means a lot to me main humesha se humari shaadi kii photo dekhna chahti thi humare is room meiin kyunki''
But she cut short as armaan snuggled closer and then speaks
Ar:''kyunki merii basket chahti thi jab bhi is picture ko dekhe tou ose har pal meiin yeh ehsaas ho kii ooska armaan humehsa ooska rahega koi ose oos se cheen nahiin sakta sirff riddhima ka haq hain armaan par''
He said taking riddhima in shock she never knew that he knows her small feeling of insecurity for him but then again he is armaan her armaan knows her more than she knows herself but
Ri:''armaan mera main matlab''
She fumbled and armaan moved closer and turned her to himself and then encircled his arms around her and she is facing him now and
Ar:''nahiin basket koi explanation kii zarurat nahiin hain main jaanta hun merii basket ko merii basket ko sab rishte insecurity meiin mille tou merii basket ko jis rishte par Humare rishte par sabse zayda bharosa tha jab ose yeh laga kii yeh rishta bhi aab ooska nahiin raha tou dar gayyi merii basket bas isliyye merii basket ko kuch aisa chahiye tha oos samay jo merii basket ke dill ko sukoon den sake kii armaan sirff riddhima ka hain sirff riddhima ka haq hain ooske armaan par aur armaan ko ooski riddhima se koi cheen nahiin sakta hain so bas dekho ek choti sii humari yeh picture aur merii basket ke chehere par muskaan fail gayyi so maine aapni jaan ko galat nahiin samjha merii jaan tou sirff aapne armaan ke saath ke bandhan ko aapnein saamne rakhna chahti hain aur kyunki ek aisa rishta hain humare beech jiske saari nishaniyan aaj main tumhe deta hun riddhima i love you''
He said and riddhima has small tears in her eyes hearing him and she hugged him how easily he understands her and then not having any alphabets to thank her she just speaks up
Ri:''i love you so much armaan tum merii Dhadkan ho armaan''
She said and then their lips met for kiss then armaan nibbled on her lower lips riddhima start sucking his upper lips and they start kissing each -other passionately and armaan switched to her upper lips allowing her to nibble on his lower lips and as armaan kissed her passionately pulling her closer encircling his hands on her waist and riddhima's hands moved inside his hairs massaging his scalp and his hair that did nothing just arise him more and more and armaan chewed her lips and then he demanded for enternace and as soon riddhima gives him he rolled his tongue in her mouth as their tongues met they danced in pleasure, sucking each-other's saliva and savouring their deep kiss riddhima finally breaks the kiss as she is out of breath and armaan seeing her panting so hard after their long kiss armaan smiled and could not help but to placed a soft peck on her lips once more and then he just could not control himself he start placing long kisses all over her throat and riddhima moaned as she feels him kissing all over her nape and his long nose traced her side neck and riddhima side her neck that did nothing but gives armaan more access to her flawless skin and then he himself did not knows he pushed her sleeve bit revealing her upper shoulder a bit and then seeing her shoulder already red he smirked as he knows it's all because of him as on their honeymoon he gives her that and painted her skin with his teeth almost every night and then he takes her shoulder skin in his mouth just caressed her skin not sucking not licking just giving her skin the pleasure of his soft lips and riddhima moaned as he did that he knows that his these soft turn ones makes her shivered so badly and in these time period of their Honeymoon he is expert in teasing her and pressed her the points where she just could not help but reacted to him and then armaan's hands moved at her back as he caressed her bare back making her go out of senses and then then he slowly pulled her zipped down making her go restless and she pushed him and herself takes a few steps back and hits the wall behind their picture and armaan smirked seeing her all red and then placing his both hands on either side of the wall taking her he takes her into a heated frenzy again and riddhima responded to his kiss finally.

After breaking the kiss  armaan pulled her closer and riddhima just moved like a puppet of his hands and armaan so knew it after their kiss she almost forgets everything anything and he knows it and he always takes this as advantage and same he just caressed her face and riddhima looked at him opening her eyes and saw his eyes filled love and passion and she shivered and blushed at the same time seeing that emotion in his eyes and armaan is just out of senses he turned her in his arms swiftly not letting her any chance and as soon he faced her bare back he smilend traced her back with his hands and then he planted kisses her on all over her back making her moaned his name and

Ri:''armaan'' He kissed her all over her back and as soon riddhima feels him moving south she turned and pushed him a bit and armaan is startled for a moment he is so in the passion that he is completely disoriented but as riddhima pushed him back after a second he comes back to his senses seeing her pink face and he smiled seeing her disoriented state her saree falling from her shoulder and then he moved closer to her and then caressing her face from his knuckles he slowly speaks in her saying

Ar:''i love you''

And after few moments riddhima pushed him away and went to settle her self as he makes her completely out of place and armaan smirked as riddhima pushed him saying

Ri:''hato armaan chodo''

She said and armaan smiled at his beautiful wife but then encircling his arms around her he

Ar:''bilkul bhi man nahiin kar raha haiin mera tumhe chodne ko jaan''

He said as he nuzzled closer to her but riddhima is riddhima she just pushed him away and then holds herself she just smiled and speaks to him as she walked near the dressing table as she has to settle herself

Ri:''too bad Mr.Husband chodna tou padega aapko you see mere paas time nahiin hain mujhe abhie sabke paas jaana hain so''

She said and armaan pouted and he walked near her and

Ar:''sabke paas jaana hain par aapnein is pati ke paas nahiin''

He said making a small face and riddhima smiled as she again pinned her saree pallu and then she

Ri:''aapke saath bhi bitana hainpar raat ko abhie nahiin abhie i am riddhima sabki riddhima sirff aapki riddhima nahiin samjhe janab''

She smiled and moved closer to him and then slightly pecked his cheek saying this making him smile and then he

Ar:''aagar aise hii karogi naa tou main kisii bhi keemat par tumhe nahiin chodunga and tumne mujhe promise kiyya tha that i can do kuch bhi jab hum aapnein room meiin aa jaayenge''

He speaks huskily and remembered her promise and she blushed and then

Ri:''kuch bhi armaan hato main neeche jaa rahii hun''

She said as she pushed him away from her then she just


Seeing herself she thought about something and then called him as


Ri:''armaan khane ka order please fir se check karva doge i mean its almostnoon sabko bhookh lagii hogi naa''

She said as she glanced over the clock and armaan smiled at her

Ar:''basket khana neeche aa gayya hoga aur tumhe sabki fikar hain merii nahiin i am hungry too yaar''

He said as he again holds her in his arms and then she

Ri:''oh armaan tou pehle kyun nahiin kaha main abhie khana lagati hun chalo neeche tumhare liyye''

She said as thinks he must be hungry as he did not eat from yesterday and in all this surprise he did not have a proper breakfast too in the morning and then armaan smiled at his innocent basket he kissing her hands just

Ar:''i am hungry jaan but not for food''

He said and riddhima is confused hearing him so she just

Ri:''matalb armaan aap''

Ar:''yes jaan i am hungry for you''

He said naughtily making riddhima turned red and she

Ri:''dhat armaan''

And before armaan can say anything more they heard nandini as she called riddhima and riddhima answered


Na:''riddhima beta''

Ri:''jii mom abhie ayi''

And then she pecking his cheek run past from him not giving him a chance to catch her and then standing at the door she

Ri:''jaldi khana khane aa jayiye kya pata rat ko aapko aapki riddhima bhi mill hii jaaye''

She said and giving him a shy smile she runs from there and armaan smiled too and then he runs his hand in his hairs

Ar:''i love her''

And then after getting freshen up he moved downstairs as he is near the downstairs he finds rahul is moving downstairs too and seeing him he

Ra:''ammy raat kii saari tayari ho gayyi naa''

Ar:''han raool everything is ready abhie thodi der meiin shuru kar denge saara kam mom ko pata nahiin chalna chahiye this party is surprise for her tune muskii ko bol diyya naa''

Ra:''han bol diyya maine ose kii aapni excitement control meiin rakhe pata hain tujhe abhie saara room explore karne ke baad abhie se she is selecting her outfit for evening seriously ammy i tell you girls''

He said telling his experience and armaan laughed this is so muski-ish and seeing him smiling rahul again say

Ra:''main tujhe kya keh raha hun tu bhi abhie yehii face karke aya hoga naa aapnein room meiin riddima bhi freak out kar rahii hogii naa sham ko aapnein attire ko lekar''

He said and that makes armaan to the flashback of their room they are not at all discussing the evening they are busy in doing all the another deeds and just the flashback makes him smiled so heartly and then rahul just

Ra:''tuu pehen kya raha hain ammy evening meiin''

He asked and then before armaan can reacted to him they reached downstairs and all the Mallik Family is presented there and seeing them nandini called them as

Na:''maani rahul aa gayye tum log main abhie tum logon ko bolane jaa rahii thi ajao beta khana lag gayya hain''

She said and then as they comes and settled on their chairs

Ra:''really mom thanks so much you know subh se bahut bhookh lagi thi kuch theek se khaya hii nahiin tha thank you love you''

He said as he turned his plate and then nandini smiled and

Na:''thanks kehna hain tou maani ko bol isnein yeh saara khana bahar se order kiyya hain aur maani main tujhse gussa hun tune khana bahar se kyun mangaya beta maine bana letii naa beta tou tune yeh sab kya zarurat''

She said as she comes to know from riddhima that armaan has ordered all the food and then armaan smiled and

Ar:''zarurat thi mom kyunki main jaanta tha kii nahiin tou merii pyaari sii mom ate hii kitchen meiin lag jaayengi aur main nahiin chahta tha kii merii mom aapnein Birthday ke din kam karen so here it is mom thekk kiyya na dad maine''

He said and nandini smiled she knows armaan always think  about her before anything and her kids always leaves no stone unturned to make her or karan's birthday or their anniversary special for them and then her trance breaks as she heard him karan saying as

Ka:''han bilkul theek kiyya armaan nahiin tou terii mom aapnein saath saath merii pyaari si betiyon ko bhi aapnein saath kitchen meiin laga letii naa yaar so keep it up''

He said teasing nandini and nandini frowned and then she

Na:''acha tou main aapki betiyon se kam karavati hun karan then for your kind information Mr.Karan Mallik riddhima humesha khud lagii hoti hain main ose rokti hun itna kam karne se aur muskaan aapni marzi se karti hain sab i never asked her to do kuch bhi kehte hain aap''

She said and then at the same moment muskaan comes from the kitchen having food trays in her hands and as she erved everybody and then settled on her chair she

Mu:''kya dad main tou already bahut kam karti hun aap ooske liyye bol rahein ho this is so not fair dad''

She said as she heard nandini's dialogue as she emerged from the kitchen and hearing this nandini smiled and kissed muskaan's forhead as muskaan hugged her and

Ka:''arey muskaan mera matlab yeh tha kii naa yeh tumhari mom kaam kare naa tum aur riddhima karo aab dekho na riddhima abhie bhi aandar hain kitchen meiin jab kii she just comes from the long journey yesterday naa''

He said looking at the kitchen door and armaan smiled seeing his dad is fussing over his wife and he knows how much his dad tried but he can't hide that special concern he had for riddhima armaan mallik and he smiled then

Ar:''acha dad chodiye in sab ko hum sab jaante hain merii mom kisii se koi kam nahhin karati yeh tou merii pagal sii basket hain jise chain nahiin padta shanty se baithna so stope blaming my mom dad ok''

He said and everybody smiled hearing him how armaan can not said anything to his dad when his dad blamed his darling mom but next moment he cursed himself as he heard two voice at the same time one belongs to his dad Karan Mallik and other is no doubt Rahul Riddhima Mallik



And he looked at their faces showing their non so happy expressins and then armaan gives them''what'' look and

Ar:''kya hua guys aap log chilla kyun rahein hain han''

And as expected he heard rahul riddhima mallik

Ra:''hum kyun chilla rahein hain tuu riddhima ke bare meiin aise kaise bol sakta hain had hoti hain yaar''

He said and armaan is confused hearing him what he did say to riddhima nothing she is not here even so how he can say anything to her even and then he

Ar:''riddhima ko kya kaha maine''

But this time not rahul it's his dad karan mallik repled to him as he

Ka:''han han tu kahan kuch kehta hain terii himmat kaise hui merii betii ko pagal bolne ki armaan main i' ll not tolerate this nandu samjha do aapnein is ladle ko aagar isnein merii beti ko kuch kaha tou i''ll not spare him''

He said and armaan is dumbfounded hearing his dad' outbursy then he recollected his sentence he speaks a moment ago and then he remembered and he hits himself and he never expected his dad and brother is going to fuss over this small thing and moreover she is his wife and nandini suppressed her smile seeing the scene this is her home and muskii smile too this is something she missed from so much time and then rahul

Ra:''yes mom samjhayiye ise kuch bhi faaltu bolta hain yeh''

As rahul added at the same time riddhima emerged from kitchen and nikki accomapined her and then nikki coming her and announcd her as she gives room for riddhima to comes as she is helding a big dish in her hands

Ni:''here Riddhima Bhabzz yani hum sab kii Riddhima Armaan Mallik mom ke liyye yeh special dish so here you all go''

She said and before she can placed the dish in front of nandini armaan cut her in between and stopped her he

Ar:''ruk jao riddhima tum aisa kuch nahiin karogi jahan khadi ho tum ruk jao riddhima''

He said making everyone surprised and riddhima is shocked more than anything else.

OK here it is finally the part completed hope you like it friends please press tab button if you find it interesting

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Part 60

Riddhima looked at him as he said this not to move from her place and same was with others they too are shocked with his reaction and nandini is the first one who reacted as she just
Na:''maani kya baat ho gayya beta aise kyun react kar raha hain beta''
As she saw him little bit serious and armaan looked at his mother and then all his family members who looked equally shocked he smirked seeing that expressions and then he looked at the love of his life her face is asking him so many questions her beautiful green almond eyes stating the confusion he so wants to kiss her, she is looking so beautiful in that confused expressions as and then smirking inwardly he finally speak up breaking the confusion
Ar:''tum tab tak nahiin aa sakti jab tak tum in sabko especially dad aur tumhare pyaare Rahul bhayiya ko yeh nahiin batati kii that you are mad basket''
And everybody looked shocked and their eyes goes wide hearing him and riddhima looked at him and she saw that naughtiness glinting in his eyes she shakes her head before she can say anything karan papa and rahul bhahiya who seemed to be come back from their shock mode speaks up as they just 
Ka:"armaan tera dimag tou theek hain na aise koi poochta hain kya''
Ra:''aur kya bol raha hain ammy humnein tujhe abhie kaha na ki humari riddhima ko tune fir se aise kaha tou dekhna mom dekhiye ise''
They whined as he speaks that too their darling riddhima and before his mom butted in armaan speaks up as he just said
Ar:''tch na dadu at least riddhima se tou sun le so bolo basket na''
Ka:''ismein riddhima se kya poochna hain riddhima don't mind him mujhe tou lagta hain iska dimag kharab ho gayya hain nandu your darling son needs doctor aab hat tuu ooske raaste se armaan hat''
He said scolded him bit troubling his daughter and then armaan who is not giving up so easily he just moved closer to riddhim and
Ar:''arey yaar acha riddhima basket tum hii bata do na tum pagal ho na (he takes a long pause) mere pyaar meiin''
He said as he hugged riddhima side ways making her blushed in front of everyone and all the others shocked for a minute and then smiled at him this can be done by him only and then he grinned at riddhima who is blushing in his arms and then seeing her red cheeks he so wanted to kiss her tightly on her cheeks and then as riddhima tried to get out from his hold and then tried to walk he stopped her holding her close to himself he speaks up
Ar:''no basket aise nahiin just tell them that you are mad in love and prove me right please naa sweetheart''
And seeing his blue eyes boring on hers and feeling his immense love and knowing him she knows he is not going to leave her so she nodded her head shyly assenting to her words making karan nandini smiled as muskaan whistled and nikki clapped and rahul smiled at them and then armaan just in his trade mark smile seeing her red tinted cheeks speaks hoarsely in her ears
Ar:''oyye hoyye basket''
As armaan said this riddhima blushed more as he said this near her ear making her go red and seeing her face muskaan hooted and then armaan shamelessly pulled her more closer to himself and riddhima looked at him and pleads to leave him but he did not instead he smirked seeing her face and then nikki speaks up as
Ni:''that great bhabz you agree in all front of us''
Ar:''off course nikki main tou kabse keh raha tha kii merii riddhima pagal hain par yeh rahool aur dad tou man hi nahiin rahein the see aab prove ho gayya dekha dad raool aapki riddhima pagal hain aur that too in my love''
He said as he planted a kiss on her cheek making her eyes go wide she looked at him then all the others looked at them and muskaan rahul and nikki whistled and seeing his shameless act in front of mom and dad and everyone riddhima feels like earth open up and she can swallow under it and on the top of it he is not at all leaving her instead pulling her more closer and his close proximity so affected her and she glared at him and before he can say anything they heard
Mu:''arey ridzi sachi meiin aaj tou hero ne dad aur is kankhjure ko galat prove kar diyya aab bol raool terii ridzi tou khud hi man gayyi she is mad''
She said teasing rahul and riddhima and rahul makes a face then he just
Ra:''riddhima yar this is so not fair main aur dad saying kii humari riddhima ko pagal mat bolna aur tune aakar agree karke saari baazi hii palat dii this is you know so not done''
He complained making a face but his happiness for them is visible in his eyes and face and then armaan speaks up as
Ar:''off course yeh mera saath hi degi you see Mr. Rahul Riddhima Mallik riddhima love rahul more but my basket love only her armaan the most raool''
He said looking at riddhima as his eyes filled with love for her and riddhima seeing that love for her feels her heart skipped a bit always he looked at her with those love filled eyes her heart skipped her beats always, off course it should bound to happen as he is her ''Dhadkan'' and then karan speaks up as
Ka:''han tou jaante hain hum riddhima tujhse bahut pyaar karti hain but that does not means you keeps on taking advantage of her innocence like this ok''
He said teasing him and siding as usual his daughter and then armaan shakes his head seeing his dad siding riddhima he truly is riddhima fan but he is armaan how he can not snapped back so
Ar:''oh really dad yeh aur innocent aap iski shakal par mat jayiye jab yeh mujhe daantti hain na tab dekha kijiye jungli billy ban jaati hain yeh (he said making riddhima looked at him as he said this) aur jab katti hain tab tou god you gets so wild hain naa jaan''
He said the last part just audible to her in her ear making her eyes go wide and she gives him the look while armaan seeing her so cute face so wants to kiss her hard there but he controlled himself and before anybody can say anything more to her nandini speaks up as riddhima pleaded to her from her eyes to save her and seeing her dear daughter's face cute face nandini nodded and she just then speaks
Na:''bas karo jab dekho bechari riddhima ke peche pad jaate ho sabse sweet hain na kisi ko kuch kehti nahiin isiliyye rahul karan aab no fights for riddhima and maani no more teasing her ok bacha''
She said and no one in the house dare to go against her so everybody nodded and riddhima sighed in relief and she mouthed thank you to nandini who nodded her head with smile and then before she moved out from his hold he speaks near her ear as
Ar:''you see abhie tou mom ne bacha liyye i'll see you in night jaan''
And her breaths go sharp she looked at him for a minute and they share eye lock then riddhima just lowered her eye lids and then she moved to nandini getting out from his hold and she placed one dish in front of her and then she just speaks up before anyone can ask
Ri:''mom khol ke dekhiye na please''
She said and how nandini said no to her but she just
Na:''par yeh hain kya riddhima''
Ri:''mom aap dekhiye tou''
Riddhima insisted and then nandini open the lid of the dish and seeing the dish smile formed on her lips as she saw the  custard souffle her favourite dish and then she looked at riddhima who is looking at her having smile on her lips holding her hands in hers she
Na:''riddhima bacha thank you so much''
She thanked her not knowing what else to say with this sweet gesture of hers and
Ri:''no mom please thank you mat kahiye i am your daughter na tou main aapni mom ke liyye itna tou kar hi sakti hun naa so please mom acha yeh sab chodiye mom khakar batayiye kaisa bana hain yeh mom''
She said as she handled spoon for nandini and nandini smilingly takes it and then
Na:''tune itnein pyaar se banaya hain tou acha hii hoga na''
Ka:''aur huamri riddhima kuch kharab karen that's not even possible na bacha so chill ok''
They said as they looked at her face seeing that little bit nervousness on her face and nikki, muskaan and rahul looked at them their faces have smiles as they knows these small thing only riddhima can thought of and armaan admired his jaan she is so close to his parents he feels blessed to have her in his life never ever he feels that riddhima is not the part of the house just in one year she ruled on everybody's hearts and this gesture of hers makes him smile more as earlier in all those years he used to order custard souffle for his mom every year on her birthday as he did not knows how to make it from the time he comes to know from his nani that she used to makes that for his mom as it's her favourite dish and he never missed that on his mom's birthday and even today the main desert of the evening party is custard souffle but he never knew that his basket is one step ahead from him and as riddhima feels his eyes on herself she looked at his direction yes he is looking at her and seeing her he gives her big satisfied smile and riddhima knows that smile means a lots she returned his smile and then their little eye lock breaks with rahul's voice as he speaks up seeing the little scene in his family he
Ra:''mom please jaldi se taste kijiye na nahiin tou riddhima hum meiin se kisii ko aaj kuch khane ko nahiin degi hain naa riddhima''
He said as they still did not served the food and riddhima looked at him and then
Ri:''nahiin rahul bhayiya aisa kuch nahiin hain just mom ek baar taste kar len rukiye main aapko serve karti hun one sec bhayiya''
She is about to pick one dish to serve rahul bhayiya when nandini holds her hand and seeing riddhima looking at herself with questions in her eyes
Na:''ruk riddhima sab aapnein aap le lenge aur mujhe meri beti ko batane den yeh kitna acha bana hain''
She said as she tasted the spoon full of custard souffle and it's yum and then she just have big smile on her face as she can sense her mother's taste in that riddhima made dish she gets up and kissing her for head she
Na:''tera dill rakhne ke liyye nahiin sach meiin bol rahii hun yeh bahut tasty hain riddhima aur jaanti hain aaj kitne salon ke bad aapnein birthday par aisa custard souffle khaya hain jaisa ma banaya karti hain aur tere aur ma ke haath ke sawad meiin zara bhi difference nahiin hain thank you bacha you know it means alot to me thank you bacha i love you''
She said getting bit emotional and riddhima hugged mom as she can feels this and then she just putting one more spoon filled in nandini's mouth
Ri:''thank you mujhe nahiin mom nani ma ko boliyega yeh sab oonhone hii sikhaya jaise phone par nani ma batati gayyi maine osi tarah banati gayyi so credit goes to nani ma only''
She said and everybody shakes their heads being the riddhima never takes any credit and likes any praise and then armaan smiled at her and
Ar:''mom hum sab lunch kar lete hain kyunki aagar hum basket ko yeh credit dene kii koshish karenge tou ho gayya lunch yeh kabhie nahiin manegi so lets have lunch riddhima tum bhi aao''
He said pulling her leg and everybody smiled and then rahul
Ra:''i agree''
Mu:''me too''
Ni:''me three''
Ka:''main bhi and moreover i am damn hungry so chalo lets have lunch''
Then riddhima picked up the bowl and then she speaks up
Ri:''yes papa main aapko serve karti hun rukiye''
But she stopped as nandini sat again and then she
Na:''riddhima chup chap aapni seat par jaakar baith ja aur mujhe koi aagar magar nahiin chahiye sab aapnein aap len lenge go''
And hearing her stern affectionate voice she knows she can't argue with nandini so she nodding her head moved towards seat before going to her seat she served karan and as she settled on her chair beside armaan and then armaan holds her hand on table and then he mumbled in her ear 
Ar:''i love you basket''
And that makes riddhima blushed she looked at her family to see if anybody saw them but everybody busy in chatting and eating she sighed but the truth is that everybody see that little interaction between them but they choose to ignore. And the lunch is happy affair everybody enjoyed chatting to glory and sometimes pulling riddhima and armaan's legs on their honeymoon quest making them go red as they go in the flashback of their moments on their honeymoon. As they finished the lunch nandini karan settled in living room along nikki, rahul and armaan lazying there armaan called grabbed his mom's attention calling her as
Na:''han maani''
Ar:''mom you have to get ready at 7:00 p.m. sharp in evening and no argument the dress dad chose for you, you'll have to wear that ok''
He said and nandini looked at his son who gives her kind of order and then at her husband who winked at her in response and not able to understand what's going on she just speaks
Na:''par maani kyun hum kahin jaa rahein hain kya bacha''
But instead of armaan rahul answered his mom and
Ra:''mom you are not supposed to ask anything bas you have to get ready on time''
Na:''but rahul''
Ni:''no mom hum kuch nahiin batayenge so please aapko bas ready hona baki you leave to us''
Ka:''yes nandu''
Karan also sided his children and then nandini looked at her darling son armaan and seeing his mom's confused look armaan smiled and
Ar:''aaj aapka maani bhi kuch nahiin batayega aapko so aab no more questions and arguments just be readt at 7 aapko sab pata chal jaayega please mom''
He said he placed his head in her lap seeing their faces she nodded and then they saw muskaan seeing her nandini called her as she did not knows what makes muskaan and riddhima occupied as they did not joined them
Na:''muskaan beta aap aur riddhima kya kar rahein ho yahan aap na humare pas baitho na''
And muskaan smiled at her then she just
Mu:''mom aap sab batein kijiye mujhe aur riddhima ko kuch kam hain hum bad meiin ate hain aapke pas sorry mom''
And then she goes from there calling riddhima and
Mu:''riddhima mere room meiin ana tou please''
And in a second they saw riddhima going from there and seeing her nikki speaks up
Ni:''bhabzz you have to help me also ok''
And nandini is confused now nikki needs help but for what and she just
Na:''kya help''
Ni:''mom no questions till evening bhai ne kaha na''
Na:''ok then as sabko riddhima ki help chahiye that means there is something tou mujhe bhi riddhima kii help chahiye hogi so riddhima bacha jo bhi hain osmein merii bhi help kar dena''
She said as she saw all of them asking riddhima for help and from that she can judge there is something big as her hopeless family can't do anything without her then riddhima looked at her and she
Ri:''off course mom sabse zayda important aap ho tou i'll be there and han nikki i remember abhie mujhe muski ka kam karne den nahiin tou you know her''
She replied with smile on her face to nandini mom and nikki and everybody nodded at her answer and they knows muskaan she is one of her case she'll panic easily and rahul chuckled hearing riddhima and he then said for her
Ra:''yea riddhima is right nahiin tou muskaan'll bring earthquake in the house so ridzi you go to her''
He said teasing muskaan and then armaan smiled his wife is quite popular but now he is in trouble how will he gets with her but leaving it for the rest knowing he is going to manage he thought to tease rahul
Ar:''acha bataun kya muski ko kii tuu ooske baare meiin kya bol raha tha''
And rahul looked at his face and then he just
Ra:''tuu na ammy foreign hii acha tha ate hii merii jaan ke peeche pad gayya seriously tere jaisa bhai ho na dushman kii kya zarurat hain pata nahiin bechari riddhima tujhe kaise jhelti hain sachi''
He frowned and looked at riddhima with bechara face and then armaan speaks up just
Ar:''simple because she loves me so much muah jaan''
He said mouthing her kiss and shuting rahul and making riddhima blushed and knowing him she knows if she'll stop there for some more minutes he is not going to leave her in peace so she thought to move from there and to her luck muskaan called her again same time as
And she sighed and thanked muskaan in her heart leaving brothers to their bickering she
Ri:''main jaati hun muskii needs me''
And she rushed from there and here armaan looked at her retreating back as he can easily saw her cheeks turning red and seeing armaan looking at riddhima's retreating back rahul coughed and then he
Ra:''dad aapko nahiin lagta somebody is still on honeymoon mode''
He teased armaan and hearing him somehow blush comes on armaan's cheeks and seeing him like that nikki speaks in armaan's style as
Ni:''mom dekho tou armaan bhaii blush kar rahein hain aaj''
She said and armaan looked at them and then he as usual speaks
Ar:''aisa kuch nahiin hain nikki kii bachi tu na chup hi kar acha''
And its rahul just speaks up instead of nikki he
Ra:''acha aab teri baari ayi tou humein chup karva raha hain yad hain jab main aur muskaan honeymoon se aye the tab tune mujhe kitna tease kiyya tha aur aab tujhe aur riddhima ke ane ke bad tou humein aise lag raha hain jaise tuu aur riddhima honeymoon se nahiin aye ho sirf tum dono ko naya naya pyaar bhi hua hain kyun nikki''
He asked nikki as he winked at nikki and teased armaan making armaan go red more
Ni:''yup rahul bhai is so right aur riddhima bhabzz kii aankhon kii shining aur face ka glow is just different''
And armaan is about to say something when nandini as usual saved her darling son
Na:''chal chup karoo tum log mere bachon ko nazar mat lagao itni agni pariksha ke baad milli in logon ko kuch khushi ke pal acha''
She said as she caressed armaan's face and hearing his mom armaan knows his mom is referring to that fateful incident and there is no chance he is going to let her mom remember that so he holds her hands in his then he speaks up in his deep voice
Ar:''chodiye na mom in dono ko subh se main hii milla tang karne ko aur main aur riddhima humesha khush hain jab tak aap sab humare saath hain samjhi merii pyaari si mom i love you''
He said as he joined his for head along his mom and nandini smiled and knows her son's efforts to make her forget that day and not let her sad on her birthday so ruffling his hairs she speaks up
Na:''love you too bacha''
And seeing that scene everybody smile as they saw how armaan makes nandini did not remember that day and then breaking their moment karan
Ka:''aab tum dono ma bete ka pyaar finish ho gayya ho tou nandu please chal kar zara aapna gift dekh logi aagar kuch problem hui tou i'll settle now nahiin tou sham ko your son is not going to leave me''
He said jokingly as armaan winked at his dad and karan knows he has to take nandini away as armaan has some work and he can't let spoil his mom's surprise and then nandini nodded and then as they walked away from there to their room.
Ar:''raool chal jaldi se sab check kar len ek baar you know mom abhie aa jaayengi thodi der meiin so chal oonke ane se let's check everything ok''
Ra:''han chal even dad not able to stop her so chal chalein''
And as they gets up to check the preparations nikki also gets up and
Ni:''aap log check karne jayiye bhaii main bhabzz ke pas jaati hun oonse aapni dress and all kii help lene nahiin tou end moment meiin sba bhabzz ke peeche bhagenge tou mera kam reh jaayega na''
She said and nodding to her armaan speaks up as
Ar:''nikki riddhima ko zayda busy mat kariyo she needs to help mom and han jab riddhima free ho ose bolna mere kapde bhi nikal ke rakh den ok''
Ni:''ok bhaii''
And then everybody moved to their respective places rahul and armaan to check the preparations and nikki to her muskaan bhabhi's room.
As nikki reached muskaan's room she finds riddhima and muskaan busy over pile of clothes and then she heard
Mu:''ridzi tu sure hain yeh aaj ki party ke liyye theek rahega na yar bol''
Ri:''yes muskii yeh bilkul new dress hain tune ek bar bhi nahiin pehni aur tu ismein bahut sundar lagegi sachi hain na nikki''
As muskaan asked riddhima showing her one dress and riddhima replied to her and also asked nikki as 
Ni:''yes muski bhabhi you are going to rock in this dress rahul bhai must go faint see you in this really it's superb''
And that makes muskaan believed and then she
Mu:''thanks nikki and thanks ridzi you are savior''
She said and riddhima gives her smile and then nikki speaks up as
Ni:''yeh tou sahi kaha aapnein muski bhabhi riddhima bhabz is just savior acha bhabzz aab aap meri bhi savior bhi ban jao na muski bhabhi aap donow please help me na to decide ki main kya pehnu please''
She pleaded to her as she did not able to decide what she can wear in the party and seeing her face riddhima smiled and then she just
Ri:''ismein please ki kya baat hain kidoo we'll help you hain na muski''
She said and then muskaan nodded saying
Mu:''off course nikki yeh bhi koi kehne ki baat hain after all tu hum dono ki ek lauti nanad hain baby aur hum sab ki laadli bhi''
She said giving her bright smile and then nikki hugged both her bhabhis together saying
Ni:''thank you bhabzz bhabhi aap dono world ki best bhabhi ho''
She said and riddhima and riddhima hugged her back and then coming out from the hug riddhima speaks up as
Ri:''acha yeh sab chodo chalo jaldi se nikki tum aapni dress select karva lo fir mujhe mom ke paas bhi jaana hain so please na''
She said as she knew after that she herself have to get ready and knowing muski and nikki she knows that they are not going to leave her in peace until she decides their everything and hearing it nikki
Ni:''arey han bhabzz acha yad dilaya aapnein ammy bhai ne kaha hain kii jan aap hum sabse free ho jayen mom ke pas jaana aur beech meiin oonke kapde bhi nikal dena ok''
She passed her armaan's message and riddhima smiled hearing it and then she knows if armaan comes in room while she gets ready it'll be tough task so she just
Ri:''han tou please chalo na nikki muski chal aa iski dress final kar den hm log please''
Mu:''han chal''
And then they moved towards nikki's room to finalize her dress. After an half hour riddhima is done with finalizing everything for muski and nikki their make up hair do shoes accessories and dresses and now she is moving towards nandini mom's room. She is about to knock the door when her eyes fell on the sight inside the room, she saw mom is sitting on the bed and papa is standing beside her and she does not want to look but she saw as her eyes did not moved away from that awesome couple as papa puts the ear rings in mom's ears she smiled and she finds that smile so serene the smile that feels when you are with the person whom you love from the bottom of your heart. She smiled as she remembered armaan and blush crept on her cheeks as she remembered him and their moments. She is about to move from there not wanting to disturb them thinking she comes later when she heard nandini's call as she saw her standing on the door steps and

And hearing nandini mom's calling riddhima turned and looked towards her
Ri:''jii mom''
Na:''andar aao na bacha''
And riddhima entered inside the room and seeing riddhima 
Ka:''riddhima aap bahar se kyun ja rahi thi beta''
And riddhima looked at him then don't know what to answer she just
Ri:''kuch nahiin papa main tou bas yahan se guzar rahi thi socha mom se pooch lun oonhein kisii help ki zarurat tou nahiin''
She replied with smile and nandini and karan smiled then nandini
Na:''off course mujhe teri help ki zarurat hain par oos se pehle tu yahan aa zara''
She said and makes her settled on the bed beside herself and
Ri:''ji mom''
Na:''pata hain mujhe tujhse bahut saari batein karni hain par jaanti hun abhie time nahiin hain nahiin tou yeh baap bte mujhe pagal kar denge ( she said looking at karan and giggled) par mujhe na tujhe thank you bolna hain bacha (riddhima is tried to cut her in between) chup bilkul nahiin bolegi tu mujhe bolne den aaj pata hain thank you isliyye bolna hain tujhe kii khud ko aur maani ko oos sab ke baad vapis zindagi meiin lane ko bacha pata hain bacha tum donow ki hansi se sab ki smile hain sabki muskuraht hain bacha so thank you baby itna sab honein ke baad bhi khud ko sambhalne ke liyye yeh mere birthday ka sabse bada gift hain ki aaj hum sab saath hain aur khush hain aapnein is ghar meiin aur yeh sirf tere qaaran hain riddhima kyunki aagar tune oos time hum sab ko na sambhala hota tou hum sab jane kabke tut ke''
But she is cut short in between as riddhima placed her hand on her lips preventing her to speak more and then riddhima just as
Ri:''mom please aise mat kahiye aur aap hi tou kehte ho na mom ki jo beet gayya vo beet gayya aur jo yadein humein dard den oonhein chod dena chahiye''
She said giving her smile and nandini smiled too and then karan
Ka:''han nandu merii princess sahi keh rahi hain jo chala gayya ose jaane dena chahiye na''
He said as he caressed riddhima's hairs and pressed nandini's shoulder and
Ri:''aur mom aaj aapka birthday hain so oodas hona not allowed hain naa papa''
She said as she makes nandini smiled and then karan
Ka:''off course princess aaj tou sirf pyaar ka din hain''
He said and nandini smiled and then she kissed riddhima's for head affectionately and then
Na:''tere aur maani ke bina yeh ghar adhoora hain thank you bacha for everything baby''
She said and before riddhima is going to retort nandini speaks up
Na:''main kuch nahiin keh rahi hun ab jaldi se meri help kar de sham ke liyye nahiin tou yeh tere papa aur tera pati aur tera devar na mujhe pagal ar denge aapnein jaise chal help me''
She said making karan and riddhima smiled and then karan
Ka:''off course so riddhima aap aapni mom ki help kar do main abhie ata hun ok''
And nandini and riddhima nodded and karan left from there giving both of them hug and smile and as he left riddhima
Ri:''mom jo dad ne aapke liyye saree layi hain vo saree kahan hain''
And that makes nandini remembered that she did not saw the gift still now so 
Na:''arey han riddhima acha yad karaya bacha main aur karan aapnein room meiin aakar itna kho gayye ki main aapna gift hi dekhna bhul gayyi beta''
She said as she moved her eyes all over the room and riddhima too moved her eyes all over the room  the room is biggest room of Mallik Mansion on the very first floor it's in red maroon colour riddhima suddenly did not know when asked from mom as
Ri:''mom red aapka favourite colour hain kya?''
She asked and nandini looked at her and then she just smiled
Na:''aapke papa ka bacha''
She said as she remembered her husband's fondness towards red colour and riddhima shakes her head as she remembered armaans craziness towards red colour and her thoughts leads to the passionate moments that she shared with armaan on their honeymoon night especially she wore that red nighty on that day then she just blushed as she remembered him and then nandini
Na:''riddhima sham ko hain kya beta?''
She comes back from her thoughts and then she looked at mom as
Ri:''sorry mom yeh tou main bhi nahiin bata sakti aapko bas thodi der aur mom''
She replied to her and then she took the packet laying on the bed that papa gifted to mom then
Ri:''yeh lijiye mom aap kholiye papa ka gift''
She said and nandini smiled and nodding her head she start opening the gift and as soon she opened the gift she finds beautiful pink saree and she caressed the saree its her favourite colour then her gaze fells on the blouse and seeing it she frowned and seeing her facial expressions changing into frown once from the happy ones so she asked
Ri:''kya hua mom aapko''
Na:''kuch nahiin riddhima tere papa na pagal ho gayye hain dekh kya diyya hain oonhone mujhe''
She said and riddhima is confused why mom is saying like this so
Ri:"'mom kya hua yeh kya bol rahein ho aap it's such a beautiful and elegant saree just the way you like it mom and pink s your favourite colour too na''
She asked as she did not gets what is mom's problem here and nandini
Na:''yes riddhima i ike this saree yeh bilkul vaise hain jaise i like it but beta tune iska blouse dekha hain''
She said showing her the blouse and riddhima looked at the blouse it's as elegant as the saree and matching with mom's style then
Ri:''kya problem hain mom ismein yeh itna acha tou hain''
She asked wanting to get the cue why nandini mom is rejecting this one
Na:''riddhima beta look at this one beta this halter neck hain beta''
Ri:''so mom?''
Riddhima asked still not getting her cue and nandini sighed and
Na:''riddhima beta tu bhi in sabke saath reh kar pagal ho gayyi hain. Aab meri koi age hain yeh sab pehnane kit ere papa tou na pagal hain''
Ri:''kyun mom kya hua hain aapki age ko aaj bhi ootni hi sundar ho jitni kal thi aap''
She said and nandini smiled and then she
Na:''thank you par beta main aab yeh ab pehnati hui achi nahiin lagati log kya kahenge ki ghar mein do bahuyen aa gayyi hain fir bhi''
But she is cut short in between as riddhima cuts her saying
Ri:''sorry mom aapko beech meiin cut kar rahii hun par mom is se kya farak padta hain ki main aur muskii aa gayye hain aab. Iska matlab yeh hain ki humare ane se aap aapnein aur papa ke saare shownk beech meiin chod dengi aap''
And nandini looked at her astonished at her words
Na:''riddhima yeh aap kya keh rahii hain beta''

Ri:''sahii hi tou bol rahi hun na mom aab aap hi tou bol rahein hain na aisa aagar main aur muski aa gayye hain tou aap aapna dressing sense change kar dengi mom aisa nahin hoga''

Na:''riddhima beta mujhe lagta hain in sab ke saath reh kar aap sachi meiin pagal ho gayye ho''

She said holding her head as she herself did not understand what riddhima is saying

Ri:''mom main bas itna keh rahi hun ki aisa kuch nahiin hua hain ki aap yeh saree yeh blouse nahiin pehen sakti hain aagar aap mother in law ban gayyi hain tou kya hua aur mom zara sochiye papa kitne pyaar se lekar aye hain aapke liyye oonka kitna man hoga aapko is saree meiin dekhne ka na''

She said and nandini looked at the saree and she remembered how karan is always after her when she wears this kind of sarees


She is still not fully convinced and then riddhima

Ri:''mom please aab yeh aapko tay karna hain ki aapke liyye log matter karte hain ya hum sab ki khushi it's upto you''

She said and nandini looked at her and then she sighed and

Na:''riddhima tu na bilkul maani ban gayyi hain sachi he is such emotional blackmailer and now you too falls in that category''

She said and riddhima smiled hearing her and then both of them heard

Ar:''tumne pukara aur hum chalein aye jaan kyat ha age oh leave it whatever hey birthday girl and hey biwi''

He said as he entered in the room whistling and nandini smiled while riddhima blushed as he openly called her biwi as then speaks up

Ar:''vaise birthday girl aap mujhe kyun yad kar rahi hain abhi''

He asked as he hugged his mom and then his mom caressed his cheek

Na:''kuch nahiin maani teri yeh pyaari si biwi bhi tere jaise emotional blackmailer ho gayyi hain kya kiyya tune aise honeymoon par''

She asked and hearing her riddhima turned red and armaan smirked seeing that red colour appearing on her cheeks

Ar:''kya mom main kahan aapke saath emotional blackmail karta hun main aapke saath main aise kar sakta hun aapka maani mom''

He said making cute puppy face and nandini smiled and

Na:''yes mera maani tou bahut pyaara hain par yeh teri biwi na bahut hi blackmailer ho gayyi hain really''

She said smiling at riddhima and then armaan

Ar:''well mom vo tou yeh humesha se thi khair aab aap ready ho jao and riddhima please yar mere kapde de do na''

He said as he looked at her and riddhima gives him smile and nod and then nandini

Na:''riddhima beta tu bhi ja maani ko bhi ooske kapde den do aur khud bhi ready ho jao beta''

Ri:''mom pehle main aapki help kar dun''

She replied and nandini just

Na:''nahiin beta aap jao ready ho jao aura agar mujhe kisii help ki zarurat hogi tou i'll call you beta''

Ri:''pakka na mom''

Na:''han bacha sure now please go mujhe ready hona hain jao''

She said as she caressed her hairs and riddhima giving her bear hug before moving she speaks up as

Ri:''mom aap yehi saree''

Na:''han baba yehi saree pehnogi tu ja aab''

She said and then armaan smiled seeing that scene he so missed this he always feels home when he saw his mom with his riddhima the two most important ladies of his life and then giving her hug he

Ar:''see you in while birthday girl and please don't keep us much waiting''

And he winked at her and nandini smiled and kissing his forhead she smiled at her children and then armaan leaves from there. As he moved outside he saw his wife moving ahead in the passage and he immediately moved towards her and hugged her from back making her startled and

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho koi aa jayega armaan''

She said but instead of loosening his grip he tightened his grip on her waist and then he just nuzzled near her ear and whispered huskily in her ear

Ar:''you know basket main na yeh dialogue sunte sunte bore ho gayya hun so please change it yar''

He said as he kissed the base of her earlobe making her gasp hard and she just moaned


And armaan smiled seeing her going all red and shivering in hsi arms

Ar:''i so love when you moan my name like this jaan it becomes so loving you know''

He said as he nuzzled in her ear making her shiver with his touch and she blushed more as she feels his nose tracing her ear lobe and his hold on her waist getting more tighter and riddhima looked here and there

Ri:''armaan please koi aa jayega na''

She said just in whisper and armaan smiled seeing her getting all lost in his touch, it always happened just his mere sensuous touch on her skin and she gets all lost in him and then he pulled her more closer and then before riddhima can say anything she is going upstairs as armaan pulled her holding her hands in his and riddhima is surprised what's going on

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho kahan lekar ja rahein ho mujhe armaan''

 And armaan looked here and there then moved towards their room as his way is clear and then just in some minutes ther are in front of their room and riddhima is shell shocked with his behave she keeps on trying to come out from his grip but he did not let her do and as soon they entered in their room armaan pinned her on the door after locking it and riddhima looked at him purely utterly shocked and then she

Ri:''armaan yeh sab kya ho raha hain kya kar rahein ho tum yeh''

She asked looking at him and armaan grinned at her red face then placing a soft lingering kiss on her cheek and riddhima

then just speaks up

Ri:''armaan yeh kya hain main kuch pooch rahii hun na tumse kar kya rahein ho tum yeh''

She asked again as she pushed him bit but armaan is armaan he pulled her again to himself and then whispered in her ear

Ar:''actually maine socha ki meri biwi is se pehle fir se busy ho jaaye kyun na main oske kuch pal chra lun humare liyye jaan''

He said in his deep husky tone making her breaths go sharp and she looked at him as he tilted his head bit and she can see that deep blue oceanic eyes just filled with love for her and though she so wanted to scold him for his this stupid deed but that love always makes her go weak in front of him she just nodded and seeing that small smile approaching on her lips armaan knows he again nailed it and so he just placed his face in her nape making her shiver and whispered his name as

Ri:''armaan please''

But she is just cut short as armaan slowly placed his finger on her lips and he


And then he caressed her lips with his finger tips making her finally holds him she holds the hem of his shirt and armaan looked in her green almond eyes and he continued caressing her rosy lips with his finger tips making her breaths sharpen with each and every passing second that's his effect on her just his small touch and she reacted like this and this makes him turn on for her so badly and while his one hand is busy in torturing her lips his another hand moved towards her waist as he pulled her closer to himself such that their bodies are in contact with each other they are pressing to each other tightly and each passing second riddhima's breaths goes sharpen and before she can react anything she feels his nose moved towards her ear and he started nuzzling in her nape making his long and sharp nose tracing her nape till her ear lobe and that makes riddhima shudder in pleasure she is just losing her control over herself, she puts his both hands on his shirt clutching his shirt in her fist tightly and armaan then reach again her nape while tracing from her ear lobe that makes riddhima's body to arouse to no extent and riddhima cursed her body reacting like this but what she can do he knows each and every thing and her body reacts to him like anything and he takes advantage of all this and when armaan looked in her eyes and saw that blush and innocence in her eyes and that love and need for her love he did not think twice and placed his manly lips over her rosy lips taking her in heated frenzy and as soon armaan start sucking her lower lips riddhima moaned in between his mouth and as armaan caressed her bare waist under her saree riddhima flinched and then he takes her lower lips in his lips and start sucking her lips passionately and that's it riddhima too start sucking his upper lips giving in the kiss and armaan smirked in between the kiss and then he just pulled her more closer such that there is no air passing in between them and now riddhima's hands too moved around his neck and encircled her hands around his neck and now armaan moved to her upper lips and start sucking them and riddhima moved to his lower lips and they kissed each other tightly and passionately and then armaan nibbled her lips and same was with riddhima and riddhima moan in pleasure and then suddenly riddhima's one hand moved in armaan's hairs as she caressed his scalp that makes armaan more passionate and with in one second armaan pushed his tongue in her mouth fiercly and they were kissing each other madly deeply as soon riddhima feels his tongue in her mouth she moaned and armaan started exploring her mouth with his mouth.

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Part 61

(Credit for this beautiful banner goes to ayushi thanks so much aayu i love you and this is best i love it thanks so much)

As armaan explore her mouth along his tongue riddhima too rolled her tongue in his mouth as soon their tongues met they fought for dominance and ,they danced in pleasure, they swallowed each other's saliva armaan keeps on caressing her tongue with his making her breaths go even more sharpen and riddhima's one hand slipped to his nape and putting her fingers on his nape and she caressed his nape and that turned him on even more and finally as he sucked her lips in between his lips and as his passion grew wider he bites her lower lips making her moan in pleasure and pain at the same time and as soon armaan heard her moan as she 
Armaan hearing it broke the kiss and his eyes fell on her lower lips and he finds them little bit red he licked her lower lips with his tongue try to soothe her pain in his even breaths and riddhima pushed her head on the wall as she takes heavy breaths after their long passionate kiss and same was with armaan he keeps on busy in licking her lower lips and ridhima can feel his hot breaths on her lips that makes her senses go frenzy and then she finally ruffled his hair conveying him that she is fine and as soon armaan feels her soft fingers in his hairs he looks towards her and seeing that smile on her lips and love in her eyes for him he gives her smile and then reaching upto her face level he joined their forheads and their noses touching with each other and he slowly and softly whispered 
Ar:'' i so love you jaan''
And riddhima smiled at his soft and sweet confession and encircling her arms around his neck she too speaks at the same time
Ri:'' i love you too armaan''
And armaan smiled and they have that beautiful smile on their faces and then they enjoyed their silence looking deep in each other's eyes after getting control to their breaths after few minutes riddhima looked at him then her
And armaan mumbled looking in her eyes making goose bumps arises on her skin just with his mere gaze and
Ri:''armaan chalo na let's get ready na jaan''
She said as she looked in his eyes and armaan smiled then he pecked her forhead saying
Ar:''hmm chalo vaise biwi yeh jo adhoora reh gayya hain na I'll make sure ki hum aaj rat ko ise complete karen biwi''
He said winking at her making her go red with his comment and riddhima then just pushed him bit saying
Ri:''kya armaan tum bhi na''
And armaan smiled seeing her going all red and he so loved her red cheeks then pulling her closer to himself he caressing her waist under her pallu
Ar:''kya main han remember you promised me to give me my jaan in our bed room and baby I'll makes sure you will not reak your promise at all''
He said as he caressed her waist sensuously making her go numb and she just managed to say that
Ri:''armaan please''
And armaan smirked seeing her reaction he knows his hands movements on her waist creating havoc in her body he knows this how her body reacted to his each and every single touch and he just moved closer to her face and nipping her skin near her ear he whispered huskily just below her ear that
Ar:''please what jaan''
And that's just more than enough to make riddhima's senses out of her control she just puts her hand on his back for support as his one hand on her waist playing with her waist running fingers to and fro and his face buried near her nape makes nothing just making her go weak near her knees before she can even say anything they heard knock on the door and armaan is the one who heard that knock as riddhima is too busy in that sweet torture he is giving her and seeing her just falling in his arms armaan so wanted to takes her to bed and give in their desires and kiss each and every inch of hers but he again heard the knock and this time he answered 
Ar:''one minute''
As armaan shouted he heard nikki's voice from the other side of the door 
Ni:''bhaii mom bol rahii hain aagar bhabzz free hain tou mom ke pas aa jayen mom ko oonki help chahiye bhaii''
She said and waited for armaan's answer and armaan looked towards his riddhima god she is looking just a doll who is all depended on him for holding her and he smiled seeing her as she closed her eyes and that blush on her cheeks makes him fall for her all over again and as he got busy in admiring his fragile doll nikk asked again as she did not gets any reply from him as
Ni:''bhaii what happen main mom ko kya bolun you there bhaii?''
And hearing her armaan finally replied on behalf of his jaan
Ar:''han nikki tu ja riddhima abhie aa rahii hain mom ko bol den she is in washroom''
He said and nikki replied to him behind the door
Ni:''ok bhaii''
As armaan heard the leaving footsteps he looked at riddhima and then holding her in his arms he settled on the bed then he kissed her forhead trying to bring her back to reality from their love land and as soon he placed his lips on her forhead riddhima sighed and he smiled and then he
Ar:'' mujhe tumse fir se pyaar ho gayya hain riddhima I love you''
And as he caressed her cheek with his one palm riddhima finally opened her eyes and her gaze directly met with his and she saw that pool of love in his eyes for her and she just nodded her head and then placed her head on his chest without saying anything just to listen his "Dhadkan" which only says "Riddhima" and armaan smiled and then holds her in his arms as he feels her head on his chest he feels her undying love for him in her small silent gesture he remembered one day riddhima told him as he asked her why she always puts her head on his chest
Ar:''basket tum humesha mere chest ke oopar sar rakh kar kyun soti ho jaan?''
He asked as one day they are retiring to the bed on their Honeymoon and riddhima puts her chin on his chest and then looking directly in his eyes
Ri:''kyun aapko koi problem hain Mr.Mallik''
She asked and armaan smiled at his innocent basket and putting his arms on her back he replied to her that
Ar:''nahiin bilkul nahiin Mrs. Mallik par mujhe janana hain ki basket sirff merii chest par hi kyun jaan''
He asked curiously and then riddhima smiled and
Ri:''kyunki tumhari chest ke oopar tumhare dill ki har "Dhadkan" sunai deti hain aur oos har "Dhadkan" meiin mujhe sirf "Riddhima" hi sunai deta hain aur yeh sun kar mujhe yeh ehsaas dilata hain aur main proudly kehti hun ki yeh Dill (she kissed on his chest just above his heart) iski har Dhadkan aur iska Mallik Armaan Mallik sirf aur sirf mera hain only mine forver''
She said looking deep in his eyes and armaan looked at her in her eyes as she stated that proudly and possessively and then he rolled her on the bed that's now she is under him and he is over her and she for second is started with his sudden act and then she heard him speaking over her lips as
Ar:''off course basket yeh tou hona hi tha kyunki meri Riddhima merii 'Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum'' so meri har "Dhadkan" sirf ek hi bat ek hi alfaz har samay kehti hain "Riddhima" merii jaan mera sab kuch''
He said and as he looked at her riddhima encircled his arms around his neck and then she confessed her deep love for him as
Ri:'' I love you jaan''
Ar:'' and I love me too Mrs. Mallik''
And as riddhima's mouth opened in shock armaan smiled and then takes her deep heated frenzy.
Flashback Ends
Armaan smiled as he remembered that day's memory and then he caressed her hairs and then he slowly speaks up in her ears
Ar:''riddhima jaan''
She replied still her head silently placed on his chest he smiled at his little basket how he so wanted to have these moments with her but he knows that they have to leave and
Ar:''baby I so wants to have you like this in my arms but baby aapko is time aapki pyaari si mom bola rahi hain so''
And hearing mom's name riddhima gets up in shriek and then she
Ri:''armaan hum party ke liyye der ho rahi hain aur tum mujhe abhie bata rahein ki mom ne mujhe bulaya hain mom mera intejar kar rahi hongi gosh kya soch rahi hongi mom mere bare meiin armaan tum na pehle nahiin bol sakte the now go and get up please get ready armaan humein der ho rahi hain''
She said frantically and in one go and armaan smiled she is back in the mode of Riddhima Mallik the daughter in law of Mallik Mansion as she is going past from him to mom's room armaan holds her wrist stopping her then she
Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho jaane do mujhe mom kya sochengi armaan''
She said try to get herself from his hold and armaan looked at her then he just
Ar:''well abhie tou kuch nahin sochengi han par aagar is haalat meiin gayyi tou mom bahut kuch samjhegi aur sochengi bhi jaan''
He said looking at her and riddhima did not get him so she just
Ri:''armaan kya kahen jaa rahein ho tum please jaane do mom mera wait kar rahi hain armaan''
She said pleading him to go then armaan replied to her leaving her then
Ar:''jao but fir mujhe mat kehan ki maine tumhe warn nahiin kiyya ok''
He said and riddhima looked at him confused
Ri:''armaan please clearly bolo kya keh rahein ho mujhe samajh nahin aa raha hain kuch bhi''
She said and then armaan smiled and speaks up
Ar:'' just look at yourself baby''
And hearing him she confusingly looked at herself and as she looked at herself she actually going to like this in front of him, he is right mom will definitely thinks something even everybody thinks about her and her face turned flushed thinking about it and armaan smiled seeing that red colour appearing on her cheeks and then he comes closer to her and said to her
Ar:''aab bolo jaan''
As he pulled her closer to himself with his one hand coming on her waist pulling her closer
Ri:''armaan please''
She said as she blushed hard and then armaan smiled and start tucking her pleats in her saree that he makes her unarranged in their romance and riddhima shivered as his cold hands touched her bare waist and as his hands brushed with her navel she just shivered as his fingers touched her navel making her go all red and then armaan smiled at her reaction and then armaan after tucking all her saree pleats in saree then he settled her saree pallu on shoulder kissing her shoulder and riddhima looked at him then she kissed his forhead and then armaan smiled and placed kiss on her cheek then setting her hair with his one free hand and then he finally wiped her smudged lips with his fingers as her lipstick is all smudges stating that act of his naughtiness and riddhima trembled a shiver ran down in her spine as he wiped her lips with his fingers and then as he sets her finally he kissed her forhead making her closed her eyes  and a serene smile comes on her lips as she absorbed all his little actions. And she falls in love with him all over again with his little gestures that he did for her and then she finally 
Ri:''armaan main mom ki baat sun kar ayi fir aakar aapke kapde nikal deti hun tab tak aap shower le lijiye armaan''
And armaan nodded with a smile and then he leaves her and he
Ar:''ok basket comes soon''
And riddhima nodded as she reached near the door she heard him calling her and
And riddhima turned hearing his call and then he said
Ar:'' I forgot to say that I Love you''
He said mouthing her kiss making her blush and she runs from there making armaan smiled to himself.
And riddhima smiled remembering his love and blush appearing on her cheeks as she remembered their moments a while back and finally as reached to mom's room and after knocking door as she heard mom's voice as
Na:''aja riddhima''
And riddhima entered and saw mom is in dressing area as she moved inside the dressing area she saw mom is claded in that pin sari that papa brought for her and she is looking extremely gorgeous in that sari and seeing her riddhima smiled and then moving closer to her riddhima complimented her mom that
Ri:''mom aap par yeh sari bahut suit kar rahi hain aap bahut sundar lag rahein ho mom''
She said and nandini smiled at her sweet daughter then she just
Na:''thank you bacha riddhima help me out na bacha''
She said and then remembered mom called her for some work then
Ri:''jii mom sorry mom mujhe ane meiin thodi si der ho gayyi mom''
And nandini smiled and
Na:''koi bat nahiin hain bacha its ok aap sorry mat boliye acha riddhima tell me na ki main hair style kya karun mujhe kuch samajh nahiin aa raha hai''
She said and riddhima looked at mom's face she is looking so 
cute and now riddhima gets that from where armaan inherit that cute pout that always melt her and this is from none other than Nandini Mallik and she smiled then she just
Ri:''mom why don't you let your hairs open like this it suits you mom''
She said as she looks at nandini's shoulder length hairs and nandini looked herself in mirror then she turned and kissed riddhima on her forhead
Na:''thank you riddhima karan sahi kehte hain you are just too good bacha''
She said as she praised her and then 
Ri:''kya mom aap bhi acha chaliye let me help you in pressing your hairs''
And nandini nodded and then in half an hour or so riddhima did and then nandini
Na:''acha riddhima baki I'll manage bacha aab aap bhi jao aur ready ho jao ok''
And riddhima nodded and then left mom's room and then rushed towards their room, it's almost the time of party and she is still not ready even not decided what she is going to wear so she in between checking all the preparations reached to their room and as soon she entered, she finds armaan nowhere in sight. She frowned thinking where he must be at this time as she did not saw him on her way. Then suddenly she remembered that she herself told him to go and take bath
Ri:''tu bhi na riddhima tune hi tou armaan ko bola tha bath lene ko naha raha hoga vo tab tak main ooske aur aapnein kapde nikal leti hun na''
And thinking to her she entered in their walk in closet and as she passed from the washroom she heard water running on and she knows armaan is there in the washroom smiling to herself she opened the closet and then she suddenly remembered that their clothes won't be here after that fateful incident in all the enthusiasm of getting back to their home sweet home she forgot about it. And from the morning they are very much pre occupied with everyone and everything that too did not gives the chance to thinks about it. Now what she will do, she thought to call armaan asking him now what they will do. But then something click to her as she remembered something and
Ri:''sabka saman hi pent house meiin tha tou sabki cupboards bilkul set kaise thi how is it possible yeh sab armaan ne sabke liyye surprise rakha tha. Kahin sab cheejon ke saath saath armaan ne sabka saman bhi tou shift nahin karva diyya as surprise''
And thinking to this she immediately opened their closet and yes she is right as soon she opened the wardrobe she finds everything set in their wardrobe not everything but yea few clothes were hanging on the hangers like some of his suits and some of her saris and then her gaze fells on the open suitcase that is laying on the cushion of the dressing area she shakes her head armaan puts somethings leaving the rest for her and she smiled
Ri:''armaan na pagal hain sachi meiin yeh sab khud karne ki kya zarurat thi mujhe bold eta I would have help him na''
And she is 100% sure that the little bit wardrobe which is settled is only set by her Armaan himself she can say this as the way of things were placed is his manner only. He tried hard to put in order but he could not do it properly as he is not of arranging things person. She saw his two suits laying on hangers and to her amusement with his suits two of her saris too laying in the same hanger she shakes her head, she have ample work to do for the next day. But smiling to herself she then moved closer to get something for armaan and finally looking for few minutes she decided on blue suit for him. That colour really suits him and she smiled and then she placed his suit on the coat hanger. And then she again moved towards the closet and stands in front of the closet to takes something for herself, she is busy in thinking to select sari for herself that she did not realize that armaan comes from the washroom after taking his shower. As he comes wiping his hair with one towel and one towel is around his waist, his gaze fell on his darling wife who is so much lost in her own thoughts, first he is surprised what she is thinking that she did not realize his presence and then seeing her standing in front of the closet he knows she is thinking what she will wear. Smiling to himself he makes his way towards her and then slowly and softly he puts his hand around her waist making her jumped in surprise as she is so much busy in herself that she did not expect this at all.

Armaan puts his head on her shoulder as he encircled his hands on her waist and riddhima shivered under his touch, first she is startled as she did not expect this at all but then feeling his touch she calmed in his arms. And armaan smiled and then he kissed her nape sending shiver in her spine and she mumbled


And armaan smiled hearing her mumbling his name and feeling her shivering in his arms smilingly he placed another kiss on her nape and mumbled right there letting her feel his hot breaths as

Ar:''hmm jaan''

Ri:''please chodo na''

She managed to say as he start caressing her waist over her pallu and armaan smirked as he somewhere knows her reaction and then he just speaks up leaning his head more on her nape and riddhima just shivered under his hold he very well knows how to play with her senses and he is very well succeeding in that too and 

Ar:''kyun jaan''

And now riddhima just controlled her senses and then she moved in his hold and speaks up siding her face touching her cheek with hers as

Ri:''party hain na baby so please chodo na''

She said and armaan looked at her and then pouted a bit and then he looked at her and then he placed a small peck on her nape and 

Ar:''how i wish i can just stay with you here jaan but i know we have to go''

He said and riddhima smiled and blushed at the same time at his demand then she just

Ri:''yes humein jaana hain so jaanab please aab aap hatenge mujhe ready hona hain armaan''

She said try to get out from his grip but armaan did not let her go instead he tightened his grip and then he just

Ar:''arey aise kaise jaan vaise btw basket tum kar kya rahi thi jab main aya i mean kin khayalon meiin dubi thi aap madam han mazra kya hain han''

He asked as he raised his eye brow and riddhima smiled and the she

Ri:''kuch nahiin armaan main na aapnein liyye kuch choose kar rahi thi par kuch samajh hi nahiin aa raha i mean sabse milne ke excitement meiin aur vapis ghar ane ki khushi meiin i did not thought about it armaan''

She said making a small face and armaan has strong urge to kiss her right there but he controlled his passion and then he makes her turn towards himself in his hold and then he just speaks up 

Ar:''arey meri pyaari si basket sirf itni choti si baat ke liyye pareshan ho rahi hain not so fair''

Ri:''armaan yeh itni si baat nahiin hain mere pas is time yahan koi saree nahiin hain main kya pehnugi armaan aaj''

She said looking in his eyes with a small frown on her face

Ar:''oho merii jaan aise pareshan thode na hote hain chaliye hum aapni biwi sahiba ki pareshani abhie dur kiyye dete hain aayiye sweetheart''

He said as he ruffled his hairs a bit making some of the water droplets fells on her face making her close her eyes as his hairs are still wet as he has his shower and then riddhima just speaks up as she got confused with his words and

Ri:''armaan kya bol rahein ho mujhe kuch bhi samajh meiin nahiin aa raha hain''

She said and armaan smiled and then he takes her in front of the dressing mirror and then he

Ar:''just wait and watch sweetheart abhi samajh meiin aa jayega aapko''

He said and as soon he reached near the dresser he left her hand for a minute then he bends and picked packet placing on the dressing chair and riddhima looked at him with confused eyes and

Ar:''yeh lijiye biwi aapka aaj sham ka outfit lijiye''

He said and riddhima looked at him as he handled her the packet and then seeing her not reacting to it armaan pecked her lips bringing her back to the reality and off course it worked as riddhima blushed with that sudden peck of his and then just


Ar:''kya armaan yar atleast dekh tou lo ismein hain kya han''

He said and riddhima smiled at his nautanki and then she turned and then encircled her arms around his neck and looking in his eyes she speaks up

Ri:''kyunki mera armaan mere liyye job hi laata hain osmein main sivaye achi dikhne ke kuch aur nahiin lag sakti hun na''

She said and armaan smiled and then pulled her closer to himself by wrapping his arms around her lower back and

Ar:''acha ji itna confidence''

Ri:''confidence nahiin over confidence hain mujhe janab''

She said as she looked in his eyes and armaan smiled and then 

Ar:''acha aagar maine kuch aise la diyya jo sirf tum mere saamne pehen sako tou''

He teased her and riddhima blushed as his eyes bored on her and

Ri:''tou kya hua main soch loongi sirff mera armaan hain jo mujhe dekh raha hain''

She said not in the mood to giving up and armaan smiled hearing her then she

Ar:"'acha ji so madam basket aapnein armaan se sharmati nahiin''

He said and riddhima nodded her head in no'' then he just whispered in her ear as

Ar:''tou tab kyun aapko itni sharam aa rahi thi jab maine aapke liyye vo sexy dress buy kit hi ose pehen kar ane meiin you took two hours basket han bolo''

He teased as he makes her remember the day he bought an exceptionally sexy dress for her on their honeymoon and just the mention of the day makes riddhima go red near her ears armaan smiled seeing her all red and blushing armaan smiled as he is successful in teasing her and she just pushed him away a bit and then

Ri:''chodo armaan mujhe ready hona hain''

She said and armaan smiled as she tried to get out from his hold and

Ar:''acha ji aabhie tou badi bold ban rahi thi''

He said smilingly as finds his plan successful teasing her and then riddhima

Ri:''armaan aisa kuch nahiin hain acha chalo please chodo mujhe ready hona hain na''

She said but armaan tightened his hold around her waist and then shakes his head making few of water droplets fell on her face and then she looked at him as water droplets fell on her face making her go red and

Ar:''pata hain mera man kar raha hain ki main fir se osi time meiin laut jaun sirf tum aur main aur kuch nahiin basket''

He said as he moved closer to her face and riddhima smiled then she just blushed and

Ri:''armaan tum na tumhe saara din romance ke sivaye kuch soojhta nahiin hain na''

Ar:''aab kya karun meri biwi itni unromantic jo hain yar so you see mujhe hi sab karna padta hain''

He said moving near her face and then licked the water  droplets  from her cheeks making riddhima's breaths and she just pushed his face as

Ri:''hato armaan''

Ar:''nahin main tumhare liyye dress laakar tumhari itni badi problem solve kari aur tumne mujhe thank you tak nahiin bola you know this is so not fair''

He said and riddhima looked at him trying hard not to lose her senses as he is playing with her senses as his cold hands start tracing her waist under her sari pallu and she just mumbled as

Ri:''thank you armaan''

She said try to let come from his grip but armaan is armaan and then he 

Ar:''tumhe kisi ne sikhaya nahiin basket ki husband ko aise thank you nahiin bolte hain''

His statement makes riddhima confused and she looked at him with confused eyes and seeing her he smirked and just speaks huskily

Ar:''koi baat nahiin i'll teach you after all merii biwi kisi baats e bhi peeche nahiin rehni chahiye na''

He said and riddhima is confused with his words fully and

Ri:''armaan kya''

But her sentence juts in her mouth as armaan covered the distance between their lips and takes her lips in heated frenzy making her eyes popped out of their socket as she is not at all expecting this the sudden kiss and armaan smiled between this feeling her shocked so he takes her lower lips in his and start sucking her lower lips and as she feels him start smooching her lower lips she feels little bit relaxed in is hold and getting her relax under his hold armaan moved to her upper lips and start smooching them and he pressed her petite waist with his both hands and that's it and riddhima losing her senses and she starts kissing him back and feeling her soft hands in his hairs he smiled in between the kiss. And then he kissed her softly taking her both the lips in between his as hs nibbled her lower ones riddhima moaned and nibbled upper ones and armaan's hold gets tightened on her waist tracing her waist line and his another hand moved to her nape caressing her there making her weekend from her knees she will surely falls if he is not holding her and then armaan deepened the kiss as he sucked her lips and then asked for enternace and riddhima happily gives him as soon he feels her mouth opened little bit he first traced her tip of lips with his tongue and then rolled his tongue in her mouth and start savouring her taste and riddhima did the same goes with riddhima she too start sucking his tongue and the keeps on smooching each other lips and as their tongues met they danced in pleasure, finally after few minutes riddhima pushed him a bit as she is out of breath with their continuous kiss but armaan did not stopped there he nibbled on her nape till her ear lobe making her chest go hype with the sudden breathing and that makes armaan more turned on he buried his head in her nape and his another hand busy in caressing her collar bone pressing her beauty bone making her fell under his spell more and more and then he start placing freven kissed there sometimes licking too making riddhima tightened her hold around his back and she moaned his name in pleasure as


And armaan hearing her moan he just turned on more her moans and taking his name in between their moment always takes him to the edge and its highly impossible for him to stop then and getting in moment armaan traced her waist with another hand and he traced her waist and untucked few of her pleats in process making more space for his hand and riddhima fisted his hairs in process and that makes armaan pinching her waist making her call his name in pain as well pleasure

Ri:''ahh armaan''

And armaan looked at her as their eyes met seeing her having little bit discomfort expressions he immediately settled on his knees and placed kiss on her waist where he bites in the moment and riddhima smiled seeing her care and his loving gesture so she ruffled his hairs lightly giving him the cue that she is fine and then she makes him stand up as she kissed him on his forhead and then she just smiled and

Ri:'' I love you armaan''

Ar:'' I love you too jaan''

And they hugged each other savouring the love and each other's presence they have in their lives. After few minutes riddhima untangled herself from armaan's grip and then she just said

Ri:''armaan tum bhi jaldi se ready ho jao bahut der ho rahi hain main bhi jaldi se naha kar ati hun armaan''

She said informing him as she walked past beside him and took the towel in her hands and armaan grabbed her wrist making her startled as she

Ri:''armaan please aab aur masti nahiin dekho its already 7 please na armaan let me go''

And armaan smiled and kissed her wrist then

Ar:''yea sure you can go jaan but just take long relaxing shower jaan as you might work up in the night too jaan''

He said passing her naughty smile riddhima for second did not understand him but seeing that naughty smile she blushed as she understands that underlying meaning of his sentence she just ran from there letting herself free from his holds as

Ri:''armaan chodo''

And as she runs in the washroom to get dressed armaan smiled and passed hand in his hairs then h just whispered to himself as

Ar:'' I am falling in love with her more and more with each passing second I love you my jaan my basket my riddhima muah''

He blowed a kiss to the door of washroom then finally settled to get ready the clothes riddhima took out for him and less than half an hour he is ready and riddhima still in the washroom he will wonder what she is doing in the washroom from so long if they did not go on their honeymoon but spending those 27 days alone with her he got to know the very first thing about his darling wife that she takes long showers and enjoys them as well, he chuckled as remembered how on the very first day on their honeymoon as riddhima takes too long in the shower he barged in the washroom getting all worried to check is she fine and before he can get lose in all those memories he heard knock on the door and coming out from his thoughts he opened the door and he saw rahul standing there all dressed up for the party and seeing him not dressed yet rahul speaks up as

Ra:''ammy yar had hain tu abhie tak ready nahiin hua sachi meiin abhie guests must be start arriving and here you are still not ready aur riddhima kahan hain dikhai nahiin de rahi hai aur aab tu bol kyun nahiin raha kuch bhi armaan''

As he walked in as armaan too comes to grab his coat as he set his hairs and then he replied to rahul as

Ar:''tu mujhe bolne dega tou bolunga na main bas ready hun chal and about tyour darling riddhima she is in washroom taking shower''

He replied to him and rahul nodded and then he

Ra:''chal let her ready aaram se tu chal mere saath ok''

He said not at all fussing over at least one time riddhima is not ready still and armaan's mouth opened in shock and

Ar:''very gud dadu main bas 5 minute laga raha tou tu mujhe suanye jaa raha tha aur riddhima is not here and you are not even bothered''

He said as he finally wore his coat and checked himself in the mirror and

Ra:''han tou she is busy na sabki helo kar rahi thi so ose der honi thi na nahiin tou riddhima humesha time par ready hoti hain na''

He said and armaan looked at him as he defended riddhima he is about to say something but then he go against it knowing riddhima and rahul never they can hear any single word against  each other and seeing him looking at him rahul speaks up as

Ra:''kya aab mujhe aise kyun dekh raha hain tu''

He asked and armaan shaked his head in no and then he just as

Ar:''kuch nahiin mere bhai main tujhe aur teri pyaari riddhima ko kuch nahiin keh rahi aur chal aab der nahiiin ho rahi kya tujhe''

He said and rahul walked and then he just replied

Ra:''han tou maine kab mana kiyya chal na tu''

Ar:''han chal main 1 minute basket ko bol dun ki main jaa raha hun''

He said and rahul nodded and then left his room and armaan quickly moved towards washroom door and he knocked on the door following by his voice as he just

Ar:''riddhima main neeche jaa raha hun tum ready hokar aa jaana aur main door bahar se band karke jaa raha hun ok jaan''

Ri:''ok armaan main bas abhie ati hun ready hokar armaan''

She replied and then armaan smiled and

Ar:''ok jaan take your time no need to hurry baby love you muah''

He said and then left from there locking the door behind him. After few minutes riddhima comes out after taking relaxing shower wrapped in her baby pink bath robe she moved towards the bed room where armaan placed her outfit for the evening as she is already running late and as soon she opened the packet slowly and softly and as she opened the gift she saw some white fresh orchids placed firstly she smiled looking at him and she caressed them with her hands and puts them near her cheeks. As she caressed them with her cheeks she suddenly runs back into the memory lane the day when armaan is angry with her when she did not picked his call as she just go into the that day's memories as that comes into just the these fresh orchids petals for her.

Flashback 45 days back

As riddhima finished her work quickly looking at the wall clock as she is eagerly waiting for her armaan now. She lost in armaan's thoughts just finishing her work, she has lots of work to do as ramu kaka's reports shows the virul fever of 5 days so she can't take his help at all in this condition and muskaan is still not back. And she is thinking if she will finish all her work before armaan has come because if armaan saw her working all alone he will definitely going to angry and she least wants this right at this moment, he has already a hard day and she knows he must have his headache too so she don't wants this issue arose again at all

Ri:''jaldi se kam kar lun aagar armaan aa gayya na aur mujhe oosne fir se aise akele  dekha na tou main ooske gusse ko nahiin handle kar paungi aur sabki shamat aa jayegi khas taur par meri pagal hain mujhse pyaar jo itna karta hain. Aur oopar se janab ka i am sure headache bhi ho raha hoga aur ose bhagane ko Black Coffee bhi pee hogi oosne, gosh aab ose acidity na ho jaaye. Armaan tum na sachi meiin mujhe bahut tang karte hain kisi chote se bache se kam nahiin ho tum jab humare babies honge I don't know how I am going to manage you both sachi''

She blushed at her own thoughts and words their kids gosh she is planning so ahead and still they did not consummated their relation and then she looked at his photo that is on her mobile screen and

Ri:''pagal kar diyya hain tumne mujhe armaan aapnein jaise aab akele meiin batein bhi karni lagi hun all because of you but main bhi kya karun I so love you jaan par aap tou mujhse naraz hain na janab so kaise manaun main aaj aapko janab''

She asked from his picture as she thought how to manofy him then suddenly something clicked to her and she just placed a kiss on his photo and

Ri:''well jaan aagar aap Armaan Mallik hain na the great angry young man tou main bhi aapki baskt hun mujhe ache se pata hain aapko kaise manana hain''

She then finally completed her tasks all the things were done then she look at the clock its 8:00 clock and she thought its time to give kaka his simple dal and chapati so that he can take medicines and rest so she moved towards his room to give him his meal. As soon she comes back after giving him his dinner and medicines, she thought to wake nikki up as she must be hungry now as she did not have her lunch so she quietly moved inside nikki's room and there she saw nikki sleeping holding her teddy and she smiled seeing her, she sometimes actually takes her in her young or say college days then she moved closer to her seeing her sleeping so peacefully she 

Ri:''nikki ko jagaun ya na jagaun kitne aaram se so rahi hain yeh par oothana tou padega hi na lunch nahiin kiyya hain tou ise bhookh lagi hogi na''

So she much to her heart's argument sat beside her and then slowly caressed her hairs and then called her up as


And nikki little bit stirred in her sleep as riddhima switched on the light she opened her eyes bit and saw her bhabzz sitting there and then she puts her head in her lap and riddhima smiled 

Ri:''nikki kidoo chal get up dinner kar le baby''

She said as she caressed her hairs softly giving her the motherly affection and nikki just mumbled still closing her eyes as

Ni:''nahiin na bhabhzz neend aa rahi hain mujeh sona hain please''

Ri:''han na kidoo so jaana bas thoda sa kha le baby tune subh se nahiin khaya hain''

Riddhima smiled hearing her childlike voice and nikki just shakes her head and riddhima smiled then caressing her hairs she just speaks up as

Ri:''acha chal aisa karte hain main tera khana yahin laati hun aur tujhe khilati hun ok na bacha''

She said nikki did not replied and smilingly riddhima puts her head on the pillow then she moved to kitchen to takes her dinner. With in few minutes she is back with nikki's dinner and placing the plate on side table she slowly makes nikki wake up as

Ni:''bhabzz bilkul bhi man nahiin hain please na''

She said as she is still in her dream world making riddhima smiled then she just speaks up as

Ri:''bas thoda sa kidoo aur aaj aapki bhabzz aapni nikki ko khilayegi na''

She said and then she makes little morsel for her and makes her eat and nikki slowly chewed it and like this nikki eats her whole dinner and then riddhima again tucked her in the bed kissing her forhead she just speaks up as

Ri:''now go to sleep bacha good night''

And then tucking her properly in the comforter switching off the lights she walked from her room. As soon she gets free she saw its 9;00 and she wonders why muskaan did not come back yet so she called her up and as soon picked up the call she heard muskaan

Mu:''sorry ridzi main tujhe abhie call karke batane hi vaali thi ki mujhe aur rahul ko thoda der ho jaayega aur hum dinner bhi bahar kar lenge actually tayi ji insist kar rahii thi ridzi sorry yaar please''

She said in one go and riddhima smiled at her then she just as

Ri:''koi bat nahin muski no need of sorry chal you guys enjoy bye''

Mu:''bye ridzi and sorry again''

Ri:''chal pagal bye take care''

And she hung up then she thought to call armaan when he is coming but then she thought against it 

Ri:''pehle main khud fresh ho jaati hun sab settle kar leti hun fir poochti hun armaan se ki kab tak aayge ghar''

And smilingly she first set up everything and then she moved towards her room to freshen up. After an hour armaan is ringing the door bell but no one is answering 

Ar:''kahan gayye sab muski rahul tou I know not in home but riddhima, nikki aur kaka yeh sab kahan gayye I hope sab theek ho''

And then he opened the door with his keys and punching the security password. As soon he entered the house he saw all the lights in the living area, dining area and the kitchen but then nobody is there, he thought to go to his room may be both will be sitting there and chatting and

Ar:''had hain pata nahiin kahan gayab ho gayyi donow ki donow''

And as soon he entered in his room the sight in front of him took his breaths away as he saw her.

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                                     Armaan's breath stuck in his throat as he saw that sight in front of his eyes, riddhima is standing there with her bare back facing him she is trying hard to tie the knot of her blouse but she keeps on unsuccessful at every time finally she give up and armaan himself did not knows when he starts walking towards her and as he reached near her his breaths got sharpen as he has the quick view of her bare back clearly her white back is inviting him slowly he puts his hand on her back making her jumped in shock as she did not expect anybody at all. As she feels the touch at her back that just makes her calm immediately as that is the touch that she can recognize in all over the world and moreover it is the only touch that soothe her soul and as armaan feels her getting calm in his embrace after a second's jump he smiled as he knows she can sense him so he slowly caressed her back with his thumbs and his just small mere touch makes shiver ran down in her spine and she did not know when sigh escaped from her lips mumbling his name just so slowly that it can hardly be audible as she
But that's audible to him as he has that heart to heart connection with her and he just simply moved closer to her and then he puts his chin near her ear and nibbling on her ear softly yet sensuously making her go all weak from her knees he mumbled as
Ar:''hmm jaan''
And that makes riddhima losing her senses and armaan can feel her shivering under his hold and he just smiled and then he softly put his palm over her back and then puts his chin on her shoulder overlapping her in his one arm as his one arm sneak around her petite waist and then he softly traced her ear with his nose as nuzzled on her ear making her gasp hard and armaan always got so lost in her gasps and moans that he always tends to forget everything else around himself. He soon traced the curve of neck with his nose and that makes riddhima just tilted her head side ways and that did nothing just gives better access to her long beautiful neck and he caressed her neck with his nose as he traced her long neck with his nose riddhima is losing control on all her senses with each and every passing moment and soon riddhima feels armaan's nose replaced by his lips as he started placed kisses all over her side neck making her breaths sharpen. As he kissed all over her milky white skin making her skin turn red and soon he sides that little cloth on her shoulder as her knot is already untied that just happened with his nose's movement leaving her bare from one side and and then armaan kissed her on her shoulder blade hard as his one hand busy in caressing her bare back and the other hand is busy in pressing her waist making riddhima shiver in his hold and lost in her he himself did not know when he leaves a bite on her shoulder blade making her moan in pain as
As armaan heard her moan he opened his eyes and saw his did that he bites her on her shoulder blade making her skin turn red and he immediately licked the place where he bites try to soothe her and riddhima smiled at his gesture and her hand moved towards his cheek that is on her shoulder and she cupped his cheek and caressed his cheek giving him the cue that she is fine and armaan smiled as he feels her hand cupping his cheeks and then kissing her shoulder blade once again he spoke near her ear huskily
Ar:''I am falling in love with you riddhima all over again''
He said making her numb with that huskiness and honesty in his voice and then armaan nibbled on her ear lobe and slowly bites her there too and then with in a swift moment armaan turned her around to himself so that now they are face to face and as soon armaan saw her face all red, he could not able to control himself and the next moment he started kissing all over her face, he placed kisses on her forhead, on her eyes making her close her eyes, her eye lids, her both cheeks her nose tip, and her chin as soon his gaze fell on her red luscious lips he could not able to hold himself back and next moment he smacked his manly lips on soft ones making her not shocked but gasp and he takes her in the heated frenzy. And as he started nibbling her lower lips riddhima gives in his kiss as her hands makes his way around his back as she nibbled on his upper lips armaan pulled her more closer as he feels her giving in the kiss and as armaan sucked her lower lips in between his lips riddhima moaned and she smooched his upper lips in between her lips and their kiss turned into the passionate ones as they chewed each other's lips and kissed passionately with each passing second their kiss turning into heated one. And then armaan rolled his tongue in her mouth making her gasp hard and his grip tighten on her petite waist and riddhima's hand moved in his hairs and she ruffled his hair making him more passionate. Their tongues rolled with each other and they danced in pleasure and finally riddhima breaks the kiss as she is panting very badly. But that did not stopped armaan as he start kissing her chin and he moved downwards kissing her long neck and throat burying his face there and riddhima gasped hard as she feels his nose tracing the joint of shoulder and he placed a kiss there and his one hand busy making patterns on her petite waist he completely sided her pallu from there and his another free hand busy caressing her shoulder point and he with frequent movements pulled away the blouse strip from there leaving her shoulder all bare to him and riddhima gasped hard as she feels him kissing her there and she arched her neck that did nothing but give better access to him. And she ruffled his hairs more and that makes his passion grew and she closed her eyes as she feels him putting his hands south and in all the passion armaan forgot everything and anything. And lost in his passion he bite her there quite hard that makes riddhima cried in pain
And she in pain pulled his hairs that makes armaan's trace breaks and he looked at her face, her eyes are still closed but there are one tear that is on her eye lid and he sucked that one before it rolled on her cheek and with his fingers he massaged the point where he bite, and feeling his lips over her cheeks she opened her eyes and seeing her green emerald ones blue oceanic lost and she gives him the smile that always makes his heartbeats grew fast. And next moment riddhima kissed the nook of his cheek giving him the cue that she is perfectly fine and armaan feels much more passionate getting her wet kiss and then he takes her in another kiss once again and riddhima at once give in. They kissed each other again passionately and kissing each other riddhima did not know when they fell on the bed she only comes to know when her back hits with the soft mattresses and armaan breaks the kiss and he looked in her eyes only to saw her red cheeks. And armaan moved down as her blouse is almost armaan have a quick view to her upper part and he looked at her as her chest is going up and down due to heavy breathing, armaan can see her valley and riddhima feeling his eyes boring on her try to cover herself. But he holds her hand and then kissed her hands making her turn red and then with in a moment she knows his nose traveled near her valley and she breathed heavily as his nose get touch with her skin, goosebumps arise all over skin. And her hands enveloped around his back and feeling her hands caressing his back he got mare passionate and feeling the cloth coming in between he get irritated and try to get it away and puts his hand around her back and then in a second opened the hook and hearing it snapped and feeling his hand on her bare back riddhima hugged him tight and armaan is about to kiss her hard when their trance breaks with the door bell, armaan is still into her but riddhima clearly heard it and she pulled out from hug and feeling her moving away armaan speaks up as
A:''riddhima aj nahin please''
He said and riddhima feels urgency in his voice but she heard door bell again and she 
R:''armaan please chodo door bell baj rahi hain''
She said moving away and looking in his eyes and then armaan too heard the door bell and he looked at her as she blushed and seeing her disoriented state he smiled and then kissed her lips again and
A:''I love you''
R:''I love you''
They confessed their unconditional love for each other and then riddhima heard the bell
R:''armaan koi hain bahar main dekhti hun''
She said and trying to get up when he holds her wrist and pulled her back
A:''you are definitely not going like this tum ruko I'll see jaan''
He said as he placed a kiss on her forhead and riddhima nodded and then she wiped his lips before he go to answer the door.
Flashback ends

                                                             Riddhima comes back from the memory lane as she heard the door knocking and she heard nikki's voice from other side
N:''bhabz aap ready ho gayyi kya?''
She asked and riddhima answered back 
R:''han nikki bas main 10 minutes mein ayi''
She replied and then
N:''ok bhabzz sab log ane shuru ho gaye hain please jaldi aayiye''
R:''han nikki tum chalo main aa rahi hun bas''
She said and then start changing into the sari that armaan gifted her and she draped herself in that perfectly and then she left her hair open as armaan like and the minimal make up she used to do and finally she is ready in just 15 minutes and then wearing her sandals she makes her way out of the room as she is already running out of time.

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mera bhi res

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me too res ;)

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