Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara


Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara
Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara

Adieu KHD JEE LE ZARA : Ab kehna aur kya ....Jab Tune keh diya Alvida

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K E H T A   H A I   D I L
Jee le zara

The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.' - Moira Rogers 

When Jee Le Zara promos went on air, 'hello' was the easiest thing to say! The promos were like a breath of fresh air with the fresh as morning dew pairing of Sangeeta Ghosh & Ruslaan Mumtaz. A different story and Panchgani as the backdrop, Jee Le Zara was all set to make a mark! 

They came... we saw... they conquered! 

Jee Le Zara, in its entirety cast a magical spell on viewers spanning countries and different age-groups. It was real, relatable, simple & effective. Superlative cast, brilliant writers and a core team that worked its magic around each scene and created moments to love & cherish. 

9 months into the show, today we stand at the threshold bidding our favourite show a final goodbye as it wraps up and goes off-air. What it gave us is immense.. real content, amazing scenes, actors & characters we love to love and with all that... it gave us loads of memories to cherish! 

Saying goodbye can be so difficult, we realise today. Saachi & DV have ruled our hearts for the last 9 months and they will continue to be loved by fans from across the world. With Saachi & DV..fondly called 'SaRuv', L.O.V.E. just acquired an altogether different meaning, and this journey of love and its memories will forever live in the hearts of fans. 

Jee Le Zara was, is and will always remain very close to our hearts and forever special! Heart

...and it  was made even more special with  Ruslaan and Sangita winning  the Newsmakers Achievers Award . CONGRATULATIONS !! 

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The sucess of a show depends on how deeply it connects with  the audience. Jee Le Zara managed to find a special place in the hearts of  viewers .The reason being the lead actors and some unusual and rare friendship/ relationship in the show. 

Saachi Prabhu, the main protagonist of Jee Le Zara, is a simple, sensitive, independent, responsible, intelligent and selfless woman. Having lost her parents at a young age, she grew up very early and became the bread-winner for her Aaji, Nani, younger brother Addu and her younger sister Prachi. She was the business owner of her father's factory. Years went by and Saachi had been immersed in her responsibilities of fulfilling her father's dream and keeping the family going. She was seen to have passed her marital age, which was of much concern to Aaji and Naani butfor Saachi family was her number one priority. She wasn't a woman who was going to settle for someone who had a wonderful job and earned a lot of money. She was looking for a man, who understood what her priorities are in life:  Meri choices kuch aisi hain. Mein apni naani ki natir hoon yaa phir unki beti. Aaji ki pothi hoon, ya unka beta. Addu aur prachi ki badhi behen hoon ya unki ma. Ek farm ki business owner hoon ya phir itne saare workers ki rozi roti.'    Everything she did was for others and this is where Saachi grows most in the show. DV, like a breath of fresh air, walks into her life and evokes a feeling in Saachi that says: Kehta Hai Dil...Jee Le Zara.' This is the main idea of the show: Saachi learning to live for herself too amidst the bustle of her many duties.

Saachi's inital tussle with DV was one that stemmed from her first impression of him where he pretended to be having a heart-attack in order to get a ride to his destination and Saachi being a very honest woman, found this inexcusable and understandably so.  When DV landed in Panchgani, her anger hadn't reduced and she wasn't ready to forgive and looked at him to be immature.  However, DV is our hero, so of course this didn't last and we saw Saachi erasing her ego by saying sorry to DV for having misunderstood him. From then on, Saachi looked upon DV as her friend and learns to Jee Le Zara' from him. For instance, the 5-minute chai' where for  5 minutes, she doesn't let anything come between her own self, the nature around her and the cup of chai that she relished with no stress entering her mind. Just complete serenity. In those 5 minutes she was in that bubble of Jee Le Zara.' In fact, every time she was with DV, she was in that bubble.  However, when DV confessed his love for her, she believed it to be outrageous mainly because of being older to him. For her this was unthinkable. Nevertheless, eventually little by little she realised that she too had fallen for the guy because he valued her priorities in life and read her feelings better than anyone ever had. Actually, he understood her love for him before she did. By confessing to love him, Saachi takes the first step of doing something for herself but while Saachi is selfless, she is selfish when it comes to her family. She wouldn't let anything hurt them, and in turn would sacrifice her own happiness. For this reason, she nearly lets DV go, but luckily Aaji and Naani do agree to the SaRuv love.

We were then exposed to another side to Saachi's personality: her fear of losing DV- a person she so dearly began to love. I still remember when she opened her heart out to him when he asked her if she trusted him. She replied with: I do trust you, but it isn't about trust. It is about fear[...]I am scared that our society, your parents or a younger girl like Ankita will take you away from me. I am scared because you are the most beautiful thing in my life. The beautiful part of it. Many people can make me cry, but only you make me laugh. [...]Naani gives me strength but hope is evoked by you. I sleep to dream about you and wake up to meet you. My face glows because of you. Wouldn't I be scared of losing the person I love most?  Saachi while being emotional, used to hide a lot of her fears and feelings to prevent burdening other people but here she was talking about her deepest emotions and expressing her vulnerability. She had chosen DV for herself and couldn't imagine losing him.

However, upon meeting the Goel family, Saachi's sacrificial side resurfaced as they don't accept her. His mother told Saachi that if she came into the family- things won't go well. Saachi makes a promise to Neena that she would leave DV - again sacrificed her happiness for the person she loves because she felt DV couldn't be happy without his family and she didn't want to deny the familial love from him. The glow on her face disappeared and she delved into her work, keeping herself busy to shield her pain. Even when DV came back for her, with great difficulty, she rejected him because of her promise to his mother. It took Neena to come and free Saachi of the promise for her to finally agree to marry DV. When she reached the altar, she feared to have been too late but when she sees him, she herself went down on her knees and proposed to him. Saachi had become fearless now to express her love for him in front of everyone because this love becomes the most important part of her life. After marriage, everything took a back seat. She proudly wore the identity of being Mrs Dhruv Goel and did her best to fit into the Goel family. She stopped visiting Panchgani often and even handed over her business to her Vahini.' When SaRuv fought and it wasn't entirely her fault, Saachi said sorry first because to her, their love was much more important. If you really love someone, your ego isn't greater than they are. Your complete submission to the one you love is the sign of true love' and Saachi followed this ever since she became Mrs Dhruv Goel.

Saachi began a strong woman and ends even stronger as all her dreams come true. Her father's farms are well looked after. Addu is in good education. Prachi is happily married and Saachi is well-settled and gives birth to twins - fulfilling the last remaining page in Aaji's diary of wishes. Don't feel sorry for women who live for others, they get happiness from the smiles of their dear ones and it's this selflessness that the Almighty will reward as proven in Saachi's case. Tread on the path of righteousness and complete happiness will be the destination.

Would Saachi mean so much to us if it wasn't for her being enacted to perfection? Definitely not. Sangita Ghosh sparkled in her comeback and so seamlessly became Saachi that I couldn't see Sangita anywhere. She has definitely mastered her craft and because of her faultless performances in every episode we could engage with Saachi's character so personally. If you are inspired by Saachi, the biggest thank you must go to Sangita for bringing to life this inspiration.

From being casual, full of life, super confident, happy-go-lucky to someone crazy in love and willing to take on the world, just for love... that's DV's aka Dhruv Kumar Goel's transition in a nut shell.

DV's character goes through a remarkable journey and takes different avatars during the short life of this show.  When we first met DV, he was just another good looking guy.  The dimensions of the character changed drastically when we got to see the brains behind that handsome face.  His lawyergiri, his quick wit, street smartness and amazing dialogues added to his allure. 

 DV's adorable banter with Aaji and Nani, his dude like approach with Aadu and his your-sweet-but-not-my-type' relation with Dils made him so endearing.  When it came to his interaction with Saachi, he was floored from the very start by this understated woman who was so focused on her own little world.  The foundation of any fruitful relation is respect and that is what DV felt for Saachi. The more he saw her the more he liked her and the more feelings he had for her.  In his eyes Saachi was becoming the perfect woman and he was infatuated with her.  The physical attraction he felt towards her was undeniable.  He slowly realized that Saachi is all that he desires in a woman. All he wants to do now is ease his Saachiji's troubles.

 Once he realizes that he is in love, there is no holding back.  He so firmly believes in his love that he is convinced that Saachi feels the same for him, but just doesn't realize it.  It is with the confession of his love that we see DV in his most glorious phase.  He epitomizes charm and is all out to woo his lady love by teasing her, challenging her or plain simple confessing his love for her. His sincerity and deep love makes Saachi also become conscious of her feelings for him.  DV convinces Saachi that the difference in their age has no part to play in their journey together.

 DV is successful in convincing Saachi of their love, but still can't get her to trust him completely.  He knows that he has not been very forthcoming with his background and family and that is why Saachi is in doubt.  Little did he know that it was going to come back to harm him in the near future.  Convinced that Saachi is his, he starts introducing her to his world, a world so different from hers, full of riches and manipulation. 

 When you love something very dearly, the fear of losing it consumes you and that's what started eating at DV when he procrastinated telling Saachi about his family and business background.  He started fearing that he may lose his all, his Saachi.  His family that he was so sure will accept his choice with open arms turns out to be his most unexpected nightmare.  Loving on the outside and conniving on the inside, his family, begins to manipulate him as they clearly see Saachi as a misfit match for their youthful son. 

 Faced with deceit from his love, DV starts heading towards self destruction. Resorting to liquor, he begins to lose all sense of self, and has no desire to live without his Saachi. After great anguish, he realizes that his heart cannot be wrong. His Saachi cannot deceive him.  Saachi is all that mattered and the world around him can go to hell.

 Once again, we are treated to what DV does best, woo Saachi! This time around for marriage, and he turns up the heat a notch higher. A union made in heaven, he and Saachi, after much ado, begin a life together completely immersed in each other. 

 The pressure of choosing a partner older than himself begins to creep into his fairytale love story.  However, Saachi and DV prove that when love is strong, all hurdles can be overcome.  Culmination of their love is finally symbolized with the birth of their twin children. This proves that in matters of love, nothing else matters, least of all AGE!

It is said that "As an actor, the biggest compliment you can get, is for someone to believe that you're the character", and this is a compliment that Ruslaan Mumtaz deserves for being DV.  Ruslaan came to the television industry as a breadth of fresh air.  When Jee Le Zara began airing, he was watched with interest because it is rare to see a lead actor from the Hindi film industry toggle between TV & Films so early in his career. Not just a handsome face with a body to die for, Ruslaan proved that he is also an incredibly gifted actor who can get under the skin of his character.  The audience watched him with bated breath and were mesmerized with his ability to emote.  He grew as a performer with each passing episode of JLZ.  The audience truly believed Ruslaan was DV.

 Paired with a gorgeous and accomplished actress like Sangita Ghosh, Ruslaan held his own and together they created the magic of SARUV.  Ruslaan has done full justice to all the shades of DV's character from the happy-go-lucky guy, the street smart lawyer, the lover boy, the jilted lover, the angry young man and the committed husband. His voice modulation and dialogue delivery brought variety and versatility to his role. All in all, Rulaaan is a treat to watch and the complete package of a hero and a total entertainer.

Saachi and DV's relationship has always taken and is taking a roller coaster ride with steep dips and lofty highs ! 

Saachi prabhu/Goel :Small town middle class,strong headed girl,independent,mature,strong willed, responsible,organized,loving, caring with strong family values,intelligent and beautiful...34 yrs. old

Dhruv Goel:city boy,rich,handsome,intelligent immature,carefree,disorganized,loving,caring  with flexible values of life,irresponsible,...27 yrs old

These opposites meet,fall in love and all through their courtship,they kind of have a teacher student relationship,with Saachi being older, constantly scolding and correcting DV for his immaturities and irresponsibilities...DV on the other hand,accepting her seniority and stiff teacher like attitude, called her Saachiji,and observing her love care and sacrificing nature towards family friends and people in general, made him put her on a pedestal and worship her ...he developed an uncanny way of reading her thoughts and emotions..this unbalanced relationship and dissimilarities in background developed a lot of insecurities and distrust and that stayed till they got married...

On their wedding night ,Saachi praised DV for sticking with her through thick and thin,helping her family, showing a lot of maturity and acting much older than her even though she was older..she wanted to bow down to him..he stopped her and said they were partners now,equals no one big or small...she requested him to call her Saachi ,not Saachiji...He whispered in her ear...Saachi ...and that was the turning point in their relationship after marriage...

Tradition and family bound Saachi became an ideal wife DV was family , her husband so he became her top priority...whatever love ,care ,concern sacrifice  she had and did for her family now included DV and his family.she began to nurture him,paying attention to his smallest needs,pushed him to be a successful responsible business man.A dutiful submissive wife who sacrificed all her needs and requirements including her business ambitions to bring peace and harmony in her married life

On the other hand DV began to bask in the warmth of all her love and pampering ..gradually getting used to all the attention,he became self absorbed.the DV who could feel her thoughts and emotions suddenly disappeared...he started to take her for granted and became self centered ...the DV who thoughtfully celebrated her long forgotten birthday was reminded by Aaji to help her celebrate holi which she did not since her parents died...DV did not want baby right away because he thought he was too young to have one,was reminded by Dilz that he was the one to convince Saachi and the world that in love and marriage age did not matter,so why his age was coming in the way of them having a baby? She had sacrificed a lot for him ,why can't he do that much for her?...this conversation made him touch base with his real self and thus a third phase of their relationship surfaced...that of equality in every sense...he started paying attention to her needs and requirements..a loving husband sensitive to his wife's need...a baby...he was ready to be a father...his support to her when they found out she cannot have a baby and  thereafter was outstanding ...he really matured and grew in his relationship with Saachi ...a true SaRuv !

There's one character in JLZ, who's never let me down and that's Dilshaad, lovingly referred to as Dils. When JLZ began Dils came across as vivacious, flirty and fun. I still remember her ad for a paying guest who had to be: male, young, below 30, handsome and dashing.' From that moment I was drawn to this character. To me, she seemed fearless. A character who wasn't afraid to be herself and spoke her mind and for the kind of soft-spoken and compromising person Saachi was, Dils was the perfect influence. At the beginning her equation with DV seemed to be this unrequited infatuation, and I could watch those episodes between DV and Dils again and again- they just made me laugh so much. Dils being her flirty self and DV trying to run away from her, just remembering those moments now is bringing a smile to my face. As DV became a frequent visitor to Prabhu Nivas, his equation with Saachi grew. Their initial disagreements, due to Saachi's first impression of DV being dishonest, and hence looking at him like a child often left DV confused and Dils would explain Saachi's behaviour. Oh...she understood Saachi so well and this understanding has been there till the end.

The turning point in the DV and Dils relationship was when Addu had the accident while paragliding and SaRuv had that shouting match, where sour words were exchanged. Dils, I felt immediately stepped up, trying to be the voice of reason for DV as he instinctively decided to leave Panchgani. Before this episode the grown-up side of Dils hadn't really come out, but from here on, we realised the mature, clear-thinking and assertive side of her. The way in which she convinced DV to come to the Ganesh Puja in Prabhu Nivas, and then when he had been mistreated she stood up for him. The firm manner in which she spoke to Saachi about the way DV had been treated, didn't just show her supporting DV but also being there for Saachi by highlighting her best friend's mistake. If she wouldn't have, who else would? This was the first time Dils aided SaRuv with their relationship, even though it was just one of being neighbours, and from that day on, she never stopped. She was the first person to notice DV's love for Saachi, and encouraged him as she realised his love was true. She also planted the seed of thought into Saachi of having fallen in love with DV after the episode where Saachi nurses him back to good health. When the Prabhu family found out about SaRuv, she was the only person who stood by her friends and despite the respect she had for Aaji and Naani, Dils strongly opposed them in order to make them and Ulka Kaku see sense in the SaRuv relationship. When the rest of the world walked out, Dils like a true friend walked in.

Later on, she supported Saachi after she cut off all ties with DV for Neena because Dils realised the pain Saachi would have been going through. Dils was there for her bestfriend like a rock. She was the shoulder for Saachi to cry on. I still remember that moment when Saachi's factory had been shutdown and she called Dils so helplessly while trying to hold herself together and Dils immediately went to her friend's rescue and gave her courage. She fought every hurdle in the strictly guarded Goel Mansion to drum sense into DV about why Saachi left him, without telling him the actual reason because she was bound by the promise Saachi took from her. Dils has been the saviour of the SaRuv relationship. She believed in their love, when Saachi and DV had both lost faith. Even after marriage, she offered clearly thought-out sensible advice. Dils is an exceptionally well-rounded human being- a lot of fun but very correct.

It is said that bestfriends aren't just the people who are always there for you, but the people who understand you a little better than you understand yourself' and Dils epitomises this. Whenever she appeared on my TV screen, I would find myself beaming. She is the perfect example of a bestfriend. The character of Dils may have ended, but we can take a lot away from her and in turn keep the character of Dils' with us always. To me, she said support your friends through everything. She said be honest. She said speak your mind. She said all will be well and she said enjoy life. Her character truly says: Jee Le Zara.

Nina - 

A Mom's Love for a  SPECIAL WOMAN' - her daughter-in-law.

She is so caring and loving and it shows.  She gives of herself, whenever she can, 100%.  This woman is surely God sent.  She is a good person, wife and daughter-in-law.   Giving of herself whenever she can help out - is her call. This woman stands out from the others.   A smile is always on her face. She is tireless and always on the go.   And she is truly my other daughter - in this case, Her dedication is endless and it, also, shows.

This woman's name is Saachi!!!

"S" - is for the enormous STRENGTH that she shows whenever helping us, her family and them.

"A" - is for all of the above ATTRIBUTIONS that she displays - these and many others make her - that Special Woman - always.

"C" - is for the CONCERN that she has for the well-being of others

"H" - is Heartfelt  and Heavenly as a person 

"I" - is for her INTELLIGENCE. - She is a good wife and daughter-in-law.

Saachi -


We two women who love the same person fiercely (albeit differently), and now it has led to weird, unnecessary competition.  Dhruv and Saachi younger generation are figuring out how to do things our own way, and the comments from mother-in-law on cannot conceive baby seem judgmental, even if they come from a good place.   She an older generation does feel her experience and knowledge isn't taken seriously when Dhruv and Saachi want to do things their own way or act against her advice.  

Mother-in-law isn't so keen on me now.  She can't let go of her expectations about how things should be and work with the way things are.  It is nonnegotiable circumstances.  We enjoyed a harmonious relationship.   It has caused long-term unhappiness and stress, and affected the quality of our marriage.   Saachi is now on the "emotionally endangered species" list.    Dhurv says don't despair ... We both have develop an action plan.    Agree to a concrete action plan and have started enacting it.  We both feel better. Good luck! 

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With JLZ ending I realized one thing. Its the shows that are not allowed to run their course which make you feel happier than other more successful ratings shows and sadder too. Happier because the show would have given its best during its course...and sad because you are left wanting for more. Thats my feeling about JLZ when its wrapping up.  When JLZ started off I honestly didnt expect me to impact me this much. Now that I look back I realize I was prejuidiced. JLZ has taught me about  prejuidices in more ways than one. Some things are too personal...and some I'll talk about now. In society there are lots of prejuidices about interaction between two genders-that a man has to be older than the woman, the man has to be taller, the man has to earn more, the man has to be smarter etc etc. It takes a lot of confidence to break these prejuidices and go against the tide and come out victorious. And it takes a lot of confidence to potray these parts and potray them convincingly. Thats what Ruslaan and Sangeeta have done with this show. Not just Ruslaan and Sangeeta but a thanks to all the actors for living their lives and making it real for us. 
A special salute to the writers of this show from Niranjan to Anantika and to the directors from Siddharth Sengupta to Jeetu Arora as well as the other creative team members for never letring the essence of the show die down despite the various pulls and pressures they must have been subjected to. And finally a special thanks to team at Sony especially Sneha Rajani and producer Shrishti Arya for conceiving this show and having the guts and confidence to bring this show to viewers. 
All the best to the whole team for their future endeavours!

Aao Milo Chalo SaRuv

Dard Dilo Ke SaRuv

Jhak Mar Ke Saruv

Ishq Bulaava

my best wishes to the entire JLZ team and all the actors who acted superbly...Clap and the following in particular...Smile

ruslan is a fine actorClap ... may he always be successful ..

sangita...well! she is such a fabulous actress Clap, she made saachi look so real that she had people bashing her here in the forum..LOL...her acting skills are beyond compare... i wish that she continues to act post JLZ...Smile

delnaaz too was superb in JLZ, she does justice to all her roles..Thumbs Up

and a big thanks to shrishti for giving us JLZ to cherish forever..Smile

i will miss jlz so much i would like to thanks firstly jlz creative team for giving us such a beautiful showTongueespecially saruv which were truely a magical coupleEmbarrassedi want to wish ruslaan and sangeeta and all other cast and crew members all the best for future projects

JLZ is ending..sigh!!Unhappy
I hoped It will run for one year but its good that its ending..Smile N ending ON A HAPPY NOTE without unnecessary dragging Clap

SAARUV is deffo one of the couple I enjoyedBig smile
The fights,LoveHeart,Romance Blushing,dance n everything..
Good had a different storyline..I vlliss JLZ.

So all the very best to Ruslaan Mumtaaz for his upcoming BW career..He has potential,just need to give directions Embarrassed
He breathed life to DV like anything..He was d best as DV 

And to Sangeeta Ghosh for her upcoming life and career Smile

JLZ is the first serial which i watched from day 1 without missing single episode...This serial is stress buster for me and weekend entertainment WinkBig smileBig smile...Luv DV character a lotHeartEmbarrassed...his naughtiness, smile, positivity, fearless...aww luv this manEmbarrassedBlushing... Luv this serial because of its simple story, characters, actors n panchagani locations..Star

All the best 2 Ruslaan, Sangeetha and all d cast n crew of JLZ for future projects.. Thumbs Up

Jee Le Zara was one of the best shows I have ever come across..Star
JLZ always boosts up mood when low..The freshness and uniqueness in the story and screenplay will be missed very badly..Cry  
Saachi-Dhruv, Dils and all are the life of the show..
Ruslaan and Sangeeta done a great job and will be always remembered as Dv and Saachi.. 
JLZ ending is still unbelievable..Ouch As all good things come to end, I wish the whole team of JLZ All The Best for their future endeavors.. Ruslaan and Sangeeta Rocks..StarStar

A big THANK YOU to team JLZ for giving us this wonderful show.  A special thanks to Ruslaan and Sangita for making DV & Saachi so real.  JLZ would never have been complete without characters like Dils, Naani, Aaji, Aadu, Prachi, Sunil, Ulka, Deepali, Pradeep, Mugdha, Yadavji, Neena, Yash, Anway, Suparna, Ankita, Esha, etc and its simplistic setup in Panchgani.  

 JLZ has had a mesmerizing effect on me right from the start.  I would have never watched Indian TV dramas had it not been for JLZ.  Thank you SonyTV for airing a show as unique as JLZ, but it's unfortunate that they didn't have the conviction to continue the show for longer.

 Wishing all the members of Team JLZ the very best for their future endeavors.  I have become a big fan of Ruslaan and Sangita and hope to see them a lot of work. 

Ruslaan n Sangita hv done a fabulous job.  Cant forget JLZ !!  Will Miss you a lot !!! 

Cant miss Ruslaan as DV, the most inspiring character of JLZ.  I watched JLZ for DV, such a handsome, charming , intelligent character is DV.  
Ruslaan , u made this character such a memorable one. Cant ever forget it.   JLZ rocks! DV rocks !! Wishing you all the very best for ur future projects to come !! 

Thank you  Ruslaan, sangita and the entire team of JLZ. Good luck for all your future endeavours 

Well Jee Le Zara will always remain special to me because of  Ruslaan. Embarrassed You all know na only RM matters n rest I really dint care LOL. He is my Jaan; Jee Le Zara's Ruslaan. Embarrassed Wen the promos went on air; I thot this pair is a mismatch. But wen I started watching it; I completely hooked on to the show. & The only reason ws DV...I was so mesmerized by his charm that I couldn't stop myself fr watching this show. East or west; Ruslaan is the best. Wink

I know thoda zyada ho gaya LOL Ruslaan & Sangita did a great job as DV-Sanchi...the best onscreen couple. Best of luck for their new projects. I'm sure RM will be back with a bang.

The day has come where we have to say goodbye to our favourtite show. I am going to miss JLZ so much. The show has been such a stress-buster for me. Other than friends and Grey's Anatomy, this is the only show I have watched from start to finish and definitely the first Indian tv show I have seen. I don't think we will ever have anything like JLZ again. The simplicity, relatibility and amazing characters along with a solid concept has led to a real gem. Weekdays without JLZ is going to take some getting used to. Don't really know if anything can fill this void. All the characters in the show did justice to their roles to the maximum- they all added their own special part. Going to miss the magical SaRuv chemistry, Dilshaad's humour and the beautiful relationships shown. I am so glad to have become a fan of the show .

My hat is off to all the actors that had the privilege of working Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara


A delightful, committed and talented lady and actress, Sangeeta Ghosh.   Ruslaan Mumtaz who has delighted audiences with his power packed performance.  He just has that cute smile and layed back attitude that I love.  A handsome leading man, what more can I say.


Sangeeta and Ruslaan something beyond radiance.   These stars line up just right.   Two talents found each other, merge and create something unique.  A configuration of harmony and romance lights up the Jee Le Zara.   At first glance, Saachi and Dhruv seem to radiate a positive energy.   The origins of all their talent and energy blossomed in each of their scenes building a depth of experience uniquely suited to their romantic essence.


Thank you so much for these fabulous daily episodes. I'm so delighted that I was able to see them and feel more a part of the Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara family. I will miss them all so terribly.

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Big Thanks to all those who contributed for  this thread.


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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Thanks for the thread Anu. Will read and comment later. Its obvious lots of efforts have gone into this thread. Thanks for leading the whole effort and others for their contribution. Btw I wish we had a write up on Aaji-Nani bond with DV and Saachi and Adu's bond with them too. Will miss them all!

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_AngryBird_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Anu akka...Hug
Awesome thread..StarStar
Great effort...ClapClap
Will miss JLZ...OuchCry

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naneta IF-Rockerz

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Awesome thread anu di. Superb team work Thumbs Up

Hmmm...I thot i won't cry as it is a kind of deja vu feeling...have hd experienced this before as well. Bt this thread literally made me emotional. Cry

I wish jee le zara could hv sustained fr a longer period Cry

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Karan.Preeta IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome thread

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