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I think StarB had decided on a series of rotating heros - it was Bheeshma @ the start of the serial, then once the Pandavas were grown up, they switched it to Arjun (and maybe Karna), then after Draupadi's marriage, made it Yudhi for a while, then at the Rajasuya yagna, switched to Draupadi, then kept it at that until after the agyatvas, while making Bhima shine a lot during the game of dice, then made it Abhimanyu, then dunno who was their hero during the Krishna leela flashbacks, then it switched to Karna during Krishna's mission and Karna's meetings w/ Krishna & Kunti, followed by Arjun again during the Bheeshma phase of the war, and then, it became Bhima.  Permanently.

In fact, even during Karna vadh, Arjun failed to look as impressive, as even there, Bhima, rather than he, remembered Karna's insulting Draupadi.

I think it will be Bhima, and get back to Yudhi after the war.

Incidentally, given how they have been incrementally extending the serial week by week, I want them to keep doing it and show Krishna getting shot by Jara, and the Pandava swargarohan yatra.  It'll be a sight.

Also, I hope Kunti doesn't leave w/ Dhrit & Gandhari, as in the epic.  I want her to die in some other way. Hey, can't Bhima kill Dhrit as well after the war when the latter tries to attack him? Evil Smile

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I didn't quite buy Krishna's conversation with Balram. Had not StarKrishna's intervention changed the course of the war so dramatically that it has been he who was pulling the strings most of the time? What's the point of saying that humanity needs to fight it's own struggles after so much water has flown under the bridge already? (read StarKrishna's masterminding of the events in Starkshetra and using his divine powers to help the Pandavas)

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What an Episode that was!!!Big smile Distortions Unlimited?Confused Slapstick Comedy in True Bollywood style?Tongue Whatever it was, there's no denying that the Episode was Entertainment & Non-Stop 30 Min Fun!!ClapClapClapClap I nearly fell off my Couch Laughing & Enjoyed every bit of it to the core!!ROFLLOL
Praneet Bhat is a Rockstar!!ClapClapClapClapClap He Nailed it CompletelyHug..its his last journey on the show & one thing's for sure, he personified Mamashri Shakuni for an extent that he made us Hate the character at timesApprove..that's the level of Conviction with which Praneet Bhat Emoted!!ClapClapClapClap Amazing an Actor he is!!ClapClapClap Yes, i am truly going to Miss ShakuniCryCryCry..his Limp..his Hand Movements, The One-Eyed Prapanchi!Thumbs Up And i am going to Miss Praneet Bhat even more!!OuchCry A huge round of Applause to this Brilliant Actor!!ClapClapClapClapClap

Aah!Smile I watched the Episode over again & enjoyed it just as much as the first time!!WinkLOLSurely, the entire star cast involved in this Yudh scene must've had loads of fun & enjoyed shooting it just as much!!LOLLOL The Episode was Hilarious & Awesome!!ROFLClap

Bhim beaten black n blueConfused..and all the opposition & effort to defeat Dury goes in vainOuch..but i must say, Dury had the heart to give Bhrata Bhim some "Timeout" midst all the Mace bangingTongue..afterall, he had to go fetch a crying & wailing Mamashri, waiting to be saved from the Pandav Bros!!Wink LOLS!!LOLLOLLOL

Waise, the current MB seems to have an obsession for the chariot wheel!!LOLLOLLOL First, Govind used it against Bhishma, then Abhimanyu lifted the wheel during the Chakra Vyuha..n now it was Bhim & Dury lifting it in a similar manner in attack!!Tongue

Trust Shalya to spit insults at Mamashri & the K-clan even before his own death!!ClapClapClapLOLS!!ROFL The way he described Shakuni to Nakul, before asking Mamashri to run away, was so FunnyLOLLOL..Mamashri Shalya not wanting Nakul to kill him because he wanted to save his "Bhanja" from sin?Confused Whoa!!Shocked And all this for Sister MadriErmm..For the restoration of Dharma, Shalya orders Samrat Yudi to kill him!ShockedConfused LOLS!!LOLLOL But what's with the whole "Forgive Me..i had to Kill you" thingy that Yudi keeps doing on the battlefield!?WackoD'oh He had no problems until he let the weapon pierce Shalya's bodyAngry..but as soon as Shalya fell down, bleeding..Yudi goes down on his knees with folded hands seeking forgiveness!Dead AARGH!!WackoAngry I better get to the fun parts soon..Confused

Mamashri getting beaten up by NakulTongue..LOLS!!LOLLOLLOL He still managed to "Take a Break" from him & find an escape route to run for his life!! ROFL..BTW, Vin Rana sure has grown so much as an actor since the show started!!ClapClapClapClapClap Loved his Expressions, Voice Modulation, & Emoting yesterday!Thumbs Up I'll applaud him for the great piece of work done!!ClapClapClap

Govind & Parth were really enjoying themselves attacking Mamashri Shakuni!!EmbarrassedWinkLOL Arjun mouthing:  "Abhi aapke dono aankhen band karne ka samay aa gaya hai...Winkwas Hilarious!!ROFL Must say Arjun snapped out of the disinterested look & finally got all geared up, thanks to Sakha GovindWinkEmbarrassed..n then there was no stopping him!!LOLClap And Mamashri breaking his BowROFL..even if he needed a sword to do so, to avoid fighting Parth!TongueBig smile LOLS!LOLLOLLOL Yahan Bhi Chhal?ROFL Govind & Parth couldn't stop smiling & smirking!!LOLLOLLOL No wonder they had to give Mamashri a new "Chhal Chhal" BG score!!WinkTongue WOW!!Smile Loved that BG score was surely a dedication to Mamashri Shakuni!!Party And Arjun walking towards Shakuni with that swordLOLLOL..poor Ol' Mamashri was so scared for his life!!ConfusedLOL The way he cried out to Dury Bachche to save him, had me in splits!!ROFL But i must say Arjun's very quick on his feetConfusedLOL..wasn't he approaching Mamashri with that sword?Disapprove Then how come when Sahdev came alongside to attack Mamashri, Arjun was back on his chariot already, shooting arrows at Mamashri??Shocked LOLS!LOLLOLLOL Some editing goof up there..LOLTongue

Poor MamashriLOL..never thought this Schemer would be begging for life someday Huh?ROFLHe was clinging on to Dury so tightTongue..wailing & crying: "Save Me Mere Bachche..Kill these Pandavs..they beat me up so badly!LOLLOLROFL!!ROFL And Parth's arrow attacks going futile this time as Dury's "Vajra Deh" overpowers it allConfused..The Ice Astra, Rope Astra & Fire Astra all Fail!!ShockedConfused Yet Arjun seemed to be having all the fun there taunting DuryWink.."Don't you want to save you Mama Yuvraj can you when you're putting up a fight with me?"LOLLOLLoved that Smile Govind had on His face all the time..& Parth had it on too!Day Dreaming

Shaheer was Superb with the Eyes, Expression & Emoting!!ClapClapClapClapClap His Dialogues were Fab, thanks to the Scriptwriters & his delivery of the same was just as Amazing!!ClapClapClapClap He did look like he wanted to have a hearty laugh all thru' his scenesWinkLOL..especially with Praneet Bhat!!LOLLOL And SRJ..very little to mouth but his Voice & Dialogue delivery was Amazing!!ClapClapClapClapClap Even one liners like: "Bhrata Bhim Ko Apna Upay Swayam Dhoondna Hoga Parth" made such a huge Impact!!Thumbs Up Simply Loved his Eye-Talk & that Killer of a Smile!!EmbarrassedHug It never Fails!!WinkSmile Loved it!!Embarrassed Poor SRJ thoughSmile...he seemed like he too wanted to laugh out loud & uncontrollably, but had to maintain that Dignified & Controlled Smile of Lord Krishna on the battlefieldLOL..yet he sure had Govind's naughty Twinkle in his eye on!!WinkEmbarrassed

BTW, when Shakuni escapes Arjun & Sahdev, doesn't Govind signal Sahdev with his eyes to go after him??Confused Sahdev even nods in agreement & leaves immediately!TongueConfused Then what took him so long to reach Mamashri?LOLLOL He didn't reach there at allShocked..wonder where Sahdev took a detour to?ROFL Poor Mamashri, Parth se Jaan bachi Nahi thi ki he got caught by none other than Samrat Yudi!!LOLLOLLOL Mamashri licking his own blood to verify it was he who got hurt & was bleedingShockedConfusedLOL..Hilarious!!ROFL ..Mamashri was crawling on his knees!!LOLLOLLOL Praising Samrat & Begging Yudi to spare him & let him goTongue..LOLS!!LOLLOLLOL Loved Praneet Bhat with his expressions hereClapClapClapClap..even the bit where Shakuni pretends to be crying with sympathy for the Pandavs while revealing that Dury had been blessing with a Vajra body, only to go behind Yudi with an expression of angst & complete hatred, as he told Yudi that Dury was going to kill them all..was Fab!!ClapClapClap Loved the transition in expressions that Praneet Bhat displayed!!Thumbs Up

Trust Yudi to keep that stern face & be sarcastically funny at the same time!!ClapClapClap His Liners were so so Funny!!LOLLOLLOL "Tehriye Mamashri..Samrat Abhi Prasann Nahi Huye.." & "Ab Samrat prasann hue Mamashri..." were Epic!!ROFL Forget Dharm in fightingTongue..what was Yudi doing manhandling the aged Mamashri like that??ROFL LOLS!!LOLLOLLOL All the pulling ears, Repeated Slapping & Punch sessionsSillyLOL..Man!!LOL i was ROFLing!!ROFL Samrat Yudi was in full force & like he said, He & the Pandav Bros were going to do justice with Mamashri at least, if not anyone else!!ClapLOL Rohit was absolutely Awesome!!ClapClapClapClapClap Loved him yesterdayEmbarrassed..the pun intended dialogues delivered to perfection & his expressions deserve a pat on the back!!ClapClapClapClap

Wouldn't it be so much more fun, if the Pandavs would call Panchali on the battlefield too?ClapBig smileLOL She would have satisfied herself, slapping Mamashri hard as well!LOLLOL And it sure would have been an Amazing sight to watch!!Party

Hat's off to these Amazing actors!!ClapClapClapClap They've all done complete justice to the respective characters they play!!Party Such an Awesome star cast coming under one roof, for one show is a rarity & a Remarkable sight for us as Audiences!!Hug Kudos to the Casting team!!ClapClapClapClap They were Bang On with the Casting..Thumbs Up

Looking forward to the Pandav attack on Mamashri & Dury's "Mamashri Bachao" Andolan todayLOLLOL..sad it'll be Praneet Bhat's last & parting shot thoughOuchCry..Mamashri gets killed today!ConfusedGoing to Miss him!!CryCry But the Episode should be fulfilling!!Thumbs Up

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TongueCan anyone tell me if there was any 'throw and catch the ball' game i.e; "throw and catch Shakuni" game in Mahabharat? I must tell you I had 30 mins complete entertainment and fun.Shocked I was rolling over on my bed with laughter. ROFLPraneet Bhatt is a lovely comedian.Big smile And he did not shut both his eyes even in death. Mamashri remains mamashri. ClapI will truly miss him till Starbharat ends and ever after.Cry

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Well, before i discuss today's Episode, i'd like to wish Praneet Bhat Goodbye!!CryCry His last appearance on the show today as Mamashri ShakuniOuch..the character we all Loved to hateApprove..only played to perfection by Praneet Bhat!!ClapClapClapClapClap He is an Awesome actor & the range of Emoting he's displayed in just the last 2 days, said it all!ClapClapClapClap He played the role of Shakuni with so much Conviction & did justice to it Completely!!Hug R.I.P Mamashri ShakuniCryCry..all your Strategies will be Missed!!Ouch Miss u Heaps Praneet Bhat!!CryCryCry
Getting to the Episode..yet again the Distortions were hugeTongue..probably very close to Bollywood for most part of the EpisodeLOL..but it sure was fun!!WinkLOL What else does one expect with Mamashri Shakuni around..trying to save his life?LOL Most bits were Hilarious & Truly Enjoyable..ClapClapClap

Mamashri seating himself on that injured soldier to watch Dury take on Yudi..Funny!LOLLOL But showing Mamashri as the Baddie from a 70's movie, taking his personal weapon to slit the poor guy's throat n kill him was uncalled forShockedConfused..Mamashri has always been attacking from behind & never from the frontDisapprove..Fine he wasn't a warrior, but killing a helpless soldier that way!?ConfusedConfused

Nakul was Awesome when he held that Sword from behind of Mamashri's neckLOLLOL..emulating Mamashri to the Hilt!!LOLROFL Vin Rana Rocked that scene Completely!!ClapClapClapClapClap I'm Amazed at how much he's grown in the show, as an actor!!ClapClapClap Loved His Voice Modulation to match that of the character of Shakuni, the hand movements & expressions as that of Shakuni & the Emoting as well as Expressions were Bang On!!Thumbs Up Didn't Nakul have a smirk all thru' his face as he haunted Mamashri?Tongue LOLS!!LOLLOLLOL Mamashri's expressions were to watch out for as Nakul went:"Mamashri..Dwand Kijiye Ya Bhaag Jaiye..Dono Hi Avsar Aapko Prapt Hai.."ROFL And Nakul's head shake when he said "Kintu Iss Samay Bhrata Duryodhan Ka Rakshan Aapko Prapt Nahin.."LOLLOL had me Laughing out Loud!!ROFL

Drisht takes over Arjun to attack Ashwi..Hmm..its time to bid Goodbye to Drisht soon tooConfused..Poor Panchali will have to witness the death of her Brother tooOuch..not just the so not waiting for that heart breaking UPs death scene!CryCry 

Why does Dury keep screaming his heads out before every attack he makes?DeadErmm  It sounds so..Pinch..Anyways, when Arjun came around to save Yudi from Dury..where on earth was Yudi running off from the scene that way??LOLLOLLOL He looked like he was participating in Baton Relay or something!!Tongue LOLS!!ROFL And then..yet again, we have the use of the Fav Chariot Wheel for a fightLOL..with Dury throwing it at Arjun!Tongue Thanks to Arjun's arrow, we won't be getting to see that Wheel rolling around warriors anymore!WinkLOL Waise, looks like the CVs were on a rampage todayConfused..the last Day of the War..they have been very generous in breaking weaponsLOLLOL..from the Wheel to the Sword, to the Bow & Spear..everything was being broken todayStern Smile..those weapons won't have any use for scenes coming up next week i guess!!Confused

Mamashri's hiding place was Awesome!!LOLLOL He thought he was Invisible??Tongue LOLS!!ROFLAnd Nakul had me in splits with his Liners: "Bhagne se Chuhe ko Labh nahin Hota..phir Chahe woh Gandhar ke Raj bhavan Ka chuha Kyun na Ho.."LOL..ROFL!!ROFL First, Shalya calls Mamashri a "Giddh" n now Nakul has reduced Shakuni to a Rat!!LOLLOLLOL And the DiceConfused..who threw it at Mamashri?D'oh..surely it was his own, because those were destroyed by none other than Govind himself!!Thumbs Up Bhim picking Mamashri into air by his collar was Hilarious!!LOLROFLPoor Ol' Mamashri was so scared, he couldn't even squeal properly!!Shocked LOLSLOLLOL! "Bachche Vrikodar" sounded so Funny!ROFL Loved Bhim's Lines to Mamashri.."Main Toh Aap Hi Ki Tarah Hoon..Dusht Aur Adharmi.."LOLLOLLOL And that one eye talk that Bhim emulated..Hilarious!!ROFLWackoLOL Followed by: "Main Nyay nahin..Pratishod Mangta Hoon.."LOLLOL..Bhim was scaring the hell out of Mamashri!ROFL ..Mamashri mouthing: "Bahut Peeda Ho Rahi Hai Bachche..Koi Apne Mama ko Iss tarah Marta hai Kya.."ConfusedOuchLOL..Praneet Bhat is so Amazing!!ClapClapClapClapClap

The bit where Bhim, Sahdev & Nakul reminded Mamashri about all his wrong doings, with those flashbacks were really Good!ClapClapClapClap Mamashri relived all his Karmas in a wayWinkLOL..& yet again when it came to the Dyut Sabha & bringing justice to Panchali for all the humiliation she was none other than Bhim to do the honours!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Even in the end during his Pratigya, Bhim makes a mention of wanting to kill Dury to do justice to PanchaliDay Dreaming..none of the other Pandavs even mention it onceOuch..Loved Govind's smile when Bhim recalled that bit of his PratigyaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Aww..Bhim truly Loves Panchali more than Anything in the World!Hug If only, Arjun had mouthed lines like these more often too..Cry

Mamashri breaking all those weapons & going: "Main Nishastr Hoon..Tum Log Mujhpe Prahaar Nahin Kar Sakte..Main Nishastr Hi Rahoonga.."LOLLOL The Poor guy was rolled over & beaten like his Dices by all the PandavsROFL..he was even chased all over the battlefield!!TongueLOL And the "Pratishod Ki Agni.." song playing yet again as the Pandavs tossed Mamashri around to a helpless Dury trying to save himShockedEmbarrassed..Man! That song brings only Panchali to my mindDay Dreaming..& i so wished she was around to witness Mamashri's final journey!!ClapClapClap We wouldn't mind Panchali having a go at Mamashri too!!Party And then finally Shakuni is Killed in the hands of SahdevConfused..with that its Goodbye to Mamashri Shakuni & Praneet Bhat!!OuchCry He'll be Missed!!CryCryCry

Arjun asking Dury to give him Lessons in Mace fighting!! And Arjun's Lines: "Yeh Daaun Purane Ho Chuke Hain Bhrata..Kuch Naya Sikhaiye.." LOLS!!LOLLOL All that talk only to be beaten up by DuryROFL..but Arjun & Yudi managed to give a good fight back before the blows they got from DuryClapClapClap..glad the CVs kept it real here!Thumbs Up

So Dury gets into the water after MamashriShocked..and the Pandavs plan on their next Yojna with MadhavEmbarrassed..Govind now bound by Daau's vachan can't give any hints but tell Bhim that it isn't easy to defeat DuryConfused..but Bhim seemed pretty intelligentWink..and with all that "Gyan Ke Shabd" coming from Bhim himself, even Govind was pretty impressed with Bhim!!EmbarrassedBig smileClap Like Govind was thinking: "Uttam! Bhim ko Gyan Ki Koi Avashayakta Nahin.."Embarrassed Govind's eyes were twinkling againDay He knew something or was up to something!Smile And that Controlled Smile..was mysterious as Ever, but Reassuring!!ClapClapClapClap

Bhim sure had some great Liners thereThumbs Up..Firstly, that Vachan he remembered giving Panchali about killing Dury at any costParty..And then the bit where Bhim says: "Asambhav Se Bhay Nahin Hai Jyesth..Avishwas Se Bhay Hai.."ClapClapClapClap.."Yudh Bal Se nahin, Aatmbal se Jeeta Jata Hai..ClapClapClapHe was in Total acceptance of God's Will about the end of this warThumbs Up..but wasn't willing to give up on fighting till the end!!ClapClap And what Bhim says in the end about Vasuki Naag & Shesh Naag helping him does that mean Balaram will help Bhim himself??Smile That's left to wait & watch!Embarrassed But Govind sure had so much hidden in those Eyes!Day DreamingBig smile

SRJ Rocked once again with the Ace EmotingClapClapClapClapClap..especially the Eye-TalkThumbs was Bang On!!Party Few Liners to mouth today, but..every Line was expressed with so much Depth!ClapClapClapClap SRJ Rocks!!Hug Shaheer, Rohit, Saurav, Vin & Lavanya were Great with their respective Dialogues & Emoting!ClapClapClapClapClap

Some Good Fight between Bhim & Dury coming up tomorrow..Big smile

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sakshi Clap  ur writeup is too good .. tchwood 

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^^Aww...Thank u so much Divya!SmileEmbarrassed..Your Appreciation is very Encouraging!Big smile

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It's funny how StarShakuni suddenly remembers that he's the Pandava's mamashree as well ROFL  Well, 'mamashree', if their real mamashree Shalya could be killed, what's wrong w/ killing a fake mamashree of the Pandavas, such as yourself? LOL

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