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FF:The Reconciliation-JB-The End, pg 13

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Hi Guys,
This Fan-Fic is basically my fantasy for what I would like to see happening on KS come Monday i.e.11th sept. Regardless of whether you agree or not I hope you atleast have fun reading this…

For the sake of convenience I am putting all spoken words in italics. For the rest I am trying to stay entirely within the framework of the serial.

Have to mention both, Sanam84 and Rocky25 for their absolutely awesome ff's. You were the one's who inspired me and allowed me to think, "darn it, if i can't see what i want to, i can atleast write it!"



After having dragged Bani from the party and screamed at her in front of Masi and the rest of the family, he bellows 'Bani, Bani,' sounding very angry….


Episode I


An apprehensive Bani enters Jai's room, he is in the process of saying something to Tony. Giving her a searing look he continues:

Jai- I want this done immediately.

Tony leaves.

Bani- "Mr. Walia…you.."

Jai interrupting harshly, "I do not want to hear another word. Just sit down (pointing to the sofa's in the sitting room, which adjoins the bedroom, there is no door, only an archway). Ab jo kehna hai mein kahoonga. Tum sirf karogee."

 When Bani makes does not move he grasps her wrist, gently but firmly and leads a bewildered and slightly scared Bani over to the sofa. He lets go of her wrist. Bani makes no move to sit, she just looks at him as if she thinks he is losing her mind.

"Bani" he says in a very soft voice, which is all the more ominous for its restraint, "do I have to seat you as well? Believe me I will."

Bani promptly sits.

For a long moment Jai and Bani  look at each other, and a collage of moments when they were together flashes. Bani drops hers eyes, as if in anguish and Jai's expression reflects anger as he remembers the moment she broke his heart (oh, that fatal hug in front of Ganesh's murti!). With annoyance he turns away and walks into the bedroom. Opening a cupboard he delves in. Bani watches his back with an anguished expression and as he begins to close the almirah, schools her expression and sits with downcast eyes.

Jai approaches the sofa and nearly throws money into Bani's lap. She looks up, "yeh aap kya…," she begins but seeing the forbidding expression on Jai's face, she trails into silence. (Ram/Jai does those forbidding and angry expressions so utterly well….I love 'em!).

"You said you took a job for money. For money you are willing to work for people you very well knew I would never want you working for, doing a job that you knew would humiliate me. For money you are willing to jeopardise your health. Money is obviously all that concerns you now. So here, take it."

 Bani, put the money on the table and standing up says, "yes. I am doing this money. Maine yeh job apko embarrass karne ke liye nahin liya. Mujhe paise chahiye and mein paise kamane ke liye yeh naukri lee hai. To isme galat kya hai?. Mujhe paise khairat mein laine ke adat nahin hai. Un logon ne mujhe job kis maksad se diya woh unkee problem hai. Magar mein sirf apne kaam se matlab rakhte hoon.  Aur jahan tak meri sehet ka sawal hai toh mein apna khayal rakhna jaante hun. Waise bhi meri sehat se apka koi lena dena nahin hai. And as for my pregnancy, there are countless women who work while they are pregnant, I am just one of them."

Jai has been listening to this with an expression that has become angrier and even more forbidding. Barely controlling his temper he bites out, "theek kaha tumne. You and your health are no longer any concerns of mine. And why should you worry about embarrassing me when clearly you enjoy doing so. But what does concern is my unborn child. I am not going to let you jeopardise my child's health. No matter what. So you are no longer going to work anymore. Since money is what you want, take this and take as much more as your greedy little heart wants. And don't worry, it is not charity. Consider it as payment for carrying and delivering my child."

Cut to the quick by his cruelty, a shocked Bani looks at him speechless as tears well up in her eyes. Seeing her tears Jai turns away without saying a word and begins to move towards the bedroom.





There is a knock on the door. Bani wipes her tears as Jai calls out, "come in."

Tony enters with a covered tray and at Jai's nod heads towards Bani. Just as he places the tray on the table, there is another knock and Pia and Ranno enter also carrying a tray.

Turning to leave Tony looks at Jai enquiringly and Jai says, "haan tum ja ke doosra kam abhi karva do."


Pia and Ranno both glance at the money, look at each other and seem to decide to mutually ignore it.


Pia, after stealing a quick look at Jai, turns to Bani and says, "di, Ranno aur main apke liye khanna laye hain. Apne to shaam se kuch bhi nahin khaya."

"Mujhe bhuk nahin lagi," Bani says, all the while looking at Jai.

Placing the tray on the table, Ranno uncovers the other tray as well and turns to Bani, "hungry or not you have to eat."

Piya breaks in with sugary sweetness,"di, apko pata hai Mr. Walia kitna pareshan the ki apne khanna nahin khaya? Now you have to eat for two. You should take care."

Seeing Bani's closed expression Ranno says, "you have to eat because i've personally to cooked for you. And considering how bad I am at cooking, nobody else will eat food cooked by me until you can testify that it is edible. In case my food does prove to be totally inedible, there is, thankfully another tray of food available." Jai leaves the room.

With such softness and similar pleas, in which Piya does join in (probably because jai has left!), they finally manage to get Bani to eat.




Jigs is in her room and for once is not fuming but pleasurably contemplating the successful launch of her new strategy- making it seem to jai that bani wants to kill/deliberately lose jai's baby. She talks to herself, congratulating herself and promising Bani (in her mind) that "I will use the very same pregnancy that is Jai's weakness and your triumphant ace card to discredit you and turn Jai against you."




Masi is  praying in front of the Ganesh idol, "dear god, you are the only can who can do something now. These two people love each other so much and yet circumstances are forcing them both to hurt each other so deeply. These are the days when we celebrate and worship you, and you who are all powerful are capable of performing miracles. Will you not perform one and somehow allow Jai and Bani to be happy together? Both of them have not enjoyed much personal happiness in their lives till now. Will you not for once allow them both to be happy?"




Bani having eaten, gets up to leave with Pia and Ranno, when Pia starts again, "di, I understand how difficult it must be for you to have to carry the child of a man you do not love. And Mr. Walia is also stuck because of this child.  It is all my fault. Because of one wrong decision on my part so many people are suffering. But soon you will be divorced and free."

Bani is looking at  her quietly without saying anything and Pia shuts up looking at Bani with an expression that seems to suggest that she is now waiting for Bani to console her.

Looking incredulous, Ranno begins, "Pia, you are unbelieveable. Tum hamesha har baat ka…"  Only to be interrupted by Bani, "Pia, kiske galati se kya hua, ab yeh sab batein karne se koi pharak nahin padta. Leave it. Regardless of it all, you and Ranno will always be my sisters, people whom I love and  whose welfare wil always be a priority for me. It's late, we all should go to bed."

Pia hugs Bani with her usual silly (–I think I am so sexy, I am so the tragedy queen-) expression. Ranno looks at Bani with a question in her face. Bani, ever so slightly shakes her head as if to say, no Ranno, there is no need for Pia to know how much I love Mr. Walia.

There is a knock, Bani stops hugging Pia and says, "enter."

In walks Tony, carrying luggage. Bani recognises it and sharply asks, "yeh tum kya kar rahe ho Tony?"

Tony says apologetically, " Maam, Mr. Walia asked me to pack all your luggage and have it brought to this suite," and placing the suitcases on the floor he leaves.

Pia begins, "di…Mr.Walia is very angry, but I am sure that he does not actually mean for you to leave this house. I'll come with you and we'll request him.."

"No Pia, there is no need for you to come with me," saying this Bani heads for the door and leaves the room.


"Really Pia, there is no need for you to try and interfere in di and Mr.Walia's relationship. You should leave that to them and concentrate upon your own relationship with your husband," Ranno says with irritation and walks out.

So guys, is it worth continuing?


Episode II



Bani while walking is thinking, "Mr. Walia, mein jaanti hun ki mein jo kar rahi hoon usse apko bahut takleef ho rahi hai. But I have no choice. This is the only way. Mein apka dard samajhti hoon. After all, when I hurt you, I inflict the wound upon myself."

She opens the door to Jai's study. He is standing near a window, holding a half-full glass of whisky, looking outwards.

Taking a deep breath she begins,"Mr. Walia, agar aap chahte hain ke mein iss ghar se chali jaon tu mujhe khud kehani ki himmat kyon ni hain. Tony se mera saaman…"


Jai interrupts harshly, "himmat? Bani, mere sabr ka imtehaan mat lo (do not test my patience anymore). I have borne all that I could from you. No more. You are mistaken. You are not leaving the house. You are shifting back into my suite. I suggest you go, unpack and get some sleep."


Bani looks shell shocked. This she had not expected in her wildest dream. Unsure of how to respond she just stares at him.


"Kyon Bani, kya hua? You have nothing to say?" Jai asks tauntingly.

Visibily pulling herself together Bani adopts a defiant expression and says, "Mr.Walia, unless you are proposing to move out of that suite, I have no interest in moving there. Thank you but the bedroom I was staying in is quite adequate."


Looking menacing Jai takes one deliberate step towards her. She gives a start, begins to take a step backwards but then steels herself, and holds her ground.


"Main kahin nahin ja raha." holding out his hand as if to warn her not to interrupt him, he continues harshly, "Bas Bani, ab meri marzi chalegi. You are moving into the suite because I want you to and I couldn't care less about whether you want to or not. You will also take the money from me instead of working.

You seem to have forgotten something that I am happy to remind you of, at this moment you are my legally wedded wife and this is my house. Not yours. Neither fact is going to be altered until our divorce. And that divorce will be an utter defeat for you if you miscarry because then you can not ask for the obscene amount of money and property you are demanding. Moreover I can stop co-operating with you and fight a long, protracted legal battle with you, instead of doing what I like a fool have been doing till now, which is to try and accede to every wish and decision of yours," with that Jai turns away and walks over to the bar and begins to refresh his drink.


Bani is looking petrified. This seems to be the old Jai Walia, the one she had lived with right after their marriage, the man who had made her life nothing short of misery with his hatred of her, the man who was blind to everything but his own anger, the man she was truly frightened of.


Without saying a word she turns and begins to walk out, only to halt at the doorway and turn when Jai begins, "oh and Bani, do not flatter yourself that I am making you move back in because I want you. I only want to be able to keep an aye on you and ensure that you get the rest that the doctor has ordered for the welfare of my child. That is all. You no longer interest me one way or the other. I hope you understand me because god help you if don't do exactly as I've just told you to."


Blinded by the tears that spill over from her eyes she nods and brokenly manages to say, "Ji Mr. Walia. Mein sone ja rahe hoon," and with that she turns and leaves.

Jai looks after her with an unreadable expression that slowly gives way to anguish as he remembers Bani looking shyly at him with glowing eyes in the past. And then his expression hardens again. With a grimace of disgust he tosses back his drink and closing and drops gracefully into an armchair.




As the door to the bedroom opens, Bani closes her eyes and pretends to be asleep. Jai looks at the figure huddled under the covers in one corner of the bed, takes out his nightsuit and heads into the bathroom.



Emerging in his nighsuit, he goes to the other side of the bed, gets in and turns of the bedside lamp, plunging the room into darkness. Only then does Bani open her eyes and softly cries herself to sleep.




Episode III



That awful and standard issue morning sun shot of KS does not flash. Instead there is a much nicer sunrise  visible.

Bani and Jai are fast asleep. They are by no means touching each other but they are lot closer than they were when they went bed and they are both lying on their sides, facing each other. Mr. Walia awakens. Looks at  Bani, gets up and disappears into the bathroom. Bani is still sleeping as he appears all dressed. Jai glances at her as if to check that she is still sleeping puts some things down on her bedside table and then leaves the room.





Everyone is seated at the dining table, having breakfast. Ranno and Pia look at each other, at Mr. Walia and both seem to be dying to ask him about Bani's whereabouts.


Masi looks at everyone but Jai and asks (the air as it were!), "Bani breakfast ke liye nahin aiyee? Usne kal raat ko bhi khanna nahin khaya…" she trails off looking around hopefully for a response.


Pia immediately informs Masi, " Kal raat ko di ko maine aur Ranno ne zidd karke khanna khila diya that Masi. Ab aap bilkul fikre na kare. Mr. Walia ne mujhe aur Ranno ko di ka khayal rakhne ko kaha hai aur hum rakhenge," the last is said with a coy glance at Jai.


Ranno looks at Pia with exasperation.


Jai regards Pia thoughtfully as he says, "Bani is still sleeping. She had a pretty tiring night. Tony," he continues turning, "arrange a bed tray with breakfast for Bani madam and have it carried upstairs."


With another coy glance at Jai, Pia addresses Tony, "tell me when the tray is ready and I will take it to di."


With a cloyingly sweet expression that fools no one and a voice dripping with artificial sweetner, Jigyasa remarks to the company at large, "isn't it interesting that Bani is about to become a mother, when she still needs to be mothered herself? Really, I no longer wonder at her carelessness in her pregnancy. I am beginning to wonder about her ability to be a capable mother though."


Jai looks forbidding, Ranno unhappy and Pia looks like Pia (quite similar to Jigs actually, and why not since both are equally self obsessed?) Masi sad and Aditya interested (clearly being married to Jigs has done wonders for his ability to remain unperturbed!).


As usual, Dadi decides to take up the cudgels on behalf of the fraternity whose lives are daily and severely traumatised be Jigs's existence and tongue, "Oiye Jigyasa, tere ko fikre karne ki zaroorat nahin hai. Jab tu bache pal sakti hai to duniya main koi bhe yeh kar sakta hai. Aur Bani to tere se ek kadam age hai, woh apne bache ko apne haathon ka bana khana to khila sakte hai, tere bache to aaj tak intezar kar rahe hain."


The half suppressed smiles by nearly everyone around the table infuriate Jigs and she opens her mouth but aditya beats her to it, "arre ma, kyon Jigyasa ko tang kar rahee ho," and as Jigs begins to look approvingly at this unexpected support, he continues, "tum jaante to ho ki Jigyasa ke haath se khana banane ka mahurat to khud bhagwan bhi likhne se darte hain!"


Jigs glares at Adi but does not say anything.


Jai and Adi get up and are about to leave as Tony approaches Piya with a bed tray. Relinquishing the tray to her he leaves.

As Pia begins to leave the room with the tray, Jai turns and says to Pia, "make sure Bani has her medications and the supplements prescribed by the doctor. All the medicines and the prescription are lying on the bedside table .Oh and you will find Bani in my room."

Having dropped a near bombshell he walks out leaving a stunned silence in his wake.

Again Pia and Jigs wear rather similar expressions.





Bani stirs into wakefulness, remembers where she is and glances at the empty half of the bed. She then looks towards the bathroom but on seeing the door ajar she picks up the alarm clock but before she can look at it she notices all the medicines and her prescription lying there, "I did not put these here, infact I have not even had my latest prescription filled. Then how…" just then the door opens and Piya enters with the tray.

"Good morning di, lijiye appka breakfast."

Getting out of bed Bani heads for the bathroom, "Thank you Pia, but I need to get dressed first. I 'll be a couple of minutes."

Placing the tray on a table, Pia looks around, spots the picture of Jai and Bani hanging on the wall and starts musing to herself, "Mr. Walia cares so much for di, even though he does not love her. And why is di behaving so badly towards him. She is hurting him so much. Maybe I should talk to her."

"It is sweet of you and Ranno to be so worried about me," Bani says as she comes out and seats herself.

Pia is immediately all solicitude, "Here, you begin eating, while I get your medicines."


A little while later:

"di, I want to talk to you (a pause) about you and Mr.Walia…last night….," Pia begins only to interrupted by Bani, who stands up and turns her back towards Pia, "please Pia, I do not want to talk myself and Mr.Walia. I know what I am doing. Let it be."




Bani walks into Jai Walia's office building but she is stopped by security before she can step into the elevator.

"Maam, we have been ordered to not let you walk into the office complex alone. Anytime you are here we are under orders to escort you directly into Mr.Walia's office."

A startled Bani refuses to be escorted to Jai's office. Electing to stay in the lobby she calls up Pia and asks her to come downstairs.




Jai strides out of his room calling out for Tony and when Tony appears asking him "where is Bani?"

"I do not know sir, Bani maam left the house much earlier in the day and is yet to return."

"Check if she has taken a car and driver from here and if she has call up the driver and ask where he is,"Jai snaps and descends the stairs to join other family members, which includes masi and Jai.


 Tony appears, "Sir, Bani maam is at the JJ Hospital."


"JJ Hospital? Theek hai. Tum jao."


Seeing a perfect opportunity, Jigs launches her barbs, "Hospital? Inevitable if she is going to be so careless. I just hope that nothing serious has happened to the baby. Really, it is almost as if she does not actually want this child. Obviously, she is not in the least concerned about Jai bhaia."

A tight lipped Jai refrains from saying any thing as he gets up.

"Arre, jai bhaia, aap kahan ja rahen hai? Main to dinner lagwane wali thi."

"Main JJ hospital jar aha hoon."


Just then Bani and Pia walk in through the door.


At Jigs's "Lijiye, Bani aagye," everyone turns around and Masi gets up, asking with concern, "Beta, tum hospital mein…sab theek to hai?"

"Haan Masi, sab theek hai."

"Thank god. Come dinner is ready."

"I'll just wash up and come down," Bani answers and leaves.




Bani emerges from the washroom dressed for bed and finds Jai glowering, "In future before you leave the house you will inform someone of you whereabouts before you go and remember to carry your cell phone."

Bani begins to say something and then changing her mind defeatedly says, "ji, Mr. Walia."


A knock sounds.

Pia is in the doorway with a file in her hands.


"I am sorry for disturbing you Mr.Walia but I needed your approval for this project, the presentation is tomorrow, but since I was out with di today I could not check with you in the office," with this Pia extends the file to Jai.


"Thank you for accompanying Bani instead of letting her go alone. Come to my study, we'll discuss the project there. I no longer trust your sister around my business matters, she is good at betraying them to my competitors for money," and with this cruel shot he walks out.

Barely sparing a glance at Bani, Pia follows.


A heartbroken Bani is sitting on the bed, sobbing her heart out.




Morning dawns and Bani opens her eyes to discover that she cannot get out of bed because Jai's arm is thrown across her waist pinning her to bed. Turning her head slightly, she studies his face with her heart in her eyes. Just then he naturally turns on to his back, releasing Bani, who gets out of bed, looks over the sleeping Jai and pulls up the bedclothes tenderly to cover him. She turns and leaves, missing the fact that Jai's eyes are open and he is regarding her retreating back with some a mixture of puzzlement and longing.



Come on people, please give some critical feedback and tell me whether i should continue with this or not.

Episode IV


The phone rings in Walia Mansion. Jigs picks it up. A doctor from JJ hospital introduces herself and asks to speak with Mrs. Bani Walia. Intrigued, Jigs says that Bani is unavailable and offers to deliver a message.

"Please tell Bani that due to a last minute cancellation we can perform the procedure today itself, at 6 if that time is ok with her."

Jigyasa, looking like the cat who got the cream, blandly delivers the message to Bani without saying or asking anything.



Jai descends the staircase, calling out to Tony. Jigyasa emerges and says, "Jai bhaia aap Tony ko yahi puchne ke liye bula rahe hain na ki Bani kahan hain? To main he apko bata dey ti hoon. Woh to JJ Hospital main hain. Doctor ka phone aya tha ki woh aaj 6 baje hi procedure perform kar sakte hain. Maine Bani ko rokne ki bahut koshih ke lekin usne meri ek nahin sune. I am so sorry Jai bhaia lekin mujhe lagta hai ki Bani aapke hone wale bache ko janam hi nahin dena chahte."


Jai face is drained of all colour and he grips the railing for support.


Jigs's voice recedes into the background, all Jai can hear is his own heartbeat, he looks at his watch, it reads 5:30. "Bani cannot do that, because I won't let her…"and with that, he purposefully strides off.




Jai is striding down the hospital corridors, he sees Bani emerging from a doctors office. With a grimace, he grabs her by the wrist and ignoring her struggles and startled, "Mr.Walia, yeh aap kya kar rahe hain…" he drags her outside to his car. When she struggles to free herself instead of getting into the car, some curious spectators step forward and one of them asks, "madam kya yeh admi apko pareshan kar raha he?" Jai turns to the man viciously and snarls, "yeh meri patni hain, aur jo bhi hai hum dono ke beech main hain."

On hearing this Bani freezes, as she recalls that moment in Goa when she had said the same thing.

She gets into the car and so does Jai.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? Tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakti ho? I was so wrong about you. You are not human. How can you even contemplate killing my child?" he asks Bani, literally mad with anger.


Bani agitatedly turns to him, "Mr. Walia aap kya keh rahe hain maire kuch smamjh me nahin aa raha he. Kill my child? Main to sapne main bhi aisa karne ki nahin soch sakti."


"Don't lie to me Bani, I know all about the procedure at six. My God, if I hadn't turned up in time, you would have cold bloodedly murdered my unborn child."


"The procedure at six? But that…," on the very verge of disclosing the truth to Jai Bani changes her mind and seeing an opportunity to make Jai truly hate her, she continues in a different vein, "well you did turn up in time. So, let me out now. And don't worry, I will not have an abortion. As you pointed out this child is my ticket for the divorce."

Jai looks at her with utter loathing, and starts driving.

"Main abhi ghar nahin jana chahte, mujhe kuch kam hai," Bani states looking ahead rigidly, "mujhe apne lawyer yaani, Tarun se milna hai."

Without a word Jai dropes her at Tarun's house and after she gets down, calls up Tarun on his cell.

Jai says to Tarun, "Bani has just come to meet you. When her work is finished, I want you to personally drop her home."

A surprised Tarun responds with a "theek hai Jai. Are you allright? You sound angry."

"Angry? I am ready to commit murder, my god, do you know what Bani nearly did today? She tried to," Jai's voice breaks, he takes a breath and continues, "have an abortion. Explain to her as her lawyer that I will destroy her if she does any such thing." There is shock at the other end, "Jai are you sure?" a hesitant Tarun asks. "tu khud puch le aaj kya hua," Jai says bitterly and hangs up.


Bani is shown into Tarun's living room. He joins her, looking at her coldly.

"Bani, you tried to have an abortion? How could you? And why would you try to do something like that? Do you have any idea what this child means to Jai?"

An overwrought Bani can no longer control her emotions, she bursts out, "Main apne aur Mr. Walia ke bache ko mar doon? Yeh to main soch bhi nahin sakti," and then starts crying in earnest.


A very shocked and confused Tarun does not know quite what to do. He just stands, looking at her.

She finally manages to control herself.

"Bani, what happened today? Jai is convinced that you were trying to have an abortion. What is going on? Help me understand."

An exhausted Bani has no choice so she tells him the truth about the hospital procedure, "the operation today is for Pia, she has a very severe ovarian infection which needs immediate attention. Mr. Walia mistakenly thought that I was the one scheduled for surgery."

"So, why did you not tell him this instead of letting him think that you were going to get rid of his baby?" Tarun asks in puzzlement.

A doe eyed Bani looks at him with sadness, "it is better for Mr.Walia to think the worst possible of me, that way he will be willing to give me a divorce."

All of Tarun's lawyerly instincts are at alert, he senses there is something more going on here, "Bani, I think you better tell me the whole truth about why you want this divorce, about why you are hell bent on making Jai hate you."

More in control of herself, Bani refuses, "there is nothing to tell except what I have already told you and I am regretting even that. Please promise me that you will not tell Mr. Walia the truth about today." seeing Tarun hesitate, Bani continues, "promise me or I will find another lawyer to fight my case. Please Tarun."


A frustrated Tarun has no choice but to promise.

"ab mujhe wapis hospital main pahoonchna hai. Pia's surgery is not a long one and I need to be there when it is over."

"Chalo main tume le chalata hoon, and then I'll drop you home." Seeing Bani begin to protest, he forestalls it, "nahin Bani, non-negotiable. I promised Jai."




A tired Bani settles Pia into her bed at the Walia Mansion, and then half lies down holding Pia's hand and stroking her hair till she falls off to sleep.

Bani too falls asleep.


The door opens slowly and Jai stands framed in the semi darkness. For a long moment, he does nothing and then very softly he approaches the bed.


Taking care not to awaken her, he gathers Bani in his arms and picking her up starts walking out. A sleeping Bani turns into him quite naturally, nestling her head into his shoulder. More than halfway up the stairs, she awakens, and realising where she is, struggles, "yeh aap kya kar rahe hain, put me down." Tightening his grip, Jai says nothing and looks down at her. There is a moment of absolute stillness and then without bothering to reply he continues. Bani stops struggling, and catching her breath, just continues to hold his eyes. Reaching their room, Jai slowly put Bani down on the bed. He turns and heads towards the table. Bani is still in a daze, unable to move or say anything. He returns to her and places a tray on the bed, "khanna kha lo, I know you missed dinner."

And then he leaves the room. A stunned Bani just continues staring at his retreating back.



Episode V



Jai is sitting in his study, with a glass of whiskey in hands. He is remembering the way a sleepy Bani had nestled into his shoulder and then the searing gaze in which their eyes had remained locked till he had gently lowered her to the bed.

"Bani, what is going on? Iss sab ke piche sachaye kya hai? Tum mujh pe bharosa kyun nahin karti? Tum keheti kuch aur ho aur sachai kuch aur hi nikalti hai. Aaj bhi, tumne mujhe yeh scohne pe majboor kar diya tha ki tum abortion karva rahi ho. If Tarun had not led me to the truth indirectly by telling me to confirm your story with the doctor, I would have begun to truly hate you. But clearly, you did not hesitate from trusting Tarun and then binding him with a promise. So, why don't you trust me? And more importantly, how many of the other things you say and do are false?"  (I get so bugged when ekta mayi makes hitherto intelligent people act DUMB, well this my ff!!! so, no lack of brains allowed.)


Jai enters his bedroom. Bani is sleeping and the room is lit only by his bedside table. He goes to his cupboard to retrieve his nightsuit, glances inside and turns sharply to see it lying across the bed. Immediately he remembers the first time he had found it lying across the bed, laid out by Bani.

 (Come on all you hardcore fans, I'm sure you all remember all these flashbacks I keep including! In case you don't then 1. I am truly obsessive compulsive about KS and 2. let me know so that I can stop doing it).




Everyone is seated at the breakfast table. Bani is mentally chastising herself, "kyun main apne aap ko rok nahin payi, pehle jab Mr.Walia mujhe uss tarah upar le kar gaye aur phir unka nightsuit…..main kyun yeh bhul jati hun ab mujhe Mr.Walia se bahut dur jaana hai, unke bhalai ke liye…"

Her musings are interrupted as Jai speaks, "Pia, there is no need for you to come to the office. After your operation, you need to stay home and recuperate."

Every eye turns to Pia, who is flushed not only at being the centre of attention but probably more that Jai is displaying so much concern for her well being.


Oblivious to the questions being directed at Pia, a stunned and shocked Bani is staring at Jai, who is returning her stare with a very bland face.


Without taking his eyes off her face, he speaks, "Chalein Aditya?"




A furious Jigs is pacing up and down in her room, "Meri to kuch samajh main nahin aa raha. Yeh teeno baheinen bahut chalak hain. Ab, jab Jai bhaia ka peecha Bani se chutne laga to yeh Pia wapis scene main aane ki koshish main hain. Socho, Jigs, socho; kahin aisa na ho ki Bani se peecha chutwate hi Pia Jai bhaia ko dobara  phasa le!"




Tarun enters Jai's officeand takes a seat. Jai finishes speaking on the phone and turns to Tarun.

"Thank you. Kal agar tum mujhe doctor se baat karne ko nahin kehte to main to kuch aur hi samajhta rehta."

"Bani, made me promise to not tell you what she told me. But she forgot that I am a lawyer, I know how to find and use the loopholes! Besides I never doubt your intelligence, especially after I show you the way," Tarun teases Jai, emphasizing the last part.


Jai smiles but continues in a serious vein, "mujhe to kuch samajh nahin aa raha hain. Jitna sochta hun iss barey main utna hi confuse hota ja raha hoon. Tarun, Bani is not greedy and there are moments that convince me beyond any doubt that she loves me. Her behaviour is imcompatible with the person I know her to be. My reading of her cannot be so off the mark. It just can't!" emphasizing the last with an emphatic hand crashing on the desk.

"There is no need no break the desk in your attempt to convince me! After what I saw of her last night and what little she did say to me, all of my instincts tell me that she is hiding something."

Forestalling Jai's query, Tarun replies, "no Jai, I have no idea what it is that she is hiding. Just that she is hiding something."

"The question is how do we discover her secret?" a very irritated Jai wonders out loud.




I promise, people, that the next part will be a lot more interesting and longer. Ideally, I plan to wrap this ff in a maximum of another 5 episodes. What are your views on that and what do you think so far?


Hi Guys,
I am so sorry for the delay, but first i was travelling and then i was sick. So while i could, in the delirium of fever plot and plan my ff, i could not actually write it. But thank you for your patience and here is part 6. The rest shall follow very shortly.
Thanks a ton for all your posts. They encouraged me so much and made me feel better.

Episode VI


Jigs and Ranveer are busy holding an emergency conference. So far things do not seem to be going their way. Instead of things worsening between Jai and Bani after the night he dragged her home and yelled at her, they seem to have declared a ceasefire. This is not what either Jigs or Ranveer wants.

"I do not trust that Bani one inch. In the past she has been incredibly successful in fooling Jai with her doe-eyed innocence sham. Maine socha tha ki Jai bhaia finally usse uski aukat dikha denge, but nahi, instead she is back in his life and bedroom. God alone knows what tricks she is using," A furious Jigs rants while Ranveer looks similarly irritated.

"Ma, hame jaldi hi kuch karna hoga warna baat hath se bilkul nikal jayegi."

Jigs has restlessly wandered over to the window while Ranveer is speaking. As he finishes speaking she is about to turn and respond when she notices something.

Bani is getting out of the car and having waved goodbye to Pushkar walks towards the house.

Something clicks for Jigs and turning to Ranveer with a malicious expression she says, "tumne kabhi dhyan diya hai ki aaj kal Bani kitna time Pushkar ke saath bita rahi hai? Aur humne kabhi iss bare main socha hi nahin. Lekin ab sochne hi nahin balki istemal karne ka waqt aa gaya hai."

Ranveer looks at her meditatively, "you are absolutely right! We should somehow contrive to bring this mamaji's attention. I think the fireworks should be entertaining."

"Ranveer, for the son closest to my heart you can be damn stupid sometimes!" snaps Jigs.

A stunned Ranveer asks, "what do you mean?"

"Think! It is not enough to point out to Jai bhaia that Bani and Pushkar spend time together. He does not doubt her character, and they have always been friends. If we want fireworks then we are going to have to contrive something more convincing, something more compromising."

As Ranveer digests this, she continues in a softer tone, "leave it to me. I need some time to think about it."




Jai is working in his office. A knock sounds and Pia enters, as usual looking like a fashion plate.

(and the really funny thing about KS is that in my opinion, Pia has a fashion sense which can charitably be called Disastrous! Her outfits always crack me up!)

"Mr.Walia, I wanted to show you the details of the new event we have undertaken to manage. We are awaiting your approval."

Jai peruses the file and Pia peruses Jai!

"Kitne badi galti ki maine Mr. Walia ko chor kar. How much di tried to stop me. If I had listened to her all of us would not find ourselves in this intolerable situation. How could I have been so blind that I never realised what di felt for pushkar…(remember Rano telling Pia this people?)," her reverie is cut short by Jai speaking to her.

She focuses on him with a completely idiotic expression, which suggests that while she may be listening to him talking business, her mind is dwelling on other things.

"…and apart from that I think this proposal is fine. I've made a note on the file of the one detail I want changed," Jai finishes speaking as he initials the file and hands it over to Pia. "Pia?" he calls her name as she makes no move towards accepting the file he is holding.

"Kahan kho gayi ho tum?" he asks as he succeeds in snapping her out of her musings.

"I'm sorry Mr.Walia," a slightly startled Pia mumbles and takes the file.

Jai nods a dismissal and returns to his work.

She deos not move. Looking up he frowns and asks, "was there anything else?"

"No, nothing," Pia mumbles and starts to leave. 

At the door she hesitates, takes a deep breath, turns and says, "actually Mr.Walia, there is one other thing. It's about di and you....." she trails off seeing the suddenly forbidding expression that comes over Jai's face.

But he says nothing so she continues, "I know that things are not going right between you and di, both of you are so unhappy. I feel so responsible since it is because of my wrong decision that you and di got tied in a relationship that neither wanted."


"Wanted or not, it happened. Maine Bani se anjaane main shaadi ki aur usne mujhse majboori main shaadi ki. Lekin natija to tab bhi ek hi hai, hamari shaadi ho gayi. Iss sachiye ko koi nahin badl sakta," Jai says slowly, thoughtfully.

"Aap dono ki shaadi ek sach hai magar ab, divorce maang kar di uss sachiye se he to aage badhkar ek nayi zindagi ki shuruwat karne ki koshish kar rahi hain," Pia says with conviction.

Her words seem to surprise Jai a little and with some force he asks, "kya  Bani ne tumse iss bare main baat ki hai?"

 "Mr.Walia, hum behene hain. We understand and know each other inside out. For di, the divorce is a closure that will allow her to put all this behind her and begin her life afresh," Pia answers with sincerity.

An utterly stunned Jai says nothing as Pia leaves.

He just stands there as his expression goes from shock to anger.




Masi and Dadi are sitting and chatting. Rano and Rashi are also chatting away in another corner.

Sahil walks in and makes a beeline for Rano. Who smiles in welcome at him. Dadi and Masi look on approvingly. As Sahil and Rano leave, Masi teases them, "wah, nowdays Sahil has forgotten that anyone apart from Rano also lives in this house."

Blushing slightly, Sahil protests, "no, no, I was just coming over to sit with the two of you after saying hi to Rano and Rashi."

"Really? Such a short while since you were married and you already prefer the company of two old ladies to that of your wife? Mighty suspect. If you ask me!" Masi continues teasing.

"Old? Billoo, tum apne baat karo. Main to abhi jawan hoon!" Dadi intercedes.

As everyone is laughing, Jigs and Ranveer enter.

Jigs sweeps a freezing glance over the company and everyone's laughter begins to peter out.

"Lo, aa gaye kale badal!" Dadi mutters in an aside, which Jigs deigns not to answer.


"Rano beta, tumahari Bani di dikhaye nahin de rahe. Ghar par nahin hai kya?" Jigs asks with a falsely sweet smile.

"Ji who kissi kaam se bahar gayi theen, lekin ab woh wapas aa gayi hain. Upar apne kamare main hain shayad," Rano informs Jigs.

"Subah se? Aisa kain sa kaam aa gaya hai Bani ko? Ya phir usne phir se koi aur naukari join kar lee hai. Lagta hai ek bar phir Jai bhaia ko embarrass karna chahte hai."

Nobody has a response and in any case, no one can make one as they realise that Jai is standing in the doorway.

With an irritated expression Jai nods to Masi and Dadi but heads towards his room without saying anything.

Everyone exchanges slightly apprehensive glances, except Ranveer and Jigs who are smirking.




Jai enters his room and is clearly in a state of mingled agitation and irritation.

A wan looking Bani is sitting on the bed holding her forehead with the fingers of one hand. She looks up towards the doorway, as if alerted by some inner sixth sense and straightens up when she sees Jai.

"Is something wrong Bani?" he asks, the tonelessness of the query completely at odds with the words themselves.

"No, Mr. Walia."

"Where had you gone today and why were you out for the whole day?" Jai asks with a distinct snap in his voice.

Bani waits a beat and then squaring her shoulders, shrugs and says, "Main aapke sawalo ka jawab dena zaroori nahin samajhti."

A flash of anger sweeps across Jai face as he takes a quick step forward and looms menacingly, "let me remind you that I am your husband and I have the right to know."

Bani stands up and facing him squarely says, "Mr.Walia, let me remind you that you are the husband from whom I am technically and legally separated, from whom I have applied for a divorce. Just because we are sharing the same roof and the same room does not mean you have any of the rights of a husband over me."


Jai looks ready to commit murder and taking a step closer to her, grasps her by the upper arm almost as if he is about to shake some sense into her. "Bani…" he begins only to stop as a distinctly unwell looking Bani seems to change colour, and covering her mouth with her free hand looks up at him in mute appeal.

He lets go off her arm and she rushes into the loo, where she proceeds to be violently sick in the washbasin. He follows her and extends his hands to support her when he remembers the way she had shrugged off his support on the death anniversary of his mother. His face hardens and he just stands.

An exhausted Bani rinses her face and stands clutching the wash basin for support. Seeing her sway on her feet with tiredness and exhaustion, Jai mutters an inaudible expletive and going forward supports her. Bani makes no protest as he guides her to the bed and helps her sit.

"When was the last time you ate food?" he barks at her and without waiting for a reply continues, "how stupid can you be Bani? Whatever else you do or don't do you not have the sense to realise that you cannot afford to skip meals? You were weak to begin with and then you go around doing stupid things like not eating and taking on demanding jobs.

Physically exhausted, emotionally vulnerable, love sick and captive to all the raging hormones generated by pregnancy, Bani cannot prevent the tears that well up in her eyes. Her temper snaps, "yes, I am a fool. The biggest proof of that is the fact that I married you! Par mere jaise bewakoof ko bhi khana khane ki akal hai, who bhi tab jab main pregnant hoon. What happened just now is not because of weakness brought on by self starvation but because of being pregnant with our child! It is called morning sickness, although I do not know why it is called 'morning sickness' when it can continue well into the day!" Having begun on a strident note of anger, Bani involuntarily ends on a note of adorable grumpiness. So involved was she in her tirade that she completely overlooked the lightening transformation Jai had undergone from anger to incredible tenderness, when in a Freudian slip she had, for the first time referred to the baby as 'our child' instead of her usual 'my child.'  

She looks up at Jai, expecting anger only to find him grinning at her indulgently, as he gently asked, "what can you eat that will not end up making you throw up?"

Taken aback Bani can only mumble, "fruits and yoghurt," and then watch in bewilderment as Jai goes to the doorway, calls out to Tony and orders him to bring up fruits and yoghurt.




Episode VII



The phone rings in Walia House. Tony picks it up, listens, and says, "Ji, Bani Maam to ghar …" and Jigs takes the phone from his hands. (I wish she would get a job in a call centre instead of picking up all the phone calls meant for Bani!)

"Hello? Aapko Bani se kya baat karni hai, aap mujhe bata dee jeeiye, woh ghar par nahin hain."

As she listens her expression changes from the incredulous to absolute delight. Smiling she replies, "don't worry. It'll be picked up today," and replaces the receiver.



Ranveer's phone rings. He answers it and as he listens, his expression turns into one of absolute delight.

"Main abhi nikal raha hoon," he answers and putting the phone down smiles and muses out loud, "mamiji, aapka khel to aaj hi khatam ho jayega, aur woh bhi hamesha ke liye." And then he leaves the office.





Masi, dadi, Rashi and Rano are in the living room as Bani walks in.

"Arre Bani, tum kahan gayi hui theen?" Masi asks with a smile.

"Pehle mandir gays thee aur phir Tarun se milne gayi theen. The court date has been appointed," Bani replies in a subdued manner.

Masi's smile falters and she looks sad, as does Dadi. Rashi's eyes tear up as she looks at Bani's face and she hastily gets up, saying, "aap thak gayee hongee, mamiji, main aapke liye juice lekar aati hoon."

Looking at the sadness evident on Bani's face, Rano too refrains from commenting. Instead, she too follows Rashi's lead, saying, "and something to eat as well, I bet you are hungry."

Bani gives them both a grateful smile, thanking both for their empathy and unspoken sympathy.


"Rashi beta, Rano beta, tum dono bahut acha kaam kar rahe ho apne mami ke sewa kar ke. I am so proud of both my daughters-in-law. After all,  Walia house has always been famous for its hospitality. And what is Bani but a guest in this house? Aur ab to yeh waise bhi chand dino ki hi mehmaan hain. Actually, mujhe din nahin kehna chahiya, mehmano ka kya pata kab chale jayein?" And having made everyone both unhappy and uncomfortable, Jigs considers her primary function fulfilled and therefore leaves.




A heartbroken Bani is sitting in her and Jai's bedroom thinking of him.

 Rashi enters softly and seeing the tears rolling down on Bani's face, wordlessly hugs her. Just then Rano too enters. "Di, aap apne ko itne takleef kyon dey rahe hain? Main janti hoon ki Mr.Walia aapko chahte hain and aapko aise dekh kar to koi bhi dekh sakta hai ki aap unse kitna pyaar karti hain. Phir ye sab kyon?"

Bani stands up and looks at Rano, "kya tumhe apni di par bharosa hai?"

"Apne aap se bhi zyada," Rano replies unhesitatingly.

"To phir mujhe sawal mat pucho. Main tumhe unka jawab nahin dey sakte. Main Mr.Walia se pyaar karti hoon. Yeh ab meri zindagi ki sabse badi sachaie hai. Lekin phir bhi main unhe dukh de kar divorce dey rahein hoon, yeh bhi ek sach hai. Aur ab dono main koi pharak nahin raha. Isse zyada main nahin samjha sakti," so saying Bani turns her back on Rano.

Rano puts a hand on her shoulder and when Bani turns around, hugs her saying, "God! If that is what you want I will never ask you again. But I wish I did not have to see you in such agony."

"Rano, tum nahin jaanti tum kitne khush kismet ho ki tumhe Bani jaise behen mille. Aur Mr. Walia, woh to sapne main bhi nahin soch sakte ki woh kitne lucky hain." Rashi says softly. "I know," Rano says softly, looking at Bani, before turning to Rashi and continuing, "and I am also lucky in having a sister in law like you who is more like a sister to me." At this all three women hug and have a sobfest.

Dadi and Masi, entering the room see all three of them, and as her eyes tear up Masi says, "it is a truly lucky household where all the daughters-in-law love each other so much. God bless all of you."

Dadi baing dadi remarks, "aur iss ghar mein, jahan jigyasa ka waas hai, ghar ki bahuon mein itna pyar to aur bhi bada chamatkar hai!" Everyone laughs and self consciously wipes their tears.


(An apology to all the men who are reading this, but if you are married or grew up with sisters you will undoubtedly be aware of the female capacity for bonding with tears!)




Jai is in his office working when the phone rings.

"Haan Tarun, bolo," Jai speaks into the phone, looking relaxed. But that relaxed air evaporates a second later.

"Agle hafte ki court date? But Tarun, I need to delay this. I need to find out what the hell is going on .And for that I need time."

 Tarun, on the other hand rakes his hair in frustration, "I know Jai, believe me, I tried. But the damned court clerk called when Bani was sitting in my office. As it was I picked the last date on the roster. Hopefully, we can drag things out from this first court meeting onwards. But this one, my friend, we are stuck with."

"Theek hai. Which court is the appointment in and for what time?" jai asks, scribbling down the answers. Dropping the phone back he exhales a weary sigh and looks up top find Pia standing in the doorway.

"Don't you have the manners to ask for permission before entering my cabin?" an irritated Jai snaps at Pia.

"I did knock but you were on the phone. Besides, I am not in the cabin, I am still at the entrance," Pia says very softly, conciliatorily. Both her manner and her tone indicate that she has heard the last part of Jai's conversation.

A slightly embarrassed Jai mumbles, "what do you want?"

"I had to show you the latest project update. It's on schedule and everything seems to be fine. So, you need to initial your approval," she replies gently, handing over the file.


Pia being Pia cannot keep silent and as Jai finishes signing and hands over the file, she begins, "Mr.Walia, I know how painful this divorce is for you but trust me, you are doing the right thing," seeing the question on his face she answers it automatically, "I heard you noting the time for your court appointment." When he makes no reply she continues, "where there is no love a relationship cannot last. I know, having made that mistake myself."

An emotionally vulnerable Jai's guard slips and he says, "Why is love so difficult to understand and so easy to misunderstand? I thought that what Bani felt for me was….," he trails off in embarrassment as he suddenly seems to remember who his audience is.

"Di has always taken her responsibilities and duties very seriously. Once she ended up married to you she had no choice but to be your wife to the best of her abilities. But, I guess, somewhere along the way she found it difficult to spend the rest of her life with a man she did not love. And so, she realised that it was better to live alone, without the person she loved, than with the person she had never loved."

A very startled Jai takes an involuntary step closer to Pia, "the person she loved? Bani was in love with someone else when she and I got married?"

"Yes Mr. Walia. She was in love with someone else. Altthough I did not know it at the time. I only found out recently when Rano told me. If only I had known…. Meri wajah se kitna sab kuch galat ho gaya," Pia answers with absolute sincerity and remorse. (Is it not amazing how everything in the world centres around her idiotic little self?)

A thunderstruck Jai Walia's face is blanched of all colour as he whisphers, "Kaun, Pia? Kaun tha woh?"

As the magnitude of Jai's shock registers on Pia, she tries to back off, "ab kya pharak padta hai, Mr.Walia."

Enraged at this evasion, Jai looks furious as he angrily demands, "WHO WAS HE? Answer me or…"

Faced with no choice, and a little scared, Pia blurts the answer out, "Pushkar."


Jai is shell shocked and rendered speechless. He turns and walks to the window. Bracing his hands on the window frame as he gazes out of it with a blank look.

With sudden clarity, he remembers sitting with Bani after she had been rescued from a burning house, when he had asked her if she had been afraid. And she had replied, "of dying? No. My only fear was that I might never see my beloved again."

Closing his eyes in anguish, he whispers to himself, "and it was him you called up when you were in trouble. Not me. Never me. Him you went to after leaving my house. Oh my God, how could I have been so blind?" and then he remembers that long ago night when he had seen Bani and Pushkar talking with the ease and comfort of good friends from his balcony. "Maybe that was not just friendship, at least not for Bani."


"Mr.Walia," Pia calls out to him, laying her hand on his shoulder.

"Please leave me alone," he replies without turning around or opening his eyes.


Turning around at this he tiredly repeats himself, "Pia, just leave me alone. Go."

She leaves.

Jai turns back towards the window, and thinks, "and this is the secret she has been harbouring. God! How could I have been so blind. And that night, that night was such a mistake for her. Why did I let my feelings get the better of the situation? She was not in complete control of her senses and I, who should have taken care of her, took advantage of her. Now, the consequences are inescapable. She is right in wanting to leave me. I should let her go gracefully and generously. It is the right thing to do."

Guys for some reason i am unable to add parts 8 and 9 in continuation here, so they are posted on pg 9 or is 10, am not sure which. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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