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Blast from the Past Thread #25 ** Abducted Dreams ** p 129, ep 257 (Page 2)

Lettuce Newbie

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Enjoyed seeing those expressions of Arshi - the greatest and most adored couple of television history.

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supriya.arshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 8:41am | IP Logged

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 9:25am | IP Logged

Angel Number 25  indicates that these changes will assist you with fully pursuing and fulfilling your divine soul mission and life purpose.It is a combo of 2 and 5 .Where 2 brings its vibrations of partnerships with desires , balanced judgement through intuitive awareness, co-operation and consideration, encouragement and understanding.25 is also a number of difficulty but it ends with happiness.

I really am thankful to all of you for supporting me in my difficult time.sach main bohat sara shurukiya...Thanks a ton.Smile

I will not single out anyone as I am so happy to see everyone almost of the front as old times .I love everyone together.Missing some a lot.Hope to see them soon too.Each one of you and your creations is touching my heart this time and I can't express my joy.I wish I could HUG you all.

I hope I didn't miss anyone up there in the 25th celebration Edit.
[sorry if I did] 

Group Hug

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cinthiann1758 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 10:45am | IP Logged

*credit to uploader and google images and Ravali whoever you are, we love to do that too!

Ladies, I think this is my favorite thread yet!  I think I have said that so many times.  Congratulations for such beautiful work and it makes me proud to know we are so in love with IPK.  It lives on in our hearts!

Ladies you all know who you are so congratulations for putting this thread together but as much as I don't want to single out one person, I must.

Faiqa, I see all the love you carry in your heart.  
Thank you for sharing it with us during this difficult time.  We are all here with you and love you for your ability to share your love with us when your heart is heavy.  
I love you my dear sister.

Brilliant all!
Congratulations on 25!

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Horizon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Aww.. so we are on the bridge... a bridge to their pains and to their hearts..
one reason I could never watch these epis multiple times is the heart tugging pathos of that "kyon khwabon pe tere saaye hai" was painful to see them hurt like there is no tomorrow.. but love always seem to find a way..
Neurons not firing in sync yet.. will be back
that first page looks fabulous...thank you friends..
Congratulations on Silver Jubilee thread!

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aarwen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 10:57am | IP Logged

Wow.. lovely thread as always..

Durga - A stark reality gets uncovered
The reasons for marriage are now unfurled ClapClap
And thank you for all the HAHK connections..

Indi di - IPK turned intergallactic space odyssey.. looking forward to that out of this world face off on the bridge.

Katelyn - gorgeous gif .. the one on the bridge.. Heart

Faiqa - very very very beautiful description of the girl madly in love. Finally understanding that there always was love and sad that she caused the hurt.. Aware that life is meaningless without her man.. in fact lifeless without him by her side..  yet to read dilon ke taar..

Wiwy - Yeaa your first riddle while I am here.. I always wanted to take part in this guessing game.. ok since the color theme is blue.. how about the answer .."his blue tooth" .. old men have teeth fall off but ASR will always have his blue tooth.. LOL

Oh and I have turned blue for now..

Feeling blue.. feeling blue.. feeling bluuueee..
my heart says can't be can't be can't be true..
jane kya chahe mann bavara... akhiyaan mere saawan chala
Feeling blue.. feeling blue.. feeling bluuueee..

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 6:25pm | IP Logged

return to classic ipk state of mind.

the scenes capped, edited, gifed, drool cornered, collaged, bannered on the first page have such power in them. every moment moves and tells me to stay back and waste time just staring and feeling.

when i am on another tab, i find myself keeping the audio on, waiting for him to yell "how could you!" and then the layers of sound, ebbing flowing crossfading in and out, and that kyun dard hai itna... are we sure this was just a serial?

look at that man standing on the verandah, traumatised, trying to come to grips with the situation. he has just seen his wife trying to kill herself, he has also told her he hates her and at last why. two conflicting memories... when they thought of this scene did they think it would become this perfect? this hard to look away from? this impossible not to feel deep things just looking at him? i know we go on about the shot of barun's ahem... but really it was so oh h i can't breathe for me because i knew the look on his face, the feeling in his damn heart and gut as he stood their going a little crazy.

or for that matter look at sanaya doing baat aapki hai or the two of them in the dhaga scene, both looking classic and so movie and with an intensity one gets so desperate for at times. especially in the tinny always smiley world that i seem to be living in.

i am so grateful for this return to non sugary ipk.

and to all of you for hanging out with me through 24 threads... and feels so good to be on 25.

faiqa, i thought you may not be able to make it to the making of 25, but as always you surprised me and fantastically too. what a timely and beautiful heart and soul piece. the edits all touch the insides, beautiful gif, that don't have a character one.

supriya, my hard working girl who has been living under work books and answer sheets these past few months, bhelcomes back... saw your edits and just felt happy. long time. next thread, you please make the edit that goes right on top... and the thread banner he he.

katelyn, i seriously hate you for being so good at whatever you choose to do. thank g, all your wonderful pieces light up our thread... hello hi bye bye, we ares the awnly peoples in the wholes of IF who are havings this sound tracks, haye what makeupiya no touchupiya.

durga, the hahk finds are too good and the piece is lovely. thanks for always doing more than necessary and having so much faith in bftp. you have already changed your profile shot to a bftp one. i think i will do the same...

wiwy, haye a riddle from you, and i see rhea is already answering... barun old? will that ever happen, and if it does, what will make him even more hot is he will be closer to my age and i need not feel stupid about going a bit off centre for some kid on tv.

ami... drool corner... bas! enough staying away and not doing your duty for the aged and the addlepated... that drool corner better not be missing from any of our threads, d'you understand? imagine someone breathing heard and looking at you with fury in his eyes, and his angry voice circling just above your ears.

rhea and javeria, thanks for your contributions to the main post. sorry, rhea, i never asked you...

kiss kiss all, i need to run to the bridge.

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cinthiann1758 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 7:17pm | IP Logged

Episode 247

Pressure Cooker


It all seemed to build and build until finally the explosion occurred. He tells her the reason why he had married her and for only six months to protect his sister. 


Arnavji finally asks her for an explanation.  

  It all came out and she stood there flummoxed and silent.

He poured out his heart in anger and frustration and finally those beautiful twinkling stars that she cherishes around the room and left for him, her dying wish, he flings.  

It is finished. 

He has been cooked to the point of done.  His pressure cooker's "knob" has been released, it is finished and Khushi now knows what he held inside.

Rabba Vey slowly plays in the background and you could feel their hearts bleeding, paining, exploding with release but she doesn't respond.

 Shell words.

He leaves in disgust with his nafrat and she dumbfounded, watches him.

My heart is breaking.


credit Ami, ufff deadwa!

He stands on the porch of the Gupta house.  The shutters of his mind flicker pictures of reminiscent scenes of their moments.  How could she?  They had that beautiful moment during seemed so real...her breath is taken away when he comes close to her.

 Isn't that what she said?

 Confused thoughts enter his mind and then his reality, not hers, haunts him and he sees Shyam hugging her and proclaiming his love for her and not Anjali.

How dare she not respond to his accusations?

A few seconds later a whirlwind flies by him in a blue outfit acting as if all things are normal, they must get ready to go home, isn't that what he said they were leaving?  She can't leave all her clothes here unless he is buying her all new ones at Shantivan she proclaims happily.  He looks at her as if she is nuts, what is happening that she is ignoring what just occurred with no explanation.

Khushi does act as if nothing has happened making jokes as they are packing and getting ready to leave and Arnav is getting more and more frustrated and you could see the gussa building up in his pressure cooker.  Even her mother and Aunt see his displeasure and ask if she is fighting with him.  She says that he is just upset to leave the Gupta's.  He goes into Khushi's room and is finishing packing when he finds a star.  He holds this star in his hand twirling it with care, it reminds him of Khushi and wonders why is she behaving so normally?  He throws the star his anger evident.  He wants an explanation.  

Deep down, I believe he knows something is not right.

She comes inside and is still blabbering trying to pack things.  He grabs her and says stop acting as if nothing has happened and she asks him what has happened.  He starts to angrily discuss their incident and is interrupted by Buaji. 

It's time to go but not before the Gupta's apologize for any inconvenience he experienced and how small the size of the house and the great Arnav Singh Raizada responds with something so totally out of the ordinary, that I know he is changing, when he answers her,

"The love I received here was more valuable than the house's worth."

Buaji kisses him on the forehead and feels blessed and Garima caresses his cheek.  So sweet and Khushi chimes in jealously aren't you leaving any love for her?

Khushi holds on to the picture as she gets into the car with care.  They say their goodbyes and are off.

Khushi is blabbering away on the phone call she received from Di and when she hangs she says she is happy she will see everyone again.  She names everyone and jealous angry Arnav says "and Shyam?"  She ignores his question and says she can't wait to show everyone their picture and then his pressure cooker needs release.  He pulls the car over and grabs her out of the car.


What is going on?

 He throws their beautiful portrait down and the glass breaks on the road and he proceeds to yell at her.  Concerned she doesn't feel any remorse, no explanation he goes on and on.  He proceeds to say to her that it is sad that both families love her so much, she hides her true colors, but he is aware of them. 

Khushi silently listens. 

The pressure cooker has been turned on.

And then it begins.

He is glad that her mom and dad are not alive.

"Don't talk about my parents."

 She firmly states still under control but her eyes are aflamed.

He asks her why?  She thinks they are stars.  How does she look them in the eyes?

"BAS" she yells.

  The pressure cooker needs release.  She has told him not to talk about her parents.  Her finger pointed at him, she swallows her anger and calms herself down, walking towards the car she says they should go home, Di must be waiting.

And now his cooker blows!  He slams the door,

"No way, we are not leaving until you answer my questions!"

At this point I was clapping my hands saying finally!  Thinking finally everything will be cleared.  It's about time!

"How can you betray me and my family so easily? How come you didn't say anything?"  He angrily asks her and then in the most gentle and caring voice, almost like he let his guard down, he says softly,

"Khushi...don't you think it's important to explain to ME?"

That question asks it all.  Didn't you love me?  Why?  Why did you betray me and our love?

And now her pressure cooker is totally blowing and in need of release.  Her pride is hurt.  How can he think this of her? When has she ever made him believe she could ever do that disgusting act?  She won't even lower herself to give him an answer. How could he even believe she would ever do this to him or Di? 

And then the question to him, why didn't YOU ask me what happened before you forced me to marry you for six months?

The pressure cookers have been released! 



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