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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #25 ** Abducted Dreams ** p 129, ep 257

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A stark reality gets uncovered
The reasons for marriage are now unfurled
A desperate bid to make things clear
So deep are the wounds, it falls on deaf ears
A turnaround from all the hate
To heed to his heart's faltering state
But the evil lays out a devilish plan
Creating a hurdle between her and her man
A confession in captivation
Makes the heart erupt in jubilation
But only for a while, as she'd soon realise
There's more to it, to understand and analyse
Kyun dard hai itna, the hearts start to sing
Love goes through a furnace to come out shining

Troubling and taxing times ahead
The warring couple would be separated
Distance makes the love ignite
Welcome to BFTP thread twenty five

"yeah right... sach!" "jee haan, sach!... woh sach jisse aap meelon door hain..." "yeah right... the truth!" "yes, sir, the truth!... that truth from which you are miles away!" the sach really is we have crossed many meelon together on this trek of ours. plenty fun and nok-jhoks we have seen, pondered the impossible pulchritude of asr and the chaotic craziness of khushi both of which have severely shaken our galactic equilibrium; we've dived into the fiery seas of love and hamesha, climbed the dizzy heights two actors can take us to, visited planet shantivan and planet gh, avoided being sucked into oblivion by slimy antimatter called shyam. we have even managed to survive the attack of ott and sugary sweet homey days with pink walls... and here we are on the bridge, where we must face the truth. and since our vision is not fogged by what we saw on the terrace, all we see is we are on thread #25. it's our silver jubilee thread, yay. congratulations, all. now let's settle down to some fantastic acting and hotness, shall we, whether we have "a character" or not.

Credits: DurgaS has written the opening lines and the welcome poem, the IPK banner is by ArshiHamesha, supriya.arshi has designed the thread #25 banner and the "Baat aapki hai" collage, the GIF banner is created by Katelyn, she has also edited the music and composed the audio, the "on the bridge" edit and Blast notes are by indi52. ArshiHamesha, supriya.arshi, DurgaS and indi52 have designed the main posts.

E P I S O D E  P O S T I N G  T W I C E  A  W E E K
Mondays and Thursdays 8pm

Blue, intense, beautiful days coming up,
scroll down for Rules, Episodes, and lots of unabashed IPK love

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Big smile
Our Riddler has sent a riddle after a long time... do post your answers on the thread.
Riddler will reveal the answer when she is good and ready.

What will make ASR more attractive to girls when he ages?

Attention Pilleejh

Riddler has given us till this Friday, 9 May, 12 midnight IST
to send in all our answers.

And we are introducing the Blasters' Choice Prize this round onward.
So please, check all the answers listed on page 9, link below...
and send a PM to Riddler Wiwy by Sunday 11 May, 12 midnight IST.
Winners will be declared on Monday 12 May.

~A connection of Heart to Soul~



..."agar aap aise chale jayengey tou hum saans hi nahin..."[I won't be able to breath in your absence]...Arnav who was trapped in this all along is stunned seeing his Khushi in the same vortex but he couldn't handle it again as always and left her but their connection has reached to the next level.


Connection of hearts happened the day she landed in his arms yet confession occurred with awareness on Holi but Khushi was totally in inebriated form to accept that as compared to Arnav. Diwali night she surrendered to her love first time and then got crushed in between those gripping feelings . She had let her emotions get under the blanket of hibernation even after the realization of her true feelings for him especially after the terrace night. She got shattered in this delusional ocean of Love as Arnav's attitude and actions had changed her perception for him as her trust over him did shake it's walls. But Khushi was totally unaware of Arnav's feelings and the motives behind these acts . We are seeing again courageous Khushi at the airport  where she is not afraid or hesitant standing on her grounds to prove her innocence for the man who she loves the most..."agar aap aise chale jayegey tou hum saans hi nahin..."[I won't be able to breath in your absence]... The  realization is seeping in that the man who she thought of a Rakshus without feelings is the man who really loved her and now hated her for that reason. She was responsible for this Hate and misunderstanding in between them and knows how much he is in pain because of her..." aur humari wajha se aapka Dukh aur badh raha hai...[your pain is increasing because of me]...and that is ripping her inside out as a guilt... "ek baar humari baat sun lete to...jaana zaruri tha kya..." [what could go wrong if he heard me once , it was necessary to go right now]...She indeed is floating in the ocean of deep guilt and Love.


Her subconscious is reeling the moments of their connection in such a way that her guilt is taking over her conscious . She never knew of Arnav's collection of their connective objects and the reason of their captivity .That is coming to her now  but her remorse is pulling her towards this maze strongly that she is losing her balance of mind but again their connection of hearts is shifting to soul connection .They are reaching to next level where their frame of reference doesn't need their presence any more and they can feel each other's distress and trouble from miles...She some how is feeling his distress and he is feeling hers and that's why he is calling her over and over and not letting her disappear in this DARK maze of guilt and vortex of despair. He is awakening her Love.


She had given him the mannat chaabi and left him but her blood meaning her heart brought him back to her , the Payal she left for him unintentionally yet his heart found   the connection but he put on her to accept this connection , and the pearls which are scattered on the floor under her feet meaning she was misunderstanding the purity of his Heart and Love just like he was doing by throwing em away once.These Pearls are emotions of all colors which they share with each other inside the ocean of their hearts.These are their deep wishes which they have for each other more than the depth of an ocean.These are the pains which they share by destiny and bring uproar of this ocean in their lives when they feel it.These are the eyes through which they acknowledge each other and dignify each other .These Pearls are the stars which are the reasons of their existence in this world and far from the distance smiling at them at their pure but delusional hearts.These are the desires which are longing ,yearning ,and embarking in their hearts and making them agitated to be with each other.These Pearls are the purity of love for each other which is so precious and  flawless among them regardless of the presence of evil and darkness around em. These pearls today are screaming at her to accept all this just like once these were screaming at Arnav to accept her purity . These were floating around and being thrown but now Khushi is collecting em and Arnav will put em in one thread.The beauty is Khushi never knew these were in his possession but today these are putting her in the ocean of guilt deeper than ever but at the same time bringing her his true feelings for her at the surface

Today in her dream  she visualized how their  "heart connected together"... First  pearls  as this arrogant broke her abyss and entered her soul but she was bruised  , SecondMannat ki chaabi  which unlocked their hearts by the forces of divinity and the Payal which Arnav put on her to make her HIS and above all " made promised to protect her" (as silver Payal has always symbolized keeping away the negative forces)as I explained in Maha 57 .

So collectively, Khushi in her dream is getting lost in this maze with fear of losing him  along with the the guilt of hurting him which is pulling her in the riddles but this also meant to connect Arnav's soul to her ..Arnav will help her to come out of this riddle and she will find her love , her Arnavji...and He will protect her and their relation from every evil . That loop is closed today which started from Epi 1st  but the next loop of putting scattered pearls in one thread still needs time but Khushi will see a second sequence which shows her deepest desire for all of these  pearls in one thread and Arnav will fulfill her dream.


Naniji also helped broken Khushi  to understand Arnav and his painful world. She  told her everything which can make her understand better as compared to Anjali... "Aur chup gaye ek bade se pateele ke bartan maan aur atak gaye, phir bartan ko kaatna pada" -[Brass symbolizes judgment upon adulterer , but also reprsents self repentance and self judgment ] as he will connect the dots to repent "mujhe aur khuch nahin chaiye Khushi..."[ I don't need anything else Khushi...] is his next destination.

Khushi's worries over Naniji's statement..."phir to Arnav ji ko bhi chot aayi hogi" [Arnav must be hurt too]...Yes  in this whole repentance process he will suffer, he will  take all "Chot" which he inflicted on Khushi...Naniji's "woh Chotey hain,chotey...chot ki khaatir nahi,murga banne ki khaatir roye "[ He is Chote, he cried for being chicken not for getting hurt] ...[Chicken , according to African beliefs ...guides souls and according to  Chinese Zodiac a decision maker and Sharp while  it also wards off evil and Lust]...Yes if Khushi will reveal this serpent , Arnav will decide to cut him off.


Naniji's next words are golden for Khushi to tie this whole thing up..."galti unki rahi...hamre chotey hai na agar woh kisi se pyaar kare hain aur unke liye kuch nahi kar sake to khudi kohi  sazaa dene lagat hain...aise hi hain hamaare chotey"[ chote punishes himself if he is at fault and can't do anything for the person he loves the most]These words are tying up with Anjali's words,"Chote sab kuch baant sakte hai par apna dukh nahin..."[He can share everything but his sorrows and pain]

Khushi's fear, worries  and  his decision of going London now is going to hurt him but as Naani says "aise hi hain Chote"...[that's how he is] - if he realizes,that it is his mistake and if he sees he can't help the person he loves the most (Di ke laadley...murga khud hi ban gaye)... then he punishes himself , as for Anjali's sake he did punish himself that dreadful night and has to live with serpent. Now his soul has a burden as he has suspected and hurt  Khushi  so for this realization ,he'll punish himself...


The sequence of fbs reel in front of her trueand honest  picture of Arnav's actions "aur aap jo humain bachane keh liye khud ko chot de rahe thay..."[u were hurting yourself for saving me all along]...when , Guest House night he realized his mistake ,Rain night by giving her coat he made initiative to correct his actions of making  her suffer, wounded wrist scene ...realization of her pain which in return hurting him all along ,the bandage scene ,action towards correcting his mistakes by healing her wound and the last one, leaving the hands at the airport shows the guilt has shifted the anger and hate as he is leaving with the knowledge of his wrong actions of hurting and crushing Khushi...

that's why..."Khushi mein ne tumhain hurt kya ...mein khud ko khabi maaf nahin kar paoonga" ..He can't forgive himself what he inflicted upon her all this time and then he will emerge as a true protector of her dreams...The protective connection of heart to soul has completed and locked today and now  it's the  time  to  just embrace it and that will complete it's coarse during Telepathy.

Ying Yang


An Anniversary Poem by aarwen

Our hearts had started beating fast

And instinct would know right from the start

It was not to be a simple love story

This would turn out as something legendary.


Innocent Aphrodite reincarnated in glittering gold, pink, green up on the stage 

He was the wearisome raj kumar in black who opened his eyes in a haze

She fell into those waiting arms, love had its first victory

But we knew things would not be this easy, as soon as he ripped that pearl dori.


Suddenly in his orderly life she injected chaos everywhere

Welcome to hell in exquisite anger when he challenged her to dare

Vision in red trembling she stood, his lungs needed air to breathe

She raved and ranted that night in the guesthouse, "Khushi" her name on his lips would seethe.


A tentative right step into his house, orange jooce made it's first appearance

The cutest smile possible would soon light up his whole countenance

Reminder of what all he has lost, reckless rage directed at the girl

Compelled to say sorry, he notices her cheeks glazed with liquid pearl.


Something has changed, ethereal rabba ve knows

Fights and breezy hey hey hey come together in a healthy dose.

Sultry temptress encircled by flickering diyas, he went aflame in desire

Disorientated he broke away, soon they would be playing with fire.


Wondrous star gazing together, forming a bond eternal

Time for jealousy, fark parta hai kyunki life without her would be dismal

Divine dance claiming right expressed in teri meri

Swirl of dhak dhaks no longer controlled by just a sweet sanka jilebi


Besotted lover with his flirtatious "hi" and striking looks

The sweetest kiss spreading crimson blush would keep her on tenterhooks

Beautiful in a twinkling bindi, baat karni hai on an unforgettable night

Fate had its say, heartache could not be pushed away try hard as Arnav might.


Into the darkness desolate he drove, outrage against life in his yell

6 month wedding to his unfaithful beloved, the solution as far as he could tell

Shattered dreams, broken promises she knew not why

All this agonizing hate, oh how we would cry!


Enchanting magic, hyperventilating hearts, would get added to holi history

How all this was left behind to move to the next phase still remains a mystery

From Harvard he studied MBA, we get to see an unfamiliar soft side

Leading to the revelation of the betrayal he so badly attempted to hide.


Overnight a girl grew into a woman as she heard her loved one's confession

Staying apart, the longing grew and now there would no longer be any hesitation

Most loving hug bringing two souls in the closest embrace

Fireflies turned up the heat, Reunited they sizzled under devi maiya's grace.


Infinite unwavering belief once he returns will be his redemption

But fighting to keep her for life still needs some attention

Engaging teasing, red nose, no wonder the bride is shy

"I love you dammit" he yelled out, now I can happily die!

Ying Yang

When Harvard Boy Bumped Into Jhalli Girl

E C H O E S   F R O M   T H R E A D #24

harvard boy: what the... where's everyone?

jhalli girl: who everyone? i am here, arnav ji. you me, just the two of us, and this empty beautiful thread... koi nahin hai... aaj mausam hai suhana, thread pe dancing karne ka hai bahana...

harvard boy: shaat aap, khushi. if we are alone you think we should dance!... bakwas.

jhalli girl: phir, arnav ji, haww, what do you want us to do then?

harvard boy: khushi, enough! have you ever heard of a three letter word that men and women love indulging in especially if they are desperately in love and happen to be alone together in a lonely lovely place, like we are right now?

jhalli girl: three letter word... oh i love chutkule, i will crack it... men and women love indulging in? love... hayeee. i know what you mean, arnav ji... i want it too, i want it...

harvard boy: aah, at last, right now khushi? yes? tum theek ho?

jhalli girl: yes yes right now, arnav ji... i also want to the three letter word... eat.

harvard boy: eat?? whaaat!

jhalli girl: eat... haan... e...a.. t. three letter word. indulging. you me here all by ourselves.

Harvard boy: khushi!!!!

jhalli girl: arnav ji??

harvard boy: issey toh chasing shyam with stupid plans was better. khushi, promise me, you'll never be a writer.

one dark and stormy night on a lonely thread by indi52.


aarwen finds the two on the same silent thread.


Jhalli - Haw.. is thread ko ho kya gaya?
Harvard boy - Khushiii.. tum thik ho? Kya hua tumhe?

Jhalli - Hum thik hai Arnav ji .. Par ye thread aapki tarah kam bolne wala kyu hogaya? 

Harvard boy - Shut up Khushi.. Ye drama band karo..

Jhalli - Hum kyu shut up? Agar hum bhi chup ho gaye toh yaha baat kaun karega.. Kuch nai smajhate ye laad governer kahin ke..

Harvard boy (Smirking)  - Paagal.. Achcha Khushi main wada karta hun abse tumse dher sari baatein karunga..Aur ye Nirupa Roy jaise thread ko Salman Khan jaisa action packed bana dungi..

Jhalli (Jumping up and down) -  Arnavji aap duniye ke sabse achche pati hai

Gifs : credit tumblr

a vm to go with the mood of this thread
Javeria recommends Bezubaan by coldyfriend 1

IPK banner credit Risha_ipkknd and Rules poster and "You don't have a character" GIF by ArshiHamesha.

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Texture credit: Miss-deviantE@DA and mongrelminds


Blast From The Past #22 !Main Humesha Tumse!

All episodes from 219 to 224 can be found in the link above

Blast From The Past #23 !Catch up and some OTT!!

All episodes from 225 to 230 can be found in the link above

Blast From The Past #24 **Golgappa Times**

All episodes from 231to 246 can be found in the link above

Episode 247

Episode 248

Episode 249

Episode 250

Episode 251

Episode 252

Episode 253

Episode 254

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Episode 256

Episode 257

Blast from the Past #25 Extn

3rd Anniversary at BFTP - Gulaab , Kaanta and IPK

Katelyn's Catch


Drool Corner
By Ami

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Tar Dilon Ke...[A connection of hearts...]



"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected. "Unknown...


Khushi opens the curtain to connect the Sun [ a star , parents's connection] to her Sun [ Arnavji] who is keeping his eyes closed from her "aapki anhon par waise hi jhoot ka parda hai..." [ your eyes are closed under lies].. but his heart and it's connection is disturbed seeing her withdrawing from all the connections, she has built with him so far.The connections of bathroom fights to her Dabba service to her cherish smiles just by giving him troubles has reached to an end ..."ek khamoshi"[Silence] from her side..."Humari taraf se sirf Khamoshi milegi.." [ u will get just silence from me ] ...The conflict of his thoughts in between these connections and understanding that she is changing him the way he was before "Khushi! tum kya kar rahi ho"[What r u doing]...and her painful disconnection..."ise phir se apka bana diya" [I changed it again yours] and all he could do was get affected and yet pretend indifferent !!!.."kyun main uske baare mein itna soch raha hun...uska hona  nahon kyuon itna pareshan karta hai...mujhe koi fadak nahi padta..."[Why am I thinking about her ...why everything about her is bothering me...No it doesn't matter to me]

Her silence is killing her playfulness , Her silence is shattering the togetherness...Her silence is disturbing the ocean...collecting the clouds ...indeed Storm is on the way...but all he could show indifference..."yeh mat samjho ki mujhe nahi pata tum kya karne ki koshish kar rahi ho...mujhe koi fadak nahi padta "[Don't think that I don't know what are you doing..but it doesn't matter to me..]She who can't stand any rift in this connection, any knot in this Dhaaga...Tar but declaring that " "hum ne Dhaga jan bhooj kar nahin bandha par ab jab baandh liya hai tou..."[ I didn't make this knot but if we are connected through it then]..

The righteous Khushi is a wounded soul right now and justifying her side by taking his signature to save this connection but her connection with her mind is getting stronger in case of Shyam and his filthiness but she will have to disconnect the ink from these papers after paying a heavy price.That price will make Arnav wake up as Sun did reach to his eyes but took a little time to convey the message to his brain to see a real divine connection in between him and his Khushi where no Zahri [ apparent] connection is needed as their soul has this divine connections already.She gets panicked over his disconnecting her calls" yeh humra phone kyuon kaat rahe hai" [Why is he disconnecting me?] As he is leaving for London...on her mother's 56th Birthday Where 5 is divine Grace [sun ...a star ...his mother has showered shine on him today] where 6 is the scarification and poisonous number ...interesting He is meeting both in one day...But his mother will be there to protect awake bring him back to this connection.

Khushi's pain and wound is getting deeper knowing he is in pain she is again the reason increasing it... For Khushi "hum unko jaane nahi denge...aise to kabhi nahi jab hamaare karan unka dard aur badh raha hai..." - time was running out and she had to see him... the entire background and foreground to Anjali-Khushi conversation and how it connected to Arnav who just want to be alone without Khushi..."Stop calling me Khushi..." he knew how she was being impatient and running around to show him the truth - he just wanted to go away without making it more difficult - but when he entered the airport he was still lost in her...


Then This Mehsoos ...the connection of wind ... he feels here presence [Finally in years ...mehsoos is back]- and turns around with happy old Rabba Ve ...when both the lovers smile and get connected through their tears to see each other in the first instant...


But ASR has to be rigid... he won't stop and listen...the mention of Shyaam is stabbing  the wounded  heart...walking away is the only answer for him and disconnecting her is the solution but is it???...No !!!Arnav , who couldn't walk away with the knowledge that she is waiting out for him , her tears are falling on his heart , that  connection has crossed the barrier already ...he has hope that the truth will redeem the pain...


"Koi hai jo yeh prove kar sakta hai ki hum bekasoor hain " [There is someone who can prove that I am innocent] ...BUT  does Arnav need anyone to prove her innocence ..NO!! He has crossed that barrier...Khushi is innocent and her herself saying that is more than enough for him at this point ... She has exposed her scars to him openly and his bruises are unveiled to her ...but to avoid the tension for words and the arguments just breaking them in pieces and his raw painful wounds starts bleeding again after her revelation...""Di ne bataaya aap kyun ja rahe hain...agar aap ruk jaate..."[Di has mentioned ,why are you going today?] " which he doesn't want to share but wants to share at this moment...he will do later in her embrace and she will be his healer...

but now at this moment- he gives her waiting time to prove herself... "3 minute hai tumhaare paas..."( number "3" signifies masculine number but always brings victory...attainment)  - he sees her panicking -She pleads , commands, forces him to listen to her"aapko sach sunna hoga.."[U have to hear the truth]...And finally he gives in"kyun Khushi,...kyun fadak padta hai tumhe..."[Why it matters to you Khushi]...She embarks with her Right... "kyun...fadak padta hai kyunki baat aapki hai...issliye Fadak padta hai kissi aur ki hoti tou nahin padta...aur agar aap hi chale jaayenge to hum saans hi nahi" [Why it matters because It is you what matters me the most...not anyone else and if u leave like that then how will I breath]

Yes It matters to her to prove her innocence to him because she loves him, she can't live without him either and can't see any  suspicious in his eyes. She would rather rise than fall , SHe would rather die than his refusal.

Now he doesn't need anything else but holds her in his embrace, he is speechless, he is stunned seeing raw truth in her eyes which he can't handle just like before when he couldn't see raw connection and tried to wash away..."mujhe koi Fadak nahin padta kissi larki se"... as this is a way of saying I care, it  is a way of expression of their innermost feelings all along that shows a deep connection with which they are knotted together.But He has run away again just like before till this TAR brings him back to his Khushi and her His heart is screaming that his Khishi is right but his mind still need time..."main ruka tha...kyunki kahi ek hope thi..."


She holds on to his hands..."mat jaye"...just like he connected himself to her on that dreadful transferring strength , today she is transferring strength in him ...just like she stopped him to move away from her on Holi and connected him with the strongest connection of all in between them.

Today she is strengthening this relationship and even he is forcefully removing himself but with other hand he is tightening the knot by himself...Just like he made a promise holding her hand in the night that he will never let this angel go away...and he will do whatever it takes to hold her close to him..

 He walks away by his last call but  for him - walking away from her is the most difficult act - "aisa kyun hota hai jab aap hamaare kareeb hote hain to hamaari dil ke dhadhkane tez ho jaati hai..." - they are connected by heartbeats - tearing apart is never the way forward...

 "Jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nahi...jab jo bura kiya uska koi matlab nahi...iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahi...bas ek cheez ka matlab main hamesha... hamesha tumse.."

These words make him realize the connection which doesn't need explanation because no matter what, he's been always in Love with her and this connection is way above all as La's words..."pyar sab se bada hota hai....

Soon ..."I don't need anything Khushi "will come to make this connection stronger...The connection of pain is what made them realize and questioning their feelings as always.

Khushi's tears halt him..."Kyun aisa feel kar raha hoon...kyun Khushi se door jaane mein itni takleef ho rahi hai.."[Why am I feeling like that?...Whey is it so hard to go away from Khushi..? He finally has found the Tar...the connection...And he go back to her...But.. an unknown person..[TIME] asks for him..."I'll be gone...but our connection is strong and "jo tum mehsoos karti ho who main mehsoos karta hoon...kyuonke humari dhadkanain ek hain"[ I feel what you feel as our heartbeats become one].. as Khushi is right ..."in sab keh baad hum aapko jane nahin daingey"[after all of this I can't let you go] and indeed he can't break this connection...a connection of hearts...Tar dilon keh...

 "Oh, why did people have to be separated before they understood how much they meant to each other?" 

                                                        Linda Crew

Yes he turned towards his Khushi as he always does...and from now on he will never let her go away from him either...but still they have to cross the barriers of pains to reach to each other's SOULS...


Kyuon Khabon peh tere saiye Hai

Dil kyuon hai Tanha mera

Kyuon Khamoshi hai zuban meri

Ashkon se keh paoon na

Kyuon dard hai itna tere ishq mein

Rabba Ve ...Rabba Ve...Rabba ve

credit to maker.


                                                                       by  Durga

A look at the movie references in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
as there are plenty and they add to our exploration. If you spot one,
please do send in with your thoughts, we'll post it here.

When HAHQ met IPKKND Episode 2 

 Our leading ladies seem fascinated with this head gear. The picture above speaks for itself.
Sholay scene
There is no dearth of Sholay fanatics in our milieu. So, neither Prof.Chaudhary in HAHK nor KKG in IPKKND could resist alighting a piece of furniture, grabbing a bottle of water and shout sooocide ...
I know it's you
That moment when you know that it is your beloved at the other end of the line, without uttering a word or a whisper. That's love at poignant times.
Open hair
What's with men and their beloved's khule baal, open hair? No hesitation, a plain haq, wanting to see those locks fly open, dance freely, as they want their love to be. It's a ribbon in HAHK, it's a clip in IPKKND. But really does it matter?
Pehla pehla 
So right after opening the ribbon, Prem and Nisha dance to 'Pehla pehla pyaar hai'. But Arnav and Khushi have already finished their duet at their siblings sangeet. But why fret, they decide to preserve the song for their own sangeet. Oh, it's definitely a pehla pehla pyaar for them.
Pet pals  [as suggested by IssK]
It doesn't take long for our lovely ladies to be pally with the pets of their future sasuraal. 

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Picture credit supriya.arshi
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
aarwen's Index - For some refreshing takes from our newest blaster
..Anita..'s Index  - For impactful analysis and hilarious comments  
ArshiHamesha's Index  - For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses
BarunDiwani's Index  - For indepth analysis and the superhit drool corner
Chalhov's Index  - For picture stories and songs
cinthiann1758's Index  - For detailed takes and interesting titles 
DurgaS's Index - For original poems and parodies
indi52's Index- For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
Katelyn's Wonderland - For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos
samin6's Index - For out of the box reviews of episodes
sohara's Index - For analysis replete with new words and vms
supriya.arshi's Collages - For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
wiwy's index - For some mind-boggling riddles

Some other links
Blasters' Takes Index - Links of Analysis, picture edits, poems, videos, etc. 
Thobda poems - Poems and parodies by the blasters on the thobda
News updates  Updates about the happenings on the thread 
Engagement Discoveries- A combined post of blasters on the IPK 2nd Anniversary Thread
The Thobda Post- An Entertaining thobda post containing poems by the blasters and picture edits based on them by supriya.arshi. This post is made on the occasion of BS's birthday on Team Sobtians thread.
BS's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Barun Sobti's birthday thread
SI's Birthday post The combined post of blasters on Sanaya Irani's birthday thread
AD's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Akshay Dogra's birthday thread
DB's Birthday post- The combined post of blasters on Daljeet Bhanot's birthday thread
For all BFTP links vist: Blast from the Past - The Mega Index

* * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
5. Wiwy's dream is fulfilled at last. She met Barun Big smile 
* * *
Music by Katelyn
Katelyn's banner

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Episode 24
aarwen ... Episode 247 
ArshiHamesha ... Why??? Special Edition... Episode Part 246-Part 247 
cinthiann1758 ... Pressure Cooker 
Katelyn ... Promo   SBaT / TB Segments    SBS Segments    
sohara ...  Episode 247 


Episode 248 
aarwen ... Episode 248 
ArshiHamesha ... A Silent Roar Episode Part247-248 
DurgaS ... Takraar
indi52 ... talk to me 
cinthiann1758 ... So Far Away 
Katelyn ... SBB / TV9 Segments 
sohara ... Episode 248 


Episode 249 
aarwen ... Episode 249 
ArshiHamesha ... A game Of Chess Episode Part 248-249
cinthiann1758 ... Episode 249 I Won't Deceive Him 
indi52 ... string me along
sohara ... Episode 249 

Episode 250 
aarwen ... Episode 250 
ArshiHamesha ... Reflection... Episode 250
cinthiann1758 ... Episode 250 Blackmail 
DurgaS ... Saha na jaaye  
indi52 ... tied and tested
Katelyn ... TV9 Segment 
sohara ... Episode 250 

Episode 251 
aarwen ... Episode 251 
ArshiHamesha ..Atoot Bandhan[Eternal Relationship] Episode 251-MAHA
DurgaS ... Kahaan hai    Mat jaaiye 
indi52 ... please don't go 
Katelyn ... Promo  SBS Segment  
sohara ... Episode 251 

Episode 252 

aarwen ... Episode 252 
indi52 ...  to miss her man 
sohara ... Episode 252 

Episode 253 

aarwen ... Episode 253 
ArshiHamesha ..Rise of inamorata EPISODE 252-253
indi52 ... call me to your heart 
sohara ... Episode 253 

Episode 254 

indi52 ... who's that boy 
sohara ... Episode 254 

Episode 255 

aarwen ... Episode 254-255 
DurgaS ... Why, O Why? 
sohara ... Episode 255

Episode 256 

Horizon ... Aap aa gaye?  
sohara ... Episode 256 

Episode 257 

ArshiHamesha ... Chimera EPISODE 256-257
indi52 ... angry eyes  
sohara ... Episode 257 


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25 Dancing

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