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"Ma i hate her", Arnav complained

"She always cries whenever i play with her"

"Let us find some other house "

"I simply hate her i don't want to see her face plz ma"


"I too hate him like anything how dare he touch my pony tail?? Said sobbing Khushi

After some years

"U fatoo go away this is not for u?? This is for my sister Sana??? Do u hear that???"

"U cranky how dare u call me fatoo?? Said Khushi and toppled the chocolate cake on his face"

And giggled away

 In turn Arnav just smeared his face with her face and laughed loudly both of their faces fully covered with chocolate dripping from each other face...their family amused at their antics and guffawed loudly which embarrassed both of them... and stood fuming at each other and staring contest began .

The whole family started putting stakes on them to see who the winner will be.. This is yet another round of entertainment for Gupta and Raizada families.


"Friends are the siblings' god forgot to give us"

                                        - Anonymous

Puneet gupta and Susheel singh raizada  are the long lost siblings in their last birth reborn to become the best friends of all times. Yeah this is how the business world both of them.

 Mr.gupta and Mr.raizada somewhere met in one of the slums of Mumbai at the age of 15 to know they were orphaned and had none to feed them and chased down to face the harsh realities of the world at an tender age. They first became the dabba walas, sometimes cobblers and yet another mediocre jobs.

 Every day they would find odd jobs to fend themselves they would support each other in every way and would take care of each other in the cruel world. Somehow they collected Rs 1000 after 1 year of their union and started a small tea shop and tiffin shop. They continuously worked hard day and night to start a small scale fast food stall and it got expanded to small restaurant "friend's cafe" and soon it became a restaurant which employed more than 50 employees and became RG restaurant.

This is how they joined hands to become greatest buddies and to become millionaires and pioneers of hotel industry in Mumbai. Soon their base shifted to delhi in due expansion and got married to yet another set of friends Sarayu and Devyani.

Sarayu and Devyani faced a fair share of abuses and poverty along with societal atrocities inflicted on women in the name of caste, sect, and male chauvinism. The girls stood bravely and binded themselves in terms of trust and love and their devimaiyya. 

They were sold as maids at the tender age of 9 by their respective drunkard fathers' but by divine force they were employed in same house/diwan. Being young girls they instantly became friends and shared their pain,they accepted getting beatings from their fathers were far better than being servants.

 They became lovely ladies and they learnt chikankari work from an elderly lady worked in that diwan who showered endless love on them her name was Ashwini from lucknow. they used to call her chachi. But good old times ended when chachi died and they were driven out.

They found RG restaurant as their solace to fend themselves. During free time they used to sell their chikankari clothes and teach the neighbouring children at Lakshmi nagar chawl in delhi. They lived contently. They always welcomed everything with smile.

During some errands of their selling sarayu and Devyani met puneet and susheel instantly they fell in love and  their friendship glowed for years together.

They became rich and bought a house in delhi named it as shantivan and promised themselves to live together always and years to come.

When Devyani gave birth to girl she was named Ashwini by sarayu by recalling their chachi.After few months Sarayu gave birth to handsome twins Shashi and Narayan.Again ill times started sarayu did not live for long she died after few years of twins birth.

Devyaani became the mother to Ashwini,Shashi and Narayan. Puneet was shattered by sarayu's death and he was supported his rock hard friend susheel to continue living and he worked harder to alleviate the pain of sarayu's death. He dogged himself day and night along with susheel. when Manohar was born happy times came back to Shantivan.

The four kids grew together and became attached to each other so well. Devyaani took care of them while her husband and her devar worked.

The ladlas and ladli grew old enough to go to college.

Shashi and Narayan were always the body gaurds to Ashwini. She was always their di (though only few months old to them) she bossed around everyone at home. She was the angel in the life of puneet chachu.

Manohar was the spoilt ladla of the house who was pampered to the core by his sister and brothers. The parents and chachu treated with equal love and strictness.

Ashwini became a renowned writer and as she had immense interest in literature and romance.

Shashi and Manohar took reigns of their hotel industry while completing their degrees in business.

Narayan was always a bright student became a renowned ENT specialist.

Hell broke loose at Shantivan when Ashwini loved a man who did not have a surname Mr.Aryan who was a small time entrepreneur in the hotelier industry. She met him at one of the parties with her brothers. He was one of the associates of Shashi.

 She was enamoured by his behaviour and his rugged look which attracted her like a magnet. She fell in love with him. After playing hide and seek of emotions for a considerable time Aryan proposed to Ashwini at New Year's party. This was witnessed by Shashi and Manohar enraged by it,Shashi fought with his  bosom friend Aryan. Yes he was shashi's friend he was a school friend and college mate for business he was a scholarship student funded by a Christian missionary.


Ashwini cajoled his other sensible brother narayan to see her love and convinced her puneet chachu and lastly Aryan proved his love to Shashi.

In between narayan met Aryan and found him right for his Di. Narayan and Shashi spoke about Aryan to their dada susheel and mother Devyani promptly backed by puneet chachu and Manohar. As a romantic at heart devayani promptly accepted Aryan without any second thoughts and she liked him for her daughter

So SSR gave his name and daughter to Aryan whom he interrogated for an hour after finding he is suitable for his princess Ashwini.

Thus Aryan became Aryan singh raizada (ASR) though lived with ashwini he did not accept any money from his dads and saale sahabs for becoming big in the hotel industry. He worked harder and harder ruthlessly and became a man to reckon with. He revamped the hospitality industry with his creative and innovative ideas. He made enough money.

Now Shashi, Aryan and Manohar became partners to rule the hospitality industry in the name of RG group of luxurious hotels.

Soon Narayan made his name big in the medical world by doing medical research in ear, nose and throat. He established SaraDevi hospital in the heart of delhi in memory of his ma and badi maa.

Girls from lucknow Garima, shrinidhi and Manorama were selected for Shashi, narayan and Manohar by Devyaani and Ashwini. Garima and shrinidhi were sisters and Manorama was the cousin of Garima and shrinidhi. They were simple and beautiful instantly liked by both the ladies at home they met them in the devimaiyya temple. Oddly they were living in the Lakshmi nagar chawl and fending their parents by running a sweet shop and balancing their careers.

Garima was a part time school teacher, shrinidhi was a social worker who worked in a Christian missionary and Manorama was working in a beauty parlour.

Rishta was bought at the Sharma house at Lakshmi nagar to pack the ladies to Shantivan. Thus Shashi, Narayan and Manohar married Garima, Shrinidhi and Manorama respectively.

Happiness was thick and palpable in the air of Shantivan. A big star Sarayu smiled graciously at her family's new found happiness and blessed them for eternity.

Family tree


 The Trip 

We have lots of work to do Anjali come do the packing

Don't be a lazy bone sannu i know u acted deliberately to take leave so get up help ur di in packing said ashwini who was packing the stuffs for past 1 hour.

Ashwini babhi i think we should take some sweaters and meds too what do u say?? Mano come here enough of ur makeup and come  check anything is left to be packed chided Garima lovingly. Shrinidhi u have to do the talking to the kids to convince for the trip ok.

Anjali and sannu looked at shrinidhi gave a "oh so poor" look and gave each other a wink went aside to help their mom and aunt.

Shrinidi was cribbing continuously to devimaiyya how tough to cajole the kids of the Shantivan. She grudgingly admitted it was easier to handle a room full of toddlers than their "so called kids". "One problem at a time", shri she said to herself. Shrinidhi somehow managed to convince Payal for the trip she being a good girl accepted it instantly. Actually Payal was free as her project entitled had been finished before date and she definitely need a break. It's going to be chilling trip to Nainital. She works as the project head for the RG hospitality unit where the current project was executed at rajasthan site.

Next target was akash when shri he remained unavailable and directly went to voice mail. Then Manorama chirped to her "hello hi bye shri, akash bitwa goes to Mumbai for an important deal for AR fashions". So akash is out of the picture right now.

Now comes the most difficult situation to handle the world's most stubborn kids (yes they are kids not a fully grown individuals/rather say professionals) when one accepts the other refuses and vice versa. They were never in the same wavelength. This had to be handed over Garima jiji and ashwini bhabi thought shrinidhi.

Shrinidhi went into Devyani nani's room to give her afternoon dose of medicine.

Maaji here is ur medicine, plz come with us how can we leave u and go. Devyani smiled at her dil and said it would be difficult to walk and roam around the places shri. U know na my knees will be troubled. So don't worry u all can go enjoy. Soon they were joined by other elderly ladies and stating the same and she refused to them politely. Seeing their glooming faces, she gave a mischievous smile and said i don't think i will be all alone here.

 here iam going to present SHANTIVAN
before u ...PartyParty
i hope u like it 
to be more i would like to say 
arnav and khushi rooms are located opposite to each other on second floor which has inbuilt pool
u can imagine ASR's room in show and khushi room opposite to it and pool is in between their rooms ok
am i clear guys

here i am going to present 
our fire 

our ice 


Fire and Ice

The Mumbai deal made ASR frustrated like hell he is in fact

 bubbling like a volcano anytime ready to erupt, the fabric dealers were making their nonsense talk and  clearly wasting his precious time. What made him more worried was the fabric was damn good to let loose so he had to go through this ordeal. Finally inwardly cursing his right hand aman and vowing to cut his craps next time and of course akash. The meeting was almost never ending and his patience snapped and curtly said that they would meet at their Mumbai office to check clothing line the next day thus winding up the meeting.

Never is he going to entertain them at Mumbai he vowed to himself he had better deals to do. This would need great share of patience and witty sarcasm to notify the end results so he quickly called his younger brother Akash Singh Raizada COO of AR fashions.

As a dutiful brother Akash summoned before his bhai he let out a sigh after knowing everything from Aman and this is going to be difficult. He may be a silent man but he can always put up with his bhai's mood swings right ASR had his mood swings even at the age of 2.

The kid always threw tantrums one way or the other in riling up his mother Ashwini and ganging with his aunt Garima by giving her a heart melting charming smile, his mother knew him so well he is anything but innocent.

Mami used to call him kalyug Krishna who is too mischievous and quite handsome as well.

Akash knew better, his brother can be charming ASR as well as demonic ASR as described by his sis cum friend khush. He grinned slyly at their equation. His trance was broke by his phone's buzz which clearly stated he is in for trouble.

ASR swivelling in an executive chair always had an enigmatic persona who attracted everyone like a magnet and his guts at a younger age in the competitive fashion world was really appreciated and his knowledge in breaking deals was simply epic. He did not earn his name and fame through raizada tag alone. He is a self made young man who started his business from scratch and did not intend any help from his family though insisted very much by his dad and uncle. He vehemently opposed all their financial investments and just started only from the earnings from his internships during his Harvard days. The only support he accepted from family was witty and soft-spoken Akash, his cousin. The cool and composed brother had to answer about his recent escapades to his furious and relentless ASR. Most importantly why the hell his phone was unreachable.

Part 3b

Fire and ice

Akash prayed sincerely to all the gods above to give him a chance to see the day lights tomorrow because his chances are very few now. Bracing himself, he knocked his brother's cabin and entered it. He could clearly see the lion roaring and pacing the lengths of his den. ASR heard the rap on the door and fully faced Akash.

 He started his usual why the hell u disappeared from AR Akash how and when??? Was it you who had to attend the fabric dealers meeting Mr.COO?? Can u give me any sensible reason for your recent escapade? Stressing on the word recent he ended his rapid firing session.

 Akash gulped heavily and quickly acknowledging the fact his bhai had known about his escapades and wanted him to spill the beans. He groaned mentally why his brother possessed razor like brain and he had to say it. He blurted out he was in "love" with Payal Gupta. He saw the knowing smirk appear on the lips of his brother. His eyes gleamed and his brother laughed loudly. Chiding himself having fallen in the trap of his brother, Akash vowed he would take his retribution soon.

Arnav was inwardly grinning at his brother's discomfort when he inquired about his escapades he knew his dumb brother had found his match in Payal whom Akash lovingly called payu several times thinking no one is within the hearing range. It's high time he should make a move from being shy teenage love sick puppy to be the man. So he prompted his brother now and caught him.

Payal was always been a loving sister to him and his duty to protect her as well.

Bhai u knew along na?? Akash adjusting his spectacles and ASR nodded smugly. Enough is enough now back to business talks. Akash why did u leave the meeting hun?? Akash sheepishly replied he went to give a personal treat to payal for winning the rajasthan project in rain tree restaurant. That's not the answer u idiot u should seriously think u have left a meeting and not cared to postpone it or made any alternative arrangements and went to love like a teen boy on a first date.

I know akash love is a distraction which shrieks u from ur duties and responsibilities. It becomes the priority and invading ur brain all the time keeping u busy even when u r not occupied and keeping out of fruitful thinking. It just day dreams and messes your FUTURE goal

Akash immediately replied no bhai I had already informed that i would personally visit Mumbai for finalizing the fabric i.e. eventually tomorrow.

Then why the heck they visited here and met me? Answer me Akash. I said them to visit AR and get their procurement and quality details from Aman and how particular we are about quality of the fabric and leave their presentation ppt with us to know more.

I think they decided to impress u with their presentation which ended in nonsensical talks Am I right bhai?? ASR tersely nodded. Another thing," bhai, love is not a distraction but the insight and boost for your future which urges you to work hard and multiply you responsibilities so that the future will be safe and sound. It reminds there is a heart somewhere which constantly beats for u and yearns for your arms after u tire out in your business/work. It makes the day and night beautiful even the day seems to be ordinary".

First time in his life ASR stood spellbound by his younger brother's speech about love and practically his legs were glued to the ground. Akash after watching his brother's expression felt satisfied and punched in air in victory after all he is also an ASR and gave a wink to his brother and went to Mumbai.

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Nice Start ; D

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Nice start

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hope all of u like them 




        ASR shrugged his shoulders once Akash left for Mumbai and some ideals cannot be changed unless and until you experience yourself. Now he needs to rush home as his aunt Garima had called to come home for addressing an important issue. He had a cheeky grin when he thought of Garima aunty yeah she was his partner in riling up his mother and co.


Time:1.30 p.m

        He entered home in his white SUV to see Shantivan in full swing of activity. He rolled his eyes at the hyper active family atmosphere and this is a usual sight. His family is surely one in a million and he was sure that everyone in the neighbourhood agreed to this notion. ASR strolled into the hall and was greeted by his aunts Garima and shrinidhi and his mami. He inquired about the commotion and his mom came down from the stairs.

Hey mom why are you turning Shantivan upside down Hun?? Can't I have little peace in Shantivan??

Tell me aunty G why you all are worked up and why there are so much of baggages are there any emergency set in Delhi? He grinned at his aunt and gave a look at his mom. His mom sighed never her son would change.

        Garima always loved ASR since she married Shashi. When she got married she did not bear children at first when everyone in the neighbourhood cursed her for not getting pregnant as she was the eldest bahu though her family and Shashi stood with her but still she missed the motherhood. She was criticized and taunted that time only Arnav was the only solace to her. He saved her from dissolving into depression. His antics and tantrums made her smile and laugh freely only Arnav fulfilled her motherly love. He consoled her with his crazy acts and his child blabbering.ASR used this to his full extent and riled his mother well and always sided with his aunty G. He was pampered and spoiled to a greater extent. She showered all her love towards him and Arnav used to follow her wherever she went and often used to hold her pallu and used to sleep in her room. He became very stubborn because of all the unwavering attention from all the ladies of the Shantivan.Devyani brimmed with pride when she saw Arnav getting the best love from all the women of the family.




Ladies ushered themselves to come back to the present and Garima excitedly said chottey we are going to Nainital for a 10-day trip. We have planned everything and had arranged your suits too. Come on we need to board 4.00 p.m. flight get ready chottey.

"Chottey we are going to Nainital as your father & uncle had generously taken holiday from RG at last had found time to spend with their family" said Garima and tada you are also needed for the trip.

 What the aunt G you can't be serious, how can I come when I have an important deal to finalise in this week. Chotte, mind your language! nagged his mother Ashwini.

Ma i can't come that's final let the whole house vacate and leave me in peace.

Chottey you are such a spoilsport, nay when will you live? Anjali scrunched her nose and questioned him.

Bhai it will be fun please come its long time we went all together sannu added.

No sannu not this time ya I have to go back to office, Om Prakash save me lunch i'm getting late, yes Arnav bhaiyya.

Chotte one last time... bragged the whole family behind him.

But ASR gave a typical glare which silenced the whole family.

Garima consoled the whole family and extracted promise from ASR that he will treat all the ladies with shopping and movie the next weekend.

When are you all leaving to Nainital?

We will be leavingwa by 3 arnav babuwa promptly replied his mami

Ok then bye, Take care ladies bye aunt G & mom.

A strange glint passed through ASR's eyes and he returned back gave a noisy kiss on Garima's cheek

 Earning a slap on his back by his uncle Shashi and his mom fumed in anger & jealously.

"Young man, don't steal my beautiful wife she is all I have".

Arnav grinned and replied she is already mine uncle. Bye... ciya

He left to AR

Time: 2:00 p.m.

A white angel riding a stylish scooty reached Shantivan and hugged Ashwini from behind and plopping a wet kiss on her cheek. This brought a glow and peace to Ashwini's face which was frowning because of her son's act.

The angel's face instantly brought smile on every living being in the Shantivan this angel had wrapped the family under her finger by her sunshine smile, love and funny antics as well. This doctor angel heals everyone with her undying smile, soothing words and of course medicines too.   

  Devil and Angel -2

Khush, what a surprise, how did you come home? Did your mother call you dear angel? Ashwini questioned the white angel sweetly.

No aunty I wanted to see whether sannu is alright and how long she will keep up her pretence? Grinned Khushi naughtily. 

Oye khush I am alright thanks for your concern Sannu added sarcastically.

Mano mami narrowed her eyes sannu bitiya wat's all this you said stomachwa upsetwa and you Anjali bitiya suportsedwa? Hmm... Wat i am going to with this girlwa???

Anjali blurted the truth confirming that sannu did not want to attend the college as she had pimple.

Sannu guiltily looked at her family and urgh you can't be angel khush bhai is right you are devil witch and my bhai is an angel saying she chased behind khush and Khushi commented "always devil recognises another devil and sees everyone as devil" and promptly hid behind shrinidhi and her Ashwini aunty.

Seeing all these chasings, whole family laughed and prayed to god to keep their girls as innocent as present.

At last sannu caught her chamikili and Khushi asked her sorry cutely pouting her lips and catching her ears.

You know chamikili I can't stay angry with you for so long love you dear and hate you too when you expose my acts.

Khushi enquired what's that where are you people off too?

Angel we are going to Nainital said excited Ashwini and waited for her hugs and her happy jumps. But it did not come, rather she sobered away. Sannu & Anjali noted this behaviour and asked the reason for it your aunty can't come, that fat lady Madhumati with her nand kishore she will have my head if I dare to take holidays.

I am in her batch for this year for which she is holding special lectures on OG can't miss that luck you sannu you got savita mam.

I am already her sanka Devi, I can't give her liberty to give me a second name, said a thoroughly frustrated Khushi.

Suddenly Garima broke the silence by putting a very valid question, why does she call you sanka Devi, Khushi??? A typical mommy question!!! Pose me out of all things, ma how you can pick a very important question in this situation thought Khushi.

Aunty after all she is khushi's buaji and of course she will call her by a nickname and our Khushi & Madhumati mam have a very explosive chemistry in class added sannu piping in the middle of the mother daughter conversation.

She grinned slyly at Khushi and ah at last I got a chance yeah and winked at Anjali.

Garima shot a glare at Khushi, "explain Khushi" and Khushi fidgeted her dupatta and casted her eyes down and staring at the 'oh so beautiful!' flowery red carpet on the ground.

Ashwini came to the rescue of Khushi, arrey! Garima, is this important? Or angel coming to Nainital

Khushi mentally thanked her aunt and gave a relieving smile emerged on her lips.

I have my periodicals and top of it this damn OG classes. Do understand mom, plz, I'll surely join you after 3 days pucca and put her best baby face before her mom and others.

Ashwini, its okay angel we understand and, I will send you the tickets through Hariprakash and she lovingly patted her cheek and whatever muttered Garima silently.

C'mon you people, give me something to eat my stomach is grumbling. Yeah angel I will serve you jalebis and paneer paratha what I have made said Ashwini and took her away from her mom.

After finishing her hot piping jalebis and food, Khushi took leave of her family to college.

Raizada-Gupta family vacated Shantivan by 3.30pm to Delhi airport to enjoy their long awaited vacation to Nainital.



Om Prakash opened the gates of Shantivan for Khushi she entered whistling into the home and gave a big smile to him.

Khushi Didi, why are you smiling?

OP it's going to rain, can smell the air it is so blissful and just stood in the light showers of  first rain of the season it was so fun & I loved it.

Didi you will get cold, I will make hot kada for you. I don't want it OP, where is nani? She is in her room didi.

Nani! Nani! Chirped aloud as she went up the stairs and reached Devyani's room. 

Angel in Shantivan


Om prakash opened the gates of shantivan for khushi she came whistling into the home and gave a big smile to him.

Khushi didi, why are you smiling?

Op it's going to rain can smell the air it is so blissful, i stood in the drizzling rain, it was so fun & i loved it. Didi you will get cold, i will make hot kada for you. I don't want it op, where is nani? She is in her room didi.

Nani! Nani! Chirped aloud while climbing the stairs khushi and she reached deviyani's room.

What is it khushi beta? What's the reason behind your pyari smile?

Nani it is going to rain, she danced like a ballerina doll around nani.Wink

I enjoyed the first drizzle of this month/year. Nani i'll go and change my dress khushi beta, today is friday come back remember, yes nani... Our family fun time, but everyone had gone out on the trip.

Really our shantivan is very silent and khushi's voice chained out in the end.

We will have our own masti time as they left us behind okay...

Oh yes nani, i will bring my books and tell op to make another cot in your room and ran to her room got her books came in a jiffy.

Yah nani, ready! My highness what are we going to do?

Hey princess, shall we dance? And have a jugalbandi on the theme love & rain. What do you say? Definitely i will win!

Yes nani let's see and i will just change & and come back drop of the delhi experienced heavy torrential rain and drastic climate. The thundering sounds of downpour continued with clattering sounds of windows and doors created a wonderful and rustic music to the living beings thrived in this environment.

Nani made arrangements in her room for the jugalbandi. Nani started singing and dancing to an old rainy song posing both as hero & heroine and gave an absolute stage drama.

movie shri 420: pyar hua

 Khushi was no less; she danced to the tunes of a.r.rahman's "nannanre nannare" and danced like a peacock. Both where enjoying their alone time until a heavy thunder made them shriek and their dance drama came to an abrupt end.

movie: guru -nanannare 

Nani, in spite of your age and problem in knees you dance too well said an enchanted khushi as she adored her former dance teacher. Khush don't praise me too much i know i miss my some of steps you are a cute ballerina and your skills have been awesome dear over the time touching her cheeks fondly. 

Ok nani i'm off to sleep for some time and i'll bring the dinner and dead tired. Damn buaji and her og classes why can't she leave me in peace within minutes she slept as a dead log.

Around 11.00pm

An eerie silence filled the night and a distant wolf is howling and her eyes grew gleaming with greed and sharp canine teeth and claws ready to attack the prey nooo!!!!!!!!!Nooo!!!!Nooo!!!!!  Came the startling scream from khushi ya she had been dreaming about the big bad wolf aka buaji hey devi maiyya and  i am going mad  and tomorrow i have a test and i'm sleeping definitely she is going to have me as her prey. Khushi you have slept nearly 4hrs and get up will you?


She geared for her late dinner and rummaged thru the kitchen counters for an almost midnight snack.

Where is op? Oh right he would have gone to his quarters let me find what he had made for dinner and hmm rotis and sabji chal khushi this will do now.

The rain lashed out again and windows clattered to the severe has been raining cats and dogs oh my devimaiyya why u r so angry with us? Thinking about the nature's game she went on to close windows and securing their bolts encased them in curtains.

Her trance was broken by a lightning and thunder duo in midst of all nature's violent commotions thundering footsteps and bike's vrooming sound almost disappeared in it

Khushi missed all these sounds until and unless a fast approaching shadow crept up her shadow warily khushi gulped at the encroaching shadow adding to that a lightning struck somewhere near, freaking  hell out of her.

 Hey devimaiyya stop scaring me and help me to study tonight.she turned around and just then that strange shadow crept up high on the wall and is standing in flesh and blood.

Oh god she yelled like a crazy lunatic that made shadow man to cuss loudly,"wat the khushi stop piercing my ear drums?"

Her cry woke up nani and she found her crazy kids actively participating in glaring competition.

Rakshas! Laad governor! Kahinka, do u know the basic ettiquettes of knocking the door?

What the how on earth i would knock when nobody's home and nani is sleeping? Wait why should i explain to u and u have no right to question me? He shot back.

How dare u answer me back raizada? I have every right to question u. I am the lady of this shantivan i am khushi kumari gupta she declared dramatically.

ASR rolled his eyes even little amused @ her dramebaaz.

Nani smiled to herself and called them upstairs.chotey khushi head back to my room now.

Yes nani came the prompt reply from both of them. "idiot","irritating ass" can be heard respectively from Arnav and khushi when they strode along the stairs.

Nani i dint start it she only started all the fight Arnav complained like a KG child.

Oh stop whining raizada khushi glared at him.

Chotey khushi stop it will you? Oh god what will i do with these crazy kids frustrated nani kept the hands on her head.

Chotey change your dress, u r dripping wet fighting with khushi beta and have ur dinner. Why did u get drenched in the rain? What happened to your car?

 My car broke down and i came back in my bike and nani i had my dinner with aman during my client meeting and am almost numb with cold saying he gritted @ khushi.

 Khushi y r u awake ?oh nani i dint have my dinner and went down for eating and i dint know rakshas stayed back and he frightened me  and   she snorted at him.

What the khushi Arnav shot back hey only a devil recognizes a devil winked @ nani. "good night nani" kissed her head and was about to retire to his room. Nani caught him chotey are u forgetting something today is friday u know? 

But nani no one is here u know how can we have family fun time plus i am tired i need my bed nani plzz

No ifs and buts chotey set up your bed in my extra cot and sleep here today. Am i clear?

Khushi stood near the door and saw nani's blackmailing felt pity for Arnav and giggled at them when she came back after eating her late nite dinner.

ASR muttered devil under his breath and went to his room to collect his comforter and other essentials.

Quickly he had a shower changed into comfortable clothes and settled in nani's room by now nani had slept due to her medications.

 Switch off the light khushi i wanna sleep said Arnav. Khushi shot a glance at him and continued preparing for her OG periodicals. Hey devil i said switch off the light u deafened fool retorted an agitated ASR. 

Are u a blind idiot rakshas can't u see i am studying for my exams? 

Khushi i said get out .how dare u say get out to me shouted khushi.

 I dare khushi he picked  her books and dragged her down stairs dumped her in the sofa and left to nani's room. Finish all ur studying here and dare not come back and switch on the light u will see worst of me is it clear Kushi kumari gupta?

Khushi stood still gaping at him ASR smirked @ her and left for nani's room.

 hey devimaiyya did he just drag me out of nani's room unbelievable laad governor u wait rakshas i will have my revenge once i meet ashwini aunty after 3 days. She glanced at her favourite alarm clock it showed 1.00 p.m

Omg i have only few hours left for my preparation. I lost all my precious time because of that stupid raizada. She started preparing strenuously for her exams which involved the internal marks.


Part  Two alone


Time: 5.00 a.m


A persistent knock on the door disturbed khushi in her studies and glanced at the clock which struck five she is on the verge of completing her preparation. 

She retrieved the lock and door opened to see a frenzied ramu kaka, their security guard standing out. What is the matter ramu kaka? Woh khushi baby mera beti ka delivery time hai i need leave as my damad had left the town plz baby. 

Don't worry kaka u can return to lucknow attend pari didi. Don't bother i will inform nani and others.

Ek minute kaka, she brought her wallet and gave a cheque of 10,000 rupees to him. He wished her and went home to his daughter.


Time: 6.00 a.m

She completed her portions and nani came down for morning aarti. 

Khushi beta go and sleep u need rest for writing exams u know and don't tire yourself u will be the topper as usual don't worry. Thanks nani.

Just then the landline rang khushi picked up and conveyed to deviyani that ashwini dadi in lucknow died and deviyani was needed to attend the funeral.

Khushi beta i need to go and plzz book me a flight ticket early she called the Raizada travel agent and made arrangements for nani's journey. Come back soon nani.

Nani left shantivan by 6.30 as her flight was due in 7.00 am. Mohan went to drop nani. In all these hustle bustle she informed about ramu kaka and nani in turn made her to keep a check on arnav's meals. She nodded at nani.


By 6.45 a.m she went to sleep in nani's room and she knew arnav would have by now left for jogging will be soon starting his morning rituals starting from yelling at poor op till leaving for office by 8.30 a.m.

 Arnav Singh Raizada is always an early riser unlike khushi kumari gupta who warms her bed till 8.30 if she has college else it will always be 10.00 a.m. 

He is always punctual in time management while khushi struggles in keeping her time.


Arnav's life is always orderly in fashion whereas her life is always a chaos and misplacement.

 It was either srinidhi/payal safeguarded her possessions apart from ashwini who protected and cherished from garima's strict schooling. 

 don't worry guys they have one thing in common i.e, Both were studious and shined like stars in academics that reduced trouble for khushi from both of the dads. The shantivan men pampered their little angel to the most and spoiling her as the prankster in shantivan. 


Khushi woke up by 10.30am and went to do her usual routines. She came after having a nice bath and changed to her one of her favourite kurti and legging got ready for the college. 

She went on to have her brunch and remembered the promise on checking arnav's breakfast she decided to call him dialed his number and waited for him to pickup her call. 

It went on a long call after screeching to end. Maybe he is busy she thought and she glanced at the clock oh my god already 12.30 p.m, i am late. 

She went to take out her vespa to rush to her college then she noticed his suv still parked in the garage. 

She called the security and asked did arnav go to his AR Happy singh? No khushi baby and he did not move out even for jogging today. 

What and how's this even possible? She found fishy about this. She parked her vespa and rushed into the nani's room. 

She made a long and loud swears and scolded her mother in mind having been proud of his early rising habits. 

Only her mom and aunty ashwini woke him up and got him ready for office today she had caught his secret Raizada you r so gone snorted khushi chalo u r at my mercy, she smirked evilly. 

She fiddled with her alarm clock and set the clock to the present time and a long bell echoed in the nani's room. 

Still he dint wake up and what's with this lazy bones? Why he is not rising up and i have to attend the test today hey devimaiyya give me strength to wake him up she prayed to her godmother. 

She pulled the blankets off him Raizada get up u lazy idiot she pulled he dint wake up stop acting irritating idiot don't provoke me arnu!!! His body temperature struck a chord hey devimaiyya he is running high temperature and is he unconscious? Panicked khushi. 

She sprinkled  some water on his face he dint respond arnu get up don't make me mad u r freaking hell out of me.

she needed to make a call to aman bhai whether he had eaten during his meeting or not and then a msg popped open it read "don't forget to have some food ASR i know u took only starter at the buffet" - aman : 11.00 p.m.

She picked the off-late signs of hypoglycemia kicking in combined with high running temperature. 

She went on to check for her jalebi stock to her room no it was not found oh my yes it was the saturday-refilling day where is this op? 

I can call him for help again he had taken his off as the upcoming days are weekends. This can't be happening. She rushed into the kitchen and found the sugar cubes she came back and she tried to open his mouth it was so tight.  

This is not the time for panicking khushi her practical medical mind came to her help and gave orders instantly "u need to put him on i.v injected with DNS (dextrose normal saline) also the Augmentin shot has to be administered to reduce his temperature". 

She called Happy singh thru intercom and ordered him to get 2 bottles of DNS quickly. 

She found his shirt rack perfect for hanging i.v for now and ransacked her medical kit for syringe and other necessary items. 

She thought he had to be shifted to his bed rather than letting him suffocate on the extra bedding in the nani's room.

 How is she going to carry him to his room? She touched his eyelids with water and made an attempt to wake him but he did not move a muscle. 

Happy singh quickly came with the saline bottles and helped in carrying Arnav to his room.

 Baby should i inform the family? No need Happy we should not make them worry unnecessarily we will take care of him said khushi. 

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superb story. but can u give full stop between so that we can understand where the sentence ends? waiting for the next update eagerly

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thank u sindhu

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Interesting yar




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like it
but please be more specific about organisation of the speech,make it separate
continue soon

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