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-Completed-2Shot:The Baby Doll Assignment|{ Written for my BFFs :) }

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Posted: 23 April 2014 at 9:16am | IP Logged
A/N: This is written for -MonikaSobti-, -RKV- , LuvArnavKhushi, .khanak. , sweetarnavkhushi, -zozo- who were my closest friends on I-F and meant so much to me. Thank you for everything, you guys are incredibly awesome! <3 

Wrote in a hurry ignore the typos please.

"So, will you now please breastfeed our baby, Hot-Chocolate? I wanna watch." Arnav smirked as he held the baby doll in front of Khushi's face.

Okay, there's so much wrong with this:

a) That smirk.
b) Hot-Chocolate? He's calling her Hot-Chocolate?
c) That fudging smirk!

Khushi gulped, turning around before practically falling down in front of the Psychology teacher's desk.

"I can't..I can't be his partner in this assignment. Please, ma'am!" She begged.

"Ms. Gupta, what's wrong with being the partner of Mr. Raizada in this assignment? It's a 1 week assignment. You need to act like you both are the parents of that baby doll to understand the sentiments of being parents and taking responsibility, and-"

"I'm so sorry for interrupting you but NO! I can't be his partner." Khushi pleadingly looked at her as she got up and eyed her confusedly.

"Ms. Gupta, what's wrong with you today?" The teacher snapped, making Arnav chuckle behind Khushi.

"Yeah. What's wrong with you today, Ms. Gupta?" Arnav mimicked sternly, making Khushi push Arnav against the books' cupboard, seeing his smirk widen.

"Khushi Gupta! End this absurdness right now!" The older woman walked towards her and held her arm as that jerk smirked and smirked and smirked.

"No, no, it's'am. I like my girls insaneee." Arnav sang sweetly, clutching the fake baby doll closer to him and kissing its plastic head.


"I can't believe this.." Khushi dropped her face in her palms as they walked out of the class after 20 minutes, Arnav was still holding their baby like a good father.

"I bet you can't. You're gonna spend a week with the hottest guy that ever walked on this planet. That too, with you being my fake wife and we having a baby already. I bet you're getting so horny you can't believe it, Mrs. Raizada aka my Hot-Chocolate assignment-wife." Arnav cheekily responded.

"What I can't believe is that how the knowledge of you being a complete jerk has escaped your attention for the 19 years of your superficial life. You should listen to yourself, me..and..ew, horny? At the thought of someone like you?" Khushi laughed, taking the baby from him as he dropped his now-empty hands in his pockets.

"Don't talk like you never are. I bet you're the naughtiest girl ever beneath this rebellious cover. I also bet you're naked under these clothes." He whispered next to her ear and blew air on it before she pushed him away and started staring at the floor as she walked, his laughter accompanying her.

"Oh, I am. How dirty of me, ohmygosh. Stop saying 'bet' again and again, we both know how much you love those pointless things." 

And she bought it up, finally.

Arnav threw his head back, groaning irritably.

"Com'on, we were 16. You looked hot in that red dress, I was told that if I do it it'll be fun..I thought you'll like it too but we've got a Ms. Emotional here." He mocked making her stop in her tracks before she turned around on her heels and hurtfully smiled at him, making his heart clench.

"It wasn't fun. You tried to make out with a girl you hardly knew, Arnav. You didn't know me at all. I was new, stupid, afraid. Imagine how it felt when I said in front of everybody that you kissed me and then tried to do it with me, they all laughed at me. The girls, they all laughed and called me a desperate girl for saying that as I, apparently, can never catch your attention. No one believed me..and you never confessed to it as well." She said firmly, reminding him of that one bet that made her hate him all this time. 

"Holy sh*t! It was just a bet, a dare. You should have gotten over it. I didn't mean to hurt you, Khushi. I am sorry. You never talk to me..whenever I try to say sorry for that or anything, you just don't-"

"But you never said that in front of everyone, Arnav. Everyone still thinks I'm a liar and you're Mr. Perfect. Girls hold on to things longer than you think." Khushi interrupted him before he could say anymore, making his gaze soften but the moment he tried to say something more, she had started walking away.

"Khushi, hey, listen-"

"Whoa, dude..what's in her hand?" A guy asked who was actually one of the best friends of Arnav, he was all sweaty 'cause of a football game.

"It's the heir of the Raizada family. It's me and Khushi's baby." Arnav said before Khushi could say anything, taking the baby from her hand before the guy took it and started looking at it.

"Cool. It's so soft and good, catch it, bro!" He exclaimed stupidly before throwing it behind Arnav, at another guy. 

Khushi looked at Arnav shockingly as he smiled and soon all the guys started playing with the baby doll.

"Stop, stop, stop, STOP! Give my baby back to me!" Khushi shouted before running towards the guy, snatching it from him.

"Calm down, it's just a plastic doll, she's so eager to be a mother..hahaha." The guy laughed as Arnav joined in with laughing with him too.

"What's wrong with you, Arnav? It's our baby! You can't let your friends play catch with it!" Khushi hit Arnav on his shoulder, making his laughter die down.

"Anyways. What are we calling it?" Khushi said, taking a deep breath knowing that she has to work in this assignment to get a good grade.

"Arnav junior." Arnav smiled, making Khushi roll her eyes.

"No, it's a girl." Khushi stated pointing towards the baby's pink frock.



"Megan Fox."


"Penelope Cruz."


"Selena Gomez."


"Sunny Leone."


"Aishwarya Rai."

"No! Arnav, can you please be a little more original?" Khushi grunted, making Arnav sigh.

"Okay, I got it. Let's call it Khushi junior." Arnav crossed his arms, giving a I'm-so-smart look as Khushi's lips curved into a small smile.



"Hi, A-a-a-arnav. What..what are you doing here?" Lavanya smiled broadly the moment Arnav and Khushi entered Khushi's place.

"Hey, Hot-Chocolate's gorgeous housemate. Wow, is that pizza? There is a God!" Arnav rubbed his stomach before walking over to the dining table and Lavanya gave the whole box of pizza to him, he smiled and winked at her before starting to eat.

"Lav, are you done? Can you help me with boiling some milk? I need to feed me and Arnav's baby and then I have to bathe it, Arnav certainly won't help as he's sooo busy." Khushi rolled her eyes. Arnav gave her a thumbs-up while Lavanya gasped.

"Your baby? With ARNAV?-"

"It's an artificial baby. It's a Psychology assignment. You would have known if you attended college today." Khushi said as Lavanya sneezed once more, she wasn't well.

"A-a-a-arnav..would you like something more?" Lavanya asked softly as she cut another piece of pizza for him.

God! Can Lavanya get any more transparent about how much she likes Arnav?

Not even him, but his looks and popularity and his flirtations and blah blah.

"That's enough-" Khushi walked over the table and started pulling Arnav out of the table by his shirt.

"Woman, it's a Versace T-shirt! Let go!" Arnav groaned, trying to free himself.

"I don't care! Come on and help me! It's not only my baby, it's yours too!" 

"But I'm eating right now, Hot-Chocolate. Food is love, food is life."

"For a week, the baby is love. The baby is life."

"Khushi, STOP FIGHTING WITH HIM! He is so-" Lavanya interrupted their fight as Khushi let go of his expensive shirt and Arnav started eating again, not giving a flying care about what the two girls are talking about.

"A gigantic jerk? A potential rapist? A desirable inspiration for some moronic romance novels where the man is a complete idiot who's immoral, lies, cheats, is a stupid-"

"Time please, time please! I have a great IQ, who are you calling an idiot and stupid and a cheater, Hot-Chocolate? And a potential what? I just kis-"

"CAN WE ALL PLEASE STOP? Jeez. I'm leaving." Lavanya sighed before exiting as Arnav and Khushi stared at each other with daggers in their eyes.


"Let's just get it over with, okay?" Khushi said, breaking their continuous stare of several minutes.

"Stop talking like you hate me, Hot-Chocolate. You know your panties are soaking wet right now..that is, if you're wearing any." He winked wickedly making Khushi gasp so soundly that the whole town could hear her.

She gulped, looking down at herself self-consciously.

"W-what makes you think I-"

"I can't see the outline of it through your jeans, you naughty little sex monkey." He chucked shamelessly.

"You gross jerk!"

"Ssh, I know you want me..don't be so loud about it." Arnav stated before earning another round of profanities from her side.


"The baby stays with me for 4 hours. Then you come and pick it up: today's plan." Khushi said the moment she came downstairs after keeping her bag only to find Arnav on the sofa, examining the doll making her widen her eyes.

Its plastic zip was opened by her back, and he was turning the doll upside down, observing it.

"Arnav..y-you! Chiii! It's our baby! What did you do..I can't even..God!" Khushi snatched the doll from him, disgusted while he got up and looked at her as she hugged the doll and told her "It was all just a big nightmare..Arnav didn't really take off your dress!"

"What the hell? It's just a doll! I-I was just seeing the recorder that's fit in it. The recorder's there so the teacher can check at the end of the assignment whether we really took care of the baby or not. But're making me feel like a..YUCK!"

Arnav clutched his heart dramatically making Khushi's face redden with embarrassment but before she could apologize to him, the baby had started crying.

And they both swore, it was the most annoying thing in the whole world. 

They held the baby together as it kept wailing in that robotic baritone, making them both look at each other confusedly.

How the hell do they make it stop?

"Ssh, baby, mum's here.." Khushi smiled, rocking the baby back and forth as Arnav looked at her with a what-the-fudge expression.

"Y-yeah. Daddy's here too." Arnav said but the baby's crying just won't stop.

"Maybe we should talk like a couple with it..?" Khushi trailed awkwardly, making Arnav agree as they kept down the baby and she kissed Arnav's cheek, making him look down at her.

"Boo, see how cute our baby is?" Khushi moved her eyebrows suggestively while Arnav just looked at her confusedly.

"Boo who?" Arnav asked, obtaining another eyebrow-movement from her.

"Oh yes, yes, I'm your Boo. You're my Rang. Together we - boomerang?" Arnav wondered as Khushi pursed her lips trying not to laugh and soon the baby had stopped crying.

"We did it!" Khushi gave Arnav a high-five.

"Hell yeah we did! We're the most awesome parents ever, Hot-Chocolate!" He said as their smiles soon softened and now they were looking at the baby again..


"Daddy's going now, work. But he'll be back soon to you and your beautiful mommy. Then we'll have a jolly family time!" Arnav said in a pretentious fatherly voice as he kissed the baby's head which was now in Khushi's hands after they had fed it.

"Don't be late. Remember, 4 hours." Khushi reminded when he walked over to the door before turning back and wordlessly looking at her from head to toe, curiously.

"What are you looking at-"

"If you'll ever breastfeed it, you'll let me record, right?" He asked as Khushi tried to search for something to hit him before he left the place like a laughing hyena..

This was gonna be one heck of an assignment. 


Last Part: Shot 2 (Last)

Take care. x :) 

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Awesome part ClapClap
Loved it Tongue
Pls update next part soon Star

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Nice shot..go fr it..
Anj007_arshi Senior Member

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Awesome shot dear..
..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Funny and cute
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Hahaha arnav just loves to tease khushi doesn't he 

Omg I can already imagine him smirking in my mind
Haha Megan Fox or shakira
I'm glad u posted

And don't u dare take it down now

The sneek peak seems really shocking yet funny

LOL he took their baby to get drunk LOOOL
That's hilarious arnav is so freaking funny in ur TS man

Cant wait for the next update.

And yesss girl ima miss u soo soo much :'(

I wanna appplaud for ur creativity and your imaginatoion :D


Luv u too sista

<3 Ravneet (:

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