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Hello all Virika lovers and my wonderful readersHeart 

So have some news for you, good and bad! Firstly I decided to end Heartbeat and asked the DT to lock the thread. If you still want access it and read it, its still up there... just no one can comment nor can I post updates anymore. The story was getting dragged way to much and people were not enjoying it, so I put an end to that. But the good news is I started a short story. I was honestly missing Virika a lot so decided to write something on them!  I don't want to give out too many details, but this story is going to be about the fairytale wedding of Viren and Jeevika! Special shoutout to Haju,my little crazyyy sistaaa who just turned 16 Heart I better get an essay of how much you love me ROFL Hope everyone enjoys this!!! 

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chapter 1 = 105189202 
chapter 2 = 105935433
chapter 3 = 107266887
chapter 4 = 107455114
chapter 5 = 108674250
chapter 6 = 113276045 
chapter 7 = 114127221

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                                        Chapter 1

Jeevika entered the overly decorated room to feeling more overwhelmed than ever before. The whole house was lit with lights, decorated with flowers all over, but her room caused more pain than anything else. It was the pain of leaving behind the past twenty-five years of her life. She shut the door behind her, locking it to give herself some space. She made way through her room to her bed where she saw her red lengha with all the jewelry she was to adorn herself with. She took the kundan' set holding it in her hand imagining the moment she would wear this and bid goodbye to her family. A single lone tear came out her eye and she shut her eyes so hard wishing she could open it back and see nothing in the room. But much to her dismay, the wedding outfit was still there and so was the jewelry. It wasn't that marriage gave her the chills, she was more than excited to share her life with the love of her life. The idea of moving away from Manvi and her parents daunted Jeevika. She knew it was something every girl had to go through, but she didn't realize it would come this fast in her life. Sitting on the bed she note a mental note of everything placed in her room. She saw gifts packed on the nearby table, to all her wedding outfits placed on the special rack her mom had ordered. There was the jewelry for each function lined up in order on her bed, to spare wedding cards sitting right next to it. It was all too overwhelming and stressful. The past two months were the longest and the most stressful period. Unlike what the movies portrayed, wedding planning was much more difficult. It was a beautiful time of course, but the stress of finding the perfect outfits, booking halls, rehearsing the dances during practices, and still finding time to spend with your partner. At this point of time Jeevika wished she could just elope with Viren, not wanting another day of outfit trial fittings or listening to family members debate an aspect of the wedding. 

Jeevika heard someone pounding on her door and she got up instantly scared for a second on what was happening. She quickly unlocked it and saw Manvi running inside closing the door as fast as she could, like it was some sort of race. 

j - "Manu whats wrong? Why did you lock the room and why were you in such a rush?"
m - "Because I don't want anyone to disturb us right now"
j - "Huh?"
m - "Nothing di, forget it. Anyways what are you doing"
j - "I need to start my packing"
m - "Ohhh the honeymoon packing? I mean why pack di? You don't need that much" she said naughtily
m - "No Di I mean I'm sure Jiju will take you shopping so why take your boring old clothes" 
j - "Yeah right. All your jiju is going to do is drag me from one museum to another"
m - "Oh please di, give him more credit than that" 
j - "Whatever, now you go and let me pack"
m - "Di no I feel like spending time with you. You're going to leave me in a few days and anyways starting from tomorrow you're only going to get distant from me"
j - "What do you mean?"
m - "See tomorrow you will have an engagement ring making you more of jiju's. Then day after you will get your mehndi done with jiju's name, making yourself more of him. Then at the end of the week you will officially be his. So today is the last day of you being entirely mine" 
j - "You know thats not true. I will always be yours you understand"
m - "Nope" she said looking down. 

Being so busy had one benefit and that was not thinking of the fact of moving. Everyone knew Jeevika was the more emotional one out of the two sisters, but right now seeing Manvi hurt, made Jeevika feel like someone just punched her badly in the stomach. She took her sister and hugged her to no limit. 

j - "We have a few more days before having to get emotional, anyways why are you upset? Now you have two homes. You can come and help me irritate your jiju all the time" 
m - "Di you won't forget me right? I mean you won't let Anya take my place?"
j - "Mannu are you mad? Why are you always insecure about Anya taking your place? Yeah she is Viren's cousin, but that doesn't mean she can take my sisters place" 
m - "Promise?"
j - "Promise" 
m - "Di if I ask you for one thing will your fulfill it?"
j - "Is that a question to be debated even?" 
m - "Well you might if you hear my command" she said getting back into her full masti mood again. 
j - "Tell me"
m - "Can the both of us go out for a few hours? Please Di don't say no. This is my last time to spend any time with you. And I know you have to pack and try outfits and all that wonderfully boring stuff but please di for me" 
j - "You know if the all the masis and buas see us we will be dead"
m - "You don't worry about that, just say yes"
j - "Okay fine but we need to come as soon as possible"
m - "Promise Di, I love you" she said kissing her. 
j - "I love you"
m - "I love you the mostestestest" she said showing her by spreading her arms as wide as she could.

Both of them held hands and tried sneaking out to the best of their ability and finally they were successful. Manvi and Jeevika quickly got into the car and Manvi drove away with Jeevika being unaware of where they were going. 

m - "Di, omg this song. This song is so special" she said listening to tere liye playing on the radio
j - "Why Mannu? What's so special about this?"

Manvi mentally slappd herself for almost giving away the biggest surprise of the wedding. 

m - "Oh nothing di, I just find it super cute, don't you?"
j - "Yeah I guess" she said staring out the window. 

Manvi finally stopped the car in the middle of the street. 

j - "Mannu where are we?" she said confused

Before Manvi could answer, Jeevika heard the back door of their car open and saw Viren coming inside the car. 

j - "VIREN??? What are you doing here?" 
v - "Came to see my gorgeous wife to be"

Manvi coughed hard trying to get Viren's attention. 

v - "And more than that to see my beautiful saali. You know Manvi your classified as beauty and brain" he said buttering her
m - "Thank you jiju" she said all excitedly
v - "Oh hello, thats me"
v - "No its Manvi. She so cleverly helped me get you out of the house and brought you here to me" 
j - "Manvi I swear" she said getting annoyed with her after knowing her plan.  
v - "And this is for you Manvi" he said handing over a gift
m - "A GIFT? For me? Thank you jiju" she said taking it and opening it as quickly as possible. 

Manvi unwrapped the gift and saw a brand new cell phone which she was fighting with her parents to get her for so long. Manvi was so excited and thankful. The look on her face was unbelievable and Viren and Jeevika both looked at her in awe. Viren knew Jeevika always took care of Manvi like her own daughter, and both of them thought of getting Manvi a gift for everything she had done and helped with. Jeevika, however, didn't think Viren was going to give it now, but she was glad he did. 

m - "Jiju I feel like I'm one of those kidnappers you know that works for someone and gets paid after delivering the body to my owner" ROFL 
v - "Very true! But this gift is from me and Jeevika both"
j - "Thank you for sharing the credit Mr. Vadhera"
v - " LOL "
m - "I love you both so much" she said trying to hug both of them to the best ability in the car. "Jiju now you can take di" 
j - "Wait what? Where you serious when you just said you're kidnapping me?"
m - "Obviously di, now you can go and hang out with jiju. Your last date before getting engaged, well technically" 
j - "Mannu I thought we were going to spend time together"
m - "We will do that later, anyways I have to go to rehearsals. I have a solo to prepare for, so now please leave" LOL

Viren got out the car and opened the door for Jeevika then shut it. 

m - "Jiju remember our family is going to beat all of you guys with our dance performances" she said through the window
v - "I already know that, I mean Manvi the great is unfortunately not on my side so we have no way of winning" he said making her happy. 

Manvi high-fived her jiju and then started the car and drove away. 

j - "This was all your plan?" she said as Viren sat in his car next to her. 
v - "I was missing you Jeevs. I haven't seen you in ten days, and then on top of that you barely have time to talk to me on the phone" 
j - "Yeah but Viren everyone is so stressed and I am too" 
v - "Everything will be done, so stop worrying" 
j - "I hope, where are we going?" 
v - "Dinner! I'm starving"
j - "Why you didn't have lunch today?"
v - "Nope, today was my last day at work for a while so just had to settle a few things. Didn't have time to eat and then drove straight here to meet you" 
j - "Shouldn't you go home, I mean so many family members are here and you're roaming out and about with me" 
v - "No I don't want to go home. They literally lock me in my room and don't let me do anything. Its actually good because then I can get my office work done or talk to you, but you never pick up. So basically its just me and my tv"
j - "Its so ironic, I should be the one relaxing and resting in a room and instead you are"
v - "You'll be relaxing on our honeymoon now" 
j - "Can we leave for the honeymoon tomorrow" she said jokingly
v - "Without being married? Not a problem for me" Tongue 

They finally reached the restaurant and both of them went inside holding hands. 

j - "Viren I really hope no one sees us here" 
v - "They won't don't worry, and so what if they do?" 
j - "Viren mom and dad don't even know I'm out"
v - "Its okay you've come to meet me, not some random guy"
j - "I guess" 

Finally the two got settled at their table and Viren placed the order for him and Jeevika. The waiter came after a few minutes to pour some wine for Viren and Jeevika. 

j - "You ordered wine? How fancy Viren" Tongue
v - "I could use this right now to calm down. So are you getting nervous as the day comes" 
j - "A little. Before coming, Manvi started crying and it was kind of hard seeing. I don't know what I will do on the wedding day" 
v - "You will look at me and I will make you smile" he said trying to comfort her 
j - "You better" Smile 
v - "I can't wait to call you my wife now, it sounds so right and perfect" 
j - "Sounds a bit strange, but I'll get used to it"
v - "You have to" Heart 

After finishing dinner, the two took a drive down Carter road enjoying the breeze as well as each other. The drive was quiet, but romantic. They held hands the whole time, even while Vren was driving. As much as they loved their families and were thankful for everything they were doing, these two hours of quiet and alone time seemed necessary. Necessary for the two to realize why the coming days would be the most memorable and special days of their life. Viren finally reached Jeevika's house after both their cell phones had started ringing continuously knowing everyone was trying to get in contact with the two. 

v - "I guess I'll see you tomorrow night now" 
j - "I guess so"
v - "Twenty-one hours to be precise" 

Jeevika blushed at the thought of tomorrow when she would get to see her Prince Charming coming and placing a beautiful ring on her claiming her for eternity. 

v - "I love you Jeevika" 
j - "I love you more" she said slowly to him. 

Viren moved his head forward, slowly but romantically. Jeevika felt a bit shy, but gave in to her desire. She moved forward slowly till both of their lips touched gently at first, but passionately later. They closed their eyes and kissed each other like there was no end. A phone call was enough though to ruin it and cause the two to break away. 

j - "Its mom" she said looking at her phone "I should go"  getting out of the car. 
v - "Wait one second" he said trying to reach something in the back. 

In Viren's hand was a bouquet of red roses, the perfect end to their date. 

v - "For you" he said smiling
j - "You're the best" she said surprising him and kissing his cheek. 

Jeevika quickly took the roses and ran inside her house. She stood outside her door for a minute just to take a minute and be thankful for marrying the most understanding and kind person she had ever encountered. After taming herself, she took a step into her house and got back into the wedding mode, excited and pumped more than ever now! 

                                   Feedback Welcome! 

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Wooyayy! Look who is first! Big smile *victory dance*

Anything by my bestest writer will be the best! Star I love this story so much! Heart The way you expressed everything was so so fabulous! Big smile Viren is just so cute! The way he gave the bouquet... Haww, I wish I can get a boyfriend like him. LOL I am sad that you ended Heartbeat but well, all good things do come to an end. What an amazing story that was and what an awesome story this is?! Day Dreaming  Looking forward to the next chapter exceitedly!! Do update soonish and Thank you for the PM. Big smile


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Thank you thank you thank you 
Seriously you made me the happiest 
And I JUST LOVE the concept 
AND KISSEmbarrassed
Thank you for this and I love you so much more after this and I mean it. 
I love you Heart
And please no discontinue zaine 
Hiya will die 
You know how much I and hiya love him 
Please don't do this to us 
Anyway thanks again 
And you better update as fast as light 

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just spechlesss...
great work...

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just read the first chapter :)
its very interesting !! continue sooon and please pm me :)

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Reserved !!!! 


deep breaths ... breath in ... breath out...

OMG OMG OMG OMGGGShockedShockedShocked

keeni pie u should know tht u r the BEST !!!!!HeartBig smile 

Marriage ... the most amazing thing in ones life !!! nd we r getting a story nd tht ... nd tht too by whom "WORLD'S MOST AMAZING WRITER"
nd thts "U" idiot !!!! 

i so so so so love the concept of marriage ... nd tht too virika marrige !!! Ahhh !!!! i m spechless rite now !!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

u know whts the best part abt ur story ... tht u gave it a new dimension !!!! virika madly in love !!! nd this is gonna be a love cum arrange marrige !!!!!!Sleepy 
viren wht should i write abt him... he is more than perfect !!!! my DREAM HUSBAND EmbarrassedEmbarrassed!!!!! nd i know urs tooo !!!!SleepyLOL

jeevika is been depicted as a strong, modern girl which makes it differnt from the real marriage !!! TongueCool

overall its more than







A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E !!!!!!!!!!  ND ... V.I.R.I.K.A.L.I.C.I.O.U.S
Day Dreaming


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