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Strictly IO Rangrasiya 100 Epi discussion.CHK Pg-8

.FireAndBlood. IF-Stunnerz

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Hey guyz welcome to discussion thread for Rangrasiya 100 episode complition.
Here you will discuss everything with your partener if you have one.
Other things will be posted here only.


100 Dialogues from 100 Episodes (5 persons)


Story so far (1 person) 

Characters (2 persons) 

Best 5 relations (2 persons) 

Best five episodes (2 persons) 

Best 5 parud scenes (2 person) 

Graphicers (2 persons)

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.FireAndBlood. IF-Stunnerz

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Main Tag by Shivu

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Sent by : .BadtameezDil.
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Tags by Nabila (18shabbo)


Rudra - Mally
Paro - Titliya
Mala - Mally
Dilsher - Titliya
Thakur - Mally
Mohini - Titliya
Maithili - Mally
Sunehri - titliya
Sumar - Titliya
Samrat - Mally
Chachu - Titliya
Laila - Mally
Varun - Titliya
Bindi (angry_bird siggy missing) - Mally
Aman - Titliya

She is Rudra's mother and Dilsher's ex-wife. She is beautiful, humble and caring by nature. For some reason [not revealed yet] she abandoned Rudra and Dilsher and ran away from Chandangarh. After many years, it was shown that she is Param Singh Tejawat's wife and the Thakurain of Birpur. She shares a motherly relation with Paro and always cared about her. She misses her son, Rudra a lot and still kept her contacts with Danveer, who was her brother-in-law. She's unaware of Tejawat being a smuggler and trusts him blindly. Also she has no clue about Rudra and Paro's marriage.

She is the eldest daughter-in-law of the Ranawat house and Samrat's wife. She is a sweet person in nature and shares a sisterly bond with Paro and Sunehri. She is very obedient,helpful and loves her family and husbad immensely. She stays timid in front of her mother-in-law, Mohini as she keeps on taunting her for not being a mother. She is supportive mostly and deeply cares for Paro. 

He is perhaps the snake's stupid distance relative. Seems he has a knack for making foes rather than friends as opposed to other boys his age. His tractor like heart and sugary sweet words are not enough for any women to fall prey to. Like mother like son, he has a undying lust for money, which seems to be his true love. He is not very pedantic in nature, thus leading to the failure of his many schemes. For the amount of scorn resting him in, he is very trustworthy of his mother, an attribute that ultimately led to his downfall. And so, this money craving man, who now lives in some alley making friends with mosquitoes, is none other than Sumer Ranawat.

She is nothing sort of a snake's distant relative, her sharp eyes and poisonous tongue were proof. She is an ingenious strategist, evil and destructive, a dangerous combo. An unhealthy lust for wealth and prosperity nurtures within her. One who finds everything inadequate till it is impeccably ideal. Her distaste for laziness and idleness is not well hidden nor is her want calculative control. Plotting for her is like breathing for the rest of us, essential and easy. Although a little devil and his smoke always seem to interfere nowadays. This unsympathetic woman, bringing past and pain back like a storm, is none other than Mohini Danveer Ranawat.

She is cheerful, full of happiness, made of everything sweet. She is undemanding and very understanding, especially towards their new house guest. Impressionistic is her middle name as she everything warm and kind, like a big, bright, unmissable sun. A dreamer is what she is, dreaming of love, of fairy tales, of every wishful thing out there. She is one to love easily and hopelessly. Her nasty mother and brother have no effect on her love for life and unending optimism. This sugary bubble of sunshine is none other than Sunehri Ranawat.

He is man, roughened by the years spent in his own, personal hell. A twist of fate has left him lonely, full of animosity and hatred all directed towards women, beautiful women that is. His ego and dignity deny him to extend a hand for help in any situation, even if that meant eating burnt, tasteless food for the rest of his life. However, thanks to his stubborn, impulsive son, he was met with new possibilities, ones that included good food. Entrapped by this butterfly of a girl, his life took a turn for the better. Returning to a brother that out up with his endless list of complexities, he began to shed a bit of his humongous pride. And this man, like hardened wax that begun to melt in the light, was none other than Dilsher Ranawat.

He is Mohini and Danveer's son. He has a younger brother and sister also he is Rudra's cousin. He is a bit workaholic, snesible but always stays mum in front of his mother, Mohini. Even though he can't go against his mother, when she taunts him and Maithili he still loves his wife and family a lot. He likes to stay away from any kind of trouble and household fights.

He is a vile man, perhaps the vilest of them all. His existence was quite short lived, however he did not fail to upturn the lives of others with his companions. One flick of his smartly sweet tongue would have you offering him your heart in the palm of your hands. Found noble and handsome at first sight, but take away the appearance and you are left with a sickening creature. His aggression and commitment to his motive can have him holding a gun to his newly wedded bride's head. This man, who at first seems like a prince out of a fairy tale before his true wicked face is revealed, is none other than Varun.

He is a BSD officer, yet strangely it seems as if he is a man who abhors aggression and violence. However, if needed he will fight for his family. One who enjoys agreeable company, on the quiet side of the spectrum. One look at his wife and you see that he is of tolerant behavior. He aims to be reasonable, balanced and honest. A loyal man, one in whom you can find warmth and kindness. Seemingly accepting of life and it's ways. There's a sensitive side to him as well, especially when it comes to his family. This calm and kind man, who is obviously in the wrong career field, is none other than Danveer Ranawat.

She is a bold character. By profession she is a dancer and shares physical relation with Rudra from past 8 years. So far we didn't get to see much of her scenes but we can conclude that she loves Rudra love immensely and can go to any extent for him, even killing someone won't matter to her.


He is the only son of Dilsher and Mala. He is a mixture of different shades which makes his character even more intruiging. After his mother abandoned him he became a hearltless and ruthless BSD officer [Major] who is unaffected by feelings. He is a patriotic and honest officer who can sacrifice his life for his motherland. He shares a bitter-sweet relation with his father. Even though he loves his father, he fails to show it. His job is a part of his soul and snatching that away would mean him dying. Although he shared a physical relationship with Laila but he doesn't love her. His dull life changed overnight after meeting his destiny, Paro. He is married to Paro but yet to realize his love for her.

She is of slight built, of an unusual beauty that makes her both innocent and alluring. Her want for a calm and content atmosphere create a misconception, hiding her many talents. She can take what life has to give in stride, choosing to live in today, but her easily earned trust brings about problems for herself and others around her. Her spirit and fight do not protect her from the claws of nightmares every so often. However, she is one who loves with all her heart, which craves to love and to be loved. She can be diplomatic when needed to, especially when concerning her better half, but is easily irritated and quite sensitive, traits which are revealed usually in the presence of her better half once again. There is also a hidden bout of courage within her that is seen only when necessary. This child-woman can be outspoken in one moment yet beseechingly shy in the next. She is many things, but it seems that jealous is not one of them. This ungodly women, a walking contradiction waiting to be discover, is none other than Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat urf Paro.

He is man of many qualities, loyalty, kindness, and humor are just a few to be named. There is a cheeriness about him despite the cruelties he is witness to as a BSD officer. Far more reasonable and tolerant than his stubborn and angry superior. He has proven himself to be reliable in any situation, whether it be within the confines of BSD headquarters, in the arid desert sands, or in the Ranawat haveli. His quiet and calm composure given away nothing of his teasing, humorous and sarcastic side. This dedicated man, who has proved to be just as good of a friend and brother as he is an officer, is none other than Amandeep urf Aman, maybe even a future chudi-wala.

A man who is considered to be a "God" of Birpur. He is the Thakur of Birpur, who is very shrewd and cunning. The whole village, including his wife is unaware of his arms smugling business. From past a few years he had fed poison to the villagers about BSD. Every year he arranges a charade of marriage which is a medium for him to gain the arms and send money to the other side of border. He had killed Bindi as she got to know about his deeds and tried to kill Paro several times but he failed. Currently he's not traceable as he fled away with his wife, whom he loves a lot because the BSD officers are about to catch him as they had got proof against him.

She lived in Birpur and was Paro's best friend. She was full of life and enjoyed life thoroughly and had a bubly nature and was talkative at times. She was killed brutally by Thakur-sa as she got to know about Thakur being an arms smuggler.

Top 5 PaRud Scene

1. Parud's First Meeting

Paro and Bindi were attacked by the men in the chagda for Thakur Tejawat's money  while on their way back to Birpur after taking Paro's wedding attire.Throwing Bindi off the chagda in the process. Satisfied with the money they attack Paro who begs to be let free, just then Rudra happens to pass by on his bike. Seeing him gives Paro a little hope and she screams begging him to help her. At first Rudra remains unaffected and rides away but could he actually leave her like that and go? Obviously not! He stops a little further ahead  and waits till the chagda reaches him and in full force pulls the driver off the chagda. He beats up the goons one after another till then Paro manages to escape from the man and runs with all her might towards Rudra  dropping the mirror which was her gift midway. Rudra immediately catches hold of Paro and puts her behind him shielding her while she unknowingly clutches onto his arm. Her eyes then fall onto the mirror as she sees herself being protected by this man and realizes that she has been holding his arm with so much trust like she knew him since forever. Staring at her savior, she quickly takes her hand back and moves a little more behind silently in the protective shield her savior offered her. One of the goons pulls out a gun and shoots at them just then Rudra quickly wraps his arms around Paro as they fall to the ground while she tightly holds the collar of his jacket as they keep rolling and finally come to a stop. They stare at each other while Paro quietly removes her hand off his collar. The goons try running away making Rudra run behind them  unfortunately Rudra gets hit by a bullet and as they continue firing Rudra's bike explodes creating huge flames and Paro watches frightened and is reminded of her nightmares while Rudra run towards her and catches her just in time as she faints in his arms. He lifts her up carrying her to safety.

2. Rudra  helps her removing chain and makes her wear bangles

Rudra-Paro's marriage rituals start.. Disher gifts Paro, a necklace of Rudra's mom to wear as her blessing on the occasion of Ganesh sthapana puja..Later after the ritual finishes, Rudra sees Paro, who is trying to remove the chain.. Rudra calls Paro, and asks her to stop..Paro says he has no right to call her like that, Rudra says he has all the rights on her, since he is her would be husband now.. He says her, that she can call him with any name as she wish as Rudra or Jallad.. Rudra holds her hand, touches her and goes close to her, thus helping her to remove the chain. .Paro tries to leave from there but Rudra holds her hand and makes her wear the bangles he bought for his would be wife while kaki sees them..
Rudra bringing bangles for Paro and making her wear them, is the best part of the scene..

3. Paro collides with Rudra, Rudra fills her maang with her blood

Paro spots Thakur Tejawat's man who was kidnapped by Mohini and Sumer quietly make his way out of the house. On seeing Paro the man flings a plate towards her and she gets hit on her forehead. The man makes a quick escape while Paro follows him and collides with Rudra who enters right then. Rudra notices the cut on her forehead which was enough to make him worried.He hurriedly goes to her and places his finger on the cut in order to stop the bleeding. Paro squirms in his hold,Rudra tries explaining to her but in vain, his finger accidentally moves from her forehead to her parting filling it with blood. Rudra watches stunned as he slowly realizes he filled her parting with blood knowing fully what it symbolizes. They argue over the situations in the house, Paro turns to leave but is stopped midway when he addresses her as Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat..astonished she turns to him and argues that they are not yet married and by god's grace they will never get married..Rudra cuts her talk and guides her by the shoulders till they come to face a mirror and he shows her the blood in the form of sindoor on her parting and exclaims that she looked like his wife  already. Paro stares at her reflection not believing that destiny had tied them together yet again.

4. M
endi scene

Rudra-Paro's Mehndi celebrations begins..Mohini asks Paro how will she write Rudra's name on her mehandi either Rudra or just R.. Paro doesn't want that to happen, she goes to kitchen and tries to hurt herself, by placing her hand on hot tawa so that mehandi can not be applied on her hand..Rudra sees this and rushes to her, washes her hand with cold water.. Rudra taunts Paro for hurting herself to avoid mehandi..Everyone thinks that mehandi can not be applied now..Rudra applies mehndi on Paro's hand with his hand, saying that its herbal and is actually good for burnt hand..Later he writes R on her wrist..
Rudra applying mehndi on Paro's hand with his hand in anokhe way makes it one of the best scenes..

5. Ball Dance and Kiss - Whoever completes her submission first 

Rudra and Paro arrive at Jaipur to attend the Ball organized by his officer VK Singh on his marriage anniversary..Rudra introduces Paro to Mrs. Singh, Geetanjali, and asks her to stay in room as she is new to such parties.. But Geetanjali pressurizes Paro to get ready , on which Paro agrees and comes down to join the party.. Rudra totally losts on seeing beauty of Paro..Embarrassed Rudra holds Paro close and makes her dance, together they dance on a romantic number.. After the dance, on the name of celebration along with Vk singh and Geetanjali,  Paro and Rudra consume alcohol..Under the effect of alcohol  Rudra kisses Paro (hand) ..Blushing

Top 5 Relations - delegation

1. Paro-Maithili  Rudra_Paro

2. Rudra-Dilsher


Normally father-son relationship are considered to be the best one but this one is different. Rudra and Dilsher, the father son duo had faced a lot of hardships after Mala abandoned them forever. Eventually, Dilsher had drowned in depression and fed venom to his son against beautiful women referring to his wife and Rudra as a child gulped it all down remembering each and every word which probably scarred his future. But later, when Dilsher was aware of his mistake he tried to rectify it but alas! He was late as his chirpy son transformed into a heartless one. Despite everything, this relation stands out as no matter what, both of them stand by each other's side. Even though Rudra loves his father a lot, he fails to show it but Dilsher gets his concern for him which is hidden between his harsh words as their understanding is much more deep than any other thing.

3. Paro-Dilsher

To be honest, in this era, no one accepts a stranger as a family member. But Dilsher proved it wrong by accepting Paro as his daughter and made her a part of his small family. Paro who had always craved for fatherly love, finally got it from Dilsher, who was a father for her. Dilsher had always stood by Paro's side and at times gave her the right advice. When Dilsher was in coma, after Rudra Paro was the one  who was completely shocked and broken. She really meant the word "Bapusa" and she could do anything for her bapusa. When the entire family, including Rudra held Paro responsible for Dilsher's vulnerable state, Dilsher was the one who said that Paro could never push him near death. Their bonding made this relation more unique and strong.

4. Mala-Paro Rudra_Paro

5. Aman-Rudra & Paro-Bindi Aman Rudra (Mally) Paro Bindi (Rudra_Paro) *100 words each

Almost all the senior-junior relationship relies on hatred but Aman-Rudra is different from all. Aman, who works under Rudra, trusts his boss a lot and vice versa. When the seniors failed to give Rudra the interrogation letter, Rudra handed Aman the fake one. Aman didn't question and did the job that his sir wanted him to execute. Also, Aman had helped Rudra in accomplishing the most dreadful case. Even during the award ceremony speech, Rudra had stated that without Aman this case was impossible and considered him as his friend. The trust between them helped their bond to stand out between the other realtions.

Top 5 Episodes - delegation

1) Episode one

 A bus is shown travelling some where in the North West Rajasthan border, on the way to Birpur village, where the bus stops for sometime, the driver asks the passengers to refresh to start journey again.. Suddenly the firing starts leaving all the passengers in the bus dead with in minutes including Paro's parents. Paro is shown playing with her friend rukmini, the blue butterfly when her sister calls her..Paro is shocked and shattered to see her parents dead, and being burnt in front of her eyes. Paro is consoled by her aunt and uncle. On the other side,140km from Birpur, Rudra is shown in the school. His classmates make fun of Rudra talking about his mom, that she eloped leaving him.. This irks Rudra and he fights in the class. Rudra's father Dilsher says him to remember one thing- that beautiful women can never be owned by anyone, neither father ,nor husband,not even children. Rudra is hurt that his mom left him..Rudra and Paro buses  which are going in opposite direction stops at a same place. Paro sees Rudra , who is crying and throws her doll to him to play with and her bus moves, while rudra watches .. This is the first encounter of Rudra-Paro in their childhood. Time passes 15 years later Paro is shown running in the desert, paro sees a camel hurt and seeks for help. A BSD officer comes there and lits fire around paro, who turn out to be Rudra in her dream..
The care, which little Paro shown for crying Rudra by giving away her doll inspite of being hurt herself on loss of her parents, makes episode the best..

2) Episode 13 - Mirror breakdown episode of both the day Paro was brought in to custody - Surana

Paro comes back to consciousness as the vicious battle around her has just finished only to see her husband being shot dead and then to be approached by the man who killed him like he was a brutal predator. Paro screams. And then she has been taken in to custody and dragged in to the BSD and thrown in a heap on to the floor and she loses her consciousness.
Tejwat is like a caged lion as he imparts what has happened to his wife and she is broken hearing about Paro's fate. Paro hallucinates that she is a small child and that her parents would come back to her with her doll and once again loses her consciousness as the shocks of the day is too much for her.
Rudra tries to treat his wounds and changes the shirt and comes out with Aman to pay last respect to the dead soldiers. And while he salutes them he becomes emotional. Paro finally regains consciousness and calls out to her mamisa, Takurainmasa and Bindi and finally breaks down crying seeing the handcuffs on her hands.. A dead soldier's mother comes and curses Rudra for being the reason her son is dead and wishes that he never would have his mother even at his deathbed.
Rudra is thinking of his past and just when he leaned on the glass partition to take his sadness away, unknowingly paro touched his hand on his hand only the glass partition separating them. Both of their cheeks touched only to be separated by 19 mm glass partiction. Rudra gasped back seeing her through and backs out. Paro on the other hand couldn't see him because the glass was a one way mirror from her side. Rudra looks on in fury as Paro weeps and finally slithers down the wall shattered.
He entered the compartment in rage and paro recalled he was the very man who stood in front of her who took away her husband's life.

3) Episode 17 - The one where Paro points the gun at Rudra & it ends with him calming her down after her nightmare - Surana

Rudra comes back to BSD swaying a little and asks after Paro. Paro is lying on the floor dehydrated and thirsty when some officer offers her a glass of water. She takes it in both hands and drinks it thirstily when Rudra stumbles in to the room. Seeing him a shocked and terrified Paro drops the glass and backs away like a wounded animal and Rudra takes a step towards her and falls down. Paro backs away scared and the other officer goes away to call some other officers to help. When they come back they see Paro with Rudra's gun in her hands pointing it at him. The previous officer tells her that she is not a killer. And she sobs out telling she is not, but he is.. he killed everyone, he burned everyone. And that officer reasons out to her telling that even if she killed him the people that died will not come back. Paro is coaxed in to lowering the gun. And the moment he turns to ask the other officers to stop pointing the guns at Paro he turns only to see Paro having turned the gun on her head about to shoot herself. And that elderly man tries to talk her out of it explaining to her that there is no sin greater than taking one's own life and if she remained alive she would be able to prove that she was not wrong and one day will be able to go back home. Paro cries and drops the gun and is again frightened when it goes off and falls down and cries and the tears fall on Rudra waking him. And when he moves she is terrified and moves back and the BSD officer tells her not to be scared and directs the other officers to take Rudra away to the hospital. Paro is left terrified and crying.

Doctor has treated Rudra for the injury and he demands to have Paro brought to the same room and asks Aman to do it. The doctor after telling him about the foolishness of not getting the wound treated goes away. A nurse is taking off Paro's jewellery from her hand so that the IV can be inserted. The doctor comes and sends her away and asks Paro to close her eyes and go to sleep as she is weak. Then he is taking a poison filled injection and is about to insert it to her when Aman comes in and interrupts. Meanwhile the old BSD officer talks to Rudra and reveals him to be his uncle and Rudra shouts at him to hide his feelings and sends him off.

Paro is shifted to the room and she is unconscious. The doctor gives Rudra some medicine telling that they are antibiotics but they are actually sedatives. And just as he is about to take the medicine Paro starts having a nightmare and sobs and cries out asking someone to not put logs on her parents and not to burn them. She almost pushes herself out of the bed in her hysterical state and begs her mamisa to let her go. Seeing her struggling Rudra comes there and gets on to the bed holding her down tightly trying to control her seizure and whispering her 'shant' and she calms down slightly after she grabs hold of his Rudraksha.

4) Episode  - The one in which paro supports mythili about adopting a child which results in Rudra taking slap, protecting paro.. - Sindhu

Mythili was deeply hurt of not being a mother, even after five years of marriage. She decides to adopt a child..Paro comes to know about mythili's intention of adopting a child and supports her..Paro says mythili to ask mohini's permission regarding that. At the dinner table, mythili takes all her courage to speak up and expresses her idea of adopting a child, of becoming a mom, to mohini.. On hearing that, mohini rages at mythili for bringing such topic in front of her , Paro tries to go in middle but Rudra stops her.. Mythili says that she visited an orphanage too and almost begs mohini to permit her..mohini taunts her that she will cut her tongue for speaking like that, on hearing this Paro frees her hand from Rudra, and speaks on behalf of mythili, Paro says that she was also adopted by her mamisa and tries to convince mohini.. Mohini bursts out in anger and raises her hand to slap paro, whilst Rudra comes in between and takes the slap.
Rudra, taking slap instead of Paro, protecting her and warning mohini not to repeat again, Rudra's care for Paro is the best part of the episode..

5) Episode 55

Mohini calls Tejwat and Mala answers and they barely miss each other over the phone. As the haldi ceremony starts Suneri brings Paro out and as Rudra's shirt arm gets stuck in the curtain divider Paro removes it from it so it will not tear. the ceremony starts with Maitili and Suneri applying haldi on Paro and playfully smearing her with it. Kakisa starts Rudra's haldi. And then Laila comes and covering her face applies haldi on Rudra, he is suspicious but is stopped from following her when Samrat stops him. Laila goes to a corner and mixes some compound in to the haldi telling that once this acidic haldi touches Paro's skin, her moonlike skin will only have blemishes.
And as she goes to Paro and applies handi all over her and whispers to her about her forgetting the advice she gave to her about the 3 types of men after Paro recognizes her. Paro is agitated and a little upset at the harsh things Laila told her.
Rudra stops Laila asking what she did and meanwhile Maitili is taking care of Paro fixing her hair, going to feed her, etc. When Laila tries to bluff through it Rudra tries to touch the haldi and Laila panics and reveals that is was poisoned. Rudra is shocked and runs off to Paro and drags her unceremoniously out of the ceremony as she continues to protest. And as she shriefs he dumps a bucket of water on her and then pushes her against a wall and fixes a line of water above her so it showers her. Paro struggles and pushes Rudra off. He tells her about the poison in the haldi and she doesn't believe him at first. But then her skin begins to sting and burn and she turns scared childlike eyes at him and he is frightened as he runs to her asking if it is burning. And when she confirms to it he grabs her arms and starts rubbing the acidic haldi away. Paro too allows him to do it after initially trying to help. Rudra washes her face like her is washing a child and then turns her around to wash her back. Laila comes there when Rudra is clearing her back and she is furious and then shouts at Paro and pushing Rudra away from her grabs a knife and tries to plunge it in to Paro. Paro screams 'Rudra' and he immediately comes between them and holds Laila's hand and pushes her off. Laila's head hits a steal bucket and is bleeding. She is incredulous that Rudra hurt her for Paro's sake and tries to tell Paro about the relationship b/w the 2 of them. And Rudra doesn't allow him and he instead wraps up Paro gently in a cloth so that her see-through clothes does not make her uncomfortable and takes her away from there. He leaves her at the entrance asking her to go inside and wait in the safety of Suner's room.

Laila says that she is in love with Rudra and he is asking her is she is insane and that he doesn't believe in feelings like love. And then Laila questions him as to what is between him and Paro if its not love? Rudra is shocked.



Best 5 relations [500x250]
Afrin (Paro-Maithili , Paro-Bindi&Aman-Rudra[together] , Mala - Paro)
Mally (Paro - Dilsher , Rudr- Dilsher)

Best five episodes [500x350]
Mally (Paro Points gun , adopting , Haldi)
Afrin (Episode One , Mirror Break Down)

Best 5 parud scenes [500x400]
Afrin (Mehendi,)
Mally (first meeting , blood maang , chain bangle,
ball dance)

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Present - will come back after episode ends and once I type WU for the day..

Till then just wanna say Hi to all!Hug

Plus - fab Idea Appy & Hriddey  Clap looking forward to this! Star

PS: Am Sunara for anyone who might not know :)

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Hello all...
Hi sunara.. Am sindhu...Big smile

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^^thankx for intro but mai toh apko janta hun.:P

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Sidhu, surana... lets jot down top five episodes... come up with 5 each then we can discuss which one to put Embarrassed

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Hello everyone, I'm Anjani, but you can call me whatever you want :)

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