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FF- Sanam bewafa thread I (Page 2)

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Originally posted by shwetartist

hey boss kya hua yeh story doobra post kyu ki hui hai?Is there any problem with the previous thread

yes there is problem  

My first thread  cannot be opened,, so  am  doing this.. Heheehhehee i made a mistake. unknowingly ... 

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Originally posted by aanchaltulshan

congrats for the thread 
first part is nice

 arrey my dear this is not new thread.. Uff..  


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Originally posted by rampriyarocks

Lovely update... will read again... :)

 thanku   so much .. 

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hey age ka story jaldi post karona...I am waiting for that...Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by anupam_dil

hey age ka story jaldi post karona...I am waiting for that...Day Dreaming

 arrey  veena , this is first thread .. it is not opening now. kotta story em  kadu .. 

will post it today it self.  u r  welcome to read many times u want 


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She turned to see her little angel .her broad smile faded. RIYA AND CADY are in front of her. Riya is hiding her face behind a huge bouquet of white and red roses. There won't be any lady alive on earth who hate the smelling a rose and feel the beauty. Priya hate it .she was not like that earlier. Everything of Riya reminds her of ram. Just everything.

Riya : happy B'day mumma'

 she pulled her face behind  the  bouquet to her mummy. Priya doesn't even react to to her words her detest winced in her eyes. Riya 's smile faded with her furious  eyes. Riya went long way early in the morning to make her happy , With the florist spent time  giving instructions to the florist to make it as per her choice . It is for her mumma , All she have is her mamma. How come the little brain can think the agony behind her mumma's smile?, How can she ever Know that priya's  own people broken her heart into  countless pieces ! All that she know is her mumma cry  out her heart holding riya close to her heart. Priya's voice  made riya and cady  quiver a bit.

" cady do u care to answer why u  both  went out of the house without informing me. do u even  realise  ur a kid and u went of with a kid ,what if anything happens to u both. Cady  ur  grown up  just be responsible  .Riya  what is all this   y  do u  all things which I can  ever spare. And this flowers red and white. Go throw them in the bin down the apartment I don't want them I my house any more. "

"mumma.. aaj aapka B day hai na. issiliye mein cady didi  .." 

she stopped her words in  middle when priya's anger  bursted out 


Cady  felt very bad too ..  "priya '  hum' [priya  looked serious to her eyes ] daayijaan aur rajath uncle came with us"  with that  she left with  crying  Riya..  priya collapsed on the floor weeping heard. How the hell she  spill her anger on her little  miracle , her  life.  What did she do  has done nothing except did the same thing what ram had   done few  years  back. After all she is his  copie,his  genes are dominating in riya. I taunts her so much .  she cried her  heart  out..  she  stood up took  week  steps towards what have they brought to her. Crushed  a red rose  in her  hand. Took the card which  was made   from the  hands of  little Riya.  On the  card there was a pic of  priya and riya  carved in  heart shape.  She kissed the card and opened it.

Dear mumma..

Happy birthday.  I LOVE  YOU  so much. U r  worlds  best mumma.

Both cady and riya are disappointed..  they kept the  bouquet and cake and a card  on a table in the living room ,went to  other  room. Cady is  trying  to console  Riya. Priya   ran to Riya went on her knees in tears in her  eyes riya wiped priya's tears .priya kissed riya's littles hands.. and hugged her..

" Am sorry riya. Thanku  beta  mumma keliye itna sab kuch  kiya aur mumma shouted at u ..  mumma is so  bad" priya kissed her cheeks and hugged her.. " am sorry ' I love u  so much.. aaj  riya  mumma, and cady didi will have lots of fun.. first  riya's  fav breakfast ' aloo paratha , new  dresses, toys, drawing  books, lunch at riya's fav restaurant, butter chicken , and  lot more  ..   chale"

" awww..  sacchi  mumma ...but   u dint cut the cake till  now.. woh  black  forest  cake hai.. mujhe ' ! I want to eat it"

Cady and priya shared a smile priya said sorry for her rude behaviour. They went and cut the cake .priya feed riya n cady. Priya asked cady to keep the flowers away from her. They  all enjoyed their  breakfast   soon  got ready for the day. Riya is a chatter box. Before they  start  riya sat  beside priya with  cady started talking all she could . priya was listening to her and  driving. Priya caught few words of riya.

" I love u mumma .ur the world's  best  mumma. pata hai .. I asked the flouriest to make such a beautiful bouquet to u . u like white I like red so mumma and riya ka fav  roses we r a team ..'."

How come riya be so same. Priya went back in memories  , Years back ram has done the same to her.. it was her birth day  when ram surprised her in the midnight At 12 with a  a place  near  a lake  so well decorated with white and red roses. And when she ask him why white and red.

" they  complement each other like we r. u like white and I like red .. See how beautiful they r  looking together like us'"

" hey  hello u both  completely  forgot me??"  caddy interupted

 they  group hugged. Priya ask  god not to  take away her little world  from her. They spend the day happily . dayijaan invited priya home for dinner. Rajath  wished her . priya thanked him for  going along with riya and cady early in the morning.  "Common priya  what  for  friends are  for" rajath  said. It was a pleasant dinner followed by chit chat and games. Rajath and riya on one side cady and priya on other.  Rajath adore priya ,the way she handle situation and he respect her ability . in work he is her boss and in home he is a well-wisher, friend of her friend .he  is a bit jealous that dayijaan and cady  from his  house supports her always in every thing .rajath dropped her back  home . Uhh'! This is her little world ,  
In the night after riya slept she looked at the bouquet .

"It was given  by my  baby  it   cannot  relate to u   ram .my  baby is innocent and u are beguiler.. I pray millions of times her genes never After U in this "

Late  night in  KM mansion it  was huge room  ram's room  was  fully decorated  with flowers. White and red. He was so enjoying the spectacular view. Two persons are heading to his room  a slim figure was about to enter to  his  room  , he  shouted.

" STOP RIGHT OVER THERE. IF U STEP INSIDE I WILL NEVER MIND TO KILL U. y the  hell u came inside my  house go to ur  own  house which I  have thrown at u face  u BEGGAR "

" RAM '! Do u have any  sense to whom ur talking to .."

"yes  I am.. and who the hell r u to teach me what is right and what is wrong first u   better learn morals  to live"

" mind ur  language  ram  am ur  mother in law.  And ur talking to ur wife and my daughter Ayesha" 

" wife yes  ur daughter  is my  wife , not this B**** Ayesha' priya is my wife . u  trapped me and married me,  u both r sick and lame  u made me  believe u  and marry was u and ur  daughter ruined my  life.. don't  dare to  come near me'. u both r  selfish  and ruined my  family. Don't know where on earth my priya live.UR JUST USING MY NAME FOR UR STATUS AND UR MODELING ASSIGNMENTS.  "

"  uff'..! yup am selfish  .. Have no interest to sleep with u anyways.. I heard ur heading to Dubai  so am  hear to  order u to  book me a ticket  I want to see Dubai."

" ur  truly a B**** and ur lame. I wonder were u and priya are the traits  of  same parent couple . or u r mom  had '. Leave it . get lost  from my sight  before I rip u  to pieces."

 They  both left .. and  ram   closed the  doors.. "am sorry priya I  made a big mistake  believing  ur  sister  tried to help her. Dint even thought I was trapped. Just come to me. I will clear all this mess out our lives" 

She hugged riya close and closed her eyes.



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Next day she  opened her old mail box. Which she stopped using years back.
Her first mail is from KARTHIK.
'dee plz come back me papa are missing u a lot dee.plz come back" ..she sign out the mail with tears in her eyes. She rested her head on the head rest.. Clenching her fist. Controlling herself not to go  weak.


It was the day  karthik came back to india. He informed all about his convocation. He will be awarded with  MBA degree  from a well known university in London. He wants someone from his home with him.  Priya doesn't even informed that karthik is coming. Kartik and sudhir plan to surprise her and Ayesha and  shipra thought no need to mention at all. karthik wants priya or sudhir to be there at his convocation. shipra wants to send Ayesha.  Shipra made shudir agree.

During dinner ,
"papa if ur not going to come I can take dee with me na . not Ayesha. If dee comes she will be my the way  dee did her MBA and working in a B school so I think it is good I have dee with me. yeah Ayesha  is good for nothing other than shopping , make up, flirting and all. Aur mere paas itna finances nahi hai I can fulfill Ayesha's list of shopping. "

"haan yeah  bhi tik hai .. priya tumara passport do mujhe  and  take leave  for 1 month. After karthik's convocation u go around some sightseeing."

Ayesha & shipra were very angry but this time sudhir convinced her to send priya.  Both priya and karthik left. Priya helped him in finances.  Before the convocation karthik informed priya about Natasha. They went to paris to meet her. They met nuts , priya liked her brothers choice. Nuts want  ram to meet karthik. she asked  them to stay in her flat till her brother come. so that they can talk the further proceedings. Karthik went to his friends place priya and nuts are there in nuts flat. Soon they  became close . all the time nuts said about her bhai' RAM.

Next morning ram  vikram neha arrived there. priya opened the door. Ram was mesmerised to see  her, she looks utterly beautiful, in her  t shirt nighty till her knees in tousled hair, just woke up from bed ,still sleepy.  Ram was back in his senses when he heard neha vikram fighting. Ram asked for nuts. Priya open her eyes. He was handsome, something of him attracted priya in the first sight. Both shared an eye lock. she invited them in. it was early in the morning nuts went to gym.   Vikram neha went into a room which is vacant. Ram was sitting in the living.

Priya got  freshn up.  Did her pooja. Ram was surprised to see . He felt she is different. Priya came up with two mugs of coffee and took business magazine.  Nuts came home introduced ram to priya.   Priya was very happy seeing their relationship. They arranged a dinner  to meet karthik .  ram liked karthik.his eyes were on priya. He never saw a girl so keen, he is looking at her with an eagle's eye. They still remain awkward.  Neha and vik  karthik and nuts proceeded to the dance floor.  Nuts and karthik shared   their idea " ram priya look  so good as couple"  "I just hope  I have priya as my  bhabhi for my brother" kartik smiled.

Ram ordered few drinks, they spent talking abt nuts and karthik. Soon they became comfortable A old man reached there who is totally drunk insisted ram priya to join them on dance floor. They hold each other awkwardly, danced not meeting their eyes. Priya felt shivers on rams touch, ram felt her charm ,  standing close to her. No girl ever made ram  feel so. He felt it's just INFACTUATION.  they did not  realise they were comfortable in each other's arms. Kartik and nuts finally planned a date for ram and priya . They planned to go out vik neha had made their  plan , now priya and ram  all insisted them to go  around the beautiful city.  Finally  ram and priya were forcibly convinced to go to sightseeing. 

The next morning ram banged nuts  room  nuts  went and opened the door. Ram asked if he can use the washroom, nuts went back to sleep. Ram saw a priya liying  beside nuts . he came out  he saw priya sleeping peacefully with a slight smile on her lips. His sight  freezed on her lips. He smiled thinks she looks so beautiful with no makeup , sleeping, her hair was covering her face. He went close to her bending tugged her hair behind her ear not disturbing her.. he took a snap in his mobile. Her hair again fall on her face he was about to tug her hair behind her ear. She opened her eyes smiling it was ram face close to her. She was awake felt strange , " what'..! " priya asked . he cannot  say a word even  finally managed to speak  " wash room" . "oh.." .. ram went out.     Priya came out and went to kitchen with two cups of coffee was reading paper..  ram staring at her. Ram initiated the speech and asked priya if they can be friends as they have to go alone all the day . it would avoid awkwardness.

Everyone are ready with their  plans.. ram arranged a car for them , they all left on their plans.  They went to shopping. Priya  was looking for some trendy clothes for Ayesha. Ram asked if she wear all this, she said no and it's for her sister. Ram took out a dress n gave to priya once try this am sure u look  good in this. she wore it on ram's insist , ram  was mesmerised '" awesome,u look hot n S***" she blushed. Awkwardness came in between again. she liked his comment but  dint show any excitement. Ram bought the top  for her without her knowledge. They went to all possible places to see. Was very tired  came back to rest  in the evening. He got a message  that the 4 will come having dinner and come home. It was a plan . ram informed priya, she said she will cook  but ram had some other idea. He asked her to get ready they will have dinner in the Eiffel tower. Both went in night to the restaurant in the Eiffel tower .  paris was so beautiful in night . ram  saw priya getting panic. She  fear heights. He hold he by her shoulder assured her " don't worry am hear with u priya look at the spectacular  paris. " she forgot  her fear and was relaxed in his arms.

" am  damn hungry" priya  smiled . 
 "what do u  wanna have priya .. will try French food"
" uhh.. but vegetarian  for me' 
" uff ghas phoos" priya  gave a serious look  "oops  sorry."
"Now I knw the secret to ur fitness u eat ghasphoos" he  laughed out loud.. 
" oh  .. now  I knw   ram the secret behind ur  fat's"  
" hellooo i gym a lot.see am hot  and fit"  " mr. ram  just a correction, its true  if  any girl calls u  hot and fit"  laugh out  loud " 
so  u accept it na.. let it  spill the beans madam"   priya  gave a tough look 
" very  funny"  food arrived .. ram was  excited like a kid. 
" I pity ur  wife'"
" why?" 
" bechaari  ur a foodie , she has to cook for 10 when ur  one at dine"
" very funny .. I pity ur  husband.. he will die eating  ghas phoos"  their  teasing started. The one day made them close friends. Both felt comfortable with each other.

Priya karthik ,ram and nuts  left to  London  for his convocation.  They  spent lots of time  together. As nuts and karthik   moves together ram and priya are  left alone. Interestingly  both liked each other's company. They dint notice they are moving  so close . they feel they are close friends two are of similar kind. they never talked about themselves . they  had a brief introduction to each other by their sibling  but they dint  notice . Neither priya nor ram doesn't know Anything of each other , what do they do  and all.  Finally the see off. They  felt  stabbing inside their hearts to leave each other.

 Ram  priya  had a same flight .  in the flight she  felt sleepy and  slept on his shoulder.Ram  liked her closeness , for the first time he wished to have priya in his life he dint say it is love. Priya heard a weird noise and woke up  it was him snoring, her lips curled to smile to look at him he is innocent like a baby with open mouth, she closed his mouth with her finger. He adjusted himself  close to her, lied his head on her shoulder, she  feels jitters to his hot breath against her. He was in deep sleep. She feel " ram I never was like this with anyone I was with u."  they  reached the airport  both of them wanted to know each other's contact , soon they pick their luggage and came out, ram had an urgent call and he went aside priya waited for him  by the time he return   shudir came to meet priya and priya left. They departed looking at each other.  Those few days was most memorable in their life.


Ram woke up from the table with a empty bottle and a glass and priya's pic infront. " ram.. RAM"
It was vikram. Ram got up and was soon  ready with  his routine .. he has to start to  dubai.
" MUmma, mumma ' why  are u sad mumma  "  she climbed to priya  went to her lap  hugged her. Priya took her angel in her hands ..she got comfort hugging riya. " mumma aap udas ho .. [kissed her cheeks] sab kuch tik hojayega"  '. Priya back to her world.. Kissed her little miracle and got ready  for their routine.  Cady came to priya  . priya feed cady and riya . they left to their  respective institutes. Cady took riya to school. Priya went to her college. Soon reached she got a call  from the dean of the college. She was informed to arrange a seminar for final year students. The guest coming is the dean's distant relative. Very successful businessman from india.  

" uff.. ! rajath  please cut it off na ill arrange the seminar. Why are u introducing him to me. I will do it"
" I knw u will but please make sure  of everything I don't want any disturbances. Haan I have to pick  my friend. Dayi jan ki check up"
" I will go  ..look after her."
"haan aur yek baath . cady has a test tomorrow if she  come home she will spend time with her uncle so she will stay with u tonight "
" uhhh ' ! rajath  please stop it na I will take care of everything.. and some one said the other day what are friends for ?"

They shared a smile  .. And continued work.

 to be continued...


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Priya tried all the  years  to forget ram but she could never do that.  rajath came  to the staff room to inform her that the  seminar will be  after two days. As his friend who is a youngest tycoon has some other work. Priya smiled on the word "youngest tycoon" she used to taunt ram.
Later in the evening priya went out with cady and  riya. Riya is a foodie like ram.  They went in to a mall to find out some clothes  for Riya for her birthday. Priya  best  stress buster is  RIYA, Her chatter box.  This is the thing  that proves her as priya's daughter, rest all went on her father. Bahut  bhook lagthe hai. She is a foodie too. Why not  after all she is a Punjabi. Ghee, butter, pastries ,haan aloo parantha and many more.she like to try  different  food items. " maa am hungry"  priya  and cady  laughted. ''Arrey priya.. !  isse  kitna bhook lagthe hai. 1 hr back we had snaks and came " 
" haan  tho  aap  ki tarah nahi hu mein  .. cady didi" 
" Riya  watch  ur manners , di  tum se badi hai .. say sorry" 
" sorry cady didi" 
" its  k  " 
They Spend good time and returned home . priya  made  cady  study,  Riya  got instructions not to  disturb  cady.

Next day Ram arrived, he checked in to his hotel. He settled there. He was free in the evening went to the mall. Cady's  test is  finish. Riya and cady  went to  playstation in a big mall. Ram went to the  mall too. The same  place  has  purchase division too . ram went there to  see  a play station  for  ram and ridzy [ vikram's kids]  Riya and  cady  were playing 2 player game. Cady is  winning all the time and  riya is  very upset. Ram saw both of them .  ram  came near to Riya. 
" heloo" 
" aap  kaun " 
" mein  ram "
" oh ..!  ram uncle ur  disturbing me. aap ki waje mein phir se  haar gayi"
" sorry beta,  may I help u "
" y  u  will help me.. aap hoti  kaun  ho "
" ok .. we can be friends  to defeat  ur did" 
" haan  beta.. chalo  hum dono ek team hai" 
" ab deko cady didi "    ram and RIya are a team and  cady on  other side ram and riya  won the  play. Riya  was very happy   she   jumped in his lap and hugged ram tight, kissed him on his cheeks.
 " ram uncle aap best ho .."
 " tumaara naam kya hai  beta.." 
 " riya"   he repeated  riya'? she left leaving ram behind watching her disappearing frame.

Ram  got  riya and cady  many  chocolates. He  felt a strange feeling  meeting Riya.  Suddenly   riya nudged cady . they  said  aq quick bye to  ram and left. He felt very sad.  Riya  made him think , if  priya is with  him he might  have  had a daughter like  Riya.   He felt a hand on his shoulder  turned back  and  with a broad smile " haan brother .. after a long time"  both hugged each other.  They  spent time with each other they  moved on .  cady and  riya reached  home . they were silent, as they  were hiding  from  her.  Priya went busy in preparing her class.  "priya  madam , there is a message  from rajath  uncle..  he asked u to be  an hour  before to  look after the a arrangements.

In the morning.  

" mumma good  morning"  priya  kissed her on her head ,.. 
"gud morning beta." 
"mumma aap itne  jaldi  tayyar hogayi"  
"haan  riya   u too  get ready soon beta. Will go to   college first mumma ko  bahut kam hai  aaj  bahut bada seminar  hai   college mein . u  cady didi  will go to  school  from there 
"mumma aap yeh  pehanenge" 
" haan  iss  dress mein .. kyun ?"  riya  took   a  red and black  sari's placed it in her  hands. 
" meri mumma best dikhna hai,  I  gave u  choice  too. Am going to get  ready  late math karna mumma  get ready  soon" riya  left  to get  ready. She came out  saw priya took red sari 
" bilkul baap pe gaye hai ".. riya pulled priya  down, hugged her and kissed her..  
" love u mumma . ur  world's beautiful ho,  mumma  ko  kisi ka nazar na lage.. she took  kajal  and  kept tika at the  back of  priya's ear..  priya 's eyes  become  wet hugged her tight .

 Priya and riya went to college priya became busy in arrangements.  Cady and riya  was about to leave from  college. Riya  met  rajath and  ram.  Cady and riya behaved as if they do not  know ram  infront of rajath and they  rushed. Rajath  had a urgent call and  directed ram to  his  cabin. Ram was thinking why the hell the kids  behaved as they  do not  know him. Riya ,..made  ram think of his kids again   he  moved  forwards thinking , who would it have  been  BOY  OR GIRL .   any one might be of  riya' s age. Wil be like me or   priya.   Many thoughts  came to his brain.   Priya   was running  in the  corridor  talking on a phone  instructing  students about the  seminar. 

"ouch  am sorry "  came  from  both the sides

Unknowingly they   dashed into  each other. When  priya is  about to   fall  ram  caught   her from  falling.  Ram  stood still . priya  picked her files and  phone . fixing  her  phone she saw the image  stood in front of her in black  suit  with  waist coat , white  shirt and red tie. The  way  she loved ram .   she  can  hear  only one thing  from the person  who  perplexed on seeing her with  tears  in his eyes..
" priya"
 " ram'''.

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snehasya 116 21795 25 November 2012 at 7:19am by jineejiggs

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 14 15

Author: shaz9   Replies: 114   Views: 16690

shaz9 114 16690 23 November 2012 at 4:24am by poojagoyal443

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