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Posted: 19 April 2014 at 6:01am | IP Logged

Howdy Potterheads...Dancing

The Clever Sphinx re-appears for the third time...!!!!! PartyParty

For new members, WELCOME...Hug
and for old members, WELCOME BACK...Hug

Link to first thread        :  Harry Potter Quiz -This isn't MAGIC, it's LOGIC ;) 
Link to third thread       : You're Here!


what this thread is about?
-- this thread is about donning your sphinx hat and riddling fellow potterheads LOL...its great fun...so far in this shared journey, participating potterheads have come up with amazing creative riddles and participating members have enjoyed cracking them...its a matter of great pride that we must have created 100+ riddles by now (browse through the links to previous threads provided above,and tuck in your feast TongueWink) ...riddles can be based on anything-under-the-harry-potter-umbrella...Smile...Don't worry, to make things easy, you can begin by being on the recipient side(i.e. guessing the answers) and in no time we'll enchant you into a riddle-master...don't believe,huh? why not try it out, hey? :) SmileSmileSmile

just a quick note however: this fun activity is about "your own creations" so kindly refrain from plagiarism(copying riddles from elsewhere, etc.)...

Friends are life, and friendship is living life joyfully...so far all participating members have shared a great bonhomie amongst them Hug (our crossing 300+ pages is a standing testimony to it), so kindly try maintaining the decorum and do nothing that would threat its integrity...Smile 

so, what are you waiting for?! Big smile bring in your quills and parchments..!!!

and a token of gratitude for JKR, without her charm this magical world of Harry Potter would not have been possible!!! :) 

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Posted: 19 April 2014 at 6:06am | IP Logged

Do you possess the Inner Eye to play this game? LOLLOL

Test yourself right here...EmbarrassedSmile

Here's a  riddle for first-years LOL

...activate your potter-cells and try working it!Big smile

Filled with something silvery,
which always stays quivery.    
The mentor owns me, and so does the greasy one.
I was of great help to the chosen one,
can you guess who am I?

Click here for Answer

Look! Isn't it simple?Star

You sure are a Potterhead! 

so dont waste your head elsewhere ROFL

...plunge into this fun activity right now Smile!!!

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Posts: 9282

Posted: 19 April 2014 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Pls click on the below links to take you directly to their desired destinations.Smile

Riddle No.            Riddle             Answer               Composer
    #01                 105016247        105073052                 twila
    #02                 105134316        105145524                 -Memories-
    #03                 105207477        105240680                 Nala
    #04                 105254127        105317056                 twila
    #05                 105330415        105336898                 Priya_nv
    #06                 105342736        105365313                 Nala
    #07                 105372073        105384916                 roshni_rj              
    #08                 105389789        105438081                 twila
    #09                 105475429        105522825                 Priya_nv
    #10                 105539937        105561799                 twila
    #11                 105652898        105692116                 iluvOriginals
    #12                 105692855        
105724022                 iluvOriginals
    #13                 105724566        105847732                 twila
    #14                 105988029        106214954                 khushboo_kzk
    #15                 106193482        106215882                 iluvOriginals
    #16                 106217531        106435913                 khushboo_kzk
    #17                 106373821        106383685                 twila
    #18                 106434283        106706344                 twila
    #19                 106608879        106702433                 Akash005
    #20                 106698071        106701085                 Laugh.Out.Loud
    #21                 106703630        106706818                 Akash005                              
    #22                 106707680        106711428                 Akash005
    #23                 106710734        106712775                 Laugh.Out.Loud
    #24                 106717063       
106724274                 Akash005
106722895        106724616                 roshni_rj 
106730340        106743387                 Akash005
106746211        106749880                 twila
106754730        106771109                 Akash005
106777723        106780546                 Akash005
106781290        106786066                 Akash005
    #31                 106781707        106787164                 khushboo_kzk
    #32                 106791114        106809417                 twila
    #33                 106795072        106809511                 Akash005
    #34                 106795442        106811343                 Akash005
    #35                 106810204        106813961                 twila
    #36                 106812357        106812895                 bookworm-ALS--
    #37                 106813961        106815881                 twila
    #38                 106813969        106814299                 bookworm-ALS--
    #39                 106817309        106819588                 bookworm-ALS--
    #40                 106819245        106839879                 Akash005
    #41                 106837117        106875271                 Lumos
    #42                 106853787        106879263                 bookworm-ALS--
    #43                 106879790        106880992                 bookworm-ALS--
    #44                 106882790        106890678                 Laugh.Out.Loud
    #45                 106890769        106891638                 twila
    #46                 106891638        106894003                 twila
    #47                 106894003        106906509                 twila
    #48                 106896890        106939091                 Akash005
    #49                 106907660        106913406                 khushboo_kzk
    #50                 106940816        106951577                 twila
    #51                 106940919        106941683                 Laugh.Out.Loud
    #52                 106955609        106959688                 Akash005
    #53                 106959322        106962071                 roshni_rj 
    #54                 106973793        106980870                 Lumos
    #55                 106974652        106982770                 Akash005

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Joined: 20 March 2011

Posts: 9282

Posted: 19 April 2014 at 11:17am | IP Logged
 OUR WIZARDS(only two Geek) AND WITCHES (ohh, too manyLOL) ---

Name: Ppl call me lumos or Ani or Rudy
Gender: Male      Location: India
Something about myself: a Harry Potter Admirer...i feel HP is a magical window to the actual world of reality...however to decipher it you must possess the Inner Eye!Big smile Making Riddles and answering them helps me to enjoy poetry and thereby maintain myself into HP world...
My Riddles: Controlling the "potterheads" gave little time to use my head for riddle-creations! OuchBig smile
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01               106837117          106875271
   #02                      106973793          106980870

Name: Ppl call me Akash...
Gender: Male      Location: India
Something about myself: 
One of the most annoying thing about me is that I question everything and do not take anything at face value which I think was pretty evident in the way I entered this forum , my initial "FRUSTRATION WITH DUMBLEDORE" thread was all about questions and finding answers..other than that, yes, like everybody else here, I too am a "potterhead"..LOL 
My Riddles: 
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01                106608879             106702433
   #02                106703630             106706818
  #03                106707680             106711428
  #04                106717063             106724274
  #05                106730340             106743387
  #06                106754730             106771109
  #07                106777723             106780546
  #08                106781290             106786066 
  #09                106795072             106809511
  #10                106795442             106811343
  #11                106819245             106839879
   #12                106896890             106939091
   #13                106955609             106959688 
  #14                106974652             106982770

Name: ppl call me twila or twils
Gender: Female      Location: 
Hogwarts... LOL Just Kidding... LOL United States
Something about myself: 
HUGE Potterhead. I love everything concerning this topic. I think about it, write about it and dream about it! Harry Potter is my heart and soul. It made me what I am today. I idolize J.K Rowling and wish to become an author just like her someday but I know that I'll never be as good as her. I also make videos on Harry Potter and put them on YouTube.
My Riddles: I do try my best...
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01            105016247              105073052
  #02            105254127              105317056 
  #03            105389789              105438081
  #04            105539937              105561799 
  #05            105724566              105847732
  #06            106373821              106383685 
  #07            106434283              106706344
  #08            106746211              106749880
  #09            106791114              106809417
  #10            106810204              106813961
  #11            106813961              106815881
  #12            106890769              106891638
  #13            106891638              106894003
  #14            106894003              106906509 
  #15            106940816              106951577

Name: ppl call me Anjali, Nalu and Kitty...LOL
Gender: Female      Location: 
Something about myself: Just one simple girl trying to make the best out of lifeWink...well i love cracking and creating riddles about anything under the harry potter universe!
My Riddles: 
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01              105207477                105240680
  #02              105342736                105365313
Name: people call me by MANY names! LOL But my real name is Shivangi! Big smile 
Gender: Female      Location: Gryffindor common room Embarrassed LOL kidding LOL I stay in India 
Something about myself: I am a real crazy girl with crazy dreams and a crazy life. everything about me is very crazy! LOL my friends call me joker coz they think I have a good sense of humor and I make them laugh LOL i love reading and writing. I have written quite a few one shots and stuff. I love Harry Potter so friggin' much. It did change my life.   
My Riddles: Lol they are funny, my riddles LOL
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01                105134316                105145524  

Name: The name is Almas. You can cal me Almy:-) 
Gender: Female      Location: india
Something about myself: Recently read HP. Loved d books complelty. There ll be only one regret in life 'why id dint read HP books earlier :(
My Riddles:   I juz cant rhyme my riddlesOuch
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01             105652898              105692116 
  #02             105692855              105724022  
  #03             106193482              106215882

Name: Ppl call me  whatever they like. But for a name, you can call me Linaya!
Gender: Female      Location: India
Something about myself: 
 I am a simple girl who loves to do crazy things. I love reading! And that's how I cam across Harry Potter. I still haven't watched the films completely yet I would be forever in love with the books. When I come here, I get a chance to keep my Harry Potter memories afresh by cracking and making riddles! 
My Riddles: 
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01               106698071          106701085
  #02               106710734          106712775
  #03               106882790          106890678
   #04                       106940919          106941683

Name: Ppl call me Priya
Gender: Female      Location: Australia
Something about myself:
HP is special to me bcoz it got me addicted to the world of books Hug. Making riddles and solving them with fellow potterheads enables me to stay close to my favourite magical world...Day Dreamingso will always be ready to "Swish and FlickCool 
My Riddles: 
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01             105330415             105336898   
  #02             105475429             105522825

Name: Ppl call me Roshni :)
Gender: Female      Location: India
Something about myself: 
Well, about me and Harry Potter, we grew up together. A large part of the character I possess and so many of my views in life is all due to JKR. I would've been a much lesser person, if not for Harry Potter. :)
My Riddles: 
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01             105372073            105384916
  #02             106722895            106724616
  #03             106959322            106962071

Name: Ppl call me...khushboo or khush
Gender: Female      Location: India
Something about myself: I'm a crazy girl who invested in the world of harry potter very emotionally and deeply, i read harry potter books many times and thanks to J.K.Rowling for bringing magic in our worlds. harry potter helped me from bringing out from depressed world to the world of happiness. i found love, Happiness and friendship in this world of HP.harry potter and me is like heart and heart beat. i love answering riddle and though i make some silly ones by encouragement of my fellow forum-mates(friends). so thank you guys.

My Riddles: 
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
   #01             105988029            106214954 
   #02             106217531            106435913
   #03             106781707            106787164
   #04             106907660            106913406

Name: Ppl call me Shreya or ALS
Gender: Female      Location: India
Something about myself: 
Well, I'm just a young teen with an old soul..at least that's what my friends say! But I love reading, all kinds of things.
I grew up reading HP, so that it has had a profound effect on me, and has got me interested in the fantasy genre. I love talking books with people, especially HP. 
My Riddles: 
Riddle No          Riddle          Answer
  #01              106812357               106812895
  #02              106813969               106814299
  #03              106817309               106819588
  #04              106853787               106879263
  #05              106879790               106880992

Name:  Mehreen...shorten it to Mehr Wink
Gender: Female      Location: Mauritius 

Something about myself: 
 i'm a live wire and as shy as a mouse. been reading HP since early teenagehood...grown up with the characters and named my dog Fangs Wink. my sister thought me weird as i loved Neville since Year 1 and he turned out to bloom into one fabulously handsome guy!Embarrassed
i love this thread and the previous ones as it brings back old memories afresh! thank you all for these awesome riddles! Hug
My Riddles: None.

Name: ppl call me Jolly. Actually my best friend named me this because she thinks that I have a great sense of humor.
Gender: Female      Location: Canada 

Something about myself: 
 Harry Potter is what keeps me alive. I grew up with Harry and loved every minute of it! It keeps a fire alive in me that keeps me going and I could not possibly be more thankful to J.K.R.
My Riddles: None.

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The thread officially starts here. Who is going to give the first riddle. Let's have fun just like we did in the last one! 

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Posted: 20 April 2014 at 2:28am | IP Logged

Party Party Party

Dancing Dancing Dancing

We've already reached the third thread!!!!!! 

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

To inaugurate this ever-so special occasion, 

I would like to present a riddle from the deepest depths of my mind...


I am extremely funny

For a woman with a big tummy

Only for closed quarters

I am known to one of the Potters

In the dark times

I was used to ring familiar chimes

Embarassing I am

Call me cute, you can

Good guessing, people! Big smile

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Posted: 20 April 2014 at 2:43am | IP Logged
Your riddles are so difficult yaar! 

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Posted: 20 April 2014 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Congratulations on the new thread people Big smile

For twila's riddle.. What first came to my mind was Aunt Marge's dog LOL but it's wrong.. Then came Dudley.. But that's wrong too Ouch


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