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Pavitra Rishta

Pavitra Rishta Written Update 18th April 2014

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Pavitra Rishta Written Update 18th April 2014

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Written Update


Deshmukh House in the kitchen


Pia and Archana are in the kitchen. Pia says aaji, there's such good smell of the sheera, we will have warm sheera with the puri, I don't know how I had this idea. Savita comes and says aaji is aaji and granddaughter is a granddaughter, you are a professional chef but she is like the guru of a cooking class. Pia says you're right, she's my mentor, I've learned a lot from her. Savita says oh what have you learnt from me? Pia hugs Savita and says aaji, I've learned a lot from you, where the Vada Pav stalls are and also the fights for water, the most fun thing. You have a unique style of fighting, it's a lot of fun. Savita says you'e learned everything, now it's Nina's turn to learn. Nina is sitting at the kitchen table, making the flour and she thinks to herself, Teju gets 10% of the property, no she's the daughter of this family and isn't married, she'll get more property. 25%, no that's too much, I think 20% is enough. Teju's done, now Purvi, Purvi gets 15%, but why do they have to give her 15%? With such a rich husband Arjun who has his own business, 10% is enough, and now Ovi. She was found after so long, so she'll get 25%, Soham, he's aai and baba's lovely son, they'll give him 25%. So this means 20 +10, + 25 +25, is already 80%. What will the rest of the children get? Pia, Pari, Soham's children, and my children? What will my kids get, what will I get? Savita goes to the table where Nina is sitting, she touches Nina with her stick. Pia laughs, Savita keeps tapping Nina. Nina says annoyed, what is it?! Savita says hey, what are you doing?! Savita says don't you know how to make food properly? Look at Pia, she's so young but she works so well, look at her. Archana says Nina it's ok, you go, Pia and I will manage, go. Savita says to Nina, you won't go anywhere, sit down and prepare the flour properly! Then go. Ankita says aai let her go, she's been working since morning, she's tired and she also has to get ready, everyone will be coming shortly.


Deshmukh House


Archana says let her go, I will manage everything. Nina leaves. Savita tells Archana that she is lazy. Archana says aai I am very worried, I don't know how I'll make all the food as so many people are coming, I just hope Ankita's family likes all the food, I don't want anything more. Savita says Archana, it's not possible for anyone to eat your food and not praise it. Pia nods her head, Savita says see, Ankita doesn't only look like you, she's also like you. She will come and she'll praise your food, you'll see. Archana says may that happen aai, as long as everyone likes it. Savita smiles. Archana is preparing the food, she says everything is ready, the daal, rice, lauki ki sabzi, salad, Puran Poli, everything's ready to take down. Archana says Gaurav, Pushti! Mansi comes and says give it to me, I'll take the dishes down. Archana says Mansi, there's no need for that, you won't do any work as you're the guest, you don't have to do all this. Mansi says aaji, you consider Ankita tai as your daughter right? So with that relationship, who am I? Your daughter, and you don't ever reject your daughter when she helps, I'll take it down. Mansi calls for Pranav and Prashant, take this down. Prashant and Pranav have some food to take down, Pushti says I'll also help you guys! Mansi gets some more food. Gaurav comes and Archana says Gaurav, take some down too. Gaurav says aaji, they're all doing it right, let these chawl people do it. Archana says what are you saying Gaurav?  Just anything that you wish? You said so today but if you ever say it again then keep in mind, I won't forgive you. Take it down! Mansi gives Gaurav a dish and he takes it down. Mansi goes back in the kitchen where Archana is. Archana says Mansi, you told your baba to come right?


In a taxi


Shashank takes Soham in a taxi. Soham is not in his senses completely, Shashank tells the driver to drive carefully and to take them to Anand Niwas chawl. Shashank calls Mansi who is at the Deshmukh House. Mansi picks up her phone and says hello Shashank. Shashank says yes Mansi, I've found baba and I'm bringing him home. Mansi says thank God baba is found, Archana ji was just asking about him, I didn't know what to say to her, I'm at her house right now. Shashank once you come to the chawl, call me. Shashank says Mansi, baba has drank a lot, he isn't in his senses and he's not able to walk correctly. I don't know how I'll be able to take him home with his condition. Anyway I'll bring him there and we'll talk then, ok? Shashank and Mansi hang up.


At the hall


The Deshmukh family goes to the party hall which is decorated. Mansi is there too with her siblings. Archana says Mansi, call them and ask why they haven't come yet. Mansi smiles and says ok. Mansi is about to call them when Naren and Ankita come in, Naren says no need to call aaji, we have come already. Everyone smiles when they see Naren and Ankita coming, Archana tells them to stop. Archana says to bring the aarti thali. Naren sees the thali and says wow my favorite ladoo. Naren is about to take some but Archana says not now. Archana tells them to come in. Sunanda and Kinnari have also come. Manav says Namaste to them, and says Sunanda ji, are you comfortable? Actually our house is small so we decided to hold the dinner at a hall. Sunanda says no need to be sorry, Sunanda praises the way the arrangements are done and says to be honest, I don't look at the people's house but their heart, and your heart is very big. Ankita says Naren's aai baba didn't come? Sunanda says they actually wanted to come but Rushali got sick suddenly and Shirish is gone out of town for work purposes, that's why they didn't come. Archana smiles and says it's ok, you guys please come in. Manav says come in. Everyone goes in the hall, Mansi says to Ankita tai, it's said that only fortunate ones get good parents but I think we have done some really good things. See we're getting so much love, because even after being such a big family they accepted us. Let's go tai. Mansi goes, Sulochana stops her and says Manu. Not everyone in the world gets what they deserve and all you children are so lovely that we couldn't stop ourselves.


At the hall


Everyone is sitting down. Naren says Pushti, Gaurav, Mansi, Sonu Naren keeps counting everyone who's there. I have so many saalis now. Sunanda laughs, Naren says I'm enjoying, my in-laws are increasing. But someone is missing, who's missing? Ankita says who Naren sir? Naren says someone is missing. Everyone looks confused, Naren says someone is missing, who is it? No someone is missing. Teju says actually Pari will be coming and Pia is gone out for some work. Naren says yes but someone else is missing. Ankita says it's ok. Naren says yes, baba, baba! Your baba isn't here. My sasur ji is not here, I'll bring him. Ankita says Naren sir, Naren sir. Mansi says he's coming with Shashank. Naren says ok. Naren says ok so everybody, this is Sundri.(He points to Kinnari) Kinnari looks embarrassed, Naren says I mean Kinnari. Everyone smiles, Naren says she is my younger brother Raunaq's wife. Naren says say hello. Naren says when you guys went back to Canada then Raunaq got married that's why you couldn't come. Archana says to Kinnari, are you Naren's vahini? It's good to meet you, where is Raunaq? Is he coming late? Everyone apart from the Deshmukhs look tense. Kinnari whispers Attu, Attu why is everyone deliberately asking me about Raunaq? Why are they insulting me like this? Sunanda says Kinnari calm down, what are you saying? They have just come from Canada, when Raunaq's case was going on they weren't even here, they don't know anything about Raunaq. Calm down.


Deshmukh House


Manav and Archana go back in their home. Manav says Archana, what are you doing here? Everyone's looking for you in the hall. Archana says I'm getting silver coins. Manav says what happened, was something wrong with the food, we'll ask Sachin to order some food. Archana says Manav I don't know why but I felt strange about Kinnari, I think there is some problem between Ankita's maternal family and her in laws. Manav says it could be Archana. Look Archana, Ankita is a very good girl, Naren loves her a lot, Naren loves her a lot but due to both of the families financial difference, I mean Naren is from a rich family, and Ankita is from a poor family maybe there was a problem regarding that and if you see then with Ankita, Naren and Sunanda ji are very happy together. Ankita's husband is very good, her mother in law loves her a lot, what more could one want? And Archana, in every family, there are small arguments and Ankita is a very mature girl. I'm sure she'll handle everything, don't worry. I'm going outside. Archana says let's go. Manav and Archana go back down to the hall.


At the party hall


Naren brings a drink for Ankita. Naren asks Ankita who are you sitting here waiting for? Ankita says for my friend. Naren says which friend? Ankita says Pari. Naren says yes the Guest of Honor. Ankita says you'll like her. Naren says I won't meet her. Ankita says what? Naren says because I only like you, I don't like anyone else but you so I won't meet her. Ankita says sir she's a very good girl, you'll like her a lot. Naren says she may be but I don't want to meet her. Ankita says just meet her once then see if you like her. Naren says ok so where is your special friend, Guest of Honor? Ankita says I'm waiting for her, I don't know why she hasn't come.


Shekhar's car


Shekhar and Pari are in Shekhar's car. Shekhar is driving to the Deshmukh House. Pari sees a snowball hanging on the front of Shekhar's car. Pari says oh wow, I have a snowball just like this, where did you get it from? Shekhar smiles and says my friend gifted it to me. Pari says actually me too. Pari looks sad and she remembers when she was at the pizza restaurant in London and she was taking people's orders. Naren wanted to speak to Ahana but Pari said Aman not now, there is a lot of crowds here. Naren had brought a gift for her but then said no problem I'll wait. Naren sits down at a table. After everyone leaves and when Pari is finished with her work, Pari goes to Naren, Naren says sit. Pari sits down and says I'm sorry, you had to wait so long. Naren says you must be tried, should I get you something? Pari says no I'm ok but tell me what you needed. Naren says close your eyes. Pari closes her eyes, Naren takes out the gift for Pari and tells her to open her eyes. Pari says what's in there? Naren says for my pretty Ahana, open it. Pari opens the gift and the snowball is in there. Pari looks at it and says wow it's beautiful. Aman I'm so sorry, you had to wait the whole day. Naren says if the return gift is good then I don't mind waiting for you. Pari says return gift? Naren says yes, Pari says I didn't give you anything. Naren says for your beautiful smile. Naren and Pari smile at each other, Naren tells her that there's something special about the snowball. Pari asks what it is. Naren asks her to look closely. Pari looks at it but doesn't find anything. Naren tells her to turn it around. Pari turns it around and sees on the bottom, Ahana's name and Aman's name and a red heart in the middle of them.(End of flashback) Shekhar immediately stops the car. Pari goes forward a little bit, Shekhar asks her if she's ok. Pari says yeah, I'm fine.


Deshmukh House


Nina is in the main room. She says, oh God, I forgot to put on perfume. Nina puts on perfume. Kinnari comes in the house, she thinks to herself, thank God, in this whole family there seems to be one woman of my standard. Nina looks at Kinnari and thinks to herself, she looks average but she dressed up well. Kinnari says hi. Nina says hi. Kinnari says your earrings are pretty, where did you buy them from? Nina says actually from Canada, my friend gave it to me and designed it especially for me. Kinnari says oh. Nina says your saree is good too, where did you buy it from? Nina says thank you so much, you know I have a cousin, Muna, she designs sarees for all the Bollywood stars, she made it for me. Anyhow it's an exclusive designer piece. Nina says oh. Kinnari says can I say something? Nina says yeah. Kinnari says I hope you don't mind but don't you think this dinner can be held in a 5 star hotel? I mean it can suit our status and also your family doesn't have to do anything, we go and order food, that's it. Here in this dirty chawl, it's so cheap. Nina says yeah actually I said to my mother in law but she says in India the family's son in law is invited and the daughter in law's food is fed. Savita comes there and she smiles. Savita says to Nina, your mother in law is working down there and you 2 are here chatting. Go and accompany your mother in laws. Nina nods her head and says yes. Kinnari smiles and says no I'm perfectly fine here. Savita says Kinnari dear, you also go. Go and accompany her, consider this like your own house. It's good to do housework, now see, we have come back to India from Canada after so many years but we haven't forgotten our culture dear. Kinnari smiles and Savita says I mean from cooking food to washing dishes, we do all the work so you also learn to work, go. Kinnari says ok. Kinnari says to Nina, come on. Kinnari and Nina leave.


Precap: Mansi is at the Deshmukh House in the kitchen. Naren comes there. Mansi says jeeju, why did you interrupt your meal to come here? Naren says I'm going to get my sasur ji, has he come? Mansi says baba has come but. Naren says I'll go get him. Mansi says jeeju listen. Mansi comes out from the kitchen and asks him where are you going? Naren says I'm going to get him, my food doesn't get digested without him, we have a connection, I'll get him. Mansi says jeeju listen. Pari and Shekhar are coming in the home. Naren doesn't see them as his back us turned toward them and he says to Mansi, and don't worry about me, I have eaten. Pari looks at Naren but doesn't see his face.



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thanks for the WUClap

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Thanks for the update.

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I hope Soham is reunited with his family soon, track needs to move forward. It can't be hit and miss forever.

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