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Nothing Inspirational-The Plight of Indian Telly Bahus~-VBNOTE.PG8 (Page 7)

manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2014 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Amli-

@Piu Di:- Wow! I'm amazed by your in-depth/vast knowledge in various subjects and analyzing ability. Olympian!Star
Aha Thanks HunBig smileI thought I am the ALLEGED ATTENTION SEEKER who wishes to get 5 MINs of VITUAL FAMEROFL

It is something you buildup when you've self-belief, enthusiasm, passion, discipline and determination to learn how things work and observe/explore it beyond ordinary human beings! It also shows how much self-awareness/alertness you've. I firmly believe whatever degree we're aware/alert to that degree we're living.
Nothing as such Amisha...I believe in a very simple philosphy in life

I am strong because I am weak.
I am beautiful because I know my flaws.
I am a lover because I am a fighter.
I am fearless because I have been afraid.
I am wise because I have been foolish.
& I can laugh because I've known sadness.

About analyzing character:- I watched show from day 1 and from last 1 year or so I'm on/off with the show. In daily soaps, characters alters as per demands of the script/TRPs so it is difficult to analyze it. It is lacking of consistent. It doesn't matter whether you've watched show from beginning or not. You're bang on with analysis of Sandhya's character given circumstances and the way CVs have portrayed throughout training track.Approve
Exactly What I wanted to say ..writers change characters every day because of TRP's..there is no thought given to depth

I've read almost every book published on Kiran Bedi. I still remembered when her first book "I dare - Kiran Bedi" released, I visited public library of my village in order to read it. I have always carefully observed whenever she speaks about crime, punishment, reform, justice, good/bad cop : there is so much passion/determination/fire in her eyes to bring justice and righteousness in common people lives. Her vision isn't limited to any country. I don't see even an ounce of it in Sandhya's character. If CVs show 0.1 of attitude in Sandhya's character then may be...! If I've to define Kiran bedi in one line then it would be: A cop with conscience. -- this term used by prabha chandran who interviewed her.
@Bold So true..Kiran Bedi is one of those iconic figures which is so inspirational...The fire in her eyes is exemplaryClapJust so admire... her...if I wish that Sandhya should ooze exemplary passion for IPS ..Am I being NEGATIVE ??

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2014 at 11:17am | IP Logged
NOTHING MORE TO ADD arti!!Kudos!!ClapClapClap

QUOTE=arti07]its a regressive world ! i dont think any viewers will ever follow the footsteps of sandhya ! i dont think any educated bahoo will ever submit to the illogical demands of tyrnical saasu maa ! who on earth would pray for the locket wen stuck at 18000 ft ! Confused which IPS would leave her training most imp the gun shooting and will go to attend SIL wedding  ! which IPS would illogically argue about naaritiv in the TA..which IPS would love her hairs to the core ???... which TA doesnt investigate the famili background and family record before allowing in their academy lol imagine if naxalite gets inspired watching this show and get themselves into police academy ho chuka desh ka kalyaan ! LOL which TA passes the cadets with weak eye sight and poor running skills ! which TA takes the aspiring IPS to the jungle surrounded with naxalites are they fool or wat ???
which top performer would meddle with a compass forgetting about second best ! which training officer doesnt teaches to make compass in the jungle wat if the compass is lost and u lose the direction this is the first thing they teach in any jungle camp ! so wats the use of meddling with compass Confusedwen the cadets know how to make a compass big deal !LOL
which IPS would win the BCT to staisfy the illogical demand of her saasu maa ! if she cant bring change in her home how will she clean the dirt of the society !LOL
wat does the maker wanna show IPS only wen u can serve ur home else forget it and roll bajra ki roti ! LOL
tv bahu would be the last thing on the earth to get inspired with ! the characters are amusing becoz noone does tht ! thus amusing ! LOL

do u have reason why salman's illogical movies crosses crores what is so great in R rajkumar ?

forget it every ppl have their own genre of entertainment the kind of entertainment we are looking is hard to get in indian tv ! either rely on books or BBC pak and k dramas and pray in million we get a show like...! Embarrassed

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2014 at 11:18am | IP Logged
@Neilu really sick and tired for writing it over and over again,so just so done!!

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Incense IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2014 at 11:31am | IP Logged
lol someone tell me how out of the blue some naxalite came into picture why didnt roma kidnap officer singh in the training did she have some akashvani or wat tht she was waiting for the jungle track how did she know tht officer singh was taking sayadari squad to her home jungle (home town ka synonym) they were packed in the truck and without their knowledge they landed in this stupid sa jungle ! how did naxalite and roma made a plan in the first day itself to kidnap officer singh ofc she knows the jungle bhasa ! but rahul always followed her like vodaphone puppy ! wasnt it wierd if she chirped infront of him ????
and now the main question y would they kidnap officer singh to train their officer wen already roma took the training ??? kuch bhi re ! LOL

and naxalite ji officer singh doesnt know gorilla techinque if she didnt teach to her fav cadet why will she teach you she only teaches how to male gorilla noise and cook rice in bamboo ! 

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2014 at 11:48am | IP Logged
@Arti ..still looking for logics..there is no logic in anything LOLLOLLOL

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2014 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
Would like to add something to the discussion

Many times it is said that whats wrong if Sandhya wants to balance her life betwwen IPS and sasural .
Nothing wrong except

IPS is NOT like other careers . It is a career that demands priority . Over personal life .

So please don't put IPS and other careers in same line , makers of the show .

If u want to show a woman balancing career and home , show any 9 to 5 job . Infact there was a very apt dialogue by Sirjee about this .

This does not mean that if u do IPS u have no family marital life , children . You do . But its a given fact that enjoy it as long as it does not come in the way of your responsibilities . When its a choice between responsibility and family , IPS is about responsibility .

Bhabo telling i don't care , leave IPS training and come to my daughter's wedding should have been answered with same fire in Sandhya's eyes saying 

Desh is more important . What Chavi's wedding . i would have cancelled MY wedding . Sorry but u gotta understand , desh is more important than weddings .

Was this fire , this dialogue shown ? Its not rudeness , its a bloody FACT . Hundreds of mother in laws who pressurize their bahus who r doctors , police officers , social workers, sportswomen need to hear it well and understand it .

That character Vidya who was the goal keeper in Chak De India , dunno if u have seen the film , faced this pressurization and dilemma . The sasur and husband were demanding she drop her sports career and come for nanand's wedding . She flatly refused . She thought and thought about it and said

Ya Is paar ya us paar .

Second dialogue which was a must for thousands of women watching this show is that vrats r NOT compulsory and dedication to marraige is not determined by them .

Meena and Chavi did Gangaur vrat but Meena changed babies and Chavi's kartoots are known to all .

No way r they making husband's life abaad .

So the dialogue should have been i cannot do vrats during training in jungle . Please understand .

But these progressive thoughts r not advocated by DABH . Rather it appears as if illiterate viewers like Bhabo r handled with kid gloves and regression is glorified to appease them and a lot of their nonsense is tolerated simply to get them to give permission to give bahus the chance to study further and have a career .

When the real strength would have been in pointing out these wrongs . There is too much mollycoddling of the wrong characters . Chavi , Bhabo , Meena r very wrong but they r never pulled up but hushed up gently . Their wrong doings r 'natural' while Sandhya has to give explanations and explanations about her right choices .

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shruthiravi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 12:10am | IP Logged
I want to add something. The very fact that we have a misconception. In the show if there is a character that is inspirational that is not Sandhya , it is Sooraj. Sandhya from beginning was about Sanskaars and trying to adjust being a docile bahu. She was always keeping her parents sanskaar in mind and she believed those sanskaars stand for being a good bahu in her in laws place even at the cost of her self respect.
It is Sooraj with his school education background forces her out of her cocoon and asks her to aspire for sky. It is he who is bringing in the fresh thoughts. He can do it better, only if Sandhya allows him to do. But on most occasions without telling him she do Bhabo's know towing as she still believes in being a good bahu.
So please Sandhya is not inspirational, she can never be inspirational, the inspiration of this show is only and only Sooraj and his thought process .
If we look the show from this perspective we will be able to appreciate it more.

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Neerjalaher Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 3:52am | IP Logged

@ Piu, you have put in writing my thoughts on the show and much more...honestly I find your posts much more inspirational than the entire show Clap. The concept of the show had so much potential for the growing women globally, but unfortunately, I have found the portrayal of an ambitious woman in this show and absolute disaster.  Yeah, she faced adversity from  the Rathi clan  but she also had the support of Suraj and Baba Sa. She had education and good upbringing from her own family which she failed to carry through after marriage. I wanted to see Sandhya  as a woman who could stand up for herself and not be pushed and bullied by Bhabo. I wanted to see her fight her way to attend day classes and not hide through the night for further education. I wanted to see her command the respect of the Rathis and the Hanuman Gali waasis and not allow Bhabo to insult her or sing praises about her at her whim. I wanted her to learn to make uneven bajra ki roti and feel good about it. Ok, none of these happened as TRP Rules...But then I had high hopes for the IPS track, especially with the input of some talented actors and this being the crux of the show. I thought being away from the Rathi bunch, she at last had the opportunity to be herself. In TA She had the guidance of high caliber trainers like Officer Singh, who herself was being head hunted by the Nexalites. She had group and personal training. My expectation was that her self- esteem would excel and she would grow to become a confident individual and star IPS officer. I wanted her to start as an average (not weakest) performer and strategise and work her way to meet/beat her own and Zakir's performance records. I wanted her to achieve top 3 rating and not be driven by guilt and obligation to win the Trophy for her Bhabo. (If I was her I would aim for second position just to get away from Pushkar !!!). Most of all I wanted her to shed her trembling voice and confused expression to be replaced by body language exuberating confidence and drive to serve the country and its people. I wanted to see her in uniform with cropped hair and properly fitting cap.

 Sadly, for me, IPS track is about to end and the same Sandhya that entered TA will leave TA to go back the dysfunctional Rathi family. BTW I love Baba Sa, he is such a sweetheart, supportive and always ready to hear out the woes of his family. Pity he is so badly henpecked by his dragon of a wife...Dead




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