Sadda Haq Season 2


Sadda Haq Season 2
Sadda Haq Season 2

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And we are back.!! With more hotness. With more Besharmi. More craziness. And definitely lots more spamming. Put your hands together to welcome.

*SH Cafe*
Within a matter of a few days this place has become a virtual home to us. A home which has created goldies, senior members. A home which has bought out silent members to speak. And a home which has contributed to the hotness of the forum. We've achieved a lot in the short span of few days and this is just the beginning. Its going to be double the hotness this time. So get your seat belts ready and get ready to enjoy the ride.
You are all welcome here to share your views on the episode. Your analysis on whats going on. Discuss what you liked. What you didn't like. You are most welcome to share everything you feel about the show here.
But before you go on a few rules.
1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
5. Most importantly don't forget to have fun ;) Cause that's what this place is all about.
Most importantly
Don't forget to comment to FCs of Param &Harshita
Hope you have fun here :)
Team Hotness Embarrassed

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In a matter of a few days itself this place has become a virtual home for all of us. We've laughed here. We've shared our frustrations. We've talked of our dissapointments. We've been joyful together. But if there is one thing that we've been doing together since day one it is none other than SPAMMING and keeping the place hot. So here is a tribute to the spamming queens of this uber hot place.
Without further ado. I present to you
The hottest member of team hotness
[Cry agli baar mei 1st aungi dekh lena Cry]
with a shocking 205 posts out of 1105.
aapki is mehnat ke liye taaliyanClap
And here is the list of the remaining in no particular order :P Just so you know your contributions and work harder for next time. It could be anyone of you Wink
I've tried to cover most of the spammers. I am sorry if I missed out any I apologise Tongue
To everyone who didn't get it this time. Theres always next time. It could be you over there in the next thread. Keep trying sisters Wink

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Not Everyone can succeed in being part of such a crazy hot awesome cool place. Yes we have so many qualities Wink Heres the list of all those who are special and crazy enough to have survived being here. LOL
ipti- beyondwords
tashaforever- tanya
-ari- - ari
damneddrooler- ansah
--SacrletRed-- kajal

To be in our team...All you gotta do is like this post and comment your take on the episode here to get added. Everyone is most welcome to join in Smile
Plz mention ur names too when u comment, that makes the job faster!Smile

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"Yeh tumse hoga bhi k nahi?!!" said an absolutely irritated Sanyukta, looking at randhir with anger and frustration!

"Are u doubting my intelligence? U r doubtin Rank 1's inelligence Agarwal?!" was all randhir managed to say! He would ofcourse not let her know that it was her girly attire that was acting as a big distraction in his thinking process!
His ego would never let him acknowledge this fact to her!

"Kayka Rank 1? 3 ghanto se tum ek hee cheez par atke ho! Aur bada keh rahe the ki iss factory model ko rank 2 nahi, rank 1 ki zarurat hai!"
shot back an angry sanyukta, angry not because Mr.Genius was unable to make any progress, but because, she had caught him steal glances at her, and by now she had undrstood that it was her beautiful attire that was distracting him! All she wanted was him to accept the fact, and compliment her!
But tricking Randhir singh shekawat into something was next to impossible! How badly she wished his brains were a little less intelligent!

"Dekha, tum mera dimaag kharaab mat karo! U r distractin me!"
" Am i? Well how...??
"Tum yeh constant bak-bak kar rahi ho!"
"Main ne 3 ghanto main abpehli baar bola!"
"U r distractin me! Bass!!"
I know i am..." came a witty reply from sanyukta, accompanied with a wink, while she slowly started stepping closer to Randhir. Nervous, Randhir started taking steps
backward, only to bang in the wall behind!
"Kya kar rahi ho Agarwal?|" whispered Randhir, trying hard to control all the naughty desires he was getting, thanks to their proximity!
While Sanyu jst inched closer and closer, enjoying the "tease Mr.MCP" session! She tilted her face and brought it closer to his, blowing soft winds of air in his ears...His desires getting the better of him, Randhir caught her waist, and pushed he closer to him! Thats when sanyukta realised how close they actually were, their lips jst inches apart..they could actually feel each other's heart beats! While hers was beating at a pace unimaginable, his was beating even faster!

Not that they had not kissed earlier, but that was different! It was pure hatred then! But now, it was desire...desire to feel each other's lips,to hold each other tight, to just see how well they could kiss...With passion pacing in their hearts, they closed their eyes to enjoy the moment
even better...

"Sanyukta tumhara kaam khatam ho gaya?" entered a tired Parth, with full enthusiasm to have a cup of coffee with his be
st friend.
And Randhir and sanyukta just jumped apart in nervousness, immediately creating distance between themselves!

"Haa, ho gaya chalo Parth, lets goo..." was all a crimson red sanyukta managed to say, while Randhir was burning with irritation, as he had just missed a kiss with his farzi, thanks to captain kashyap!!!

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2. DamnedDrooler a.k.a Ansahs



Now can it any get better!! Randhir was cursing his luck, her being around spells disaster he cursed under his breath.He was just pissed off at the moment to take anything and her constant chatter was not helping at all."Sanyukta could you keep quite" the tone was not light and she knew he was going to blow up soon, so she decided to keep it low.


"Rain", great now this is amazing this was the last straw first being lost in jungle because his wife wanted to relive those memories of their last visit to this place.He looked around urgently trying to find some shelter, he ran to a nearing tree avoiding the downpour."Sanyukta", yeh kahan chali gaaye he said trying to locate her then his gaze fall upon her who was busy playing in rain.He was mesmerized as always but the MCP he was he would not accept.


It all because of you sanyukta, He said raising his voice bring her out of her dream world."What have I done" she ask innocently, this irked him further and he was almost shouting at her for being oblivious to the situation."Meri hi galati hai" that i gave into your chidish demands he spill out the words without thinking of the consequence.


Sanyukta did not took those words lightly and her tears start flow as if they were not in her control, He could take anything but those tears and now he was the reason he hit his hand on the tree frustrated."Sanyu",I he opened his eye trying to apologize but she was not anywhere to be found.That got him off guard and he ran after her not knowing which direction but he did.


Sanyukta he kept shouting her name and looking around hysterically, he was in panic where can she go.He saw her not far away she was on ground holding her feet and slowly sobbing.He ran up to her and took her in his embrace,"You took away my life" for that one moment I thought I lost you he mumble still in shock.


She did not respond to his hug and he knew it was not going to be easy pacifying his stubborn wife,but then he knew he was wrong and had to make it up for her.Breaking from the hug he saw that she was holding het feet,Great she has gotten herself into accident again slowly caressing her feet he stood up and in no time she was floating in air.She gave him a look but deep down she was in bliss being in his arms.



They were soaking wet by now the good part was that rain has stopped they walked for sometime as it was getting late they were worried.After what seems like forever they landed in the same hut when they were here last time.Memories came rushing back Randhir placed her on the chair and start looking for the fireplace.In no time the room was warm giving her a smouldering look he went up to her."Sanyu" he went up to her seeing her shivering he took off his shirt and pass to her but she was adament not needing his help.


He throw the shirt at her saying"Pehn lo warna pehna dooga".She knew that he meant it so without wasting anytime she hurried to change,she knew his gaze was on her and he was on a mission to start from where they stopped last time. She blushed at her thougths she knew she was being the eager one.



Once she was done she came out, never meeting his gaze she knew if she did then she will lost herself to him.She pouted her lips trying to remember she was angry at him, Randhir who was observing her expression gave a chuckle and went to her."He was a man on mission"


Never saying a word, he pulled her hard against his chest, slamming his lips into hers. "Randhir", she tried to get her voice but was stopped by his placing a finger on her lips."Chup"and she knew she wanted that also.



 Their tongues moved together, brutal yet gentle, as if they couldn't decide whether they wanted to battle or dance. Randhir kept his head to her and reaching with his other hand to graze Her. She hardened beneath his touch and gave a little shudder.




Pulling away to look at her, He swooped his arms around the small of her back and her knees, lifting her onto bed. Something about the contrast of her warm, soft skin and the cold, hard floor made him want her even more.

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Wohooo.!!!! Hum kamiyaab ho gaye. We have successfully taken the hotness up by a notch. And I am damn proud of all of my hot sisters to be a part in this nek mission hotness *taaliyan* for all of you Clap

Guess what?

This is the first CC..EDT..of this forum to complete 150 pages..that too in a matter of two days.!! *double taaliyan* ClapClap We are definitely redefining hotness and craziness ROFL

Puts kala tika Ying Yang Humare virtual home ko kisiki nazar na lage LOL Hope we have many more such hotness filled cafes Tongue
And madhu... Agli baar mai aaungi tera title leke jaungi...muahhahaha Evil Smile

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res If kaju havent reserved this spot can be fr u LOL ROFL

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