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Dear Diary...(OS) || LAST PART UPDATED PG 9||

Archi21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2014 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

Monday,9th Sep 2013


Dear Diary,


You are my best friend . You know each and every thing about me. You are the only one in this whole world who knows me completely. You know all stuff about me, stuffs that I never shared with anyone is also known to you. You know who truly I am- confused, shy and many more such kind of words are short to describe me. But I am some what optimist also, who  has  heart which loves family ,friends and ...to him.


Ouch...I am sorry . I am extremely sorry I never told you about him...Yes I had crush on him...Or I still have crush on him...


My dear diary let me tell you about this one and only secret  that I never told you.


Its happened 10 yrs back...Yes its long time...and I hided this from you for all this time. I never talk about this to myself also after I completed my schooling. But still there is some part in my heart which still wants...him.


10 years ago I moved to this beautiful place after my dad took transfer from Mumbai. It's small place but have importance in country's map. Its clam and quite place surrounded by forests and beautiful scenery. Weather here is never too hot nor too cold. For me it's the most beautiful place I had ever seen and My dad call this place Mini Shimla.


New place, new school. I got admission in 8th standard in St. Lious School. I joined school in the middle of session, gradually made some friends and started to know my new school.


When results came after my first exam in 8th that was the first time I heard this name MRITYUNJAY  SINGH SEKHAWAAT he was topper of 8th std. . I was curious to know more about him but whom to ask about him and in this thought, months passed and I left this question on time.


In my 9th std. our school implied new rules...These rules were to put students in class according to their  percentage. First I didn't liked  this thought I called it discrimination among students. Its difficult for a shy person to survive in new environment.

I entered my new class with heavy heart. Slowly I moved toward 3rd bench .Then entered a girl and she came and sat beside me. She was Meethi .She is lovely girl, she makes friends very fast and so we became friend. I told her that I don't know any body in class can you please help me in knowing names of our classmates.


She started introducing me our new classmates .She knows all of them as she is born and brought up here and is studying in this school from 1st std.


Meethi :"See that's Aditya, Yug , Vasu  and that is Mrityunjay and that ..."

She continued introducing other classmates but I stopped hearing her after listening his name "Mrityunjay".

What I am in his class...I never know what made say this. But I was happy don't know why.


Mrityunjay was topper of our batch. He was son of rich business man. He was intelligent, smart, good at communication skills and also  good in music . I just saw him and continued my  talk  with Meethi. I don't gave second thought about him. And my chatting continued with Meethi for the whole first day of school.


From next day It was regular school for me- come to school study and go to home. But to this regular school something got added to my habit... and it was adoring Mrityunjay...Yes It became habit for me to  adore him.  It was easy for me to adore him without getting caught by anyone as I was on 3rd bench in last row and he was on 1st bench middle row. So while classes going on and watching teacher teaching I use to adore him.


For the first time I talked him indirectly in music class that day I noticed his smile. It was a killer smile. That smile had some magic which  I don't know what but I felt that something in me got hit...Do I started to feel something ...After returning home I convinced myself there is nothing and I am hit by nothing...be clam...forget what you saw in music class...be normal.


Next day when I went to school I again noticed his smile...it again hit me...it was deeper hit then yesterday...

Then it was irresistible for me to stop thinking about his smile...the killer smile...

And this killer smile continued its stabbing and I everyday got stabbed. He was regular student but if for single day he was absent I felt like what is wrong with this world ... why this is happening to me...today is bad day...


One day a thought strike my mind.

"Why you adore him so much??" "Why you can't bear a single day without seeing him??" "What is special in his smile???


I was mum  to all these questions. 

And then told to myself "yes, why I adore him... " "he never noticed me class that their exists a person named Tara Mehta." Then second thought following this thought emerged saying "why he would know you..."

"Are you ranker?? Are you best singer???""Are you in his friend circle???"

Answers to all these questions was a "Big NO."


To get noticed by him in class I made plans...yes made plans.

So my first plan was to come in list of top 20 rankers of my class.

Second was to improve myself in music class

And many more plans were made but these two were followed religiously.



Music class improvement led us our first talk in front of whole class, this time directly .We talked about Tal Keharwa. Whatever that talk was I was happy that he talked to me.


After that talk we use to talk in class at least once in a week for 5 minutes and that was enough for me. 9th std. class continued and exams came and went. It was result day and as usual like every year he was first . I secured 11th rank in my class I was happy because for the first time I am under 15 rank which was like a dream for me.


Like 9th std following year also school continued its discrimination policy and started its discrimination- division of students based on their ranks- starting with first 30 rankers in one class and less then that in other class. I was again in worried with this discrimination. But this time I was worried because I might be separated from Mrityunjay as their were 180 students in our batch and had secured 11th position in my class but know how my others students have got marks higher then me. I was praying to god ..."Plz ...plz don't separate me from ...".

I was lost in my thoughts when I felt some one pinched me...Ouch... This was Meethi she pinched me and told "Where  you are lost ...Congrates we are once again in same class". I marched to my class with heavy heart. But I entered class I was welcomed "Congrates Tara. Welcome to class". This voice was familiar to me. I raised my head and found Mrityunjay  is welcoming me...I was super happy...I told to myself "That means I was able to secure position in top 30 and landed in same class with Mrityunjay...and addition to this is that I caught his attention too otherwise why would have welcomed me". "No separation...yipeee" I exclaimed in my mind.


Now we talk regularly making my each day more brighter than previous day. He use to say "Hi" "Hello " everyday...and I use to feel more special each day.


It was 10th std.  so I joined maths tuition with Meethi. When I reached their on first day I found Mrityunjay their . I was shocked to see him their.The reason for my shock  was his looks .

He was wearing a red T-Shirt and was on his Bike Hunk that was also RED...

OMG...My heart was beating so fast and loud that I felt If I continue to watch him today my heart would definitely burst. So I turned my face from their, but look I don't have control on me... my body changed its direction again and  turned to watch him...he was looking so hot in that red T-shirt...


Now  I was able to adore Mrityunjay for longer hours in school and in tuition...making my day more brighter. tuition was now my favourite place I was able to watch him on his bike with his killer smile. I continued my hard work in studies to secure good marks as good marks lead his attention on me. Now he helped me in class solving Maths problem. He solve that Maths problem in my notebook and I use touch that solutions when I am home and wanted to feel him in his writing .


One day Meethi pointed Radha in our class saying she is Mrityunjay's  girlfriend.

I was shell shocked to hear this ...I told to Meethi "Dear why are you joking with me... Mrityunjay don't have girlfriend"

Meethi: "How you know that?"

"Do he told you that I don't have girlfriend"..."wait...wait wait... what  do you like him?"

I nodded my head in NO.


I never told Meethi about my secret admiring on Mrityunjay.

I was feeling broken. Thousands of thoughts were bombarding my mind

"How he can do this to me?"

"Do I am not good in studies?"

"Or do I have bad looks?"

"Why I misunderstood his talk?"

"He never told me about his feelings"

"He use to talk to me in same way that he talk to others why I misunderstood him"

"Do I really misunderstood him??"

" Its my heart...My feelings... they have right to like anyone in this world. They don't need permission to like anyone."


My thoughts chain broke when my sister played song

"Khataa to jab ho ke ham haal-e-dil kisi se kahe
Kisi ko chaahate rahanaa koi khataa to nahi
Kisi ko chaahate rahanaa koi khataa to nahi

Amir tu hai
Amir tu hai to itana zara bata de muje
Garib mai hun magar ye meri khataa ho nahi
Kisi ko chaahate rahanaa koi khataa to nahi

Tujhe bhi pyaar hai
Tujhe bhi pyaar hai mujhase mai jaanati hun sanam
Ye baat aur hai mujhase kabhi kahaa to nahi

Kisi ko chaahate rahanaa koi khataa to nahi"


Oh...this song is specially composed for me. This song helped me to cop this harsh truth of life.


I continued my talk with Mriyunjay in the same manner like before but kept a reminder in my mind don't let your heart in. final exams over and results were out once again he was first . I secured good marks. For my good marks some credit goes to him as to get his attention I worked so hard that I secured marks.


I left that school after 10th. He continued in same school. Meethi informed me that he choose engineering as his future profession.

I don't know in today's date where he is...what he is doing ...who his partner is...

I saw   him earlier this year in market. He still look dashing...handsome...and that killer smile...it still have power to kill. I saw him just for 1 second but felt like everything stopped for that 1 second. He was on the other side of road on his bike, he didn't noticed me  but I saw him...he was ...


Oh...no...its 2:00 am close your diary Tara...Otherwise mom will come and scold you for being up so late.






Mrityunjay's Diary

MriAra Diary

Diary Talk

MriAra Diary

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mastaTmohi IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome archu!! Tooo goood!!

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re123 IF-Sizzlerz

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u are amazing dear!!..it is not scrapy one..but beautiful writing which made me sense ie love can be adored  as dreamTongue even though they are not by ur side ...
diaries are often ur best buddies u can open up ur heart to them...i really like the way u did it
teenagers and their crush haa ... i love the way tara admired mj Embarrassed...all here plans to get attention Wink
felt sad fr here too..here to radha ha... love can one be sided..there is no rule that other person should also love ...pain that u lose u loved one is really hurt to  core...emotional one hat off dear...
thnks for pm archu...Hug yoo i was off with EBI fr really one week...
do write many...it will pleasure to read ur postsTongue

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BlueJasmine Goldie

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   superb writing archiClap       
   it really hurts  when  u want someone ...love that person from the core of ur heart ...but can't say that  to anyone ...and after that ... if .u found out that the person u adored so much  ...u r nothing to him .this pain is unbearable.song part looked so real ...may be because  I hav a habit of  relating my situation with songs specially when i"m confused or sad ...do u feel the same?

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ShagufElina IF-Rockerz

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Archu yeh kya hai...
Isse tum bakwaas kehti ho..

Its just awsummmHug


Itna pyaara likhti ho...ek ek emotion...itne pyaare tarike.se likha hai...behtareen...Hug

Itni pyaari cute si story hai...Hug

School ka Crush...wow...beautiful concept...tumne kitna achchi tarah likha hai...Hug

Crush is love without responsibility...par deewaana bana deti hai...Star

Sach mein Archu...main ab tak 5 baar padh chuki hun...ab tak ka best OS hai...jitne maine padhe hai...StarStar

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Archi21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by BlueJasmine

superb writing archiClap
it really hurts when u want someone ...love that person from the core of ur heart ...but can't say that to anyone ...and after that ... if .u found out that the person u adored so much ...u r nothing to him .this pain is unbearable.song part looked so real ...may be because I hav a habit of relating my situation with songs specially when i"m confused or sad ...do u feel the same?

thanks dear

Ditto...i too relate myself with songs Big smile
Worldpeace IF-Rockerz

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Wait a min radha mj ki gf... no no...
 U know wat I love school romance. . They have a cute innocence in them and I know we r immature then but still...

And nice tricks tara... ranker banna and music...

Acha bachu... bohot chalu ho aap...

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faizari Goldie

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Wow...amazing Archu Hug

i really really enjoy it..

it was full of emotions...very gud story Thumbs Up

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