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Arshi SS :: House Of Cards#2 last Part up on PG96(30/08)

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Thank you Note :--

I am getting little emotional hereLOL . OK, I am allowed to get little emotional as this is my first story and my very first post on IF was this story's first part.

I just want to THANK YOU every reader of HOC . Thank you guys for your immense support. You guys dont know what you have done to a immature writer like me.


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Part 20 


Khushi lifted her eyebrow as she took a glance at her husband who was siting at the far corner of the bed with his laptop. Laad Governor! Khushi muttered as she leaned against the headboard and closed her eyes. But opened soon unable to take anymore.

"Arnav ji!"


"Arnav ji!!"


"Arnav ji!!!!!"

Arnav lifted his head from the laptop and glared at Khushi.

"What?!!" hiting the laptop shut, he faced his irritating wife, who was on a mission to irritate him to no end.


"I love you" Khushi smiled, her sugary voice reaching Arnav ji's ear and he crooked his eyebrow at her.


"And...what do you want?"


"You Laad Governor! Do I tell I love you when I want something from you?! Tell me!" Khushi stood on her knees, facing him with her hands on her hip.

Arnav moved little back, it's better to be at a safer distance when you are with Khushi


"Hmmm" Arnav scratched his head, pretending to think. " In last one  and a half year  which I have spent with you...if we go by that...than I think...Yes." And with that, he immediately got up from the bed. "It's a bitter truth, love. You will have to face it." Arnav winked , took his laptop and was about to go away but stopped instantly. Leaving the laptop there, he moved towards Khushi and sat in front of her.


"I am sorry" Arnav apologized as he rested his palm against her cheek.


"Go.. ...*sob*...go away...*sob*...I don't need you...*sob*...I am so mean, right?...*sob*...I love you because I want something from you, right?...*sob*...Than leave me and go...*sob*...I am very mean, na?... *sob*...hum bohot matlabi hain...*sob*...go away..." She waved his hand away from her cheek.

Arnav moved closer to her, taking her face between his palms he dipped his head. Bringing her body close to his, he placed his lips on her. Khushi tried to wriggle away but Arnav's one hand moved towards the back of her neck, anchoring her there. He tenderly moved his lips on her, and soon Khushi lost herself in her husband's sensual ministration and the protest flee away.


Arnav deepened the kiss, causing Khushi to open her mouth and without waiting for a second he started tasting the riches inside. Like a greedy man he took his fill, loving how Khushi always allows him to take without demanding anything and he, like a selfish man takes everything she gives him.


Leaving both breathless, he moved his lips away from her, unwillingly.


"There's NOTHING I have to give you Khushi. NOTHING! And you, my love, have everything I want and need." He moved his lips towards her neck, like a drunk, drugged by the very seductress in his arms and the incredible datum is that, she need not do anything in order to seduce him. Just her one look and his whole being is one fire, and like a moth he is arrested by the innocent flame in his wife.


He nibbled on her neck, drawing out soft moans from Khushi. He made her lay back on the bed, hovering over her, careful not to put his weight on her. Khushi's hand travelled on his shoulder, pushing him closer.


Arnav lifted his lips from her neck and rested his forehead against hers. Arnav smiled at her closed eyes and all red face.

"Is this what you wanted, Khushi?" a teasing smile playing on his lips.

Khushi opened her eyes slowly to look in the chocolaty orbs, and as the connotation of his question dawned on her, she lowered her eyes bashfully but replied firmly.




"Than what is that you want?" Arnav asked lowering his lips close to hers.

"I..." Khushi started but was forced to stop as his lips again rested on hers, tenderly sucking her petals, the temptation too hard to resist.

"I. What?" Arnav asked pecking her lips.

"I...I was hungry..." Arnav's lips halted an inch away from hers and he shifted his gaze from her lips to her eyes.


"I am hungry,Arnav ji" Khushi lifted her innocent eyes to look at him.

" empty your stomach later,right?"

"That doesn't mean that I stop eating." Khushi pushed him away and sat on the bed.

Arnav was ready to retort but the knock on the door stopped him.

"Come in.." Arnav replied.


Anjali entered with her sweet smile on her face and a milk glass in her hand.


"No! Di go away! Take that milk and go away. Please..." Khushi shouted as soon as she spotted the milk glass.

Anjali shook her head and walked towards Khushi. Arnav vacated the place beside Khushi for his Di.

"Khushi, take this milk. I know you have thrown up whatever you had for dinner. So now take this." Anjali extended the milk towards Khushi, making her flinch back.

"No Di, please.." Khushi made a disgusting face.


"Give her all junk foods, Di. Don't give her milk" came his taunting tone.

Khushi glared at him.

"You don't open your mouth. Bolna kya sikh gaye hain, hume hi taane maarte rehte hain." Khushi struck her tongue out at him.

"Don't act like a stubborn child, Khushi. Take this" Anjali said, all serious.

Khushi took the glass, her eyes filling instantly.

"No body listens to me. I am not hungry for milk. But no body cares" Khushi sniffed.

Anjali and Arnav shook their head in unison.

"Bloody hormones." Arnav muttered and sat on the recliner.

Khushi drank and handed the empty glass back to her Di.

"And what is that you are hungry for?" Anjali asked, earning a heart warming smile in return.

"Ice-cream"Khushi replied happily.

Anjali smiled and got up from the bed.

"You will not bring that Di." Arnav got up from the recliner.

"It's ok, Chhote. It will not harm, waise bhi itni garmi hai, it's ok." Anjali assured her Chhote and exited the room.

Arnav turned to look at his wife to receive a winning smile from her. Shaking his head at her he went and sat beside her.



"Baby, Daddy doesn't love you. See you want Ice-cream and he is telling your Bua to not bring that" Khushi said running her hands on her still flat tummy, pretending to be sad.

Arnav moved towards  her and bend near her tummy.

"And your Amma thinks that I don't care about you and her." Arnav complained.

Khushi pouted at him and Arnav stood up and sat beside Khushi.

"I just care about you and baby, Khushi. I don't want any harm near you both" Arnav said in a serious tone.

Khushi lifted her hand to rest on his cheek.

"I know Arnav ji. Hum toh bas aise hi bol rahe the" Khushi smiled, caressing his cheek.

Arnav rested his forehead against her.

"You have given me everything Khushi. Everything! I don't need anything more. Just you and our baby. No one else" Arnav kissed her lips and broke apart immediately as he heard some noise outside the door.

"And Aarav too..." Khushi said, oblivious to any sound.

"What?" Arnav asked confused.

"Aarav too, Arnav ji. You forgot him"Khushi smiled.

"I didn't forget him Khushi, I was telling that after the baby our family will be complete" Arnav replied, forgetting about the sound.



Arnav sat beside Khushi, her head resting on his shoulder, waiting for her ice-scream to arrive.

"Arnav ji, I am sleepy. Di kab aayengi" Khushi said, her head nested in the crook of his neck.

"Khushi, you wait I will see." Arnav made her lay on the bed and got up to go downstairs.





Arnav entered the kitchen to see it was empty. Entering the living area again he spotted HP.

"HP, where is Di?" Arnav asked to HP.

"Anjali ji? She went to her room." HP supplied.

Arnav looked at HP, confused. Room?

Arnav took the stairs again and headed towards his Di's room.



Anjali heard the knock on her door. Pulling the blanket off, she went towards the door.

"Chhote tum?"

"Di, you told you will bring the ice-scream for Khushi, right?" Arnav looked at her confused.

"Yes I said. But when I was about to take the stairs, Aarav came and said that he will take the ice-scream to his mother. So I gave him...Chhote!!" before she can complete she saw her brother running towards Aarav's room.

Anjlai followed him.


Arnav ran towards Aarav's room. Shit! Aarav must have heard what he said to Khushi. And the way Aarav is reacting this days, he was sure he must have misunderstood him.

Pushing the door, Arnav entered  Aarav's room to witness only darkness. Searching the switch in the darkness he ONed the light.

"Aarav!!" Arnav shouted not finding him on the bed.

Moving towards the bathroom he looked for him there.

"Aarav!!" Arnav shouted, looking for him everywhere.

"Chhote? What happened?" Anjali asked limping inside the room.

Arnav ran a frustrated hand in his hair.

"Aarav is not here, Di!" Arnav said, thwarted.

"Not here? What do you mean by that? He must be in the house somewhere" Anjali replied.


Arnav listened to his Di and exited the room, to search Aarav.




Frustrated, Khushi got up and sat on the bed.

"Pehle Di gayab ho gayeen aur phir Arnav ji. What are they doing? Is bringing ice-scream a big task?" Khushi grumbled and stood up from the bed.



Descending the last stair she saw Arnav ji coming from poolside. Poolside? Had he gone to take the ice-scream from poolside? This Laad Governor can do anything!


"Arnav ji?!" Khushi called him.

Arnav stiffened as he heard her call. Bloody hell! What is he going to tell her about Aarav. He moved towards Khushi.

"Khushi I had asked you to wait. Why did you come down?" Arnav asked, trying to sound calm.

But Khushi felt something wrong.

"Arnav ji what happened? Are you alright? Why are you sweating?" Khushi asked, worried.

"Nothing Khushi, come. You need to sleep" Khushi placed her hand in his extended one, still not convinced.



"Chhote, his cupboard is also empty!" Anjali cried, panicked and hurriedly descended the stairs.

Khushi lifted her head to look at his Di. Cupboard is empty? Whose? She looked at Arnav ji, who had closed his eyes, which made her heartbeat race.

"Arnav ji, what happened?" Khushi asked, her hand slipping away from his hold.

Arnav opened his eyes and looked at Khushi.


"What happened to Aarav?" Khushi asked panicked, her heart gripping with fear.

"Nothing Khushi...he will be's just that...I think...I think he heard me in the room...and ...I think...I think he left the house..."

"Heard...what he heard?...and left the house?...what do you mean by that?...he must be in his room...He must  be...He can never leave me..." Khushi waved  away Arnav ji's hand from her cheek and took the stairs.

"Khushi wait!!!" Arnav ran after Khushi.

Khushi entered Aarav's room, her eyes desperately searching for her son.



"Aarav where are you?!!!"


Arnav kept his hand on her shoulder. Khushi closed her eyes, the tears spilling out. A sob left her body as she turned and hugged Arnav ji.

"He left me...he left me...he left his can he do that Arnav ji? can he?" Khushi lifted her head from his chest. "Where has he gone? It's so dark outside Arnav ji...please search him ...please...please search him Arnav ji...please..." Khushi sobbed in his chest.


Anjali kept her hand on Khushi's shoulder.


"Don't worry Khushi. He will be alright. Chhote, please call the police and tell them to look out for Aarav" Anjali said controlling her tears.

Aarav nodded his head and picked a sobbing Khushi in his arms.

"Khushi, I will search him and bring him back safe. You don't worry yourself" he kissed her forehead and took her downstairs, knowing very well that she will not stay in her room.






"I don't need anything more. Just you and our baby. No one else"

"I don't need anything more. Just you and our baby. No one else"

"I don't need anything more. Just you and our baby. No one else"


Aarav walked on the deserted road. They don't need him anymore. He is just a burden on them. A unwanted member in their family. His father himself said he don't need him. A lump like a sharp stone rouse in his throat and eyes instantly spilled out the pearl. His nightmare has come true. Now he has just become a burden on his parents just like his friend and they will throw him out of their life as soon the baby will come. But he will not allow that. He will leave them before they can throw him out. He wiped the tears and looked ahead. He don't know where he is going but he will not go back from where he had came. He was about to cross the road when a car came to a screeching halt in front of him and the door opened.


"What are you doing here alone, Mamma' boy?" came the teasing voice and Aarav lifted her head to look at the man in front of him.

Aarav gritted his teeth.

"That's none of your business. Get away from here" Aarav said in a stern voice and tried to walk pass him but he again halted his path.

"Can't you understand what I am saying? Leave my way!"

"Just tell me what you are doing here, wandering alone in this dark night and I will leave you" Agam said, looking at the boy in front of him.

"I said that's none of your business. Give me  way" Aarav shouted.

"Does your Mamma knows you are alone here, walking alone in a deserted road.?" Agam asked and saw Aarav's eyes filling instantly and he lowered his eyes not wanting to show his tears.

And Agam got his answer.

Taking Aarav's hand he pulled him towards his car.

"What are you doing?! Leave me!! Just leave!!!" Aarav shouted furiously as Agam picked him easily and opened his car's door.

"Leave me! Just leave me!! Leave me you bas***d...ouchh.."

Agam caught Aarav's chin in a tight grip.

"NEVER! Never call me that! Do you get me?" his ragging eyes looked in Aarav's angry one. Seeing him wincing, Agam loosened his hold on his chin."And besides, your Mamma will not appreciate your flunking this colorful words." saying that he pushed Aarav in the backseat and locked the door.


Aarav stared at Agam s back angrily.

"Where are you taking me?!" Aarav shouted.

"Where does Mamma's boy wants to go, ha?" the teasing tone was back again.




"Bitiya, drink this water and stop crying, you will make yourself sick." Nani tried to make Khushi drink the water.

Khushi shook her head, wiping her continuous tears.


"See, I don't know anything! I just want you all to find my Son. Do whatever you want but I want my son to be in front of me. I don't care how you do that" Arnav barked in his phone.


"Chhote, relax. They are doing their work. Let them do their work" Anjali kept her assuring hand on her Chhote's shoulder.

"Relax? How can I relax, Di? Aarav is somewhere out there alone, and they are just telling that they are trying." Arnav glanced at the weeping Khushi. "And Khushi will make herself worry sick" Arnav clenched his fist.

"I think I will look out for him" Arnav said and was about to move towards the door when they heard the door bell ring.

HP moved towards the door to open it.



"What are you doing here?" Arnav hissed.

Agam moved aside to answer his brother's question.

"Your son, Mr.Raizada. Your ill-mannered son was wandering alone in the deserted road." Agam quipped.

 "Aarav?" Anjali smiled and moved towards him. "Where had you gone? We all were so worried. How can you do this?" Anjali hugged him, kissing his hair. "What is this Aarav, how can you do this?" Anjali asked pulling away from the hug.

But Aarav's eyes remained on his mother, who was just staring at him, tears continuously falling on her cheek. Swallowing hard, he moved towards her.


And than the slap he received shook him to the core, he staggered back.



Arnav and Anjali shouted in unison. But Nani remained quite, understanding Khushi's state.

"Amma..." Aarav sobbed.

"Don't!! Don't call me Amma! I am not your Amma. How can you call me Amma when you left me?!! Now you have no rights to call me Amma.Do you get me?!" Khushi ragged. He calls her Amma and than has the guts to leave her.

"I am...I am sorry ...sorry Amma..." His words spluttered due to his sob.

"I told you don't call me Amma!! Get away from my sight!!" Shouting, she turned towards the stair and ran upstairs.

Sobbing, Aarav looked at his mother who ran upstairs. Unable to bear anymore, he ran after her.





Arnav turned to look at Agam.

Anjali saw her brother looking at Agam and she kept her hand on his shoulder.

"Agam ji, we are really grateful for what you have done today. Thank you very much" Anjali expressed her gratitude.

Agam nodded his head and turned towards the exit.


Arnav saw Agam leaving and turned towards his Di.

"I am surprised you have not invited him for another dinner. This time he has saved your nephew." Arnav said sarcastically.

Anjali shook her head at him. No matter what the situation is, her brother doesn't leave a chance to get back on her.







Aarav continuously slammed his fists on the locked door.

"Mom!! Please open the door...I want to talk to you...please...I am sorry Amma...please open the it please...I promise to never leave you ...please now open the door...Amma please..."Aarav cried.

His fists stopped mid air as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around angrily.

"Don't touch me! It's all because of you! Go away from here!!" Aarav shouted.

"What? What do you mean by that Aarav?!" Arnav asked confused and angry.

"You told Mom that you don't need me anymore. The only one you need is Mom and your baby. You don't need me. Don't deny it, I heard it!!!" Aarav blustered.

Arnav looked at his son, not knowing what to say or feel. Yes he had said that but he didn't meant in the way Aarav has taken.

"Aarav, you have taken it all wrong. We need to talk, come here" Arnav extended his hand.

Aarav looked at the extended hand of his father. What he wants to talk now when he don't need him in his life anymore? He pushed Arnav's hand away, too angry.


Arnav's eyes flashed with anger. Catching Aarav by his waist he picked him up.

"Your fury and stubbornness you can keep to yourself. No need to show me, do you get me, son? Now I will tell and you will listen." Entering Aarav's room he kept him on his bed and sat in front of him.

"Now listen. I don't know how much you have heard but all I meant is I am waiting for the unborn baby and than our family will be complete." Arnav started.

"But you told you don't need anyone except Mom and the baby." Aarav interrupted.

"Come on Aarav, that doesn't mean that I don't want you in my life. You are my Son and the unborn baby is also mine. I am just extra careful towards the baby because he needs extra care. That's it. And if I care more about the baby that doesn't mean that I don't care about you or I don't love you or as you are saying, I don't need you anymore." Arnav leaned towards the headboard, tiered. He isn't good at explaining things and here his son is forcing him do just that.


"But you told that..."

"Than hang me till death. I have committed a unforgettable crime and you, my son, tell me what is my punishment?" Arnav asked exasperated.

Aarav looked at his father for few minutes before throwing himself on him.

"I don't want to leave you, dad. I love you...but I thought ...I thought that you don't need me anymore...and you will throw me I thought that I should leave before you throw me out..." Aarav sobbed clinging to his father.

Arnav tightened his hold on Aarav.

"I love you too, Aarav. I don't keep on chanting I love you'like  your Mom that doesn't mean that I love you any less. You are Arnav and Khushi Singh Raizada's  first Son. The baby will change nothing between us." Arnav pulled away to look at Aarav. "Do you get me?" Arnav asked.

Aarav nodded his head.

"But Mom?" Aarav asked, the tears flowing down.

Arnav wiped his tears .

"That's your look out, Aarav. You should have thought that before pulling this stunt." Arnav smiled. "Go and talk to her"

"But the door is locked."

"And it will remain locked. Go from poolside." Arnav winked at Aarav.

Aarav jumped off the bed without waiting for any more second.






Aarav slide the poolside door open and entered the room. Moving inside he saw his mother sleeping on the bed, facing her back to him. Walking towards her, he climbed on the bed.

"Mom.." Aarav spoke, keeping his hand on her shoulder but saw no movement from her.

"Amma.." he tried again but the same result.

"I am sorry Mom...I am sorry...I ...I didn't  mean to hurt you...I am sorry...please forgive me...please Amma..." Aarav sobbed.

Khushi turned towards him, seeing him through her damp eyes.

"Not even for a second you thought about me...after telling you so many times that I love you...that I can never leave you...still you left this left me..." Khushi closed her eyes,  as a tiered breathe left her body.

Aarav laid beside his mother.

"I am sorry Amma...I am really sorry...please forgive me...just this time...please...I will never leave you again...please..." Aarav apologized but still Khushi kept her eyes closed.

Aarav hugged her, clinging to her tight.

"Please forgive me...please...I was afraid ...I was afraid that you will leave me...throw me out of your life...just like Sameer...he ...he was my best friend in day a couple came to adopt him...they were not having any kids...but...after they adopted him...they came to know that...that...they are going to be parents...and after that...that they again left him in the orphanage...because they no longer needed him...they told that they will take  his responsibility ...they will pay for his education but they can't keep him with them...and he...Sameer was so heartbroken...he use to cry everyday...and I...I thought that will also stop loving me ...just like Sameer's parents did..." Aarav sobbed, his tears damping Khushi's neck.


Khushi gathered him in her arms. Crying with him.

"Shhh...shhh, you really think that we are like you really think that I will ever stop loving you?...tell me, Aarav...Every person is not same Aarav...I love you...Arnav ji loves you...everyone loves are my son and nobody can change that..." Khushi pulled away from the hug and lifted his face to look at her.

"You are my sweet sweet you really think that I can live without my Jalebi?" Khushi smiled.

Aarav again hugged her.

"And I love you too...please don't you ever ask me to not call you Amma...I am sorry for today...but you don't get angry on me...please..."

Khushi again pulled him to look at his face. Caressing his cheek, she looked in his eyes.

"Zyada lag gayi?" Khushi asked, regretting her earlier action.

"You can beat much as you want...but don't ask me to not call you are my Amma..."

"Yes...I am your Amma...and you are my jalebi..." Khushi kissed his cheek.

"Ab humari kasam khao ki aaj ke baad aisa kuch nahi karoge.." lifting his hand she kept on her head.

"Aap ki kasam" Aarav promised.

Khushi hugged him.

"Now sleep...come on close your eyes..." Khushi patted his head.

 After few seconds Khushi looked at him. "By the way Aarav...why did Agam ji called you ill-mannered? What did you do?" Khushi asked.

Aarav s eyes flee open

"I am too sleepy Mom. We will talk later" hugging her, he closed his eyes.

Aarav heard the faint hummm from his mother and sighed in relief. If his mother came to know that he had called that man bas***d in his anger, than she is not going to leave him.

Arnav looked at the duo sleeping from the poolside and slumped on the chair, making a vow to be extra careful with Aarav too.






Hope you enjoyed it :) Do share your views :)

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Congratulations on the new thread Party

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beautifully written..
loved it :) ClapClapClap

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Tongue me n my LG.
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