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~ Celebrating Rang Badalti Odhani's 4th Anniversary ~

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Siggie created by Ranjini
It's the time of the year when we celebrate the anniversary of a phenomenal and beloved show Rang Badalti Odhani.  It been fours years, but the discussion and enthusiasm for the show continues.  Those who love the show, know that no matter how much time passes, there is a small part of the heart which belongs to RBO.  The memories of the discussion and pagalpanti, on Indiaforums in particular, will be cherished forever. 
The core of RBO is the story of our Mumbai Dude Shantanu, who is married to a Rajputani Khanak, under tragic circumstances.  The story charts their sweet meeting, through many trials and shows two people who once hated each other, fall deeply and truly in love.  A complete love story where both protagonists are equal and who make each other grow in love.  Aside for the ShaNak, RBO boasts of the one of the best ensemble cast and fresh writing.  Such is the effect of that writing, that everyday words such a 'please' 'thank you and 'good night' trigger memories of the show. 
Moving away from the regular serial format, RBO showcased an urban family and a modern setting.  All the characters are believable and mostly close to life.  In some ways RBO set a standard and has inspired many shows since.  RBO fans have often commented, that many shows remind them of scenarios in RBO or the dynamics between the characters look similar.  ShaNak could be credited for a change, in the type of jodis shown on TV.  Their journey is extraordinary and not like any seen on screen before. Hatke from the typical serial pairs.  RBO inspired a realistic couple who are not afraid to express their love or their thoughts to each other. 
So, whether this is the first time you have come to know of the RBO, or if you an old member of the RBO forum : Whether you were part of the Besharam Gang or the Innocent Bache : Whether you are a Diehard Romantic or Mature Critic : Whether you loved the fabulous story or you just sighed over ShaNak : Whether you are a simple member or one of our fantastically creative members : Join us to celebrate and have fun! ApproveParty

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~ The Characters ~

Siggie created by Krithika
'Its all about RBO' - by Saroj

Shantanu Khandelwal

He is comfortable being  himself, he never pretends.  Kuch accha nahin laga, he will tell you honestly, whether it's close ones or anyone else. Smile
He is practical, not the typical TV hero type. He didn't fight with goons, because he knew he wouldn't be able to save himself and Khanak.  So he threw money at them and ran away with her.  
He cares for everyone, even though others might not have the same amount of concern for him.  He didn't slap Rahul , when Rahul cheated him and his friends.
He wants to earn money, but will not loose his or Khanak's self respect.  He asked his music director to say sorry to his wife, he asked the same of his own Mom and Bhabhi.  
He is clueless sometimes and he doesn't realise his mistakes.  He promises not to repeat them again, yet he does.
He becomes most possessive when it comes to Khanak, his wife. He will always demonstrate his right over her. He is perfectly IMPERFECT and that is our BURTHAL Shaan. 
Mrs Khanak Shantanu Khandelwal
She is the most sweet, bubbly, caring, loving and NAGGING person. She cares for everyone and fights with them for their own good.  She argued with her Father-In-Law in favour of Shaan's music career.  She stood with her husband through thick and thin.  She is a quick learner, she learn how to cook new dishes, ANGREJI and how to drive scooty.  She wants everyone to be happy, that why she tried to ment Shaan and Rahul's friendship after knowing their past.
She becomes very jealous when girls flirt or even talk to husband. She tried to change herself just for him, by wearing western outfits, going against her own values, and out of her comfort zone.  But he loves her the way she is.  She even agreed to bahave as a unmarried woman when ShaNak left K-mansion, just for Shaan and relunctantly agreed not to wear Mangalsootra or Sindoor. 
Her favorite place is the Kitchen.  Shaan spends a lot of time there when he is at home, trying to romance his wife. Embarrassed Who can forget the TALLI KFD, Jhansi Ki Rani and Rajputani Khanak?
Big smile

A kind-hearted loving person, who gives great advice to her family and always giving tit-for-tat answers to her Daughter-In-Law, Madhavi.  She took responsibility for her family, after her husband passed away. She always supported Khanak. This eldest member of Khandelwals is the very close to ourr Shaan.

The coolest AADA and businessman. In his free time, you will find him playing chess, with Akshay. He always gives advice to both his sons, when he feels they need support.  Either directly or indirectly. His shayaris, collage and village stories are notorious. LOL  They can cause a lot of embarrassment within the family.  He is not afraid to express his affections verbally, he loves his family.  He can be a strict father.  He taught Shaan the meaning of life, responsibilities, a career and gave him the courage to become independent.  He is filmy, he even danced on 'Chahe koi mujhe janglee kahe...' with cheer girls.  Isn't he cool?

The perfect Socialite, her abbreviations, ufff, 'Mera croro ka beta', 'LS', 'KFD' gave us the most hilarious moments. She loves her baby boy Shaan the most, so she was mean to Khanak in the intial days.  Later on, she was just like a mother to her, her MUMMIJI. She was jealous when Sunil became Sunny for Sasha. LOL  Sasha is SunAvi's common friend, Sunil's first love from college.  She came to India to meet friends and stayed with th Khandelwals.  Madhavi is a sophisticated, modern and the coolest Mother-In-Law anyone ever seen on TV.

Who can forget the workaholic and Joru Ka Gulam, Akki?  When its about business , no one can beat him, but when its about his love life, he always asks his CHHOTE for help.  Though the ideas our BURTHAL gives him, are not sensible and Akshay rejects them at the first, but later on follows them to impress his wife. 
LOL  Akshay perfect in business, chess, an avid cricket lover and a loving Bhaa to Khanak.

A loving sister, a socialite, fashion freak, who does things without thinking sometimes. 
A regular member of kittie and social parties.  She adopted a Gao-Ki-Gori avatar in Dulwahdhi.   She was rude and tough with Khanak initially, but became like an elder sister later on.  Her biggest complaint is that, Akshay is a workaholic and doesn't give her enough time.  This leads to her suspecting him.  Though seeing this is actually funny, because Akshay is so loyal and sweet.  Her wish to start her own business is commendable.  Which leads to her launching her own cosmetics business. 

A mature person Smile.  When Khanak entered the K-mansion, she feared loosing Shaan, but never blamed Khanak for what happened between her and Shaan.  She always said that Shaan was changing, she didn't want to talk about Khanak, she wanted to talk about Shaan and herself.
She made attempts to impress Shaan which failed, but she never disappointed him.  She supported him and  helped him unconditionally.
When she got an inkling that he had developed feelings for Khanak Embarrassed, she like a true/best friend, suggested he express his love to Khanak and opted out of his life.

This cute, mature, lovable person, who happily carried his all family member's kharcha with ease. He never complained or expressed his feelings verbally. He loved Khanak from the bottom of his heart, but his life was cut short by fate.  Khanak learnt patience and love from him.

Mr Agarwal
He is a mastermind, business man like Khandelwals.  He loves his daughters Tashu & Khushboo and can go to any extent for their happiness. We hated him, but he is the one who brought ShaNak together .

The friends track, Rahul-Jenny-Sam track, was sometimes confusing, funny and sometimes very serious moments.  Rahul wronged Shaan and Khanak, but he eventually realised his mistake and paid for it. What he had done was due to his misunderstanding.  But he stands on his own and will never be dependent on others. 

This punjabi loud cheerful kudi is the only chori in the in  Shaan close friend circle,  aside from Natasha.  Her fights with Khanak are the hilarious and funny. LOL   She is sensible , but had lost her faith in love.  Khanak made her to believe in love Later she became a good friend to Khanak.

Ducks falls in love, everytime he sees a new girl, but he is not fraud.  He is content with his life, no matter what his situation is.  He owns a cafe 'Duck & Drum', loves his food.  He becomes a Bhaa to Khanak, since they are both Gujarati. Smile 

Dhulwadi couple, villains in our story and the most irritating people for Shaan. Their taunts towards Khanak made Shaan realise the true value of his wife, Khanak. Approve

This 'American' couple are funny.  Well just like our ShaNak, they are also opposites, in every aspects.  She is modern and he is desi.  They make the phrase true 'opposite attracts' true.  Sasha did give the lecture about 'Magic & Spice in marriage', but later on she realised that she could learn a lot from them.  LOL
The adopted family for ShaNak, after leaving the K-mansion.  The love-square created a misunderstanding.  ShaNak had to meet each other in secret.  Some of the cutest ShaNak moments happened in GB's-house. Everyone become great friends later on.

Hari Bhaa-Dharam Bhaa
Greeny-Red and Dharam Bha.  Hilarious people with great timing, always coming between our Love-Birds, as Kabab-mein-haddis.
But Dharam Bhaa helped Sunil to take ShaNak away on a business trip, when things were tense between them.  This gave Khanak time to win Shaan's friendship back. Big smile

They had the shortest screen space in RBO. We dont even know their names, but they were the ones responsible for ShaNak last and one of their most endearing hugs.  It was Shaan's birthday and we got the news that Khanak was pregnant. The last Picture-Perfect-Kodak moment, was when ShaNak held their little ones in their arms.  Rang Badalti Odhani ended with the background music playing...

Mahri odhani...
Rangrej piya mahri odhani...
Mahri rang badalti odhani... Heart
By special request from Sonal...

Janavi's Picture Galleries
Shanak's fall...
Remember forever...
Shanak's nose-nudge scenes...
Shanak romance...
Shanak lift scenes...
One-Shot written by Priyasree...

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~ The Story ~

 Rang Badalti Odhani ki kahaani, creative members ki zubaani...
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~ Messages ~

Siggie created by Shyani
I just want to say 'Thank you' to the entire CAST, CREW,PRODUCTON, in fact the entire RBO team.  StarClap  You have given us so much happiness and a show to cherish forever.  We lived a lifetime in the RBO forum and most importantly friends who we love dearly.
Wishing everyone for RBO's 4th Anniversary! HugHeart
Proud to be an Odhanian. Approve
~ May ~
I wish all Odhians for RBO 4th Anneversary
I miss Rang Badalti Odhani.  ShaNak, their unique chemistry in what ever they do, romance, nok-jhok, fight, intense scene.  I miss Khandelwal family, Sunil, Madhavi, Akshay and Khushboo and ofcource cute baby Khandelwals.
I wish to see YashAran together again in new serial.
Karan I wish you good luck in all your future endeavours and wish you achieve what you deserve.
Yashashri you have proven yourself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things with their life.  Continue to make us proud as you face the new challenges in your life.
I wish all cast and crew, directors, producers, who were part of RBO team, Best of luck for their current projects and have success in everything they do.
~ Sudha ~
Rang Badalti Odhani is the most beautiful and amazing serial made ever!!! Love it to the core!!! Heart ShaNak chemistry is just out of the world!!! Big smile Nothing ever can match this show nor the chemistry of YashRan..Big smile On this occasion I would like to say a big thank you to all the cast and crew of RBO for giving this fantastic show!!!Hug Best wishes to Karan Tacker and Yashashri Masurkar for their new ventures!!! Wish some day we get the magic of #ShaNak be repeated with our beloved YashRan! Big smile Day Dreaming

Wishing YashRan and all Odhanians, ShaNakians, YashRanians a very happy #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary! Big smile
~ Poo ~
Here comes our most awaited Day of the year...
the day from where the Journey starts of our MithaiKumar n Rajputani together <3 <3 <3
#RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tongue
Firstly congradulatations everyone being a part of RBO, active n silent members included :)
Congrats Yashashri n Karan scoring #Top5 rank in #HottestIndianTVJodi contest as ShaNak :D :D :D
Again congo for always being there as the #MostMissedTVJodi online polls :)
Again congo for always being recognized as one of  the #BOLDest couple onscreen <3 <3 <3
Yash sir, Mamta mam, Swapna mam, Thank You so much for creating this Magical Tale.
Kudos to your hard work guys :DTongueTongueTongue
ShaNak, AkkiBoo, SunAvi n YashashriKaran, RushadKhushboo, AliRushali, you guys were just BRILLIENT to portray these onscreen characters :D Big smileEmbarrassed
Again *claps* *applause* for all the cast n crew of RBO, THnak You so much guys...
You guys made us all addicted to RBO n ShaNak for lifetime.
Love you all.
And congradulations <3 <3 <3
IF guys n gals, congo, we enter yet another year of RBO Anniversary. Hats off to all you.
Love y ll Burthals.
~ Saroj ~
For me, Rang Badalti Odhani will always remain special as it was not just a TV show.
It was an experience... a journey...
a roller coaster ride that took us through myriads of emotions,
leaving everyone asking for more !!
The best part is that the journey of smiling, laughing and crying with RBO did not end with the show. It continues even today and may it shall stay so forever...
The show may not be on-air anymore but the feelings, the moments, the love and the positivity shared through it, still stays with us.
I'm glad that I came across this show and through this show, I could know some truly amazing people...  both in Team- RBO and also in the viewers in form of friends.
RBO will always hold an important place in my life. My love for RBO only grows...
And it will continue to do so.
May God bless everyone associated with the show !
~ Manita ~
Years flew, time changed but RBO's beautiful memories are still fresh in our minds and cherished in our hearts forever!! Heart
Words fall short to express how much we miss our RBO, but a heart felt thanks to each and everyone from our RBO family for giving us the best show, loads of love & amazing friends Big smile
RBO means the world to us..Star
Life is incomplete without RBO...
Wishing Happy 4th Anniversary Rang Badalti Odhani Clap 
Praying we get a new season of RBO in future it would be a dream come true! 
True Love Stories Never Have Endings Just Like Our "Rang Badalti Odhani" Heart Heart
~ Krithika ~
I want to wish the whole team of Rang Badalti Odhani a very happy 4th anniversary. RBO is part of my life. It controls my mood. When I am happy Shanak scenes make me more happy. When I am sad, Shanak scenes make me cry. It helps me deal the sorrows of my life, RBO makes me forget my own problemsLOL Want RBO 2 ASAPLOL
~ Ranjini ~
Here I am to wish everyone here or not here anymore a VERY HAPPY 4th RBO anniversary! The show means so much to all of us and we'll always love it like our first love.
Keep on enjoying, keep on encouraging me and everyone else who makes VMs or writes awesome fanfics after all this time still. Be safe! Spread love! And cheers to everyone!
~ Jenny ~
Happy Rang Badalti Odhani 4th anniversary to everyone... This show was unique one and Shanak are the most special pair in our heart...
~ Trupti ~
Love Karan and Yashashri sooo much 
RBO is my life 
I have never ever Loved any show or actors like i love RBO and Yasharan 
to see Yasharan onscreen and offscreen is the happiest moments of my life :)
want to feel those moments once again INSHALLAH
Love Shanak Yasharan 
Missing RBO everyday and want Yasharan back together to rock TV screen with another BIG show and super duper hit show AMEEN Big smile
~ Jalis ~
Wishing u a very very happy Rang badalti odhani 4th anniversary :-* :')
~ Sonal ~
Happy Anniversary to all Odhanians Smile
~ Monika ~
Wishing everyone here a very happy 4th Anniversary of our own Rang Badalti Odhani....
The whole cast n crew of RBO, applause for you people...you did a mind blowing job here...Embarrassed
~ Saroj ~
Wishing everyone Happy 4th anniversary of Rang Badalti Odhani 
Here are my siggies hope you all like it:
~ Nainshree ~

Wishing everyone a very happy Rang Badalti Odhani 4th anniversarySmile
~ Sudha ~
Hey guys!! As always, a Happy Anniversary to RBO and RBOians.. Wishes from Me and all Geetians!!! Loads of LOVEHeartHug
~ zaaratq ~
its been 4 years alreadyEmbarrassed...shaan n khanak's alag n hatke prem kahani brought so many of us together n v still continue to remain friendsApprove
this one show had all d uniqueness i had ever seen on indian telly
it gave us yashu n karan whom i didnt even know existedLOL
 till today a lil part of me wishes they can be together y though impossible but ya stillLOL
wishing RBO N GANG a very very very very very very happy 4TH Anniversary...my only  wish is all friends who came together due to this show always stay in touch even wen v celebrate its 10th anniversary n so onEmbarrassedHugHugHug
~ Karishma ~
Happy anniversary to RBO and the most beautiful couple telly could have created with their burning magic and chemistry 
~ Bona ~
Happy rang badalti odhani 4th anniversary to all the odhanians.
ShaNak Heart YashAran Heart Love RBO Heart
Miss them alott!!
~ Maneesha ~

All of the posts in here have bought back such sweet memories of an outstanding show that RBO was along with the beautiful relationship that Shaan and Khanak shared!
Wishing all of you Odhians a very Happy 4th Anniversary Smile X
~ Alka ~
Happy #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary !!
Rbo n Shanak become insaparable parts of our lives...none show cn replace its place!! We love shanak n ll alwys luv it
~ Neelu ~
Happy 4th anniversary to whole RBO team n to all odhaniansBig smileBig smile its been 4 year now dat we have seen the epic journey of most loveable pair shanak HeartHeart RBO rocksBig smilePartyPartyParty
~ Leena ~

 ~~wishing all the odhanians for 4th anniversary of rang badalti odhani~~
  RANG BADALTI ODHANI is unique show which gave us a hot sizzling jodi which     made us even more crazziest fans of them!!!
  shanak made us love them ever for their  sizzling performance ...
 chemistry which they made on screen was irresistible for us and set fire  onscreen haa...it has been 4 years still we  love shanak to core with their nok jhok..hug, romance and many more...
not only shanak but entire RBO family was fabulous and each character in it entertain us lot
last but not least YASHARAN rocks!!! miss u a lot shanak & rbo
~ re123 ~
Happy 4th anniversaryPartyParty
missing shanakCry
~ silvia1999 ~
First of all a heartfelt Thank You to the entire RBO team for giving us our dearest and beloved Show Rang Badalti Odhani. A show which had such a simple and beautiful concept with such talented actors and crew that it has become the most unique show I've ever watched on TV. A show which has become a part of not only mine but all of our lives. A show because of which we got so many friends. Its been 4 years but we still are very much crazy about the show as we were when it was on air or somewhere may be even more.Day DreamingBig smile
Here's wishing the Rang Badalti Odhani team and my fellow Odhanians A Grand RangBadaltiOdhani Anniversary. HeartHugHug
Feeling nostalgic 
~ Priyasree ~
 Shanak was, shanak is and shanak will hamesha remain the best and best for me... Love the jodi immensely and rbo and k-family... Thanx to Karan and Yashu di for portraying such awesome characters becoz YASHARAN are themselves wonderful actors... Nd thanx to The Production and whole rbo team for giving us such an fantastic serial which ppl still cant forget! PROUD TO A SHANAKIAN/ODHANIAN/YASHARANIAN... <3 <3
With lots of love to all,
~ Kanika ~
Wow!  RBO anniversary!  I still follow Good Neend, lol!
The crazy Khanak!  N maha Crazy Shaan!  I mean really!
Khanak exprcts him to come up with wrist punch or atleast nail cutter ka knife to fight goons!
Bt with full josh, he takes wallet out!  That was something!
N their first kiss!  Uff!
Their first all white walla song scene where Shaan sees Khanak as Taashu!
When Shaan says "I love u yaar Khanak" to Tashu!
When Shaan becomes waiter for Khanak!
When they behave happily married couple in front of Suraj's bhai n bhabhi!
Scene where Suraj falls in back drop, while Shaan z on call!
I left serial later bt always cherich the much I saw!
Karan Tacker!
~ RagSia ~
Happy Anniversary RBO
Love the pyaare Shanak
They were one of the cutest jodi and shared an awesome chemistry
Miss them :'(
~ QTPie ~
Awesome post may ClapStarHeart
Still miss RBO badly... da EPIC    show ever EmbarrassedCry
~ ONAego ~
Happy RBO anniversary everyone :)
~ Deepali ~

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~ News & Trivia ~

 South Asian showbiz journalist. Entertainment Editor of Eastern Eye, BIG supporter of new talent, #Bollywood expert. TV shows on way. #SexyList2013 mastermind
 Asjad Nazir @asjadnazir    Mar 29  Karan Tacker & Yashashri Masurkar came in at number 5 in my #HottestIndianTVJodi list. Thanks for voting pic.twitter.com/XIWMqbHi6N

~ Appreciation & Acknowledgments ~

As a rule Odhanians try not to say 'sorry' and 'thank you'. Wink
But I send lots of love and appreciation to all our friends and members, for making this thread magical with their creations and also to those who have been a guiding force to make it happen. StarThumbs Up
Siggies  Clap - Shyani Star, Krithika Star, Ranjini Star, Hinna Star, Nitya Star, Bona Star, Smitha Star, Pooja Star, Nainshree Star, Manita Star, Leena Star, MERRY Star, King Arogon Star aarsh92 and a special mention to Karishma for her *coughs* contribution LOLStar.
Avatars Clap - Nitya Star, Bona Star, Smitha Star and Skinny Love Star. Clap
Video Mix Artists Clap - Imane Star, Jenny Star and Zainab Star.
Guidance & Brainstorming Approve - Ranjini Star and NeeluStar.
Character and Picture Gallery Clap  - Saroj Star and Janvi Star.
One-Short Story (Pending link) Clap - Priyasree Star.

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~ RBO Anniversary Quiz ~

RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers    1st Question: How many times Khanak slapped Shaan and why? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers   2nd question: First time when #Shanak met what's the name of the sweet that Khanak was eating? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers    3rd question: A pre wedding ritual which happened for #Shanak without planning? it was an accident but kismat ka khel? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers    4th Question: why exactly Suraj died? lol difficult question #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers    5th question: How did Shaan found Khanak after leaving Gauri Bhabi's place? what helped him? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers    6th Question: What's the English word Khanak pronounced wrongly & Shaan was teaching her? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers   7th Question: How many times Khanak came in Disguise to manaophy Shaan( in Pune Hotel)? in detail plz  #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers   8th question: Besharam one ;) How many times Shaan kissed Khanak's lips? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers    9th Question: How many times Shanak did Ball dance? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary @karantacker @yashashri30
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers   10th Question: how many times Shaan filled Khanak's mang? @karantacker @yashashri30
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers   11th question: In how many scenes Khanak kissed Shaan? @karantacker @yashashri30
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers   12th one: I am loving kissing questions ;) how many flying kisses of Shanak? #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary @karantacker @yashashri30
 RBOfangroup @OdhaniLovers   13th Question: Name all the songs which were picturized on #Shanak one song for each tweet :) #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary

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~ Videos & Avatars ~
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Siggies created by Ranjini
Avis created by Nitya
Avis created by Skinny Love on Tumblr
 Avis created by Bona
Avis created by Smitha
-The Vows .. Anniversary Special  - Made by Jenny
- M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S  - Made by Imane
RBO4thAnniversary!  - Made by Zainab
Shaan & Khanak "Main Vyaah Karke Paachtaya" - Made by Zainab
Shaan & Khanak ~Aashiqui~ - Made by Zainab
RBO | "...Meri Duniya..." | 4th Anniversary - Made by Saba

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~ The RBO Team ~

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 Its me yashashri      
DrManita VB Yesterday Happy Anniversary Rang Badalti Odhani Heart
Photo: Happy Anniversary Rang Badalti Odhani &amp;lt;3
 Swapna Waghmare Joshi Happy anniversary to all fans of RBO. Your love for us is amazing. Thank you sooo much 19 hours ago   
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yashashri masurkar @yashashri30    14h ago  Aaj mausam khila khila hain,koi chupke se aake mila hain...
yashashri masurkar @yashashri30    Apr 3   Miss my wonderful team...@karantacker@swapnawj
Yashashri liked this tweet...
May Rose @themayrose    Apr 3  @OdhaniLovers @karantacker @yashashri30 One of #ShaNak's most endearing scenes. <3 The perfect love, KKNNL #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary
RBOfangroup @OdhaniLoversApr 3  Final #Shanak pic: We all know "Y V <3" it @karantacker @yashashri30 <3 #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary pic.twitter.com/A0Dgf8gtjj
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KARAN TACKER @karantacker    12h ago   Happy anniversary! #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary ! Very proud!
 Yash Patnaik @YashAPatnaik
Khushboo Grewal @KhushbooGrewal    13h ago  "@ktymfan: @khushboogrewal U wr SUPERB modern socielite stylish demanding possessive Khushboo n RBO #RangBadaltiOdhani4thAnniversary" Lol
Khushboo Grewal @KhushbooGrewal    14h ago  You guys made me cry.. Thank you #rbofans for making us relive these moments thru this video :) love you all http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=peIw2x6LO60 ...
Khushboo Grewal @KhushbooGrewal    14h ago   @coralmagenta: @KhushbooGrewal Did you watch this? It Will strum your heart too. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=peIw2x6LO60 ..." omg this is the sweetest! Thank u
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