Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~~||* Celebrating 4th Anniversary of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi *||~~ (Page 2)

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Posted: 29 March 2014 at 4:30pm | IP Logged

Credits: Tags: appy (appy_indy-KD)Siggie: rimsha (-rimsha-sizzles)  Compilation: (aishu) and (zaidi98) and Sanjana (BrainEaterOwl)

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Everyone please participate in trending the hashtag... lets celebrate the magical journey of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and Maaneet in a grand way...

Credits: Graphics: (tanvi wardhan)

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Rules and Regulations

Kindly do not spam the thread with pictures, no chatting is allowed in the thread.

Do not bash other celebrity or couples. Do not discuss the personal life of any characters of the show.

U can discuss about the show, its sequences, tracks, actors but no bashing or mocking.

Let's all talk about only Maaneet and let's have fun and dhamaal, let's put our hands together and make this thread successful...WinkEmbarrassed 

All of you please put this siggie in your dabba...

Credits: Graphics: zaara (zaaratq)

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We did it guyz... i think its looking awesome... and going by the public reaction (that of my friends LOL) i guess its actually come out looking great...
i noe you guyz probably tired of my regular daily dose of thankyou's but a big set of thankyous is on its way... you guyz totally deserve it

my girl gang nehakariba (Neha)  zaaratq (zaara) and Chrys (Asha)whom i have bugged to no ends...

-misty--love- (moni) whose inbox would be filled with my pms and viceversa, exchanging videos, translations and what not.. and obviously half of them just saying "check thread" gonna miss u girl.. u certainly did have a lot of patience dealing with my over enthusiasm in the last week... 

Asha: you already know I love you... but i wanna say that again, with dealing with my depression wen twice my account got deactivated, to helping me with identifying random pictures the idiot fb asked... u were just there.. giving suggestions, improvements... you were my moral support in this making.. thanks a ton asha...

Zaara: you are my jaana... bugging you about the fact that the faces were half or the body was half in the siggies, wen in reality it was my mobile who was acting weird, to making you do loads of changes, make the font big, change the font colour, change the font.. too bright, too dull... and all this was said by a girl who has absolute no knowledge of photoshop... despite all my tantrums, you sincerely explained me all the problems, patiently did all the changes, and for all that a biiiggg huggg...

Neha: you are my rescue girl... there was suddenly me who realized that she wanted to do something creative with the dialogues and offscreen one liners on 23rd March... hats off girl for pulling all this off... it wasn't possible without you... sending you long convos, posting numerous pics, confusing you with everything ... and yet you never snapped.. then the offscreen one liners and then compliments... u really are my super women... this thread couldnt have been pulled off without you...

Sanjana: you are my thinking hat.. wenever i felt that something was going wrong, something was missing, something didn't add up.. you were the one to pull me out from that pit.. although a lot of our ideas especially of getting TT articles and compliments didn't work out.. but still, but you always knew who to contact for what thing, what would look good, what was needed... from proof reading the whole thing to giving your suggestions everytime you felt so.. you were the turn to person... thanks babe..

Rimsha: the siggie girl.. every week, as soon as you completed the first set of siggies i have given you to make, i would give another set... thanks a ton for making all the siggies.. can't say enough thanks...

Shruthe : thanks a ton for making all the character siggies and avis... your schedule was really tough at that time and despite all of that you managed it... so thanks a ton

zaidi98 : thanks a ton for all the SS, i have made you take soo many SS, so may times.. then again cutting them and what not... thanks for being sooo helpful.

Taslima and Ru: thanks for all your creations, i gave too many pointers to follow and you both did it to T... thanks for your contribution

Appy: thanks for the tags, you were ill and yet you worked to make these tags, the tags are all wonderful... superb

i know many more people have worked on this thread... all those who have worked on the writeuos of the tracks...sooo loads of thankyous to all of you... and a biiiggg group huggg... its a job well done team... now time to toast and celebrate...

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Journey to GHSP Anniversary Thread

I had a larger than life vision when finally I decided to put up this celebration post... GHSP Anniversary had not been celebrated on a huge scale, and i wanted to change this fact... I wanted this thread to be the best ever made for any shows Anniversary' but i just didn't know where to start.. so finally started with the basic things, we gonna require a Anniversary Preparation Thread, where we inform everybody of whats happening, tell them to send their wishes and siggies and everything... now when we have a larger than life vision for the Anniversary Thread, why should the Preparation thread be any less... and so I wanted an Avi by rimsha... and a tag... some people (my girl gang obviously) had to remind me that this was not the actual thread and I don't have to select the best things for that... i should save the best for later... and i reluctantly agreed... now the preparation thread is made... but now what... we need people to do work... to write, to do the siggies, tags, avis and what not... so another thread made for inviting people... many volunteered, some later due to personal commitments could not offer much help.. but all those who volunteered and all those who have helped... thanks a ton.. if these people had not shown that interest... i doubt i have would have been that confident of pulling this off... 

So finally people ready to help... a brief basic structure in mind... and we got ready to enter this battle..

and now the issues started cropping up, I wanted the story track to be written in a particular way and obviously everybody has their own way of writing... i wanted the siggies to be done in a particular way and obviously everyone has their own style...i wanted only a few selected song sequences in the thread and everybody has their favourites, i wanted hd pics to be given for the track and everybody finds different pics relevant... from giving the writing work to somebody else in the last days to making numerous edits in a single siggie, from bugging a person endlessly about the pics in the siggie, to being adamant about the length of each track.. been there, done that.. 

and then suddenly just a week before the thread should be made, i have a eureka moment and i want the convos there in the memorable lines section, i want the one liners there in the offscreen moments section... and i dont just want them there... i want them in something creative... something colourful.. and i just don't want the convos, i want a kodac moment also in that siggie along with the convos.. just perfect... a crazy girl having an insane eureka moment at a maddening time... 

but we did start making it... and now more issues started cropping up, i wanted the convos to be there in that section, but everybody said that excluded a lot of trademark lines, i wanted maximum of them to be comedy scenes, but not everybody is as mad as a hatter as me, i didn't want to put many tragic lines, but not everybody has their aversion to people crying buckets with glycerine..  to giving somewhat baseless arguements over why comedy scenes should be there in large number, to confusing people with long convos and numerous pictures... been there done that...

and then i wanted all the screen shots, of all UK ratings, of all poll tweets and of all poll related articles. WAit this is not it, i wanted all the deleted TT articles also and i wanted to contact some members of the GHSP crew also... i noe im total nut case... the latter 2 didn't work out... not completely, i just got the writeups of those TT articles... but the rest did get compiled with repeated screen shotting, i want the whole article, i want the media portal name also,  i don't want any ads visible.. and other such pointers...

and now just 2 days before opening the thread, i want the cast and crew compliments also added to it.. im a lunatic... ur right on... searching videos, collecting compliments, and then the siggie making... all done in 2 days... herculean task.. but we did it...

and all this with twice my account deactivating... me going bonkers due to that, a friend request which was not getting accepted, who had the first post writeup with her, a surprise assignment which we got at 5 in the evening and supposed to submit at 12, a suprise quiz we came to know about just a day back, 3 project submissions whos dates clashed to be 10th April... this thread seemed to falling in a bermuda's triangle ever so often... but we did it..

we did it, coz i had all of you people with me... we did it, coz you knew how to handle a crack head like me... we did it, coz you guyz worked soo hard on it... we did it coz we love maaneet and were ready to go to any lengths to celebrate the 4 years of this magical journey...

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Posted: 29 March 2014 at 4:39pm | IP Logged

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-misty--love- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2014 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
So, finally we did it..Hug
and how amazing and perfect it has come out..Cool
The hard work of one month paid off beautifully at the end..Big smile..this thread couldn't have been better..Embarrassed
Everything from the start to the end speaks of perfection and obviously maaneetBig smile

I really can't thank all of you, from those who had done even the smallest help in this thread to those who spent their days n nights working really hard for it..ClapClap

but thanks to everyone..each one of you, out there...for making this thread so wonderful and remarkable one..Big smile

aish, first of all biggest thanks to you..for making this thread with such fineness..for doing everything from the scratch.. and then compiling everything and giving it so beautiful shape..Hug
and more bigger thanks for working patiently..there were times, where everything could have gone so wrong..but you worked it so well, that everything ended amazingly..
This thread would never have been possible if you haven't worked so hard for the past few days..amidst of college n personal pressures, the way you handled it all, i know thanks would never be enough for what all you have done..but thats all i can say..Hug

though we have never interacted personally, but i know the hard work you have done..for making the dialogues, offscreen moments n compliments siggies..even in the shortest time, you have done each siggie so brilliantly..made the required changes in Thank you so very much..

Thanks for making all the siggies and avi's..despite the short span of time we had, you have done each siggie and avi soo beautifully..making the thread look even more great, then it already is..

Rimsha, Zaara, Diamonds and Ru..
thanks to you all for making such amazing siggies..the dance siggies are all lovely and exquisite..
the track siggies and the scenes in between are also superb and magnificent...just making the thread perfect...

Appy..thanks to you for making all the tags..

thank you for finding the things we required for this thread..and giving your inputs for how the thread was going..

thank you dear for writing for all of the have put everything in just beautiful words..making the changes and doing it just the way it was needed..can't thank you enough for completing the work when it was required or even earlier then that..

Sobia, Aditi, Mona dii,Harika and shobha dii..
thanks for writing the tracks..and then giving me the liberty to make changes with your amazing works..

And thanks to all those, who have helped aish and i don't know themLOL
Thanks to all those who gave the videos, messages and those beautiful siggies...completing this beautiful thread..

I am sorry if i have forgotten anyone..LOL 
But really thank you everyone of you who gave their valuable inputs for this thread..Hug
Now, guys lets revive maaneet and have fun on this that we can remember it till the time of 5th anniversary comesLOL

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after reading Aishu dukh bhari dastan i have lost my wordsLOL it was full of suspense thrill n excitement Wink but girl u and Asha Moni Zaru Sanju Rimz Ru Appy shruthe zaidi98 Taslima and every one included girls u guys did a fab job and ur hard work paid off the thread is rocking it a full ride to Maaneet Land Heart
Geet and Maaneet will always remain in our hearts n we will always cherish themHeart

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