Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~~||* Celebrating 4th Anniversary of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi *||~~

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5th April may be another day for some, but for us.. the date has an importance that can never be possibly expressed in words.. It's a day when a show named "Geet Hui Sabse Parayi" entered in our lives, the day when a show sought its place in our hearts, the day when we started living in a new world of Maaneet, a day when the exquisite journey of ours started with Maaneet... A day that can never be forgotten by us, the importance of this day will never diminish for us, we may have fallen in love with Maaneet sometimes sooner or later during their magical journey, but it was this day, it all started...

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, contrary to its name never left us. It still stays in our hearts, even today we imagine of maaneet, many of them are here..whose day never completes without thinking of them, whose day never feels complete without having a glimpse of their scenes..there are still many who love them to the core...The show was a mere television serial but the magic that it created, it re-wrote the lives of many of us...It made us feel love with those passionate yet caring made our stomachs tickle with those witty and amazing made our hearts pump with those sweet and delightful maaneet moments.. And well, it still does for all of us.. The number of times you have watched them doesn't matter, because every time it makes you feel the same goosebumps.. every time it makes your heart melt..every time it makes your heart go wilder..the magic increasing every another time you see them..Now the madness is such..that for us even their glimpse together can make our hearts go just can't stop that silly smile appearing on your face everytime you see them...And the magic will never fade for all of now the place "a mere show" has acquired in our hearts is unique and exceptional..such that it can never be forgotten, there may not be more scenes..but the memories it has given to us, can be cherished forever for life..

So, here we are celebrating the most special occasion when they entered in our lives and after that as they say "they came and they conquered" they conquered our hearts in such grips that can never loosen, be it 4 or more years. The 4th anniversary it is, for the records.. but for those who have loved them, who have lived with them.. its just like few days ago.. they came in our lives and made our hearts beat for them.. drool over them and fall in love all over again.. So, lets join our hands once again and drown in their thrilling, enchanting, breathtaking and captivating love, relive that passion, that intensity once again..lets come and celebrate Maaneet, who have risen above just a couple for all of us..they aren't just characters of a show that ended nearly two years ago, they have become a part of lives whom we all love, we all admire, we all adore and we all worship. Come and cherish those nostalgic memories once again... and fall in love with Maaneet all over again..

Credits: Tags: appy(appy_indy-KD), Avi: (shruthe) writeup: moni (-misty--love) and abby(abreshmina)

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This is a story of the two people, who met, who were destined to meet. A story of two strangers who became each other's world. This is the story of the couple who fell passionately in love, had magical chemistry and bound us all in a relation, of loving them, remembering them, cherishing them forever and ever. This is the story of the soulmates Maan Singh Khurana and Geet Khurana.

April 5th, the day it all started. A girl with her charming innocence n mesmerizing beauty entered in our life. GEET as free as the notes of a true musician, but bound in senseless customs n brutal men chauvinism, she was a naive child hiding in her mother's embrace. At the age of 18 everyone was set to marry her off to a Canadian NRI Punjabi, DEV. Every heart felt bad watching her agreeing to the wish of her parents n dreaming of a happy future unaware to the greediness of her would-be in laws. Then she met the ruthless stranger who refused to rescue her from the goons behind her, she ended up getting rescued by him out of the lake. 

A mystery, he was to her, a complicated situation she was in, couldn't take the pain to solve. The innocence of that troubled face did effected the stone heart but not her own family. On account of visa formalities Naintara took signatures of Geet on a blank paper while the naive girl kept thinking about the day she will have to leave her family. She gave him all she had possessed for herself, every heart cried on her surrender. With a never stopping smile she came to the airport hoping to fly away to a different world. She did flew to a different world but that was of unconsciousness, darkness was all that led infront of her, but she refused to kill her child. The feeling of motherhood that had entered her heart had bounded her with her unborn child. When in the mid of all the chaos in her life she could not find safety in her own house it was the embrace of this very stranger she felt secure and setting an example to the world she dared to get Brij arrested emerging as a girl with strong and determined mind to make it all better for her child.

A new start.. a new journey where she was just Geet, no surname, no support of anyone. She was out in the city of Delhi to make a future for herself and her child. In mid of a great mob trying to manipulate her, there was this Stranger again in front of her, as her boss MK. For the world, The Maan Singh Khurana, but for her it was Dusht Danav, her sado boss who never left a chance to taunt her, but was always there, there to stand for her dignity in the party, there when she missed her family as a support, there to tell her that she was right all the way in past, just that she is a Chalta Phirta Disaster, he was always there for her throughout the thick n thins, even when her family conspired to kill her he was there to protect her. 

He was a strong man yet he lowered his guards in front of the girl who was fighting the world, falling for her was probably the most difficult thing for him or perhaps the most easiest n beautiful thing happened to him but certainly the most un-acceptable feeling for her, yet she couldn't refuse when he so authoritively demanded her to be his fake fiance, the intensity of that moment still have us all heated. His dark orbs gazing her divine beauty in red, under the candle light and her feared hazels trying to hid all the love she carried in her heart. All those funny moment when with a stupid drooling smile n sigh we all watched him kissing her hand n her oh-so-adorable expression. A heart was finally starting to trust someone after ages and the other one was drowning in the dark fear of loosing the only person she truly loved with all her heart n soul. In the steamy air of passion when maan was hoping to finally hear some love notes from the mad girl he has fallen for, Geet with all her might when confessed that she is pregnant, it wasn't just her heart that sank when Maan left her hand, it was felt by every soul watching that.

She was left abandoned again when Maan left her without listening to her side of suffering.But though his beliefs and heart was brutally shattered with the prank that his fate played on him, he never left caring for her.Geet decided to tell him the truth trying to end his and her misery where they couldn't neither love each other nor hate each other.Geet bared her heart about her ordeals of life and left a shattered Maan deciding to leave the city forever. A guilty maan followed his love and amidst the crowd confessed his deeds and just simply expressing his desire to have her in his life for forever. Geet started dreaming again when Maan filled her life with sweet and soft it their little adventure in Shimla which marked the next step of their relation or their first date where they bared their hearts, coming a more little closer to each other. 

Her eyes filled with respect and admirance for the man when he took her for a checkup at the hospital. Their life was about to start with their official engagement, the viewers heart jumping with them but the fate again played with them as Geet confronted her past at the same time when she was dreaming of a bright future, the viewers wept with the irony of their lives. After experiencing the harsh reality, when the poor girl ran to get solace in his arms, she faced another harsh reality when she got to know that Dev, the destroyer of her life was Maan's brother. She couldn't believe the game played by the destiny with her for actually no fault of hers, she left Khurana mansion lost in her own delimma forgetting about her saviour. Her heart stopped when she remembered what wrong she did to that man of gold heart. She immediately went back to watch everything turned around when Daadima refused to let her meet maan, but a determined Geet fought all the evils Naintara and Sasha just to bare her heart infront of him, but as if her destiny wasn't done playing games with her, Maan's accident shattered her already broken heart, but she was left in awe to see her love awaiting her. Each girls heart fluttered as Maan enveloped Geet in his arms, not requiring any explanation for he believed that his Geet would never leave him without any reason, but he was in for a huge shock when he got to know that the reasons for all the problems in his innocent angels life was his own brother.

An enraged maan slaps dev and hands over the two devils to police, but was that enough, he was under a huge guilt that somewhere he too was a reason of Geet's miseries.They stood by each other in these tough times, but Daadimaa's ill health forced him to bail Dev out, though it hurt him to extremes but he was a grandson too and he couldn't leave the only woman who has stood by him in all times for his love..Geet who was already in hitch, her beliefs started shattering as she saw Dev out of the jail, she couldn't take such heartbreak from the only man she trusted after so many heartbreaks and it lead to biggest fight between maaneet.They decided to part their ways as if it was possible, every heart burned with them to see the hatred gleam in their eyes. Geet took up a job in Asian Paints, even there maan wouldn't leave her alone. He bought the comapany. They fought with each other just to show that they could live alone but the moments again strengthened the love they had for each other. Amidst the misunderstandings maan didn't like geet coming for diwali's function in km and amidst his own turbulences, he hurt geet. His ego gets affected when geet states that they were bound and his presence did affect her. To prove his point, maan crosses the limits when he tries manhandling her. Geet slaps him in the moment which she regretted later on, but this incident led to big realizations for both of them, to what level their relation has come. Both of them started their efforts to bring the respect and honour again in their relation, and the love, that was never lost was again taking place, making them fall in love all over again. They were lost in their budding relation while the evil trio was planning to shatter their world again, though maan didn't let anything happen to his geet, he was there for her. Can any maaneetian ever forget the epic main agar kahoon, where we saw the two love birds lost in each other's eyes without any knowledge of the conspiracies building around them. Naintara nearly succeeded when she tried to push Geet down to kill her  baby, but then her saviour was in front of her, to save her and that led to one of the best mesmerizing scenes of the show, when maan filled her maang, dipicting to the whole world that geet belonged to him, to put in words.."Geet ke naam ke saath ab Maan Singh Khurana ka naam judd gya hai.."  

It was a new start for them when they had each other's support, their eyes full of love making us fall in love with them again. They were still in the tenderness and wonder of the moment but Naintara's suicide attempt dragging Khurana family into it, maaneet were forced to delay their wedding. Maan was in guilt to not been able to fulfill his mishty's wishes but now Geet Maan Singh Khurana was with him to share his worries, his responsibilities and his guilt. Geet was back in khurana mansion and their being together bought the small yet sweet moments where maan would tease his mishty and the sherni would counter attack leading to those cute and passionate moments. They passed another step of their relation when geet watched in awe as a tear slipped out from his eye watching their little angel on screen, Geet couldn't hold on and worded out her feelings in front of him and as expected maan singh khurana could never let his mishty down and he created an incomparable way to express his love for her. making the snow fall in delhi for the first time.Though problems came infront of them as Naintara and Brij but their love was stronger to overpower such problems. Maan was always there between geet and problems and all hearts wept with him as he chose geet over the baby. But this time they didn't lose and maan came back with his geet to tie in the lifelong bond of marriage. The rasams of wedding bought out the cute fights of them..the majnu msk teasing his sherni geet,be it in the sangeet, their adorable fights in the bachelor party, his desparation to apply haldi on his mishty's face. But this led to the most endearing wedding of the tellyworld, everything about the occasion spelt love and devotion. 

Problems came in many ways but they stood strong in front of them, be it when they fought just after few days of wedding, but their nok-jhoks on and before their honeymoon never let their love loose and those small and delightful moments made the viewers wish for such an imperfect yet the perfect life.

The past entered in their perfect life once again as they met Dev in Shimla on their honeymoon. Maan's accident forced Geet to take help from Dev, even though that would have been the last thing in her mind but could she leave any stone unturned to save Maan's life. Maan was safe with his wife's prayers and gods blessings. The viewers witnessed another cute moments that were always a breath of fresh air. Their relation perceived another blow when maan got to know that geet took dev's help to save his life leading to another misunderstanding between them. It wasn't that he doubted geet, he was guilty to be a reason that geet was forced to seek help from Dev. But, as always Maan went overboard in his anger and he had to ask forgiveness from Geet but this time she wasn't ready to forgive for the pain he inflicted upon himself and her. Maan was devastated when he got to know that Geet has suffered a miscarriage while he was out for some deal. Their lives were crushed again and this time the blow was such that it was their own pain that drifted them apart. Maan couldn't see his cheerful and full of life mishty bound in the four walls. He tried every way to keep geet away from the pain but his means led geet more to darkness and dev's intrusion was what made the matters worse. Though dev was trying to help, but may be he forgot that he was interfering in a couples matter and maan's insecurity and pain made him hurt geet unknowingly when he got to know that geet has forgiven dev and she left maan not knowing where she was heading to.

Maan knew he has hurt geet deeply and he had to work hard to get back his mishty. So the lover msk left his regime to find her, overcoming all the obstacles. It was a tough time for the viewers watch them so close yet so far from each other. The arrogant and egoistic maan singh khurana made every heart fall in love with him again  when he became a driver just to woo back his mishty. He did everything, you could never expect maan to do, for her. Geet was deeply hurt by his accusations but his becoming the driver touched her heart. He did everything to keep her family's honour intact and his such heroic acts made his mishty's heart melt and she could no longer remain angry with the majnu khurana when he could bring the world down just for her. But even after they got back together, maan didn't reveal his identity to her family just because he wanted them to trust him with their daughter and the situation got worse when dev entered into the picture again. The hide-and-seek game gave us many adorable and delectable moments, not to forget when maan said "geet, mein papa ban na chahta hun.." Each heart melted in the passion that his eyes and her blush depicted on the night in the jungle. And maan managed to make her family come in terms with him even after his identity was revealed and he took his mishty with him promising her family to take care of his love forever, not knowing what the future held for them.

Another problem awaited them when they weren't allowed to enter khurana's properties. They were taken by shock when they weren't allowed to even meet daadima. Their world was crushed again as they get to know that daadimaa was in hospital and there they met pammi, dev's mother. With all the properties same as of dev, she asked maan to leave dev's rightful share and maan being the dutiful brother he was, left everything behind for dev, with his geet. Adi tried to come with them but maan refused and maaneet left delhi to form a world of their own, full of love, away from worldly pleasures. They created their love house in rohtak and started their journey again but as if even their happiness wasn't acceptable to pammi, she made some goons attack maan and the circumstances separated maan and geet as geet comes to delhi but couldn't find maan there. Her heart was already in fear of what was to come, a breather came when she and adi found maan. Geet felt as if it was the end of her struggles, not knowing that it was start to the most painful phase of life. She was left in a disgusting shock when the eyes which she found solace in, refused to acknowledge her presence. Her life fell apart when he removed her from the post of his assistance. She couldn't believe that the heart that never rested a moment without her, could not even tolerate her presence. But could she ever leave fighting for her love, even when her maan wasn't beside her she stood determined for her love. She was ready to wait till the time , but her destiny played again when naintara again entered their lives and schemed against her letting the truth of their marriage in front of maan. Geet was again in for a rude shock when maan blamed her for manipulating him for money. And how could it not, he was the same maan who hated women before the angel came in his life and helped him come out of the hell and live a life without the fear of betrayals and in the arms of love.

Daadima works as a cupid once again forcing maan to bring back geet, who was leaving him due to the accusations, he hurled on her. Maan decides to give a chance to their relation and the small moments again stirred the cord in maan's heart. Though he didn't wanted to, as his mind refused but as his heart was always attracted to her, he couldn't stop the closeness that came naturally between them. Their came occasions when he secretly supported her not having in him just to accept her. "Jab koi baat bigad jaaye.." marked the start of their new journey, when maan though never worded it out, accepted her as his wife as the love was clearly visble in his eyes. Meanwhile geet showed the true colors of naintara and she was thrown out of the house. Now when evil was out of their lives, maan and geet focussed on their relation. Geet was clearly experiencing the change in maan as he slowly accepted her presence in his life and the romantic moments made them one again removing all the hurdles out of their relation. Their relation passed through another rough patch with the entry of vikram. Vikram an obsessive person, who claimed to be in love with geet. He tried all the wrong and sinful ways to trap geet, but however he tried, maan was there to protect his love from all the problems. Vikram tries all the possible ways to get geet but he could never pass the maan singh khurana and ended up being killed in his own trap by the police, leaving maaneet and us with happy times.

After that life was not easy for them. Maan's memory was still a big question but his love for Geet was beyond his control that finally brought him back where he belonged that is his Geet's heart and life and their love only increased bringing them never to part again. Maan gifted her a cradle wanting to fulfill his wish of being the father to their baby while Geet wanting to tell him that she was having a part of them in her who was breathing and giving the proof of their unconditional love and finally after the chase for their surprise Maan was surprised to know that Geet too gifted him the same but before he could run for her she was standing in front of with misty eyes. Their happiness was lingering on their faces and their eyes not requiring words to express wat they feel. They hugged each other and Geet gave him the best news " Maan jo sapna humne dekha tha uski shuruvat ho gayi hain. Humari zindagi mein ek chotisi nanhisi khushi aanewali hain jo aapko papa aur mujhe mumma kehke pukaregi." Maan could not believe it but just said " bina kuch kahe hum ek dusre ki baat samjhne lag gaye hain.. Geet mere mann ne jo khawab dekha tha aaj tumne woh pura kar diya." Their love was beyond imagination as they had become one in all senses and now their love would be showered with the symbol of their love their small cute little baby binding them all over again for forever.The last few episodes were like heaven for all maaneetians when we witnessed the most epic scene. Maan and Geet cradaling the newly born baby in their arms, thier eyes full of love and adoration for the little angel. Both of them in awe with the little happiness they brought to complete  their world...

Humara  pyar, humara rishta..
Humehsa kayam rahega!!!
Ek misaal banker...
Ki mohabbat ho tho sirf Maan Geet jaisi!!
Aur jab tak mohabbat karnewale rahenge...
Tab tak Maan Geet ki dastaan unki zubaan mein rahegi!!!

Credits: Tags: appy (appy_indy-KD), Avi: zaara (zaaratq) and (shruthe) writeup: sobia (sobia4maaneet) and aditi (aditi_2010) and mona (monaSwrites) and shobha (sdlife), Siggies: rimsha (-rimsha-sizzles) and visha (-VishaD-) Graphics: Ru (-Orchid-)

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The world halts for the maaneetians when they see maaneet grooving on different songs. Be it brisk and zesty Kurbaan Hua or soft and smooth Shukraan Allah. It is maaneet's magic, their astonishing and breathtaking moves that make every song look like tailor made for them, such is the charisma that even after four years, these sequences are alive and special to every maaneetian.

Kurbaan hua is one of the best sequences of geet hui sabse parayi. Its each moment still engraved in the heart of maaneetians. The song embraced Maan Singh Khurana's anger, guilt and Geet Handa's sadness, their steps depicting his domination and her gentleness and their togetherness giving a new dimension to their relation.  

The emotions so perfectly staged by gurti making "Kurbaan Hua" only one of its kind. The steps so beautifully done mesmerizing the viewers making them fall in love with this couple, when there each scene spelled of their chemistry and the perfection they enacted.

"Behne De" was more of an insight to the changing emotions and actions of the Maan Singh Khurana. The person who believed himself to be heartless was now getting affected by her and he knew that. His fight within himself not to let her affect him, not to feel the emotions of happiness, care and love was what was outlined in "behne de". His acceptance to the change was "behne de", his acceptance to the attraction he felt towards her was "behne de", melting of stone hearted person for love was "behne de".

Just as "behne de" defined the change in Maan Singh Khurana, "Teri deewani" was all about realization of love for Geet. She confined in the purity and  serenity of the dargah when looked at Maan from behind the wall. Her eyes conveyed to him something that words would fall short to express. She was shy yet she was confident, she was oblivious to the world yet aware of her maan. As the lyrics said, Teri Deewani, was her entrapped in his allure and he unaware of her emotions yet caring for her.

One of the best staged out performance of gurti. They said nothing and everything was expressed to the viewers. Both of them knew what they felt for each other, that special feeling still something was holding them back. The hide and seek game conveyed what they felt at that moment. She was running away from what she felt within her heart and he was adamant to find her, the reason for the emotions that were forcing his heart to beat and the end of this song gave us Maan Singh Khurana who wanted to be in love, who was in love, who could see love for him in Geet Handa's eyes and vowed to make her confess it to him.

The first main turning point to their relation was put across by "pee loon" He was waiting confidently for her confession and she was waiting for the moment to tell about her pregnancy. The two events were unfortunately joined and what followed was breaking of hearts, helplessness and revulsion. Though what happened later could not reduce the magic of loving and passionate maaneet moments. The sheer love and desire depicted in his eyes and her desperation to tell him the truth was pictured simultaneously leaving us to wonder whether to drown in his love or her pain.

While Maan was determined about the special connection between them, Geet had her own reasons to avoid it.. trying to stop him from getting hurt due to problems in her life, but can Maan Singh Khuaran leave his mishty alone. Her denial and his passion led to sizzling and intense "roop tera mastana" her resistance just flowed in his passion and what was left was pure love and desire, desire that was evident in his eyes when he looked at her, that could be felt in her heightened breathes, the way she was trying to hold herself yet failing miserably in it.

The plans of fate always left them in pain but they never left fighting it to stay together. Geet, clad in angelic white and Maan, looking ever so handsome in black and their hide and seek game again where he was trying to tease her, but could he have hidden from her, when she could feel him in her heart.. Their swaying in each others arms, the never ending love they had for each other depicting in their eyes, the serenity and composure showed that finally their love has won over the fate and now nothing in this world could have seperated them.

A mark of maan's possessiveness, another part of their relation was depicted through "tere mast mast do nain". When he couldn't let the tailor touch his mishty even its for measurement and the arrogant and egoistic MSK turned into a tailor, taking his own time studying her features losing himself in his mishty.The ambience and the zeal in their eyes for their upcoming marriage just made it all the more dreamy for the viewers, making us fall in love with them all over again.

We all witnessed one of the most romantic confessions on this telly world when Geet confessed her love in the hospital watching her Maan adoring their baby. Then it was Maan's turn and can he ever deny his mishty's expectations. Maaneet clad in white with the fake snowfall falling all over just spelled divinity and serenity. Maan's "I love you" , Geet's shy kiss on his cheek embedded with Shukraan Allah made the viewers go week on their knees with their softness, elegance and that passion in their eyes.

For geet, her dreams to live a simple life with maan was on the verge of breaking because of her past..but then her saviour was right at her side to make all her dreams come true. Geet just lets herself flow in his passion thinking these to be last moments with him, totally heartbroken, while he not knowing the reason of her sadness brings her in his arms making her forget the world. The song with perfect moves portrayed another point of their relation as he understood her dilemma before she could put it in words and solved it making every one go awe with his ability to just read her eyes.

A song used many a times in tellywood weddings, but the magic it showered in maaneet's wedding was mystique and magical. No wedding was just so simple, yet just so amazingly incredible. Everything was perfect, starting from varmala each rasam done with such elegance leaving you awestruck.. the song starts with annie tying the gathbandhan, the two love birds lost in each other, the way they held each others hands tightly while taking the pheras depicted their passion and devotion to themselves. Never had a couple looked so much in love as maanet were, never had a marriage been so perfect until them, never had been each rasam so detailed until them, never had a wedding been so real, so stunning just until maaneet's was.

There were many other dance sequences that portrayed  maaneet's emotions and not only maaneet but the entire team excelled in each one of them, be it soft and delicate "jab koi baat bigad jaye" or swift and fun  "laung the lashkara" or the naughty "woh hain zara khaffa khaffa" each of them is special by all means as the jodi on which they were acted, because it was maaneet that made these songs exceptional and unique for us.

Credits: Tags: appy (appy_indy-KD), Avi: zaara (zaaratq) writeup: moni (-misty--love) and (aishu),  Siggies: rimsha  (-rimsha-sizzles) and zaara (zaaratq) and Taslima (Diamonds) Graphics: rimsha (-rimsha-sizzles)

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It's a show we all love, a show we all treasured and always will, but what made it into the unforgettable show it was? The dialogues. The dialogues of the show helped in creating the magic that we all watched. Months, even years after the show has come to an end, it lives on in our hearts through those same dialogues that have remained with us. These unforgettable dialogues made us experience a colourful range of emotions.

As much as Maaneet's chemistry was the USP of the show, the dialogues were also an important part of the success of GHSP. So many of them are still in the minds of Maaneetians. Be it the amazing one liners of Maan Singh Khurana or the surprising yet mind blowing replies by our sherni Geet Handa, be it the way Maan expressed his love for her in precise words or the wayGeet reciprocated his love. The words were designed such that they created magic as if their eyes were not enough to display their emotions. Some dialogues were such that even after they were used n number of times, they never lost their allure and the thrill with which they were spoken.
Maaneet's comic timings combined with the splendor dialogues written by barry dhillon has all the viewers in splits, the comedy scenes delievered are such that even their mention makes you laugh aloud anytime.
While their comic scenes had us in splits, the romantic scenes, though never needed dialogues as their eyes were enough to show their love for each other..still the dialogues took the romantic scenes to an altogether different levels..such that his husky voice can melt your inners and her overflowing love lets your heart swell in adoration for this couple.

The comic dialogues made us laugh, the tragic ones made us cry. But most importantly, the romantic dialogues made us fall in love; in love with the couple we cherished then, we cherish now, and we will cherish forever.

As much as Maaneet's chemistry made the viewers heart melt, even their offscreen interviews made the viewers go awe with their cute yet teasing relation, how many times, we have seen them teasing each other offscreen, fighting over silliest of things and laughing over the talks you can never think of, just like two friends who never need a reason to be happy when they are together. The moments that made the fans not only fall all the more for maaneet, but also admire their pleasant and respectful relationship.. Not only the fans, but the cast members always highlighted that their sizzling and intense chemistry is to be attributed to their comfortable and friendly relation which we saw in tits bits through the amazing offscreen interviews, for which maaneetians always waited. And now the ways may part, but the memories can never be forgotten ever, the memories started and and ended at our hearts..

Credits: Tags: appy (appy_indy-KD), writeup: moni (-misty--love)  and rimsha  (-rimsha-sizzles),  Graphics: neha (nehakariba) Compilation :(aishu)

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Geet Maan Khurana is one person every young woman should look upto and every Indian should be proud of. Because instead of bowing down to abuse, injustice and tyranny she stood up for her beliefs and fought for what she believed was right. She was timid girl looking at the world with rose tinted glasses and when she was brought into the reality with resounding crash instead of sitting and crying she took action and became a woman who we love and admire. Her courage made her face her life and ask for justice. The one thing which makes her different from rest of the mistreated persons is that she did not let the trauma affect her. She refused to turn bitter and angry and remained cheerful and optimistic. Such was the strength of her mind, that she reminded happy and content even though she was facing the toughest moments of her life. There were moments when others would have faltered like when her own family wanted her dead, when she was faced with the fact that her culprit was her lover's brother and when her own husband forgot her. But Geet did not waver. She was resolute in her beliefs and always followed the path of righteous and duty! We, Maaneet fans, salute the lady and wish for Geet Maan Khurana to be happy forever!
The role of geet was made due to her character but it was the way that drashti dhami performed it that made it way special. She did the role with such fineness and perfection that made the viewers heart experience her emotions and flow with her. Her acting as a young girl, and then as a wronged woman garnered viewers' attention and her excellent acting and angelic face got the fans hooked on to her. Her transition from young girl to a young expectant mother was completely flawless and awe inspiring. Her acting skills came to fore especially during her confrontation with Naintara and her disowning of her family. 

When we fans met Maan Khurana first, we were annoyed at him. Why wouldn't we be? He was so rude to our Geet and refused to help her out. But as we kept on meeting him, we saw various facets of him. We saw his anger, his hatred towards the villager's narrow-mindedness, his annoyance at Geet's defeated attitude etc. And then the day came when we saw Maan's new facet which made us fall for him; his humanity when he saved Geet from death by sword, his nobility when he made sure she was safe and his courage when he fought against so many goons for a stranger's life. We saw his love for Geet, his passion for her and his anguish at her pain. He was Maan Singh Khurana, the owner of Khurana Constructions but we saw the true Maan behind him; the Maan who fell for a sweet girl like Geet, the Maan whose heart was so pure that he accepted Geet's child as his own and we saw Maan, the perfect husband and life partner every girl would like to have. He always supported women empowerment and always treaded the path of honesty, discipline and truthfulness. He is an epitome of humanity and we applaud him for that! 
And it was Gurmeet choudhary that made this character The Maan Singh Khurana.The arrogance he displayed, the anger he showed, his heart melting expressions and his breathtaking physique took the nation by storm and he has been ruling the hearts of all age groups. His evolution from an angry young man to a romantic lover and devoted husband was remarkable and his loving expression made many girls swoon.

When someone thinks of Daadima there are many words that come to the mind - smart, witty, grace, elegance, mischievous, funny, sweet, proud and many more but one word which is the relevant here is Matchmaker. It can be said that she is the reason for Maan and Geet being together as when Maan fired Geet of her job it was Daadima who gave her a job and brought her to Khurana Outhouse where one of the most talked about comic scene in Geet world happened. She is, has been and will be the biggest supporter of our Maaneet. It was she who had the first thought of getting Maaneet together and it was she who tried every trick in the book to get them together either by hook or by crook. It was her unwavering support behind the couple which made both of them face all the trials of life and come out as a winner.  May God give such a Daadima to everyone!

If Maan is ever compared to Ram then Adi would be the Hanuman. After Daadima, Adi was the strongest supporter of Maaneet. People may consider him as just another employee at Khurana Constructions and but for a Maaneet fan he will always be much more. When Geet worked as a secretary it was he who cheered her up when she fought with Maan. He was also her protector when Sasha executed her schemes. For Maan, Adi was the biggest support during crucial times in KC. Maan trusted him blindly and there is no doubt that Adi's loyalty was always to Maan and not to KC. When Maan was left with nothing but just the clothes on his back, Adi was one of the few people who stood by him. Adi was more of brother to Maan than Dev could ever be and even Maan in the last phase of the show acknowledged him as such. We Maaneetians salute you, Adi, for your unwavering loyalty and support to Maaneet!

Dev is one person for whom our feelings have alternated between hate and love depending on his ongoing behavior. We hated him when destroyed Geet's life but we also loved him when he helped Maan win back Geet when Geet went to Amritsar. Infact, many of us were thankful for his evil deeds as those deeds were what made Geet and Maan come face to face again and again whether it was for her land or for when Brij tried to kill Geet. It was Dev's evil deeds that got Geet out of Hoshiarpur and into Maan's world of Constructions and Office Politics, passion and romance. Dev also help save Maaneet's marriage when she went to Amritsar which definitely won brownie points amongst us. Dev has been forgiven by Maaneet now and he is happily living his married life with Nandini away from the clutches of evil Naintara.

Naintara, a name which creates nothing but disgust, hatred, annoyance and anger inside us. A person cant be wrong if they say that she is the reason behind all the problems in Geet's life. Her greed, jealousy and hunger for power lead to the destruction of Geet Handa. It was she, who along with Dev, ruined Geet's life and is responsible for the trouble Geet faced in her life and the fall out between Geet and her family. She also created problems in Maaneet's life later on too by giving her brother false information which led to Arjun wanting revenge from Khuranas. But she did not remain quiet after that too. She kept on interfering in Maaneet's life and has gained nothing but hatred from us Maaneet lovers. But we, fans, are thankful to her for one thing and that is opening the blindfold on Geet's eyes and making her see her family for what they truly are, though one does wish it did not happen the way it did.It is possible that Geet would not have come to know the true colors of Daarji and Brij without Naintara's evil deeds.  We fans, are also thankful because it was her actions which brought Geet to Dilli, made her independent and gave her her soulmate, her Maan. But we fans do pray, that no one gets a relative like her in their lives.

Brij Handa is a cultural fanatic who believes in gun culture and whose Daarji adores him for brash ways. One should not hate Brij, we should pity him. We should pity him because right now he is in jail due to his actions. One should pity him because he never got to know the pure and sweet soul of his sister, Geet. One should pity him because he had garnered the hatred of his gem like sister due to his thinking and actions. Brij always treated girls as something inferior. He did not want Geet to study, he thought of her as a burden and when trouble fell on her head he was the first one washing his hands off her. He insulted the pure bond between a brother and sister. It was his narrow minded thinking which led to his incarceration and we as a human being should be thankful that there is one Brij less in this world.

Credits: Tags: appy (appy_indy-KD)Graphics: neha (nehakariba), writeup: kalpana (kalpana_writer), Siggies: (shruthe), Compilation: moni (-misty--love) and (aishu)

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Geet :- Haan Maan, hamare ghar, hamara aangan, hamari zindagi, ussmei bas khushiyaan hi khushiyaan hogi. Hamara pyaar, hamara rishta, hamesha kaayam rahega

Maan :- Haan Geet, Ek misaal ban kar, ki mohabbat ho toh sirf Maan-Geet jaisi... Aur jab tak mohobbat karnewale rahenge, tab tak Maan-Geet ki daastan sabki zubaan par rahegi

The lines said by Maan holds so much of truth in them. WHY? Well because even after our beloved show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi bid adieu to us since 2 long years they still continue to have the same place not only in our hearts but also in poll conducted by various media portal online. The latest example is the Poll Conducted by Asjad Nazir, Entertainment Editor of UK based newspaper Eastern Eye. This dint came as shocker to many because Maaneet indeed are the most Unique TV Jodi in the recent times and undoubtedly such jodi's come one in a life time who has the magic to make the fans go crazy and vote for them. The Gorgeous Drashti Dhami and the Handsome Gurmeent Choudhary won this poll as the most voted Jodi in the #HottestIndianTVJodi Poll. They were announced as the winners of this poll on 26 March 2014 followed by a fun game where Asajd Nazir said that he will post Top 3 Jodi pictures and the one who is get the highest RTs will be announced as the winners and again Drashti and Gurmeet's picture got the highest Re-Tweets i.e 646 and were announced as the winners of the game. This poll also got the desired media coverage and our Maaneet were again the Talk Of Town every where. 

We have posted the full articles on the next page, so do have a look there.

And this is not it... its reruns on Life OK been continuously topping the charts in UK. When the show was on air, it acquired loads of loyal fans who loved the show and maaneet to the core, but the low reach of the channel resulted in low reach to the viewers. But when it came once again in UK on life OK channel, it again proved to be the best for the channel. The show got much appreciation in its repeats and faired well as compared to many of the ongoing shows. Maaneet proved once again that the show was really magical and it would have created much larger viewer base in terms of TRP had it been on few channels with a larger reach to the viewers. But never mind, the show made it to the deepest corner of the hearts who watched it, the channel didn't gave it the large viewership but Maaneet got the fans who will love them always and forever !!

Credits: Tags: appy (appy_indy-KD)Graphics: neha (nehakariba), writeup: Sanjana (BrainEaterOwl), Siggie: zaara (zaaratq) Compilation: (aishu) and (zaidi98)
and Sanjana (BrainEaterOwl)

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Happy 4th Anniversary to my all time favourite drama series, Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and to my all time favourite pair Maaneet/Gurti...Heart Thank you for entertaining me, for teaching me, for uniting me with friends from all over the world and also for changing my life journey...Hug U will always remain close to my heart and will always be there...HeartThanks to Nissar, Maan Singh, Noel & crew,  4 Lions, Abhinav, Anju Mdm, Karishma di, Parneet, Neelu ji, Aditi, Kanika, Jay, Perneet Chauhan, Samir, Abhishek and most importantly Gurmeet and Drashti for making me fall madly in love with this show...Day DreamingBlushing

I never knew then I was going to be mad about a show and its lead pair or that Im gonna struggle so much after its end...Cry I never knew I was going to be a part of many people lives across the world...ApproveCoolBut it happened.. 17th August 2010... The day will remain etched in my mind forever...Big smileEmbarrassed The day I saw the show for the first time.. The day I went mad for a pair, something I could not have imagined...BlushingDay Dreaming Inever knew they were going to be so good that I will be this mad for them...Day DreamingDay Dreaming And the rest we say is history...LOL They came into my life when I was at my lowest... I had no one then..Disapprove I had just separatedfrom my best friend over a misunderstanding... I was all ALONE...Ermm

They became my companion...Embarrassed They made me happySmile; they made me cryCry; they made me pull my hair in angerAngry; they made me blushBlushing; they made me day dreamDay Dreaming; they made me feel less lonelyHeart... One thing I will always be grateful to them is because they made mecloser to my sister...Approve Their fights, romance, nok jhoks, passion, everything left me breathless...Dead  I was so mad for them, i became sobesharam because of them...BlushingLOLROFL Started loving life again because of them...EmbarrassedBig smile And one day, they suddenly left...Broken Heart And left ahuge void in my life for me to deal with..Broken Heart And to very honest, Im stillstruggling to accept GHSP is no longer around...CryCryCry

When Geet started to rerun in Life Ok, I forced my dad to sub to that channelEmbarrassedWink Can u imagine the kind of craze I would have had for a show that is over for more than two years, and when it reruns, I forcing my dad to sub to that channel??Ermm Yes that mad I was, I am and I know I will always be...EmbarrassedCool I love you GHSP & MaaneetHeartHeart, and I always will...Approve Once again, a very very very Happy Anniversary to you!!!!DancingParty


I started to watch GHSP because of Drashti Dhami and she made me fall in love with Geet, fight for her unborn child, her selfrespect made her different from all other characters on TV. when it was for her selfrespect she never took a min to fight back even with maan. beside that i love her sweet and simple gestures her bubbly and positive attitude her babaji and my list will never end (lolz) and Maan he was righteous arrogant full of attitude but at the same time vulnerable for his family n love ones but he too didnt think twice when it comes for fight for right. Maaneet was the first couple i fell in love with together they were epic thier selfless love and trust for each other makes them different and loveable from rest of the couples its been more than two years since geet ended still they live in our memories and rule our hearts and they will always. i would like to thank all the Cast n crew especially Drashti Dhami Gurmeet and Nissar Pervaiz for giving us GHSP and Maaneet Miss them and will always love and cherish them.


Hey Maaneetians/GHSPians, 

Well it's been 4 years since we all came across a master piece called " Geet Hui Sabsey Parayi " on 5th April 2010 and nothing seems to have changed between us and Maaneet. We love them the same way even after the time that has passed away. I wonder if it's ever going to change.? I guess not, cause as far as I see and feel our love just gets deeper for them day by day. Maan and Geet are 2 characters who may not be on screen today but they are alive in our hearts to this day. The essence of their undying, unconditional and divine love for each other makes me go " Aww " even today. The passionate and the scintillating Kurbaan Hua still brings a wide grin on my face and still gets my heart racing. Their cute little nok jhoks still make me giggle and I end up falling in love with them all over again. The heart touching Jeevan Ki Bagiya still brings tears in my eyes, every time I watch that video, I end up with tears in my eyes. The hot and naughty Woh Hain Zara Khafa Khafa is the epitome of cuteness. Every scene and moment of GHSP is close to my heart and somehow it just gets closer to me every single day. The dance sequences, the fabulous dialogues, the unbeatable chemistry of Gurti, the remarkable story line, the 2 most amazing characters and most importantly the most magical love story ever is what is " Geet " and I am proud to be a Maaneetian/Geetian. As said in the last episode, Maaneet's love story is indeed a legend and thus remains immortal.

On the happy occasion of GHSP's 4th Anniversary, I wish all my friends and Geet Forum " Happy 4th GHSP Anniversary ". May we all have a Maaneetlicious day and cherish them for many more years to come. Maaneet/GHSP rocks.! Long Live Maaneet.!! 


Geet hui sabse parai  -The  show which changed my life,the show which given many awesome joyful and emotional moments,the show which given many loving friends whom I never seen,the show which shown me what is love,what is he meaning of  sizzling chemistry ,Maahi -the best BG song,what more to say My all time favorite serial.

My heartful Thanks to Gurmeet and Drashti for giving  Maneet  by their wonderful natural performance. No show and couples can replace GHSP and Maneet  place in my heart. Thanks to 4 Lions, Endemol nd all the cast and Crew associated with Geet for this Magical show.

 Happy Fourth Anniversary..


OMG!! GHSP is getting 4 years old Shocked Time passes really fast and with GHSP it indeed passed away in jet speed Cry I still remember the day i saw Geet's promo n my reaction was "Its gonna be a typical saas-bahu" drama and so i dint watched the show in initial days as even the Promos dint impressed me much, but i did got to know what was happening in the show through those Promos as Star One was the only channel i used to watch back then LOL And the first time i watched this show was the day Geet handling Brij to Police and her standing on her feet and DISOWNING her OWN family in front of all for the injustice they did with her and my god she just stole my heart there Clap I was sooo impressed with it that i had to follow this show from that episode!! Geet coming to Delhi n working in Khurana Constructions was the BEST ever sequence along with the Outhouse Track of course!! Since the time Geet came to Dehli, GHSP got better n better day by day n finally for ME it became my MOST n ONLY fave show on TV, thanks to Maaneet chemistry, passion, romance, love, care, understanding, and most importantly their spicy n chatpata NOK JHOK which made GHSP all the more entertaining n worth watching Embarrassed

Every track where Maaneet were the only focus are my favorites and i STILL love to talk/discuss GHSP with my IF/FB friends LOL Heck even the FFs i have read till now are ONLY on Maaneet/Geet as i feel connected with every character of GHSP and reading them dont really make me feel that Maaneet are not there or are not gonna come on TV anymore Embarrassed But i gotta say Geet and Maaneet are STILL there in the hearts of ALL GHSPians n they still RULES in there Approve And I can really never get tired,bore or enough of Maaneet n discussing Maaneet scenes even now, that effect they have on me Star I really miss this show a lot and sometimes i do wish to have this show back with season 2 but i know that wish wont be ever get fulfilled so whenever i miss them a way too much and to console my own heart from missing them more i watch Geet on YT Ouch and every time i watch it, i feel like m watching it for the first, its that fresh n new for me Embarrassed GHSP also had the best ever song sequences in this show which made me fall for Maaneet hard all over again Day Dreaming Ohh and yeah i did watch all the initial episodes i missed on YT and again on Star Utsav and m still watching it on Star Utsav Embarrassed
I had laughed with Maaneet, cried with them, felt helpless whenever they had any problems or make me hate all villains n vamps of the show when they tried making My Maaneet's life difficult, i joyed with Maaneet when they won over against all the planning plotting!! In short i lived a life with Maaneet Wink And when the show ended on 14th December i cried a lot making me have nothing to watch or feel for, or with whom i was gonna fight over for remote to watch GHSP or how will my time pass by as i used to watched ALL the repeats of the show tooCry Geet/Maaneet had spoiled me in every way, they literally had became a part on my life and it really amuses me now whenever i think about all those days when i was crazy for Maaneet n GHSP LOL So yeah like every GHSPians even i was a fanatic of this show and i really dont mind saying it Big smile
And now to not make you all yawn, i end my bhashan here and wanna give my heartiest THANK YOU to the entire Cast n Crew of GHSP for giving me a show like Geet Hug I loveddd DD as Geet and GC as Maan and they are indeed the BEST Jodi ever in the History of Indian Televsion Heart Thank You for bringing Maaneet into my life and making it more interesting at least in the entertainment quotient and making me feel for them in each which way and also for making them a part of my life Clap Happy 4th Anniversary to Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and Maaneet and to all GHSPians and Maaneetians Hug
Loveee GHSP forever and miss it a lottt Heart


Many Many Congratulations to all of us...Geet/Maaneet Lovers...Wow! ts been 4years Can't even believe it...Feels like yesterday...i saw the promo for the first time...Love you Maaneet/Gurti...You were, is and always will be the Best Couple in the world...Whether its romantic, passionate, sad, happy, funny, dramatic guys were at its best...Thankyou so much for giving us such a awesome chemistry that we can never ever forget...Love you Forever...



Happy 4th Anniversary of GHSP.. 4 years...seems like it end recently... Thanks to all the cast and crew of GHSP for giving such an awsome show and My special thanks to the main leads for giving us a jodi like Maneet with their sizzling and hot chemistry...


GHSP is more than just a show for me :) With this show I have smiled, I have laughed, I have cried. I felt all the emotions possible! Maan and Geet, had become an integral part of my life, those 2 years (approximately) was the best time ever. I would always come home from Uni remembering that I have Geet to watch today, I used to read written updates on my phone whilst sitting in lectures, I used to always check the forum for updates, for any latests pics .. 
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi introduced me to two lovely human beings. Gurmeet Choudhary and Drashti Dhami..!! I saw Gurmeet first on PPAW and developed a liking for him since then, but became his fan after watching him as the ever so dashing Maan Singh Khurana! As I saw Drashti first as Geet, she will always be the bubbly Geet for me, as Drashti she has also won my heart. GurTi are so down to earth and humble people that anyone will develop an instant liking towards them!    
When the news of GHSP end came out, I was really saddened, my day was spent thinking about Maan and Geet. This show brought out the writer in me and I wrote 3 OSs and a SSs on my beloved onscreen pair! I never liked reading but reading MG FFs has also become a habit now!
I am a proud fan of Gurmeet Choudhary and Drashti Dhami and will always, always love them as Maan Singh Khurana and Geet Handa, Our MaanEet..!! <3 


Happiee 4th GHSP annivesary 2 all  geetians/maaneetians.gurtians... Big smile Wink Party Dancing

GHSP .. an epic serial .. da 1st n last serial which i watch frm 1st epi 2 da last epi.. includng all da repeats ...
i dn't even remember how many tyms i hve watchng each maaneet scens... fresh epii , dan repeats , dan again watchng it on utubes... epi discussion... 
got soo many friends just bcz of GEET n MAANEET.. 
n wat 2 say about MAANEET .. dey r magical .. epic .. luv dem..
n wil always luv dem... GHSP is n will always remain 4 lions best creation... frm dailoge writers , director, DOP , casts ..
all were fabb...
soo mucchh miss GHSP n MAANEET Cry 


IN MSK's words...thanks to barryji...
Maneet hummare aadat the...
aur patha hi nahi chala ki kab zaroorat bangaye aur ab toh zindagi bangaye hai...
jaanthe hai ki ye Maneet ki duniya sach nahi sapnon ki duniya hai...
lekhin phir bhi hum apne aap ko uss duniya se judha nahi kar paye...
itne saal badh bhi hum yahi rehna chahthe hai...Mnaneet ke magical land pe...aur kitne saal ho jaye, hum phir bhi iss sapne ki duniya se bahar nahi aana chahthe hai...
kyunki humme Geet ne hi sikaya hai ki "sapne bhi sach hothe hai..."
issiliye yaroon, sapne dekhthe raho aur hummare apne duniya mein kush raho...
happy anniversary guys...


maan geet pyar ke do naam..kehte hai jodiya jannat me banati hai,is par mera believe hua maaneet ko dekhkar,chahe wo imaginary character ho and onscreen couple ho bt they made me believe on love..they are the angels of love...pyar to har koi karta hai bt pyar nibhaya kaise jaye ye koi puche to jawaab mile can do wonders,yeah maaneet made me believe on this..unka pyar ek misaal hai,pyar ke har rang ka ehsas hai maaneet ka pyar,innocence,passion,possession,respect,believe,confidance of togetherness...they came and changed the defination of love...the valley of love is filld with innumerable blossom of their magic,..kisi ne pucha mohabbat ke mayane kya hai? Hamne kaha MAAN GEET..they still here,in our heart,jab tak maan geet ka ek bhi fan jinada hai,unki kahani dohrai jayegi cuz maaneet are divine..their love is so divine and pure that no one can takes place of them,love u maaneet and thanx 4 giving us so many memories to cherish u so much.. 





PartyHappy 4th Anniversary to All GHSPAINSParty

Heart GHSP and Maaneet will forever remain an epic inthe years to come wishing our Maaneet and GHSP a veryHappy AnniversaryParty

Heart the show might not b with us anymore but its memories will remain in our hearts forever Heart

Heart Hats off to the entire team of GHSP team who have made such a wonderful show.Heart

Heart Maneet are the best n will remain always Heart 

Heart Love them n Miss them .Heart


Haapy 4th GHSP Anneversary...
Congratz every one..Party...
B'cos of GHSP we met two beautiful actors, DD & GC...
Always love u Maaneet...
U were, is and will be best couple in the world...
And everybody fell in love with them, their chemetry, their acting...
Best romantic, passionate expressions u gave...
The best sizzling chemistry I have ever seen, no one can perfect like you...
Maaneet are my first love...They created history...
Thanks for gving me such a chemistry, that we cannot find the same in any other couple...
Missing them very much...
Hope to see them together again...


HAPPY 4th Ghsp anniversary maaneetians i cant believe they are gone n its been 3 years they are not with us still i feel they are with me i love them crazy for them my Geet the hoshyarpur xpress the crazy n most adorable character ever miss her like hell.. Ever charming my maan singh khurana Geet ka masiha Geet ka maan miss u Love Maaneet, miss Maaneet..
Long live maaneet n maaneetians <3


Aaj bhi..

Zindagi ki haar subhah tumse shuru aur haar raat tumpe khatam hoti hain 







Happiee Aniversary GHSP,The cast and Crew You do best one of my Fvt show ever All GHSP team best of luck for future Love you all ..Big smile


if GHSP has not been in my life, i would have missed out on so much love, a lot many beautiful and precious friends, the bond which links me to so many people ,my whole beautiful world of GHSP lovers and Maaneet diehard fans, i love GHSP n its one of the Best things that ever happened with meSmile

i dont know whether we will ever get to see season 2 or not. but i now know one thing for sure. our love for GHSP is unbeatable. its our love which made it possible that even after more than 2 years of its first telecast ending, there have been 2 repeats, numerous online official and unofficial awards n polls won by our beloved jori Maaneet and this goes on!

and i love Geet forum so much .its like a Home. uncountable VMs, gazzilions of edits,siggies, Fan fictions, everything. its keeping our love alive. 

i love you Maan and Geet.  thankyou for "happening" to me, thankyou for coming in my life and making my world a brighter and more beautiful place for me Smile


'Seasons do change, for it is inevitable,
But i believe my love will never change,
For my GHSP AND MAANEET till eternity,
As red roses are for love, indeed the best gifts for love,
But for me MY GHSP/MAANEET means real love,
Which will shine in my heart till the end of this world.
As TRUE LOVE is only defined by MY MAANEET.
GHSP- is the epitome of a real love saga for ME and will always be the same.
Yes change is inevitable, but MY LOVE FOR GHSP/MAANEET will never change.'


Congrats on the 4th anniversary of Tellywood's most wonderful show Geet...&even though it's been 4 years since this beautiful show entered our lives it continues to remain our favourite till date...kudos to the wonderful cast & our beautiful Maaneet  jodi which have captured our hearts...Maan &Geet were beautifully sketched characters&the journey of Maaneet is forever cherished...Happy 4th Anniversary to our beloved show which continues to rule our heartsTongue


Before watching this amazing serial, I never thought i would so crazy about a serial. It was night of 3rd july I watched this serial first time. Mahi + Kurbaan Huya or mai kurbaan ho gayi. I instantly fell in love with this serial. I downloaded every episode and many VMs. Then I found out India Forums where i found people like me who were equally mad about this serial. It was one of the best serial I have seen with a social message. I m still crazy about this serial. I loved Geet's innocence. I loved Maan's Love. I loved to hate Naintara and Dev. I loved Aadi's stammers and Pinki's eating habits. I loved our intelligent Dadimaa. I loved the dialogues- Mr Dusht Danav or Ms. Disaster Queen. I loved their Nok Jhok which had their own spice. It was a start of an era on TV after which many serial copied it's story or scenes. Kuch bhi karo there can never be a second Geet or second Maan. They were unique.

It has gone but it is still alive for us because we love it. 


Hi My Name is Hemlata MAANEETIAN..Happy GHSP anniversary To all Real Maaneet fans... Clap Star


Geet is not just a serial. Part of my life.
Can't remember a day without maaneet.
Maaneet gave me Geet forum and many amazing writer.
Still that everyday 9.30pm seems vacant in life.
Downloaded all scenes. Still waiting for official dvd.
People call me crazy for watching all retelecast. This fairytale cannot be explained shld be felt by heart.
Missing maaneet badly and madly.


Happy 4 aniversary Geet hui sabse parayi my most favourite daily soap i am mad for this serial or my maaneet never missed single episode till the end after kurban hua m totaly fida on them my most fav scenes geet denied to abort her baby to her family, maan saved geet from brij and his mens ,maan said ilu to geet and she told him mai pregnant hun ,office where geet told maan about her marriage uski shirt ke batan todti hai omg that was so intense m also cry with geet their engagement ceremony where geet and dev face off and geet left from their dont believe but that night i was not sleep a min their marriage best on tv maaneet most passionate couple on tv they are unreplacable m going to cherish them till end of my life love u maaneet forever thank u gurmeet and drashti for giving us our beloved maaneet    


I can't believe it's 4 years since the journey of Maaneet began...

To this day I remember watching Maan saving Geet from the got me hooked!! Right from their first meeting til the end credits of the show where their family was complete with Junior...

My days and nights have been incomplete since the show ended...I miss the show and the whole cast and crew like they were my family.

Thank you to each and every person involved with the show to make it such a success that til this day Maaneet are remembered...I have no words to describe the feelings I have for Gurmeet and Drashti...Miss them as GurTi so so much.Roles will come and go and GurTi might have moved on to bigger and better things but in my heart Maaneet and Gurti will live on forever.

Happy Anniversary GHSP.Gone but never forgotten!!

Lots of love to every Maaneetian/ Gurtian.


i cannot say just one thing ... coz GHSP is still in my heart and even now i m in love this show and every day fall in love... even if i wering earrings maaneet's scene come to my mind or if doing something. i remb hey this was exactly like in this ff... & this happens eveyday. i cannot not live w/o ds show... 

its impossible to forget this show or MAANEET... i am gr8ful for each & every writer on diff blogs, on GF or on FF forums... just bcoz of them MAANEET are alive even now and i want them to be present for eternity..


Happieee 4th Anniversary of Epic GHSP to every Maaneetian... Ghsp an epic n best serial of TV.. Trendsetter .. Characters, casts , crew everything was perfect.. Innocent Geet handa. N rude arrogant Msk.. . Hvn't seen any1 dancing soo well in sari .. Bt DD she is just waooo.. Hvn't seen presentation like I see in Geet.. Soo unique n beautiful... Office n outhouse track was my fav miss Geet n maaneet sooo much... Luv dem n will always luv dem...


Happy 4th Anniversary Geet ... i started watching Geet for Drashti as i used to miss her in DMG but then story about Honour killing also attracted my mom and Maneet chemistry too ...

Arti Parsad

When you are around happiness fills in my heart. As I see you again and again when you are away, happiness fills in my heart. As I think about the moments we spend together. After you came to my life, I am always happy. No matter where you are. Happy Anniversary My Dear Couple MAANEET


Geet hui sabse Parai was the first show and maaneet first jodi who won my heart i loved their chemistry their pure love for each other we might not see them now but will be with us for ever
Happy 4th anniversay to all geetians and Maaneetians

harika rao

To be frank I don't believe in love ... but for me the Maaneet had been a couple who taught me what love is ... they are the best, they are epic. And I am really happy that even after four years we are still sticking to this divine couple ... who had given us a fairytale in the form of GHSP. I read on someone's edit ... HE saved her life and SHE saved his soul ... I cant forget how my eyes welled up seeing it. Sadly I forgot who did that but those words which depicted the whole of the story in simple one line has caught me. Maaneet are truly my life and soul too, I donno why and how much will Ill fall for them ... abhi bhi bohut baaki hai. I will remember them for a lifetime ... jab tak hai jaan ... They have given me wonderful friends here and I am really glad on this ... they colored my life. Its difficult to move on ... I am not ready to move on either ... my love for Maaneet is never ending!! I hope I get to see the same love for Maaneet this whole life of mine ... thank you god for giving me a babaji ... My Maan whom I treat as a God ... who stood for his Geet like her babaji.

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