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Ishaqzaadi of the week #10 *MOTW* (Page 2)

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Congi shongo ritchelle

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My turn..

Which is your fav book?

which is your fav subject?

Fav author?

Inspiration in life?

Pakau (boring) author?

Write a few lines ..um may be a short story on your fav couple. (can take as much time as you wish)
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first task from my side-

Write first 5 lines of the National Anthems  of  10 countries.  No need to translate. Wink

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Congratulations Rit! Hug

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Will only be answering the questions that doesn't take too much time cause this has come at a very wrong time. Apologies!

Nams- Awww fix your WA bevakoof!

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When did you grace the Earth: 21st January


How did IF happen to you: Looking for updates for a show Navya, found I-F, and the rest is history!


Your favorite section on IF: NewsRoom


Your favorite actor: Keeps changing. At the moment its Ranbir, Ranveer and Arjun. I also have the hots for John and HR


Your favorite actress: Parineeti Chopra, Preity Zinta and Emma Watson are all time favorites. Currently, I'm also very impressed with Alia and her work, so I'd include her name in it too


All time favorite flick: Kal Ho Naa Ho

Congrats Ritchy Party

And I have some more questions LOL

-> Which shows do you watch apart from EBI? I don't watch EBI? LOL Normally keeps changing, but I currently watch D3 and Madhuri Middle Class regularly. I do track Veera and YHM, so if there are any good Baldev-Veera scenes or some nice YHM scenes, I watch in FF
-> What are your hobbies? Reading, writing, listening to music
-> What is your dream destination? Florida, the HP theme park.
-> If you could go invisible for a day, what would you do? Travel
-> Define yourself in 5 words. Sarcastic, romantic, dreamy, procrastinator, caring

My turn..

Which is your fav book? The Harry Potter Series, any day

which is your fav subject? I like Math and World Lit a lot, but then it changes from sem to sem depending on the modules I am taking

Fav author? JKR

Inspiration in life? Parents

Pakau (boring) author? So I don't find any author boring per say, but I am a bit critical of Chetan Bhagat. I've read 2 States and while I think its a very entertaining piece of work, he needs to work on his style and grammar

Write a few lines ..um may be a short story on your fav couple. (can take as much time as you wish) Don't have the time so copying a crossover OS that I'd written a while back for a contest, which won a prize. Enjoy!

Case File 213: Armaan Mallik and Maanvi Chaudhary

"You must be mistaken Mrs Dare. I had clearly emailed you a FORTNIGHT back, requesting you for that specific case file. What do you mean by you've loaned it out?"


"I'm extremely sorry sweetheart, but your email just slipped out of my mind! I mean Mr Mallik had borrowed it last week and he needed to extend his loan by a week-"


"So WHAT Mrs Dare? You could have refused this person!"


"But he was so persuasive darling! I mean he's one of the sweetest and nicest and most good looking boys around, and when he flashed his charming smile at me, I just had to give in!" gushed Mrs Dare, as her eyes took on a rather dreamy look.


"So you're trying to tell me that this person literally FLIRTED with you, and you extended his loan just like that? Are you freaking kidding me Mrs Dare?" spluttered the girl angrily, her voice rising by an octave.


Mrs Dare turned a violent shade of pink as she bent to retrieve a pen that she'd just dropped.


"Maanvi darling, its nothing of the sort! He was just a nice boy!" said Mrs Dare sweetly, as she rose up, cheeks still flaming.


Maanvi had had enough. She picked up her things and stormed out of the library, knocking out an entire shelf of books in the process.


The racket she'd created was enough to arouse the attention of everyone in the library, as they stared in astonishment at the retreating figure of the girl who'd just left.


"Sam, who was that? Or wait, let me rephrase myself. What was that?"


Sameer stifled a guffaw as he turned to his best friend seated next to him, who was staring open mouthedly at the door.


"That, mere bhai, is Maanvi Chaudhary. She's a med student just like us. She transferred here at the beginning of sophomore year."


"Sam, I am a med student! Why don't I know this girl?!"


"That's cause she's in Batch A, and you're in Batch C. No clashing lectures or tutorials."


"Whoa. Batch A? She's got to be bloody intelligent!"

"She's here on a scholarship Armaan! She was in Pembrooke before this, and moved to King's at the beginning of the year! One of the smartest -and loudest- people I've ever met!"


"Abey yaar, how the hell do you know so much about her? Have you been stalking her?" winked Armaan, as he nudged Sameer in the ribs.


"Yeah right! No dude, she's Rhea's roomie this year, so I do run into her now and then."


"So she's Rhea's roomie! No wonder you know her so well! But anyways, I have to remember this girl! Maanvi Chaudhary! God knows what will this toofan mail do next! I won't be surprised if she blows up the lab next!"


Sameer and Armaan burst into laughter as they high-fived each other and resumed their work, minds still reeling over Maanvi Chaudhary.




"Rhea, I swear to God, if I find this Mr Mallik, I won't leave him in a position to peruse those case files!" fumed Maanvi, as she typed ferociously, punching each key as if they'd caused her bodily harm.


Rhea grinned to herself as she imagined what the poor guy would have to go through if he ever ran into Maanvi.


"Leave it Maanvi! I mean, look for similar cases over the internet for your paper! Don't tell me there are NO case files over the internet related to your paper?" said Rhea, in an attempt to placate a furious Maanvi.


"What do you think I've been trying to do for the past three weeks Rhe? I've been hounding the internet to try and find similar cases, but clearly there's no information out on the web! Ugh, why was I assigned such a complicated research paper? I swear Rhea, when I meet that guy, I'm gonna kick him in the nuts! Main bhi Hrishikesh ki sherni hoon! Agar usse kaat pees ke, chun chun ke, uss ke chote chote, chote chote tukde karke usse hi nahi khila diya, toh mera naam Maanvi Chaudhary nahi!" raged Maanvi, as she slammed her laptop shut.




"Awww baby, you're so sweet!" gushed Tina, as she stood on her tip toes and planted a kiss on Armaan's lips.


Armaan grinned against her lips while his tongue traced her upper lip lightly. As she bit on his lower lip, Armaan dropped the files he was holding and pushed her to the wall to kiss her thoroughly.


As fate would have it, Maanvi and her friends happened to enter the same corridor at the exact same moment Armaan was playing tonsil hockey with Tina. Maanvi grimaced at the sight in front of her and turned pointedly away, while Sherry and Charlene burst into giggles.


As Maanvi passed Armaan and Tina, she realised that her one of her laces had come undone. She bent down to tie her laces, and her gaze happened to fall on the array of files and papers that Armaan had dropped. Shaking her head at the sight in front of her, she tied her laces and straightened up, when her eyes fell on a red colored file labeled "Case File 213".


The exact same case files Maanvi had been looking for.


"Oh. My. God. These are the exact same files I need for my paper!" exclaimed Maanvi, as she bent down to pick up the file and flip through the pages.


Armaan pulled away from Tina when he heard the giggles, only to find Maanvi flipping through his files and her friends giggling away like idiots.


"Hey, could you leave my stuff?" muttered Armaan, as he bent down to attack Tina's lips once again.


Maanvi stared incredulously at Armaan's back as he continued to make out with Tina.


"So you're the absolute douchebag who extended the loan on these case files by FLIRTING with Mrs Dare? And instead of working on them, you're shacking up with a girl in this corridor? You son of a bitch!" screamed Maanvi, as Sherry and Charlene looked on in shock.


Armaan pulled away from Tina and turned to face Maanvi with dazed eyes. He couldn't fathom for the life of him as to what had just happened.


"Excuse me? Can't you see that I'm occupied right now? Could you stop screaming your ass off uselessly?" snapped Armaan, as he wrapped an arm around Tina's waist.


"Oh I'm sorry! Would you forgive me for interrupting you while you were clearly engaged in an interesting game of tonsil hockey?" spat Maanvi, her voice dripping with sarcasm.


Armaan stared incredulously at the girl in front of him, whose eyes seemed to be shooting daggers at him.


"Look, what's your problem?"


"Problem? My problem? You're the idiot who extended the loan on the case files that I need SO bloody desperately for my paper which is due like in FIVE days, and thanks to you I can't even work on my paper and I've to spend every waking minute of my day looking for alternative sources to those case files which is proving to be highly unsuccessful, and you have the nerve to ask me what is MY problem?" screamed Maanvi furiously, eyes blazing with anger.


To Maanvi's immense surprise, Armaan began to laugh as he stared at her and shook his head. He couldn't believe that HE was the one "toofan mail" wanted to castrate!


"I am guessing you're Maanvi Chaudhary?" asked Armaan, as he tried to control his laughter.


"Erm yes?! And how does that matter?"


"Bwahahahahahahaha toofan mail! Yaar I've been wanting to meet you since I saw you yell at the lovely librarian and then knock down an entire shelf as you left the library!" chuckled Armaan, as he flashed a bright smile at Maanvi.


Maanvi was momentarily dazed by Armaan's smile. She realised that he had the most beautiful smile in the world, and she could feel her lips turning upwards as she took in his smile.


She then realised the situation she was in, and snapped out of her reverie.


"Toofan mail? W T F?! Are you kidding me? Look Mr Mallik-"


"The name's Armaan. Armaan Mallik." interrupted Armaan with a wink.


"Fine! Look Mr Armaan Mallik, I need those case files for my paper, and since you seem very busy with other stuff, I want that folder!"


Armaan stared at Maanvi as if she'd sprouted another head.


"Erm excuse me? Why should I give that folder to you when I need it as well? I need that for MY paper which is due exactly 5 days from now, and I don't really have a head-start on my project! So please, look for some alternate sources cause I can't give you this file." replied Armaan curtly, as he bent down to pick up his files and folders.


"Ajeeb insaan ho! You don't seem to be doing much work, yet you want to hold on to these case files!" fumed Maanvi.


"Ajeeb insaan ho Maanvi! You don't seem to understand that the case files are with ME, so you need to find an alternative source for your information? Anyways, I am not interested in wasting my time with you, so would you excuse me?" asked Armaan, as he carefully sidestepped Maanvi and walked away, tugging Tina along with him.


"The NERVE of him! I am going to kill him! Urgh! I pray that he gets a zero for his paper! Gadha kahinka!" fumed Maanvi, as she walked off from the corridor, beckoning Sherry and Charlene to come along.


Little did she know that her words would come to pass.




"Bro, I ran into that toofan mail yesterday! Apparently she wants the case files which I have right now!" laughed Armaan, as he threw his bag and plopped on his bed.


"No way! You have those case files? Rhea was telling me how infuriated she is! Agar tera kaam ho gaya ho, toh give the files to her. I mean its obvious that the two of you are working on the same topic for your research paper, so help the poor girl out a bit!"


"Help HER? No freaking way dude. I would have thought of helping her if she hadn't been so rude to me. Would you believe it, she interrupted Tina and me and then yelled her lungs out at me! Insane creature! I will most certainly NOT give her the files. In fact, I am gonna ensure that I return the folder on the day of submission, so she cant even work on it overnight." replied Armaan, as he grinned wickedly to himself.


"No one messes with the great Dr Armaan Mallik bro!"


Sameer shook his head in despair as he turned to his laptop.




"Dude these roller blades are bloody awesome! Where did you get it from Atul?" asked Armaan, as he twirled around, experimenting with his new gift.


"I found it in a thrift store while I was shopping with Angie, and I remembered that you've been wanting these for a while so thought I'd pick it up for you!" smiled Atul, as he watched his friend zoom around him.


"You're seriously the best Champ! Tu jaanta nahi main tujhse kitna pyaar karta hoon!" said Armaan, as he pretended to sniffle.


Atul chuckled to himself as he watched his friend zoom around the hallway. He was about to tell him to be careful when Armaan crashed into someone and both toppled to the floor. He winced and ran over to where Armaan lay atop a girl.


"Get off me you oaf! Can't you see where you're walking, or should I say, skating? And bloody hell, don't you know that you're not exactly allowed to skate in the hallway?"


Armaan's eyes widened in surprise, and his entire body began to shake in mirth, as he couldn't contain his laughter.


"How's the paper going Maanvi?" asked Armaan with a laugh.


Maanvi's eyes widened in shock as she turned to face Armaan. She was about to retort when she found herself staring into his eyes. Blue and twinkling, Armaan's eyes seemed to captivate Maanvi, as she was unable to form a coherent sentence.


Maanvi's trance was broken by the sudden disappearance of those eyes which seemed to have captivated her. Composing herself, and berating herself for thinking of her nemesis in such a manner, Maanvi got up and turned to face Armaan.


"Aankhein hain ya button? Can't you see where you're skating?" fumed Maanvi, as she bent down to pick up her stuff.


"Oye! I didn't plan on crashing into you, YOU came into my way! Anyways, I was skating, but you were walking! And you're oh-so-smart, aren't you Ms Maanvi Chaudhary? Why didn't you see where you were walking?" retorted Armaan, as he got out of his roller blades.


"Urgh! I don't know why do I even argue with you! And since you seem to be so free, can you PLEASE give me those files? Anyways I doubt you're doing anything with it." snapped Maanvi.


"Oh I am. My air-conditioner isn't working too well these days, so I've been using the papers from the folder to fan myself. Quite useful, I must say!" replied Armaan, smirking as he took in Maanvi's scandalised expression.


"Urgh! You! I can't believe-! Forget it! Move!" spluttered Maanvi, as she pushed him and flurried out of the hallway, muttering to herself in anger.


"Yaar Armaan, why are you troubling the girl? Sam told me about it, just give her the files naa?" asked Atul concernedly.


"Give HER the files? That, that bandariya? No freaking way! She's so bloody rude and annoying! I'm not gonna give her the files! Lets see how she does that paper of hers! Anyways Champ, thank you SO much for these roller blades! Means a hell lot to me!" said Armaan, as he leaned in to hug Atul, who returned his hug rather half heartedly.




Clutching her coat closer to her, Maanvi walked through the alleyway between the library and her dormitory. It was a chilly night, and she didn't feel too good. Not only was she sure that she'd lose her scholarship cause she hadn't even started on her paper, but her Beeji had just called to tell her that her Badi Beeji wasn't too well, and she just had a few days in front of her.


Realising that she was going to burst into tears, she hurried towards the stairs that would take her to her room. As she hurriedly climbed the stairs, she slipped, and fell down an entire flight of stairs. She crumpled on the ground and  burst into fresh sobs, losing the will to fight the battle.


And that's how Armaan found Maanvi 2 hours later. Huddled in a dark staircase, sobbing her eyes out.


"Maanvi?" whispered Armaan, as he carefully made his way to her, arranging some of her things that had scattered on the floor cause of her fall.


Maanvi looked up at the sound of Armaan's voice, and wiped her tears angrily. She tried to stand up on her own, but stumbled and was about to fall down. She shut her eyes, expecting to feel the cold, hard floor beneath her.


Instead, she felt herself being held tightly by a pair of strong arms.


She opened her eyes to find herself staring into those very blue eyes that seemed to hold her captive every time she looked into them. She felt the strong arms beneath her scoop her and place her tenderly in an upright position on the stairs, so she was now sitting down.


"Do you feel okay Maanvi? I think you might have sprained your ankle." asked Armaan, the concern evident in his voice, as he looked worriedly at Maanvi.


The sound of his voice snapped Maanvi out of her trance, as she realised who was she facing. And the sight of Armaan's face was enough to remind Maanvi of everything.


"You're asking me if I'm okay Armaan? Seriously? Considering most of my problems are cause of you?! How very considerate!" lau ghed Maanvi coldly, as she leaned back against the wall of the dimly lit stairway, eyes staring vacantly into space.


"Look Maanvi, I'm really sorry. I know I've been a jerk and I could have given you those files, but you just annoyed me so I erm.. Anyways! You're on a scholarship, don't worry! This wouldn't really affect you in any way, would it?" smiled Armaan, trying to lighten her mood.


"Why does everyone assume that just cause I'm on a scholarship, I can get away with whatever rubbish I turn in?" cried Maanvi, as she turned to face him, eyes shining with unshed tears.


"Cause erm..isn't that how its like Maanvi?" asked Armaan curiously.


"NO! I have to maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 to retain my full scholarship! Even if I go down by so much as half a point, I shall have to let go of some of my facilities! And frankly speaking, my family can't afford to pay for my education, so this means I'll have to leave King's and go back to India! Scholarship may be a prestige to many, but to me, it's a necessity. If I don't submit my paper, my overall GPA will drop and fall to 3.45, and that would be the end of my career." replied Maanvi, as she burst into quiet sobs.


Armaan watched helplessly as the girl in front of him convulsed in quiet sobs. He racked his brains to try and think of ways to cheer her up, but was unable to do so.


Trying to change to the topic to distract Maanvi, Armaan asked, "So where in India are you from Maanvi?"


At the mere mention of India, Maanvi's face seemed to light up. Turning to face Armaan with a tear stained face and smudged kohl, she replied, "Hrishikesh. One of the most amazing places in the world!"


Armaan smiled as he saw her break into a watery smile at the mere mention of her hometown and couldn't stop himself from smiling as well.


"Really? That's pretty awesome! I've visited the place once, when I went rafting with a couple of my friends."


"Hai naa? And have you visited Ganga Ghat? Di and I go there almost every day to meet our parents! Its so beautiful and peaceful, and I feel like mumma-pappa are sitting right beside me there!" gushed Maanvi happily, as she wiped her face in an attempt to remove the tear stains. Unfortunately, she seemed to be ruining her make up in the process.


Armaan noticed this, and grabbed her wrist, not allowing her to touch her face. The touch seemed to send tingles down both their arms, as they stared into each others eyes unblinkingly.


"Yeh bandariya toh sach mein khoobsoorat hai!" thought Armaan, as he took in her face, as if trying to memorize it.


Like always, Maanvi lost herself into those startlingly blue orbs that were Armaan's eyes. His eyes always seemed to captivate Maanvi, and she couldn't bring herself to think of anything else except those eyes. Oh, how she wanted to drown in the depths of his eyes!


Almost at the same time, Armaan and Maanvi realised the position they were in and turned away from each other.


"Voh erm, don't rub your face. Your kohl will get smudged." mumbled Armaan awkwardly, as he played with his laces.


"Toh erm Maanvi..tell me something about your family!" said Armaan cheerily, trying to break the awkward silence that had just filled the stairway.


"Family? Oh there's Badi Beeji, Beeji, Chachu-Chachi, Dabboo, unka beta, and of course! My Jeevika Di!" replied Maanvi happily, as she remembered the fun moments spent with her family.


"Pata hai Armaan, Di is the best di in the whole world! She loves me more than herself! Humara toh khoon ka rishta hai, aur hum ek doosre ke liye jaan de sakte hain! Dabboo toh Dabba hai! He's a bit slow, but the best brother I could have ever asked for! Chachu-Chachi toh love me more than Dabboo and treat me like their own daughter! Beeji is really strict, lekin haan, I know she loves me! Badi Beeji is the best! Its like we love to hate each other! We're always at each other's throats! You know Armaan, she has the most beautiful kangans in the world, and she just refuses to give them to me! Arrey yaar, mera haq banta hai uss par! Ek naa ek din toh main-" trailed Maanvi, as the truth finally hit her.


Her Badi Beeji only had a few days left.


Armaan chuckled to himself at the speed at which Maanvi was talking. It was clear that she loved her family a lot, and they meant the world to her.


Puzzled at the way she trailed off her monologue, Armaan asked, "Kya hua Maanvi?"


Maanvi looked up at Armaan, her eyes full of tears, as she choked, "Badi Beeji can die anytime Armaan."


Armaan stared in shock as Maanvi burst into fresh sobs and tried to hug herself. Almost instinctively, he reached put and pulled her into an embrace and began to rub her back in an attempt to soothe her. He rested his cheek on Maanvi's head and closed his eyes, praying to God to give her the strength to stand up and fight.


The two of them stayed in that position for quite a while, till Maanvi realised where she was, and who she was with. She pulled apart from the hug, and looked into Armaan's eyes, as if daring him to say something to challenge her.


Instead, he just reached out and wiped a lone tear from Maanvi's face. The gesture might have been simple, but it conveyed everything what Armaan wanted to tell Maanvi at that moment.


"Armaan, mujhe waapas jaana hai. Can you help me to my room?" asked Maanvi quietly.


Armaan nodded with a smile, as he swung her bookbag over his shoulder, and effortlessly scooped her up into his arms and walked up the stairs.


"Which floor Maanvi?"


"Armaan, put me down this instant! Samajhte kya ho apne aap ko?" squealed Maanvi, as she began to rain punches on his shoulder.


"Maanvi, you're clearly not in a position to walk, so how else do you want me to take you to your room? If you have any better way, please let me know, I'll do so. Now stop whining like you always do, and tell me where's your room!" snapped Armaan, tightening his hold on Maanvi.


"6th floor, 21A" replied Maanvi sheepishly.




"There you go Maanvi! You're in your bed, your book bag is on the floor and I've bandaged your ankle. Koi aur seva hai Raajkumaari jee?" asked Armaan, as he bowed with a flourish.


Maanvi giggled as she shook her head, flashing him one of her radiant smiles.


"Thanks for everything Armaan! I always thought that you're the most annoying person that I've met, but clearly, you're not. When you want to, you can be a bit nice!" said Maanvi cheekily, winking at Armaan.


Armaan rolled his eyes at Maanvi and waved at her, as he turned to leave the room till he remembered something and stopped midway.


Turning to Maanvi, he asked guiltily, "Maanvi, is your paper done?"


"Nahi." replied Maanvi curtly, as she remembered why she hated Armaan in the first place.


"Toh ab?"


"I don't know! You've been quite 'helpful', so clearly I don't have a paper written and that's gonna screw my GPA! I may even have to leave Kings after this sem cause of that, aur mumma ka sapna adhoora reh jaayega. I'll never be able to become a doctor." whispered Maanvi, as she turned away from Armaan, pulling the covers to hide her tears.


Armaan stared at Maanvi in horror as he realised the magnanimity of his actions.


"Goodbye Armaan" choked Maanvi, as she turned to switch off the lamp beside her, leaving Armaan staring into the darkness, contemplating over his stupidity.




 Maanvi rushed to LT7, with the hope that she could catch her professor and explain her predicament to him. Prof McLauren was a jolly old fellow, but extremely strict when It came to deadlines and assignments. She was hoping that he'd understand her and grant her an extension on her deadline.


As she rushed into her class, Prof McLauren called out to her on his own. Praying fervently to BhagwaanJee, she walked over to the professor.


"Maanvi, I just flipped through your assignment, and it isn't bad at all! Granted, its not up to your usual standards, but it did seem quite fine!" said Prof McLauren kindly, as he smiled at her.


Maanvi's mouth fell open in shock at the professor's remark. Here she was about to tell him that she needed an extension on her paper, and he was telling her what he thought about it! Composing herself, she decided to try and check out the assignment.


"Erm Professor, if you don't mind, could I have a look at the assignment? I erm, want to check my citations." lied Maanvi smoothly.


"Of course dear! Come by my office after this lecture and you can check it! But mind you, you won't be allowed to change anything!"


Muttering a grateful thanks to her professor, Maanvi rushed to grab a seat in the LT, wondering to herself about the mysterious paper.




"Thanks a lot professor. I won't be changing anything, I was just afraid that my citations weren't correct. Silly me! Thank you!" gushed Maanvi, as she walked out of the professor's office, wondering to herself as to how did her paper magically materialise out of thin air.


"Ajeeb hai. Yeah the paper isn't that great, but I guess I can get a B+ for it and that would keep my GPA intact! I'll have to work a bit harder for the exams, but that's okay I guess! But who the heck did my assignment for me? And WHY did that person do so?" mumbled Maanvi to herself, as she walked towards the exit of the teacher's lounge.


"I'm sorry Mr Mallik, but this is the limits. You'll have to leave the basketball team."


Maanvi overheard the sentence coming out from one of the cabins and froze in shock. Armaan was the captain of King's basketball team, and everyone knew how much he loved the game. She walked over to the source of the sound and found him standing in a cabin with the sports coach and another professor whom she didn't know.


Pretending to tie her shoelace, she tried to eavesdrop on the conversation.


"This is highly uncalled for Mr Mallik. You knew how important this assignment is to you, and you still didn't submit it! I'm disgusted at your nonchalance. Your wayward ways and nonchalance will soon get you expelled from King's, mind you Mr Mallik! Now get out of this cabin! You'll get a zero for this paper!" spat the professor.


Maanvi froze in shock as she tried to comprehend the situation in front of her. She'd clearly seen Armaan flaunting his assignment to Sameer the previous day, and yet he hadn't submitted it? Seeing the door open, she quickly stood up and waited for Armaan to walk out.


Grabbing his hand, she dragged him out of the teacher's lounge and pushed him into a deserted corridor.


"What the hell Armaan? I thought you'd finished your assignment!" asked Maanvi in shock.


"I erm, lost the assignment Maanvi! Anyways, who cares? How are you? What did McLauren say about your paper?" asked Armaan, trying to smile weakly at Maanvi.


"You WHAT? And don't tell me you don't care about this, you're out of the basketball team! Everyone knows how much you love basketball! And McLauren seemed to like the paper but-"


Maanvi looked at Armaan in horror as the puzzle began to fall in place.


Armaan losing his assignment and Maanvi's assignment magically appearing out of nowhere. Maanvi's fateful words the first time she met him.


"Armaan Mallik. Did you turn in your assignment under MY name?" asked Maanvi in shock.


Armaan looked everywhere but at Maanvi as he shook his head, "No! Why would I do so?!"


"Armaan! There's no other explanation! We're the only two people in our year working on this assignment, and while you magically lose your assignment, I magically get a completed paper! Tell me the truth!" cried Maanvi pleadingly.


Armaan looked down at his hands as he realised he'd have to come clean with her.


"Yeah. Well erm, I realised what a fool I'd been all this while by not giving the files to you. So I erm-"


"So what?! Why did you do this Armaan?! You lost your captaincy!" exclaimed Maanvi.


"Maanvi, I can try out for the team in the next sem, and I know I'll get in! But you? If you didn't submit the assignment, you'd have to leave and go back cause of whatever issues your scholarship would have had! I couldn't let that happen Maanvi!" said Armaan, as he rubbed his eyes, surreptitiously trying to hide the tears that were threatening to fall.


Maanvi stared at Armaan in awe and astonishment as she realised what he'd done for her. He'd sacrificed something he loved for a person he barely knew. Almost immediately, she threw herself into his arms and engulfed him into a tight hug.


The hug left Armaan staggering, as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. No words were spoken for the next 5 minutes, as the two of them remained in the embrace.


Slowly, Maanvi pulled away from the embrace, her eyes shining with unshed tears.


"You're really one of the best people I know Armaan. I wish we didn't have such a rocky start. Thank you." said Maanvi softly.


Armaan chuckled quietly as he ruffled her hair.


"So lets start afresh? A new beginning? Lets pretend the past 5 days didn't happen. Hello, I'm Armaan. Armaan Mallik. And you, my dear lady are very, very beautiful. May I know your name?" said Armaan with a wink.


"Maanvi. Maanvi Chaudhary!" laughed Maanvi, as she tried not to notice how he was flirting with her.


"Maanvi Jee! Agar aap aaj shaam ko free hain, toh coffee peene chalein? I know this amazing place that sells awesome coffee! And please don't say no! Agar aap jaisi khoobsoorat ladki ne mujhe naa keh diya, toh main toh mar hi jaaoonga!" said Armaan, as he fell on his knees and grasped Maanvi's hand in his own.


Maanvi burst into peals of giggles as she nodded in assent.


"Wonderful! So I'll meet you here at 4? See you Ms Maanvi Chaudhary!" said Armaan, winking at Maanvi as he coolly sauntered out of the corridor.


Maanvi smiled to herself as she thought about what had just happened, and turned to walk out of the other end of the corridor, excitedly anticipating her coffee date with Armaan.

Not answering any more questions. In the middle of a project and had some time so quickly answered this :)

Nowrin, I am NOT posting that cause I honestly don't have the time. Sorry.

To the others, thanks for your wishes!

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