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**Deivamagal One Year Celebrations** Hop In**

hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 12:05am | IP Logged

Sumi : mine Angry
Visha : nup mine re Angry
Sumi :  no *hmmp intro naan draft panninen podhi**
Migan walks in Shocked : Whats happening?
Hopper  to lazy to be bothered. Looks at them says nothing

Visha : you forgot re? DM celebrations
Migan still confused. While Visha tries to explain - Sumi
grabs the mike and runs away **wee Evil Smile

mike testing 123 123
erm ...

Hello all..
Its celebration time

God's daughter successfully completes 1 year..God's daughter..which god??...
and completes 1 yr aa??
Ohhh...birthday thread aa??Party..
baby name enna? Pillaiyar or murugar??..1 vayasu dhan aagudha.Confused

Grrr Sumi ...AngryAngry
Too much mokkai is not good for anyone's health...
Yess..This is a celebration thread..But birthday illai anniversary...
First anniversary.

Last year...25th march 2013,
 a serial named "Deivamagal " started  on SUN TV..
Mon-Sat 8 pm..
Directed by kumaran and produced by vikatan television..

This show aimed at bringing up the perspective of a working women-their joys, sorrows,trials and tribulation...

(naan sollala..Deivamagal wiki solludhu..idha paavam ellam enna seradhu)..Tongue

i can hear u ppl telling..."nalla solreenga aam joy...
colour colur aa saree and nighty pottukittu pei dhan varudhu..

8 aaa aaa aaa nnu start aagum...
arrey wahhh..only moosic?...No title song for this serial nnu n

aam happy aa iruppom..
aana andha aaa aaa 25 mins continue aagum..
Title BGM aa illai dialogues aana mouth close ae aagadhu...

Google google panni parthen internet la
idha pola oru serial dhan illavae illai...
Yahho yahoo panni parthum ulagathula
story enna innum onnum puriyavillai Cry

Whatever...Gorgeous lead pair we have...Kolaveri villis..
number of mega mokkai mannans ..1 1/2 pack parallel lead hero...
world famous director..Nine planets layum telecast panra
shakthi irukka sun tv time telecast...completing 1 year is just a beginning..Deivamagal serial still has a long way to go...Day Dreaming

We wish deivamagal cast  crew many many congratulations and
happy anniversary...Star
We are u with you director sir...But please kolaveri ya konjam korachu
continue with your good work..All the best..

We would like to welcome you to Deivamagal  1st Anniversary Celebration    Party
Cant believe its one year already Shocked Seemed like it just got started LOL

The combination of characters and roles played manage to
get us involve into this story very much Tongue if you know what i mean Wink

Kaaka kaaka
Directed by gautam vasudev menon..

Their introduction..
"naanga 5 per..bayamna engalukku ennene theriyadhu..kanna kattittu povomehhh"

Mokka Mokka-Updaters-Deivamagal  forum
Directed by Confused..sorry ..theriyala..
Starring (??)...or maatikittings??

Hopper_ocean,Lovelydreamer,,naveetha,chandu,hema, SK, sneha_vijay

our introduction..
Naanga 7 per..
kolaveri nna enna nnu engalukku mattum dhan theriyum...
DM update ezhudhum podhu headache,ears,eyes,
hands pain ellam multitasking pannum..
Naanga lam yaaru..Tsunami time layum beach kku
sundal saapida pora aalungaCool

We..are..kaipullais of deivamagal forum..Lead by Ratna aka hopper_Ocean..Ivanga taan first pulli vachadhu deivamagal updates kku ...ippo ellarum serndhu kolam podromLOL
and not to forget our readers as well for cheering us and giving us
the push up to keep continuing LOL

Kiss and Thank You emoticon (Thank you emoticons)

Deivamagal Tags :.LovelyDreamer.
Siggies & collages  : krithikas
Layout & editing : migan, hopper_ocean, _SK_, .LovelyDreamer.

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migan Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 12:06am | IP Logged

For those who had started watching halfway and for those who
had been here from the very beginning Tongue
Mini Flashback LOL

Sathya is the elder daughter of Sundaram and Sampoornam. She has two younger sisters Dharani and Anjali. A wedding proposal comes to Sathya to marry Karthik , son of a rich business woman Annapoorni. Sundaram who loves his daughters very much, wants his daughter's marriage to take place in a grand manner.

Also he agrees to pay a very big dowry to Annapoorni for the sake of his daughter whom he loves a lot. But when the day of wedding gets closer Sundaram starts facing for troubles. He faces a big loss in his business and he mortgages almost all his properties to arrange money for Sathya's marriage. Among lots of troubles and problems somehow he manages to find the required money and jewelries for the wedding.

In middle of many problems Sathya and Karthik wedding is to take place now. But unfortunately on the wedding day, when karthik is ready to tie the knot in Sathya's neck, by mistakenly the thaali falls into the fire. Annapoorni puts the blame on Sathya that all the bad things during the wedding happened because of Sathya's horroscope. While Sundaram begs not to stop the marriage, Annapoorni walks away with Karthik. Sundaram and his family get very upset because Sathya's wedding got stopped.

Heartbroken Sundaram dies immediately after that incident. Now Sathya's family comes to know that Sundaram has mortgaged all their properties and borrowed lot of money for the wedding. Sathya's family lose all their properties including their house because they are unable to pay off the debts

Another family in introduce and the head of the family(Chidambaram) is believed to be follower of Gandhiji and their home is referred as "Jai Hind Vilas". Prakash, son of Chidambaram and Janaki is very outrageous and straight forward person with high self-esteem. The whole family members in this vilas are dominated by first daughter in law in the family, the only reason because she earns more and working as General Manager in reputed star hotel.

Being a snob, she used to control everyone in the vilas except prakash because prakash never listens to her and never depends on her for money. Due to turn of events, Prakash and Sathya first meeting was not so memorable and they used to have clash every time they meet due to situations which are not favourable on their side. Sathya gets a job in Star hotel and she was responsible to deposit the money everyday in bank. Due to feud with sathya in the past, prakash plan the robbery and steal her money on the way. After the big fight with Prakash, in a way they had become friends. Sathya came to terms with prakash understanding that he is very good person except the fact that he is short tempered.

 Prakash's sister in law gayathri tries to spoil all marriage proposals that comes on the way for Prakash because of the grudge that she holds against him. Prakash challenges his sister in law and asks Sampoornam to consider dharani for marriage because he doesn't want to lose the battle that his sister in law declare. Sathya rejects this marriage proposal that came for her sister considering that Prakash's sister in law will never allow dharani be happy.

After a lot of struggles the marriage date is finalized. But unfortunately, the day before marriage, dharani elopes to get married with Suresh, and the family members are humiliated by this. To save the embarrassment, Sathya must now marry praksh. But she doesn't want to but her mom pleads her to marry prakash. That night, Prakash understands the mind state of Sathya and request her not to worry and also tell her that they will pretend to be husband and wife for outside world but inside they are just friends. Sathya agrees and also she found a new respect for Prakash.

Prakash asks satya to promise not to talk or visit the Devaraj family due to the marriage of Dharani and Suresh. Later when she breaks the promise he gets drunk and yells at her for meeting her uncle. This makes Gayathri and her sister vinodhini very happy. They always try to create conflict between Prakash and Sathya. On one fine day, Prakash visits mother  house for a feast and behaves very kind and gentle to sathya's mom. This impresses sathya. Day by day, Prakash and Sathya came closer and tries to understand each other

Sometimes we feel like throwing rotten eggs - avalavu kevalama kollaveriya irakum
indha Deivamaga mokka scenes. Raju, MLM moorty ivanga rendhu peerum kolladhu
nalae illa nammalae. Enna pannalam indha mokka thodarum aa varadhu Cry

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raaspach IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 12:08am | IP Logged

Special Song Dedication to all Sakash Lovers Embarrassed

malargalae malargalae idhu enna kanavA
malaigalae malaigale idhu enna ninaivA
urugiyadhae enadhullam, perugiyadhae vizhivellam
viNNodum neethan, maNNOdum neethan
kaNNnodum neethan, VA..AA...AA

Ennamo edho,Ennam thiraluthu kanavil
vannam thiraluthu ninaivil, Kangal iruludhu nanavil
Ennamo edho, mutti mulaikkudhu manadhil
Vetti erindhidum nodiyil,Mottu avizhuthu kodiyil

Eno kuviyamilla kuviyamilla oru katchi pedai..
oh ohh..uruvamilla uruvamilla naalai,
Eno kuviyamilla kuviyamilla oru katchi pedai..
oh ohh.. araimanadhaai vidiyithu en kaalai.

En Veetu Thoattathil Poovellam Kaetuppaar
En Veetu Jannal Kambi Ellaamae Kaetuppaar
En Veetu Thennangeetrai Ippoathae Kaettuppaar
En Nenjai Sollumae

En Veetu Thoattathil Poovellam Kaetuppaar
En Veetu Jannal Kambi Ellaamae Kaetuppaar
En Veetu Thennangeetrai Ippoathae Kaettuppaar
En Nenjai Sollumae

Enthaaraa Enthaaraa Neeye En Thaaraa
En Vaanam Poothathey Thaara
Kan Poora Kan Poora Neeyethaan Thaara
Kannale Kaangiraen Thaara
Thaneerai Koosikondu Melle Chellum
Bimbangal Neeyaagiraai Ethire
Ennodu Kaathal Vanthu Enna Solla
Vetkangal Pesuthey

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.LovelyDreamer. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 12:11am | IP Logged

Yay .. yeah awards - the very first Deivamagal awards in conjunction to
our first year anniversary Party
Awards is going to be for both the serial and our members Wink

Visha : What awards? no voting Shocked?
Sumi : loosu pilla voting illamala
Visha : oh okay
Migan : i am ready for voting. But please state to whom the votes to be send
Sumi : LOL hopper always forgets this
and we get unwanted pm's because of hopper Angry


Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Villan
Best Villy
Best Comedian
Most Mokka Comedian
Cute Actor
Cute Actress
Best RKO


Porumayil Sigaram
(Best Updater)
Theaya Vella Seiya Kumaru

(Most Active/Spammer)
Miss Idiyappam
(Most confused member)
Deivamagal Award
(Most Sportive & helpful Member)
Karthik-Ice cream babe Award
(Not Most but almost silent Member Tongue)
MLM Moorty Award
(Most Funniest Member)
Best all rounder Award
Dharani Award

(Most Talkative Member)
Deivamagal Chellam

(Deivamagal makkazs fav member)
Deivamagal Spammer Cool
Best Avatar Member
Funny and Cute IF User Name

all entries to be send to

Continue the celebrations with us

Click  please

OS Competition

Siggy Contest

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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 7:31am | IP Logged
one year Day Dreaming

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.LovelyDreamer. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Yeah.. Open The Bottle Machi

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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Woho one year celebrations. First  thanks to sumi for taking up my request to be the VB for this forum from the old section - Tamil others serial. Next thanks to visha & meenu ka - great help, always ready to do something. And to all up-dater's who had been helping from the start till today.
Congratulations to entire DM team. Keep rocking and give us better story track - please reduce the mokka scenes LOL and please more sakash scenes for their fans **me roll eyes** and leaves.

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dmfever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2014 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Too good... U rock guyz...

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