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Thrd 2:Sa-Va FF:Would I, Am I, How can I,Ya,I m hopelessly!UpdPt 39

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Posted: 18 March 2014 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Guys, I have prepared a new thread i.e Thread 2 for better management of this FF and to avoid the clutter. Those who like my FF and want to receive a PM from me whenever I update, hit the like button.

PART 27: Pg 1
PART 28: Pg 3
PART 29: Pg 5
PART 30: Pg 9
PART 31: Pg 9
PART 32: Pg 14
PART 33: Pg 16
PART 34: Pg 17
PART 35: Pg 19
PART 36: Pg 23
PART 37: Pg 25
PART 38: Pg 30
PART 39: Pg 36

For new readers,
Thread 1 for the FF  Sa-Va FF: Would I..Am I..How can I..Yes, I am hopelessly! Here is the link for it. You will have to read this thread first to understand the story.

Thread 2:


This year every hostel room had to be shared among three girls. So now, Vidhushi, Kaustuki and Sanyukta were in the same room. Kaustuki had advised Sanyukta to be really careful of Vidhushi. Sanyukta decided to talk to Vardaan whenever she is outside the room and not inside. That night, the girls spoke about what to wear for the function, what to do, what to eat, what not to drink and all such stuff. They retired to their beds. Sanyukta hoped that Vardaan would come to the function, but she knew that the chances were very grim. Under normal circumstances, she would have forced or planned something, so that Vardaan would come to the function. But after the truth about Niharika, she didn't even want to attempt anything like that. She messaged him good night and head off to sleep.

Next morning, she woke up late. Everybody in the hostel was busy applying colors on one another. This was exactly the reason, she woke up very late. She took shower and went to the garden area where the entire college was busy playing holi. She had worn the same white anarkali dress that Vardaan had gifted her. She still had no clue that this was gifted by him. She was still under the impression that Kaustuki had gifted her this dress. There were numerous colors arranged on one side, a huge tank of water on one side, eateries on another side, a DJ was also arranged for. All the professors were also present at the venue. All the guys, were playing holi in the most inhuman way. They were chasing and lifting one another, giving punches and throwing one another in the water tank. Sanuykta laughed looking at all this. Kaustuki slowly came near her from the back and applied colour on Sanyukta's cheeks. She immediately turned back and ran behind Kaustuki to apply colours on her face too. The DJ started with the music, and the students dancing to the tunes, one by one applying colours to one another. Kaustuki and Jiggy were busy romancing in a corner. Vidhushi was running behind Randhir. Professors were applying colours and hugging each other. Even though the function was super awesome, Sanyukta was missing Vardaan. She thought to eat something and went to the eateries section. There was bhang and Sanyukta avoided it completely. There were some sandwiches and pakodas as well. She quickly took a plate, served herself and ate it.

Yoyo: "Ab aaega mazaa. Sabse pehle yeh pakode toh Sanyukta hi khaa gayi. Ab Kaustuki ke khaane ka intezaar hai."

Randhir stealthily came from behind her to apply colour, when she went ahead. She spotted Randhir from the corner of her eyes. Randhir ran behind her. She laughed and ran from there. Finally, he caught her and applied colour on her chubby cheeks.

After sometime, some Sanyukta felt light headed. Everything looked more colourful to her. She started laughing hysterically playing with her hair. Randhir came to her and was talking about something and she thought he was Vardaan.

Sanyukta: "Aap aa gaye? Par aap toh keh rahe the ke aap holi anhi khelte? Toh phir?"

Randhir: "Kya baat hai Sanyukta? Aaj itni izzat mujh par kyu barsa rahi hu? Hamesha toh tu' keh kar address karti ho?"

Sanyukta: "What nonsense? When did I address you as tu'?"

Somebody called Randhir and he left from there. She went ahead to dance with everybody. She held Yoyo's collar.

Sanyukta: (laughing) "Aap ko kab se dance ka shauk aa gaya hai? Yeh department toh mera hai."

Yoyo was in shock.

Yoyo: "Hain ji?"

Sanyukta came closer to Yoyo and was about to kiss him imagining him to be Vardaan

Yoyo: (terrified) "Oh ji yeh kya kar rhai hai aap? Aap toh meri hone waali saali hai. Aur maana ke saali aadhi gharwali hoti hai, par phir bhi I am a one woman man. I love only Kaustuki."

He tried to reason out with her but it was of no use.

Sanyukta: (Laughing) "Yeh kya keh rahe aap? Saali? Kaun saali, kiski saali? You know I don't have a sister? And waise bhi jisne bhi yeh kahawat banayi hai na, ek number ka pervert aadmi hoga. Come on kiss me..."

Yoyo just ran from there. Sanyukta's next target was Jiggy. She held Jiggy by his arms.

Sanyukta: "Kab se mujh se itni dur kyu bhaag rahe ho? Main aap ke kareeb aane ki koshish kar rahi aur aap hai ke? Waise ek baat bataau, yeh black rim waale glasses aapko bohot suit karte hai. You look really sexy when you wear it."

Jiggy was scared and looked left and right, if Kaustuki was witnessing this. He tried to free herself from Sanyukta, but she held him tight.

Jiggy: "Arey Sanyukta, what is wrong with you? I am your best friend, Kaustuki's boyfriend."

Sanyukta started crying listening to this. She started hitting Jiggy's chest.

Sanyukta: (crying) "Ab mujh se bore ho gaye toh, Kaustuki ke paas chale gaye. All men are the same."

Jiggy: "What? Sanyukta kya ho gaya hai tumhe? Aur dheere bolo. Agar Kaustuki ne sun liya na, toh mera ghar basne ke pehle hi ujad jaaega."

Sanyukta: (angrily) "New girlfriend mil gayi toh, purani waali ki koi izat nahi? Kiss me! Come one kiss me damn it!"

She tore Jiggy's shirt a little. The first three buttons came off and Jiggy shouted.

Jiggy: (crying) "Mummy, mummy bachao. Sanyukta chodo mujhe. Rape! Rape! Help!"

Vidhushi, Yoyo and Kaustuki heard Jiggy's voice and they ran towards him. Kaustuki held Sanykta and Jiggy freed himself.

Kaustuki: "Sanyukta, kya hua?"

Jiggy explained them everything. Yoyo also pitched in and told them, that even he was given the same treatment by Sanykta. Kaustuki instantly realized that she was imagining Vardaan everywhere. Sanyukta was still laughing.

Vidhushi: "Sanyukta, tum ne bhang pee hai kya?"

Kautuki immediately turned to Yoyo as if questioning him the same thing.

Kaustuki: "Yoyo, bhang tum lekar aaye ho na?"

Yoyo was now tensed. They turned back and saw that more number of people were doing some crazy stuff, including the professors. Yoyo thought, that it was better to keep his mouth shut.

Yoyo: "Oh na ji, na. Mujhe kya suspend hona hai, jo main bhang lekar aaunga?"

Sanyukta: (looking somewhere in the air and laughing) "I knew you would come. You've come especially for me? I am so happy. I love you so much."

Vidhushi: (confused) "Huhh...who? Kis ke baaare mein baat kar rahi ho?"

Sanyukta: "Exactly! baare mein baat kar rahi hu."

Vidhushi went ahead to ponder more into the topic when Kaustuki stopped her.

Kaustuki: "Kya kar rahi ho Vidhushi? Ek toh iski tabyat theek nahi hai, aur tum apni CID investigation lekar baith gayi ho? Everybody move. Main Sanyukta ko sambhaal loongi."

Everybody left the place and Kaustuki made Sanyukta sit on a bench.

Kaustuki: "Sanyu, Sanyu, listen to me. Look at me!"

Sanyukta looked at her.

Kaustuki: "Now tell , who am I?"

Sanyukta laughed and held Kaustuki's face.

Sanyukta: "You are Kaustuki. My best friend."

Kaustuki: "Good."

Kaustuki went ahead and tried to realize Sanyukta that she was drunk. She explained to her all the events and how she has been seeing Vardaan Sir in every male. Though initially, Sanyukta found it hard to digest, but after a lot of explanations and repetitions from Kaustuki she finally understood. But still, Kaustuki had doubts whether she had understood everything. Sanyukta silently sat on a bench afraid even to get up from it. She knew, if she got up she would create a very embarrassing scene. She saw somebody enter from the gate. The person was approximately of Vardaan's height. The physique was also close to Vardaan. He had the worn the same black glasses as Vardaan wears. She shrugged herself thinking, "Nahi, yeh jiggy hoga. Sanyu, iss bench se utna mat abhi. Pehle bhi tune Jiggy ka rape karne ki koshish ki hai." Her eyes were following that man. He was hugging each and every professor and applying colours on them. He was looking at the students who were busy dancing. He took out his cell phone and her cell phone beeped. It was Vardaan's message. It read: "Where are you? I have a surprise for you?"

She wasn't able to open her eyes properly. Her hands were shaking. With great difficulty, she replied back, "I am in FITE." He read her message and was surprised. He looked here and there and spotted her sitting alone on a bench. He called her up.

Vardaan: (Smiling) "Hello. I know you might be surprised seeing me here."

Sanyukta didn't say anything. He called her name twice and she spoke again.

Sanyukta: (speaking like a drunkard) "Ek minute. Mujhe na, ek cheez confirm karni hai. Yeh Sanyukta kaun hai?"

Vardaan was confused. He looked at the mobile screen to check if he had dialled the correct number.

Vardaan: "Sanyukta, I hope you are OK?"

Sanyukta: "OK? Abhi abhi toh aapne kaha ke main Sanyukta hu. Phir abhi keh rahe hai, ke main OK hu? Dekhiye bhaaisaab, aap pehele decide kijiye, ke main OK hu ya Sanyukta hu. Bhaang pee kar aaye ho kya?"

Vardaan:  (confused) "Bhaang? Maine koi bhang nahi pee hai. Kaisi behki behki baatein kar rahi ho?"

Sanyukta: (angrily) "Dekho tum jaise ladko ko main acchi tarah se jaanti hu. Pehle jaan bujh kar wrong number dial karte ho, aur phir mujh jaisi bholi bhaali ladkiyo ko phasaate ho! Police mein complaint kar dungi. Chalo rakho phone."

Vardaan cut the call. He came to know that Sanyukta was drunk. He proceeded towards her. On the way, many students stopped him to apply him colour. And even, he too applied them colour. He went to her, but she was gone from there. He was worried for her.

Vardaan: (thinking) "Arey yar, ab yeh kaha chali gayi? Koi gadbad na kar de."

He dialled her number. She answered it and before she could say anything he spoke.

Vardaan: "Sanyu, suno call mat cut karo. Listen to me once. I am here in the campus. For the holi function. For you!"

Sanyukta rubbed her head and she was confused.

Sanyukta: "How is that possible? Vardaan never plays holi."

Vardaan: "OK. Tell me...where are you right now?"

Sanyukta: (crying) "You are confusing me Mr since a long time. Am I Sanyu, or Sanyukta or OK?"

Vardaan hit his forehead in despair.

Vardaan: "Stop crying. And tell me, where are you?"

She looked here and there and tried to tell him.

Sanyukta: "Umm...yaha pe ek water tank hai, uske peeche ek two nahi, wait, let me count,, two, three. Ha three bade pillars hai. Uske peeche, ek bench hain. Main usi pe baithi hu."

Vardaan: "Oof. Thank god. Well done Sanyu. I am just coming."

He proceeded in the directions given by her. He spotted her and was relieved. She was sitting at a distance from the actual venue. He ran to her and sat next to her.

Vardaan: "Sanyu, are you drunk?"

Sanyukta looked at him and was irritated. She started hitting him.

Sanyukta: "Jiggy, tum phir aa gaye. Sharam nahi aati. Bulao Kaustuki ko."

Vardaan held her hands.

Vardaan: "Sanyu. Look at me closely. I am Vardaan."

Sanyukta looked at him carefully and started laughing. She kept her hand on her mouth. She touched his handsome face and was convinced that he was indeed Vardaan.

Sanyukta: " come you are here?"

Vardaan: "Bas...maine socha ke tum mujhe bohot miss kar rahi hogi. Toh main aa gaya."

He removed a packet of colour from his pocket and was about to apply it on her face, when she got up from the bench.

Sanyukta: (Laughing) "Aise nahi. Agar rang lagaana hi hai, toh sab ke saamne lagana padega. Main toh tayaar hu. Aap tayaar hai?"

She tried to run from there. But Vardaan held her wrist and pulled her back. She collided with him. He looked at her lips and said,

Vardaan: "I am in."

She laughed and ran from there towards the venue. She joined her friends who were busy dancing. She had her eye on Vardaan's movements. Vardaan was talking to the dean. Sanyukta walked towards him from his backside and when she was about to apply colour on him, she tumbled and tripped. Vardaan moved from there. She ended up falling on Dean and throwing the colours on him instead. She was scared. She covered her mouth in shock.

Sanyukta: "Huhh...I am sorry Sir. Really, sorry."

Dean: (Smiling) "Lagta hai, tumne bhang pee li hai."

The Dean laughed and applied colour on her face as well, and wished her happy holi. Vardaan mischievously smiled and left from the spot. She tried to follow him everywhere and all her plans were getting failed. She was tired of planning stuff and decided to go to him directly and apply colour on his face. He was walking and she was following him. She called out to him, but he did not stop. She held his hand and made her to stop. She made an innocent crying face.

Sanyukta: "I am tired now. Wait. Main aap ko abhi rang laga deti hu. Happy holi."

Dean: "Vardaan, rang lagaa lo. She is drunk. Subeh se saare faculty ko rang lagaa chuki hai. Mujhe bhi. Ek tum hi bache the. Lagaa lo rang. Else, she won't leave you."

Slowly, she applied colour on his face and victoriously smiled. He turned to leave, when she again stopped him. She again cried.

Sanyukta: "Aap mujhe rang nahi lagaaenge?"

Vardaan looked here and there.

She smiled listening to this. Vardaan removed the packet of colour from his pocket and applied colour on her smooth, soft, chubby cheeks. He smiled and turned back to leave. She again pulled him by his wrist. But, she lost her balance and she fell on the water tank which was behind her; taking Vardaan with her. They fell in the tank, creating a huge noise and as a repulse, the water which was inside the tank fell outside. They got everybody's attention. He was over her and was again lost in those angelic eyes forgetting where he was. She held him by his neck. She raised her head and was aiming for his lips. But, she was unsuccessful and she got unconscious. He quickly recovered from the fall and stood up. He looked at everybody, who were staring at him. He looked at Sanyukta who had passed out. He could have managed to help Sanyukta all alone. But, he thought it would raise a million questions in everybody's minds. He called for help and Randhir and Kaustuki came for help. Randhir lifted Sanyukta and took her to her dorm. Vardaan's veins were boiling with rage looking at Randhir. His eyes had gone red with jealousy. The Dean came to Vardaan.

Dean: "Are you alright Vardaan?"

Vardaan: "Yaa. I am fine."

Dean: "Pata nahi kis ne pakode mein bhang mila di hai. Kuch students ne khaa liya aur paagal ho gaye hai. Don't mind Sanyukta. She is not in her senses now."

Vardaan smiled listening to this.

Vardaan: "Sometimes, you get so sweet, that it can cause diabetes."

They smiled and left from there.

Vidhushi: (Thinking) "Mujhe nahi lagta key eh sirf bhang ka asar hai. Yeh nasha bhang ka hai, ya phir kisi aur ka, yeh toh pata karna padega."


Here's the holi segment which some of you requested me to write on. Personally, I am not happy with it. Give in your comments too.

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ong,,,,,,,the most awaited holi segment has finally come

but seriously full of surprises...

when sanu seeing vardhan in each face that one is awesome specially jiggy part

bechara lutate lutate bach gaya...rolf...

and vardhan sanyu telephone talk is so hilarious lol

but i think the problem has come now...vidhushi ko shaq ho gaya

ab kya hoga...sanyu vardhan ka
frenzyy IF-Rockerz

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sanyu imagined vardaan everywhere bcoz of baang effectLOL vardaan came for sanyuTongue
FaRzI_McP Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2014 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
u tld ur nt hpy wid it. I mean ssy...
U knw wt it ws bst holi segment of sandhir i hv read...
The way u hv writtn thoz funny lines LOL
i'll die laughng. U ssly made me rofl typs. Mg d way sanyukta ws acting hw funny dat ws...
N also wid jiggy, yoyo. Hahaha
it ws damn gud. Smile
   wil b waiting 4r ur nxt post.
1ce again it ws funny, vry funny. :-)

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kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by angelpriyu

u tld ur nt hpy wid it. I mean ssy...
U knw wt it ws bst holi segment of sandhir i hv read...
The way u hv writtn thoz funny lines LOL
i'll die laughng. U ssly made me rofl typs. Mg d way sanyukta ws acting hw funny dat ws...
N also wid jiggy, yoyo. Hahaha
it ws damn gud. Smile
   wil b waiting 4r ur nxt post.
1ce again it ws funny, vry funny. :-)

Sorry to say

But this is not sandhir story

Its on vardhan sanyukta story Embarrassed
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congo for new thread.. Nice update.. Love it.. Continue soon.. Thanks for pm..
sonarajasingh Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2014 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Wow it...congrats on thread 2
rosecvg Groupbie

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Posted: 18 March 2014 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
OMG... what an update... Smile..u stole our heart dear...Big smile each and every thing was brilliantly...narrated...:-)  Clapamazing update...Clap

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