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~Welcome to the Thread 3 of The SS~

 Heart~*~ Is it Hate or Love ~*~Heart
First of all, I would like to thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart, for all the appreciation and love they have bestowed upon me in the last two threads.Big smile The love, affection and appreciation from you people mean the world to me.Big smile Had you guys not supported me so much, I would never have thought of writing a story.Embarrassed I again thank you all so much. I am so touched and overwhelmed from your love that I really go emotional at times.CryBig smile I hope that you people will continue to bless me with your love and appreciation and I also hope that I don't disappoint you. TongueBig smileThank You so very much again.Big smile
I cannot express in words, of how it feels to have completed two threads, and moving onto third thread.Big smile This simply shows how much you people love me. I really really am so happy. Big smile
I hope this thread too gets filled with your love. Big smile
Bhavini Big smile

plz do watch this vm too
its made by TANIHAT
P.S:- A esp. thanks to Namrata aka PrincessNancy for making this  beautiful Thread 3 and Tahniat for siggies and this beautiful u sweeties...Big smileHug

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Next day In Diwan E Khaas

Entire court was filled with many officers, administrators, royal navaratnas, priests, maulvis, Begum-e-Khaas Rukaiya, Vajire Aliya Maham Manga, Subedar Sharifuddin, Adham Khan, Maryam Makani Hamida Bano.

Announcement was made for Jalal's arrival. His eyes were stuck at the seat next to his, looking for Malika-e-Hindustan which was vacant. His face got filled with sorrow. He sadly went to his throne and sat on it. He was sitting at DWK but his mind blanked out. He was completely lost in her thoughts - "Why she didn't come even after my request???" that thought made him restless.


DWK continued

Announcement was made for Jalal's arrival. His eyes were stuck at the seat next to his, looking for Malika-e-Hindustan which was vacant. His face got filled with sorrow. He sadly went to his throne and sat on it. He was sitting at DWK but his mind blanked out. He was completely lost in her thoughts - "Why she didn't come even after my request???" that thought made him restless...

Time tick-tocked slowly... Today time was testing Jalaluddin Mohammad's patience... First time ever in DWK, his nervousness was clearly visible on his face... His heart sank thinking she will never come to the court. But soon he heard the announcement for the arrival of Malika E Hindustan, Instantly his pale face started glowing up... His lips smeared with broad smile... His heart skipped many beats in excitement... As soon as his eyes laid on Jodha walking inside the diwan, he got up from the throne and walked towards her.

Seeing his desperate act, everyone in the court got surprised. Jodha was also stunned with his behavior. Rukaiya and Maham both started fuming with anger inside. First, they thought after that horrible insult from Jalal, Jodha will never dare to come back to DWK and second, the way Jalal welcomed and greeted her back in the court.

Few seconds later, Jalal realized seeing everyone's shocked expression what he had done in his excitement. But still with proud and smile on his face, he held her hand and walked with her. They both sat next to each other on the throne.

As always Atgah sahib got up to start the Diwan e khaas proceedings, but before he could continue Jalal got up and stopped him... then with commanding tone he announced- "What I am going to do today, this palace has never seen in it's history... In front of the entire court today the king of the kings Shahenshah E hindustan, Jalalludin Mohammad is going to apologies for the gravest mistake he has ever made... All of you probably remember, a few days ago Malika-e-Hindustan Begum Jodha took a decision on her first case from her heart, against the Mughal laws... Her decision was very wisely based on her long vision for the family... She made everyone understand that rules are made for our convenience and we should amend them as per requirement ... She also gave an example that it is not fair to cut the hand of a five year old child if he steals bread in hunger... Cutting his hand will be a cruel punishment... Her explanation extremely hurt my ego, and directly pounded on my heart and my proud of being a great emperor. I felt insulted... I felt that she tried to prove me wrong... I felt she is stepping on my self esteem... I was very upset with her decision so in anger I insulted her in front of the entire court... So today in front of the entire court I am asking her for forgiveness for the my impervious mistake..."

She got shocked with the admission of his mistake and asking for apology in front of the entire court. Her eyes got filled with tears. She held his hands and with overwhelming eyes expression she wholeheartedly accepted his apology.

Jalal cleared his throat and continued his speech- "Jodha Begum's purity, her truth, her sanity always showed me the mirror and broke me apart from my own wrong principals... Because of her, today I can see clearly how inappropriate and irrational my decisions were... How unfair my acts of racism were towards my awam... She made me realize that I am the father of every single person in this sultanat... I need to see every person as my child... I need to see them neutrally like a father does for all his children...

I was in deep dilemma... I was confuse... and not ready to accept my faults... then I decided to personally visit some villages as a commoner, I realized, how I was dependent on others and how people ruled my mind... but Now I can see clearly what my saltanat needs...and my eyes have opened... Well it's never too late to rectify your errors. Before I was proudly saying to everyone Jalaluddin Muhammad is heartless but today I have learned humanity... and my heart started to beat not only for my Jodha begum but it's beating for my awam too...  Well there is a tale that behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman and which is very very true... Jodha is behind my first step towards success... What I am going to announce now will become history for tomorrow... It will be written with golden ink..."

Everyone eagerly listened to his speech and were curious for his announcement.

With loud and dominating voice he continued- "Hum yeh ellan karte hai ke ab se Hindu aur Mughal sab ek samaan hai... Aaj se hamari sari awam ke liye kayde ek samaan honge... Har ek Hindu ko pura haq hai ki woh kisi bhi jagah ja sakta hai... Un par se sari bandishe utha li jayegi... Aaj se har bagiche aur madrasa (school) mein Hindu bina kisi pabandhi ke ja sakte hai... Aaj aur abhi se ye kanoon sab par laagu hota hai..." (I am announcing that from now onwards all Hindu and muslim will have equal rights... Every person in my saltanat will be treated with equal rights. Every Hindu has a right to visit any garden and school without any restrictions... And this rule is applicable to everyone...)

He paused for few second to see the reaction of all the administrators, then with very loud and commending tone he further added-  "Aur iss hukum ki abhi isi waqt se tamil ho..." (And this rule applies from right now...) HIS LOUD VOICE ECHOED BACK IN THE WHOLE PALACE... HUKUM KI TAMIL HO... TAMIL HO... TAMIL HO...


Jodha gazed at Jalal with shocked bombshell expression. She never imagined even in her dreams that Jalal would take this drastic step one day... The entire court was in shock with this totally unexpected, astonishing and shocking announcement.  

Out of all the people sitting over there in DWK, few were left with their mouth opened in ample, while others were left with their eyes widen. Rukaiya and Maham felt like somebody just pounded hammer on their heads. All the Maulvi's present in the court couldn't believe what they heard. Adham's eyes turned red in pulping anger. Sharifuddin was also not satisfied but still he was happy inside since he knew politically Jalal would be in big trouble due to his own people. The only person who was very happy with this announcement was Hamida Bano. She never thought that one day her ears would hear these soothing words in her life. She felt Jalal has fulfilled Humayun's last wish... She felt now she can die peacefully ... First time she felt like calling him ... SHAHENSHAH... her lips widen with broad smile and eyes with happy tears... Her hand forwarded routinely to take Jalal's Bala (evil things).

Entire court was silent for longer than normal... Loud roar echoed back many times... HUKUM KI... TAMIL HO... TAMIL HO... TAMIL HO...  Gradually people came of out the shock and little by little the entire court got filled with loud murmur like a busy market...

Atgah sahib's face had a pleasant smile on it which was showing his agreement to this announcement... He got up with his hands up and told everyone to be quite...

Again stillness prevailed the court...

Atgah sahib looked at Jalal and cheerfully said "Shahenshah... Humein aapke iss elaan pe fakr hai... Aaj aapko bar bar Shahenshah kehne ko ji kar raha hai... Aapke iss elaan se, Aap puri awaam ke walid ban gaye hai... Hame aap par naaz hai... Jalal gave just little smirk to Atgah since he was occupied in observing others... He was watching everyone's expression, his witty brain and sharp eyes were judging what is coming next... He was waiting for the bombshell...  One of the leader of the Maulvis got up from his seat...

Jalal said to himself... "here you go..."

Maulvi with calm and respectful tone started: "Hazoor gustakhi maaf par hum kuch arz farmana chahte hai..." (My lord, forgive my insolence but with your permission I would like say something")

Jalal with serious expression... "Kahiye Maulvi sahib... Kya farmana chahte hain aap..." (Yes Maulvi Sahib... What would you like to say)

Maulvi continued in complaining tone... "Hazoor itna bada elaan sunke hum heraan reh gaye hain... Kya itna bada faysla karne se pehle hum sabki raaye (advice) leni munasib nahi hoti..." (My lord, I am so confused and wondering that you have taken this huge decision and kept all of us apart from it...  I am shocked to know that you didn't feel the need to ask for our advice.")

Jalal confidently replied "Maulvi sahib aaj tak hum yahi karte aaye hai... aap sabki raaye pe hi chalte aaye hai... Hum kafi choti umar mein shahenshah ban gaye the aur hum tab se aap sabki raaye pe hi chalte rahe hain... hamare har ek faisla ke piche kisi na kisi ki soch rahi hai... bahot se logo ne humare dimag par ikhtihaar kiya hua hai... Hamare aaj tak ke har Elaan... faisle... yaha tak ki hamari soch, hamare zehen  pe kisi na kisi ka saya raha hai... Par yeh faisla sirf humne bahot gehri soch ke baad liya hai..." (Maulvi sahib, that's exactly what I have done so far... listen to everyone and follow others advice... In a very young age I became shahenshah and followed seniors advice. My every decision had a shadow of someone else's thinking. Lots of people have dominated my mind and ran my life...but today I have realized that anything goes wrong or any injustice happens in my saltanat. I am the one who is responsible for it so I have taken this decision without anyone's influence after deep thinking.")

Maulvi with argumentative tone: "par huzoor iss elaan se to Mughal logo, hamare apne log... unke saath zulm hoga..." (But my lord this decision is not fair to our own people... I mean it is not fair to Mughals. It is an injustice to them.)

Jalal's eyes turned dark and filled up with pulping anger but in a very controlled manner he asked in an impassive thick tone  "Vo kaise?? Aap hume tafseel (detail) se batayenge...Ham aapka matlab samaj nahi paaye..." (Hmmm... Can you explain in detail because I can't understand how it is unfair to Mughals.")

Maulvi with confusing tone: "Iss faisle se Hindu aur Muslim qom mein koi fark hi nahi rahega... Unke bache hamare bachcho ke saath mein khelenge aur mutalia karenge... to hamare bachho ke mustaqbil par bahut gehra asar hoga... Mughal Nasal Hindu se kahi guna behtar hai... vo log hum se muqabla kaise kar sakte hai..." (Shahenshah, After this announcement there will be no difference left between Hindu and Muslim people. Their kids will study and play with our kids... My lord think about Mughal kids future. They are much lower than us, how could they can stand with us.)

Jalal cleverly replied "Maulvi Sahib, Aap hamare darbaar ki shaan hai... aur hame ye umeed nahi thi aapse... aapki soch itni choti kaise ho gayi... Kya aapka khoon safed hai... aur hindu ka laal... aur ya phir aapke sir pe heere aur moti jade hue hai... Aap kaise keh sakte hain ki... Mughal ki Nasal behtar hai... Kis baat mein Hindu humse muqabla nahi kar sakte... Jodha begum ko hi le lijiye vo ek hindu hai... aur bataiye kisi bhi baat mein vo humari kisi bhi begum se kum ho toh..." (Maulvi Sahib, You are a proud member of our Mughal darbar and I didn't expect this low thinking from you. When you are at the top position you have to think like a father. Tell me... What is the difference between you and hindu people... Is your blood white and their red... or were you born with diamonds on your head and they weren't. When god has made all of us equally then who are we to differentiate. Take Jodha begum's example, She is a hindu but she is not less than any of my mughal begum in anyway.)

Maulvi instantly realized he has lost in argument, there is no excuse left to define himself any longer.. He sat back on his chair with disappointed face...

Hearing the comparison of begums Rukaiya's blood boiled, she got up and continued in angry tone: "Shahenshah, Ghustaki ke liye mafi chahte hai... par hum Maulvi sahib ke mantavay se mutafiq (agree) karte hai... Aap ne Jo bhi bataya wo sab kitabon mein hi accha lagta hai... hindu qom kabhi Mughalon se muqabla nahi kar sakti...Ek baar gor farmaye, warna kahi is elaan ke wajah se aapko baad me pachtana aur sharminda na hona  pade..." (Shahenshah , forgive my insolence but I completely agree with Maulvi Sahib's opinion. Your argument only looks good in books but in reality Hindu people can never stand against Mughals. My advice is think twice otherwise you will end up feeling guilty for your hasty decision.")

Jalal was really angry and shocked at Rukaiya... for the first time she stood against Jalal's decision in the court... Jodha noticed Jalal was about to lose his temper and control... She kept her hand on his hand to calm him down... and make him realize that he is in court...

Jalal looked back at Jodha sadly... Jodha with her eyes expression...conveyed him to calm down...

Jalal took a deep sigh out and controlled his anger and responded in a loud firm tone  "Begum Rukaiya, hum aapse kuch puchna chahenge..." After a brief pause Jalal continued... "Andaza lagaiye...Aap aur Jodha begum bazar mein ho aur aap dono ko ek hi zewar pasand aata hai... Aur vo dukan malik aapse dugna daam leta hai kyu ki aap Mughal ho, to aapko kaisa mehsoos hoga??" (Begum Rukaiya, let me ask you something... Imagine that you and Jodha begum went out for shopping and you both liked the same jewelry and the shop owner asked for double money for the same jewelry from you than Jodha begum just because you are a Mughal. Tell me how you will feel and what you will do?)

Rukaiya with upsetting tone: "Isme to koi tark ki baat hai hi nahi Shahenshah, Hum us dukan ke malik ke haath katva denge..."(Shahenshah... Their is no logic in this example. Obliviously I will get mad and feel angry. Instantly I will order to cut hands of that shop owner.)

Jalal with smile looked at Atgah sahib and asked him a question "Kya hamari saltanat mein Hindu jati ko Mehsool bharna padta hai??" (In our saltanat do Hindu people pay taxes??)

Agdha knew where Jalal was taking him "Ji Huzoor, Hinduon ko Mughalon se dugna Mehsool bharna padta hai..." (He instantly responded with smirk on his face "Yes, majesty... Hindu people have to  pay double tax than Mughal people.)

He looked at Rukaiya with witty smirk and asked her... "Kya lagta hai Rukaiya begum... dugna Mehsul bharne ke bavjood yadi aapke bachon ko bagiche mein aur madarsa mein na le ja sako to aapko kaisa lagega... Kya aap apne sultanate ke badshah ki izzat kar payegi? ... Kya aap unhe dil se mohabbat kar sakegi? ... Sochiye aap hindu ki jagah hoti to kaisa mehsoos hota...?" (So Rukaiya begum... tell me even after paying double taxes your kids can't play in the garden and can't attend school, how will you feel? Will you be able to respect the king of the sultanat?? Will you be able to accept him wholeheartedly? Think what if you are in place of Hindu people, How you would feel for this injustice?) He paused and scanned all the administrators expressions once again and continued louder than before.

"I want everyone to remember... I am the king of this saltanat and for me every human being who is within this saltanat is equal and Yes I admit, I have made many mistakes in the past... but I have learned from my mistakes... I will not cry for what I have done in the past but slowly and steadily, I will rectify my each and every mistake... I want love from all hindus and all mughals... every person who lives in my sultanat... I want to be fair to all of them..." His loud sound echoed again.

Rukaiya was shocked with this alteration in Jalal... She had nothing left to argue...

Jalal finally looked at everyone and asked dominantly "Anyone else who has problem with my announcement..."

Adham sarcastically replied "Aap Shahenshah hai... aapka hi faisla aakhri hai... par hum ek baat puchna chahenge... Achanak aap ki soch mein itna bada badlaav jo aaya hai... uske piche koi Hindu hai ya Mughal..." (My lord, You are a Shahenshah of this sultanate and your decision is the final decision, but I would like to ask you that who is behind this sudden & drastic change in your thinking? Is it a Hindu or Mughal?)

Maham's eyes widen, after listening to his stupid question to Jalal.

Jalal looked at him with angry look but with his impassive tone he asked " What do you think Adham...? What is behind it...and who is behind it?"

Maham prayed inside... hope Adham doesn't respond to this question...

But brainless Adham with angry tone replied back  "Shahenshah, sabko pata hai yaha... aajkal aap pe kiska jadoo chala hua hai... . Aapko apne husn ke jaal mein faas hi liya... Aakhir usne apni aukat dikha hi di.. Jis din se uske kadam Agra me pade usi din humne bata diya tha... Is NAPPAK..." (Shahenshah, everyone know here, who has enchanted your brain and captured you in magic of her beauty charm... that low cast has showed her true color... At last she has proven she is low cast putrid... Since the day she set her feet in Agra..." then he pointed his finger at Jodha and said "This Naapak ..."

Before he could say more...Jalal got up from the throne and loudly roared with fuming anger "Adham..." His warrior blood boiled up... His sword thirst for Adham's blood...  His eyes turned bloody red... Instantly Jalal pulled his sword out and shouted at the highest pitch "How dare you, you scoundrel... I will not spare you today." He ran towards him like a wounded angry tiger... but before he could attack, Maham Anga came in between them... She knew Jalal will kill Adham with in a second... Adham had crossed all the boundaries...

Entire court freezed seeing this extreme horrified scene... Many of them shivered inside seeing Jalal's pulping warrior anger... All of them got up from their chairs out of fear... No one dared to stop Jalal... His anger was at the peak of the mountain... In extreme rage, Unknowingly he pushed Maham ruthlessly on a side... and lifted his sword to kill Adham but before he kill him... Maham grabbed Jalal's feet... and cried out loud with sobs... and She begged for Adham's life... Seeing tears in his badi ammi's eyes and her vulnerable condition... Jalal came back to his senses... and took control over his anger...  

He gazed at Adham darkly and said fumingly "This is the last time I am forgiving you and sparing your life...  Remember you are still alive only because of Badi Ammi today... Otherwise no one can save you from me..."

Then he looked at Atgah sahib and ordered "Take all subedaris from Adham... I don't want to see him in DWK again... He doesn't deserve to serve in my court..."

Adham looked at Maham and Jalal with rage then pouted and walked out of the court...

Jalal went back to his seat and in resentment he addressed everyone with his commending echo sound... "I am the leader of this saltanat and It is my responsibility to see if my people are happy and feeling fair under my administration... What I see, you all don't see at this time... And I do not care what others think... YES I admit that I am very ambitious... I want to acquire entire Hindustan but If my riyaya hates me then, I don't see how I can fulfill my dream... I want to fulfill my dream but Not at the cost of being unfair with Awwam..." He paused and continued in a thicker & louder tone "Going forward every administrator of higher position will be assigned by me only... I want to see my darbaar(court) equally filled with talented hindus and muslims... I am fully aware that my decision will create antagonism by mughals... I AM READY TO FACE ANY CONSEQUENCES...but I want to have a fair Rule & Regulation for everyone... I want to hire most talented people to run this country..." Finally with loudest pitch he said "I am requesting to everyone, who do not agree with my terms, can resign and leave this court right now... No action will be taken against them... But If you are working for me, than I want everyone to follow my order with their heart... I do respect each and every one's suggestion and opinion as long as it is fair and for the betterment of riyaya... THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION... I WILL NOT CHANGE MY ANNOUNCEMENT... I WANT EVERYONE TO FOLLOW MY ORDERS IMMEDIATELY..." He emphasized on IMMEDIATELY... Then he adjourned the court and walked out of there with grace but angry look, which was followed by deep restless sorrow...

Jalal was in his chamber standing by the Jharokha(Window) heartrending and thinking about all the arguments that happened in Diwan E Khaas... Almost everyone in the court was against his decision including Rukaiya... He recalled his badi ammi's helpless face, It was shocking and stressful for him... He was so excited before DWK... and now all of his happiness vanished and turned into stress... Today, first time ever he took a decision from his heart... but everyone seemed against him... he was expecting this type of reaction but reality hit him hard... He realized his entire court is filled with Mughals only... and they all have only one sound, that's of racism. Adham and Ruku both added more fire into it... he was feeling upset, disappointed and angry at the same time...

A maid walked in when he was deeply lost in his thoughts.. She requested "Shahenshah, begum..." before she could continue her sentence... he dryly said... "I don't want to see anyone at this time..."

Maid walked out and informed Jodha ...

Jodha slowly and cautiously entered Jalal's room... When he was deeply lost in thoughts... he was standing by jharokha and heard chum chum... soothing sound of Jodha's payal... He took a deep breath in and out... to concentrate on the sound... Slowly his mind got diverted towards her... his stress started to melt just by hearing the sound of her payal (anklet)...He said to himself silently...

Har Aahat pe baje Payal ki cham cham teri...

Jab tum cham se aaye dil se nikle aah meri

Ab to yeh aalam hai mohabbat ho gayi hai ghungroo se teri

Ab aa bhi jao chum se baho me kahe har dhadkan meri

Haan Mujhe mohabbat hai payal ki cham cham se teri

Without looking at her... he said "Why did you come inside even after I said No"  and turned to look at her... She could clearly read the extreme lines of stress on his head...

Jodha felt his sound was more calmer and serious than upsetting... He gazed at her with no expression... His mind suddenly recalled that he completely forgot that he apologized to Jodha in the court and made the announcement regarding his change of behavior towards hindu...he still didn't  know how she will react to it... his curiosity diverted his mind completely towards her.

Jodha instantly realized that he really needed her support... Everyone in the court was against him... To cheer his mood,  she romantically gazed at him and went very close to him and encircled her hand on his neck and replied teasingly "I don't need permission to enter my husband's chamber." with her soft touch and closeness he instantly cheered up... and he came back to his full on teasing mood...

Jalal replied to annoy her "Vese hume koi masla (problem) nahi hai... aap jab chahe yahan aa sakti hai... Par Kahi hum kisi aur hamari begum ke saath aese gale lag rahe ho to... aapko shayad accha nahi lagta..." (Actually, I have no problem... My dearest begum can come anytime she wants but you might not like seeing me hugging my other begum like this.")

Hearing his statement, she instantly moved two steps back from him... Jodha's Jealousy created anger... She squinted her eyes at him and said "Hume lagta hai aapko aekant ki hi avashyakta hai... Hum chalte hain..."(I think you really need privacy at this time... I am leaving...") Jodha pouted and angrily turned towards the door but before she moved further... Jalal pulled her towards him with jerk, with thud... She crashed on his chest, instantly he tangled his both hands surrounding her waist and captured her in his grip.

Jodha gave him an angry upsetting gaze and said  "Shahenshah hamein jane dijiye... Aap apni khaas begum ke saath khush rahiye..." (Shahenshah, Let me go... you can enjoy with your special begums.)

Jalal chuckled seeing her fuming angry reaction "To meri Junglee billi ko Jalan ho rahi hai... Hamari sari begum aap se jalti hai aur aap unse..." (Hmmm... so my Junglee billi is jealous... Actually all of  my begums are jealous of you and you are jealous of them...)

Jodha got more annoyed seeing him chuckling... she said in upsetting tone "Hume Jane dijiye... aur haan hume koi fark nahi padta ... aap apni begum ke saath kya karte ho..." (Let me go... And by the way It doesn't make any difference to me what you do with your begums.) She pouted again...

Jalal was enjoying seeing her anger and jealousy... It was satisfying his feelings that she loves him so much that she can't even hear any other begum's name... He continued in playful tone "Agar aapko koi fark nahi padta To aapki ye choti si naak gubbare ki tarah phool kyun gayi hai??? (Oh so ... you are saying it doesn't make any difference to you... hmmm then why your nose is all puffy and red...) He cutely pulled her nose...

Jodha with annoyance "Ab aapko humari naak se bhi aetraj hai... pehle to hum aapko bahut sundar dikhte the... Jaiye na apni khass begumo ke paas..." (Ohhh... before you use to praise me for my beauty and now you have problem with my nose too...) She pushed him away and tried to release herself from his grip...

Jalal was enjoying her extreme jealousy... He smirked and replied in romantic tone  "Kyun Jaane de aapko... abhi to kaha aapne hum aapke pati hai... to phir aapke kareeb aane ka hamara hakk banta hai" (Why should I let you go... You just said I am your husband so I have a right on you too..." then he whispered in her ear "I can come close to you anytime..."

Jodha's anger still hadn't cooled down and his teasing was getting on her nerves "Haan par shayad aap bhool rahe hai... ki aap yeh hakk kho chuke hai... Aur haan aapke paas bahut begum hai... unke paas jaiye... hume pareshan mat kijiye..." (Yes as a husband you have that right but don't forget you lost that right. Any way you have many begums, why don't you goto them..") She chided him...

Even after my apology in dwk she has not forgiven me... his ego bruised again... Jalal replied in upsetting tone "Jodha, soch lijye... ek baar humne aapko ruksat kar diya toh aap ke paas afsos ke alawa kuch nahi bachega..." (Jodha, think twice before you say anything... Once I leave you then you will have nothing else left other than regret.")

Jodha without thinking hastily responded back... "Dhamki kisi aur begum ko dena... hum kisise nahi darte... Theek hai hum bhi dekhte hain... kaun pachtayega..." (Oh... so you are threatening me... but I am not scared of anyone... Sure, lets see then who is regretting..." she said in challenging tone...  

Jodha unknowingly hurt his self-respect... Jalal with sorrowful expression... opened his grip from her waist...moved his hand towards Jodha's hand ...she was still holding his top... he grabbed both her hands and with soft jerk released his top from her grip and sadly said "Jaiye chod diya aapko... shaayad hamarey hone ya na hone se aapko koi fark nahi padta... Par haan humein aapki mojudgi se bahot fark padta hai." (Ok Jodha begum, As you wish... I am releasing you from myself... Perhaps my existence doesn't matter to you anymore but you matter more than my life to me.)

Seeing pain in Jalal's eyes... her heart shattered in pieces...Jodha realized what she had done in her anger... She saw in his eyes... cold anger and sadness but before it got worst... She hugged him tight and replied in regretting tone "Shahenshah, Please forgive me I didn't mean to hurt you at all."

Jalal got surprised with her sudden hug... but still her words were echoing in his mind You have no right on me.'  he was still upset with her attitude so he didn't respond to her hug... she broke hug and enclosed her hand towards his neck and kissed on his cheeks. Her hug and kiss completely melted Jalal's anger but he enjoyed her sensual approach so he decided to pretend to act a little longer... he moved his cheeks on a side angrily...

She cupped his face tenderly and then sadly said "Aap humein bahut pareshan karte hai... har baar aap kyun kisi aur ko hamare darmiyaan le aate hai...  kisi aur ke aapke samip hone ke vichar se hi... hamare pure sharir me aag lag jaati hai... hum aapko kisi aur ke samip nahi dekh sakte... aap kisi aur ke saath jo karna chahe kar sakte hai... par na hi ye hum sun sakte hai aur nahi dekh sakte hai." (Shahenshah, you really enjoy annoying me but why every time you bring your begums between us. Just by thinking of you with someone else... my heart tears up and my entire body burns  in blaze... I cannot see anyone that close to you... You can do anything with your begums but I don't want to hear about that or see that.)  

Jalal realized how deeply she loves him... He felt awful... both are looking at each other with immense love... she pulled herself very near to his lips... and waited for him to kiss her... Jalal was lost in his thoughts and feeling guilty for teasing her unnecessarily... Jodha was waiting for him to respond... When he didn't respond at all, seeing his cold behavior she felt quake inside her heart... she swiftly backed out and said in low tone with sad expression on her face... "Please forgive me Shahenshah, I am leaving..." Her words brought back to present...he realized he ignore her...

Jodha turned to go out of the room... but before she moved further...Jalal pulled her again and said... "Jodha hume maaf kar dijiye... yeh humne kabhi socha hi nahi ki hamari baaton se aapke zehen ko itni takleef pohchegi...Hum aapke alawa kisi aur ke baare mein soch bhi nahi sakte... Jabse hum aapke kareeb aaye hai... Kisi aur ko chuna bhi hame manzoor nahi... Jodha aap se jyada hum pareshan hai... humari itni sari begumein hai par ab kisi aur ki nazdiki hume bardast nahi hoti... yaha tak ki jab Rukaiya begum humare karib aati hai... toh hamne koi gunah kiya ho aisa ehsaas hota hai... Hum aapse itni mohabbat karte hai ki sirf yeh zindagi nahi... Janmo Janam tak kisi aur ke bare me soch nahi sakte..." (Jodha... Please forgive me... I never thought about how my talks impact  on your heart and hurt you intensely... but in reality I cannot even think about anyone else other than you. After coming close to you... I don't even want to touch any other woman other than you. Jodha my problem is I have so many begums and now I can't stand any of them... When they try to please me or come close me... I feel irritated and annoyed... I can't bear anyone near me even Rukaiya begum when she comes close to me I feel guilty inside. I am so much in love with you... not only this life ... I want you till eternity... )

Jodha replied calmly "Shahenshah hamara matlab yeh nahi tha,  aapki aur begumon ka bhi aap par utna hi adhikar hai... aur unko khush rakhna aap ka uttar dayitva hai..." (Shahenshah, my intentions are not to keep you away from your begums, they also have right on you and to keep them happy is your responsibility.)  

Jalal with little serious tone replied "Jodha, kuch aur baat kare..." (Jodha, Can we talk about something else.)

Jodha looked at him with intense deep love and was feeling so lucky to have him...

Jalal wickedly grinned at her and sensually whispered "Hmmm.. so Jodha begum, I thought you were about to do something to please me then why did you stop..." he kept his finger on his lips and signalled her asking for a kiss...

"Hmmm.. I didn't get it.. what do you mean shahenshah..." she mischievously replied..

Jalal smirked and murmured "Let me explain what I mean and give you a practical..."with little jerk he pinned her to the wall, then came very close to her. he looked at her sensually with his unbreakable gaze... Instantly her face turned pink and she felt shy with his adoring penetrating glance...  Few strands of her hair were playing on her cheeks and was making her more adorable... he blew air slowly on her face ... that gave her goosebumps in her entire body... She moved her face in one direction with close eyes... her face was blushing and was glowing in rays of sun...  he moved her hair behind her ears, then slowly he moved his finger on her cheeks passionately...

All of a sudden he stopped his finger and with irritated tone he said... "Do you know Jodha, who is my biggest enemy" With surprised expression, she opened her eyes...

Then teasingly he continued "Your jewelries...  It always comes between us..."

She responded with giggle but in playful tone... "Shahenshah, App khamkha hi hamare zevaron ko badnaam kar rahe ho... ho sakta hai aapki niyat hi kuch theek na ho..." (Shahenshah Don't blame my jewelries... Seems like your intentions are not so good...)

He smirked at her wickedly and said in whisper "Junglee billi, I will show you my intentions tonight... You won't be spared, be ready..."

She passionately gazed at him and in undertone she replied "You are the one who should be worried... Save yourself first Shahenshah."  

Her sensual response created intense excitement in him, He replied in sensual tone near her ears... "let's see who wins... Believe me won't be able to walk properly in the morning..."

She blushed heavily...

Sensually he ran his fingers on her lips and murmured "I can't wait to kiss the life out of your lips..." His penetrating constant gaze tickled her entire body... his soft whisper send many shivers in her body... She closed her eyes and strained her body closer to him...Her hands were encircled on his neck ...He gently kissed on her eyes...  As soon as she felt his wet lips her body stiffened... He pulled her nose ring and took off her earrings... Her heart beats were racing fast and exotic breathing was audible ... She felt touch of his wet lips on her cheeks... Pink blush smeared on her cheeks... She inclined herself more and more towards him... He could sense her desperation was increasing... her lips were waiting and trembling to touch his... he leaned his body towards hers and surrounded his hand to her open backless blouse...  He harshly squeezed in her back and pulled her very close so he can feel the softness of her bosom... She whispered in his ears "Jalal can you cancel all your meetings... I can't wait for the night..."

Jalal stopped hearing her request... grabbed her shoulders with smirk and asked "So now..." then wickedly smirked...

She embarrassedly looked down...and said "Jalal your announcement in Diwan E Khaas has given me enormous happiness..."

"Hmmm... So I should be rewarded then." He said mischievously...

"Then what are you waiting for..." She murmured...

He cupped her face lovingly... and whispered "Ohhh... Jodha... I am so much in love with you..."

Smile smeared through her lips... She closed her eyes and gave him hint to continue... He slowly and sensually licked on her ears... She moaned silently...he lifted her face up and deeply smooched and sucked her neck... she hushed Ahhh'... her moan created more waves of passion... he moved her long necklace and filled her neck with trails of kisses wildly...

"Jodha... It's been almost more than a month, I can't stay apart from you any longer but I have too many meetings today" He said in very deep sensual murmur... Both of them had fiery desires for each other... He looked at her face once again, he saw a blush on her face and desire for kiss...he smirked... He moved to kiss her soft lustful rosy lips which were shivering for his touch... Their eyes communicated with smirk... He moved his face to kiss her on lips... but before he could kiss... both of them heard a noise of someone walking towards his room... She opened her eyes swiftly ... and almost pushed him away in shock...

Maid walked in the chamber with her head lowered... Jalal annoyedly gazed at her and shouted "What?"

She nervously replied "Please forgive me Shahenshah... Vajire Aliya Maham Anga ji wants to see you..."

Jalal helplessly glanced at Jodha and replied the Maid "Tell Badi ammi I will see her in her chamber in a few minutes."

As the maid left, Jalal cupped Jodha's face "Hmmm... So... Where were we???"

Jodha chuckled "Let me show you.." she turned him back and pushed him by his shoulders and said "You can go now... don't forget you are king of the kings... Shahenshah E Hindustan"  

Jalal turned back with wicked smirk "Junglee billi... I won't leave this chamber without getting my kiss..." and he swiftly leaned down and captured her rosy lips under his lips...brushed off her lips passionately... after a minute long kiss he let her go... and started to walk towards the door with victorious smile...

While walking out he teasingly said "It was so sweet and delicious..."

Jodha blushed heavily while smiling.

Suddenly He remembered something so he stopped at the gate and turned towards her and said... "Jodha begum, Aaj hum kaam mein bahot mashroof rahenge... humne aaj mehsul ke maahir logo ki tukdi ko mulaqat ke liye bulaya hai... baad me delhi ke subedar aa rahe hai... Aur shaam ko hamne aap ki Naseehat (advice) ke anusaar ek nayi aapti dal (emergency disaster) samiti ka nirman kiya hai... Us mamle mein aaj hum baat karne vale hai... Aaj Shayad hum der ratri tak mashroof rahenge..." (Entire day I will be very busy with tax committee... Also, some delegates are coming from Delhi and in the evening as per your advice I have to build up emergency disaster committee, and tonight will be the first meeting... I won't be free till late night..."

"Kya...aaj poora din aur ratri bhi... Aur aap khana kab khayenge.." (Oh... so entire day and even in the night you are busy then when will you eat...) she said worriedly.

Jalal seeing her sad face replied  "Hum badi ammi se milke aapke hojre mein  khane ke liye aa rahe hai... aap khane ki tayari karvaiye..." (After meeting Badi Ammi... I will have lunch with you in your chamber... Go and arrange for our lunch?)

Jodha replied with excitement "Sachhi ..." (Oh... Really)

Jalal mischievously said "Ji Jodha begum... Hum aapko aise hi chodne vale nahi hai..." and he winked at her... (Yes really... How can I spare you just like that...)

Her shy blush came on her face... Jalal with smile walked out of the room...

While thinking about Jodha and their romantic quick meeting he walked towards Maham's chamber... All his stress from earlier was relieved and he was feeling much more energetic and cheerful... With pleasant smile he entered in Maham's chamber... But Seeing Maham's depressed and sad face all his happiness vanished in a second...

Jalal with worry and concern asked "Badi Ammi, Are you all alright??? What have you done to yourself??? Why are you crying so much???" He gave her a warm hug and with regretting expression said "Badi Ammi, I am really sorry for what happened in the court today... I know I have hurt  you so much..."

Maham with teary eyes hugged him tightly and with sobbing tone she said "Jalal, please forgive me, I had no right to beg for Adham's life..."

Jalal's heart shattered seeing her vulnerable condition... He broke hug and wiped her tears... And said ... "Hum jante hai humne aaj aap ke seene pe gaav kiya hai... Badi Ammi hum majboor the, Adham ne hamare saamne ab koi ikhtiar (option) nahi choda... Humne Unhe kitni bar aagah kiya hai... Par phir bhi baar baar wo Jodha begum ko nicha dikhane ki koshish karte hai... Ab toh humare hukum ki nafarmani karna unki aadat ban chuki hai... Adham ne hamare hukum ke khilaf haare hue rajyo mein loot chlayi... aurto ko be-aabru kiya... Hamare hukum ke khilaf haare hue sipahiyon ko bandi banaya... unpe atyachar kiye... Unhone har wo gunah kiya hai jis se humein sakt nafrat hai... Allah ka shukra hai ki aaj aapki vajah se hamari talvar ruk gayi... Varna hum aapse nazre nahin mila pate..." (Badi Ammi, Please understand I was helpless... Adham had left no option for me... How many times I have warned him...but he continues to disobeying my orders...and it has become his habit now... He has done everything which I am against of... He threatened aawam... punished innocent people... raped women... Against my order, he arrested soldiers and sent them to Jail... and brutally hurt them... He did every crime which I am strongly against of, but thank god because of your request I didn't kill him... Otherwise I wouldn't be able to meet eyes with you...)

Jalal with tuff and angry expression "Badi Ammi aap sambhaliye Adham ko... Aaj aakhri baar humne unhe baksha hai... Agli baar hum talwar uhane se pehle ek baar bhi nahi sochege..." (Badi Ammi, control Adham... this is the last time I have forgiven him... Next time my sword won't stop.)

Maham with sad and vulnerable face "Ji Shahenshah hum poori koshish karenge..." (Yes Shahenshah, I will try my best) she paused for a few seconds and continued with her sweet and buttery tone "hum aapke elaan se bahut khush hai... Aaj aap ka sar chumne ko mann karta hai... AAJ KE ELAAN NE HAMARA SAR FAKRA SE UCHA KAR DIYA HAI..."(I am so proud of your announcement today. I feel like kissing your forehead. TODAY's ANNOUNCEMENT MADE ME SO PROUD)

Listening to that Jalal felt much relieved, she is not angry at him anymore for either Adham or Announcement... Jalal replied in very  sentimental tone. "Badi Ammi... aapki jo jagah hamare dil mein hai...Koi usko chhu bhi nahi sakta... Aap na hoti to shayad aaj hum zinda hi na hote... Aaj aap hi ke rehmat  se hum yaha tak pahunche hai..." (Badi Ammi no one can take the place that you hold in my heart... No one can even touch it or come close to it... it's because of you only that I am even alive today. Only because of your blessings I am standing at this position today..)

Jalal with senti tone "Badi Ammi aadab... humare khane ka waqt ho gaya hai..." (Badi Ammi goodbye, it's time for my lunch now..)

After talking with Maham...he was feeling so much relieved and fresh... All his worries were gone... He couldn't wait to see Jodha... He rushed towards Jodha's chamber...

He entered her room without any announcement... Jodha was busy in instructing everyone about serving food... Seeing her involved in work his lips widened with smile...

He excitedly asked... "To Jodha begum, kya khila rahi hai aaj hume..." (So Jodha begum what have you arranged for my lunch today...)

Jodha welcomed him with courteous smile and replied. "aa gaye aap... Jaaiye haath saaf kar lijiye... khana lag gaya hai..." ("I am glad you are here...I will serve lunch meanwhile you can wash your hands..")

After cleaning hands... Jalal sat on a chair to eat... Jodha was standing next to him... Holding the flap fan...

"Wow this food looks and smells so delicious...Feels like I will eat this kind of food after eternity..." Jalal said cheerfully

Jodha with smile... "Ek arsa... sirf che (six) din hue hai..." ("Eternity...??? It has only been six days shahenshah")

Jalal surprisingly asked "Jodha begum, what are you doing? Aren't you gonna eat...and I don't need the fan, weather today is so nice..."

Jodha with shy expression "Nahi shahenshah aap khaiye... hum aapki avashyakta ka khayal rakhenge.. Ye hamara patni dharm hai..." (No Shahenshah you eat... I will take care of your needs...that's my wifely duty... I enjoy doing that.")

Jalal ordered  "To chaliye hum aapke shohar hone ke naate aapko aadesh dete hai... aap humare saath baith ke khana khaiye..." ("Fine, then being your husband I'm ordering you to sit next to me and eat with me...")

Jodha with little annoyance "aapse koi tark karna hamre bass ki baat nahi... aap har baar apni marzi ki hi karte hai..." (There is no use arguing with always do want you want to do...) then she sat next to his chair to eat...

Jalal took a piece of sweet and fed her... they both ate lunch with nok jok... After finishing their lunch both of them sat on the opposite sofa to relax...

While talking, Jodha suddenly said in serious tone "Shahenshah I want to talk to you about something very important..."

Seeing her serious expression he replied worriedly "Yes tell me Jodha begum..."

Jodha nervously said "Hamein pata nahi aapko kaise bataye... ho sakta hai is baat se aap hum par naraz ho jaye... aur hum par vishwas na kare... par ye hamara kartavya hai ki hum aapko apne dil ki baat batayein..." (I don't know how to tell might get angry with me...and won't even trust me...but it's my duty to tell you what's in my heart...)

Jalal anxiously replied "Jodha begum, Ab aap humein bechain kar rahi hai... Jo bhi hai khule dil se kahiye..." (Jodha begum, now you are scaring me...just tell me with openly whatever it is...)

Jodha with serious tone "Hame lagta hai... Badi Ammi humein bilkul pasand nahi karti... Aur wo nahi chahti ki hum aapke kareeb aayein... Humein poora vishwash hai ki Sujamal Bhaisa ko vo khat unhone hi likha tha... Unhone hi humein khat diya tha... humein aasani se mehel se bahar jane ka rasta kar diya tha... Aur Shayad Unhone hi aapko Hamare mehel se bahar hone ki suchna di thi... Aapne us din baat taal di thi... Hume to ye samaj mein hi nahi aata... ek taraf vo aapko apne bete ki tarah chahti hai... aur dusri taraf aapko khoon ke aansoo rulati hai... kis tarah ki aurat hai..." (I think Badi Ammi doesn't like me at all...and she doesn't want me to come close to you... Infact I'm very sure that she is the one wrote that letter to Sujamal bhaisa...she only gave me that letter...and made sure that I can easily leave the palace...and I guess she only gave you the news that I went out of the palace...the other day you changes the topic... What I don't understand is that on one side she treats you like your own son...yet on the other side she doesn't think twice before hurting you...what kind of a woman she is...)

Jalal's face was turning serious to angry with each word of Jodha... he said loudly... "Jodha begum ruk jaiye... ab humein ek shabd bhi nahi sunna... Agar Allah bhi aake humein kahenge ki hamari badi ammi ne hamare khilaaf itni badi sazish ki thi to bhi hum yakin nahi karenge..." (Jodha stop it ...don't say another word... I don't want to hear anymore...even if God himself came and said that my Badi Ammi conspired against me I would still not believe...)

Jodha got shocked after seeing his reaction and blind trust on Maham.. She fumbled a little but defensively continued "Parantu shahenshah, hamari baat abhi tak khatam nahi hui... Humein pata hai.. aap unki kitni Izzat karte hai... Par hum aaj apni baat poori karke hi rahenge... To Suniye... aur ek baat... Us raat Jab hum aapka intezar kar rahe the, Us din bhi badi ammi ne hi aapko sone ki aushdhi (medicine) di thi... Pichle hafte jab Hakimji ne aapko vo aushdhi di, tab unhone bataya ki badi ammi ne ye aushdhi us din hi mangvai thi hakim se... Aap bharosa kare ya naa kare hamein to unka dohra vyaktitva lagta hai... Hamein  un par bilkul vishwas nahi hai..." (But Shahenshah, I haven't finished what I wanted to say... I know how much you respect her... But today I have to tell you listen...that night when I waiting for you...that day also she was the one who gave you that sleeping medicine... Last week when the Hakim gave you that medicine... He told that she had ordered that medicine that day... I don't know if you will believe it or not but I am very sure she has two faces...I don't trust her at all...)

Jalal shouted "Enough... Not even single word... How could you Jodha, today you have crossed all limits... I cannot believe you have such a low thinking about Badi's very shameful... I know she doesn't like hindu people but that doesn't mean just to hurt you she will hurt me to this extreme. She is my mother... I trust her more than my own mother, who gave me birth... Today you have hurt me so much...) He got up swiftly and said "Khuda Haafiz" (good bye) and walked out quickly from her room...

Jodha was stunned hearing Jalal... She never knew that Jalal trusted Maham Anga so much...

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Res...!!!Tongue awesome chap.. will unres tmrw. love u di

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Finally di! I unresed! As you know that Im very lazy thats why took time to unres...Finally i managed to unres it! I read the chapter way back but forgot to unres it..Sorry di!Im reviewing on the two chapters I missed reviewing..So here it goes:

wow!!! Jalal is really changing!Thankx to Jodha he is mending his ways and is proving to be a great emperor! By making all equal, he did the right thing.. That maulavi tried to object, but Jalal is Jalal! He made up his mind.. Only Jodha can calm him down in these situations,not all ,but most of the time.Three cheers for Jalal! Im happy that Ruqqaiya objected in this because after that Jalal was abit upset with her...Bravo Ruqqaiya!Adham Khan is such a brat!Angry He raised his voice in front of Jalal and that to mocking him because he is in love with Jodha?? WHY DOES JALAL FALL IN MAHAM'S TRAP???!! With her crocodile tears he always melts down! uggghhh! MahamAngry I could just imagine that scene! Maham crying begging for his son's life! Jalal's love for his Badi Ammi is out of the world!I feel bad for him because when he will get to know about her true face he will be broken.. But Im sure that Jodha will support him at that time...Silly Jodha discussed this with Jalal.. She must have known that he would react like this cauz at the end of the day she is his badi ammi.. He considers her as his mother... But i was abit surprised when Jalal suspected Maham! So the doubts are growing! The Mother-Son scene was really beautiful! It felt so peaceful! I was in awe! You wrote that part brilliantly! Im happy that Hamida and Jalal are coming close to each other...I loved this Chapter alot but Chapter 30 was the best! Loved it!!

Chapter 30
I almost freezed while reading this Chapter! So painful yet passionate and sensuous! The brave Jodha saved Jalal from that bratty AdhamAngry What a plan made by Adham! I must say Im impressed but he can never outsmart Jalal! Even without any help Jalal managed to protect himself and when his life was in danger, it was HIS love which saved him! I could picturise every single scene! Why that stupid Adham??!!! He grabbed Jodha and took off with her!!Angry I could feel Jalal's fear and wrath and the same time.. I felt so bad for Jodha... Jodha still tried to protect herself but that adham! How can he think such about his own brother's wife??!! So cheap of him... My heart froze when her choli fell down and he could see her cleav*ge! His lust was making me choke.. Hate him so much... How dare he slap Jodha?? How dare he kiss Jodha??? I was very much excited when Jalal made an entry and roared! Loved the way he finished Adham off! Awww poor Jo-Ja..

The best part was the SR one! Hayye!BlushingIt was so romantic and the song was a cherry on top! It is one of my favorite song..Heart I really enjoyed reading it.. The last line took my breathe away.. It was beautifully written! I give a standing ovation to you for this update. Seriously I loved it to the core... Im a fan of your writing...Ekkks! Cant wait for the next update.. Well it better come soon cauz im dying for it! Usually im on from my ipod where i cant hear the music which u posted in this thread..But when i logged in from my lappy I was likeBlushing The in aakho mei tum and Tum hi ho was awesome! Nice idea diHug



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Unres Smile

Firstly m sooo sorryyyCry foh my late n short review as m typing from mobileEmbarrassedComing to ur update wow it was awesome di Clap take a bow foh writing dis wonderfullyClapStar loved it .Hug Dwk section was v well written Clap
Dis bloody adham how dare he talks abt jodha. AngryAngry Wish jalal has cut his head off toh khissa hi khatam hojataEmbarrassedTongueTongue
Loved his lines when he hears abt her payal n d way she entered saying with m ur wife n i can come at anytymWink 
Loved der bedroom scene der cute nokjhokxSmileTongue der passionate romance haayee d way he pinned her to d wall n d way he kissed herDay DreamingDay Dreaming n der tyt hugDay Dreaming how cute n romanticClap yeh daasi ko b abhi awna thaOuch though der scene was indeed small but i loved it diClap
Ab yeh maham ka drama Angryuff yeh jallu b kitna andha vishwas karta h is MA peEmbarrassed ja jo k bich kabab mein haddi . Hope k jallu k awnkhon se MA ki jhooty patty utarjaye . Nautanki mahamAngryOuch i like d dinner scene too d way dey two had togethr. Thumbs Up Per  yeh kya jallu bahut jaldh gusse main ajata. Embarrassed Kaash jo per b itna vishwas karta jitna andhvishvas MA pe krta h. AngryEmbarrassed Hope MA's n adham's true face vl come out. Confused
Di brilliantly written meri jaan Star
Loved it Heart

P.S. dnt u dare to say its boring. Angry CryCryCryIt was simply awesome. ClapClap N i loved ur dedication n yes u pallu's TS was jus fab. Clap I asked her to continue d parts ov it.Smile n i yet to read ur nxt chap EmbarrassedSmilevl read n review soon... Smile


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Wooowww... Didu... Clap loved it awesome update and jallu's witty side is awesome... And loved when jallu was about to cut adham's head... Usse maham ki bhi end ho jayegi... Aur aapne beech Mai hi rok diya... Cry maham is buttering jallu and he is accepting it too and he trusts her sooo blindly and usse is trust ka Javab acchi wali dena... Wink and totally loved ur chapter and aaj se meri exams khatam and aapki update gang Mai ek aur jud gayi and pls update fast...

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congrats dear...

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Birthday Message Thread for Rajat Tokas! Thread Closed

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Author: Amor.   Replies: 34   Views: 9190

Amor. 34 9190 16 July 2014 at 3:35am by Amor.

Author: mishtigc   Replies: 2   Views: 3197

mishtigc 2 3197 26 May 2014 at 3:56am by mishtigc
Its valentines Day Akdhas thread: DT will put up a thread check pg 3

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Author: Parijatrocks   Replies: 35   Views: 8009

Parijatrocks 35 8009 11 February 2014 at 1:20am by ROBSTENLOVER

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