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ARSHI -os - terms and conditions * complete *

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Terms and conditions

"Arnav we want a traditional girl too marry into our family, not a modern girl- someone with traditional values."

"Dad are you marrying her or am I ? I have to live with her not you !"

"Wrong Arnav we all have to live with the girl you chose- and currently your current choice is not good - how did you let your mother find out! Now my hands are tied - you know I can't say no to your mum -whatever she wants she gets and right now she wants a girl for you that she has chosen."

"Dad I don't understand you are an intelligent business man - we run multimillion dollar businesses and we can't handle simple women between us!"

"Arnav she is not a simple woman she is your mother and my wife - she has ways and means of controlling us that we don't even know about - are you going to go against your mother?"

"Yes - it's a question of my future"

"Arnav beta - do you think you are going to win against your mother?"

Arnav took a moment to consider in the world of business they were undefeatable, but when it came to his mum they were both like putty - she could make both men jump at the snap of her fingers. What did she have over both of them - he smiled she loved them and that's all it was, unconditional love is what she gave them. She supported them without question and would lay down her life for both of them. They would both move heaven and earth to prevent a tear appearing in her eye. They would do anything to keep her happy.

Arnav just shook his head .

"So Arnav give in gracefully and agree to your mothers demands"

"Dad are you on her side ?"

"You dug your own grave -who told you to get caught in the papers with that girl coming out of your room? Was she fun ?"


"I'm only asking -back to you - at least meet the girl your mother wants you to marry"

"Forget it Dad , mum wants me to get married - I will . I don't need to  stay faithful to her - I can still have my fun"

"ARNAV ! That I will not allow - you can't ruin a girl's life like that. It's not fair on her . We have brought you up with better values than that. Do you really believe that your mum would chose someone who she though was not suitable for you !"


"Do you have a girl in mind , that you want to marry ?"


"Then let your mother choose - she chose me and it's a decision that i have never regretted -It was the best decision of my life"

"Dad you are head over heels in love with mum then and now"

"So you are going to meet this girl ?"

"Yes Dad - but if i don't like her then I will say no !"


"You will back me against mum"

"Agreed but then we will then meet the next girl till we find one you like"



"Well did he agree?"

"I swear doesn't anyone in this family think about me ?"

"Adi, he is almost 28 with a string of girls behind him who are only interested in his money -I want someone who is interested in my son! You are meant to look out for his best interests"

"Shushmita I love him and you; I have to find a middle ground for both of you - he said he will meet the girl if he doesn't like her then he will meet the next girl till he finds one he likes"

"Adi he will love Khushi and so will you!"

"Forget about me loving anyone I want to love you !"

"Adi ! You have a 28 year old son behave !"

"Shush- If i had behaved do you think we would have had a 28 year old son?"


"If he is half as happy as us then he will have won the jackpot"


"Arnav are you ready we are expected for dinner -I don't want to be late"

"Mum I'm going in my own car -you got me for two hours"

"Adi talk to him we go as a family"

"In two cars"

"Shush - you never know he may want to stay late or take her out for dessert ?"

"I hadn't thought of that"

They all arrived at a simple house in Laxmi Nagar. Simply decorated, they all sat in the main room.

"Garima, my son Arnav"

Payal and Khushi are just finishing the dinner they will be in shortly.

The conversation was lively and friendly between the real grownups and it was obvious from the conversation that his mum and Garima aunty had been friends at some point in their childhood. Very close friends which they both seemed intent on turning into a relationship.

A girl traditionally dressed wearing a dupatta over her head with a large part drooping over the front of her face. All he could see were her lips - beautiful glossed luscious lips with a kissabilty factor of 10.

If those lips belonged to her what did the rest of her look like. She had piqued his interest.

Dinner was served and Khushi hardly said a word. Throughout the dinner her gungat didn't move -the only part Arnav saw were her hands and her lips. He was turned on by what he saw. He was intrigued by this girl - those lips they had captivated him.

After dinner Arnav left. He had to prove a point to his mother. Khushi smiled in relief. In front of her future in laws her mouth ran away with itself before anyone could stop her.

"Ma he's gone, can I go as well, you made me come home early, I have a job to complete- it has to be ready before the morning. I have to get the amended designs up to head office ready for production. I might not come back till the afternoon."

Adi looked up questioningly at his wife.

"Khushi is a designer, and runs her own successful business."

"Go me and your aunty will chat -ring me when you get there and ring me in the morning as well"

"Love you ma"

Five minutes later had Adi choking on a drink as gone was the traditional Indian girl and was replaced by a stunning girl her hair in a pony and kurti and jeans.

"See you later Aunty and Ma"

"That was not Khushi was it "

"My daughter floats seamlessly between modern and traditional."

On their way home "Come on Adi what's on your mind?"

"Shush Khushi seemed very traditional and then she said she had designs to submit -does she work ? Initially she seemed shy but when Arnav left she started talking."

"Adi -would I choose someone who my son would be unhappy with ? Adi why would I want to see my son unhappy ? I have known Khushi a long time and watched the way she conducts herself in the world that she works in. Adi stop the car !"

"Shush we are told old for that -wait till we get home.  Owww! Why did you hit me!"

"I'm talking about my son- and your brain has a one track mind"

"It's your fault for being so pretty"

"Adi -focus -I want to tell you about Khushi - Khushi is very well educated she has completed a degree in fashion and design and then she did her internship in the states with Victoria Secrets for one year and worked with them for another year and then she set up her own business and now owns a string of stores in all major cities and has a major internet business. Does it sound like someone we know ? The difference is in what she designs -Arnav designs what we all see and she designs what goes underneath!"


"Lingerie! Ladies underwear, bra's knickers -get the picture- her business goes by the name of Naughties and Nice."

"What ? She is the owner and designer of naughty and Nice ? Her -but she barely said a word during dinner?"

"Khushi lives at home -her parents don't want to move they say that they have lived their all their lives they know those people - they are friends and family -they don't want to start again. So she stays with them she has a flourishing business that she has already said that she won't give up. She says she has the business at a place where it will manage itself as long as her designs are innovative and fresh- she is currently looking for a new designer so that when she gets married she can spend more time with her husband. Adi she is a lovely girl traditional values ,with a modern outlook, educated hard working -she knows what it takes to run a successful business the amount of time you have to dedicate to make it work -she knows what it takes to balance business and a successful homelife."

"Shush - I have always trusted you all my life to make the right choices for all of us - even now I don't doubt you for a minute- but Arnav is stubborn and ..."

"Arnav ,if he gives himself half a chance will be besotted with her- I know all about the girls that Arnav has hanging on his coat tails and so does Khushi- The reason he moves on from girl to girl is that they are pretty airheads after his money; Khushi is stunning and intelligent and fun loving- she is his equal -oh and she is equally stubborn -that may be a problem. She respects tradition and money"

"Ummm Shush I have noticed your lingerie recently - is she why it has got interesting recently ?"

"Adi do you have a one track mind? I'm am talking about our sons future here and you .. you .. are thinking about one thing !"

"Shush I trust your judgement - what will happen will happen so while thats happening I intend to enjoy myself- so shall we go home and continue this discussion of your lingerie at home. You can still blush?? Lets go, I ll look after my love life and you can plan your son's tomorrow - I already told him he was going to lose this battle"

"Morning Arnav" 

"dad" He acknowledged his dad's greeting and kissed his mum on the cheek.

"Before you ask mum I went to work before i came home late - I don't know what she looks like so no comment - she was dressed as a complete benji - her clothes were so about three seasons ago. How can my wife be dressed like that ? She has to be dressed in the latest fashion to compliment y business."

"Sweetie trust me she will compliment you in every way -what time you coming home tonight ?"

"Again Mother .. really ?"

"Yes my Son - what time?"

"I'm busy!"

Arnav looked up at his mum and saw the hurt flicker in her eyes -he had replied sharply -he saw tears  being blinked away. He hated himself when he hurt his mum. He grabbed his toast and swigged down his juice and got up and left. By the door he shouted back "six- I'll be back by six!"

Shush smiled and Adi asked "How do you do that? I thought he wouldn't give in but ...when it comes to you we are both putty in your hands"

"I heard no complaints last night about my hands"

Adi came over and kissed her on her lips -"Trust me -I'm not complaining - I thank god the day he sent you into my life and I hope Arnav is half as lucky as me"


 That evening Arnav made sure he got home by six. As he pulled into the drive another car pulled up behind him.

He saw a beautiful woman alight from the car wearing jeans and a pale pink kurti top with silver embroidery. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. She was stunning and those lips -he knew those lips he had spent half the night fantasizing about them. He felt his breath catch as he saw her for the first time the rest of her matched those lips -her eyes were almond shape hazel in colour. She looked completely different today from yesterday -well for one he saw all of her not just her lips amd hands.

"Hi Khushi"

"Hi Arnav - your mum asked me to drop some stuff of to her"

"She did ,did she . You look tired - what have you been doing ?"

"Amending and resubmitting designs so that samples can be ready for tomorrow - you know sometimes just to get something right can take all night -well it did after you left I went back to the design studio and have been there all night and then your mum asked for something to be dropped off on the way home so here I am - then I'm going home to sleep!"

"You design ?"

"Yes! Aunty hi, I brought you your stuff"

"Khushi you have come in at the right time, there is hot hot pakora -I know you can't resist them."

All three sat having tea and pakorai and chatting.

"Ok aunty, I need to go home and sleep any problems let me know" 

"Khushi you never said what you were designing and resubmitting ?"

"No i never did -did I. See you soon Arnav ,Bye Aunty"

"Well Arnav what did you think of her ?"

"No comment! Stop smirking mum !"

"I'm not smirking -I'm smiling -you can't fault your mother's choice"

"No you can't -her choice is perfect -look she chose me! What did she choose for you ?"

"Khushi, Adi- he won't admit it but he likes her really likes her"

"yes mother "

"don't yes mother me! you ate all the pakorai - including the potato ones that you hate and create so much fuss over when i make  them but you ate a whole plate while he chatted to her!"

"I'm going to my room"

Half way up the steps he received a text. He looked at his phone it was from his mother.

Khushi number all those aloo pakorai that you ate -at least let me give you something.

Arnav shook his head smiling -his mother was completely interfering but he loved her.

He had Khushi's number finally.

It was a couple of days later when he rang " What you doing ?"

"Busy on a shoot want to join me if you're free"

"Where is it ?"

"I text you the address"


It was near lunch time when Arnav arrived at the shoot. He was used to seeing models semi dressed but these models were really lacking clothing - he spied Khushi sorting out a shot.

His eyes widened with realisation -this was a lingerie shoot.  He looked at the label N&N.

It had to be a Naughty and Nice shoot .  Was she a designer for them ? They were a fast expanding brand .

"Hi Khushi"

"Hi Arnav - we are running late on this shot be with you in a minute"

He looked around there were scantily clad models floating around -for the first time he didnt' see the models only the designs that they were wearing the cut, the trimmings the stitching.

Khushi smiled as she saw him pick up a piece of underwear and look at the cut. She saw that he paid no attention to the scantily clad models and was more interested in the designs.

Later at lunch after the shoot - Arnav came to realise exactly who Khushi was.

"You invited me to the shoot on purpose-didn't you -did I pass?"

Khushi laughter made him smile. Her laughter was like bells -musical.

"I needed to make sure that my future husband has eyes only for me and can accept the the job I do -without any hang-ups"

"What makes you think that I am your future"

"Your mum !"

Arnav laughed "When she sets her mind to something then there is no stopping her -I am grateful for small mercies that she is not involved in the business world"

"Your mum has all but set the date!"

"Is that a bad thing Khushi - do you want to get married to me?"

"I like you Arnav -but i need more time - I need to see your world home and business and you need to see mine. We need to get to know each other better"

"How do you propose that?"

"Spend more time with each other -and leave our parents out of the equation-find out about each other and then decide without any pressure -how does that sound to you?"

"It's a plan better than the one that my mum has"

Over the next few months Khushi and Arnav met without either set of parents knowing -claiming that they were busy with a particular upcoming fashion show.

They chatted, had dinner and spent time getting to know one another.

Arnav was love struck with Khushi and Khushi was equally smitten with Arnav.

They were both extremely careful that they were not seen in the public eye together and definitely not seen by their parents.

It was late one evening when both were working late when Arnav's father came by the office. He walked into his son's office without knocking expecting to find his son hard at work.

Instead he found Khushi sitting on Arnav s lap feeding him dinner. Adi retreated out the room straight away and thought for a few minutes. This was a perfect opportunity to have some fun at his sons s expense. He texted his son "I need some figures ,I will be at the office in five minutes "

He waited patiently and opened the door five minutes later.

"Hi Arnav , I need the Oberoi figures -mmm that smells nice -it smells like aloo bagun and korma- have you got food here. Mmm this is nice -where are you getting this food from?"

"Dad- its local they bring food over - I've got the Oberoi figures here dad - anything else" 

"No but do you mind if I share your dinner"

"No dad - help yourself"

Arnav was muttering to himself how long would Khushi be able to hide under his desk.

"Arnav you seem distracted -is everything ok ? You know that your mum has found you another girl to meet"

"What ? Dad ? -Not again ! I'm not meeting anyone I'm far too busy"

"I know I told your mum. Arnav what is that strange smell - it smells like Jasmine - your new aftershave doesn't suit you - its a bit on the feminine side"

"Oh - dad its a new one on trial"

"Oh what's the trial like - any success? You know this food is really good you must tell me the name of the delivery service -so that I can order from here too"

"Ok Dad , I need to finish my work so that I can come home later -is it only the Oberoi papers or anything else?"

"yeh I had better get going - Arnav thank Khushi for the dinner and don't leave it to long befor you tell your mum about her otherwise we will be going to another dinner -to meet some girl. Good night Arnav make sure she gets home safe - goodnight Khushi"

Arnav and Khushi knew they had been caught -she might as well face the situation with as much aplomb as she could muster - avery red faced Khushi peeped her head over the desk -

"I'm glad you liked the food -I bring extra next time and uncle he usually drops me home every night"

"Arnav - I like her -she has gumption -tell your mum soon or she is going to kill me when she finds out"


"Now what Arnav ?"

"I'm going to have tell mum that I am seeing you and have been for the last four months. She is going to ask me what are my plans ? What am I going to say Khushi ?"

"She's your mum I don't what you are going to say ?"

"Khushi !"

Arnav buried his face in her hair. "You know that I am in love with you"


"What about you ?"

"Khushi are you listening ?"

"Sorry what ?"

"Khushi ! What are you thinking of ?"

"I'm designing my wedding lingerie"

"Now that will be very interesting - do i get a sneak preview"

"No you do not - weeelll not of my wedding lingerie but the other- well thats negotiable"

"What terms and conditions are you going to apply?"

"MMM let me think ?"

"oh shutup Khushi you think too much"

The rest was lost in an investigation of not only her lips but what naughty and nice designs she was wearing- and Arnav was complaining about the clasps being fiddly. Well now that's a thought exceptionally fiddly clasps and buttons would be needed on her wedding lingerie with a hidden easy release tie - now that would make life really interesting. But for now he had her full attention with what his hands were up to.


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ranogill IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome..very beautifully written

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adhu11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
beautiful OS

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crazyqueen Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
naughty naughty.
loved it.

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famiya Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 10:41pm | IP Logged

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
It was a naughty and nice one shot Wink

I LOLed and Blushinged whenever Arnav's father talked. Good to know where Arnav has inherited his naughty genes from. His mother is nice, really nice. And so is Arnav. The designs, not the models. His mother, not his zidd. Me likey Thumbs Up

And Khushi is strong, independent and daring. Loved her Heart

But who wears a ghoongat to ladka dekho ceremony these days?

PS- Just read it once over and fix a few punctuation please. The reading experience will get better then. Thanks Smile

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suwin IF-Rockerz

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awesome and cuteClap
thank you...

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varsha2KD IF-Rockerz

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wow...superb OS... loved it Wink

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