Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year


Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year
Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year

|| : Celebrating 2 Golden Years of Suvreen Guggal : ||

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The beautiful long running show *Suvreen Guggal - Topper Of The Year* started on 19th March 2012.
Today it will celebrate its second anniversary.
It was a popular show with the greatiest story, actors, characters and cv's !!
A big thank you to the cv's for giving us the wonderful show SG-TOTY!
 Let's join together as fans of the show SG, regardless of whom or what we watch it for, & celebrate this milestone Approve

Na hum tumhe mile kabhi

Na humne tumhe dekha kabhi

Bas dii aur behna kehte kehte

Ban gaye yeh rishte sabhi


Koi hai yaha north se

To koi hai yaha south se

Koi east to koi west

Desh videsh ke har kaune se

Bane hum sab friends best


Na hum tumhe jaante

Na tum hume jaante

Jante to bas itna jaante

Yuvreen ko hum sab apna maante


Yu aaye wo humari zindagi me bankar ek character

Ki dekhkar unki chemistry

Hil gaye humare dil ki motor

Kuch aise shuru hui cheetah aur topper ki love story

Ki bhul gaye hum sab humari life story


Wo to chale gaye hume apne rang me rangkar

Aur hum aaj bhi bethe hai unki yaado me dubkar

Aisa chala tha unka jaadoo

Ki jab jab dekhe hum yuvreen shivti ko ho jaaye bekaboo


Ab bas dil se nikle yehi dua

Ki bani rahe yeh dosti yuhi

Fans ki puri ho tamanna

Aur smriti ko mil jaaye shivi.


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Liana. IF-Achieverz

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I love this show because of the story and the cast. I loved their friendship in the show. I have started watching it after the Paper Dance of YuvReen. I was on YT and was watching some videos, then I saw the Paper Dance scene. I was really in love with Yuvraj and Suvreen. They looked soo cute and hot together. Loved it how Yuvraj catched Suvreen when she was almost falling down. And then their magical eyelock. It was really magical.. I loved the scene so have searched for details about the show. When I saw that the show is still on air so I thought to start watching it. Then have joined SG-TOTY forum but was not so active. I did only post my views about the show. I was busy to watch the show so far. Have tried to post many topics. Then I saw that there is an AT for Yuvreen but everyone did quit the AT. I hvave saw it then started spamming the 7th AT. First I have opened an AT for them, then a coolbie told that there is an AT already for them. So I did spam the 7th AT then did change the name of my AT to 8th. I loved to meet YuvReenians. They are soo cute and lovely people that I really wanted to meet in real life. I was addicted to IF. It was amazing to share my views to other people who is too watching the show. Now coming to the show: I loved Yuvraj's character. Shivin Narang was playing that character very well. The college track was just amazing.! Loved YuvReen's cute fights. And then the Romeo and Juliet play! Aww... Suvreen and Yuvraj wearing white clothes. They looked just perfect together. Loved watching it. Have watched YuvReen scenes many times. Then I started making the scenes and uploaded them in YT. Wanted to see more scenes so I never stopped watching the show. Loved the friendship between: Yuvraj, Suvreen, Rathi, Mannu, Naro, Annie, etc.. They were best friends. It was really nice how Yuvraj was protecting Suvreen from Gyanesh or police , etc.. Loved it how they were fighting.. Season 1 was just perfect , can't express my feelings about the show. It's my favourite show and I didn't miss any single episode. If cv's will bring season3 I would watch it definitly. My favourite scene is paper dance and the magical first kiss ! But after that I hated Yuvraj's reaction about the kiss. For him it was just a kiss but for Suvreen it was very special. I knew that Yuvraj didn't want to hurt Suvreen. I hated it when Suvreen was hurted by him. And then they showed another actress. Another evil character after Gyanesh it was : Alisha! buhhh... how evil and sycho she iss.. but I liked her because she is doing a great job. I love Heli. She is soo pretty and cute. And then Rehan Charles came to the show and everything changed. Cv's focused only on RC and his dreams. They forgot about our cute and magical couple: YuvReen. Then some fans quit watching the show and I understood their feelings. I too wanted to quit but didn't coz I was waiting for YuvReen scenes. Then I heard that SG will run to season 2. I was shocked and was confused. Hated it how Suvreen left Delhi without saying anything to anyone. Season2 was soo boring but then the perfect entry came. It's Karamjeet Singh Rajpal as Samar Raghuvanshi the photographer. Loved his entry. Didn't think that I could love someone after YuvReen. But it happened. I loved Samar more than YuvReen. I wanted to see more and more scenes on Samar and Suvreen. Loved their friendship and fights. Loved Samar / Maddy's smile and cute jokes. Woww... first when I saw his entry omgg.. I was soo happy that something special happened in SG after ages!! His entry was soo perfect. My sister said that his entry was like his is the male lead. She said that they changed the storyline, they wanted to make Samar as male lead but I didn't think so. When i saw the entry I wanted more scenes on them. I searched about him in the internet and found an article about him in F32. I was so happy that he came as a lead in the show. I waited for him to come but he didn't . Then after 1 week they showed him again but as PP. Suvreen's neighbour: Maddy baba. He was soo hot and sexy. They showed him shirtless. It was awww... can't control my feelings about him. Everybody knows that I'm in love with him.. lloll.. Then they started showing him more and more.. it was sooo amazing. Then they showed him angrily. He was soo hot when he was angry. :D Ok ok.. I know I have talked about Maddy too much now coming to another point: And then SG became special again for me. But then the Iris track was soo boring and irritating. They again started showing Rehan , Ira and Iris. it was a college young show. But they changed everything! Now it became a boring drama show!! When I watch the Iris track I wanted to hit/punch my PC screen. I was soo angry on cv's.. How could they change the story from lovely college to boring job track ?? I wanted to quit the show but then Yuvraj came to mumbai and then everything changed again. Loved the funny moments in the show. Loved Yuvraj's entry in mumbai. How Suvreen looked :D she was soo shocked when she saw him and then this magical hugg.. awww... And then Yuvraj gave her a flower .. soo romantic. Then after sometimes I heard that Smiriti will quit and SG will end . I was soo shocked and sad. I thought my life was ending. I am trying everything to get my favourite show back on TV. I'm trying to get my life back!! It was really amazing show. Sometimes it was boring but still I didn't quit.. When they cried, I've cried too. When they laughed, I laughed too. For me they were real. I can't believe that the show will celebrate it's second anniversary.
Thank you soo much CV's for giving us the perfect show and perfect actors. Loved it soo much and waiting for Suvreen Guggal Season 3 with the same cast. Hopefull it comes back. I still have hopes.
Happy second anniversary Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year.

i 1st saw sg promo on channel v..i liked smriti kalra then only tho i didnt knew her name nor her past shows..all i cd understand that it wd deal with a students life n nt b typical saas bahu type melodrama..i viewed d 1st episode..just loved d narration d introductory lines that "meri photo ki sakal mujhse bilkul milti hai" sounded 2 me intellectually funny n i loved smritis voice modulations n her facial expressions n expressive big eyes n simple innocent childish smile..d way she conversed with gannu ji resembled d way i do speak to gannu ji ..her rum had a nice view she played guitar like me 2 n then she was show taking tensions 4 xams like me..waving a big hello 2 her bff tultuli..ya tultuli resembled my best friend in character wise..sum times dominating..sumtimes very understanding..n most of d times thinking abt my good yes sum times jealous if i give more time 2 other friends ..guggal parents were just like worrying abt my pampering n teaching useful lessons 2 lead a decent life..totally caring n unselfish parents..all these made me hooked to this wonderful show..i cd relate with it..of course i dnt know nor hv any1 like yes i do hv a tultuli annie naro type grp of i cd felt like i am cin my own life on tv..neighbours n relatives taking credits wen i top shamelesly if i really waste my time studying..their prayers n gud wishes r enuf 2 earn me my pass marks i just loved this refreshing yet familiar to students life portrayal immensely..then of course d inherent wishes deepest desires of d heart to taste freedom n go hiking with just friends..d beautiful scenic nainital added its own attractions..lastly wen yuvi was shown bumping on suvi at d temple with his boyish grin n d way yuvreen fot thr 1st fight on that bridge that was epic ..i was floored..d pairing was awesum..d romantic angle looked cute believable n endearing..d potential of hate u bt i am in love symptoms were garantyd so thr was no way i cd hv turned my eyes away 4m such a lovely show..sply in India hardly producers directors cater to audience like me sg was d 1st show that perhaps had teenagers in mind 2 impress n win over..n season1 lived upto its expectations fully..yes i wd hv loved to find out abt d anees track n his relationship with princy..i wd hv liked to know who wd hv won d election..i wd hv loved 2 meet yuvis parents..these 3 loose abrupt tracks kind of made me hv d feeling that i hv picked a story buk that had few middle pages missing/torn away n it really pissed me lot coz no1 likes an incomplete story..i really loved d road trip d rain hit spend ur time in colg episodes ..i loved d show hving beautiful romance without having indecent clips..i mean season1 nt season 2 which i feel if it was written on b;lackboard i wd hv rubbed it off totally with d duster except 4 d yuvreen n samar parts
yes a very big thank u 2 d entire cast n crew of sg..d cvs of season1 in particular..n sply 2 d casting director who had d vision n sense to pair yuvreen/shivti as a couple..i feel blessed that i cd see a show that i njoyed n got involved emotionally..perhaps without this show happening i wdnt hv felt d need to find out more abt d show n never joined IF..n then i wd hv also lost out meeting n making such wonderful caring friends here ..far across a 4N country ..d nationality nor d religion cd stop us from bonding with each other so deeply ..its all due 2 this 1 show by 4 lions-suvreen guggal topper of the year...take a bow


I just love yuvreen the way they look at each other its just awesome. My cousin recommended me this show and when i started watching it I was like oh my my. Yuvraj's dashing looks suvreen's cute smile and funny comments about the situation and the super six gang. My favourite scene was the paper dance it was so romantic and then when yuvraj did his bhangra i was like ROFL he was looking too funny in the scene. I hated when yuvraj appologised for the kiss and hurted suvreen but in the end they were finally together I couldn't watch it regularly because of no subsciption of v channel in my area i used to watch it on the internet. When i entered this forum it just recalled me all the best yuvreen scenes. I would decribe my feelings for this show in just two words:
SG ROCKS...!!!!!


Happy 2nd anniversary to all d SGians
I was not a regular viewer of this show cos of my busy schedule (studies and stuff)
But i used to watch t n d beginning and i juss loveeddd d scenes between suvreen and yuvraaj
It'll b soo funny their fights wit romance
I enjoyed every bit of it
Thanx to CVS for giving us such an amazinggg show
once again happy anniversary awlll

I was watching Gumrah and saw a promo of SG found it interesting so looked for the epis and started watching it,I catched up with all epis in Feb 2013 saw SG from the beginning and then watched every episode. Season 2 was torture but watched it for Yuvreen. after watching the 1st epi I was hooked to the show within 2 weeks I was up to date with season 1 epis.
Loved the concept of the show... the friendship of everyone Yuvraj, Manu, Rathi, Suvreen Annie, Naro, most of all Yuvreen both are perfect for one another.. Loved the beginning Yuvreen scene when they first met in Nainital. I loved all Yuvreen fights from season 1 all were so cute and amazing from the first time they met in Nainital, Yuvi thought Suvreen couldnt speak and Suvreen thought the same, then when both did speak their expressions were so funny and their epic fight started. It was so cute when Yuvi catched Suvreen when she was about to fall, and then the pepper spray scene how cleverly he took the pepper spray from her.
Yuvreen met in pool party again he threw her in the water, then Yuvreen fight, on the same day he also saved her from Gyanesh. Loved the part where both Yuvreen smile at each other then India Gate comes Suvi gets up to salute it, everyone else joins her too. Then Suvi vomits and Yuvi makes fun of her. The next day DPSC admission Suvi is finding Yuvraj Bhai its so funny when she asls everyone where is Yuvraj Bhai, then they show Yuvi playing carom he says the queen will come to Yuvi only, Suvi comes there, she says has anyone seen Yuvraj Bhai, Yuvraj says what work you have? Suvi says to him I dont want to tell you faltu yuvi shuvi like you, Yuvi says who you calling faltu, Suvi says F.A.L.T.U, she asks other where is Yuvraj Bhai who can do anyone admission, Rathi points to Yuvraj, Suvi says I didnt ask where loser is I asked where Yuvraj Bhai is, Everyone points to Yuvraj. Suvi says Yuvi, Yuvraj, Yuvraj, Yuvi so funny it is awww... then she makes a sad face. Then we see Suvi point of view she says what is this Ganuji yahaan peh mere liye pehele seh he no entry ka signboard laga hua hai  then she runs after Yuvi calling him Yuvraj Bhai, Yuvraj Bhai Yuvi says not to call him Bhai he is not Bhai... Manu Rathi come shouting Bhai Bhai he says I am not Bhai they run off seeing his angry face. Both Naro Suvi request Yuvi to help them with admission, yuvi says I will show easy way he gives them directions to go to train station, Suvi says she will not go Naro starts to cry. Suvi bribes Yuvi with money Yuvi says he wants 1 lakh then he will help them, Suvi says she doesnt need his help she is topper of kathgodam she will get admission herself.
Suvi does hunger strike, sings a song college mein nahiye hai toh life mein top karoghi, she gets media attention, Princi calls police, Suvi decides to go back she cries, Yuvi comes to console Suvi, Yuvreen first date so cute, in the end he gives jacket to Suvi and leaves smiling so cute. Yuvi helps Suvi get admission was really sweet they weren't even friends then.
I loved all the ragging scenes also they were to funny, Yuvreen expressions were amazing. Then when Yuvi shows all the juniors around DPSC, Suvi asks Yuvi what is Cheetha in english he says Lion everyone laughs. Suvi put red mirch on top of her eyes she challenges Yuvi to put mirch inside his eyes.  Suvreen challenges Yuvraj to play football match with her because she wants to go to the freshers party.  Yuvreen Paper dance was so nice, both Yuvreen were so amazing loved their chemistry. 
Then the Yuvreen fights... how Yuvi helps Naro beats up Gogoi and saves Suvreen... Yuvreen Ik Tara sequence where she does his bandage coz Bhairav Singh hit him with the glass it was going to hit Suvreen, but Yuvraj took it on himself.. he beated up Bhairav Singh who Gyanesh had called to beat Yuvraj up student politics were going on DPSC... the next scene after that when Suvreen comes to college with the scooty and hits Yuvraj he pretends to be hurt Suvreen helps him...  I loved Yuvreen cute fights at the romeo and juilet rehearsal.. Yuvi called Suvi bakri so funny I loved their cute fights.  Ria pushed Suvreen of the stairs Yuvraj saved her... before that Yuvreen rehearsals  for the play where they both fight with each other...Yuvraj drops Suvreen home for the first time...Romeo and Juilet play was amazing both Yuvreen were so magical. Loved their perforamce and dance baaho keh darmiyaa.  
Yuvreen stay in DPSC when its raining with their friends Annie, Naro, Manu and Rathi, all make chai, pakoreh together. Yuvreen scenes were too cute. Suvreen gets locked in Library Yuvraj saves her she hugs him such a cute scene it was. Yuvreen roadtrip, Yuvi stares at Suvi threw the rear mirror, both Yuvreen smile at each other, Yuvi and friends go to the shop to buy a few things, Rathi accidently tells everyone Yuvi nickname Ladoo. Suvreen teases Yuvi about his nickname. Yuvi is embrassed, love his expressions. Yuvi feeds Suvi food.. Yuvreen get lost in jungle, hiccup scene... Suvi kisses Yuvi on his cheek.
Yuvraj  goes to Suvreen house dressed as salesman to go to see how Suvreen is Papa Guggal didn't let Suvreen go to college.. it was really funny scene... Yuvraj and friends all cheer Suvreen up when she comes to college and Yuvraj gifts Suvreen a cute teddy bear and say he will always be there for her... Yuvreen Tera hone laga hoon dream sequence... Yuvreen hospital scenes...Yuvraj confesses his love for Suvreen...Yuvreen  become a couple they celebrate in v spot cafe and song sequence oho pyaar hua ... Yuvreen Valentines date in Mumbai... Mama Guggal and Papa Guggal find out about Yuvreen how Yuvraj convinces them that he loves Suvreen both parents support Yuvreen. loved all the scenes in season 1.
Coming to season 2 It's not as amazing as season 1 but watched it for Yuvreen.. In season 2 my favourite scenes are the following.
Yuvraj sings for Suvreen iss dil ka mein kya karoo song so sweet and Suvreen talks to him via Skype loved Yuvreen convo so cute...Yuvi ordered Chinese food for Suvreen through the internet and then Yuvreen have candle light dinner so sweet... Yuvraj comes to Mumbai Yuvreen hug... Yuvi gives rose to Suvi... Yuvreen hum marjayghe dream sequence... Yuvraj apologises to Suvreen where he falls on her.. Yuvreen hug... food fight... Yuvraj arranges lunch for Suvreen on the terrace... recent scenes where Yuvraj tells Alisha the witch he loves Suvreen only she should forget about him loved that it was needed... after that Yuvraj goes to Suvreen place Yuvreen hug, Samraj funny scenes with Khurana were hillarious, Yuvraj surprises Suvreen with pretend passport and ticket it was really cute, Yuvreen Tumhi ho sequence, Suvreen feeds Yuvi Kheer really cute scene. 
we don't get channel V here in UK so I watched online, I use to be happy watching seaosn1  epis all the Yuvreen scenes, SG gang, as soon as RC,Alisha witch came the show got ruined I use to be so angry hate the villians they took all the screen space and it was so less Yuvreen scenes.
CVs of SG 1 were awesome storyline was superb and the focus was on Yuvreen and the storyline also gave good message to audience they dealt with a lot of issues. Season 2 CVs forgot about Yuvreen focused on excessive drama and villians, but still watched the show just to see Yuvreen.
Both Shivin and Smriti were amazing as Yuvreen loved their chemistry, perfect casting by the CVs. All the actors and actresses chosen by the CVs played the role really nicely. Wish CVs would go ahead with SG 3 with the same cast, miss Yuvreen/Shiviti.

Thank You Four Lion for giving us a show like Suvreen Guggal-Topper Of The Year.
For giving us the most cutest and adorable jodi of Indian television, Our Beloved Yuvreen.
Shivin Narang and Smriti Kalra were just too perfect for this role and nobody else could have portray as perfect as them.For me Shivti will always be yuvreen.
Thank you to the entire team of SG-TOTY from the actors to the spot boyz and designers and script writers and make up artists and everyone. You all teamed up to give us the unforgettable show like SG.Your team work, dedication and hard work converted shivti into yuvreen.
It was not just a fictional show but a journey of one and a half year which made us cry, which brought smile on our faces. A journey which taught us so many things that cant be described in words.We laughed when when yuvreen laughed we cried when yuvreen cried we felt the grief when they separated and we partied when they patched up.
Thank you Cvs for giving us such a wonderful show.
Plz bring back our show with the same cast.
we love yuvreen and we want them back in season 3.

i love SG for many reasons and it become my fav. for many reasons. first SG gives us the youth story which is more like our story. secondly SG gives us the story of a girl who become inspiration for al of us like his dedication and will power to face any situation. third SG gives us YUvreen the most adorable and magical couple ever. fourth SG gives Shivin and Smriti our very own SHiviti thebest BFF's ever. We got our Topper and cheetah as most unique couple. Fifth i got my second family here as MY besties all credit goes to SG.They all are my bFF's.Al know to whom i m referring. MY SG gang becomes my Addiction like SG and Yuvreen. 6th we got Super six gang, YUvreen, Manaro , Rathi, Annie.
              SG-TOTY when i saw first the SG gang Rad trip and Yuvreen cave scene i fell in love iwth thta. The vibrant youth,their daily problmes attracted me a lot. Then YUVI got stabbed by Goons the most emtional and saddest scene and how YUvreen confess and then again break up, Patch up. YUvreen Gives uss the essence of real love that how they overcome every hurdle in their way just becoz of love. Yuvi, rathie,mannu the trio we can't forget them and rathie and mannu's jokes and yuvi's cheetahgiri. Annie,naro and Suvreen frndship a treat to watch.Season1 was the best where we got Zorro and most understanding frnd a one ever have. SG gave us Alisha and manini s vilians whom we hated from the core of our hearts and Heli did splendid JOb. 
                  we got maddy baba who likes to live lyf on his own conditions and inspire many of us. We got Samraj as another couple and when both rolls we all rolls. SG gives all of us unbreakable bond with SG forum where we still keeping the SG memories alive after 3 months of its end.
    I m reliving the old SG dayzz just by watching ebautiful Yuvreen scenes again and again. Just can't get over them. How i wish that SG season 3 comes  with SHIviti, Yuvreen and super siz gang to rock again. 
                  I love Yuvreen,Love my besties , lOVE sHIvin. Shivin as Yuvi all over my mind and heart can't resist watching him. I watched many serials and liked them but SG got special place in my heart. 
                      Wishing All Sgians and SG a very happy 2nd Anniversary. Pata hi nahi chala when 2 years pass. Love everything about SG. SG give me my Cheetah that's why i love SG more than anything . KEEp smiling, Keep rocking Sgians on this 2nd Yuvreen anniversary. 
Keep Celebrating the wonderful 2 years of SG with Shiviti and Gang. 

Suvreen Guggal-Topper of the year days have always been one of my liveliest memories in my brain.That was unique,very unique actually.I have watched many other shows but still this show had some other charm.It only did not focus on college life but also the problems teenagers face in their lies.I have loved the days when SG was on air and will keep them afresh in my mind!
SG has taught me a lot.It is a such type of youth show that teaches a lot.Though it was ruined in the second season,it still has many goodies in it.I had changed after starting to watch SG.I loved the character of Suvreen very much.Even more than Yuvraj.She had become my role model during the show and till now she is.I loved the line in the title track-"College main na sahi,life mein top kar jaungi"
ShiVti throughout the show were too natural.I remember the many times we discussed on them being a real life couple too.And still now we all Shivtians think-"Kuch toh hai inn mein".Their chemistry made me a true fan of SG.Usually no TV show had scenes that made me cry but SG was the one who made many emotions blur inside me.I used to dance when there was a yipee type scene and I used to cry a lot when there was an emotional scene.
On the day it ended and the last episode was casted I just locked myself in the room and cried continuously for one hour that I wont be able to watch my favourite show from the next day.In season 1 there were many scenes I loved but in seson 2 the centre of attraction was our Maddy baba.We all loved his entry and he is the one who made SG season 2 a success!!!After SG ended when Veera had Shivin in it I started watching Veera but in the first episode itself I couldn't see Shivin with anyone else.Instead of Veera or Veerakdi I could only hear 'Topper'.It was just like-"Dil hai ki maanta nahi" that my favourite show SG wasn't there anymore.That magic it has cast on us!
Like many Shivians here,I was fed up with Gunjan and I just stopped watching the show.No offence to anyone.Its just that I couldn't see Shivin with someone else when I loved him with Smriti only.
Now nothing is left but our memories!I along with all other Guggalians,I believe are living with the memories of SG and the awesome experience we had discusing our feelings about its episodes.I remember we had organised many parties to keep hating Alisha,Manini and CVs too!And they were really fun!Only hoping that SG3 will be here bringing back our SHIVTI and awesom show.Baaki sab Gannuji ke haath mein hai!

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Topper of the Year, is an inspiring, rousing coming of age tale of an entire generation of youngsters studying at DPSC (Devendra Pratap Singh College), a prestigious college in Delhi. It's a humorous and riveting campus drama that states that there's more to this Facebook generation than iPod and low-waist jeans.It showcases how Suvreen faces difficulties and finally becomes a Fashion Designer.


Season 2 follows how Suvreen leaves her home, struggles and finds a foothold in the fashion industry. She still is not so established but while trying to make a mark she still faces many problems in different fields. The story showcases how she solves all her problems, maintains a balance between her home and work and tries to make everyone happy including her parents, Boyfriend and friends.

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Suvreen's entry
Yuvraj's entry
YuvReen first meet and fight
YuvReen second meet and second fight
Yuvraj saves Suvreen from the police
YuvReen become friends
YuvReen played paper dance at Freshers Night
Suvreen's bodyguard Yuvraj! He saves her from the goons.
Yuvraj's fight with Gyanesh
Yuvraj saves Suvreen from falling down the stairs
YuvReen as Romeo and Juliet
YuvReen first hug!
Road Trip
Suvreen is drunk and kisses Yuvraj
YuvReen basketball match
YuvReen magical kiss
Yuvraj gets hurt by the goons
YuvReen in hospital
Yuvraj confesses his love for Suvreen
YuvReen officially together
YuvReen are dating in Mumbai
YuvReen brake up
Suvreen had fight with her dad and she left her house and went to Mumbai without telling anyone about it. Everybody thought she is dead and then the police showed them a dead body. But it was not Suvreen.

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Suvreen in Mumbai
She meets Maddy in the party
Suvreen in office
Yuvraj's video message for Suvreen
Suvreen in the new house.. and meets her roommate: Soni
Suvreen's new neighbour: Samar Raghuvanshi/PP/Maddy
Samar makes party at home and Suvreen gets irriated
Yuvraj comes to Mumbai and YuvReen are again together
Pagal Padosi is now Suvreen's Boss Samar Raghuvanshi
Photoshooting Yuvraj and Alisha as models
Alisha's plan
Ira and Suvreen gets out the truth about Rehan's love for Suvreen
Yuvraj gets jealous to see Suvreen with Samar and he fights with Suvreen. Alisha watches them and smiles coz her plan is going on
Alisha and Yuvraj are playing in a party. They have to kiss. Suvreen sees it and gets jealous and sad
Alisha challenges Suvreen
Alisha wanted to kiss Yuvraj. But he doesn't let her do that. Alisha talks badly about Suvreen and then he gets angry at Alisha and wanted to slap her but didn't
Ira says to Rehan : I love you and you love Suvreen
Suvreen kissed RC by mistake. She thought it was Yuvraj. She wanted to make a surprise for her and Yuvraj's first anniversary. She confessed to Yuvraj that she kissed RC. He gets sad and leaves
Suvreen recalls the old moments with Yuvraj on the song Lehrein
Yuvraj recalls the old moments with Suvreen on the song Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu and he cries
YuvReen are again together and second kiss on Tum Hi Ho Meri Aashiqui
Manani Track. Iris Team are making Suvreen happy
Yuvraj asks Suvreen what did you do to impress VC? (VC is a model who misbehaves on girls)
Yuvraj and Suvreen are fighting badly. Yuvraj says that he doesn't want to see her face anymore infront of the Iris Team. Suvreen gets sad and is almost crying. She leaves
Suvreen was missing since 1-2 days. Samar wants to make her happy
YuvReen again coming together
RC gets his Iris back. Maddy, Suvreen, Yuvraj and Soni are hugging for last time
Maddy leaves Mumbai forever
Yuvraj proposes his love for Suvreen

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Smiriti Kalra

Smriti Kalra is an Indian Television Actress. She made her acting debut with 12/24 Karol Bagh on ZeeTV, as female protagonist. She was last seen playing the lead role in the famous show Suvreen Guggal - Topper Of The Year that aired on Channel [V] India.

Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang is an Indian television actor. His debut show on tv was the lead role of Yuvraj Singh in Suvreen Guggal - Topper of The Year. He is currently seen in Star Plus serial Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera as adult Ranvijay Singh.

Karamjeet Singh Rajpal

Karam Rajpal is an Indian Television actor. Karam Rajpal seen in many TV shows. Now he is playing an important role of Maddy in Suvreen Guggal Season 2. Karam Rajpal made his debut with Colors' Hamari Saas Leela. Karam Rajpal, last seen in shows like Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka, Kya Hua Teraa Vaada and was also seen in the movie Mere Dad Ki Maruti, the recent Ram Kapoor's film.

and many more...

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Textura2b +2012 Kltz love
texture 1 by loveandstyle
texture 12 by jenzcreationz d4bkpb3
textute 32 by idalia15




STacked Avis


Some Large Avis

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