Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi


Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi
Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi

||~Shergill Express-#3~||

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So here we (..hrideyy and _saumya_) are here to post the much awaited second edition of 
the newsletter for  Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi 
Shergill Express

Summary of the Week

 Best Scene of the Week
 Dialogue of the Week

 Most irritating Character of the Week


Relation of the week
Rating of the Week
Message to the Makers
Active/Popular Member of the Week
Active/Popular/Effective Thread of the Week

Siggy of the Week

Most heart wrenching scene of the week


Winner Siggies

hrideyy and _saumya_

ENKKKC..Meri Bhabhi DT Team

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Starts off with everyone looking surprised as phupha ji, Dildaar, has come home and suddenly begins dancing from the ringtone on his phone.He makes his greetings to everyone and vice versa. Commotion between Ishaan regarding the music and between remaining fare for his taxi which Anand solves by paying. Cuts to Kunal house, Kamini is insisting for Puru ji to eat but he is busy and all the while she looks upset (all her plans to stop the wedding didn't work LOL). Puru ji leaves for work and discussion between Kamini and dadi haves her calling out Ramdeen in anger (LOL once again that Shraddha is going to be her DIL no matter what). Shranal scene where Kunal talks about planning on the decoration of Dhruv's room where it leads to how Dildaar has taken over the wedding preparations all the while more arguments between Zor and Dildaar over wedding preparations. More and more wedding preparations on Kunal's end as well and a surprise visit from Kittu in helping out with the preparations as well. Hilarious pop in with Dildaar making his suggestions as to where to buy saris, jewelries, and etc. The Shergills are busy learning dance steps for the sangeet with the choreographer whose name is Rikita, Ishaan's friend. Cute and funny scene where Rikita insist on teaching Anand with Ishaan as her partner and everyone watch shocked and amused as she forces Ishaan's hands around her waist as part of the dance steps which is interrupted by bua ji. Adorable nanad-bhabhi scene where they are eating ice cream and Anand catches Kittu and Shraddha recounts her memories with Kunal.


 Viraj (Kunal's friend from the college reunion) calls Shraddha to wish her for her wedding. Shraddha finishes the call and we go down memory lane of Shranal from their first meeting to henceforth. Most obvious happens where a mystery girl texts Shraddha asking her to not marry Kunal, she confuses it to be Kunal, talks to Kittu about it and they decide to prank him for the "message". Kunal talks to his friends after Kittu's call about him and Shraddha's love story. Next morning preparations and more. Cute scene with Purumini (Puru and Kamini) about dancing and preparations and Puru jokes with her. Rikita is teaching Kittu and Jaya the dance for the sangeet when Amrit comes in with drinks and Rikita makes her joins in. Zor comes in with Anand and is mesmerized with Amrit dancing (Such a cute scene)!! Ishaan and Ashish weasels on in as well to see the girls dancing and sneaks into the room behind them (This is sooo freaking cute and hilarious as well). The girls notice them and laugh and smile and soon Rikita insists on couples to dance and bua ji once again interrupts and says no Bollywood dances (why, why on the cute parts she does this??) Same nonsense with the mystery girl and Shraddha calls Kunal only for Puru ji to answer. She talks to him and is confused as to whose messaging her as its not Kunal.


 Amrit and Kittu walks in to rush Shraddha to get ready. Cute scene between Zor and Ishaan as Ishaan says for him not to be romantic in front of him and Zor says vice versa. Ishaan is shocked and embarrassed and Zor continues to rile him up. Zor plays little matchmaker as he tries to goad Rikita who reveals more about Ishaan then he and everyone knows and he says the same to Ishaan. Bua ji (ONCE AGAIN) interrupts the moment and makes snide remarks about not dancing with Ishaan. Bua ji leaves and Amrit confronts her about what she said as Ishaan doesn't know the truth. Kittu intervenes to dispel the situation and offer her two cents but bua ji feels she is being insulted and asked to leave.Bua ji creates a big scene in front of everyone that is leaving but Kunal and his family enters at the time and Kunal saves the day! (LOL flirting is not always so bad). He convinces Bua ji to stay back and everyone finally relaxes (wonder if it's possible to actually clone someone like Kunal???).


 Everyone is dancing and enjoying the shagun function while Shraddha take a secret look and glance at Kunal who catches her. Shranal eyelock (my heart blown into pieces). Rituals proceed and little tiff between Kamini and bua ji about Dhruv intervening but overall the function proceeds normally. Anand and Kittu talks aout Ishaan and he over hears but they say it was about something else. Ishaan leaves and Anand jokes with Kittu after seeing how tense she is and she pinches him and Anand smiles. Jaya and Ashish comes into Shraddha room as Jaya complains about the dress she have to use to perform in while Shraddha  jokes with her. Rikita comes in and says Jaya looks hot and everyone chides her saying she can't say that especially if bua ji catches her saying it. Rikita and Ishaan convinces Jaya about her outfit and Dhruv comes in saying he will distrubite the wedding cards to his friends to come. Emotional scene between Amrit and Zor about Ishaan's truth about his parentage. Weird moment of Shraddha smiling and wind blowing through her hair and its interrupted by the crazy mystery girl (whose going to interrupt the wedding for sure) who says the same line over. Shraddha doesn't believe her and cuts the call while Anand surprises her with chocolates.


 More arguments between Zor, Bua ji, and Dildaar about arrangements that guest will sit on for the sangeet. Shraddha pulls in Zor from arguing with Dildaar and they recount memory lane when she was younger. This leads to how she will be leaving once she is married and just a cute and emotional scene between the two. Amrit jokes with Zor and he laughs along with Shraddha. Jaya interrupts them for the dance rehearsal. Kunal's home with the preparation of the gifts where one of Kamini's guests makes a taunt about how modern she is based on accepting Shraddha. Puru ji dispel the situation while Kamini takes her anger and annoyance out on Ramdeen. Kittu is flustered as she tries to make sure everything is being prepared and a nice scenes between her and bua ji where bua ji drops Kittu's veil that is about to fall off. She remarks Kittu looks beautiful and she should leave it that way as she will drop her's as well. Kittu smiles as she walks away and secret private investigator (Jaya) overhears and smiles in happiness. More arguments between Dildaar and Zor; the ceremony begins as Kunal's family comes and etc. Shraddha also comes and Kunal is mesmerized along with everyone else. (Loving that BG theme/tune). Shraddha is presented to everyone and Shranal scene (ovaries blown, gone, finished!!!!).


Ritika announces the performances as each couple dances. Bua ji and Dildaar, then Kamini and Zor, then Anand and Kittu. Soon Puru and Kamini also dance and so forth. Shranal scene where I'm rendered immobile and dead. Kunal kisses Shraddha when she is busy watching the performance and she looks at him in shock. Kunal dances and soon Shraddha dances with him. Nonsense is created when crazy mystery girl sends the photo of her and Kunal to Shraddha; Bua ji sees as Shraddha left her phone behind. A huge commotion is created as Bua ji shows it to Zor and Amrit soon this spreads where we have an auditorium of people with Kunal being the meat where the animals are ready to pounce on him. They question him and he is confused as to what is going on and tries to deny but they show him the picture and tries to explain what happened that the crazy mystery girl was his girlfriend from the U.S. 

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This week was quite happy going with all the marriage things going on and soo nobody was in much tension but one person who was enjoying all these to its fullest was our dhruv,such a supporting son who has accepted his new daddy with his open arms even after seeing soo many things in this age is commendable...
so character of the week is dhruv
Shraddha-Kunal phone convo..

Har ladki ka sapna hota hai ke uske ghar baraat ae aur wo bhi pure band baaje ke saath...

This dialogue is by Shraddha ,who expresses her happiness and excitement on getting married with Kunal!!! Every girl dreams of a  grand wedding and a beautiful life there after and Shraddha is no different..her excitement could be easily noticed from the dialogue!Big smile

Daman Buaji -
 She is Zor's only Sister & she has been interfering with the Shergill family by making them feel inferior by taking over the responsibilities for Shraddha's wedding. She doesn't care about anyone's feeling as she speaks whatever comes to her mind. For example Ishaan's Father is someone else; because of this Buaji treats him differently & doesn't show any love towards him, as she constantly argues & taunts him. However Ishaan doesn't know about his real Father, therefore he feels bad with the way Buaji interacts with him. After Amrit had accidently told Buaji that Zor didn't want to invite her for Shraddha's wedding because of her behaviour, and then she started to create some turmoil by telling everyone that no one likes her & they keep taunting her.    

Zor-Shraddha scene

[/CENTER]This was a beautiful & precious Father-Daughter scene where Shraddha shows her childhood picture with her father & says:"Dekhiye, mujhe yeh wali Papa chahiye!" Then she recollects about how Zor used to buy new dresses for her in every school annual day functions, as she was important for him. The he responds by saying:"Tum toh mere liye hamesha important rahegi beta!" Then Shraddha tells her papa that ever since her wedding preparations started he didn't speak to her or see how she is, Zor tells her that he was busy. An emotional scene was when Shraddha had told her papa that she will miss him as every morning she wouldn't be able to serve & give him tea, he replies by saying that he will visit his daughter's house to drink the tea made by his dear daughter. This type of scenes are a visual treat, as they portray real life situations & both the Actor & Actress did a splendid job as a Father & a Daughter![/CENTER]

Heart wrenching scenes:

Well, when you have a wedding in progress it seems that all the mush, secrets, and all the mistakes in the past comes rearing its ugly head and we have a boatload of scenes that somehow does a number on your heart and your tear ducts. I will list and describe them below.

  • Shraddha and Dhruv where he is asking whether he will be staying here in Shraddha parents home as he will miss his grandparents.
  • Also with Bua ji's taunt and Ishaan's confusion as to why she continuously insults him.
  • Another scene as Jaya trys to taunt about Dhruv being the only one to see his mother's wedding but Dhruv states that all his friends are jealous and Shraddha cries and hugs him.
  • Amrit looking at Ishaan and Zor intervenes and states that no matter what truth comes out, Ishaan is HIS son and no one can change that truth.
  • Scene between Shraddha and Zor as we go down memory lane as he shows her the photo album of her when she was small and how she never got scolded compared to the other three.
  • Something about the scene where Anand and Kittu walks Shraddha to meet everyone for the mehendi ceremony...idk the whole brother finally being able to walk and see his sister during these whole ceremonies is just beautiful and emotional to me. Especially since Ashish joins in and soon Ishaan...ugh it just screams the cutness and just the entire familial situation of her brothers always protecting her and being around her and shielding her (Oh gosh im just rambling on...Makes me miss my siblings...LOL!!!).


 This week the episodes have been a mix of drama, heart-touching, light-hearted & romantic scenes. Dildaar Fufaji is Buaji's husband, his entry brought much happiness as everyone was delighted to see him & his love towards everyone is equally portrayed. However Fufaji is selfish when it comes to spending money, as he gave Shraddha a bouquet which belonged to someone else. Fufaji doesn't allow Zor to decide about the arrangements for Shraddha's wedding, thereby controls & dominates everyone. Whilst on the other hand Shraddha & Kunal talk to each other by the use of their phone, in which Shraddha shares about her dream wedding. Another heart-touching scene where Shraddha tells Dhruv about Kunal designing his room, and then Dhruv responds about feeling sad to leave his Grandparents. Kittu & Shraddha have a beautiful Nanad-Bhabhi moment in which they share ice cream. There is a scene where Shraddha is lost in Kunal's thoughts, later on she receives a message which says Don't marry Kunal, as he is already married' this leaves her shocked but she feels that Kunal is playing a prank on her. She shares this news with Kittu, then they both phone Kunal who is with his Friends, in which Kittu tells him not to joke with Shraddha; this then leaves him confused. Buaji creates drama about leaving the house as no one likes her presence & taunts her; yet Kunal manages to save the situation by convincing her to stay as she is needed to complete the wedding. Anand & Kittu speak to each other about hiding the truth from Ishaan, he overhears his name & wants to know the truth, and most likely Anand diverts the conversation by making a different excuse. Amrit comes to see Ishaan who is sleeping, she feels sad & cries at the way Buaji treats him, and then Zor comes to assure her that Ishaan is his son. The sangeet function starts while Kunal is mesmerised by Shraddha's beauty & tells her that something is missing, and then he shows his picture with her in the mirror & says that this is perfect! Everyone dances & happiness is shown in the sangeet, then a picture is sent to Shraddha's phone & this shock Buaji who shows it to Zor & Amrit. Ishaan tells Kunal that Zor is calling for him, he also agrees that he knows the girl Nisha as she was his girlfriend in US which leaves everyone surprised.        

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by-  hinz

Flaunt your winning siggy...

By-   bairiyaa.isskq

Flaunt your winning siggy...

By- -Red-Rose-

Flaunt Your Winning Siggy

The most active popular thread of the week is

Kunal,Anand dressed up as girls!!:D *New pic added on pg 6*


Flaunt your winning siggy 

The most active popular member of the week is

Flaunt your winning siggy...

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Yayy..the NL is up!!Big smile
Great job guys!!ClapClap

Congratz all the winners!!StarStar

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Awesome NL!!ClapClap
Well done to everyone!!Embarrassed

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Congrats to all! Big smile

This is a nice NL, btw. Star

Dont agree with the irritating character of the week though. Evil Smile

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Wow something new in Shergil town. Well done guys its a beautiful thread. And congrats buddies for winning the crown Star Clap

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