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{ * Happy Birthday, Shantanu Maheshwari* }

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There are those who can dance well and those who can act well; and then there is Shantanu who can do both with equal ease and finesse. He is a complete package, with his his top notch acting that has established him as one of the finest actors in the industry, for us, and his chocolate-boy-good looks that set many girls hearts aflutter! And most importantly, his dancing prowess which sets him apart: his versatility, flexibility, expressions and fluidity on the dance floor make him a force to reckon with no matter what style he does. Right from his days as part of a dance crew through IndiaFest all the way to D3, he has come a long way and what better day than his birthday to celebrate that! 

Shatanu Maheshwari has been dazzling our screens as Swayam Shekhawat in the popular show [V] Dil Dostii Dance for a good three years, with his awe-inspiring moves and acting prowess that has only grown with time. This lanky boy next door started off his journey as an actor while portraying the dreamy eyed Swayam in 2011 on [V] Dil Dostii Dance. With his impeccable dancing skills and agility, he has received many accolades as he breathed life into Swayam, each day for the past three years. 

Today we celebrate the birthday of Shantanu as he steps onto the 23rd year of a very
colorful life. Join us, as we relive some important milestones of Shantanu and Swayam.

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Shantanu's tryst with dancing began early, as part of school festivals where he wowed Kolkata's student crowd with his natural flair on stage. From there it was a natural progression to college festivals while pursuing B.Com at HR College of Commerce in Mumbai where he joined Street Soul Dance Crew (SSDC). The group went on to participate in and win many inter-college dance competitions and street-dance battles.

This took SSDC to Channel V's Nokia IndiaFest, the country's biggest college festival in Goa, where Shantanu went on to win the solo title at Footloose, 2011. It is from here that he was picked up for an audition for D3 and well, the rest as they say is history.

As Swayam we have seen him traverse a whole range of emotions and shades over the last three years and he has grown as an actor with each passing episode. Whether it is the ultimate lover who loves Sharon unconditionally and unquestioningly, the friend who is always there to help and lend support, the leader who calmly and determinedly leads his team to victory, the thinker who figures out a way to fix every possible problem...Shantanu has played each and every facet of Swayam with brilliance. He has made us smile with him, cry with him, sigh with him and take the emotional ride along with him through all these episodes that have left an indelible mark on us all as viewers.

Aside from what he has accomplished on screen, his choreography for the show stands testimony to his accomplishments off it. Solos, duets, group routines, battles...Hip-Hop, Popping, Contemporary,Bollywood...romantic, fun, emotional, name it and he along with choreo- partner and friend Macedon have given the audience a whole range of routines to watch and thoroughly enjoy!

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1. Idol - Father
2. Accessories - Only watches. (Casio G Shock Watch being his favorite)
3. Favorite perfume - Davidoff
4. Fashion for him is - Comfort
5. Clothes he is most comfortable in - Jeans and T-shirts
6. Color that fills his wardrobe - Black, White, Grey and Blue
7. Favorite TV Personality - Karan Singh Grover
8. Favorite Bollywood Actor - Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah and Nawazuddin Siddiqui
9. Favorite Film - Captain Phillips, P.S I love you!, Legend of Bhagat Singh and Persuit of Happiness
10. Favorite Song - Root Ke Humsein Kahin, I do it for you'by Bryan Adams, Tujhko Jo Paaya and Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi
11. Favorite author- Chetan Bhagat
12. Favorite show- Big Bang Theory.
13. Favorite Food-  Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana
14. Favourite quote - Steve Jobs : "Stay hungry, stay foolish".
15. He is close to Macedon , Amar G, Palki, and Vrushika on D3 sets.
16. He takes keen interest in behind the scene technical stuff and loves photography.
17. He has choreographed for the International Moulin Rouge team
18. A huge fan of Govinda, Javed Jafferey and Prabhu Dheva; out of which he already met Javed Jafferey & Prabhu Dheva.
19. Sports: Cricket, badminton, and even table tennis. He admires Roger Federer both as a player and as a person . He loves the way Federer handles his fame and carries himself off the court .
20. His mother plays a very influential role in his life;  she is his   teacher,  friend, mentor and guide and on top of that an amazing cook. He considers his mother as his lucky charm.
21. He was a mischievous, demanding and pampered child . According to him , he  started gaining  maturity when he grew up.
22. If not a dancer: he'd be a CA (Chartered Accountant).
23. As he got  involved with dancing , started to fall in love with it and a point came  when he decided that media was what he enjoyed and  what he wanted to do. Being is a shy guy, he always imagined himself behind the camera rather than in front of it.

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Macedon Dmello: Macedon and Shantanu's friendship dates back to SSDC days. The two of them are always involved in playing pranks on others. They have choreographed 42 dances till date for D3 and all of them have been equally appreciated by fans and members of the dance fraternity.

Palki Malhotra: Palki ma'am and Shantanu gel along quite well. She is his mentor and Shantanu never fails to thank her in every interview of his for making him what he is today. Here is her birthday wish for him: 

"Happy birthday Shantanu..keep up the hard work and just remember that you are loved."

Vrushika Mehta: Vrushika, his co-star is one of the people Shantanu has mentioned that he is fond of on the sets. Shantanu and Vrushika, fondly known as VruShan share a you-tease-me-and-I-punch-you bond! Here is her birthday wish for him :

"The fact that your birthday has become a special day for so many proves that you are special...may you get all the deserved happiness...have a rocking year ahead...happy birthday Shantanu .."

Amar Gowda: Amal, as Shantanu mostly addresses him, is one of those people on set with whom Shantanu shares a very close bond. They have also choreographed together for the flash mob and the much loved dance "patti-rap" and have won accolades for both. They usually hang out together on the sets.

Danish Mansurie, Tahir Shaikh and Shahid Khan are former crew members who also share a very good rapport with Shantanu. They have often been seen hanging out together, even after the former left the show. From shooting videos to setting the camera angles Shantanu has learnt a lot about working behind the camera from all these people.

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A very happy birthday Shantanu Maheshwari. God bless you always and fulfill all your dreams and wishes.Smile

I started watching d3 only after tanhayye sequence. That performance forced me to watch swayam and d3. And after that rest is history. I became swayam, SwaRon, Sharon and d3 fan. I would not be wrong if I would say that shantanu gave life to swayam. It was shan's innocence, dedication, selflessness, that reflected in swayam. He has been inspiration for cvs and writers to evolve swayam's character.

As its shantanu's bday, so I will talk about my journey of being his fan. Earlier it was only swayam's charm which attracted me in the show. But shantanu's presence was always felt in all the ivs. That quiet, silent guy, who always used to held mike for others and only speak at the end "keep watching d3 mon to fri only on channel V". He was just a simple and happy go lucky guy, who always thought about his team before himself. I even named him mon to fri guy n d3's official promotionistLOL His selflessness and genuine nature was the first thing which I liked about shantanu. His non starry behavior was different from others. Later as the things turned up and came out, then it was not about just being his fan.. My respect increases leap and bounds for him. He went through many things.. Less screenspace, ignorant attitude, indifferent behavior from people. But this guy managed to work professionally with a smile and saying keep watching d3.. Not only his selflessness and happy go lucky nature, I am actually inspired by his positive attitude. He has always stood up for right without caring about the world and licking anyone's feet. His respect for his mentors and seniors makes him stand out in the crowd. Whether it is mentioning palki mam or touching javed sir's feet. These small gestures show the kind of person he is, simple and down to earth.

Shantanu is a brilliant dancer and actor. He portrays swayam's each n every emotion perfectly. He has been loved and respected by his co stars, friends and mentors. Like Vruhsika always praise him for his support and selfless nature in al the ivs. She has managed to understand him so well and that in a short span of time. She understands him so well that ppl were not able to do in last 3 years. Not only vrushika but palki mam, maccy, amar, sam n even the crew members never forget to praise him. This shows the love and respect that shanatanu has earned from his colleagues and friends.

Not only fellow co stars, but fans have also never ever left a chance to show shower dere love and respect for him. We have stood by him through thick and thin. Trending, constant winning of polls, letters , gifts etc etc..each and everything that ppl do for him just shows d respect and love that he has earned from his fans and well wishers. Its really difficult to make a huge fanbase without any PR, but shantanu has huge fanbase supporting him always.. Bcz its shantanu over swayam now. Lastly I would just like to say that shantanu you deserve all the love and respect and happy bday once again..Stay blessed always. 


happy birthday to u Shantanu...  many many happy returns of d day. 
u r such a sweet, adorable, cute, lovely person. hv never seen such an awesome & amazing personality before. ur smiles bring huge grins in ur fans' faces. thank u for making us smile. 
u r brilliant & super talented. be it in acting or dancing. every time we r jaw-dropped. ur every moves make us love u more more & more...
Wish u all d happiness & success in ur life. I started knowing u as Swayam Shekhawat. But now we love u as Shantanu Maheshwari. u r the one who made us fall for swayam. u give life to swayam.
U r amazing the way u r. Always stay like dis. we love u, we admire u, we respect u for d way u r. Wanna quote Palki maam., "Shantanu is genuine in heart."  thank u fr being in our lives. Proud to be ur crazy fan. & wl always remain crazy for u...
love ur onscreen & ofscreen bond wid Vrushika. Love d bond of PMDMSMVM. HAPPY B'DAY SHANTANU... GOD BLESSYOU... Shantanu Maheshwari Rules <3


Happy Birthday, 

S h a n t a n n u   M a h e s h w a r i . 

God bless you and loads of respect and love for you, man. 

Shantannu you are the person who makes someone respect and love you by whatever, even the simplest of simple gesture you do. You are really made of something else. Such kindness and honestly you have that even the toughest person will melt at your word. That's a good thing about you. It shows as a person you are sweeter and softer than 'gajar ka halwaa'. 

As an actor or as a dancer, it would be a shame to talk about how you dance or act. I mean seriously you are one of the best dancers i have seen. You have such grace in your moves than one can't take their eyes off you when you dance. I a huge fan girl of your dancing believe me. If there is some make personality i do love to see dance is only, Shantannu Maheshwari. 

Your acting is really good. I wonder if you didn't want to be an actor, tu agar galti se you have wished to be one tu phir kya dhamaal machate jab abhi yeh haal hai! So rpoud of you of whatever you are doing in your life. It makes you what you are, it has earned you a respectful name and even your enemies will think thousands of time to speak wrong about you. God bless you for that. Stay happy and healthy and may God shower you with all the happiness and fulfill all your dreams and wishes. You are the second celebrity i have wished for on their birthday after Vrushika. 

Once again,

H a p p y    B i r t h d a y,

Five star boy!

Loads of love!



Appreciating Words For You Seems Understatement...Day Dreaming
Just some lines dedicating to THE HEART-THROB... Blushing

Heart*...Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari...*Heart
Definition Of Perfection..The Shantanu
"WoW' The Word Describes Whatever You Do
Reel Turns Real... It's The Fact
The Lover Boy Lives, Because You Act
Screen Shines When You Give A Smile
My Heart Skips A Beat...aaah That While
Breathtaking Are You On The Dance Floor
Each Day Wish To See It Some More
Be It Waltz, Freestyle Or Bollywood
It's The Song That Follows Your Each Move
Because Of Your Talent, A Benchmark Has Been Set
None Other Can Reach Till There, I Bet
Leaves Me Speechless, Salute To Your Personality
The Down To Earth, Humble, Charming Quality
D3's Shan...You Are..Reason Is Your Devotion
Respect You So Very Much For This Dedication
For Enlightening Our Lives,Thanks A Ton
Love You And Die-hard Fan.. Much Proud One
Happy Birthday Tannu...Be The Same As You Are
Wish You Success...And You Become A Super-Star! 

Sakshi Shah


Heres wishing you a very happy birthday Shantanu.Wish you the world of happiness success and prosperity.Lil something from our side to make your birthday a special one.Take it as a token of appreciation,for the bundle of talent you r and most importantly for the kind of human being you are.In one word-PRECIOUS.Make the most of this day.Have a fun filled day with your loved ones -Lots of love and good wishes from NABAMITA


There is one very famous quote about fame - "Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character." If anybody embodies this truth is one and only one you Shantanu . I have never being more prouder of being anyone's fan as much as I am proud of being your fan. You really are an inspiration for all of us. Any way don't want to bore you, just want to say Happy Birthday. Wish you a long, satisfying, successful career and a life filled with prosperity and happiness.


Hey Shantanu,
firstly wishing u a very HAPPY B'DAY
i started watching D3 because it was about DANCE but never knew that actually D3 will introduce u to us and only me alone u have been consistent in watever u had been doing, be it DANCE kehte haina when u DANCE aap par se se nazare nahi hatti, u r truely an brilliant dancer and an phenomenal PERFORMER. congratulations on successfully choreographing 42 dance routines along with maccy truely which hav been totally innovative, hope to see frm u gyes 
frm start of D3 till now not only that the way u evolved as an ACTOR, totally commendable the way u portrayed each shade of swayam 
undoubtedly u turned into one of the finest actors seen on tv
thanks for being urself and indeed this special quality of u give us many reason to respect and admire u day-by-day, her selfless nature and ur down-to earth persona make u stand out in the crowd and totally this makes u all the more special, stay like this and follow ur dreams do wat makes u feel happy trust me ur fans will support u every now and then lastly wishing u all the ebst in life, good luck, keep smiling because its indeed precious and ya keep dancing GOD BLESS U 

p.s u and me VRUSHIKA make an mesmerizing yet beautiful dancing couple whom i love alot both look like angels when u sizzle the dance floor with ur presence, u both r really an blessing fr us who makes us feel HAPPY and make us smile with ur crazy antics, we are so grateful to PALKI ma'am for giving us u gyes and mainly u both whom are indeed very very special to us, god bless to the bonding u ppl SHARE, TOUCHWOOD and stay like this ALWAYS

lots of love


Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari, Heart you are a synonym for dedication Smile Its not that everyone has it in them to be this dedicated towards work but must say you are one person who is truly dedicated and this dedication and Hardwork of yours has earned you fansSmile I m proud to say that im a fan of a person who has always respected his work and fans workSmile Today people love swayam because you breathed life into it, now we have reached a point that if Shantanu wasn't swayam no one else could have been swayamSmile The character just fits in one name and that is yours :)Thank you for being our Swayam and completing SwaRonHeart Once again HappyBirthday, may you get all that you wished for Smile


happy b'day shantanu maheshwari. u r d best. u rock & rule...  
keep rocking & keep dancing... stay the way u r...  we love u... god bless...


Many many happy returns of d day shantannu.. 
May you get all the success n happiness in life..
God bless you.. 



Happy birthday shantannu Smile
Wat do i tell about u am speechless Wen it comes to talkin about u..
Ur d one n only actor whom i luv n adore a lot. . 
Ur just a fabulous dancer n actor.. 
Moreover ur a fantastic human being, who always thinks only about others n is so humble n down to earth. . 
Just love d way u r. . Truly respect u for d person u r..
Wishing you lots of happiness n success in ur life.. 
Always stay happy n keep smiling. . 
Happy birthday..



Happy Birthday To The Most Lovable and Adorable Actor On This World!! Smile Embarrassed
May Your Birthday Bring You Good Luck To Last For The Whole Year..
Always Keep Smiling.. Big smile Smile
God Bless You! Smile
Happy Birthday To You!!! Clap Embarrassed

From Your Biggest Fan,


Wish you a very happy birthday Shantanu Maheshwari Party

Proud to be a fan of you Shantanu.. The most humble and talented actor I have ever come across.. In the past 3 years you have grown as a brilliant actor and an amazing dancer yet so humble and down to earth makes you what you are and we all love that. You have won many hearts and we all love you for what you are ..  I don't think anyone can be like you.. humble, caring, selfless, talented and what not... We love the character Swayam Shekhawat you play, but we love you more as Shantanu Maheshwari...
Keep smiling and hope all your wishes come true..!! Hope you have an awesome day... Love you loads Hug


happy birthday shantanu maheshwari
may god bless you
well i started watching d3 for swayam shikhawat but then i really dont now when i started liking shantanu maheshwari but trust me on this i am your fan forever... 
i really adore your smile cuteness! i respect your dedication hard-work patience humble down to earth nature! and yeah i am fan of your talent (dancer, actor, player( cricket basket ball skates tennis...))
keep rocking keep smiling many many happy returns of the day


A Verry Haapy Birthday to the person with a golden heart...You are simple yet elegant, your versatility as an actor is undefined,You make me drool over you, you dance with your soul and your eyes can perform magic onscreen. May this Birthday of yours bring a lot of happiness for you.I know you don not believe in wises but working hard to earn something, this will take you to undefined heights of success.I will keep you in my prayers for that.Let this Birthday be a best one for you tockstar.Keep smiling, coz you have the best smile in the world.A Verry Happy Birthday once again, Love you loads Shantanu... Smile Big smile Tongue


Hey bro,happy birthday,,ur one of the pure,honest,humble,genuine,down to earth celebs i ever seen...ur acting, dancing is out of class,awesome...keep it that humble like always...u will seriously rule future also...god bless you...wish you will reach all the success in the world soon...stay fit,healthy,happy,keep smilling...enjoy the day fullest...and keep on doing hardwork on acting dancing swaronSmile


Happy Birthday to a person that is charming, talented , most loveable adorable  of the world Shantanu Maheshwari 

I wish you an outstanding and fabulous birthday  .I hope that your special day is full of fun and happiness and everything that you enjoy.

May your all wishes come true -today and always Happy Birthday blessed be Shantanu Maheshwari the talent power house.Keep on rocking like this Heart 


Hi Shantanu! 
Many Many Happy Written Of the Day! 
May Your Life be a Wonderful Celebration in Itself Giving You Happiness as years pass bySmile You have grown as an Actor, Dancer and a Choreographer...Keep Going Strong...You'll have Us All By Your SideSmile Keep Up the Hardwork and the Sucess will surely be yours. All The Best for the FutureSmile
Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday Smile


dear shantanu 
Wishing you a very very very happy birthday I hope this day brings in u a lot of happiness and joy and success. You are a true gem and it feels vety proud to be your fan. Your a package of talent. More than that you are great inspiration in my life. Loads of things learnt Be the way you are humble simple sweet loving caring and just perfect. Its hard to find people like you but glad we fans found you. Thanks for touching our hearts Keep smiling always And hope all your dreams come true. 

Short of words to Describe the feeling but all I can say is this day 7th march is as important to us as it is to you. Lots of love and lots more of respect 


A very Happy Birthday Shantanu! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with loads of surprises and gifts..

You have achieved so much already with your sincere efforts and hard work. Continue working hard and I'm sure more and more accolades and milestones are on your way. Be it enacting Swayam, choreographing a dance with Mace, setting the screen on fire with your brilliant portrayal of the lover boy, making us cry and laugh with you on screen, everything you do, you do it perfection!

You are one of the most humblest celebs we've ever witnessed and hoping you reach new heights as days pass on. We love you and respect you for what you are!!

Happy birthday once again Shantanu! Embarrassed


A very very happy birthday our 5 star BOY EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Shantanu when it comes to you ,i'm always short of words.Embarrassed
i just wanna say it's rare to find such a humble and down to earth celeb,and you are oen of them.Approve
we love you as our "Swayam Shekhawat " and for the person whom you are.Smile
You are so so so cute ...that can't even express EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
May god shower his blessings on you and you may achieve all the success .Smile 
Lots and Lots of Love for you .BlushingBlushing
Happy Birthday again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Natasha Smile


Whatever I say about Shantanu it always seems less.. Words actually fall short when it comes to him.. I've always said this n I still stand by this... that yes I love him but more than love there is immense respect.. No doubt he is Multi talented :D Fabulous dancer.. Ace choreographer.. Mind Blowing actor.. Great photographer.. N much more.. But the most important reason as to why I'm his fan is because he is above all a great human being.. Honest, modest, humble, down to earth, genuine... Like I said words fall short :) on his birthday I wish him all the success in the world.. May he get what he wishes n many more.. Wish him all the health n success.. Gob bless him.. Stay the same always Maheshwari.. :) Happy Birthday :)


Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari!!!!Big smile
You are the most genuine person I've ever seen in my life!! You are the sole reason that I started watching D3!! 
You are perfection personified!! The way you act, the way you dance, the way you express yourself both as Shantanu and as Swayam make us like you more and more!!!Clap
You are grounded, humble and a good human being!! You have evolved yourself in such a way that people have gone on to become a "Shantanu" fan prior to a "Swayam" fan.
May God bless you with everything you deserve!!! May you have success in whatever you do in your life!!
Keep Rocking!! Keep Dancing!! Keep inspiring us!!
#stay happy, stay blessed!!Smile


Happy birthday Shantanu Maheshwari!! You are the most amazing actor I have ever seen...and the most modest too.. I don't know you personally, I wish I did, but one thing I know for sure, over these three years you have evolved as an actor, and the world now knows what an amazing person you are. You are loved by so many across the world not only tells that you have succeeded in making people fall in love with your character, but also fall in love with you as a person! Such a modest human being and as Vrushika once said, doosro ko khaana pehle khilata hai, phir khud khaata hai. So true! Perhaps you and vm are the only two people, at least the two people I have seen till now who credit the team before anyone else!

The good thing about Shantanu Maheshwari is that he's still the same. From his very first interview to the very recent one, the one thing that has changed that he's a bit open, and the change is for good! Other than this, nothing has changed at all and Shantanu Maheshwari is still the awesome dancer from SSDC!! Three years back, you were the one who took me to a land of bliss, happiness and amazement! From January 2012, till now, each day I feel like falling in love with you all the more... and my respect for you grows with each passing day!! Inspite of his page reaching 108 K now, there's not even a bubble of ego inside him, which actually makes me love you more! The most amazing thing about you is that you don't hesitate to speak the truth ! What is right , is right, according to you and you have all the right to express it! I'm really happy that you are following the path of goodwill! I love you Shantanu and #Respect #Respect #Respect for you!

Have always felt proud to be your fan!

Wish you have a really nice day, because you deserve all the happiness for being so good and have a great year ahead!! I really hope you get ample amount of opportunities to prove your talent in future, because people have seen that you have that spark in you! You are simply awesome.

Continue being the down to earth person without losing your child-like innocence and you'll definitely shine in future!! God bless you and lots of love!! 

Happy birthday once again!!!


I dont know now when I sit to write about Shantanu Maheshwari where to begin and how to gather thoughts or arrange them since so much exhaustive has been written about him and yet there is so much which refuses to be confined to words that you end up wondering if what you wrote was enough Embarrassed  so here I go...
Many Many Happy Returns of the day to my favourite celebrity -  the simple, humble, down to earth boy next door - yup this amalgamation of contrasts - Shantanu Maheshwari - Tannu ... have always felt proud to be your fan, not for your good looks for there may be guys conventionally better looking than you, not for your acting for there may be those who do dramatics with more flair, not even just for your dance for there might be better movers and shakers you know...but but but - there is only one Tannu - who has it all and does it all with the composure, grace and ease that he does and does it like a boss - because he does what he needs to and has to...what is right by him - that is your most endearing quality for me - the principles that you live by and I always wish and pray for you that the Almighty gives you ample opportunity to prove your capabilities and character strength each time the challenge arises...

Tannu you have won hearts by being simple and straightforward and as you step into one more year of your life I only wish for you to continue remaining the affable and forthcoming individual that you are, and being mature in your beliefs without losing your childlike charm, always striving to go that extra mile to reach beyond your potential and keep evolving always as an artist and a human being...GOD BLESS YOU and lots of love!!! Hug HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!          


Happy Birthday Shantanu Party
Many Many Happy returns of the day
May God shower His countless blessings on you and May you get all the success in ur life
I love you alot for the person you are and the main reason is down to earth nature
You are all girls dream for, the PERFECT guy Day Dreaming

Shantanu Maheshwari is the synonymous of the word PERFECTION.
Its like PERFECT is a small word for you
I am always short of words when its time to describe you. I have never seen this kind of person before actually I haven't thought that the man like you still alive on this earth? But I was wrong they still do Embarrassed

You are indeed the best actor of D3, best dancer, best choreographer and above all you are the Best Person Thumbs Up
No combination of 26 alphabets can describe that what you mean to us. I am always short of words when its time to describe you.

Just want to say that I m a PROUD Shantanu Maheshwari fan girl Cool
Once again a very Happy Birthday
Have a blast
You are the ROCKSTAR StarStar



Before I post my wishes, let me sing first..Big smile

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday dearest Tannu
Happy Birthday to you!!Hug

what should I say about Shantanu, whenever I try to write anything about him, I always have short of words. He is the most special person, he is the one defines perfection. He is the most graceful dancer, he is the cutest person in the world, he has evolved as a finest actor like nobody could, but these are not only the qualities that make him special, but which makes him special is what he is, the amazing person with a golden heart, the humble, down-to-earth, next door boy, the honesty he possesses, the simplicity he holds. Embarrassed

For me, Shantanu defines perfection, Shantanu defines grace, shantanu defines elegance, Shantanu defines magic, Shantanu defines dance, Shantanu defines passion, Shantanu defines personality 'like-a-boss'. Thumbs Up

No wonder Shantanu rules million hearts like me because that is what Shantanu born for, TO WIN. Cool

[COLOR=MAGENTA]One year again passed by & Shantanu moved to step his feet into the shoes of a fresh new year. But I wish you to never change from your charm, personality, simplicity. Because I love you for who you are, I adore you for how you are, I respect you for being "THE SHANTANU MAGICAL MAHESWARI, our Tannu" Star Star

Happy Birthday Shantanu, I wish you get every chance to shine brighter, prove your capabilities in every field of live, smile like a sprinkling fountain. I wish God showers all his love, well wishes & blessings to you. I wish you get every sort of happiness, success, health, wealth in your life. Stey blessed & party hard. Many many happy returns of this beautiful day. Party Party

Happiest Birthday Ever!!!

Once a Shantanu fangirl is always head over heel in love with him. Proud to be Shantanu fangirl. Hug

With lots of love & best wishes Heart


Happy Birthday Shantanu ! 
May god bless you and give all happiness in your life !!!
More success come in your life !

Well , Time changes , year changes but Shantanu Maheshwari stays the same ! 
Because you are Perfect as the way your are !!
You are best ! i m proud to be your fan ! 

You are a insipiration for all of us ! Yeah , u define Perfection !!

You are the most humble and down to earth person !
You are the beat actor , dancer and a amazing human being to !

Love you ! 

Happy birthday once again ! 


Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari
May ur fame never decreases n u achieve great success in field of dancing n acting.
Love youHeart

Ur fan


Happy Birthday Shantanu!!! Party You are an awesome dancer and stage stealer! May you get everything you wish for in life! May all the happiness and success in the world come your way!

You have so many fans all around the globe, who love you for who you are. They love you, because you are Shantanu! So perfect yet so down to earth!

There are very less people like you on earth. You seem mischievous, but at the same time, you have a charming personality. NOT TO FORGET THE CHARMING LOOKS!! Blushing

You are a multi-talented star! A performer! A dancer, actor, choreographer, and charmer!!! Clap  You are one of my BIGGEST inspirations to make a career in dance, even though its hard to make a career in dance here in America. But I plan on becoming a dancer. Thanks to D3. THANKS TO YOU! Smile

Once again, Happy Birthday! May god bless you, and you get everything you wish for! Keep dancing and please keep smiling since you have a smile that many girls (including me) are fida on!! Wink We are so proud to be your fans! Many happy returns of the day! Hug

With Love Heart,


SHANTANU Maheshwari d name itself can bring smile anytime n anywhere.words had to be prized out fr him like stones frm d ground.he s one such personality whom i had admired more dan nyone else,respected thoroughly n abv all whom i jst cant resist nything abt him. honestly u r abv all celebrities to me n i had loved any actor so much neither being such a fan bt shantanu u rule !! i jst cant elaborate dat how u r d best thing ever happened to me ..god m urrr die hard fan !! ur simplicity ,ur principles,ur overal personamake.u a great person n such people deserve to get drenched in pool of everlasting success n grandeur.
            no doubt,u hav proliferated briallantly in all aspects n won our hearts by ur most humble nature..u r one such person whom i jst cant stop praising enough fr u deserve it totally!! u hav truly left me spell bounded n its jst dat ill always be ur fan forever no matter wt n
                     may u soar high like a mounatain
                     may u tackle all obstacles wth same
                     dtermination n giving ur best attitude!! Tongue
so here frm d bottom of my heart wishing u a veryyy veryy" HAPPY BTHDAY"..!!d one n only one shantanu -our tannu!! Smile


Happy birthday Five Star* Boy !! The best Dancer / Actor or I
should say The Performer! 
May on your birthday you get a mountain full of you favorite 5 

star Chocolate Tongue keep spreading Smiles!! 

Smile Happy bithday again :') have a crazy day


Happy Birthday Shantanu...
U r really a clean hearted person...n ths is the main reason i luv u the most...
May u receive all the success in your life...may ur all dreams come true...
U r really a great actor, dancer, choreographer...actually i cn say ur an all rounder...
Shantanu Maheshwari all i can sum up u in a word which is "PERFECTION"...
Luv u sooo much...always will b ur crazy fan girl...
Once again Happy birthday Maheshwari guy...u rock...Cool


Happy Birthday Shantanu,

Best wishes for a joyous day filled with love and laughter.

May you have a fantastic birthday and a great year ahead.

May all your dreams, desires and wishes come true.

May you get all the happiness n success you desire.

Keep Smiling.


Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari !!!! Smile Tongue

May God Bless You Smile
I wish you get all the Happiness and Success in life !! Smile
Hope all your Dreams come true Smile

You are the Best Dancer and Best Actor on D3 !!! And you are the reason I am addicted to D3 ! Smile Smile

Love You Heart
Your Crazy Fan !!!
Shweta Smile


happy birthday rockstar
u rock
thank you so much for being our 
supercute, handsome, kind, caring, lovable 
and (at times) nakhrawala swayam.
hope you have a wonderful day
and get success all your life
happy birthday



                   **************[email protected] BIRTHDAY********************


A very happy bday SHANTANU !!
I don't knw what more to write
I m not ur biggest fan
Par I truly adore u as a person
I enjoy watching all ur Ivs
U r such a lively person
U r a true star with a charming personality
I love ur interacting skills
On ur bday I wish u all luck happiness health n wealth for the upcoming yrs !
Pls keep smiling ( I love ur smile) Smile


Shantanu, you have always been an extraordinary dancer, and in the last couple of years, you grew as an actor and we grew with your Swayam. We cried when Swayam cried and laughed when he laughed. We felt Swayam's heartbreaks as our own. It has been a wonderful journey. 

Here's hoping that you keep mesmerising us and achieve great heights, that you truly deserve.



Big dreams
Small dreams
Both have their own place.
Follow your dreams
But while on that way
Don't forget those who have helped you even in the slightest way to be who you are.
Specially someone from whom you've learnt a lot and someone who has been by your side when there were none.
They don't take credit coz they love you the way you are.
Nor do they expect anything ever.
All they want is a genuine smile on your face and a feeling in your heart that you really value their presence and always will. 
Have a lovely Birthday
May all your wishes come true.

Your chemistry with Sneha onscreen made us fall for you both crazily
Thank you for this beautiful gift of the fairytale of Swaron that Tanha has given us.
We will cherish those beautiful memories always.
But the hopeless that we are...we will still be waiting to see you both together on some show or the other.
Love you a lot n missing Tanha so much.
  Enjoy your day !!!


Wish you many many Happy returns of the day Shantannu..

I started watching D3 for a  regular thin guy different from all tv heroes who is unconditionally in love with a bitchy girl.  Then TANHA  took me in and made me addicted to  a couple called Swaron.

On your birthday I wish you all happiness success  you deserve.

Enjoy your day 


A very happy happy happy birthday to you Shantanu..Smile. You stole everyone's hearts away with your portrayal of Swayam's character with such impeccable perfection that has no compare.. Seeing you dance is like watching a star born,such is the effect of it that you only leave us craving for more, a person with a heart of gold and so down to earth and not to forget so humble and modest is rare to be seen..Big smile. It is always a treat to see you act on television and watch your fun loving self in your Iv's.. You truly are a rockstar in true sense Shantanu hope you are blessed with health,wealth, prosperity and success in your career and may you touch new heights and make a distinct name for yourself.. A proud fan of you and will always be Shantanu.. Keep dancing, keep smiling and spread cheers like you always do again a very happy birthday to you..Smile.


Hope u hav an amazing birthday Shan n even a better year ahead, hope u gt everything u deserve n desire. You r loved by masses n we'll always support u in every phase of ur life, u r a very important part of our life n we will always wish da best fr u
A person lyk u is rare to find I hope u noe dat, u r very unique in urself, stay da way u r,always coz dere is nothing better
You r very special wid immense talent still so humble dats something great bout u dat u don't let all da fame, popularity, all da fan love n admiration gt into ur head, 
Our love fr u has no limit, we just can't stop adoring u n u keep giving us more reasons everyday to adore u, love u, admire u, respect u n feel proud to b ur fan
Loving u is the easiest thing in the world for me. It comes so natural and feels so right in every way. Knowing that u r happy n seeing u smile completely melts my heart. U hav the most heart pleasing smile which i always wish to c every time I luk at you. I jst feel so lucky tht i luv someone lyk u frm the core of my heart, ur the most beautiful thing in my lyf. My luv for u is da most precious thing for me which i wanna preserve in my heart forever. I don't remember doing anything great dat I got to noe someone lyk u! 
There is no way tht i cn prove hw mch u mean 2 me. U r the absolute luv of my life. U r the most incredible n special person, n also the best thing ever happened 2 me. 
Love u since Swayam's inception n beyond eternityEmbarrassed


Wish u a very very very HAPPY birthday Shantanu Maheshwari Heart Mr.Magical Maheshwari u r the bestest personality in the world...pure heart...pure innocent...WE LOVE YOU alots! U R the main reason jiski bajah se mein aaj D3 dekhti hoo...u r the Charm of D3...there is nothing without u Embarrassed GOD BLESS U...with lots of LOVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!




                   YOU ARE AN AMAZING DANCER AND AN ACTOR TOO.Embarrassed



it has been 3 years since u have come in our lives n brightened it all the way through , u just dont play but u define swayam , nobody can do as well justice to swayam other than u , thank u for being the swayam of our lives n making it even more beautiful . wishing u a very happy birthday , may god bless u n u keep rocking Dancing.


Happy birthday to the most modest soul in the world ! 
and the most talented one too 
I thank god for giving you to us ! 
unlimited talent supply and dance supply !
I know i'm not making sense ! but i need not make any as i'm just wishing happy birthday ! 


Have a wonderful yr ahead, May God grant u all dat ur heart desires for, Many many Happy Returns of the Day!! Keep Rocking !! Tongue
Grace -From London


  Many many happy returns of the day shan ...Smile

i am very sorry but i usually avoid commenting on such posts because seriously i dont know how to express what u mean to me ... i am not a dancer .. i cant act .. but in many ways i find u as my inspiration ...i have always been a shy person like u and what so ever talent i had , i used to hide it from people .. but the way u broke ur cocoon and rose like a beautiful butterfly .. i felt like i have to do something good in life myself ...
u have been a guide to me .. someone who proved that u dont need to be over smart or cunning to reach heights ...
u thought me the value of good intentions and loyalty ...
u thought me how to  share  and  care for the people around u ..
u thought me how to stay focused at the values u believe in ...

THANK U is a very small gesture to put in all the gratitude i have for u ...but today i want to thank all ...
Ur parents , who brought u up with such wonderful values and well manners ...
Ur friends , with whom u learned to share and care and have immense fun with ..
Palki mam ... for finding u and creating swayam Day Dreamingmy forever favourite character .. which ultimately showed us those beautiful shades in ur character too ..
entire D3 team for whom u have such love and passion for .. which makes u so full of life ...

THANK U shantanu .. for being the man that i always wished to exist ... march 7th will never be a normal day for me ever in life cause even if many years pass, i will  always remember this date and U .. and thank THE ALMIGHTY . for just giving me a chance to know u .. aleast from far ...

GOD BLESS U ...Smile
STAY SMILING ...Big smile
LOVE U..Heart



baar baar din ye aayeClap
baar baar dil ye gaayeParty
tum jiyo hazaro saalDancing
ye hai hamari aarzoEmbarrassed
happy bday to you shantanuBig smile
happy birthday to youSmile
happy birthday shantanu...may god bless you...may u achieve every height of success..may all your dreams come true..stay healthy stay fit...have a blast on birthday & have an awesomest year ahead. you just not played the character of swayam shekhawat bt u actually lived it.its hard to imagine someone else as swayam bt love n respect for shantanu is more dan swayam.. "#ShantanuMaheshwariRules&Rocks" actually amaze me how even after 3 years u r still the same...stardum hasnt affected you even .01%..always be the same..n v promise to support u n love u like this always hoping to see on screen even after D3 keep smiling coz ur smile make many thousand people smile
keep smiling coz ur smile make many thousand people smile Smile
once again happy birthday Smile
happy birthday 5 star boy Smile

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Many many happy reruns of d day Shantnau Maheshwari... !!

May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer.. !!

May u get all d happiness and I Hope you achieve everything you desired for in your life.. !!  

you are an awesome and moreover great human being.. please  don't ever change yourself.. !!

I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on your special day, but on every day of the year.. !!

I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive a extra reason to smile. once again Happy Birthday to you.. !!

from  proud Shantanu Maheshwari fan..ur true rockstar...loadz of love.. Embarrassed


Happy bday Shantanu, Just want to say that i m glad i am ur fan coz nt nly u r an amazing actor and dancer bt most importantly u r an amazing human being. Jst dnt change EVER nd v wil love u lyk dis always <3
Enjoy :D


many many happy returns of the day ShantanuuuPartyBig smile may u get all the happiness of this world and may u achieve all what u deserve in ur life and reach great heights some day with ur hardwork and talentEmbarrassed love u alot and more then luv respect u alottt not only because u r a fabulous dancer or an actor or beause u gave us our Swayam but also for being the kind of a person u are.. for being urself alwaysHugfor being Cute,Funny,Sweet,Crazy,Adorable,Straightfoward and i m short of words nowWink the only word that can describe u is PERFECTCoolalways stay like this like a boss so that we can love u always and always say proudly just like today that we are SHANTANU MAHESHWARI fansCoolkeep rocking and keep shiningStarStarStar love uBlushing


Happy Birthday Shantanu :blush: 
You are an inspiration to all of us :X your dedication ^:)^ and hard work :clap: has always left me mesmerised o:-) 
on your birthday i just prey to god that you get everything you wish and deserve in life :d .
May your life is full of happiness and joy and also good health b-) .
Dont know what else to say #-O coz when it comes to u i dont have words just keep smiling :d keep dancing :dance1: keep exploring (*) keep entertaining us with your work :P and yes keep enjoying your life live it to the fullest \:D/ 
god bless u with success and prosperity (*) 
and once again happy wala birthday 5 star boy :YMPARTY: Heart 


Three years back on this very month of March I started watching a new show. Basically while shifting channels i noticed this show and as it was about dance and the concept was different I thought of giving it a shot.. I hate watching daily soap and even if I watch any I really can't continue watching that I get bored of it but D3 well it was fresh new and energetic and the thing which got me connected to it was the tall lean and bohot saare zulfo wala guy.. Seriously the first reaction after seeing him was dude kitne baal hai and aankhein bhi nehi dikhti thik se how can he be a hero but as the time went that very zulfo wala guy managed to gain all my attention even though I never fall for him on the very first sight but there was something about him an unusual cuteness that is rarely seen in guys these days, his face was so innocent I doubt I have ever seen any other guy with that much innocence in his face.. gradually as time passed that guy managed to gain a permanent space in my heart! His dance performances gave me joy, his tears gave me goosebumps, his love filled looks made me drool over him so bad and from then till now I have only seen his growth be it as an Actor as a Dancer as a Performer.. he has perfected every bit of himself.. he always said " Perfection can't be reached" but after seeing him I get a feeling like yes I have seen perfection! The more I came to know about him the more I fell for him.. his ivs, articles, statuses everything just showed how awesome kind of a human being he is.. He is not hi fi like all other heroes he is simple yet class apart!
Three years back I never realized he will be able to rule my heart like this.. He has become my adoration, my inspiration, my love and my addiction and the best thing is he owned each and everything he forced me to fall for him and I helplessly did.. So here is wishing that guy.. That Shantanu Maheshwari a very Happy Birthday! His name itself gives me gossebumps now! Hope he becomes more and more successful and hope he will be able to rule the entire world someday! He has talent and I hope the world will be generous enough with him to give him a chance of showing it! Hope he stay like this, hope he keeps growing the same way I am sure he will become a huge name someday because there is no other Maheshwari he is what he is simply one of his kind! #LOVE #RESPECT

Wish him a very happy birthday.. may god bless him... n he has a successful year ahead... whenever i have to write a message for him i literally go blank... There r so many things to be said that everything gets mixed... This too is going to be a rambling... the first thing is to say is how much we luv, respect and support him... And our respect for him keeps on increasing everyday... Every small gesture of his proves dat there can b only one SHANTANU MAHESHWARI... Talking about me he is my inspiration.. I have learned many things from him.. And still learning... He taught me hw to stay calm and dignified during low periods.. He taught me dat life won't always give u wat u deserve but u'll have to proove urself the best in watever oppertunity u'll b getting... His selfness nature.. His habbit of keeping team above u.. His humble, down to earth nature makes him different... Hs respect fr his creator palki mam makes us respect him even more...hope he stays like this... Its seriously difficult to find a human as genuine as him... He has always proved how capable and versatile dancer he is... He has evolved so good as an actor that it never feels like he is a dancer evolved actor... He has shown a steep graph of improvement... And yes swayam's dialogue 'limelight me aana mera focus nahi.. Mera focus hai apna best dena.. Talent hoga toh log ek kone se bhi notice kr lenge' it so applies him... No wonder palki mam said he resembles very much to swayam... Now if i come to his cute looks even a month of continuous drooling won't b enough.. But just want to point out his smile,... I dont know but his smile always manages to light up our faces doesnt matter however low situations might be... Sometimes it hurts to watch D3 but yes we will keep on watching cause of that cute 'keep watching D3 monday to friday 7 p.m only on channel V' ... I remember he said in an interview 'D3 ek show hai jise bohot dil se kiya hai.. Bohot dil se kar raha hu aur bohot dil se karunga' so yeah doesnt matter however injustice is being done to our favourite but we will support this show till end, for him cause after all the dedication he has put in the show he deserves it... It feels so proud to say that I AM SHANTANU MAHESHWARI PHANGIRL... H has always made us proud of our choice.. And i know he will continue doing so... happy birthday to him once again.. Hope he gets everything he wants...


Many Many Happy returns of the day dearest Shantanu (The perfect PERFORMER and Human Being)Hug
Hope you have an absolute blast this day and all your fondest wishes come true, you deserve all the loveHeart and a lot more...
You are an inspiration to so many,  your love for your passion (dance)Star and your unbeatable positive attitude, your hard work and your dedication is just out of this world. 
A big wala God Bless to the most adorable, most wonderful and down to earth person.

Keep smiling, keep dancing, keep performing and keep spreading cheer and happiness where ever you go, From your forever Fan
 - Swati (Kuwait)Heart


            May many happy returns of the day shan ...may all your wishes come true...& u achieve more success in your life .Really proud to be your fan...have fun this birthday & eat chocolates.
we love u shan  & will always keep loving you..may this year bring lots &lots of happiness & best wishes in your life..keep smiling
once again wish u a very happy wala birthday ...stay blessed stay healthy
Big smileBig smileBig smile


Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari !!!! Thank you for being Swayam and thank you for being the amazing person you are. I am very proud being a fan of you. May god bless you and may you achieve everything great in your life. Keep dancing and keep smiling. Have fun !!!! Have a great day Smile


Wish you many many happy returns of the day Shantanu!Party
words simply fail me when i wish to describe amazing human being, a edifying actor and a fiery dancer..thats what you admiration and respect for you is huge..Approve
i have never seen such a humble and down to earth person in my life..and you deserve all the love you receive from your fans..for us you are Swayam and if Swayam is being appreciated you are the one responsible for it..
may god bless you Shantanu and i hope you succeed in all the endeavours you undertake in your future..
happy birthday once again Shantanu! Big smile
and yes keep smiling coz it keeps us fans alive..

your admirer and a proud fan Embarrassed


Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari

Shantanu you are one of the best dancer in country and one of the finest actors currently on television. You are humble, honest, down- to-earth and that makes us respect you more and more. Keep smiling and keep shining always.

I wish and pray you get all the success and happiness in the world. God bless you Tannu. Have a wonderful year ahead. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Tannu.


Shantanu Maheshwari - this name defines and redefines perfection for us.Your unmatchable acting skills,extra ordinary dancing abilities and above all your down to earth humble nature ,make us feel more and more proud as your fans every passing day.May god bless you with all the love,happiness and success.You deserve it all and much more.Keep that smile intact on your face ,as your smile is the reason behind uncountable hearts' happiness :D

Happy Birthday Shantanu - Truly You are Perfection Redefined ..Keep Rocking :)


Cuteness Personified...
these words are perfect to describe our Shan!
But it's not just about how he looks...
It's about how he is too...
He is of course yes respected..
But more than that...
And proud!! ^_^
Sometimes i just cant believe how down to earth a person can be <3
Shantanu rock!
Today i can only say- Shantanu Maheshwari, I am proud to be YOUR fan!
And yes of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAN!!
Stay blessed..!
And always stay how you are!



How much I love and admire you, I honestly cannot express in words. All I can say is that you were my pehla nasha. From that first dance to your smile, you make my heat skip a beat. You are such an intense actor and such a talented dancer. That shy Shantanu has the uncanny ability to portray one of the most beautiful characters I have ever known. For these reasons and so many more...I wish you a very very happy birthday.


Happy birthday to the most down to earth actor Of the tellywood industry Clap   Clap Clap 
Most adorable,Most Charming,Most innocent,sweetest,cutest nd My favourite ^_^
I wish u reach the greater heights in future ^_^
I wish i adore u more nd more ^_^
I wish i see u soon in bollywood !
I wish i see u dancing at higher levels ^_^
I Wish u keep increasing ur Fanfamily like this only LOL
I wish u to be always sweetest nd most innocent like u r now.
I wish tht may u live longer nd longer nd longer so tht we keep celebrating ur Birthdays LOL Tongue Wink
I wish u a very happy nd successful life ahead ^___^
Keep Ruling Tannu Boy Cool
Always ur Fan ! For me,u r a grt inspiration ! Whether its for dance or for being a human ^_^ i want to be like u Cool
Happy Birthday ^_____^   Party 


Wish u many more happy returns of d day shantanu Party 
May ur day filled wit all happiness and joy Star 
Wishing u a successful year ahead Party 
Keep smiling and rocking as alwayzz Party 
Wit lots of love Heart 
Aishwarya Smile 


happy birthday shantanumay all your dreams and wishes comes true and you reach new heights of successkeep smiling 


Ok so where should I start it from now...LOL

2009 June I suppose it was when I saw D3 and well Shanatanu Maheshwari for the first timeBig smile

And since then I think I haven' seen a male character so lovable in any youth show. He only doesn't portray the most amazing character with a conviction like none other but also shines amongst the rest of them...and well that is because he is SHANTANU MAHESHWARIEmbarrassed---the name says it ALL.

Well isn't he the most amazing and a guy with the most charismatic personTongue...his interviews not only prove that he is a man with a golden heartStar but he is the most fun man to be with.Wink

His charming smile and gleaming eyes make him stand out of all. His extremely great dancing skills and too good acting skills make him THE MAN Heart 

Today on this special day wishing him all the luck in the world and hoping that he gets all the happiness he deserves and wants.Hug

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 5 star boyDay Dreaming


Happy birthday Shantanu 
Just love u <3
May u have a blastic year <3


Happy birthday shantanu.
Have a gr8 year ahead.
God bless u. 


Wishing you a very happy birthday Shan :-)
Hope you achieve everything you desired for in your life. 
You are the one cutest, adorable and inspiring celeb.
Keep smiling as always ^_______^


Happy b'day to d heart throb of thousands of hearts 
our very own shantanu maheshwari
i really adore u for d way u calmly deal with all d situations 
ur calm n pleasant personality reflects in ur offscreen interviews
u ra fabulous dancer and an amazing actor 
d first word tat comes to my mind wen i think of u is respect
I wish u all d success in life

frm ur fan for life
kriti sethi ( delhi )


Happy Birthday Shantanu ...  I M Wishing You A Very Very Happy Birthday .. May You Get Everything In Your Life And May You Get More And More Successful..   Hope TO See You in Bollywood Soon.. Wink  N Yes Keep Smiling  Like Always .. U look Cute...   Love You So Much As Shan N as Swayam..  
N Again HAPPY Birthday , Birthday Boy..!!! Heart Heart


Happy Birthday Shantanu Maheshwari! You are not an actor or a dancer but you are 'the performer". I love you from the bottom of my heart and you are a source of inspiration for me. Your smile, jokes, and intense eyes intoxicate me with a feeling of happiness. Your dance leads me into a whole new world of fantasy, passion, and hope. Thank you for coming into my life and I hope that your birthday will be on of the best ever. I hope that you get everything you want and remember that there is at least one person out there (me) who is never going to stop watching television until Shantanu Maheshwari leaves. I will always be your fan and do remember me in your wishes!
United States of America


Happy Birthday Shanatanu Smile ! Have a wonderful Birthday and many more to come..

With Love

Neena, Kerala 


Happy birthday shantanu maheshwari...
Wish u all d success and bright future..


Happy Birthday Loverboy..

may God bless you...
reach the heights of success..
keep rocking


Many many Happy Returns of the day. God bless you , have wonderful year ahead. hope you will get more success in your life. Happy birthday shantanu . Sending love from sydney.                                             Harman sandhu 


Hey shantanu! Wish you a very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I know you have millions of fans like me but I am 1 crazy fan of your's.. To be frank I have never been such a die hard fan of any actor so far..Your acting skills are just mind-blowing! Your dance is just mesmerizing.. my eyes don't move an inch when your dancing onscreen! Once again wish you many many happy returns of the day! All the best for your future.. I am pretty sure you'll rock it in all that you do.. You will always be part of my prayers and I hope d3 and you reach new heights.. and may god give you immense success in all your endeavors.. and keep showering you with more and more love and happiness always It is an honor being your fan!

Please stay as you are because your just perfect as you are! Love you to the core.. 

Keep smiling!
Tc Manisha. (Maneesha Swaron)


Happy Birthday Shantanu..Party 
may you get all happinss and success in your life
you and sneha together gave us a beautiful fairytale Swaron which memories will always be cherished..Smile
May all your wishes and dreams come true... 


hay shantanu wish you a very very very hapyy birthday God bless you which is always better for you I really wish that you always collect love care wishes respect and more and more happness from your family friends and fans no doubt You deserve more than just a simple happy birthday wish You bring joy to our hearts and make our life richer. w'll always cherish you because you deserve it you are really nice kind and sweet person your fans follow you you are inspiration for us no doubt we like and love you a lot My wishes and blessing for you this day, Just have fun and enjoy your day, Birthdays come once in a year, So spread the joy with a loud cheer once again very very very happy birthday and keep collect blessings take care



Many Many Happy returns of the day Shantannu... Smile
May Your Birthday Bring You lots of Luck,  Love and Fame  
I started watching D3 for its uniqueness of being a dance show but then i saw u and ur amazing talent both as a dancer and as an actor. different from all TV heroes we have now. 
Miss watching u on screen

God bless u be happy and keep smiling Big smile

On your birthday I wish you all happiness success  you deserve.
Enjoy your day Party


Happy Bday Shantanu

We TanHanians always love you and we miss U , Hope to see U in a better place and vwry happy!
Hope u stilll remember us 
Stay Happy always



Shantannu Maheshwari,

Wishing You a very very Happy n Enjoyfull BirthDay..Thanks for giving such a wonderfull n Deep character of Swayam..Thanx for making alive the character of swayam with ur hard work and ur dedication towards ur profession n Dance..Though as a male mentality i had never liked any male protagonist from any telivision Show,But u are very very different one,who makes me follow or i can say bind me with ur Character of swayam as well as Shantannu,(Both from real n rill Life)..So just keep it up..U are brilliant actor,Amazing Dancer and most above a beautifull Human..So May God bless u with all the success n happiness in life,may ur all dreams come soon and u may achieve all ur destinations..

Just keep it up ur Hardwork,ur talent,ur determination and ur spirit,U will surly achieve ur Goals..God Bless u Dude

Happy Birthday Once again
Enjoy n have a Big Blast



Mr.Shantanu Maheshwari,
<3 ...Many Many Happy Returns of da Day... <3
me not jst a fan for ur dancing n acting for da person u r...da humbleness in u shows how good n true u r...
keep smiling,
keep rocking,
keep ruling our hearts,
U hv a long way to go...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...once again
(hv been thinking over again n to wish or to write sumthing dat completely justifies me speechless man...dis dude is something beyond words can xplain...)

PS:image credits to their rightful owners n makers...dis two pics hit my most fav edits of Mr.Admirable...Smile


A big Happy wala birthday to the most handsomest n humblest guy on earth! Big smile

Shantanu Maheshawari, the guy who stole millions of hearts as Swayam Shekhawat the lover boy on D3 Clap An awesome dancer, who leaves us gaping at the energy and moves in his dance. Who makes us go "Awww" as the lover boy of his sirenEmbarrassed Makes us blush as Majnu boy EmbarrassedAlways maintains respect, gratitude and humbleness to his mentor Clap and Also does a lot of masti off screen LOL Makes us smile with every presence of his Smile Watching him on/off screen is pure bliss Wink
 1 can go and on praising him, but cutting short for now, we wish u Shantanu MaheshwariA very very very happy happy wala birthday!!! Big smile Have loads of fun and may god bless you in the years to come Big smileWe love you <3 n will support you no matter what you do :) Good luck n stay blessed :)Your ardent fans,Vadhana, Shashni, Ronak, Fatema n Harshita Smile



              MANY MANY Happy returns of the day






Happy b'day shaan god bless are a shaandar dancer /actor & hope u get more of success prosperity & fame u reminds me of old Karan Singh grover of dill mill gayee times u r almost @ par with r my 2nd favourite after ksg.sorry shaan but no one can take KSG'S place but you r also right up there love vrushika too love vrushan .Happy b'day once again keep rocking best dancer in tellywood


Happy Birthday Shantanu. Smile
The most humble and talented actor I have ever come across. Moreover you are a fantastic human being, who always thinks only about others nd is so humble nd down to earth. . Proud to be a fan of you Shantanu. Just love d way u r. may you receive all the success you deserve and happiness throughout your life. Have a sweet day with your loved ones. Wishing you a beautiful and successful year ahead!!
Keep rocking, keep smiling nd once again Happy Birthday.


Wishing you a very very happie Birthdae... May God bless you and all your wishes come true... You are one of the finest actors of tellywood and we fans have enormous amount of respect for many reasons well known... hope you have much more coming your way and success always be by your side. ((:

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