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WLRC#66 Is Tarah Chup Rehne Ko Nahi Kaha Tha K GirJaoTabBhiMuhMatKholo

aquagal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 July 2012
Posts: 8584

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Welcome to the 66th thread of our craziness Party

Itu Hug
Jas Hug
Aalu Hug
Uthra Hug
Uthra Hug

Aalu Hug
Thanks all  for the beautiful banners Day Dreaming

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aquagal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 July 2012
Posts: 8584

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Names of our threads

                                   Writer Lazy...Reader Crazy (thrice)

'Aaap??'...'haan main'

Thodi pagal hai but cute hai (twice)

Hum bhi aapse I love you dammit...

teri meri meri teri prem kahani...

Biwi ho tum meri...haq hai tumhara mujhpe...

Mere naam mein bhi A hai...

farak padat hai damn it kyunki

Aisa kyu hota hai..

Dhak - Dhak..

Hamari Dhadkanein..

Kuch rishte ajeeb hi dor mein bandhe hote hain

Naa paas aa saake, na door jaa saake.

Hai dhup sa woh agar, woh chandni raat si hai...


*Rabba Ve*
Miss GUPTA!!!!
humme bharosa hain aap pe
Laad governor kahin kay
Tum Her Kaam Akele Nahi Kar Sakti... khushi
Humein Bharosa Hai,aap pe,Aapke pyaar par..!
Jaadu hai nasha hai...
Aap na bade ajeeb ho
Mujhey farq padta hain kyunki...
Baat apki hai isliye fark padta hain
Hum toh aapke he hain <3
Kaha Tha Na, Nahi jee Paaoonga Tumhare bina
Ankhein bolti hai zubaan nahi
Happy Birthday to our Ultimate sweetheart Uthra
Yeh kaam toh main sirf tumhare saath kar sakta hoon
Tumhare isharon par na sahi...
Of course, Tumhari side hai na chup kaise reh sakti hai
Jo main karoonga, kya tum woh kar paonge
Yeh Larki Mujhe Pagal Kardegi
Khushi, aaj humari suhaagraat hai

   Gai ko pattal tumne khilaya,meri kya gaalti hain!
Happy Birthday pyari Dee
Batameezi Toh Maine Abhi Shuru Bhi Nai Ki
Mujhe Tumse Kuch Baat Karni Hain
Iss war ko Kya Naam Doon???
Khabhi kisi ko apne itne kareeb nei aane dena chahiye
Tumnei bataya nahi, meri galti kya thi?
Meri Ego Hi Mujhe Woh Banati Jo Main Hu ASR
Aapne Beimaani Ki . .
Thank you LAZY This Gang Is Because Of You
Hello hi bye bye..bhat happenings!!!
Hamesha yaad aaenge ye pal
Hum e safai karni hain... Aapne Dimaag Ki...
hello hello dirty fello bride & broom abhi tk yelow

Welcome to hell Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta!!

Jawab Hum karenge, Sawal Tum donge :P


                                 Sariya Biwi Aiya Balwant Kaur na Ayi

                          Problem shirt mein nahin mere back mein hain...

Kyu Dard hain itna tere hi Ishq mein Lola 

 Bas ek cheez ka matlab hai ki main hamesha 

                                   Girna Toh Tumhari Fitrat Mein hai

     HAPPY WALA BIRTHDAY PREETI i wish tumhe saari khushiyan mile

Haaa..Haaa..Haaa...Happy Birthday Sami Di :)

Ab Ek Min Chup Baithna Ka Liye Bhi Kya Overtime Dena Hoga..!!

And Thanks to Nishu for digging up thread names Cool and Kavita Di for making them colorful Smile

Members list

farha ipkknd - 2nd January

vandana.sagar aka V Di -2nd January

Nirmal1992 aka vibha - 3rd January

Viji79 aka uthra di - 19th January

Dj_arshifan aka dee - 31st January

aquagal aka aayat - 14th February

chitrajay aka Chitra Di - 21st February

...lyla... aka preethi - 28th February

mints23 aka mints - 23rd march

ssyahoo aka Sami - March 4th

simi58 aka itu - 29th march

Barun_Gf  aka Pooji aka Poo- 4th April

Skiran aka kiran di - 7th may

CrazyDollAnandi aka anandi - 16th may

nishu_shorna aka nishat or nishu - 18th may

POTATOROX - 24th may

Celinawalter aka Shalini - 26 th May

pinkwahlefish aka hina - 16th June

Hawa1997 aka wajiha - 9th July

PheonixTears aka Vidhi - 1st August

Jas0308- jaspreet - 3rd august

aashi12 aka anu - 14th August

Lazyleaves aka zehra - 6th September

...Gunjan... aka gunjan - 15th september

arsneh aka Sneha - 19th September

Binimoti - 29 th september

.Avanti. aka Avanti - 7th October

AALUSLOLWA Aka lolwa - 6th November

Kclovearshi-kavita - 5th December

Kooldewdrop aka Niharika - 6th December

ambishika aka piyu - 7th December

LOLWAsAalu aka aalu - 18th December

Opsyellow aka latha di - 24 December

_Devaki_ aka devaki -

Farwa_Ibrahim aka farwa or faro -

anshusreeja aka sreeja -

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aquagal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 July 2012
Posts: 8584

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:08am | IP Logged
A poem by my AKV Hug Embarrassed
My tribute to the best people I know virtually
I consider myself lucky for this opportunity
Few lines I wrote last night spontaneously
To mark this occasion in our memories

This CC with all our chatting is now fifty
It would not have been possible so quickly
If not for each one contributing generously
With conversation and banners so creatively

Whether sick or sad happy or unwell slightly
We all need our daily dose from the crazy CC
The pages flying so fast & sometimes empty
An addition that keeps us coming here daily

Each member seems hand picked perfectly
The confusions caused by the love stories
Which keep us entertained & in splits daily
The wars of words exchanged dramatically

Aalu and Lolwa we thank both unanimously
For the inception of this CC so every crazy
Warm, loving, loyal and your positive energy
It's what keeps us our CC vibrant & happy

Aalu Lolwa who are both the best can be
We came to know them as wife and hubby
Confused us with in their name the similarity
But now we know & appreciate you individually

Lolwa now for love for Zee is now legendary
Her antics keep us entertained wonderfully
Aalu my new favourite writer I say proudly
Her love life still remains a bit of mystery

Pooh who appears with her trademark smiley
Her anger is just her love of all of us actually
The only one among us who got to hug Sobti
Dimple cheeks,a beauty spot and so pretty

Lovely, RD or Latha is the Rapunzel of our CC
Gorgeous, warm & so humorous and very witty
Enters looking for her friend her VS her 'Lovely'
Her rules of sharing photos now followed strictly

Nishu our picture perfect porcelain doll is she
A doctor in the making constantly very busy
Juggling between shifts in hospital & university
Mostly nice but sometimes can be very naughty

Our sweetheart very special to all surely is she
Jas, but mostly called Jassi very affectionately
Our medic, a writer & makes banners beautifully
She makes us love her her almost immediately

Dee who is the darling beti of the crazy CC
She on the CC has a full fledged virtual family
Surrounded by friends both virtual & in reality
It's no surprise as she is loved by everybody

Uthra or the self proclaimed scientist is Viji
A writer talented, clever and smart is she
Her humour subtle not understood by many
On the CC spreading her love & loved equally

Wise, warm & wonderful like our Kiran you see
Who is an integral part of us with her positivity
With affection, she is loved by all we do agree
A mommy of two boys, respected by all greatly

Kavita our dear darling sparkles in red radiantly
With everyone shares an excellent camaraderie
Without her presence feels so empty our CC
We hope you keep smiling & stay always happy

Sami our chocoholic, naughty & totally OCD
Chocolate is the solution for problems every
The nicest person you can be lucky to see
Warm & generous, people love her naturally

Wajiha, princess she called by some lovingly
A name that we realise suits her beautifully
Her smiles reflects warmth and simplicity
Friendly, loving and a perfect fit to our CC

Aayat, her name is as beautiful as is she
A talented writer, who writes with sensitivity
Crazy for Mr. Sobti she loves him so totally
A house for him she would design gladly

Vibha's name confused me a bit initially
But now I remember her by her face pretty
Gentle and kind, but can also do nautanki
With her around the pages fly fast plenty

Our gorgeous Kashmir ki kali is Avanti
Soft spoken and a still reserved slightly
But don't mistake her at all timid to be
A lawyer who uses her words smartly

Simi or Itu our darling we now see a rarely
As beautiful externally as she is internally
Sensitive & amusing we miss her terribly
We wish we could see her more frequently

To have her back we are indeed so happy
For we missed a lot our dearest Preethi
Cheerful and adorable we find her mostly
Warm and loving she makes friends easily

Humari Hina's arrival makes us so happy
We tease her sometimes but very lovingly
With her around, laughter is a guarantee
We only wish she would not vanish suddenly

Sneha who we now call sweet and a sundari
Warmed her way to our hearts completely
A professor that too one teaching chemistry
Now an integral part of our warm CC family

Not often our we graced with our Shalini
Sweet and simple she is so special surely
To everyone she speaks so affectionately
We only wish she would chat with us daily

Anu my darling a writer/poet brilliant is she
Her news reports are famous & legendary
Warm and loving, bright and funny is she
Her on CC we would all more like to see

Piyu, by hostel is restricted unfortunately
A wonderful member who we miss dearly
Her arrival on CC is special we all agree
Talented & terrific, we wait for her eagerly

Chitra, who joined the crazians recently
But in all her spare time is found on CC
Hardworking and certainly a busy bee
Beauty and with brains she is absolutely

Mints my darling baby could I forget thee?
Spreading happiness, in awe of your positivity
Is everyone on CC, overflowing with creativity
Inspired by your strength & attitude immensely

To all our guest ( Farah53) & new additions lately
Binu, Farah, Farwa & others who us visit barely
Gunjan, Anandi, Sreeja & our sweetest Cheeni
To be a part of us we do welcome you warmly

Zehra my pyaari last but not the least definitely
You presence brings life and excitement on CC
A perfect balance of talent, beauty & humility
Kind, warmth & generous an inspiration truly
We all love you my darling and feel so lucky
Your wit, humour,dedication & spontaneity
To witness and enjoy throughly on our CC
Thank you for being YOU most importantly

With this I bless each one individually
May you all alway stay happy & healthy
Relationships we built with trust & honesty
With people from all the world & country
Surprisingly mostly met only virtually
All now seem like a big crazy mad family
To whom we are addicted to affectionately
And respect and love wholeheartedly

I have only incorporated those members I have had the opportunity of interacting offence intended. Please do take this in the sporting spirit with which it was you all and happy 50!

Thank you V Di for the lovely words for each of us Hug

Poems on Vandana by CC members

By Uthra

All the members she integrates beautifully
Love she spreads across the CC naturally
All the girls reverentially look upto her
And she is none other than Vandana Sagar

By Mints

This one is for Vandy... for being such a sweetheart as to write a poem,
personally dedicated to each one of us!! Hug

I am spellbound to read the poem, to celebrate our joyous fifty,

But how could you leave yourself out? Oh my Vandy so witty!

Vandana, an ocean full of love, is always smiley

Her presence has always made this thread feel lovely

She is an epitome of talent and yet is so friendly

Her poems make their way to our hearts so admirably

By I, Me, Myself LOL

Vandana my darling you are full of creativity
You have a special talent of weaving words effortlessly
You motivates us all with your kind words immensely
Loved you are by everyone here rightly
You are a person who spreads smiles, happiness and positivity Hug
By Kiran bole to Skrian
Writer Lazy Reader crazy
Met one day on LI discussing story
A thought came in the head of Lolwa my smiley
Her wish came to life by Aalu her buddy

Without WLRC life feels dull and sulky
Chatting here makes our mood happy
Hugs to each and every member of this CC
Who made WLRC reach to thread fifty

Poem for Vandana by Kiran again Wink 

Vandana the godess of poetry
Charms everyone with her words lovely
Welcomes everyone warmly and gives us love motherly
Her dazzling smile sure makes our heart go crazy

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aquagal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 July 2012
Posts: 8584

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Let's begin the craziness ArHi style

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pinkwhalefish IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 January 2013
Posts: 3963

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:17am | IP Logged

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pinkwhalefish IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 January 2013
Posts: 3963

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:18am | IP Logged

cant belive i am on d 1st page after a long time...

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vandana.sagar IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 May 2012
Posts: 32391

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:19am | IP Logged
My you...

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arsneh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 October 2012
Posts: 13320

Posted: 06 March 2014 at 12:27am | IP Logged
congrts crazy readers

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