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KriYansh ||Racing Track of Love||- Signing off- Epilogue

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Story of Kria-Reyansh
How they met through racing and how they became life of each other.
How she brought him out of no-living zone to life
and how he was always there to protect her from every possible threat
A journey full of emotionsracing, rivalry,passion, enmity, conspiracy and love

Hard to sum up 
it was heavenly to tell about it

Scroll down to read various chapters of their life

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Thank you

Finally! It's over! I don't know how to express it but it feels good to end writing their journey on beautiful note. I won't lie but I felt like continuing it. Mind is set to default where It automatically starts thinking about their next adventure. It's gonna take a while to stop continuing their journey in my mind. 

I was going through last thread today and couldn't realize when I started grinning like a fool. I consider myself luckiest writer as I got most patient and amazing readers. It wasn't easy to stick such a lazy writer. I accept it.
but you people were with it through thick and thin.

Your love and zeal is something which was my motivation. There was times when I doubted delivery of mine. I was not sure if I am doing justice to RTOL. But then I just remembered you people. My readers were never misleading. I could believe my readers. I was sure that I will get the sign.

You all are my mirrors who reflect reality. I won't give special mentions as each and every one of you are equally special to RTOL and me.Hug
Thank you
Thank you all for being with this story
Thank you 
Thank you for being so encouraging
Thank you
Thank you for being travelers of their journey. 
Thank you
Thank you for being here today
Thank you
Thank you for everything

Signing off
With loads of loveHug

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"No racing for 6 months!"

"Aye Aye captain"

"No more enemies from your past"

"ummm! Aye Aye captain"

"A long vacation at place of my choice"

"Aye Aye captain"

Rey and Kria were in serious conversation. Rey in his boxers was kneeling before her. Kria was being a ruthless teaser at a fragile moment.

"Can I please have my lady back in arms?" ,He asked.

"Wait! Lemme think" ,Kria said.

While loosening strip of her transparent nightgown, she pretended to think hard. Her fingers were constantly dancing around strips of nightdress. With all the knowledge of his need and haste, she was having fun in tormenting him. She couldn't get better opportunity to make him dance to her tunes.

Kria herself was drifting in the moment. Sensation of his wet kisses around her belly, pain of love bites lingering over her cleavage, rhythmic breath order; she has pulled herself back from a passionate moment. 

"Kria!!!!!",He was pleading.

"One more thing!" ,Kria asked.

"Now what?" ,Rey asked in frustration.

"You have to make bed tea for a month" ,she said.

"No! No! You know I can't wake up first!" ,Rey denied.

"Good Night then" ,Kria threw tantrum while tightening strip of her nightgown.

"Wait! Wait! wait! Okay! Done" ,Rey agreed.

"Now what?" ,he added.

"What the hell are you waiting for?" ,Kria asked naughtily.

Rey tugged Kria frequently as if right moment was just about to slip. Tender orbs meeting hard bones, her fingers reached his tail bone swiftly. While feeling solidity of every ring of his spine with her tender finger tips, she pressed the right points to arouse him. It was a practice now.

Feeling him wrapped around her, she ended up envying herself. His warm skin caressing her every inch with swift movements, she curled her arms around his shoulders firmly. Rey looked into her eyes leaving all the hustle behind. Her eyes were a little wet. He lifted her in arms and tenderly put on bed. She was looking at him with all love. Desperation never responded in this way. He was looking at her, no haste, nothing fierce, he just wanted to love every inch of her. She stretched her arms to summon him. He didn't move. Her perfect legs and their roundness, slit of her dress which was flaunting her perfect belly, Kria felt the heat evacuating her body. An immense heat which was increasing with double of speed it was leaving. His eyes were making her blush. It wasn't the first time when he was looking at her, it wasn't the first time they were into this situation, but still something had started all over again.

Her deep chasm and collar bone, he kept kissing her every inch with eyes. Her long neck and perfect chin, he never had noticed her this way. Kria escaped from meeting his gaze as he was about to look into her eyes. Her pores were all aroused in response of his ice cutting gaze. Her lips, The way they were trembling a little, a quick surge travelled from his chest to somewhere below his stomach. They were dry; Rey felt this sharp thirst in throat. Her small nose and cheeks, he noticed how her skin had golden touch to it. Her eyes, not looking into his, he just could adore long lashes, she wasn't looking at all. Her heavy breath was telling the intensity of her need.

She looked at him; he was looking right into her eyes. Was their need of anything more? She was lying in front of her like a beautiful sculpture and he has just started worshipping her. A sweet moan escaped her mouth. She couldn't take more of his gaze, it was torture. She held his hand and pulled him towards her. He like hypnotized worshipper followed her. Meeting the skin which he was kissing from eyes from minutes was just like fire meeting water.

Kria came on top of him, caressing his face and clutching his hands. It was a heavenly sight seeing her advancing towards him. Her dress was tickling Rey's stomach, her curls touching his face, and he reached the escape, Escape from this paralyzed yet beautiful state. With all the possible force, he lifted himself to collide his lips onto hers. Meeting point was there. The Moment was unparalleled where he felt his head getting lighter and body getting swift. She responded with equal passion. Finally all the heat generated found the outlet. This kiss tasted of passion and depth, and as he pulled her tighter, she needed him right back.

Swift yet slow, complete yet half, satisfied yet wanting, love yet unexplored, old yet new, was there any way to explain how they felt??

Night kept moving along with emotions and love. It was just one of their nights, still so special and refining.


Train left and they were standing on a station filled with people in woolen.

"bhaiya! 2 kulhad wali chai??" ,Kria asked a man

"Palampur it is!" ,Rey sighed.

"Your Mom is gonna let us stay in a room?" ,He asked.

"Shut up Rey! You don't even think about it!", Kria scolded him.

"Then why we are spending holidays here? I protest it", he pouted.

"You promised! You can't back off now! This is my home. Come on!" ,Kria warned him.

Sanjana was waiting for them outside the station. Car left for the home. Warm sunlight and misty atmosphere, it was bliss. They were home, their sweet home.

Sanjana's eyes had warmth for Rey. He was accepted in family. To the way to village, Rey witnessed most sacred form of life. Kria's face had this smile which Rey never witnessed before. Serving these people and living for their well being, he fell in love with the place and people.

At dining table, at tea time, in garden and in valley, he could identify the essence. Kria's every inch conveys that essence. Kria was busy since she got home. Rey wasn't complainant at all. He was busy knowing Sanjana and her work here at village. They got along well.

Kria's room was nothing less than a small world. Rey was mesmerized. He was looking at another Kria who was much more than he knew. Glitters in her eyes talking about her childhood and memories, Rey captured this Kria to cherish forever.

While seeing beautiful sunset every evening, they used to plan their future. Kria had list ready. Starting from trip to home, their first feel of being a family, Kria had another plans too, a month with Rey's father in Greece was next thing to do after Palampur. They had whole life to conquer various racing championship. Before anymore trouble, it was family time.



"Dad", Rey said. His dad looked at him trying to find reality in what he was seeing.

This word, he heard it from Rey's mouth with this warmth after so long. Out of words and actions, he couldn't utter more that "Rey". Both were standing face to face. No one took a step ahead to embrace. Though ice was breaking but it was still hard to melt frequently. In pieces and blocks, both were trying to do something.

And she walked from behind to embrace the silence. "Kria", Mr. Singhania was delighted. She walked right in front of him and he kissed her forehead with a big smile. "Hello Uncle" She greeted. "We surprised you. Didn't we?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes! Completely!" He said while collecting the happiness of seeing his son for the first time in his second home Greece.

"how are you Rey?", Mr. Singhania asked.

"I am fine. How are you??" ,Rey asked with hesitation.

After a month of Palampur, they were in Greece as Rey promised.

"Nice house', Rey complimented his dad during walk.

Mr. Singhania looked at his son. He has grown into a man over these tough years. His smile reminds Mr. Singhania of his wife. Mr. Singhania put his hand on Rey's shoulder. Rey looked at him with surprise.

"It's a home now son.", Mr. Singhania said.

"After your Mom, both of us didn't find a home. We both were running from it. We were running from each other. And I admit it that I was the weaker one." Mr. Singhania added.

Rey kept looking into his sad eyes. He always wanted to see him admitting it but it didn't feel good when he actually admitted it. Heart was pumping heat in place of blood. Rey couldn't make if it was anger or something else.

"Dad! I am sorry." ,Rey ended up uttering this word.

Without any second thought to it, he added, "I am sorry for being a trouble all the time. After Mom, You were the only family to me. I should have waited for you."

M. Singhania's grip over Rey's shoulder was firmer. His eyes were telling that how proud he is of his son. Mr. Singhania hugged Rey with all warmth. After years, his son was in his embrace. Rey held him as strong as he used to do in childhood. Ice was broken now. Only water was there flowing.

Away from this exclusive moment of Rey and his dad, Kria was looking out of window when butler came to call her for dinner. She was dressed up formally tonight as Singhania mansion was no ordinary home. She walked down the stairs of a beautiful hall.

Giggles coming from dining hall stopped her feet. A wondering smile covered her face. She saw butler standing outside of hall smiling. She walked towards hall.

"This way Ma'm!" ,Butler opened the glass door.

Kria was in awe of moment floating in front of her eyes. Love of her life and his father were sitting on big couch in pajamas playing video games.

She looked at her formal dress and laughed out the embarrassment.

"Kria", Rey shouted her name as soon as he saw her standing.

"come beta" , Mr. Singhania put aside the game control.

"Seems like I am overdressed" ,She said.

Hall filled with giggles and talks during dinner. Always well maintained Singhania mansion was messed up that night with smiles, little mischief and lots of fun. A detail video chat with Amma, Rey was living his childhood with all his loved ones. Kria could see the hidden part of him coming out to embrace all the love and happiness.


"Peter! Can you please put these veggies on the table outside??" ,Kria asked the butler.

"Simon! Did you iron Rey's cloths??" , She asked before leaving for getting ready.

"Kriaaa!!!" ,Mr. Singhania called her.

"Stop taking so much stress Beta! Go get ready! This barbecue party is for you and Rey. And see! You are here managing things." He added.

"Uncle! I was just going. Oops! Sorry! Dad!" ,she bit her lower lip while rectifying.

"Ahaa! Right! Go get ready!" ,Mr. Singhania told her.

Kria opened the packet which Rey gave her in morning. She didn't find time to check his gift till now.

It was a beautiful dress, exactly casual as she likes. She smiled with the feel of being loved, Loved like never before in every way, last few days had filled this big void in her life.  Sharing good times with love of her life was never this long lasting. She started believing in fairy tales where after all the possible troubles, Hero-heroine gets to live love and happiness.

 Floral print low V necked dress was looking cute on her. While blow drying her wet hair, she complimented herself quite a times. A blow of wind left curtains kissing the ceiling. Sunlight struck the mirror. Her skin had golden touch in it or it was sun teasing her. She adjusted a roving wisp behind her ear.

"Was she expecting something this noon?" ,she asked herself.

"No!! We are very clear about it. We always were." ,She self talked.

 Kria walked down the stairs. She could see adoration in every eye she met. But her eyes were finding the one who can caress her jumping heart. He was nowhere to be found. People were looking at her. This barbecue party was organized for her and Rey.  Mr. Singhania welcomed her with a warm hug and introduced to his guests.

"Meet my future daughter in law." ,He introduced Kria to his friends.

Kria's heart skipped a beat with new status. She saw it coming and it was heartwarming but still it was causing butterflies in stomach.

She kept walking to find Rey. And there he was, being center of attraction of few beautiful girls.

With glass of beer, his smile was drawing all kind of beauties to him. Kria walked right in middle of cluster.

Rey couldn't get his eyes off from her the very moment he saw her coming. She in sunlight was nothing less than a glowing fairy. Rey gasped the yearning.

"How can she always manage to clean bowl me?? He never found the answer. Didn't he try hard enough to play cool since morning??" ,Rey thought.

Her gaze had this warning to get away from girls. Rey looked back in her eyes with rebellion. He turned his back on her.

"What the hell!!" ,Kria's mouth was open with his act.

She walked rapidly and locked Rey's biceps in her petite upper arm. "Her aroma was special as always. Her touch was electrifying as always. She was vivacious as always. And she was being Kria as always" Rey smiled with the thought.

"Rey! Dad is calling us." ,Kria hinted Rey by widening her eyes.

Rey said, "wait Kria! I have some unfinished talk"

"so where was I? Yeah! My car was totally dead and..." ,Rey continued.

Kria's face could tell the level of her jealousy. She looked at those girls furiously and then back at Rey.

Rey kept tormenting her with his acts. He loved it. Her cute envious face was worth watching.

"Rey Darling" ,She intervened.

"Didn't you tell them about our Cape Town experience?? That beach party??" Rey spilled the drink in surprise.

"We both were so high on moment that we forgot about every..." ,Kria kept blurting.

Rey grabbed her hand and said "excuse us girls" and walked away.

"What were you doing with those girls??" ,she asked him furiously.

"Since when you started flirting?? Huh???" ,she continued.

Rey was laughing on his cute and mad girl.

"And what were you doing?? You were about to tell them about...about our thing." ,He chose to play equally furious.

"Now you are ashamed of us. I get everything." ,She walked away.

Rey followed her and said, "Wait Miss talkative! I was joking."

Her cute pout made him capture those beautiful and sad lips lovingly. He kissed her with all love. Rey and Kria were a little away from crowd.

"I am sorry." ,She said while breaking that pout.

"I am sorry, for making fool of a fool." ,He laughed.

She hit him hard and got wrapped in his arms. Rey grabbed her hand and ran towards lake bank.

"Kria! I have something for you, for us" ,Rey said nervously.

Kria's heartbeats were nothing less than drums. "nooo! I mean what" she murmured.

"what it is??" ,she asked loudly.

Her every inch was trembling.

"I am not going to be much verbal about it as we both feel same about it. What have been missing in our lives, I want it to be complete." ,He continued.

Kria was numb at the moment. She was supposed to be mature and normal but she was somewhere in paralyzed mode.

Rey drew a case from his pocket and offered it to Kria.

"What the hell Rey??" ,She murmured.

She took it with trembling hands and asked, "What it is??"

"Open it!" ,Rey insisted.

"A Key" She was more than shocked. "A Key! Really?? Oh my God! It was about a Key! Rey!!" ,She shouted out the anxiety.

"And I thought that you were...! Oh my God! I am mad!" ,She added and giggled.

Rey pressed his lower lip and said playfully, "It was fun to make you think that"

Rey laughed out loud. Kria hit him hard on chest. "Ouch! Ouch! Sorry baba!" Rey said.

"By the way! Key?? Whose Key??" ,Kria asked.

Rey looked at her with try get it look. "What???",Kria asked.

She looked at it and said, "no way!! She is back! Isn't she??"

"Yup!! She is back! There!" ,Rey pointed out.

Bugatti was there standing, giving complex to every beauty.

Kria ran towards her and caressed her shiny body. Her smile was broader than of Rey's.

"Can I get a ride in your brand new car?" ,Rey asked her.

Kria looked at him with all happiness. "hell Yeah!" ,She answered.

Both left the place in Bugatti to wander on unknown paths. There was lot to discover and conquer.

Another time! Another track! Another rival! Another level of their relationship!

It was racing track of their love!


The End

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So time for commenting...  

Last Time Over Racing Track Of Love...

Lets showed it with our love...

Hopefully my Love never fell short for this...

If it did... I would blame you Rockystar... Coz it certainly meant you gave less chapters... 

Coz I was... and I will be... head over heels for it...

Missing the present tense here... ;)

Coz abhi I am emotional... and not in love...

My love for this story isn't because of it a KR story.. It might be secondary reason...

But the primary reason is the name itself...

I just love race tracks... and the speed... and sports car... My dream car is Ferrari... ^_^ Inna paisa aa jaye bas... Chalo I am drifting off my track...

I always loved the amount of research and authenticity you put up in your stories...

Not to forget the fact the new usage of words... Its just unparallel... I learnt so many words... And I even forgot about it... But chasm I will always remember... Favorite word tha aapka literally... ;)

I also learnt how to write some scenes in a different way altogether... One day I will attempt it... Wishful thinking it is...

So the update as usual was different, unique, pertaining to the uniqueness of the ff...

I just loved how you provided a complete circle to this story...

Ahh... such bliss...

I am waiting for lets say a season 2... owing to my fondness of racing tracks that is... ;)

This ff gave me so many things... But most of all it gave me you..

I remember being this child... who came to you running with her predictions...

and you must have thought what a silly girl... 

but still you listened to me... and patiently gave me a chance to become your friend...

See you know what a complete ff entails with it? A friendship b/w reader and writer... But even after that a friendship exists... then it is a life long friendship...

Your ff was so long that it passed latter... and hope it remains like this...

This comment became less of a comment with every passing line...

So lets put a full stop here...

And for the last time here:

Awesome update...

And as you say... Signing off... ;)

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Jaldi update karo  nah
And you made the banner kya??? ^_^ :O

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okay lemme cry buckets now... Cry

The day I was just Not looking forward to come came... *sulks*

Racing Track came to an end... *sulks deeper* Cry


The epilogue couldnt be better than this..

I loved it.. i just loved it...

That lil hot part.. sanjana accepting him with all the love..

Rey n his dad sorting things finally...

loved that video game moment.. haha..that wd have been such an adorable sight.. LOL

End mei..I thought he is going to propose her.. but..bugaddi... eepppsss...

There couldnt have been any other perfect end to this... Embarrassed

Adi.. needless to say but Racing Track of Love was the very first story which made me hooked to KR fanfics..

A very simple concept yet simply beautiful...

I'l never ever forget this beautifulll story...

Love you for writing this... Hug

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