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IPKKND After their second wedding TH7 EPILOGUE + THANK YOU pg111 (9/5) (Page 96)


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Arnav: black

Khushi: red

Sheetal: pink

Chapter 53 ( THE NEW BEGINNING ) part 1

After the breakfast with the whole Raizada family Arnav and Khushi walked to the car being followed by all of them to start their journey to Lucknow. Khushi was sad because Aarav is staying behind with family and even she wished to take him with her she was somehow not able to say this to Arnav. On the other side Arnav wished so much that Khushi finally became the old one even he know that this needs time and they need to work on her security in him and and her believe in his serious intentions towards her and Aarav. He knows he will never refuse her again and give her the feeling of not being wanted, but still both were inhibited to say what they want and talk about feelings and insecurities. Arnav knows both need time to come out of all this and as soon she gave up this fear and accepted being part of him with all rights and duties, he was absolutely sure he will follow her and forget his fear about doing some horrible mistakes again.


He didn't refuse the opportunity to drive by himself and just when Khushi thought they are driving to airport or that he wanted to drive with car to Lucknow, he parked and she looked outside and saw that they reached the rail station in Delhi. She looked to side and saw his glance analyzing her every expression before he drove with rail to Lucknow when you left one year ago, right?...she nodded and looked again outside allowing herself to remember.

The noise, smell, people, feelings, everything was back and she could see herself outside the car, waiting for the train, feeling totally loss and alone. In the moment she feels his hand on hers, she was brought back into now. Arnav stood outside the car and protruded his hand to her to help her to come out. She looked around and both walked to the already waiting Train. They enter the Train and search for one free place. Khushi noticed that whole wagon was empty and follow Arnav into one carriage. Everything was decorated inside with flowers and food on one small table. 

Khushi was totally excited and looked to Arnav with bright you like it?...she nodded...but what if someone want to take place here too...Arnav smiled when he hear what she thought about seeing pillows and, don't worry...nobody will come...but Arnavji...a lot of people travel with train and sometimes it's even hard to find place to sit...don't worry about this...the whole wagon is empty...really?...yes, one is here...except me and you and few securities on the door to stop everyone who want to past through this relax and take place next to me so that I can hug my wife...


Khushi still couldn't believe what he did. He just reserve whole wagon and make sure they are alone. She took place next to him and feels his strong arms pulling her into the hug while her eyes wander to door just to make sure no one see them in this position. She remarked heavy curtains on the door and glass protecting their privacy from strangers.


She leaned back on his shoulder and could hear his voice...I know I choose Lucknow without even asking you...but next time you can choose where we can go...we can travel around and see the whole world...she should we see the world...Lucknow is the best place to go...he turned her head around in want to see her face...are you serious?...yes...Aarav is born in Lucknow...and I spend nearly my entire life there too...he grinned...and I met you there for the very first time...she widened her eyes in realization and this the reason why you choose Lucknow?...he nodded light and's time to complete some incomplete things and replace some memories with's time to start new...the new beginning...


His mysterious words let her stomach turn around and few noises came from inside...hungry?...she nodded no but her stomach snarled again...I am just nervous...why?...I don't about we eat something and you share with me memories from your last train trip...she looked inside the basked which stood on the small table and picked few things outside...last time I travelled with train was when I left Delhi, all alone and pregnant with Aarav...she stopped and looked to him...I am sorry...I didn't want to start with, no...I asked you...and I want to know...know what, Arnavji?...I wasn't there...his eyes became painful and sad but he spoke firm...I want you to share your memories with me...that's why I choose Lucknow, Khushi...I want to know what all happened...she took place next to him...maybe we should not start with this...shhh...tell me...I want to know...tell me everything...


Ok, but we eat and I tell you...he nodded and both eat and enjoy while Khushi start with her story...I was outside and sat on the floor...why?...I wanted to leave but the train moved already and I felt alone and desperate...he looked down and she stopped to talk...listen Arnavji I think this is not the right theme to talk about when people go on their honeymoon...he looked up from his food...first I come to, what people should do on their honeymoon, later...and second I want you to continue...she breathed deep in...fine, if this is what you want...yes it is Khushi...and I want much more... so continue...Krani found me and she took me with her inside the wagon where her sister Hira was inside...yeah, she told me...


It was understatement to say Khushi was shocked...what did you just say, Arnavji?...she told me about this...when?...where?...on our wedding?, you remember the week I was away from home...after you told about Aarav's birth...she nodded with bright open eyes...I was in Lucknow...she bomb him with questions but he stopped her in everything and ask her to continue to tell him the full story. So she did. She told him about living in Krani and Hira's house. Moving to small flat somewhere else and then finally moving again to flat where Ishitaji was her neighbor. Some things knew Arnav, some things not and he filled the empty places with her memories.


He listened silent wanting so badly to touch and kiss her whenever she talked about her hardest time alone without him. He took her hand and drew her on his lap to kiss her cheek and as soon his lips touch her skin she blushed feeling shy doing this on one open place like train. He smiled by her shyness and pulled her more into his hug to feel her head on his chest. It was one extremely tender, protective position which gave her the full security. She feels wanted and needed and a part of someone.


Her hand wander slow to her belly and she wished to have Aarav here. The preparations and wedding, everything took too much time and now that she talked about her past and being alone with Aarav she missed him like never before. The difference between before and now is enormous and sometimes this new situation scares her. Before she came back to Lucknow her days were full of work but also beautiful time with Aarav but now in Delhi she had one big family and everyone want to spend time together with Aarav. Yes, it was easier than before when she was alone and have to manage everything by herself, and she realized how good it is to have one big family but she was still scared to have too less time alone with him. In short, she missed her baby and this thought's left her mouth few seconds later.


I miss Aarav...hmmm...I miss him too...he took his smart phone out and tipped something while she said it again deep in her thoughts her eyes fixed on the window. And suddenly there was one noise. It sounded like her baby and she asked herself if she was hallucinating or dreaming. She moved her head up and looked to door. The curtains stopped her glance and she wasn't able to see what is going on outside but she could hear this one special noise again. Khushi turned her head again to Arnav and look into his soft eyes and saw something inside them...your instinct for our baby is outstanding, Khushi...I am proud to be your husband and his dad...and now let our son inside...

Sanaya Irani as Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? (205828) size:1280x800 


She stood up and opened the door totally excited to see him. Outside stood Viraf and Anjali holding Aarav and smiling. Khushi's face shown all her feelings and her eyes have tears of happiness inside when her baby protruded his small arms to her to show her that he wanted to come into her arms. She took him, hugged Anjali and Viraf to greet them and walked inside, while Viraf and Anjali followed her.


They sat and talked for some time and eat together. After a while Viraf and Anjali leaved and Khushi looked at now sleeping Aarav down in her can place him on one of the seats...we have enough pillows smiles looking down, her eyes full of love...I missed him so much...I want to feel him...she feel his arms around her upper body and he hug her and Aarav from behind...I missed him too...I actually wanted to give you this usual honeymoon but I couldn't let him behind...she feels his lips on her I asked Anjali and Viraf to come with us...hmmm...he looked over her shoulder down to his sleeping baby. His eyes closed and small, red lips parted a little while his hand rested on Khushi's they are with us?...yes but not whole time...Viraf is here to show Anjali his house and buy one other if she don't like it...but I think he search for excuses to spend some time alone with her...and they are with us to take care of Aarav...she pressed her head on his just to feel him too...I have plans for us Khushi...and Aarav can't be always with us...even I know very well we are parents and this honeymoon will not be usual like other couples have, but I am still eager to have some moments as simple couple on honeymoon with you...I hope I can give you the honeymoon which you deserve...


The rest of the trip was quite uneventful. Anjali and Viraf came to take Aarav with them for some time and Arnav pull Khushi into his arms to kiss her passionate after they left. It wasn't one shy simple kiss. This kiss was hungry and promising. Promising for one fulfilling time in Lucknow.


They reached the same hotel where Arnav spent few nights with Khushi and Aarav before they drove back to Delhi. The hotel employees greeted them and Khushi remember last time she was here and shameful going up to his room and thoughts which the staff could have, seeing them together. She was not less surprised when one of the workers leads them to the exact same room and she saw Singh Raizada on the door. She could hardly hold her questions back and manage to ask after they were alone...why is your name on the door?...and why did you choose this hotel?...we could go to Viraf's house...and...he stopped her from speaking with his lips.


They walked back till she feels the table behind her and couldn't walk back anymore while he slide his tongue deep into her mouth and back just to bite her underlip light with his teeth's as next. Khushi lost all questions and her head was empty by his touch. She held herself on his underarms to not fell down or back on the table. His attack on her senses was unexpected and her own reaction on this all too. Whatever this was and whatever she thought before, well this can wait. All she wanted right now is that he continued and do whatever he did with his tongue and lips.


He leaned back and wanted to say something when she pull him back into her hug and spoke...forget it...we talk later...his face show surprise but then triumph and he was triumphant because all she wanted him right now is to continue with his whatever he did before.


He spoke between his kisses...actually I wanted to take it slow this time...we should shower and eat something...maybe go on a walk...Khushi became bold thinking on Sheetal and her conversation before she left.




Khushi walked into the Kitchen finding one yawning Sheetal. She could clearly see that she was in a very bad mood...what happened?...she turned to Khushi...oh, it's you...nothing...what happen yesterday night? was one horrible night...why?...Sheetal leaned back on the countertop and took me so much work and organization to get him so far to sleep in his room...aaannnd?...well, he brought me into his room and left...kiya?...yes, exactly...kya?...I mean I can't believe he did what he did...why this guy need to be so civilized...why can't he be like other guys and use the opportunity...I mean I am use to take what I want...all girls should do it...Khushi's face became all red and Sheetal saw it...oh, Khushi I don't talk know...s*x...I keep this for time I am married with him...

Khushi widened her sure he is going to marry me very soon because I always get what I want...but what I wanted was one simple kiss...a kiss...and you know what he did...he walked outside and slept on one of the couches...Khushi bit her underlip to hide her small smile being proud of NK...can you believe it?...there we his room...all alone...all is perfect...and he kissed my forehead, wishing me good night and walked out...damn!...

Khushi wasn't able to hide her smile anymore and laugh loud...and now you laugh...ok, sorry sorry...I didn't want to...aahhh...she wagged with her hand in air...forget it...I don't want to spoil your upcoming time with your husband...she moved her eyebrows up and down and grinned...but promise me one thing Khushi...sure...take what you want...think just one time on me and grab something you want...Khushi smiled...why?...because I didn't get what I want...and I want that at least one other girl get whatever she want and...she stopped in the middle of the sentence...well just do it...they hold their hand's and laugh together...I don't really know what you mean Sheetal and I am not even sure if I want to know...but ok...I promise...Sheetal hugged her firm and spoke into her ear...when the time comes, you will know...



Shower?...sure...come...all other things can wait...I want some quality time with my much such surprised he was he try hard not to show it. His wife wanted to shower? With him? OK! Sure! They end inside the bathroom taking each other clothes off and enjoying the hot water together. As much Khushi behave bold few minutes ago she was suddenly shy but Arnav try to make it easy for her and let her feel his touch and try to distract her from her shyness by kissing her deeply.


As they stopped to kiss both continued to stare at each other, breathing heavily...what are you doing with me?...he took her in his arms and walked into the room, placing her impatient on the bed. He walked to his bag and search for something. In the same moment she recognized what it was she became all red. She was sure even her legs were red seeing her husband, totally naked holding con*oms in his hand. He took place next to her and started immediately to lick drops of water from her body not giving her any pause form his tongue, lips and hands.


After his warm hands and wet tongue licked nearly all drops from her body she was totally turned on. She couldn't believe she did all this with Arnavji, showing her body totally naked in front of his eyes, feeling his own naked body next to her. She could feel how he turned to side to take this thing called con*om in his hand and open it. This cooled her a little and she didn't exactly knew why, but she could feel disappointment deep inside. And then he was on her, parting her thighs with his knee and lay himself between...I wanted to take it slow...and again I am not able...I need you so much...she was not less eager to feel him. She licked her lips in anticipation about what's coming next.


He slide himself very slow and she was first little disappointed about missing heat of his skin inside her but then he start to move and she was on cloud nine. Nothing was important anymore, nothing counted, just the moment between them. She looked deep in his eyes and saw care, bottomless love and try to give this love back with her own eyes. As much he spoke about his impatience few minutes ago he moved slow and careful, as if he didn't want that this moment never end. She could feel his burning gaze on her face and should feel shy about lust written on her own face, but she wasn't. She feels the whole right as woman and wife on him and his own body, and finally she feel it's allowed what they do. She was married with him, right? And this belong to right's one wife have over her husband.


She leaved the smooth place under her head in form of pillow and bent her head up to capture his lips. He was so surprised that he stopped in his movement and she complained immediately ...Arnavji...he groaned when he heard his name coming from her mouth and looked down, kissing her again and again...say my name again...Arnavji...Arnav...she moaned again, and he push himself deep inside...say it...say it Khushi...Arnav...again...Arnav...again, baby...Arnav...aaahhh...Arnav...aaahhh... Arnav...he close his eyes and fastened...I love you Khushi...I love you too Arnav...and he continue to take his wife till both reach their own heaven.




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Arnav: black

Khushi: red

Krani: green

Hira: blue

Mrs. Malhotra: purple

Chapter 53 ( THE NEW BEGINNING )  part 2

After a while when both were able to speak Khushi remember what she wanted to ask and while they hugged all sweaty from love making she decided to ask...emm...the name outside the room...hmmm?...I mean why is your name on the door? mean Singh Raizada?...yes...well it's because this is our very private room and whenever we are here in Lucknow we will be here...she moved her head up...sorry, what?...what do you mean with this?...she saw in his eyes that he didn't want to talk about this but she didn't want to give up...tell me, Arnavji...he put this bold face on and spoke...only if you call me Arnav from now on...she became shy...are you blushing?...nnnooo...yes, of course you are...


I can't call you this in front of others...ok, then how call me Arnav whenever we are alone...she nodded slow...ok, so I need to answer now this question I think...well, this hotel belong to me...but last time there wasn't a name on the's because I buy it before we went to Delhi...but why?...well this room has special meaning for me...this is the place where I first had you...the place where I spent my first night with you after more than one year...both became silent for some time, deep in memories...I came to you for money...shhh...don't drag this night into something dirty, this night I became my love was never about money...and I know for you it wasn't too all about money...and we spent our first night with Aarav here...he looked around while Khushi placed her chin on his chest...


I didn't want that someone else enter this room after we left...there was a time where I thought...I thought...she saw desperation in his eyes and he stopped to talk...this is our room and will stay forever...he touched her back with his fingertips...I am going to get can order food for us, ok?...but do you need to drive to Viraf?...I can come with you...oh, no...he is going to bring him here...and then drive again away...he has some urgent work to do...he say this ironical...both laugh...ok...come we need to shower again Arnavji...what?...we are sweaty...I mean how did you just call me...he kissed her hungry...I mean Arnav...she smiles on his lips saying his name in the way he wanted to hear.


After nearly eight hours traveling with train and time in bed with her husband, Khushi feel totally powerless but deep satisfied and happy. She waited that Arnav come up with Aarav so that they enjoy the dinner together and sleep. She was so happy when he entered the room and gave her Aarav in her arms. They enjoyed the dinner together as small family listening to Aarav's baby talk. Both analyze every movement, every reaction and even every noise Aarav gave from him and discuss which of his features what from whom.


Arnav decided that Aarav got his sweetness from Khushi and he talked a lot, just like her. Khushi found Aarav has definitely his temper from Arnav. Arnav found Aarav has his crazy ideas like fart into Sheetals hand from Khushi, which brought Khushi's old temper out because she never farted in someone's hand. Arnav burst out by her passionate speech and Khushi followed him few seconds later her face red by the embarrassment. It was one beautiful night and nothing like the last night they spent here in this room.


The small family snuggled together, and spent their night happy like never before feeling complete.


The next day came fast and Viraf and Anjali came for breakfast to hotel. Anjali was formally glowing in the moment she greeted her brother and Arnav looked at her with his scanned eyes. They took Aarav again with them and Arnav kissed Khushi immediately they left...where are they going?...I think to Viraf's house...I thought Di is here too...I mean she is here in hotel...yeah, actually she should be...but I think they are often in his house or he is here with know...Khushi's eyes widen light...I mean, you know that they...that they...she played nervous with her sari...yeah I know...and you are not angry?...he pulled her into his arms.. why?...I mean...this is Di...yeah she is and she is grown up, or?...but you are her brother...he grinned...yes I am...and your husband...Khushi looked irritated to him and try to find out if he hide something from her but his eyes were totally honest...ok, ok...I see my wife need explanation...I can tell you just so much...I trust him...he proved this already...and I know Anjali and Aarav are safe with him...but how?...he placed his finger on her lips...and now make yourself ready for one small trip...she wanted to say more but he kissed her tender and extremely careful. He show her his full want to know one more reason why I am not this tempered overprotective brother, Mrs. Singh Raizada? you want to know my personal theory about this?...she opened her eyes and looked up into his...I think it's my wife and our extreme hot is so bombastic that I feel totally calm, satisfied and this warm feeling of love for this special person named Khushi Singh Raizada widespread inside my heart and let me forget everything around...


One hour later they reached the house of Krani and Hira. Khushi was totally surprised but the two precious friends waited already for her outside and didn't let her ask him any question which run through her head. They spent few hours together with them and Arnav use this time also to listen carefully about their memories and past together. It was one good possibility for him to assemble things which he knows from Khushi and from Krani and Hira together.


In the moment they wanted to leave, Krani pulled Khushi into her bedroom and spoke to her whispering...Khushi...are you ok?...Khushi smiled...yes, don't need to worry...Krani breathed relieved out...good...if you have anything to say...just know we are there for you...Khushi sprung formally into her arms and hugged her firm...I know...and I thank Devi Meiya every day for you and Hira...don't worry Krani...I am very happy...


Outside the bedroom Hira stood with Arnav alone and this brought memories back to you married her, haan? was there, remember...yes, I was there...your luck she was smiling from one ear to other...Arnav grinned...yeah, I try daily to keep her smiling like on our wedding...Hira grinned. She grinned and Arnav saw it...just keep working, Raizada...sure...both look around and waited that Khushi and Krani come again outside and when Arnav thought the silence became embarrassing, Hira sister became one amazing offer...I think that's great...yeah, her story Arranged Marriage is going to be published soon...and this worldwide...he nodded...I am impressed...congratulation...Hira smiles and shook her head.


Thank you...her voice was so silent but he could heart don't need to thank me...Khushi wanted to see you guys belong formally to our, I don't thank you for this...I thank you for my sister...she have no idea...but I know that this is your thanx...Arnav grinned again and fixed his eyes on the door, waiting for his wife to come out and stay absolutely mum. No, you're welcome or something else left his mouth. Just silence. But her next words broke it again...but this doesn't change anything, buddy...I am still going to kill you if you hurt Khushi again...


Arnav and Khushi drove to the next place and Khushi open her mouth in one perfect O when they reached the hospital where she was so often. This time it was different she knows. Aarav wasn't inside, waiting that they investigate him or for her to come from Arnav. She walked step to step, feeling Arnav's hands on her upper arm and was happy that he supported her in this moment.


All bad memories came back and she wanted to turn around and walk away. Just as far as she could but Arnav pull her into his hug and kiss her's ok...I am here...she pressed her head into his neck holding herself on his collar...why are we here?...he touched her back and soothe her with his warm's ok...I am here...come...he didn't answer her question, just pull her behind him inside the building and through the corridors.


He didn't stop till they reached the room 126 and took one key out of his pocket to open the door while Khushi read the name which stood under the room number.





She saw to him but he couldn't see her shocked face because she stood behind him. The door was finally open and she followed him inside. Everything was same and even the same bed stood still there. Khushi walked to bed and touched the written letters of her son on it...what is this, Arnavji?...why is Aarav's name still here?...he was silent and somehow far away, deep in his thoughts. He didn't look at her nor even answered her question. He walked to her and pulled her behind him to one other room. They walked through few corridors till they reached one other room which Khushi recognized as Mrs. Malhotra's office. 

Again he used the key to open the door and walked in but just when he wanted to close the door behind them it was Mrs. Malhotra who spoke behind them...oh, Mr. Singh Raizada...he opened the door so that she can come inside. She saw Khushi...Khushi, nice to see you again...her head turn from Khushi to Arnav...I am very happy to see you is Aarav?...he is fine, Mrs. Malhotra...good, your husband keep me current about his health...Khushi saw again surprised to Arnav. She realized that there was so much what she doesn't know about him and thousand questions formed inside her head while she heard them speaking.


Sentences like...thanx for money...for new treatment for all women and obstetrics for all women...she closed her eyes and waited that they finish. She was surprised to hear that Arnav have close and intensive contact to Mrs. Malhotra and knows detailed what all happened in this hospital. As Khushi understood, this place wasn't only hospital anymore but one center for woman and children where everyone who need, get free treatment.


Her heart swelled by the realization what her husband afforded and she couldn't wait to talk about this with him and as her Devi Meiya listen to her wishes Mrs. Malhotra left the office soon joking that Arnav can destroy this room again if he wanted because this room is his personal office from now on.


Khushi look to him surprised...what did she just say?...he was silent...Arnavji?...why did she say this?...emmm...he looked around and refuse to look into her eyes for a while but then walk to her and took her hand in his to lead her to the next wall in the room and pinned her you remember how I asked you last time on this wall when we stood, if Aarav was my son?...Khushi nodded feeling that this conversation means a lot to him...I forgot to say something to you in the moment you told me he is my son...he cupped her face...I reacted totally wrong, I's time to replace this memory...he leaned down nearer to her...thank you...thank you for our son...for love you gave me...thank you for allowing me to touch you and make our own wonder names Aarav...thank you for...thank you for everything...he leaned his forehead on hers...I love you...


They stood there for a while. Khushi having tears of happiness in her eyes, hearing finally this words from him and Arnav overwhelmed by his own feelings and being able to spoke them out what he usual can't do. He knows this was important and he need to forget his usual behavior playing cold whole time. Both knows this is the way everything should happen, this is the way he should react when he find out about Aarav and he did everything to replace his bad reaction. They kissed, she pinned by him on the same wall they stood last time. He placed his palm on the same wall he hit last time with his fist to support himself and pressed her more between him and this special wall.


One hour later they left the center and she finally manage to ask him whatever she wanted to know while he drive through full Lucknow streets...tell me about does it come you have one office there?...he waited few seconds and then answer...I buy it...what?...the word broke out from her...when? buy it last time I was know this one week...she's the place I found out about Aarav for the very first time...Mrs. Malhotras office...the place I find out from you he is our son...she nodded again and ask...but why buying?...I I's now a treatment...why and who pay this?

I mean we...we both...he took her hand in his and place one kiss on it while his face look to woman should go through same situation like you...and every child should be threated without problems and without one desperate mother who need to sell herself for their treatment...she feels tears running down her cheeks. She understood now everything and the proud on her husband was enormous. Even he doesn't talk a lot about his feelings she knows now how big his heart was. Once she admired his care for his Di and wondered how cruel he could be to her at the same time, but what he did right now show him in different light. The care which she wished so much once she saw him with his Di was finally given by him and this brought tears into her eyes. She took his hand up which held her own and place one kiss on the back of it. He saw to her and both looked at each other for few seconds which seemed like eternity.

And then he halted and Khushi moved her eyes to front just to be surprised again. They were in the same street where she lived at last. The small building with few flats was still on the same place and it seems like the time stopped since she left. It was late afternoon and workers walked back to their homes from hard working day. Wife's prepared dinner for entire family and kids play on the streets waiting for the moment dinner was ready. 

Few weeks ago she was one part of this all, one part of this community and she realized how lonely she actually was. Well Ishitaji was always there for her but she still had her own family and friends while Khushi tried hard to keep anonym to protect her and Aarav from Shiyam. Shiyam! What happened to Shiyam? She noticed that she still have no idea even she asked Arnavji few times but he refused to talk about him. His only statement was that she doesn't need to worry about him ever again. And that's it. He never talked about him anymore. It was like Shiyam was somewhere far away. Farer than any bad dream or memory. He was simply obliterated and Khushi couldn't deny the feeling of being relieved about this.



They leave the car and walk hand in hand slowly to the flat. Khushi saw her few familiar faces and greeted them. She remembered how some of them try to build friendly relation to her but she held as much as she could back and lived her life quite lonely and now she feel this light feeling without any fear inside, Shiyam could find her, so she spoke with few of them for the very first time since she lived here but the weird part of this all is that they even spoke to Arnav, knowing his full name and even that she was his wife. As much Khushi was again curious and surprised she didn't get any chance to ask again because Ishitaji open her door and cried in excitement to see Khushi here.


It was one beautiful afternoon full of funny talk and memories. Ishitaji was like one mother to Khushi and show this whole time by hugging her, making her favorite food and pamper her like only one mother could do with her daughter. Khushi remarked that Ishitaji didn't look like before to Arnav and she remarked enormous changes in behavior towards her husband. In fact she behave to him like she behaved to Khushi and this feels simply good but the moment she was speechless, absolutely speechless was when Ishitaji thanked Arnav again and again.


All Khushi could understand was that Arnav helped her in something and Khushi was more than curious to find out why. She only had the chance when they entered her old flat and she looked around just to find everything like it was when she left. She walked into the small room and was surprised because she didn't find any dust. She saw back and found him walking inside the room with one bag. Her eyebrow curled up and her eyes questioned him...I brought some clothes with us, because we are going to stay here for tonight...she was surprised and excited at the same time but she didn't show it. It was somehow strange to have him here, inside this room. There was a time when she wished so much to see him, entering this room and that he tell her how much he wanted her, and that he wanted her back, but everything before were dreams and imaginations while this right now and here was very much real, and this was strange.


He placed the bag and took few things out while Ishitaji knock on the door and gave them dinner which she prepared for them and in the moment she walked through the door Khushi saw one good chance to ask him...what happened between you both?...Arnav grinned but didn't look into her eyes...and why did she thank you whole time?...ah, nothing special...forget it...hungry?...and with this simple hungry he deflected her but as soon they end their dinner she asked again...tell me now...I want to know...what happen?...what do you mean?...I mean Ishitaji...nothing special...not even worth to talk about it...but Ishitaji feel different...

Ok...he sighed...I repaired her oven...repaired?...and in the moment Khushi said repaired the realization hit was here?...when? know...I told you was here too?...he nodded and looked down on the food, they ate on the floor like Khushi use to do when she was this one week...why? Her question was now so silent that he asked himself if she really said something but when she asked again he knew she wanted to know...I wanted to be close to must know, I thought I lost you the moment you told the doctor about your delivery I thought you would never forgive me for this all what I did to you...I was so sure because I will never forgive myself...he stopped and his face became painful. She touched his cheek with her palm and saw how firm his face became and his eyes show one dark side on him which she very well knows.


The rest of the night was very silent. Arnav wanted to spend the entire night here and Khushi was ok with this. They dressed unusual to other two nights in their pajamas and lay on the mattress. Khushi giggled when they cuddle into each other...what?...why are you laughing?...the big ASR, with me, sleeping on the mattress in one room worst part of Lucknow...he leaned up on his elbow his eyes darker as night boring deep into hers. She continue to giggle not noticing his dark mood...this is so middleclass Mr. Singh Raizada...she giggled till the unpleasant silence arouse between them and she try to find out what was wrong but he spoke before she could ask...I would live the rest of my life here on this place, selling Jalebi on streets with this to heavy vehicle like you did to survive and sleeping here on this mattress, just to be by your side Mrs. Singh Raizada...


And this was everything what happened in this night. He spooned her and hugged her firm into the sleep. No s*x in this night or other things which newlyweds usual do in the darkness. Khushi never thought to spend such beautiful night with her handsome husband and for her it was sure this is one of the most beautiful nights with him till now.   


The next days and nights in Lucknow were full of passion, lust, love, happiness, discoveries, new memories, and, and, and. Both enjoyed the days together as small family and nights as lovers. She spent even few hours alone with Ishitaji, Krani and Hira while Arnav met Aman for work. One of the best moments was when Arnav took Khushi out for dinner and he surprised her totally by the place where they should eat. It was the same hall where they met for the very, very first time. The moment she fell into his arms was never forget and when she enter the hall with him, pictures of this special event came into her mind. He said again and again that this was the moment someone pushed her down into his arms to show him his destiny and to hear something like this from big ASR amazed her again and again.


The last night came before their flight back to Delhi and the hotel room was full of candles. It was very romantic decorated with all the lights and one table for two in the middle of the room. He was already waiting for her to come out from bathroom and when he turned around he saw her in one red transparent sari which he bought for her.


Don't you think it's too open...she looked down on herself feeling embarrassed about small top which look like are beautiful...and your sigh belong to me only...Mrs. Singh Raizada...he walked to her and lead her to the table. One present lay on her place and she looked at this curious...what's this?...something what Arnav want to gift to Khushi...again?...but you don't need to...he stopped please...with shaking fingers she opened the box and what lay inside make her eyes wet you like it?...but how?...this one was meant for you from beginning...I shouldn't do what I did this day...her fingertips touched the jewelry set. The same jewelry set she saw in RM and like it because it was so simple. It broke her heart when he gifted this to Lavanya and his hurtful words pricked her heart then.


Thank, thank you...for everything. She stood up and took place on his lap to kiss him and show her happiness...I love you Arnavji...he kissed her back...I love you too Khushi...






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ranahind Groupbie

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Can't wait!! 
hellohello_29 Groupbie

Joined: 07 January 2013
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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
cant wait for next update
hararnav IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 January 2012
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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
luvd part1.. arnav is so sweet.. he booked the whole wagon just to replace her bad memories with good one.. and aarav is also there:-))
smat IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 March 2013
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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
Thanks for a beautiful long update
When reading the update made me feel EmbarrassedBig smileCry

Arnav wanted to recreate all the memories so that he can replace all the unpleasant memories with good memories.

Loved the fact that he also include their son as well in creating these lovely memories. 

Please write a epilogue for this lovely and sweet story.

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sessy Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
awesome absolutely awesome update.the 2 parts shows how much arnav is trying to replace the bad old memories with new and happy memories.loved how he booked whole wagon so that he can enjoy the time with khushi and also loved how he brought aarav with them to lucknow.loved how khushi followed sheetal advice and became a little bold in showing arnav what she needs.
looks like anjali and viraf are also on their mini honeymoon Blushing
 sheetal and her whining about our gentleman NK was ROFL 
thx for the very long update dear,loved it.

ps-i read the update and posted my comment with out ur pm proves how much i am stalking u r threads to read the updates Wink.yaar jaldi se TD update dedo na.

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sessy Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
yaar yeh toh magic lagta hai.i just posted my comment and after my comment got posted u updated more in part 2 LOL.well coming to the part 2 of this mega update all i can say is mind blowing.the best line in this update is when arnav said this---
no women should go through same situation like you did and every child should be treated with out problems and with out one desperate mother who needs to sell herself for her childs treatment Clap
it's the harsh truth that a lot of women sell their bodies so that they can provide basic things like food to their children Cry
i would love to read the epilogue for this amazing FF.
thx for this super long update,loved it.

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