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Chapter 3B: 

A beautiful girl in a soft silky fabric made her way to the exit door of the airport, balancing her every step, putting one step in front of the other, she reached the parking lot. She attracted many eyes towards her... and that was nothing new for her. She was quite easy to look at, with never-ending long legs, toned body and smile and glint all at the same time.

She was moving her gaze here and there to find her driver send by her boss, when her little brown eyes met his black eyes...those eyes can still give her goosebumps...she realize she was  tingling with excitement, her heart started to beat faster than usual, and A sudden coldness hit her at the core.

She was standing there numb, when Arjun made his way towards her, Ashmara's breath stuck in her throat,she lost her train of thought,and she lost all coordination.

"why is he here now?was he waiting for me?"her chaotic mind wailed. How could she look in the eyes of a man who'd left her utterly boneless every time he looked her way when she was just a teenager. 

Their gazes met and locked, sweeping her out of reality on a tidal wave of emotion, like always.

Why had nothing changed? She'd been gone for so long, any reaction to him should have been mild. She'd been all over the world, she'd met and dated a lot of other men. She'd somehow convinced herself Arjun was a brief part of her reckless youth...a part that had no ground in reality. Certainly not in her present or future.

God, he was sexy. Dark, dangerous, that sense of the untamed just barely suppressed below the surface...

His face was more mature, more shuttered than ever before, and impossibly handsome. He had dark eyes that seemed to hold all the mysteries in the universe, a long nose that flared slightly when he was mad, frustrated. Or aroused. The features of his face seemed to be carved from stone. At one time, she'd known every line, each texture. She'd actually believed she'd known the man... the inner man who remained an enigma even to his closest friends. But after some time she realized she was wrong. 

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Chapter 4: *Awkward*

Arjun tum yahan? tumhe kese pata mai wapas india ayi hoon? ya kisi or ko receive karni aye ho? Ghar mai sab kese hain? Roshni kesi hai? ab tak to tu dono ki shadi bhi hogai hogina? bataona sab kese hai?
Ashmara would have kept talking,if Arjun had't cleared his throat. He held her hands to stop her from talking, but very next moment he wished he hadn't. he was not so young that he did not know what was happening to him: why his heart was beating too fast, why his breath came hard. he knew, and tried to pretend everything is normal, and failed.

Before he could do anything stupid, Arjun dragged Ashamara towards the car n made her sit. Before any of them could realize what is happening to them they were at Arjun's door step.
Arjun opened the main door with his keys,as he knew Roshni would be at hospital.Ashmara stepped into the house nervously, and slammed over the couch.

Make yourself comfortable. Roshni ghar pe nahi hai to mai tumhare liya suger-free black coffee bana k lata hoon.

Tumhe aaj bhi meri pasand yaad hai? mujhe laga tum bhool gaye, Mujhe bhi or meri pasand ko bhi.

"Koshish to buhut ki par bhool nahi paya"Though Arjun whispered it only for himself, but it didn't go unheard by Ashmara. But before she could react to it she got a call from her boss, she bid good bye to Arjun & left in hurry.Sparing both broken soul from another moment of uneasiness.

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Chapter 5 *Choice*

six years ago.
Saint Peters collage,

Arjun finally realized his love for Ashmara. That day he was on the seventh sky.He planned to propose her on collage's last day but later he decide farewell party would be the best option.

He dressed in black velvet tuxedo, gelled his hair,brushed it neatly. and he was ready.
he looked more handsome than ever before.

On the way to the hall he stopped at the flower shop, Ordered every flower that was available. After that he went to jewellery shop & picked the bracelet which he ordered few days was a gold chain bracelet with "A" hanging.

all night he purposely ignored Ashmara but his gaze never left her, He kept on following her every move. in between he danced with Roshni but his mind was captured by Ashmara's thoughts.

When party came to an end, He finally decided now is the right time. he gathered some kids ( don't ask from where), handed them one flower and one chit each and pointed towards Ashmara. he instructed them to give Flowers and chits to her one by one. after that Arjun left from there.

Every kid went to the girl arjun pointed And did what they were asked to do.

Flowers               Chit

Alstroemeria        Because you are my aspiration

Bouvardia            Because you are my anticipation

Peony                  Because you are pure.

sanpdragon         Because I desire you

Tulip                  Because You are beautiful

Aster                 Because you are my passion

Carnation           Because you are innocent

Lilly                   Because you are sweet

Alstroemeria      Because you are my friend

Roses                 Because I LOVE YOU

After reading the final chit she lost her thinking skills. Happiness of being Arjun's love gripped her so hard that tears started falling from her eyes. she always wanted to listen this confession from him. She wanted his Love, his care And his pampering. She wanted him to express his feeling. But right now she just wanted a big hug from him.

She ran like a maniac towards the balcony, She knew Arjun would be there waiting for her.She was right, Arjun was standing at the corner, his both hands were gripped on the ceiling. His back was facing her, She could not control anymore and hugs him from behind.

I love you. I know tum bhi mujhse buhut pyar karti ho. Karti hona?

Haan. mai tumse buhut pyar karti hoon. Arjun. A slow smile crept on Arjun's face, he thought he is the luckiest man alive on this planet...he was about to say...But wait...This voice doesn't belong to Ashmara...It is...No it can't be...

He turned and found Roshni, she was crying. he was shocked no he was stunned. He frozed. His smile disappeared. Feeling of happiness replaced by  disorientation. 

Roshni loves me...She loves me...She loves me...That's all his mind shouted.

His mind started throwing memories of his childhood. His lonely childhood. His parents never had time to spend this him, they were never there with Arjun on his special days or his moments than Roshni came into his life, A four years old orphan girl who later became 
his only friend. 
She was always there for him when everybody left him alone. 
She was not just his friend, she was his personal nurse, his cook, his maid, his teacher. That's what she says.

He could not break her heart. Never.
She deserve happiness. She deserves family.She will get what she want.

will Marry me Roshni? That was the moment he chose his friendship over his love. And he never regretted it.

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Chapter 6 "Discontinued"

Please be ready with tissue.

Arjun was so engrossed in his memories that he didn't even realize when Roshni came and stood right next to him. Until her beautiful voice reached his ears and made him jerk out of Ashmara's memories.

"Ashmara k bare mai soch rahe ho." it was not interrogative, it was declarative. But Arjun was not surprised by this question, he knew the girl next to him knows him better than his own self. 

haan. Ashmara india mai hai aaj mila tha usse... He told her everything; about the case, about their meeting, and that he would have to stay with her until she goes back to Paris for security purpose. 

He was feeling guilty about the whole situation, and it was evident in his every posture and gestures. He was not able to meet her eyes. 

Roshni understood his hesitation and decided to give him sometime, but then something, maybe curiosity or jealousy, made her ask this question: 

" Aaj bhi pyar karte hona usse?"  it came at an unexpected moment, catching him completely off guard. Hearing this completely out of the blue crushed him. It was like he was run over by a steam roller. He has never before, nor ever sense felt pain like that. There is no way to describe the hurt and pain he felt.

It was not a pain of loosing his love, it was a pain of facing failure. After all the things he did. All the sacrifices he gave, He failed. He failed as a husband, He failed as a friend, He failed. That's all his mind threw at that moment.

He stood there frozen. His mouth dropped open. He opened and closed his mouth but he was not able to form the words. But his look said it all.

Roshni understood his confusion, she smiled, and said in the softest voice possible: " hairan q ho? tumhi kehte hona tumhe mujhse ziada achi tarha koi nahi janta. "

This time Arjun was not shocked he was amazed, his wife was talking about his love that too with such a politeness. His mind took time to register the whole tricky situation. He was not able to say anything. He stood there numb. Now His mind started working. All the memories he shared with Roshni came down crashing him. He finally realized it was so obvious, the most obvious fact. Their first night when Arjun told Roshni that he loved someone else. Their first love making, when he mistakenly took Ashmara's name between their consummation, but later made some excuse. Or their anniversary when Arjun bought a new bracelet for Roshni n made her throw the bracelet he gave her on farewell night. She must have realized. She was not a fool. And maybe he also knew that she knows, but was never ready to accept it. This realization did not make the pain and hurt go away. It was so severe and intense. Guilt gripped him even harder after this realization. 

When Arjun didn't say a single word, Roshni spoke:
"Arjun tum Q guilty feel kar rahe ho? tumne mere sath kabhi koi na insafi nahi ki. tumne hamari shadi pe ki gai har kasam ko imandari se nibhaya. or mujhe dunia ki har khushui di. guilty to mujhe feel karna chahie mai tumhare or ashmara k beech agai."

"Agar tum itni hi kush thi to aaj ye baat q?"

" mai tumhare sath buhut khush hoon, par ye guilt mujhe jeene nahi deta. mujha sukun chahie Arjun. Jo mujhe tabhi milega jab mai tumhe tumhare pyar se milwadongi. Tumhe riya ko sonpke mai kahi dur chali jaongi. mai tumhe hamesha kush dekhna chahti hoon. or tumhari khushi ashmara hai. sirf ashmara."

After hearing this from his wife made Arjun mad, his guilt vanished and the pain got replaced by anger. He had imagined he would spend his whole life with her. He didn't want anyone. Yes, he didn't love her. Yes, he loved someone else. But she was his wife. He had taken seven sacred vows with her. And she was planning to leave her for whatever reason. Now that is not gonna happened.

He turned from the window, full body. His eyes were so intense, they resembled glowing coals.

"Tum mere sath aesa nahi karsakti, mai tumhe karna nahi doonga."

Without the slightest warning, he stalked toward her. Roshni's breath stuck in her throat. He was going to walk out of here and she didn't have a clue where he would go if he got as far as his car.

He did walk past her but instead of marching through the door, he slammed it closed and locked it.

When he spun back, a bolt of exhilarated fear went through her. She had no idea what he thought, what he planned to do and she was afraid. 

She tried to swallow, but he was suddenly so close to her she couldn't even think. Not only did he reach for her, he went straight for the buttons on her shirt. Instead of unbuttoning it, he tore her shirt open. Roshni heard the scatter of buttons hitting the floor, but never allowed her gaze to leave his face. He didn't take any time, just captured her mouth with his. And started giving her wild kisses.  He pushed her on the bed after that he made love to her in a desperate & passionate manner...

Many things were left unsaid, many tasks were left undone. But at that moment, nothing mattered. Two broken souls, who didn't get their love, were competing each other. 

Precape: Roshni leaves the Arjun's house. Arjun's confession to Ashmara.

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The story is really good. No matter what the character names are I am going to enjoy your story. Thanks for the pm. Continue soon.

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Who ever is the character, I will wait for this story. Continue soon

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i am in..continue soon

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Nice storyThumbs Up
love the understanding between arjun & roshni...

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