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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #24 ** Golgappa Times ** p 113, ep 246

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A reluctant visit to an abode of meagre means
Unknown of the abundance of love in its realms
A hustle to welcome a son-in-law full of pride
A tussle with the cooler that turns futile
Muh dikhayi of the tycoon for the chulbuli ladies
Showering of cheeky love, by the natkhat aunties
Be together for eternal a blessing in return
The hearts dance to this wish that they so yearn
The taekwondo girl revels in her impish plans
More smitten than angry, he is with her pranks
The creep succeeds in the battle of the soap
His scheming mind works to dash every hope

Welcome to BFTP thread twenty four
The lion brought out of his lair to settle a score
To some freaky fears, Mami says hello hi
Mamaji disappears without saying bye bye


there are many mysteries in this universe we'll never quite fathom... for example, where did mama ji disappear to? and even how? was he in fact houdini? did he vapourize or just move to another planet or...? or, for that matter, why exactly did a tycoon, brusque, rude, and capable of throwing his dhadkane girl out onto cold flagstone floor move to her family's modest dwelling at her bidding? was it because of the way she looked at him? or the effect of touching her lips with his index finger? and why exactly do our knees turn to water, our stomach's churn when two people in a not too well written episode, merely look at each other, or worse, when he says something, often monosyllabic, in a low low guttural voice. sometimes the word has three syllables... anyone looking forward to "understood?" but it's these mysteries precisely which make life worth living and us coming back here for more. asr goes to sasural, the famous spot in lakshminagar known as gh, a most interesting string of inexplicable events unfold leading to a closing of distances and the assertion of a cataclysmic need. things get real hot, maybe we should all order new air conditioners. and take many baths at the public tubewell.

a r n a v  j i   g o e s   t o   s a s u r a l

the kick landed right on his stomach. he jackknifed up on the bed, "what the!" he exclaimed in agony.

clutching his stomach he looked around in bewilderment. what could have hit him like that? was someone out to kill him?

then he noticed her leg on his lap. huh! what was khushi's leg doing here? before he could grasp at an answer, a fist came and hit him hard on the shoulder...

he turned and stared at khushi. it was her. she was kicking and punching him. what was this? some sort of bizarre khushi kumari raizada... singh gupta revenge plan? he snarled at her viciously only to realise she couldn't see it.

she was fast asleep.


his jaw had just begun to drop, when her right leg swung out from somewhere unknown and struck his shin sharp.

"ow!" he exploded, grabbing his shin with both arms and rolling in pain. khushi flung an arm around him and held him tight, he could hear the faintest, softest, "mmm, arnav ji, chhoriye hume!"

(mmm, arnav ji, let me go!)

the pain seemed to glide from his shin to somewhere near his heart, all around it, and gripped tight. he closed his eyes, feeling the blow of her soft utterance and the weight of her lissome arm across his chest.

he let go of his shin and put his palm on her arm where it rested against his heart.

"khushi!" he whispered, a helpless sound in it tonight.

she decided to roll away just at that moment, all the way to the edge of the narrow bed. he was beginning to sit up to pull her back, when she moved at mercurial speed once more, rolling right back and slamming hard against the length of his body, her back to him.

his arms reached out in reflex. she pressed back against him and her elbow flew backward jabbing him in the ribs.

"uggfhffh!" was all he could manage. then before any further damage was done, he slipped his arms around her from behind and held her firmly, pulling her even closer.

"come here, you crazy taekwondo queen, and stay still, samjhi tum!" he whispered, a little anger in his voice.

his shin was really hurting. her size was deceptive, all that samosa, chana and poori eating had obviously built brute strength in his sleeping beauty. he peered at her innocent features evocative in the moonlight. a malfunction in the heart region occurred instantly.

he swallowed.

his hand accidentally brushed against her belly... it yielded to his touch, cushiony and soft.

something leapt in him. he closed his eyes. how would he survive this night?

he breathed out very carefully and opened his eyes, and concentrated on the bright pink mosquito net. maybe it would work, take his mind of... things.

pink mosquito net? what the.

she punched him on his quadriceps. deftly.

Credits: DurgaS has written the opening lines and the welcome poem, the IPK banner is by ArshiHamesha, the GIF banner is created by Katelyn, she has also edited the music and composed the "I'll never let you go" siggy, blast notes and "ASR goes to Sasural" are by indi52. ArshiHamesha, supriya.arshi, DurgaS and indi52 have designed the main posts.

E P I S O D E  P O S T I N G  T W I C E  A  W E E K
Mondays and Thursdays 8pm

Thodi teekhi, thodi meethi, thodi khatti are the days ahead,
scroll down for Rules, Episodes, and lots of unabashed IPK love

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11. Learn to do rangoli dance.

The moment she woke up and saw him next to her, she reached for her dupatta... ah this little flutter of fabric in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, what was it really.

by DurgaS

Sarsar karta hawa mein jaise mast magan ud jaaye
Piya ko dekh, sudh budh khoye, man gagan choo jaaye  
Baar baar ye saraahe unko, aur kareeb le jaaye
Ek hi jhalak mein pehchane unko, albela, matwala dupatta  
Jaate huye ko rokne ke liye, dhoondhe kayee bahaane
Kabhi file, kabhi ghadi ya aur koyi kadi, jis se bhi ho jakad jaaye
Gaadi jaise dost ho iska, baar baar isee se ulajh jaaye
Door na jaana piya se, kehta sharaarti, natkhat dupatta
Piya ke haath se sar par odhli, apna haq jataaye
Yehi hai jeevan sangini kehte, piya ke paas ud jaaye
Kabhi parda, kabhi saadi bankar piya ko yaad dilaye
Anchaahe vivaah mein bhi naache, sayana, prasanna dupatta
Prem ke gulaab khilne lagey, mausam rangbirangi ho jaaye  
Na samshay, na sankoch, na koyi rok, haq se haath mein jaaye  
Alhad premiyon ko paas laane ka saadhan ye ban jaaye
Sharm se jhuki palkon ko dekh mand mand muskaaye dupatta
Kavach yehi, raksha yehi, sammaan ka hai chinha yehi
Do premiyon ke beech mein judey, prem ka hai bandhan yehi
Apni sangini ke suraksha ka ban jaata hai vachan yehi  
Iss prem kahani ka hai  ek eham kirdaar ye dupatta
Swaying about, swooning,  it flies in the air  
Watching the beloved, losing senses, the heart touches the sky   
Again and again, caresses him, takes one more close  
Recognising him in one sight, innocent, drowsy dupatta  
To stop someone from going, searches for many excuses  
Sometimes file, sometimes watch or some other link, to whichever it can catch on  
The car as if, is its friend, gets entangled to it again and again  
Don't go away from your beloved, says the prankful, naughty dupatta
From the hands of the beloved, adorned the head with it, displaying its right
She is your life partner, saying so flies away to the beloved  
Sometimes as curtain, sometimes as saree, it reminds the beloved  
Dances in the unwanted wedding too, is the wise, satisfied dupatta
The roses of love are blooming, the aura becomes colourful   
No doubts, no hesitation, nor any halt, with right it goes into the hand   
To bring the young lovers close, it becomes the means  
Watching the bashful eyelids go downwards, the dupatta gives out a mild smile  
It's the shield, the protection, the symbol of respect  
It is the bonding of love connecting two lovers  
It becomes the promise for protection of his partner   
An essential character of this love story is this dupatta

* * *

 "Touch of Love"




Arnav and Khushi ,both have been affected by a mere TOUCH of Love. A butterfly has indeed succeeded in spreading colors in his colorless life and he can't resist or having fear embracing or touching it either.


That was a day when after marrying a girl who he thinks has betrayed his trust and LOVE, he was standing in front of both the families just to save an unborn life and to save her sister's shaky relationship. Today both families who went through a lot that night and questioned them  for their unexplainable actions, have not only accepted the relation with full heart... but also makes him realise the worth of it!!!

Khushi is the girl whom he just wanted to hate, destroy and punish within six months contract which was only the intricacy and entangled condition not only for him but also for her too. The relationship which he claimed will have no name from his side "patni ka darja nahin doonga"[I won't accept you my wife]... today he is not even shirking or thinking of denying any willing and demanding responsibilities towards it and anything which is associated with it. That shows how this relation is slowly weakening his defenses against the very same girl and he is accepting her.He came so far with it. He is the one who on "pag phere" had left her alone but today Destiny is bringing him to the same doors with his wife and he has surprisingly no  qualms, reluctance or objection  about it!!!

When he closes the door and turns, there is no annoyance ,no hesitation, no regret, no questions on why she made that decision without telling him because Naniji's words had made him see through "yeh bhi to apna ghar chod ke yaahan aayi hai" [After all she came after leaving her home to be with you]... and the guilt within that he had gratuitously made her go through on the wedding night and all reels through him... and this is where his journey begins "guilt and knowing that what she went through"... He is agreed wih all the norms without making a big fuss about it.

Other side The touch of love is springing colors in her visage too regardless of pain and hate. Love is blooming in her heart, in her eyes and the irritating fight which she started is making even her to rest her defenses.Now she wants him to accept that love which is in his heart and touch those emotions which he is hiding beneath that Touch!!!


 "Reason lost the battle, and all I could do was surrender and accept I was in love." - Paulo Coelho [Thnx to shara's gift, I read "Zahir"]

The sweet journey ,where he gets uneasy by extra unseen and unheard attention and anticipation conveyed through Buaji's phone call, Khushi's endless and non-stop chatting and singing which he is very much into that moment. It seems he went back to old times where he used to go for vacation with his mother and sister to his Naniji's house.His soul is playing freely and he is liking it being light and free.

They were recounting and retracing each of their car journeys together so far in a fun loving way with mild smiles. These shadows of old times where each time he  asked her to leave "get out" when he couldn't handle the effect and seeping love of her in his armored shell  which some how she had the key not only to open it but also had a courage to live in it too. 

The moment He tries the same to throw her out, she entangles him in his own web, then a realization wears the cloak of acceptance. Today he proves it to her and made her belief stronger than ever, things are changing and you are here to stay for forever, each time you will try to "step out" of this relation without a fight or complaint... i'll "hold you back"... He is losing all the reasons against this lost battleHis gestures made her ecstatic "This sweet journey with you with all of your attention is must to keep" All he was showing her his surrender against her Love, "Fadak padta hai...pyar se, mohabbat se, Ishq se"... She wants him to embrace it and he wants that from her too.


Since first time till now this was the most sweetest journey ever. Lets go back to the beginning of this journey where the first thing that Khushi had seen of this man behind the mask of ASR, was his love for plants. The day when she had come to give him the files at RM first time in his presence... That was her first glimpse of Arnav and she has always respected that "virtue" of his and that was the first thing she did by "selling her bangles to buy him plants on Lavanya's behalf"... a selfless and an innocent act which got the desired and deep effect on him that day... 

Here is Anjali's words which are seeping in her "aap khulke pyar karaingi to Chotey apne saamne eik deewar khadi kar lainge... aap ko unke hi tareeke se pyar jatana hoga" [If u will show your love openly, Chote will stand a wall in between... u have to make him the touch of Love in his own way] - Khushi never took notice of the words before when Anjali gave a glimpse of Arnav and showed her the window to look at him at different angle, but that's what happened today, unintentionally a small gesture of her love according to his way which touched him, made him feel cared, loved, felt and above all needed and center of her attention. He reflects All that gratitude through  eyes... by resting his defenses again... The touch which made both shaky the day one in Sheesh Mahal is shaping their heart to feel it, to indulge in it and to set free themselves to embrace it. 

"There's not a single passing day that I don't think of you. In my heart you will forever stay as long as you love me too." Unknown

 Mother's blessings in different ways, from all across is ready to embrace his visage to embrace his freedom to Love and to be Loved and above all to embrace the PURITY of it through his Khushi for his Khushi.

Indeed... "Never touch a butterfly's wings with your finger"

A   H A R M O N Y   A T   L A S T




He coerced her into a marriage with the only rationale of his conscious mind being making her unobtainable to Shyam so that the latter has no choice but to stick with his wife, Anjali. His feigned attempts to shun her physically and emotionally lingered for a while... but it didn't last long... thanks to his over inquisitive family... he was extricated from that predicament. She had to be brought in... into his vicinity. The girl resorted to her inherent theatrics in a hope to frustrate Arnavji to the core so that he would spill the beans.  

Her deliberately vexatious regressive name calling... her attempts to turn his drab interior into a tinsel town... to dab him in the colors of her religious beliefs, her caper with his food...all boomeranged and only bestowed them with few more titillating moments. The festival of colors... an eternal love saga on the stage...both of which wouldn't even have been part of his prior panorama ..but now ended up compelling him to concede his inner most secrets! He never expected her to follow any wifely responsibilities.. when she tried to overplay that, the only thing he could  mutter was "damn the kartavya".. ... you are my wife.. mine.. just be by my side... that's all what I have married you for... he seemed to say..

He couldn't help but fall a bit more for her for every prank she played.. every ploy she crafted. The amplitude of her intended annoyance couldn't cross over the threshold and thaw his inside freeze but she only made further inroads into his heart. Near and farther.. love or hate..some where he accepted her presence is cardinal for him!

For most mortal humans, love and selfishness always seem to coexist. Isn't love an extremely selfish emotional dependency on something/someone? That way asr always was very human. Ever since she fell in his arms as if from heavens, the coordinates of his constellations have changed radically, permanently. She became the center of his universe.. his thoughts and actions orbited around her... he couldn't get her out of his system. He may have brought her into his life theorizing her to be a home wrecker, he may not have come to grips with his anger... his hurt... that clogged his judgment. But after all these days, there seems a consensus that her presence around him is his vital force... love, hate, walk, sleep, breath, exist... every action or lack of it of his echoed that... and he seemed to reach that tranquility... a peace of mind that she is with him!

As they entered the Gupta household, a colorful rangoli welcomed them. Rangoli traditionally is believed to symbolize acceptance and coexistence among different life forms... a small step towards achieving natural synchrony. As ASR and Khushi cross the rangoli, they seem to long to find that elusive synchrony in their love life. It may still be a while to achieve that. But for now,  love her or hate her.. she belonged to him...and only to him..amidst all the pain, hurt and hate...  a fact that he could be in harmony with!


IPK banner credit Risha_ipkknd, Rules poster and Roses edit by ArshiHamesha, dupatta edit by indi52

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Blast From The Past #20 !!Nafrat  Door Jaane Na De!!

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Blast From The Past #25 *Abducted Dreams*

Katelyn's Catch

Wiwy's Creation

Arnavji Chale Sasuraal ! WinkWink    
Ab kya hoga unka haal !!LOLLOL  
( Arnavji goes to his in-laws place!
 What will happen to him now!!)

Drool Corner is...BACK

- By Barundiwani

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Love and Concern...




"There is a primal reassurance in being touched, in knowing that someone else, someone close to you, wants to be touching you. There is a bone-deep security that goes with the brush of a human hand, a silent, reflex-level affirmation that someone is near, that someone cares." 
 Jim ButcherWhite Night


Arnav and Khushi who always there for each other besides keeping their anger ,irritations , and frustrations within .If he puts her in misery for breaking his shell and having guts to make him feel things which he was very much unaware and banned by his dominant brain...Then she was playing innocent pranks as her revenge towards him which ends up most of the time bringing these two nut-heads together more than ever.Her prank to make him say the truth acted as a boomerang for her and she felt her self centered act could have severe consequences .It is reminding me the day when he sent her to the guest house and ended up strangled trying clearing his side which she never gave him chance to do so and threatened him leaving for Lukhnow for Hamesha...That day he did it out of irritations because she did break in his shell and stirred his heart with warm feelings  from which he was running for a long time but as Payal said "kya bigada hai isne apka..."[what did she do to you?] and made him realize it's not her fault if he is feeling all these desires .


Today Khushi is realizing the same after Anjali's advice ,it's not his fault  and he is the way he is, alone and abandoned by his own feelings.Her care was genuine but Arnav was seeing it as fake and irritable prank till she threatened him for telling Anjali .She casts her full right of being his wife today ,"humain karne dijiye..."[Let me do it] just like he told her"tumhain mujhe jawab daina hoga kyuonke tum meri patni ho.."[you have to answer me because you are my wife.] Her two hands are tucking him with her warmth but he is placing his hand of trust over her which couple of seconds Anjali did on her too while leaving her in charge of Chote's care ."Don't worry everything will be fine " but before leaving she did give her a cue with her looks "don't stretch too much"meaning don't go so far with this care which makes him step back and that's what makes her to stop her pranks and irritable manner and she will find the other way around to reach him.

She did have experience his care towards her since from the beginning, saving her in the parking Lot to GH, in Nainital and during Payesh wedding and he knows very well her sweet nature of concerns about him too ,from feeding him Jalaibi to worry for taking wrong meds.They both can go any length for each other without realizing that they can't breath without each other.Here comes Anjali's words [epi 104 near Rangoli]"agar unki zindagi main dukh aye tou kuch bhi karke who door kar do..." [you want to remove any suffering from your partner no matter what] They both can't see each other in pain and distress and besides the odds they find solace in each other by buffing the fact that they are each other's needs and they are the only ones who can fulfill each other's needs too.

"Indeed Love is caring for one you are angry with is really a TRUE Love..."But still these two need to understand layers of it by peeling the layers of ambiguous thoughts and by removing these self created walls of Ego and Pride.


"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. Antoine de Saint-ExupryThe Little Prince



                                     A Glimpse of FUTURE...

A look at the movie references in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
as there are plenty and they add to our exploration. If you spot one,
please do send in with your thoughts, we'll post it here.


The 1994 Suraj Barjatya mega movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, with its colourful, extra large take on the big traditional Indian Wedding, is one of the most successful and loved films of India cinema. Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan thrilled viewers with their heady chhed chhad and many ways of finding out "who am I to you"; no one could stop humming "Didi tera devar deewana" or forget Prem and Nisha; and earning more than $1.35 billion, HAHQ became the highest grossing Bollywood movies of all time at that time. Even today, it's among the movies that made the most money. 

That IPK writers would be "inspired" by such a film is only expected some will say. But still, we were surprised by the number of instances where our movies loving writers found resonance and the itch to imitate. Thankfully, it all worked out fantastically. Here we present

When HAHQ met IPKKND Episode 1 


Mamaji and Mamiji
In HAHQ, Mamiji is a character who always seems to be either coming from the beauty parlour or going to it. She's shown in gaudy make up and hair do. Also, she wants her nephews to marry girls from rich families and suggests a match from a relative who is wealthy.
Mamaji is a peaceful person, knowledgeable, knows what is right and what is wrong and isn't influenced by status or financial position. He loves his wife unconditionally despite all her gawky acts.

Loud, over the top, makeupiya touchupiya mami and sane, low key mama. Sound familiar?

Palang Tod
HAHQ has a lovely scene during the wedding of Prem's brother to Nisha's sister. Nisha runs away with the bridegroom's shoes and Prem follows in hot pursuit. They chase each other into the bedroom, Prem trips over roller skates and falls on the bed, taking Nisha with him. The bed breaks.
Remember Khushi running with ASR's baby picture laughing away? of course she leaps onto the bed, her man has to lunge and fall with her on it... oh the poor piece of furniture, how could it not collapse in excitement. ptcha, ptcha, can't blame bed or writer. 

Men in dupattas
It is the God Bharai of the elder bahu Pooja. An all ladies function, but the boys want to see the entertainment. So, they cover themselves in dupatta and sit among the ladies trying to take a peek.
It's the Payash mehendi function, boys not allowed. But Akash wants to pass a message to Payal, so NK decides to help Akash, wears a saree and sits among the ladies.  

Didi tera devar deewana 
Nisha dressed in a bright blue saree and her friend dressed as Prem dance at Didi tera. Here Khushi in a saree most similar dances to tehe same song, slightly modified in view of the rishtas... "Jiji tera Jethji deewana" goes the ditty. the flower is shot from a catapult by Khushi at the Jethji she professes not to like, in the movie the girl dressed as Prem did the honours. The hips sway exactly a la Madame Dixit... ohho ho ho, IPKKND "husna bhi na jaane" hero smiles and wonders "Hum aapke hain kaun?"
Pass me no parcel
The whole family is playing passing the parcel in HAHQ. The last two left are the two lovers. Prem winks, Nisha is taken aback and forgets to pass. The music stops and she loses. She shouts he cheated, Prem asks how, Nisha can't reveal so accepts defeat.  
During the IPK remarriage, they play passing the parcel and Arnav does ramanchi, touches his nose and distracts Khushi's attention. Khushi forgets to pass, the music stops and she loses. She shouts ramanchi, Arnav asks what did I do, Khushi can't say anything and accepts defeat.

Carry me
In the final shot of the movie, Prem and Nisha are married and he carries her in his arms, with the whole family looking at them happily.

The grihpravesh scene post remarriage has an almost exact replica of this scene as Arnav carries Khushi in his arms and the whole family watches beaming.

More coming up soon...

Credit: Idea and research by DurgaS, written by indi52, edits also hers.


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Picture credit supriya.arshi
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
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wiwy's index - For some mind-boggling riddles

Some other links
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Thobda poems - Poems and parodies by the blasters on the thobda
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* * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
5. Wiwy's dream is fulfilled at last. She met Barun Big smile 
* * *
Sound clips by Katelyn
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Episode 238
aarwen ... Episode 238
indi52 ...  a hunger sublime
Katelyn ... SBB Segment 
sohara ... Episode 238 
Episode 239
aarwen ... Episode 239
ArshiHamesha ... DEJA VU EPISODE PART 238-239 
sohara ... Episode 239 
Episode 240
aarwen ...  Episode 240  
ArshiHamesha ... Deferred Dream EPISODE 240-PART241 
indi52 ... be my bride   
sohara ... Episode 240 

Episode 241
aarwen ... Episode 241  
indi52 ... wedding night blues 
sohara ... Episode 241 
Episode 242

aarwen ... Episode 242  

ArshiHamesha ... FROZEN SCREAM EPISODE PART241-242

DurgaS ... Kaun hai wo?

indi52 ... of love and lies

Episode 243

aarwen ... Episode 243 
indi52 ... a man's reach 

Episode 244
aarwen ...  Episode 244 
ArshiHamesha ... AR 36K to 40,000 Rats EPISODE 243-244 
Episode 245
aarwen ... Episode 245  
ArshiHamesha ... Teri Deewani-A giver... EPISODE 245-Part 246 

Episode 246
aarwen ... Episode 246 
indi52 ... tell me the truth 
sohara ... Episode 246 

Holi Specials
aarwen ... Happy Holi
ArshiHamesha ... She's so beautiful
BarunDiwani ... Drooling Holi
cinthiann1758 ... Happy Holi
indi52 ... Colours
Katelyn ... Happy Holi    Holi VMs
PutijaChalhov ... Happy Holi


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supriya.arshi IF-Dazzler

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Episode 231

First Telecast on Monday , 16th April 2012

Full episode links
Thanks, Katelyn,for all the links.

Credit for the videos: Respective uploaders

Please click here to see

Blaster's Take from Episode 231 - 234

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awesome thread lovely edit kate di 
and beautiful post
thanks for considering me for pm 
will try to be active and give soon reply if possible
sorryBig smile

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