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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Bamonforever

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To one n only Panchuu for becoming Blushing

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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey our AT name Champaraj sounds SEXY

isn't it Karnalis Embarrassed
panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by .Vrish.

This is all a hoot - my comments in violet.  I'm gonna analyze this not historically, but logically, so that all my dear mitr's here can laugh @ me & mock me Evil Smile  Here, go ahead ROFL

Originally posted by ...Diala...

Krishna To Ask Indra To Help Arjun,Takshak To Captures The Cows In Mahabharat

In Star Plus's Mahabharat Next Week,  Bheem is worried about mayasur..Arjun prayes to agnidev...with his bow sets the forest on fire, Indra warns Arjun to stop. Arjun doesn't comply to it, says if he has to die he'll be lucky to die from Indra's hand.. Indra makes a huge cloud and pours rain to stop the fire in the forest; Arjun makes a similar cloud of fire just below Indra's cloud, which evaporates the rainwater. Arjun set the fire again

An angry Indra then throws a big mountain piece on Arjun, Arjun combats it by breaking it into pieces, but the the pieces fall on him and Arjun gets buried under the debris. While he manages to come out, 

He doesn't send an arrow to gather Draupadi's tear and get it back and wipe it somewhere? LOL

Indra takes out his Vajra..Draupadi pleads Indra to show mercy, when a yellow enters and Krishna is revealed from a distance with his Sudarshan chakra...

Krishna asks Indra to help Arjun instead of fighting him,arjun convinces Indra. Arjun in turn promises Indra that they'll take the nag people as a part of their kingdom and will name their kingdom "indraprastha", an impressed Indra promises Arjun that he'll build a beautiful city on this barren land.Takshaq curses Indra for not having kept his promise and leaves. Villagers start coming to senses.Agni dev gifts arjun Gaandiv. The Indraprastha city gets built, suddenly Vrishbhan, comes to live and asks where Vrishali is, and nobody has an answer. Adirath finds Vrishali on the banks of river Ganga, he takes her to the doctor, Vrisha i gets back to senses and gets to know that everyone in Indraprastha is alive and she prepares to leave for Indraprastha to join her father.Duryodhan doesn't like so many people going out of Hastinapur.

But the people who wanted to join the Pandavas had already left.  So now, it would be just a case of Vrushali leaving.  Duryodhan doesn't want Vrushali to leave?  I don't see a problem - in today's episode, Vrushali didn't want to leave Hastinapur either.

Shakuni convinces Dhritarashtra to put strict orders to prohibit people from migrating to Indraprastha, and asks Karn to do the announcement.Vrishali calls Karan by his real name and questions him,

Since they're not yet married, that shouldn't be an issue, but Vrushali addressing a king by name?  That's crude.  Duryodhan didn't ask to execute her on behalf of his mitr?  What sort of a mitr is he?

 Karn has no answers as he himself knows this is wrong Vrishali dares to cross the gates, Karn bound by king's orders asks the guards to arrest her. Soldiers going to capture vrishali Kunti interrupts & reminds Karn that he has forgotten the basic values taught by his parents.Dhritarashtra decides that Kunti along with the royal family will not be a part of Indraprastha nagar pooja as they have to set an example for the Hastinapur people.Karn gets to know that Dhritarashtra has barred Kunti from going to Indraprastha nagar pooja, he decides that he will speak to Duryodhan.

But since Kunti has been kept in Hastinapur, how can she go to do the Indraprastha nagar puja?  That is one of the perks she loses by remaining in Hastinapur

Karan tries to convince Duryodhan but in vain. He then tells Duryodhan and Shakuni that he can't do so much injustice and is resigning from the Kingship of Ang kingdom and that he'll still serve

Why would he still serve Duryodhan?  If I take a loan & pay it back, I'm no longer in debt.  Same thing here w/ Karna, right?  And if Duryodhan doesn't listen to him, how are they still friends?

 Duryodhan on the basis of friendship.Duryodhan is not very happy about it but Shakuni tells him that they should just let Karn be, as they will need him later.Karn comes to take Vrishali back to indraprastha, Kunti tells him to deliver a message to her sons, that as soon as nagar pooja is over, they should declare Indraprastha as a sovereign state and once its done, she shall come to

Why doesn't she simply go w/ Vrushali to Indraprastha to participate in the nagar puja, which she wants to anyway?  After the puja, she can ask them to declare Indraprastha's independence from Hastinapur, and then she can settle down there w/ her sons.  If she's pleased w/ Karna, she can try telling them all her secret, and then Priyamvada can come back and try to stop her, and get into a fight w/ Vrushali Evil Smile

Draupadi & Malini can then intervene to break up her fight.

Indraprastha.Vrishali is impressed by Karan, as she sees him giving alms to Brahmin even after resigning from King's post.Pandav's get to know that Kunti has been barred by Dhritarashtra to come for their nagarpooja, they decide they'll go to Hastinapur and speak to Dhritarastra about it.On the way to Indraprastha, Karn and Vrishali develop a liking towards each other.Karn brings Vrishali to Indraprastha. Pandavas stunned to see karan in Indraprasth.

In that case, why didn't Vrushali stop right there, and ask Karna to take her back to Hastinapur?  Since he is so generous, she can get from him her father's property, which he has abandoned.  And if she wants a family, she can ask him to arrange her marriage.

Karn conveys Kunti's message to the Pandavs& Krishna, mentions that he is no more the king of Ang.Vrishali gets tears in her eyes as she sees him leaving. Krishna is impressed by Karn and tells her if she feels like she can go back with him.Arjun says Vrishali will be safe with Karn ,Krishna says if they are together Karn will be safe.

Why exactly does Krisha or Arjun care about Karna's safety?  Or for that matter, Vrushali's, if she leaves Indraprastha?

Duryodhan comes running to Shakuni saying Pandavs are planning to make Indraprastha a sovereign state. Shakunicalls Takshak pouring a green liquid into a small havan & tells him to kidnap all the cows going for nagar pooja as a gift from Hastinapur, so that it puts a stop to the nagar poojan

Takshak comes and captures the cows.Arjun and sahdev gets to know..tensed.. Arjun runs to draupadi's chamber..

And Draupadi is alone w/...?  Vrushali?  (Yeah, I know it was Dharmaputra, but given everything else they've changed, why not this as well? LOL)

Credit: Source & Sukanya Datta

Originally posted by Bamonforever

Karna resigning from the post of Angaraj. Shocked 

Oh, so now we know - the late Ramakrishna Hegde was Karna in his previous life ROFL  That's why that state is called Karnataka today Evil Smile

Originally posted by Bamonforever

Krishna ji playing cupid between Karn-Vrishali n sending them two together on a romantic tour ! LOL

Poor Karna!  How would he ever have gotten married had Krishna & Arjun not looked out for him? Shocked

Originally posted by Bamonforever

Karna coming to IP to deliver Kunti's message.ROFL

Why, couldn't Kunti have sent Vidura instead? At least her sons respected him LOL
 Karna going against Dury because of injustice against Pandavas. ROFL

Originally posted by ...Diala...

he will become Angaraj again.. and thanks CVs you dint show Vrishali at service.. Glory be to you Big smile

How do you know?  Methinks he's resigned from Angaraj so that when he becomes Champaraj, his duties towards Anga won't come in the way Evil Smile

Originally posted by Bamonforever

Reading this week's spoiler set me off. LOL
Which show is this ?? Atleast 1% authenticity should've been there. Geek ROFL

It's there.  Draupadi is the wife of the 5 Pandavas.  The Pandavas, rather than the Kauravas, have gone to Khandavaprastha.  Khandavaprastha is barren/forest - they showed both.  And there's more - keep reading LOL

Originally posted by ...Diala...

Why is Krishna playing clue clue game.. why doesnt he disclose the matter and tie Karna to Pandavas.. he is not angaraj by then.. clean chance missed Sleepy

But Karna still wants to serve Duryodhan

Originally posted by Bamonforever

Oh my God ! Vrishali giving lecture to Karna on Dharma. ROFL

Actually, today's discussion b/w Draupadi & Vrushali about the merits & drawbacks about a monarchy vs a republic was inspiring.  I now officially admire Vrushali more than even the great Draupadi.

Karna can become the president of Anga/Champa, and Vrushali can be its first lady Evil Smile

Karna asking the guards to arrest him ! ROFL
Kunti coming to rescue of Bahu. ROFL

Dhritarashtra & Shakuni must be regretting holding Kunti there.  As a result of that, Kunti is free to create a wedge b/w BFF Duryodhan & Karna.

So Kunti too has started caring for suta women now?

Originally posted by Bamonforever

The only line of authenticity that I read is- Arjuna entering Drau's chamber.
The entire Karna-Dury-Shakuni n Karna-Vrushali part is complete fiction. 

There - I knew you'd find 1% authentic LOL

Originally posted by ...Diala...

ROFL able spoiler this is.. I could not control.. OMG OMG... arresting seems to be hobby of Hastinapur which Karna also learnt.. my dear you dint get anyone else to arrest? why play with wifey? LOL

Don't wives exist for the purpose of arresting? Evil Smile

Originally posted by ...Diala...

Any chance that Karna will not be killed in this latest version of Mahabharat? Embarrassed
Originally posted by candidfrisky

This is best distorted spoiler till date! Sasurji Adhirath will save Vrushali instead of Karna, Karna will ask his guards to arrest his wife Vrushali, Krishna will become or will at least try to become the cupid of Karna-Vrushali love story instead of Duryodhan, Karna will renounce the throne of Anga because of his Adharmi friend! ROFL   ROFL   ROFL ROFL   ROFL
Originally posted by Bamonforever

My throat is aching from all this laughing ROFL

Same here.  I used to think that DBSK was bad - now, that serial looks like a masterpiece LOL

Originally posted by panchaali

Just like I expected Geek

its like lecturing the head priest about mantras and slokas

 Diala Sasu mom none can be this PanchaaliEmbarrassed none can love Aarya like me Embarrassed

I believe my Aarya is the greatest figure of Dharma, I would never do such mistake with PATI PARAMESHWAR Embarrassed 

btw HP pe maid girls vhi Dharma ke lecture deti hain Wacko

Why not - only higher caste gals can give lectures?  Our biplovey suta gal has decided to take in some of the actionLOL

Originally posted by Bamonforever

Totally agree, who the hell is Vrishali to give lecture to Our Suryaputra Karna ?? Embarrassed

Why, just b'cos she's a suta and he's a suryaputra, she can't subject him to lectures?  She can do anything - even marry him LOL
Originally posted by Sabhayata

@Candid:No no kunti tells him that he has forgotten the manners his parents taught him when he tries to arrest her bahu to be.And karna being an obedient beta understands he is wrong

There is an Yiddish word 'chutzpah' (pronounced 'Hotspa') to describe Kunti's attitude - both in the real story, and in this imagined version.  Essentially, it means 'audacious' - after wronging Karna, she has the gall to behave like she's better than him

Originally posted by ...Diala...

Dear Kunti Mata and Krishna Ji.. CVs have given you 1000 times better oppurtunity than what Vyasji gave to take Karna by your side... well well welll in advance.. If you two will miss it now then dont complain later.. I cant stand that I tell you..

At the swayamvara, Krishna told Karna to wage his struggle, by all means, but not to take the side of adharm while doing it.  Now Karna had abandoned the side of adharm.  I wonder what reason Krishna now has to withold from the world Karna's secret?  Will he just dump it on Kunti, like in the Ramanand Sagar Shri Krishna serial?

Originally posted by ...Diala...

Karna is obedient to all characters in this Mahasoaprat LOL

But doesn't that force him to disobey others, such as his friend Duryodhan & the latter's mama Shakuni?
Originally posted by ...Diala...

I wanted to share something interesting from the epic on Karna.. but as we got the most interesting spoiler fully loaded with our cute Karna, Ive kept that for later Big smile

Same here - I was doing a fan fic on Karna, and am now wondering how mundane it would seem, in contrast to this ROFL

Originally posted by mocking_bird

yea. now it should be only pick n choose scenes for me too..

It's been that way for me since the post rangbhoomi, when Brihannala helped Rukmini out of her palace, and fought Rukmi Bollywood style LOL

Originally posted by SayaneeH.Lecter

LOL& even Kunti mata will give gyan on Karna's memory loss of his parent's teachings!!!!?????AngryConfusedCensored, Karna left Duryadhan??Shocked.Angry. the only thing is left that Karna giving an invitation to Indra for taking his Kavach Kundal away

I think Indra will give Karna another set of kavacha-kundalas, and ask him for all his weapons Evil Smile

Vrish Da this post of yours is completely ROFL

Make it a OS Thumbs Up
candidfrisky Goldie

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Vrushali fell off the cliff..Khai se gir gayi bechari Vrushu! Now, Sasurji Adhirath will run and save Vrushali and will take her to some famous doctor for speedy recovery! Hey bhagwan! ROFL

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RoseWine Goldie

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I am laughing so hard I think I may fall out of my chair! Clap

Edited by RoseWine - 01 March 2014 at 8:41am

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TheWatcher Goldie

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This is SP's MB in which normal people like Vrushali can fall of a cliff and not die, We understood Karna falling from the cliff and not dieing because of his Kavach but Vrushali is a normal person she should be dead.

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Rehanism IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by TheWatcher

This is SP's MB in which normal people like Vrushali can fall of a cliff and not die, We understood Karna falling from the cliff and not dieing because of his Kavach but Vrushali is a normal person she should be dead.

Archimedes' Principle. There was a lake beneath.Wink

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TheWatcher Goldie

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A fall from that height into the water will make it no less than concrete ( courtesy Discovery channel) 

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