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Thread 1 -  Click Me.

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Part 23

Khushi was pacing in the living room. Her breakfast was left untouched and Hari Prakash keep reminding her but her thought was lost somewhere else. Her nervousness was increasing as it already one hour from now yet she couldn't able to contact him. She thought of dialing Aman and asked him about Arnav's whereabouts, maybe he knew where Arnav is..? She didn't waste any more time here and hurriedly called Aman and he answered the call within few second.

Khushi: "Aman.. Where is Arnav..?" She directly jumps on her inquiry without toasting the words.

Aman: "What happen Khushi..? Why you are asking about ASR that too so sudden..?" He frown his brows in confusion.

Khushi: "Aman I don't have time to answer your query.. Just tell me where is Arnav..? Did he call you..?" She was looking frustrated when Aman was asking rather than answering her. 

Aman: "Okey.. Okey calm down.. ASR is fine.. You don't have to worry.."

Khushi: "So it means he called you..? Then why wasn't he answering my calls..?" There is doubt for her. If he is fine then why was he neglecting her calls..? He never did that before nor she was complaining but today is a day where she knew he will be in pain. His mother was everything for him and now what he might be doing..? There were numerous of question in her mind trying to find the exact solution of everything.

Aman: "Khushi he is in a meeting.. Then, how can he answer you call when he put his mobile on silent..? You know you boss very well yet you are asking all this..?" Khushi started to think something. She could feel something is wrong here.

Khushi: "I'm his secretary Aman, how come I don't know about this meeting..? I arranged his schedule and this meeting of his is out of my knowledge. How that possible..? Don't try to hide anything from me Aman. Anjali Di just rang me and told that its Arnav's mothers birthday today. I don't think so he will entertain any of his clients on this occasion. So just tell me where is he..?"

Aman: "Khushi why his absent his affecting you so much..? I agreed, it's his mother's birthday and every year ASR will be busy in work so he can stay out from this day and treat it as a normal day. He will return home late as usual and it's a request please don't do something which could irritate him. My suggestion, just stay away from him for a day.. It will be better for you and him too." She don't have anything left to discuss here and cut the called.

The same question she asked herself, why his absent is affecting her so much..? Does he relate to her anyhow..? He might be her boss cum family friends but she don't share any special bonding with him where she could say that she is somehow related to him. Even in office they don't get well with each other then why was she worrying so much? Even Aman didn't show any havoc or make issue of his absent like her. He is his best friend yet he was reacting normal and accepting this day just like other days. Khushi was in a big confusion. She don't know why her heartbeat was increasing due to worry..? There is only WHY quotation in her mind.


She too accepted this day as a normal day but yet she never leaves a single chance to call him. To her disappointment he never answer her call nor did he called her back. It was already night her worries was getting at such peck where it could explore anytime soon if she found him standing before her eyes.

She went in the kitchen to know if he had called HP or not..? It might sound strange on why he would call HP instead of her..? But she don't have any option.

Khushi: "Hari Prakashji.. Did Arnav called you..?" HP stop from cleaning the kitchen and looked at her.

HP: "Khushiji.. Arnav Bhaiyya is in his room from pass one hour.." Her eyes popped out in disbelief. He is here from pass one hour and she didn't aware of it..? She just called him 5 minutes ago and he didn't pick up her calls..?

Khushi: "Did he have his dinner..?" She asked with concern in her tone.

HP: "I asked him but he didn't reply." Khushi started to walk towards his room to get the glimpse of him. She wanted to know what he is doing in his room..? She already makes her mind that she won't irritate him as today is not a suitable for all this. She slowly opens the door so he won't know that she was observing him.

However, what she saw doesn't pleasant her at all. She pushed the room door due to anger and lashed on him for drinking alcohol when he is diabetic.  

Khushi (Grabbing the glass): "You know you are not allowed to drink then what this stunt for..?" Her eyes were ragging fire. Neglecting her, he marched towards the rack to take another glass as he wasn't in a mood to confront with her. His steps were stumbling. She can say this that he was drinking from morning. His way, his looks and his clothes was messed up.. He is not even in his formal attire, than what kind of meeting he attends with casual attires..? And Aman..? He lied to her.. She won't spare him in if she meet him on the next day..

She takes two steps ahead and blocked his way from taking the glass.

Khushi: "Where were you in the morning..? Why didn't you answer my calls..?" He didn't care to look in her eyes or to answer her. He literally pushed her gently from blocking his way. She was stunt for sure even it wasn't a rough moves which he used to do but still it hurts. He took the glass but before he could walk towards the couch she again stopped him. "I need an answer Arnav.. Why you are doing all this..?" Her eyes welled up seeing his condition. He was hurting himself by taking the pain lonely without sharing with anyone.

Arnav: "Leave me alone.." He passed by her and again she stopped him holding his wrist.. But this time he didn't take easily, he was surely pissed off..! He grabbed her forearms and prints his finger marks on her skin.. "I told you to stay out of my way.. Didn't you get me..? It's my life it shouldn't bother you.. Understood..??" Khushi was struggling from his hold. It was causing immerse pain.

Khushi: "But this is not the way..! You are hurting yourself more.. Why don't you understand this..?"

Arnav(Angirly): "Tumhe kya farak parta hai..? (Why does it matter to you..?)"

Khushi(In tears): "Farak parta hai kyun ki baat aap ki hai... (It does matter because its related to you..)" She didn't realize what she is saying to him. This one phase of her was a clear version for him. She cupped his cheeks.. "Arnav.. Your mother won't happy if she came to know that you are suffering. Let her go Arnav.. How long you will hold her..? She won't come back doesn't matter what ever you tried. Just let her go and try to accept everything.." She was trying to make him understand.

Arnav(In choke voice): "You won't understand Khushi because you have never lost anyone.."

Khushi: "I too lost my parents at such a tender age where I don't understand anything. I thought they went somewhere else and will be back soon but few months passed and then only I realized that I have lost them and I can't see them again." Tear rolled on her cheeks..

Well, Arnav was surprised to know this.. He didn't knew she lost her parents. He hugged her expressing his sorrow and taking hers too on his shoulder.

Khushi: "Arnav.. You have drink a lot today.. You need rest.." They pulled back from the hugs. She helped him to walk till his bed and laid him. Khushi was about to walk away but he caught her hand, trying to stop her.

Arnav: "Can you spend this night with me..?" She was looking hesitate. The same memories of previous night flashed before her eyes. Where he was drunk and he told her all those goosebump words which literally fear her.. "I promise I won't do anything which you will feel uneasy. I just need your comfort just for a day.." She started to struggle her brain whether to agree or not for his request. She knew he won't cross his limits and she wasn't scared too but there is something else. She was afraid what if her heart sinks for this beast..? From beginning he was a beast for her and seems now it was changing somewhere good. She was scared what if she falls for him..? What if she started to love him..? What if her heart started to depend on him..? What will happen then..? She closed her eyes and tries to put everything aside and think about present rather than future or past. She slowly lay beside him with her body shivering due to the closeness.

Her back was facing him. She don't have the courage to look in his eyes as it was having a different kind of ocean. She could feel he was nearing her and his hand wrapped on her waist. She hurriedly closed her eyes trying to divert the weird sensation she was feeling in her. For the second time she feel like this..

Arnav (Whispering in her ears): "I just want to hold you near.. I just want to hear your heartbeat.. I just want you to know that I needs you.." He didn't know what he was mumbling. Unconsciously, he was confessing but yet it was confusing for her.

She could hear soft snoring from his end. She turns to meet his face. He was sleeping peacefully. Her eyes were adoring him. She has an argue to touch him but she was scared what if she distract him. She thought of trying and that's when her palm touched his cheek. She caress gently without disturbing his nape. In next few minutes she too dozes off beside him with her hand still on his cheek.

To be continued..  

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Part 24 - Click Me..

Part 25 - Click Me..

Part 26 - Click Me..

Part 27 - Click Me..

Thread 7 - Click Me..

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awesome updates.

its so emotinal updates.
poor arnie..
khushi is falling for him.hope she will realise soon.
thanks darling

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Congrt on new thread yaar
very emotional update
kushi care for arnav
hope both accpet their feeling for each other
loved it

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Awww that is such an amazing n emotional update Smile

So finally the Lion fell in love with the Lamb. Embarrassed

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Awesome update...
Excited to know what will happen further when they get up 

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Oh god finally update i cnt blv thx for updating dear and de update was superb khushi is gradully falling for arnav superb she is scared 2 fall in love wth de beast but i thought khushi is not an orphan ... thx for de pm continue soon ...

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