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**RaBir FF**:I love you!!Chapter 9 Updated (Page 2)

PariDsouza IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Nice Tongue update soon Hug

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AnjaliPunia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 9:15am | IP Logged
lovely update dear...jealosy track ahead

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sidholic Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Thanks!!!!! I will update soon.
Kikidramagirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Awww this is so cute..Aother Rabir FF ClapUPDATE SOON

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sidholic Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
Thanks guys u all like it. n plz ignore my mistakes.thanks anco is the fourth intoducing some new characters.
Rohit verma:he was rachna's friend n had a crush on her but till now didn't tell her.he is handsome,cute.

Part 4.
Rachna:tum!!rohit what a suprise.(She is very happy n hugs him)
Rohit:tum waisi ki wasisi ho(u r just the same)
Rachna:n u??
Kabir feels weird n rachna notices him
Rachna:am sorry...this is kabir my friend n this rohit my college friend
Both  shake hands.
Kabir:nice meeting u
Rohit:same here.rachna chalo n plz(rachna let's go plz)
Rachna:but ...(Rohit pulls her to the dnce flour)
Everyone is dancing except kabir.the music canges n a romantic song is kept.
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte,
Tere bina kya wajud mera...
Tujhse juda gar ho jayenge,
To khud se hi hojayenge juda,
Kyunki tum hi ho,
Ab tum hi zindagi ab tum hi ho,
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri ashiqui 
Ab tum hi ho
Rachna feels abit uncomfortable n is about to leave but rohit pulls her near. kabir is watching all that n feels weird n much more jealous. he doesn't know what is wrong with him.the more rohit pulls rachna near the more he gets restless n starts getting angry.the song stops.rachna laves from the dance floor n goes to sit with kabir.everyone then comes there.rohit also comes.
Mayank:hey rohit!kesa hai tu yaar(hey rohit!how r u yaar)
Rohit:am gud n u all? hey congratz u r getting married.
Gunjan: u should come for the wedding.
Mayank: ya bahanas.
Chaya:don't worry u will enjoy n mayank bayya-s friends r there nuuh.
Mayank:ya.this is raj n this is...
Rohit:kabir.right? do u know?
Rohit:rachna introduced me to him.
Rachna look at chayya n opens her eyes wide.
Rachna:come on guys let's go now its time..
Gunjan:ya let's go otherwise next time...
They all leave.kabir is sad n on the way just thinks.
Kabir(in his mind):yaar kabir ye kya ho gaya hi tujhe.what's wrong with you?y were u feeling awkward when rachna was with rohit.
Raj notices kabir sad n is about to ask him but
Rachna(to kabir):what's wrong?tumhe maza ni aya? maza ayatha.
N they reach home.they all go to their rooms. as kabir n rachna's rooms are opposite t each oher they both go together n raj is behind.
Rachna:bye!good night!!
Kabir is lost in his thoughts when rachna puts her hand on his shoulder he comes to his senses.
Kabir:huuu...good night!
Rachna:am noticing u since we came from the party u r lost r u ok.
Kabir:ya am fine.its just that am tired.
Rachna:okkk..n leaves.
Raj n kabir go in their rooms.
Next day.
Everyone is awake n all r busy preparing. kabir n raj were in their room.both got up at the same time it was 9hrsn realised the time.raj rushed in th bathroom.kabir wanted to go.kabir went out of the room n saw everyone busy n also saw that rachna is also busy.
Kabir(to himself):miss president to waha hai or ready bhi hai main uska bathroom use karleta hu.
Kabir goes to her before he doesn't lock the door.rachna comes in her room.she is exhausted.
Rachna:main fresh ho jati hu baad main us kabir se milti hu.
N as the door is open she enters.she doesn't see kabir in the bathtub n enters n goes by the tap n starts washing her face.she hears someone whistling.kabir is in the bathtub his eyes closed n whistling he aslo doesn't know that rachna is in there.rachna turns around.
He is about to get up n rachna turns around.she throws a towel to him.
Kabir:kya miss president knock nahi karsakti thi.
Rachna: kabir tum lock nahi karsakte the mane hunhe pehle bataya tha na...
Kabir:lekin tum yahan kya kar rahi ho tum to niche...
Rachna:(gets angry n turns around)tum yahaan kya kar rahe? Ye mera room hai main jab chahe aasakti hu.
Kabir:wo...actually raj bathroom me tha or...
Rachna:ohh is liye mere bathroom me aagaye tum.(Approching to kabir)
Kabir is getting out n rachna is busy shouting him.he comes out of the tub she cmes near to him.there is water down n se slips but kabir hold her by the waist but kbir aso falls n rachna on top of him.they both start having a eyelock.meanwhile,rohit cmes ttheir house he plans to suprise rachna n cmes to her room,but doesn't find her he hars some noise from the bathroom n goes near to the bathroom but shail calls h leaves  raj enters.
Raj:kabir zarur yahan hoga.(He goes in te bthroom n sees them)
Rachna's hair is open n comes on her face.kabir takes his hand n slowly puts her ar behind.
Raj notices all that n is about to leave but...
They both come to their senses.rachna gets up then kabir.(remember kabir is in a towel).
Kabir:tu...kya hua?
Raj:"kya hua"
Rachna blushes about about happened n leaves.
Kabir:rachna...kya yaar kya hua?
Raj:tu pehle room me chal.
Raj takes kabir in their room.
Raj:ye kya ho raha hai tujhe?
Kabir:kya yaar?tu plz paheli mat bhuja
Raj:tu ise pyaar nahi karta?
Raj:rachna se.don't lie.maine sab dekha tu jalous feel karraha tha jab wo rohit ke sath thi.
Kabir:wo to...
Raj:kya wo to u love her y don't u just listen.
Raj leaves.kabir is lost n thinks about his n rachna's first meeting,their fights,her smile,her anger.he comes out of his thought wen h hears his name.
Mayank:yaar tu ready nahi hua hai jaldi kar
Rachna is in her room n busy thinking about the bathroom part,their fights
Then someone from back comes n scares her."Booo"
Rachna(didn't see who it is):kabir main(n turns around n sees chaya)
Rachna:tum! tum ho
Chaya:nahi to kabir
Rachna throws her a pillow.
Chaya:sach sach batao kya chakkar haiLOL
Chayya:juth mut bolo
Rachna:saaf saaf bolo
Chaya:tum kabir se pyaar karti ho n runs away.
Rachna:chaya n runs behind her n bumps in kabir.
RaBir:sorry n start lauging 
Rachna:tum bhulakkar ho main nahi no sorry no thank u
Kabir:tum ne bhi kaha tum bhi bhulakkar
Both start arguing n chaya comes in between.
Chaya:chalo subah jaldi uthna hai.
Raj comes.
Raj:tum yahi pe rukne wali ho.
They both start talking.kabir n rachna look at each other.
Kabir takes raj n rachna chaya.
Kabir:tunhe nahi lagta tumhe pyaar ho gaya hai?
Chaya:mujhe nahi
Rachna:tum to baat kar rahi thi.
Raj:kabir ye kya bol raha hai maine tujse kaha or tu uska badla le raha hai.
Rachna:badla?main badla kyun lu.
Maine dekha wo kaise tuje puch raha tha kitu yahin pe rehne wali ho?
Raj:wo to maine bu yuhi.
Chay:tum meri chori apne batao tum dodno phir se ladne lage.
Kabir:hum lad nahi rahe the
Chaya:to kya kar rahe the.
Rachna:chalo jhodo.good night sojaw.
They go to sleep.kabir isn't able to sleep nremembers the shooting star night n goes to the terrace.he is looking at the moon n remembers rachna,her smile,her anger,their fghts n starts raining he gets drenched n screams
Kabir:I LOVE YOU!!!!! I love u rachna!I love my miss president!I love u.
Next day(wedding day)
Everyone is ready rachna n chaya get gunjan ready n chaya also gets ready.
Gunjan:jao rachna tum tayar ho jao humchale jayenge hall par tum jao.
She goes to her room n is getting ready.
Mayank,kabir n raj are on their way.kabir rmembers that he forgot his phone in his room n goes to get it.he gets it n hears rachna.
Rachna:chaya zaraa help kardo.koi hai??
Kabir listens n opens the door n sees rchna struggling to tie her back strings.
Kabir:am sorry(n comesout)
Rachna:plz chaya ko zara bulado
Kabir:wo log to chale gaye or koi bhi nahi hai
Rachna:(gets sad)ab main kya karu
Kabir:(comes in)main help kar deta hu.
Kabir comes nears n starts to tie.rachna fells kabir's hand on her back n closes her eyes.he ties the third but look elsewhere n ties the second n pulls her bit near.she tightens her eyes more n then ties the first n pulls her completely near.rohit comes in.
Kabir gets away n rachna opens her eyes,
Rachna:thanks kabir n leaves.
Rohit also leaves n then kabir.they all are tthe wedding gunjan n mayank a getting tepheras.rachna is remembering the prt of kabir tieing her strings n starts blushing.
Rachna(in her mind):what is happening to me never felt like this before.wht is wrong wth I in love?am... am I love wth kabir?
Precap:some goons are troubling rachna.

Hope u guys liked this part.plz am sorry if some mistakes r there.will update soon

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
owww great thanks for translation in eng,
they are in loveSmile
from where did rohit come..
hope kabir is her hero ..

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sidholic Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2014 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Part 5 
Rachna:(in her mind)ye kya hogaya hai mujhe.whts wrong with?...y a feeling like this?am ... am I in love? love with kabir.
Kabir is busy thinking about rachna.the wedding is done n they all r going back home.they do the ghar pravesh n other ceremonies.they all are tired n all go in room.
Rachna takes a bath n changed in night suit.she comes n sits on her bed.n she starts remembering their first encounter in the market,then the night on the terrace,she is thinking about their fights,n remembers chaya's words.
Rachna(to herself):this is not love he is just my friend n he also thinks me as the same.this chaya also.n goes to sleep
Next day.
 everyone had their breakfast n all are at the hall.they all r chatting
Mayank:we should all go for a picnic
Gunjan:wow nice idea.
Raj:we should go n also decide stay say for few nights 
Rachna:nice idea raj
Chaya:that is ok but will we get permission?
Kabir:don't worry we will get
Rohit comes 
Rohit:I'll also join u guys.
Chaya:nice idea.the more the merrier.
They all decide that they will leave tomorrow morning.
Chaya:rachna come with me at my house I have some work.
Rachna:ok n they leave.
They first go to the market n then at chaya's house.its 7pm.
Rachna:ohh its 7 should go now.
Rachna:see u 2morrow.bye
Chaya:bye.take care.
Rachna leaves. she is trying to get  rikshaw but can't find.there are some boys who are drinking.meanwhile,
Kabir:ye miss president kaha reh gayi.its 7.I should go n check.he leaves from garg house.
Boys:if u want we can drop...
Rachna doesn't say anything n keeps of them comes nar rchna  holds her hand.
Rachna(gets angry):how dare you n saps him.
He n his friends get angry n approach to rachna.she gets scared n starts walking fast.the boys are behind of them holds her hand.
boy:tumhari itni himmat ki tumne mujhe thappar mara.u slaped me.u have to pay for it.
Rachna:plz lave let me go.plz somebody helpme plz.
Another boy:tujhe bachane wala koi nahi hai.
He is about to touch rachna's cheeks but someone jumps from up n hits that person.
Guess who our hero kabir.he starts fighting with them n it starts raining.he is fighting n someone comes with a knife rachna sees that n is going near kabir.
Rachna:kabir ruk jao wait listen to me.
But doesn't listen,she sees that guy coming near kabir she goes by kabir n she gets a cut on her hand.
Kabir hears scream n sees her cut he angry n hits those boys hardly.they run away.
Kabir goes near rachna who is crying.he puts his hand on her shoulder.she trns around hugs him.kabir hugs her n
Kabir:rachna...plz stop crying.ra...chna
She beaks the hug but is still crying.kabir wipes her tears.
Kabir:rachna don't cry plz ..., takes her hand
Rachna:ouch! N kabir realises that he pressed on  her wound.
Am sorry n  takes out his handkerchief  n puts on her hand.he sees her shivering.he removes his coat n puts around rachna.kabir keeps his hand oher shoulder n rachna puts her head on his shoulder n they go home.when they reach home everyone is shocked.

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Kikidramagirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2014 at 4:39pm | IP Logged
Love is in the air Wink

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