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**RaBir FF**:I love you!!Chapter 9 Updated

sidholic Goldie

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Posted: 20 February 2014 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Hey guys saw u all writting ff felt so... its my first.your likes n comments means great. so here is my cast.
Rachna garg: she is sweet, caeing,beautiful,brave n romantic, little bit different from the show.
Kabir tripathi: he is cute, handsome, adorable, little naughty, funny.opposite from the show.raj n mayank's friend.
Gunjan: rachna's cousin sis n best friend, in love with mayank.
Mayank: rachna's brother(as in the serial) n raj n kabir's best friend.
Chaya:gunjan n rachna's friend, same as the serial.
Raj:he is cute n friend of kabir n mayank.
This my cast. here is my story.
Plot: gunjan n mayank are in love with each other.Everyone is happy n is preparing for the wedding.
Garg's house.
Rachna:wow gunjan! am so happy for u. mayank bhayya n u r getting married.
Chaya:ha rachna tu thik keh rahi ho.
Gunjan: sach me mujhe yakin hi nahi ho raha esa lagraha hai ke sapna hai.
Rachna:aayi mummy. me abhi ati hu guys.
Mayank: rachna mere 2 friends aarahe hai.
Rachna:koun bhayya?
Mayank:wo mere london me mere sath the na wo kabir or raj.
Rachna:ok bhayya mein unke liye room ready karde ti hu.
Rachna leaves from there n cleans the room n prepares it for mayanks friend.chaya comes in.
Chaya: tum yahaan ho. mene tumhe pure ghar me check kar liya.
Rachna: are yaar me bhayya ke friends ke liye room tayar kar rhi thi.kya hua?
Chaya:phir bhul gaye hame bazaar jana hai hamare kapre lene.
Rachna: haa! mein abhi ready ho ke aayi.
Rachna goes to get ready n dresses in a simple. Blue salwar-kameez n her hair open.rachna n chaya leave for the market.
Mayank(on the phone): yaar kaha ho tum dono kitna time hogaya.
Caller:hum aagaye hai bus abhi market me hai. Bus ponch rahe hai.
Mayank:ok bye
Mayank cuts the call.rachna n chaya get their bag n r returning when chaya goes in one of the shop n tells rachna to carry on she will join her.rachna is walking with bgs in her hand on the road when a car is coming n is about to hit her when te person driving turn in a swift n with that force rachna's bags n herself fell down.she gets a small scratch on her hand.the person gets down from the n sees rachna's bags fallen n got a scratch but he is unable to see her face becouse ar has hidden her face.rachna is bowing on the scratch the person comes near her.
Man: am ...m sorryy... 
Rachna:its o...(Gets up n looks at that person.they both look at each other)aapko dikhay nahi deta?
Rachna:tumhe gari jalana nahi ata? dekh k nahi chala saktte?undhe ko hya?
Man: oy hello ulta chor kotwalko daate. road ke bicho bich tum chal rahi thi.tumhe car dikhay nahidee.
Rachna: aapko kya problem hai? 
Man: mera nahi tumhara?
Rachna: main kyun tm hare sath behes karo mere paas fizul tome nhi hai.
Man:tum koy president nahi ho mere paas bhi waqt nahi tumhare sath behes karne ke liye.
They both part ways n chaya comes to rachna.
Chaya: kya hua? tm itne gusse mein kyun ho or ye tumhare kapre?
Rachna:ye sab chore baad me bataati hu abhi ghar chalo.
They both leave for home n the man walk back to the car.
Man: kitni battameez thi wo miss president.
His friend:kya hua? itne gusse me kyun hai yaar?
Man: batata hu.
Rachna n chaya reaches home.they both go in their in rachna's room.
Gunjan:kya hua rachna
Chayya:pata nahin mene bhi pucha to usne kaha baad me batati hu. batao na rachna kya hua?
Rachna tells the whole story then gunjan n chayya star lauging.rachna is about to hit them when mayank calls her.she goes to mayank.
Mayank: rachna ye he mera best friend kabir or raj.
Rachna n kabir look at each other n say together:tum!!!!!
Did u guys like it?plz comment so that can continue.

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 February 2014 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
would love to read it but cant understand hindiUnhappy

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AnjaliPunia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2014 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
wow another Rabir ff go ahead dear

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sidholic Goldie

Joined: 22 January 2014
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Posted: 20 February 2014 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Thanks!!! will continue soon but got very less likes.
sidholic Goldie

Joined: 22 January 2014
Posts: 1146

Posted: 20 February 2014 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Sorry 4 those who doesn't understand hindi.I  can give a recap in eng so u can get the start.its starts with evry1 in garg house preparing 4 mayank n gunjan's wedding.evry1 is vry happy.mayank tells rachna about his 2 best friends n tells that they r coming at their house 4 his wedding.rachna n chaya go 2 the market. rachna gets her things n goes walking on the middle of the road chaya is in 1 of the shop 2 get herself something.rachna is lost in her thoughts n she does not realise a car coming towards her. She gets saved from the accident n the person driving n herself start arguing. They both leave critising each home rachna narrates the whole story 2 gunjan n chaya n they start laughing.mayank calls rachna 2 meet his friends kabir n raj.kabir n rachna look ot each other n scream out 2gether "YOU".

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2014 at 1:17am | IP Logged
oww thanks for a eng recap...
now i can enjoy itSmile

please write the next part in english...

and continue soonWink

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sidholic Goldie

Joined: 22 January 2014
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Posted: 21 February 2014 at 2:50am | IP Logged
Part 2
gargs house.
Rachna n kabir look at each other:TUM
Mayank:tum ek dusre ko jante ho?(You guys know each other)
Rachna n kabir look at each other.
Rachna:wo...actually bhayya hum abhi market me mile the.(Actually bro...we met at the market)
Kabir:puri baat batao ki tum ne kya kiya tha(tell everything n also tell what u did)
Rachna:maine...tumne.tumhara fault tha tum car dekhke nahi chala sakte(me...its was your fault u know how to drive a car)
They both start arguing.
Mayank:tum dono jagarna band karo or mujhe batao hua kya.(Stop fightng n tell me what happened)
Kabir n rachna narrates the whole story.after listening mayank n raj start lauging.rachna leaves from there.
Raj(to kabir):ohhh...achcha ye he wo miss president.(Ohhh...she is the miss president) n starts lauging.
Mayank:ok yeh sab band karo or jao fresh ho jao.tumhara kamra upper hai.stairs se right.raj n kabir leave.raj hen remembers that he forgot his walkie-talkie in the car n goes 2 get it .kabir is busy remembering the incident n enters the wrong room by mistake.instead of  right he goes in the left room.
Kabir:mayank ne to kaha tha ke hamara saman kamre me rakh diya hai.anyways main fresh ho jata hu.(Mayank said that our luggage is kept in our room...let me freshen up first).
Rachna enters the room.she is ging in the bathroom to wash her face.she goes in as the door open.kabir removes his t-shirt not realisng rachna is there.rachna goes in n washes face when she listens someone whistling.she turns around n sees kabir without his t-shirt.she turn her back.
Rachna:tum?tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?(You? what r u doing here)
Kabir:ye sawaal to mujhe puchna chahiye.tum mere room me kya kar rahi thi(I should ask u that question.what r u doing in my room?)
Rachna gets angry n turns around.
Rachna:ye mera room hai tumhara nahi or ye bathroom bhi mera hai.samjhe.pointing at kabir(this is my room not yours n this bathroom is also mine)
Kabir:lekin mayanak ne to kaha tha ke stairs se right mera room hai(but matank said that rght fromthe stairs is my room)
Rachna:bhayya is right lekin tum galat ho.(Bro is right but not u)
Kabir:tumhara matlab kya hai? Mein galat kamre me aagaya?(What do u mean?I came in the wrong room)
Rachna:ji ha
By this arguement they both realise how close they r 2 each other.on the other hand,raj is looking for kabir in the room wen he hears his voice from the next room.chaya is also looking for rachna nis coming 2her room.both raj n chaya enter the room together.
Chaya:tum kon ho?or rachna ke room me kya kar rahe ho?
Raj(he is looking at chayya n is lost when chayya touches him,he coimes to his sense) myank ka friend hu.
Chayya:ohhh to tum ho...
Chayya is about to answer when they both listen shouting of rachna n kabir from the bathroom.
Raj:ohh god!! ye dono phir se lar rahe hai.
Chayya:kya???...kya kaha.
Raj:baad mein batata hu pehle chalo unhe roko.
They both open the door n go in n see kabir without his t n rachna na kabir r very close 2 ech other. kya ho raha hai
Rachna n kabir see raj n chayya n get to their senses n find themselves very close to each other.they bothmove few sreps backwards.
Kabir:achcha hua ke tu aagaya miss president phir se mere upper fault rakh rahi hai.
Raj:ye thik keh rahi hai.(Rachna n chayya look at him)
Tum galat room mein aagaye ho.
Chayya:waise...tum dono bathroom me sath sath kya kar rahe the.Bathroom kya ladne ko jaga hai.
Rachna:chayya!!!she tells the whole story.
Rachna:agar mere bathroom me aana hi tha to atleast bathroom ka door to lock kar sakte thena(telling to kabir)
Kabir is ashamed n doesn't have anything 2 say.rachna n chayya are about to leave when rachna's duppata is caught by kabir.rachna gets furious
Rachna:mera dupatta choro.
Kabir does not know wht she is talking about. He is confused.rachna turns around 
Rachna:kitne battamees ho tum,mujhe pehle se hi lagta tha ke tum zarur aise ho.
Rachna is about 2 slap him when kabir shows her his hand.he shows her giving naughty smile that her dupatta is stuck in his watch.she fells sorry n removes her dupatta n leaves.kabir gives a smile.
Raj:kabir chal ab
They both go in their room.
Rachna n kabir r in their perspective rooms.rachna fells sad about saying him bad stuff.
Kabir in his room also fells bad about what he said to rachna.rachna goes up on the terrance.kabir also goes (but first rachna then kabir).rachna looking at the stars up.kabir comes on the terrace but he does not know that rachna is there coz of the clothes hanging between them.kabir is aso looking at the stars when by mistake he drops one of the flower pot.rachna gets scared she thinks its a thief n gets a stick n is about to hit him when she realises its kabir
Rachna(with a relief):tum.
Kabir:haa me kyun kisi or ka wait kar rahi thi?
Rachna:shut up!mujhe tum se kuch kehna hai
Kabir:mujhe bhi
Rachna n kabir(together):am sorry.
They borh start laghing.
Rachna:am sorry.I said so much even though ut was not your fault.
Kabir:its ok.Even am sorry should have known that it was your room.
Rachna:its ok.
Kabir(gives his hand out for a shake):friends?
Rachna gives a weird look but ten smiles
Rachna(forwards her hand):friends.
That's when a shoting star falls.rachna sees it.
Rachna:quickly close your eyes n make a wish.(She puts her hand on kabir's eyes n closes her eyes n makes a wish but is msmerized seeing rachna like this smiling n isn't able 2 make a wish)rachna opens her eyes n realises her hand on kabirs eyes.she takes her hand back.
Rachna(embarrassed):am sorry.
Kabir:in friendship No sorry No thank u.ok
Rachna:ok.(She realises the time)its so late n 2morrow is haldi.Bye.Good night!!
Rachna leaves from there n kabir also leaves.
Kabir:kal haldi!maza aayega.
Precap:evry1 r enjoying in the haldi when by mistake rachna who wanted to apply haldi on chayya goes on kabir n he is angry as she spoiled his clothes. 

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sidholic Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Part 3
Kabir:haldi...Big smile(N gives a naughty smile)
Its Morning,every1 is ready for the haldi ceremony.mayank comes with raj n kabir n sits.mayank is wearing a white kurta.kabir n raj are in yellow.gunjan n chaya r coming rachna isn't with them she is not seen in the scene.gunjan is waring a yellow n green choli n lenga.mayank,kabir n raj r looking t the stairs as gunjan n chaya r coming.kabir is looking around but can't find who he is looking for.who else RACHNA!!!gunjan comes down n sits.both mayank n gunjan r being applied haldi
Gunjan(to chaya):where is rachna?
Chaya:i don't. maybe...uska dressWink
That's when rhna is coming dwnstairs.kabir is looking around wen he sees her coming downstairs.she is in yellow-orange,her hair tied as a pony ponyhair with her hair lock coming on her eye continuosly n she putting it behind her hair.kabir's mouth is open wide.she comes down n goes 2 gunjan's side.kabir is a bit confused.
Kabir(to raj):why is rachna on that ide.she should be here mayank her brother nahh.
Raj:she wanted to be with her best friend. that's why.understood.
Kabir:ohhh ok.
Rachna n chaya started playing with haldi.they were applying each other.chaya applied on rachna n ran away rachna was running n got chaya.rachna went to apply on chaya n she went down n by mistake she applied on kabir's cheeks n a little fell on his kurta.rachna gets nervous wen kbir gets serious n acts to be angry.chaya gets scared.every1 get quiet n look at rachna n kabir.
Kabir(in anger mood):sorry set it right(he takes a little haldi in his hand n applies on rachna's cheeks)
Everyone start lauging n kbir starts running n rchna follows him.they all enjoy n have the sangeet program at night n all r prepreparing.they all start the program.they all r enjoying.kabir is busy looking at rachna.they both start talking in signs(isharebazi)(I'll tell wht they r talking about in words but they r not talking but just isharebazi)
Rachna:wht happend
Kabir:nothing.u r going to lose
Rachna:hahahaha no u r going to lose.
Raj notices kabir.
Raj: ehhmmWinkwht is happening?huu kabir
Raj looks at rachna:tumhari miss president or tumhare bch kya ho raha hai.
Kabir starts smilling.they start woth the sangeet.they all enjoy but the girls win.they all r going to bed when rachna sees kabir going in his room n plans to scare him
Kabir(not at all shocked):very bad mss presidnet.
Rachna:whatever but u lost n start teasing him
Kabir:its ok every day is not a sunday
Rachna(getting serious):am sorry kabir.
Rachna:I spoilt your clothes n...
Kabir:u r such a forgetfull
Kabir:yes in friend no sorry remember
Rachna: ohhh am...
Kabir interrupts:sorry!!
They both start lauging 
Rachna:good night!sweet dreams
Kabir:same to you
Rachna is leaving n goes to her room kabir is looking her go.he starts smilling.he doesn't realise that he is in love.
Next day.
All girls r applying mehendi,kabir is late as usual.he sees everyone in the hall n they are applying mehendi.rachna is in a choli lenga colour green n white.he sees her struggling to but her hairlock(lat)behind her ear n he sarts lauging.
Rachna(blowing towards her hair lock which is on her eye n on her hand is mehendi):ohh god!! Me kya karu kabse try kar rahi hu.chaya ke hath bhi busy hai.Shocked
Kabir:(laughing)any help miss president?
Kabir doesn't listen n takes his two fingers n puts her hair lock behind her ear touching her cheeks.raj looks from behind.
Kabir:aayaa!bye miss president
Rachna:bye n...
But he leaves before she can finish.
Raj:what is wrong with u kabir?
Raj:r u in love?
Kabir:LOVE? with who
Raj: don't lie to me can see u like rachna?
Kabir:wht? r u mad she is my friend come on how can love her?
Raj:don't ask me ask yourself.your r just with her.plz kabir 
Kabir is just confused with raj's words but ignores them.
Chaya tells rachna that they are hving a party n all their friends are coming.
Rachna:wow!we will go.
Chaya: of course n also tell myank bhayya's friends to come
Rachna:ohhh hooo!I'll tell n will give raj a special invitation.
Chaya blushed n leaves.rachna goes in kabir's room n finds no-one there.
Rachna:ajib hai bhayya ne to kaha ta ki room me hai.
Kabir comes out from the bathroom in a towel n didn't see rachna.rachna is about to leave n then she listens someone whistling.
Rachna:kabir hai.jake batadeti hu.
 rachna is going n kabir coming.they both r lost in their thoughts when rachna is about to fall coz of the bags.rachna coses her eyes n kabir sees her n holds herfrom the waist.
Kabir:u can open your eyes now
Rachna:huun.(She gets up)
Rachna:where were u was looking for u everywhere?
Rachna interrupts:leve that n listentonight we have a college re-union n u n raj have to come.come on time.bye.
Rachna left in a hurry.
Rachna wears a red long,high heels n her hair open she looked adamsel.
Raj was in a black suit,mayank was in black n red,chaya wore black long,gunjan in a green long n kabir in a white n red suit.they were ready n r waiting for rachna
Gunjan:yaar where is rachna?
Kabir:I'll go n check 
He puts one step on the stair n saw her coming down.he was just mesmerised.
Rachna(touches him on his soulder):let's go
They all leave n reach the place raj n kabir meet everyone.meyank ss gunjan for a dance n they leave raj asks chayya.kabir n rachna are left he is about to ask wen rohit comes n ask rachna.
Rachna:rohit!!what a suprise

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