Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

.:| Happy 6th Anniversary Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil |:.

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Jag diya rasma ishq nahi jantha

Dil betaab hai tujko hi mangata

Ishq ishq rab hai rab hai.. 

As the calendar page turns to another March 3rd, the most cherished Indian soap, the evergreen show Kis Desh mein Hai meraa Dil', completes 6 years of its beautiful journey. Kis Desh mein hai meraa Dil - a name that brings a smile to the faces of those who believe in eternal love,  a name that takes everyone backs to 2008, feeling the aura of prem and heer's true love. It was not a love story, It was a classical love saga. Eternal love saga of Premeer

"When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, no one can ever tear them apart"

Prem Juneja and Heer Maan , a responsible pardesi boy from Canada and a sensible desi girl. The 7000 miles between india and Canada couldn't stop them from finding their heart in each other. They were matured, they were passionate, they were hot , they were innocent. Together they redefined the word Love'. As title song indicates, their eternal love for each other is their god, their life, and the very first reason behind their existence. Their simple innocent gestures expressing love for each other, those intense eye locks, duppatta scenes, handlocks, teasing and deep emotional breakdowns.. Everything about prem and heer had a magical aura which made premeer stand out from the rest.

Along with the love saga of premeer, kis desh narrated cute love story of Preet and Meher, two people who end up together unexpectedly. And also a beautiful journey of two families which later merged to one. The strong friendship that lalit and Balraj shared, Lalit's attachment and love towards his mother land, Gayatri's love for prem changing everyone's perspective towards step mother, the bond prem and preet shared, the protectiveness of heer towards meher..Kis desh showed how a love saga can merge to a family drama. They made us smile, they made us cry, they made us laugh and they made us angry and they taught us to love

"Some people enters with a bang, fail to mark their print, leave silently. But some other people enters silently, capture hearts and leaves taking our heart along with them"

Now, it is officially 6 years since desh entered our life with two people searching their heart and directly landed on our heart. The impact desh made on our life is so strong that even after 6 years the show is alive as it still airs. Well, that is what we says off air, but still on hearts'. No matter How many years pass always, desh and premeer will be always alive in millions of fan's heart..

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Kis desh mein hai meraa dil -as the name indicates, it was a journey to find the hearts. And that journey captured millions of viewer's hearts with in a glimpse. It was not only the story which attracted the people, Desh was blessed with a perfect cast too.  They never left a stone unturned to make the show perfect.

As viewers, we always seen our desh, in the way our stars showed it to us.. Behind the screen, there was another desh, where a group of talented people joined their hands together to make a perfect show. For once, let see the desh and deshwasis through the eyes of our stars..

 "They will surely create magic and will able to show the required passion. We had taken auditions from all over India but my team selected Additi. She was perfect for this role."


"This show is bound to ignite the magic of love and romance on television once again." 

 "Bagging this role was not an easy task! I got selected after eight rounds of audition and look tests.Prem's character is a very intense one and one from the idealistic world. He is good in all aspects and I am sure that in real life you won't come across such a person. But playing this role is also a challenge." 

"It's a very strong character (prem) and I am happy to have such kind of a role in my wallet".


"From the moment the character was narrated to me, I was dying to play the role and I knew it was going to be a hit. I was quite stunned that Ekta maam offered the role to me but I was very thankful that she did, as I was hoping she would give at least two percent of what she narrated, as the role was great."


"I wouldn't say that the show clicked with the audience right from the first day, but it rose slowly. We are doing quite well and I think the biggest attribute is the show's creativity. The dialogues rendered are outstanding while the scenes shot are exquisite. That is what attracts the audience to the show."


"My favourite love story, without a doubt is Heer-Prem's in Kis Desh Mein Hain Meraa Dil"


"I love many scenes. But my favourite - is the one when I propose to Heer, a scene with my mother."


"We've had famous jodis before, but none could create the magic like Heer and Prem. Whatever popularity I've achieved today is primarily because of 'Kis Desh...' Additi, as a newcomer really rocked"

"If it wasn't for 'Kis Desh..', God knows what would have happened to my career especially after the 'Amber Dhara' experience."


About Preet's death:

"The most recent change I wish didn't have to happen is Preet (Sushant Singh Rajput) leaving us. Although I keep bumping into him as we keep shooting in nearby locations, it's not the same anymore".

 "On a serious note, the brother-brother chemistry that Prem and Preet had is something Indian television had never witnessed before. And I'm thinking it will be a very long time before we come across such a thing again"

About Tasneem (Daljeet Chachi):

"Tasneem played a very strong negative role. I think after she left, no one has been able to replace that character(daljeet) with any other. She has created a void that can never be filled."


About Desh time :

"Ek Ek Din Actually Yaad Hai..Pehle Din Shoot Ka..Hum Logon Ka Bhaagne Ka Shoot Tha..Matlab Football Match Ka Shoot Tha..Jo Ki 6 Din 7 Din Chala Tha..Aur Hum Theenon Ki Band Bhaj Gaye The..Manoj,Sushant, Mein Chal Nahi Paa Rahe The.,.Kyonki Bhaagne Ke Aadat Hai Nahi..Aur 6-7 Din Hum Log Din Bhar Bhag Rahe The Wahan Par Football Khelne..Ek Ek Din Hum Logon Ko Lagta Tha Ki Hum Log Mini Movies Bana Rahe Hai.Aade Ghande Ki..20 Min Ki Ek Picture Dikha Rahe Hai..Aur Hum Log Bahut Mehnat Karte The.Hum Donon Ke Paas Aur Kuch Tha Nahi Na...We Both Were Like Becoming Somebody..Mera Bhi ..Amber Dhara Would Have Been But Nahi Kar Paaya..Nikaal Diya Gaya,Jo Bhi..After A Mess..AFTER I THOUGHT MY LIFE IS OVER..KIS DESH CAME.. And Jab Wo Kaam Chalu Hua..Usne Suroor Pakda.Aur Iss Show Se Hum Log As Actors Have Learned So Much.Matlab Its Not Funny..ABHI BHI SCENES DOONDTE HAI WAISE..Kuch Cheezein Hai Cinematically Bahut Solid Nikhala Hua Hai Actually.."


About Star Parivaar Awards:

"I can never forget this day(17th may 2008) in my life as I was nominated for the first time and also won my first award. I really enjoyed it as I hosted, performed and was a part of the audience too. It was one event where I did everything and the best part was that it was my birthday. I was really happy to see that actors from other shows like Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai like me and were supporting me. I was flooded with gifts on that day"


About Additi :

"As an actor,what u need is a co-operative co-actor.she(additi) is that ways acting they says its all about reacting,toh agar mere expressions ache aa rahe hai ,mein react teek se kar paa raha hu toh .more than half the credit goes to the other co-actor.mere scenes jitne ache aaye hai,hum donon ki itne ache aaye hai ..hav been my orientated but...buri aadat : beech beech mein thokti hai...bholne nahi deti hai."


"Meine Iske (Additi) Ooper Cheeka Hai Chillaya Hai Gussa Kiya Hai,Pyar Kiya Hai,Roya Hai Samjhaya Hai..Matlab Saare Emotions Share Kiya Hai..."


"Meine isse (additi) kabhi kuch nahi baat hai ki ye mujhe copy bahut karti hain...har cheez jo mein kar leta hu ya bol deta hu wo  agli baar ye karegi..matlab pata hai..copycat hai ye "


"Both of them are entirely different people.aditi na.becoz she was new she was completely clueless about anythng and everythng.and she was this..i dont know how to express it..but what we call it.. Is salt..ek namak waali jo baat hoti hai do you put it..u cant express it..wo hai plus kya hota jab aap pehli baar kaam kare hai toh aapki wo mehnat alag hoti hai..aapki wo iccha alag hoti hai.ek prooving the point hoti pe aa rahe hai,balaji ka show hai,acha show hai,everythng is readymade in front of you,you just have to workhard and jab hum log kar rahe the mehnat toh hum logon ko uski results bhi mil rahe the..

i think initially jaisi show on air gaya,uske baad jo first star parivaar hua ,usmein hum logon ne jodi ka award jeeta tha..infact we have won some 3 jodi awards..two in spa and one in ita..toh matlab aditi becoz she was new..she had no clue absolutely.uska ek school of thought hota tha chota sa...uss understanding ke hizaab se wo aati thi..and wahan par garry sir the to help..(abt garry sir,director of desh ) :garry sir is no more..but he is again one of the guiding people i have met in life.i think when i started kis desh things were not really going very was very very difficult for me.and i was very stressed out through out.he used to tell me.just keep on doing what you are doing.nothing will change only people around you will change..and that happened.i saw  it happening.and i wanted to tell him that it has happened now..but he is not there.. But i m sure he is listening.

 So haan aditi..we were talking on aditi ..  so wo apni samach ke hisaab se aati thi.aur hum log sab mehnat karte the.uska input kam hota tha.lekin..wo ye hai ki ek baar samjhne ke baad ek school of thought usko milta tha wo fataak se samach jaati thi.wo bahut fast learner hai.infact i have seen her,there was this time when she came like new comer..where am i...and there was this girl who walked confidently inside and  i was looking at her like some star is walking inside in a years time..i have told her also that you know ...something is different about you today.."


"Infact Hum Log Sabse Zyada Chooncha Choooncha Hota Tha Kyonki Camere Ko Leke Hum Log Bahut Jhagadte The..Donon Aa Jaate The..Aur Seedha Baat Karte Karte Kabhi Uski Facing Hoti Nahi Thi..Phir Achanak Se Usko Koi Dhaanta Tha..Phir Wo Bolti Thi Kameene Tune Jaan Bhujke Kiya..Toh Aisa Hota Rehta Tha.Masti Toh Bahut Karte The.."


About rumour on additi quitting serial:

"She (additi) cannot quit the serial. how can she quit the serial?she is like one of the strongest pillar we have in the serial. she cannot quit the serial,even if she wants to."


About onscreen chemistry:

" i think ismein credit donon ko jaata hai.jab tak wo mujhe comfortable hone nahi dengi mein comfortable nahi feel karoonga..same goes to me..jab tak mein usse nahi feel karwaavonga ki okay you can be comfortable tak wo comfortable nahi ho payegi. "


About working again with additi:

"Its Not In Our Hand.We Would Love To Work Tgether.But Some Things Can Never Be Predicted.But Never Know We Might Just Work Together.. ..We Cant Stay Without Talking /Arguing With Eachother.All The Time We Fought Were Actually Very Sweet.."


"Additi and Harshad coming together is a rare event, I want to cherish that moment and desperately craving for it."


"bahut saari cheezon ka hona zaroori hai..kis desh obviously is close to my heart also..and aditi tayyaar hai.. "



 "I come from Bhopal and was doing a fashion designing course in Pune. That was when Balaji Productions had an audition in Pune and my friends insisted I go for it. I always had stage fright, but I like to dance and am more of a sports person. I got selected and I still think that is a very good break to have started with such a big serial and a great production house."

"This is my first serial and working with Balaji is really a very nice experience. After being with them for just few months, I can proudly say that we are all one big family. They are professionally the best unit to work with and we actors are treated very well."

"The main attribute according to me is the love story which has been appreciated by one and all. People are fond of romantic stories and this is what has caught the eye of the audience and the results are very clear in the form of TRP's. The story that started off as a passionate love story has gone to a higher level now and we actors are giving our best shot to make it better.."

"Prem and heer are...meant to be in love..made for each other.. "


About Harshad:

"kabhi kabhi ye(Harshad)  kaam mein itna zyada involve ho jata hai ya soch mein itna zyada involve ho jata hu ki mein kuch bol rahi hu na toh ye sunta hi nahi hai..toh wo mujhe bahut irritate karti hai...and his cell phone."


About Tasneem:

"i enjoy working here..i love all my co-stars especially Tasneem chachi..all are very started very difficult and now I understands whats my charcter.."

"Tasneem ma'am has been throughout helpful.she treats me like her younger sister"

"Yes, I am very close to Meher and Kulraj. So I go shopping with them and talk to them often." 


About onscreen chemistry:

"Ek bonding hona bahut zaroori hoti hai do actors ke beech mein ki aap ek doosre ke saath comfortable ho ya nahi ho..becoz kahi baar aisa hota hai bahut romantic ya close scenes aa jaata hai so usmein sahi kaha ekdum harshad ne ki comfortable rehna bahut zaroori hai.."


About Harshad's exit from show:

"since the beginning ,jitna bhi isne sikhaya mujhe..bahut kuch sikhaya hai abhi tak nahi maanta hai..aur i ll miss him..within the scenes,jo pyari pyari si emotional scenes hota hai jo nok jok hoti hai..that is very good and i ll miss him as a friend also.."


About Harshad's re-entry:

 "It feels so happy to have him back in the team. I was getting bored enacting my scenes alone, as I had to cry a lot when he was not around"

"Well, all was so undecided to begin with. We never knew for sure that he will be back. But our Jodi of Prem and Heer has become so popular that he got back by public demand. Our fans were missing him so much, that the creative team had to finally get him back. When my creative told me that Harshad is coming back, I just could not stop myself from jumping and feeling happy. My initial reaction was ...Wow, Harshad is Back!!!"

About Preet's Death:

"The whole atmosphere on the sets had become depressing because of the onscreen death of Preet (Sushant Singh Rajput) and due to which we had stopped all the masti. Past few days we had to shoot for a sequence were Meher (Vaishali Sachdev) burst out crying because of Preet's death and while the scene was on, I really cried on the sets looking at her. I felt so depressed that I really could not control my tears as they rolled down."

"To tell the truth it's not always glycerin that makes us cry during the shoot. We use it only when we are not in the mood to cry or else for close up shots. But this scene was really very touchy which made me cry on the sets. I was standing behind Meher and while looking at her I lost my control and cried for real,"


On Kis Desh's Last Shoot:

"Yesterday I had partial feelings of happiness and sadness as the show did very well in these two years and now we will miss 'Kis Desh'' We had a great time yesterday as after a long time we all sat together with our directors with whom we have worked for almost 2 years, and had dinner and danced to music."

"'Kis Desh Mein Meraa Dil' will always be a memorable experience, as it was my first project in this field and I had made conscious efforts to win audience appreciation," claims the actress."

"It was a learning experience as while working in this show and experiencing this field, I wanted to make a decision on whether I want to continue but after working for 'Kis Desh'... I have decided that I will continue with acting and not go back to my passion for painting or take up some other vocation,"

"I have done a lot of introspection to gauge my goal. I have met all kinds of people- good and bad both and learned a lot. This will definitely contribute to my future growth,"


About working again with Harshad:

"i ll give a very honest answer..kis desh is very close to my heart and i hav loved every moment .so basically agar mujhe wapas chance milega iske saath kaam karne ka..i lll be obligned and happy to work with him becoz i think he is a very gud actor and it is very imp if 2 people are performing and u get reactions from the other person immediately..wo mazza aata hai scene karne mein...and i think i have enjoyed every moment working with him.."


About ajab Prem Ki kahani Performance:

"Acting with Harshad has always been great. We have shot the promo for the Valentine's Event and it was romantic indeed. It brought back flashes of the days when we used to do so many romantic scenes for Kis Desh".

"Working again with Harshad was awesome, and it was a great feeling. We will be seen together yet again in the Star One's Valentine Special",


About Harshiti fans:

"They are not difficult to handle but they just don't understand (laughs). They keep messaging to me also and I find that they all are very sweet."


About latest Harshiti interview :

"Yes a news channel had arranged for it and it was nice meeting him after a long time. From past sometime, I had not been able to contact Harshad but finally we met and it was good to chat with him."


"Preet is the life of the family. He is fun loving, yet very emotional. Preet is an arm chair rebel and a lawyer by profession. He fools around a lot with his cousins and the only person he is truly scared of is his elder brother Prem"


"My character is very versatile. You will not see me very serious or very playful. It's a mixed bag of emotions. I lose my head as easily as I laugh. I have at least three fight sequences in the show. In fact, in real life I am a lot like the character I portray in the serial."


About Preet's death:

"I will miss all my co-actors of Kis as it's my family and so now after this role of mine, my lead role in Pavitra Rishta will be more prominent and so now I am working hard for this role."


On Last Day Of Desh:

"mein shuru se hi hissa raha tha..aur kis desh mera bahut hi favorite show hai.bahut hi dil lagaake kaam kiya ismein,mera pehla show tha.."


About veera's death :

"I am so happy that Veera's character got a beautiful end. I have been in the show for the past one and half years, and have played all shades possible whether it is the innocent girl, or the bubbly one, negative and finally the character ended with a total positive shade".

 " The creatives and writers thought that Veer has nothing to do more on the show, so rather than standing in the background, and doing nothing I am happy that my character got a good ending".

About Daljeet's re-entry:

"Everyone on the set is happy to see me again. This show has always been very special. I started shooting from last Tuesday. Balaji tried calling me a few times before this also but I was with my husband Sameer in London."



"I'm happy to be doing Ekta's show again. It was an irresistible offer. I play Kuljeet, who is a very teekha character." 


Quotes Collected by Anu. Special Thanks to Sana and tooba 

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"Woh jab milte hai toh sabhi ke dil khilte hai..woh jab saath saath dikhte hai toh sab haste aur muskuraate hai..bhai prem aur heer ki jodi hai kuch aisi.. heer aur prem ek baar phir mile ek lambe arze baad aur sariya bana saas bahu aur saazish"

3 years..For long 3 years, every harshiti fan was waiting to hear a similar one from any media/new channel/site. There wont be any door which we didnt approached. everyday we waited for harshiti and that waiting and prayers finally paid off. God answered our prayers in the form of Saas Bahu aur Saazish and We got Harshiti back after 3 long years. Dont know whether it is just a co-incidenece or something deep, harshiti's new interview segment aired exactly on the same day on which we saw harshiti for the last time performing on Ajab Prem Ki Kahani. 
Here we are going through 13th february once again..Jab They Finally Met..

Cries.. Cries Some more .. all coz of Priya !! She told me to write again and I watched HA IV video for 53 times for two days again... tuning my Lappy to my ISHMART TV .. my mumma got so pissed that I can't find my Lcd-Lappy adapter anymore .. cries again*..."ab main Desh Videos Kaise Dekhungi??" umm .. IDEA let's do what HC asked us to do ... PRAY( gandhiji chale gaye isse chor gaye )!! Maybe they will come back again ( FISHY FISHY did u guys see what I saw?? Kuch to hua hai .. kuch ho raha hai) Nahi to yaar RE-RUNS hi chala do!! Anyway you people don't deviate me from my topic I am here to CHATTER and I will CHATTER .. about HC , SEXY , SHADOW, Jungle oops Garden .. and AG :P ofcourse not me PHOols(I know HC said he will marry me but that doesn't mean I will talk about it in public) .. I meant Additi Gupta!! 

Write up to maine pehle hi de diya you people might be thinking what I am again writing about? Then lemme tell you this is my DETAILED MICROSCOPIC views about HARSHITI in JUNGLE with SHADOW ... Doing something something . and ofcourse I am going to talk about Rajasthan Days .. INKE purane din... Jahan HERO HEROINE ko DESERT MEIN FOLLOW kar raha tha!! BLACK AND RED .. it's all about VALENTINES and being BESHARAM this anniversary!! 

Ok now how many of you will accept of never hearing the song "tune maari entriyaan to dil mein baji ghantiyaan" but after AG ne maari entriyaan and HC ke dil mein baji ghantiyaan this has become a must in our playlist.

We are totally not going to discuss how handsome HC looked in that body hugging t-shirt and how fragile and sweet AG looked in her plates and baby dress!! Therefore, don't drool on the sexiness these two oozed.. we don't have a fire extinguisher in the forum.. u know !!These two polar opposite children can't seem to stand each other neither seems to stay away from touching each other. Like 5 year olds they pulled each other's cheek.. Specially HC .. Man you need to stop touching her [no no no] (side hug, total hug, cheek touching, last hug, cake feeding, trying to make her touch his cheeks while showing his pimples).


Let's come down to "I love you ... I love you not" These two maniac little teenagers are worse than lovesick puppies, they drooled, laughed peculiarly, giggled, broke petals and sab cheez ki hadd ho gayi jab AG started searching for HC under the chair and tabels and HC tried to put his nose on the plate?? I mean what were they thinking man?? ?? These two polar opposite children can't seem to stand each other neither seems to stay away from touching each other. Like 5 year olds they pulled each other's cheek.. Specially HC .. Man you need to stop touching her [no no no] (side hug, total hug, cheek touching, last hug, cake feeding, trying to make her touch his cheeks while showing his pimples).


Let's not at all forget the part where AG checked him out from head to toe and pointed out his PIMPLES?? Arghh.. did she bring some kind of magnifying lense?? I wonder how many minutes she would have ogled at him to find out that pimple which we couldn't see and wait our HC is no less that man pulled out his cheeks and called AG ( additi additi paas aao ) What are we supposed to make out of it ?? that was not so innocent HARSHAD CHOPDA .. have to say AG has lots of control, I bet every other woman in here would have taken a closer look at umm PIMPLES . if you would have asked liked that ( paas aao )

Next DEBATING NAUGHTY HOT discussion is about Harshiti in Garden ooops jungle ... Doing .. nothing much ..just you know keeping shadow company !!
When AG said garden and HC said Jungle I said "the more the merrier" I meant the number of trees u know. As our deshian pari sang "jungle hai aadhi raat hai lagne laga hai darr" we wondered what these two were doing in a jungle and how do they know so much about jungles surrounding HC's house and how can AG call a jungle as a garden? The answer and I and Deshian Vrushi my SIL finally agreed on was this needs to be checked out, so we are making a team for STINT operations SHERLOCK HOLMES and INDIANA JONES type.. If you want to go to LALA LAND and like to record HD videos ( we all need HD videos of these don't we) from under the bush then please contact VRUSHIKA with your cam corder!! We are still debating over what SHADOW was doing .. I have finally got to the conclusion, either he was keeping an eye out for Intruders or supplying flowers to HC .. which HC was BARSAOING on AG .. that's the reason I guess AG took the jungle for a GARDEN. 


Let's come to our Epilogue.. I am quite sure you people are having a headache by now with my MINDLESS CHATTERING .. but u know .. one notices too many details after seeing a video for so many times .. I can't help it. I am sure quite few of you missed a part of the video which was the actual intention of writing all this. This is the part where HC and AG talk about RAJASTHAN DAYS .. ahem .. I know you people are going back to drool on "AG's imported kamariya and HC's black sexy dark looks" but come back we are talking about how cold these two were... I donno what was cold because we people were sweating ?? HAWT .. but as they said it was cold .. we will take their word for it. 
HC recalls the cold and AG doesn't want to recall the old cold days!!
While AG was mad coz she was given an open lehenga choli,HC looked quite happy about that ( ofcourse he also got to see Heer's imported kamariya, give him some slack he is a guy afterall)
HC being HC recalls old days and nudges AG ... and AG blushes like a 13 year old having a crush and replies back " main to gir gayi thi" 
BABY trust me we all fell for PREM JUNEJA and HEER MANN and those DESERTS and we all have still nor risen quite properly!!
HC being HC goes into details "camera follow kar raha hai .. gayab .. kahan gayi .. phir sab bhaag kar gaye ki padi hui hai madam" ( I wonder what he did after reaching there ?? pull her in his arms ?? ) 
Before HC could diverge any more information AG cut him in and started singing and dancing ( srk style shakes head ) "yeaa maine to kapde pehne hai" haye rabba these two are so vulgar.. they talk about "kapde pehne the ya nahi pehne the" heheheh and my mind goes back to getting Rid of Prem's kurtas and whatever lolz!! 


This is not it guys, I had another two line which kind of dragged my mind back into the gutter ..just look- 
"HC- main 4 baje uththa hun 
AG- 4 baje kya karne uth the ho?"
AG is very curious about what HC does at 4'o clock in the morning .. or maybe she knows what he does and is playing totally dumb .. either way m very interested to know about this more .. if you have any idea?? Or you are Harshad Chopda's neighbour and you have a periscope fixed towards his bedroom then do write me .. or maybe send me a video or two ??
Signing off 

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Last year, during the  5th anniversary celebration, We made a online magazine name "DIL - Deshians In Love". On a record, it was for the first time in television industry that Fans made an Anniversary Special magazine, that too for 5th Anniversary.. Well, Everything is possible in love and There is no word called Impossible in Deshians's Dictionary.. Our above  post prove it all...
Now exactly one year later, On the Occation of 6th anniversary Celebration, We are more delighted to Present the Second Issue of our Magazine "DIL - Maange More" , especially after the Coming Back of Harshiti On SBS..

We would like to dedicate this 6th Anniversary Special magazine to entire Cast and crew of Kis Desh Mein Hia meraa Dil... We also would like to thank the team for giving us a wonderful show to cherish forever. 
Thank you Balaji Telefilms and Ekta Kapoor for making KDMHMD and talented actors Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta for portraying Prem and Heer perfectly. Thank you Sushant Singh Rajput, Meher Vij, Muskaan Uppal, Deepak Qazir Kejriwal, Shama Deshpande, Sadhna Singh, Jai Kalra, Krystle Dsouza, Madhura Naik, Tasneem Sheikh, Virendra Saxena, Mihika Verma, Manoj Chandila, Nidhi Tikoo, Tabrez Khan, Manav Vij , Azaan Rustam Shah, Ranjeev Verma, Avinash Sachdev, Tanaaz Currim Irani, writers especially Vikas Gupta technical team and entire balaji staffs A big thanks to all of you from the bottom of our heart May god bless you all with a lots of success and happiness in the world..

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KIS DESH MEIN HAI MERAA DIL - The ONLY show that has touched my heart, made me laugh, cry and smile through its course. I never thought that any show would make me so addicted to it nor i remember any other show having similar effect on me.  HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY DESH. Love you Premeer, Meet, Harshiti and entire cast. Miss you all


kis desh mein hai mera dil ?? i think jahaan premeer hai ussi desh mein rehegi mera dil...4 long years have past after desh has ended..but no show and no pair has captured my heart as premeer and desh does..HARSHAD BHAIYYA AS PREM AND ADDITI DI AS HEER..a pair no one could replace..i still get goosebumps watching premeer..thats the magic they have..not only harshiti..THE WHOLE CAST AND CREW OF DESH DESERVES AN APPLAUSE..everyone was par excellent in their particular it ITS BACKGROUND MUSIC be it its CINEMATOGRAPHY ...DESH WAS A TREND SETTER FOR OTHER ROMANTIC SHOWS..but no other show was successful to rule people's heart for such a long span of time..mere liye..premeer was the best ,is the best and will be the best forever...


Happy 6th Anniversary Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil!

Some things stay in our mind forever. Sharing  them here.

Innocent Heer and her struggle in surviving the trials.

Bubbly Meher who loves to play 24/7.

Lovely Junejas who just arrived in India to see the family friends.

The beginning episodes are sweet, subtle, tragic all mixed together.

The family bonding of both Maans and Junejas are so sweet that made show interesting.

Prem and Heer were and are the most intriguing couple.

They are cute, sweet and so beautiful. They looked so  perfect, even their gestures or  thoughts are so in tuned with each other.  It made them so special.

Preet our masti filled, loving bro, son, friend, uncle to all who met him.

As the show moved on nearly 2 years, the characters all turned somewhat different, matured, and progressed. There were good episodes and bad episodes but the family of Junejas were interesting. It could be a dialogue, or shot of a particular scene or the expression of characters.

All the actors, main characters especially worked very hard, creatives, technicians all contributed to make the show as interesting as possible.

The characters who stand out would be Premeer, Preet , Chahat and Jugni. These characters are unique and have a new aspect that never seen on tv before. Everyone has something memorable to contribute and without each other even main characters don't shine. For me it's the entire family of Desh that made the show beautiful.

The sweet relationships and bonding of various characters are also very unique.

Prem Preet - the best brothers on TV. No one would be as loving to each other as these two are. They carved a niche forever.

Preet- Bauji - their jokes are definitely etched in history books. They are unbeatable pair.

Heer- Meher - cute , caring, loving sisters in early episodes. Later on their relationship was not sketched out well. But their cuteness at the beginning always stays in one's heart.

Prem-Gayatri - early episodes were remarkable and unique. Prem's respect for his mom remained same however his mom turned totally against her son. That made all the fans to wish she never existed at all.

Prem Bauji - post leap episode were heart warming.

Something about Prem's parents:

Bauji was against Prem Heer as a couple because he was not aware of Heer's background. He was ruthless and has hurt his son & family so deeply, however he never pretended about anything he ever did.

Gayatri  ma though supported Prem Heer as a couple in the beginning episodes, turned against them and pretended to love her son later on.  She was the most evil in entire characters and could not earn forgiveness from any of the fans, may be except few.

Chahat - Premeer's symbol of love.  Her role is entirely filled with fun, and 100% positive. She is the main reason for her parents to re unite. A sweet angel.

Daljeet Chahchi - funny, ruthless, selfish and wanting attention to herself forever. No one can forget or forgive her physical, mental tortures she did to Meher & Heer. However, her one liners are the best in the show. She is the only one who can be a villain & comedian at the same time. There is no one like her. Very powerful and important character in the show.

Jugni - lover of Premeer because of the love they had for each other. She always wished them to be together. The way she makes predictions re: Premeer are interesting but it also leaves fans confused as to what will happen next. She's a messenger to fans in a way.

 In the whole show only few people who helped Premeer to stay together and wished them well. Meher, Preet, Bauji and Jugni definitely come on top of the list. Chahat of course wanted her parents together however her entry was later in the show. 

Gayatri's part in it couldn't be appciated because she hurt PH more deeply, made her family feel so ashamed.

Kulraj di and Kiran jiju are sweet souls. Kul di's leg pulling to all the family members and Kiran jiju's caring nature are sweet scenes to remember.

There are loads of supportive characters who made us smile, laugh and entertained us. Nihal bhaiyya his sacrifice for his sisters, Maya's snake dance, Tanu's cute dialogues, Meher & Preet running around the house, pulling each other's leg at times. Rajveer who helped his friend Heer. Geet who helped united PH and remained supportive to her friend Heer. Veera, Harman both self serving but there is a caring nature of them that were shown in between which makes us remember them as well.

On the anniversary of the show, it is really sweet to re think of all that this show has to offer, lessons that it taught us and everlasting love that shared between Prem & Heer.


Happpy kis desh 6th anniversary thank you for giving us our lovely jodi prem heer.. awesome bond sizzeling hot chemistry thank you giving us Harshiti they have amazing chemistry...they will be always ever green jodi forever and for all the lovely memories

craziest thing i ever done is i lied to the teacher to leave school earlier... ditched my frnds




I never thought that on 3rd March 2008 when I started watching Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil for the first time I would be Celebrating its Anniversary even after years after it Started and 4 Years after it Ended and would be still Craving to see PREMEER/HARSHITI TOGETHET and ever just cant stop PHROOLING and PHREEMING over PREMEER Scenes and remembering those Heart touching Dialogues of PREMEER just like Has I have some Exam to give.

On this Occasion of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th Anniversary I would Like to THANK the Balaji Telefims and Ekta Kapoor the Producer, Gharry Bhinderji the Director, Creative Heads, Vikas Gupta and Doris Dey for giving us the jodi of PREM and HEER as Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta as Lead Couple in Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil. Also the Rekha Modi and Nawab arzooji ki Heart touching Dialogues and Lyrics, Title song and Background score by Lalit sen and Sung by Richa Sharma, Krishna and Amarpreet and then the whole Supporting casts sushant singh rajput, Mehr Vij, Krystle Dzousa, Mahesh shetty, Nidhi Tikko, Manv Vij, Manoj Chandilia/Tabrez Khan, Madhura Naik, Shama Deshpande, Deepak Qazir, Tasneem Sheikh, Mihika Verma,Jai Kalra and our Cute Muskaan Upal others who have also given their Immense Time and remarkable Contribution including the Crew and Team of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil for making it a Successful show of Television ever with one the Beautiful Jodi of PREM and HEER proving their presence of Harshad chopda and Additi Gupta one of the Talented Actors of the Tele Industry.

The Sizzling Chemistry of the Magical Duo of Harshad chopda and Additi gupta with their Mind blowing Portrayal of Prem Juneja and Heer Prem Juneja ruled the Hearts of Millions around the world and are still craving to see their Favourite Jodi of HARSHITI back together in a New show. When they recently came for the Interview Arranged by SBS their was only RISE in the Number of PREMEER/HARSHITI FANS. Hope to see them soon.

My All Time Favourite Premeer/Harshiti Or The Best Romantic Scene Is The

1)PREM CONFESSION SCENE TO HEER THE MAY 27 TH 2008- This is the scene where I just cant stop Phroolong and crying what a Heart touching Dialogues, Sizzling chemistry, Background music and not but the Least the Mind blowing Performance of Harshad chopda as Prem Juneja and Additi gupta as Heer Mann.

2)MANDAP SCENE: In this scene I thought Prem's name should not been Prem Juneja It should have Prem Junoon what a Awesome performance of Harshad chopda literally he proved here he his Versatile Actor can also do the Angry Young Man roles to the perfection. Where he cannot see his Love beeing Insulted and Tortured anymore and if anyone does it would give them Nice.

Additi gupta as Heer mann made everyone cry with her seeing her performance not able to do anything even after now everything and just sacrificing herself.

Many more scenes are the But no time I think PREMEER all Scenes are Favourite specially these two will be my all time Favourite one. PREMEER are MAGICAL together.


6 still feels like yesterday when i watched Harshiti and their electrifying chemistry in SPA'08 on Ishq hua and just instantly fell in love with the couple and as a result ended up watching the epic 18th june scene..just one epi and i was completely stunned by this show and since then Prem Heer became a huge part of my life..i fell in love with every character on the show from Lalit to Harman,Preet Mehar..everyone became a part of my life...Today after 4yrs of show ending this show still lives in our hearts and i dare no one will ever going to take its place...Than you soo much Balaji and Ekta for giving us Kis desh mein hai meraa dil.. Wishing all the deshianz a very Happt Desh anniversary


6 years!  OMG!  Has it really been 6 years since my all time favorite show first came on the air? Time sure flies...but one thing remains love for Kis Desh.  Weddings, music, masti, heartache and love.  Lot's of khushi, and plenty of gham, that's how I'll always remember Kis Desh. 

I'll always remember it too because it gave us such memorable characters...The best mother, the ideal son, the best brothers, the best sisters, the ever sacrificing heroine, and 2 adorable younger siblings (Preet and Meher) which lit up the screen.

A big thanks to Ekta Ma'am for conceptualizing characters that have remained with us even after so long.  And a big big thanks to all the artists who brought those unforgettable characters to life.

Congratz Deshians.  May the love for this very special show always rule our hearts.

Loads of Love...Dil Se...Fatima


happy 6th Anniversary  kdmhmd ! .. i still remember that day when I first saw its promo... the one with heer and mother..i never though it will turn up something like this. I was expecting a usual saas bahu drama with lot of remarriages and all rona stuffs. But kis desh surprised me. More specifically premeer surprised me with their innocence and Harshiti with their stunning chemistry.   It gives me Goosebumps every time I remember those days when I used to spend hours on phone explaining every details of the scene to my friends.  I used to stay up until late at night and  wake up early in the morning just to catch all the repeats, and eagerly wait for the next episodes .also going through forum posts...feeling nostalgic...if only we could have get  those days back.

One thing i never can understand is why kis desh isn't back with a season2. Desh surely deserved to come back more than any other show. Hope star plus realise this one day. Happy 6th Anniversary  kis desh mein hai meraa dil. <3

Happy Birthday KDMHMD, a show that changed my perspective for eternal love. Premeer showed me what real love is and how passionate it can be. and MEET, they were my cuties.

Kis desh is just not a show for me. its more than that. It gave me soo many memories,the memories which  will always remain in my heart and also many close friends. it is unbelievable that we are celebrating the 6th anniversary.even after 6yrs  people still loved this show as  a same way they did on air time. and i'm sure desh will be always loved regardless how much old it is..


6 years ago...the most beautiful show named kis desh mein hai meraa dil a time when i didnt know about it  .. later i had to catch up with it, thanks to my crazy friends and before i knew it  i fall in love premeer..

The eternal love saga of prem and heer was safe in Harshiti..they were Hot and cute same time ..they were special..

As time passed.. many shows have come..but none touched my heart the way desh did..and  no other jodi can make me fall in love with them the way premeer did... I wish desh come back with season2..

Happy 6th Anniversary Kis Desh Mein hai Meraa Dil

Omg its 6th anniversary .Time flies so fast..:( I really miss this show. hope we get Season2 soon!! Happy 6th KDMHMD Anniversary guys! <3


log aaye or log gaye

kuch hansa kar to kuch rula kar gaye

magar jo haste hue be rula ke gaye

wo hai aap...

kis desh mein hai mera yeah dil

yahi puchta rehta tha mere se

par ab jana meine

Is desh mein hai or isi Dil mein hi rahega

oops Is desh mein hai or isi Desh l mein hi rahega

mere sath dil ki darkan or Rooh ki ruhani ban kar,,,

Un Girte hue AAshuo mein...

jo kabhi khush or kabhi gham mein niklte haii AAp (Harshiti) ko Dekh kar...


"Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil" what should i say about this show...It has been 4 years since this show has been off air but still i can see the same affects of this show and specially our Premeer on Our deshians. 

First of all i like to congratulate the entire cast of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil on the 6th Anniversary of the show 

Till now i haven't watched the any other show, like I used to watch KDMHMD.

I still remember that day when i started watching KDMHMD. It was 29th April'2008 I'd seen the Rasta Roko Scene...and after that I was like..."wow" and from that day only I'd became the fan of this show...and specially the fan of Premeer on-screen chemistry.  

In this Balaji has shown the greatest family bonding and the reletionship between Prem-Gayatri, Prem, Preet and Harman (Prem-Preet specially), Prem-Lalit,Heer-Lalit, Heer-Meher, Prem, Heer and Chahat or Heer,Meher and Kulraj. And the also actors had done the great job, they putted their soul into that characters. It was outstanding 

And the most important thing of this show that still had affect on me was Premeer/ Harshiti jodi... seriously i just can't forget them...all the romantic which has been played on this maybe their nok-jhoke scene, phingoli, emotional/ sentimental scenes or may be it was their dance sequences...still it made me fall for them all over again  ...seriously

I wish those days would come back again 

Miss Kis Desh badly 

Congratulations "Kis Desh Hai Meraa Dil" 


Happy KDMHMD 6th anniversary..

Best serial in TV life

B'coz of desh we got a beautiful love story of prem and heer also tow talented actors harshad and additi.And everybody fell in love with them, their chemistry, their acting. Then preet, meher, harman, maya, nihal, veera, lalit, gayatri, kulraj di , kiran was a perfect mix.

Missing them all very much

Hope to see them together again.


Kis desh me hai mera dil start hua tab mai school me thi t.v allowe nahi tha but 1st promo dekhkar hi deewani hogai thi aur aaj bhi ye diwangi kam nahi hui na hogi..kis desh..dekhne se pehle mai boring thi but kis meri life ko special banaya ...pyar keya hai ye mein ne premeer (harshiti) se hi jana...i always love kdmhmd and premeer thanku so much ekta mam,balaji,for givn me kis desh me hai mera di jiska naam sunte hi mera dil dhadakta hai..


People say that once something is over we'll forget it...that those memories will fade away with time but I can say this is not true at all! It's been 4 years since Kis Desh ended but those memories are still so fresh in my mind...and today we're celebrating the 6th anniversary of our show...6 years back we got to see a magical fairytale that made us smile laugh blush and cry...Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil...this was not only a show but something that is still alive today in our hearts... Happy 6th Anniversary to Kis Desh and their PHans and I would like to say Thank You to all the people who contributed to make this journey from 3rd March 2008 to 5th February 2010 memorable... the producers the creatives the channel the whole cast team and crew gave us unforgettable moments to cherish forever... As for me Kis Desh will remain a nishaani of the first show I've ever watched and my secondary school you Kis Desh... hamesha!!! 


3rd march 2008..the day since my life changed.There was something about thid show that mesmerized me, changed me completely. Premeer and their oozing chemitry became a part and parcel of my life and harshiti- my all time favourute offscreen couples. and when the serial ended.i had no idea what to do. still dont have any idea. Now des is turning one more year old. Happy birthday Kis Desh mein hai Meraa Dil. Even after 6 years i'm still addicted to desh. Badly miss the entire team, especially ph and ha.  After watching the recent Harshiti interview i cant stop myself from wishing to see desh2 or a fresh show with harshiti. *fingers crossed*


wish u all 6th Anniversary of kis desh mein hai mera dil to Ekta mam,Additi gupta,Harshad chopra & all cast & crew Of desh for bringing this wonderful show in our life and made us love with all characters and made us felt that how special is our love & making the show as his reality by stealing our young Deshianz Hearts and making our wonderful Desh & we crazily luv kis desh and it is Happiest moment for all deshianz for being kis desh fan & making best friendz here PREMEER HAS UNIQUE MAGIC DAT NO ONE EVER CAN CREATE AND HERE THERE ARE MANY BIGGEST FAN KIS DESH LIKE ME :::::: :::::: :::::: HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY OF KIS DESH MEIN HAI MERA DIL ::::::


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil has been imprinted in our hearts in such a way that we will never forget it ... This show has given us many joyous & emotional moments ... This show has made us cry as well as laugh with it ... This show has given us many loving friends whom we might have never met, but still cherish them ... For me it's been more special because I have joined this forum just because of this show and I have got some lovely friends here  .

I would like to Thank  each & every one associated with Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil for giving us such a beautiful show ... Many show has come & gone but people still remembers this show ... What better example could be than this that we r celebrating it's 6th Anniversary ... Happy 6th Anniversary to all the Deshianz   ... Proud To Be A Deshian. 


Hmm so kis desh me hai mera dil...mujhe is naam se hi bohat pyar hai.. I still remember ki ek charming si girl thi t.v par jo kah rahi thi ki 'mai to uski dhadkan sun sakti hun kya wo meri dhadkan padh raha hoga' bas 1 minute ke promo ne mujhe deewana bana diya aur aajtak mai waisi hi deewani hun premeer my first love kis desh... Se pehle koi show nahi dekha aur na iske alawa kisi ki fan hun..thanku so much BALAJI,EKTA KAPOOR,and Harshad Aditi..kis desh ne meri life ko colourfull banaya..mujhe masti karna aur hansna sikhaya...agar iska ek episode bhi miss hojata tha to mai bohat roti thi... Thanku kis desh me hai mera dil aur 6 years ke baad bhi ye deewangi kam nahi hui aur na hogi..i always love premeer and kis desh me hai mera dil

Mai jab bhi t.v on karti thi every time sirf prem heer ko dekhna chahti thi sara din unki baten karna unke dialogues bolna wo pagal pan wo deewana pan aaj bhi hai aur hamesha rahega..premeer my nothing without kis desh... And premeer/harshiti

i cant explain my love and crazyness..thanku so much ekta mam for giving me prem heer


Happy 6th Anniversary Kis Desh .   This serial is my all time favourite serial. It has create a special palce in my heart  which no any other serial will ever take that place. I really miss my all time favourite Jodi PREMEER and HARSHITI . Even today i watch Kis desh in youtubeand dream about premeer.

I'm really happy to see harshiti together on SBS again. They are still the same with their nok-jhoks which i always adored. Wish Ekta make desh season2 with harshiti..fingers crossed

Once again, happy anniversary  to all


A show changed my entire life. That is what Kis Desh Mein hai Meraa Dil' for me.  It was my first ever serial i watched from first to last, memorising every second of it.  Prem and heer made me believe that love exist for real and how beautiful it is. It was their innocence which made me fall for them. Their purity of heart, their passion for each other, their burning chemistry..oh..i'm sure i can fill 1000 pages in a stretch describing premeer and even then it will be incomplete. Premeer were just perfect..No one can never ever like them.. and going off screen..its  harshiti..they were as adorable as premeer.. no wonder why we still cherish premeer like a treasure for life.

Now my cuties meet..the blessed couples of desh who always stayed as such..then premeer's chahat..entire juneja family. Kis desh was one of those blessed shows which had a perfect cast. Everyone did such a fabulous job that even after 6 years fans are remembering them like yesterday..Oh yes.. it has been 6 years.. it is unbelievable and thrilling same time..

No matter, whether it is 6 years or 60 years..kis desh will always remembered and cherished  i millions of fans hearts..

Happy 6th Anniversary to all...


Happy Birthday desh. My all time favourite show and favourite Jodi premeer. Miss desh badly.


Stil cannot beleive that I Am Unable to Make any New Favorite show, Favorite Actor & Actress & Characters that touched my heart. Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera dil..A Love passionate love story of Prem Heer "Premeer" Potraited by Handsome " Harshad Chopda" & Elegent" Addithp Gupta" Together " Sizzling Harshiti". Even After 4 years of its complition that is making me write on is Solo Reason Its Execution, Story line & The Closenes I Felt with each Character. Prem Heer Scenes, Backgroung music & Chemistry does not need Any introduction.. They Were Super Magnefic.. & Rest character n Bonding Between each made me feel like They r Part of mine. For Instance- Prem- Maa relation, Heer- Meher, Prem- Preet, Prem-Heer-Kul di, & Last buT nt least Prem & Adorable Cutie Pie Chahat. All were Above mark. I can only say- Best things Comes in Perfect Package & Is only One Peice whch is Kis Desh Mein Hai Dil.


Wishing the whole Cast and Crew of KDMHMD  a very happy 6th Anniversary. No suitable word to describe how much I miss those golden moments of KDMHMD and my PH.  Premeer..u are the best and most romantic jodi on television. Evergreen couple <3.  i feel so blessed to be a part of loving this show. may god bless the entire KDMHMD team


omg.. its been 6 years!!!! honeslty everything just seems like yesterday 

Memories of kis desh always gives me smiles...and i can forget this perefect couple in my life?i'm  thankful to the makers and each and every creative, cast and crew for giving us such a lovely show and a couple like premeer and also Harshiti who redefined chemistry.

Desh is always special to me as i met some of the most wonderful people here through this show ... Happy 6th KDMHMD anniversary to all... God bless


Jag diya rasma ishq nahi jaannta...  

Did i knew   i will adore n remember this song like anything.

So soon we have reached the 6th anniversary of Kis desh   time goes like jet speed n every summer it looks like "bas kal hi ki baat hai" frankly telling daily soaps had never grab my attention   that much b4 kis desh.

I started watching Kis desh from the day n episode where Heer n Meher were let to wait out drenching in rain by kind Daljeet  .I felt pitied on poor sisters who had lost their parents few days ago n now this atyachaar by their own chahi  ..i still remember Heer's voice calling..."Chachi hum hai" she was soo new then...little did i knew there was some 1 else too    . Prem i knew i had seen him before as Ali but his character would be something like this..which was then as savior of the damsel in distress "Heer" this was still unfolded   ...

the first 5 months tracks were really interesting it was again down till Prem's death which took it up by Dec   from then the show took curves but it has to end and for me it was after desh ending that i realized how much i liked it n miss it.There are endless memories related with Kis Desh but i guess then i have to write a complete document  ... I miss Prem-preet scenes the most   they used to be really hilarious n entertaining ...

but as they say few good things doesn't exist for long and they can even never create the same magic again.

So here i wish a very Happy 6th Anniversary to Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil 

KDMHMD is very close to my heart...The show has given me HC.AG started watching the show just for HC AG..but the show with all its characters and actors...have left a deep impact...PREMEER is still remains my most fav pair of television...PREMEER was brilliant...HC AG immortalised Premeer in my heart...they actually created two eternal lovers based on tv show Premeer is like other historical eternal lovers but this is only which come out from a tv show they had to maintain the eternal couple & characters & ESSENCE OF show n that sense KIS DESH IS REALLY ETERNAL SHOW many good show will come & go but not like kis  desh  it created history ,the best romantic & magical show  evermany jodis will be popular but not like Premeer  they r eternal ,ONE OF A KIND & i think its bcoz of fans who were really possessive about Premeer & that made BT not to  mess up with the show this will always be one in million ,more than perfect  missing Premeer ... may KDMHMD memories live for ever...missing the entire team...waiting to c them back together...Thanks to all behind this master piece ...KDMHMD FOREVER"


"kis desh mein har mera dil" fRom where should i start. From the time when i saw a lady sleeping in bed in blue salwar suit in promo or from the time when i saw " ali" taking with " father of Anurag of kasauti Zindagi ki " . It wasnt start for me... it was just next show of star plus which came in place of My one of the fav show " kasauti Zindagi KI " . thats all.. ! But one day at 12:50 pm ( Nepal Time) I saw a girl crying in front of Shiv Ling and a boy was seeing her from behind.. as soon as girl sensed someone behind and gets up.. her SHAWL Flows and falls on hero face.. Then the Eye to eye scene of that moment, the back grond music of it stoped me to change the channel.. then girl started running and boy follows her.. the long chase scene in perfect bacgground music was increasing my curiosity level.. then gil gets in Bus, boy pick her PAYAL in hand and..then i asked people around.. " which show is this? its awesome " and i got answer its the same show which have came in place of KZK...and from that very moment the show name " KIS DESH MEIN HAI MERA DIL " was wriiten in my daily routine , mind , Heart and now its seems Its on my SOUL. Till now Its only the single show I enjoyed , i loved, in which i cried and laughed. In short , I have lived every emotion with it because it forced me to. Love u kis desh and kis desh each team. U all are very dear to me.


" First of All I would like to Wish u all A Verry Happy 6th Anniversary You all are Doing Fantastic job Since Kis desh started Hats of to u All Kis Desh Is really close to my Heart. it was one show which i used to watch in my School Days i still watch it.

 First i used to watch kis desh just for Harshad Chopda Later Got Attracted to Heer( Additi Gupta) & the whole Cast. it was one show which shows us the real meaning of Love & the true Importance of Family & Friends.  My Premeer are one of those couples which has a Special place in my Heart & will always remain in my heart . Harshad Chopda as Prem has done a Excellent job & Aditi Gupta as Heer was brilliant that no other Actors can do justice to Kis desh more than Harshiti. Tdey are best Heer prem ka prateek hai Heer sab se zyada prem mein samaiyi hui hai

Prem-Heer Harshad -Aditi love u so much Thank u so much Kis desh mein hai mera dil for givng us Premeer


It is always nice to remember scenes of Kis Desh. Each and every character in the show had uniqueness. It gave beautiful bondage of Mother - Son, Father - Sons, Brother-sister and brothers. Above all, a madly in love couple Prem and Heer who crossed many hurdles in their love life, still their love remained same. Another love track Preet and Meher played an important role in the show had fun and love. Happy Anniversary to all Deshians who are all fell in love with this show and cherishing every moment of it. Happy Anniversary to all those acted in this show to give life to each and every character.


"Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil" completes 6 years now..!!   Can't believe it's 6 years looks like only some days gone since it started..actually Kis Desh remains ever fresh in our life n mind ..nothing can replace it's special place in my heart..I love u Kis Desh ..From this show we got to see some special gave us laughter,joy, taught us the importance of Love,Relations,Family,Togetherness,Care n what not ..I never miss u Kis i never forget u ..u r in my heart n u'll always stay there...I just hope when we celebrate 60 th anniversary of Kis desh it will remain in the same special place in our heart...And the power of our love is proven by bringing Harshiti back  ..I Just hope they always stay together just like cutie pies ..Last i just want to say that Happy Anniversary Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil..Keep rocking in our hearts..n Congratz to this forum n my friends as we rock together.

-With lots of Love



6 years.. it is hard to believe that 6 years passed aways so fastly. I still remember the first episode of desh and I never thought I will get addicted to this show. But premeer made me fall in love. Harshiti were fabboulose as premeer. 

Kis desh was is and will always be the bestest show on tv..

Desh rocks.. deshians rocks

Happy anniversary to al deshians


World Best Show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil... Wishing A Very Happy 6th Anniversary To Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil And Deshians... The Best Cast And Crew... Hot And Sizziling Chemistry Of Harshiti... Love U Harshiti... Tara...


Happy 6th Anniversary Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil..6 years before a beautiful show entered in my life which kept me glued to it for 2 years..I got so much addicted with the show and my Premeer that they got imprinted on my heart..years have passed but their effect on me is still the same..there isn't a day when i don't miss them and on this special day i have to confess "Iss Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil".. after kis desh ended i haven't find such an alluring show and brilliant cast in a single frame on screen..All the cast,crew and production house did awesome job on screen, as well as off screen..they were and still are truly magical..Congrats to all of them. miss Kis Premeer so much.. Premeer rocks...Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil is Epic!


What do i say about kis desh? i always fall short of words. i believe kis desh is what made me watch tv shows.. kis desh made me fall in love with it so much so that my happiness depended on kis desh and my sadness depended on kis desh.. i've cried with kis desh i've alughed with kis desh.. kis desh has become an integral part of my life.. i guess i was in 8th standard when i started watching it.. and now m doing by graduation and it still feels as though it was yesterady that m watching it.. Prem and Heer made me fall for them so badly that m still in their DESH.. everything in kis desh was special From Gaytri's and Prem's love which taught me that blood relations are not necessary to Prem and Preet's loving brotherly side.. Be it veera, preet , meher, lalit, gayatri, harman, nihal, maya and all the other characters have made me fall in love with them deeply and if u still ask me which is the best show i've watched till date.. i'll be kis desh.. all performances were super amazing.. i can write a whole essay on kis desh.. Jugni and even our moon have always played a special role in kis desh.. Prem and Heer's chemistry made me want more... and then at last i've got a loving family at kis desh forum with whom i feel so connected like i've known everyone here for years.. m a PROUD DESHIAN and will always be.. Thank u kis desh for everything

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 Premeer_Diwani (Desh Arts)

Character Slideshow

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Premeer_Diwani (Priya)


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