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Sajan OS:A Romantic Sunday (Happy Birthday Api<3)

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Posted: 18 February 2014 at 6:04am | IP Logged

This OS is written on the beautiful occasion of my api's birthday. Wishing you a very happy birthday api with all my prayers and well wishes. I hope that you will enjoy reading. HugHug Stay blessed always<3 Embarrassed


Sajan OS: A Romantic Sunday 

"Chaos, its chaos!", came a loud voice from the kitchen.

"What happened baby?". A melodious voice inquiried.

"Don't you see the mess all around in here?" A beautiful girl questioned her husband.

"So what we'll clean it up together na darling." The handsome boy smiled naughtily at his wife.

She frowned,"Don't you dare think about that. Cleaning with you my love is simply impossible!!" She concluded.

He smiled widely and asked with an innocent look,"Is it?".

She looked back at him and with a sarcastic smile replied,"I am well aware of this smile of yours so don't even think that we can clean up together." She folded her arms on her chest and stood there thinking a way out.

"Chashmish you are being unfair now. You know how much fun we have while doing stuff together." Samrat made his plea.

"Yeah of course dear hubby, you have fun but not in cleaning rather in flirting. You give me a hard time, I surely admit that". She was really upset on the way they end up romancing rather doing something else.

"But I want to enjoy cleaning". Samrat whispered huskily in her ears making her shiver. He always have this effect on her. No matter from how long they have been together. She just hates to be dominated by him and his live argh but its way too much to ask for. She just smiled helplessly as she was very well aware of what was coming her way.

"Don't you dare...". She wasn't even over when she was smitten away by a passionate kiss from her very own deary husband. Could she resist that passion or rather that gesture of love. Ofcourse not! She responded with the same intensity. They broke after moments of experiencing each other yet again.

"Did I heard something?". He asked.

"Huh? Do you think I was in a state to?" She answered back.

"Duh!! Not that before our romantic moment. Were you saying something". He reminded her of their conversation and what she was about to say.

She sighed helplessly and replied,"There's no need of it you have already done it my stubborn hubby".

He smiled victoriously and pulled her near from her waist and whispered huskily in her ears, "So Jaan ready for the showdown?". He winked looking mischievously at her and she smiled helplessly at him as there was no way out now.

She followed him through. She went on with her work but who could stop Mr.Naughty Shergil. He began whispering in her ears just to distract her.

"What now?" Gunjan asked a bit irritated.

"Nothing just love". He replied calmly and kissed her cheek making her more agitated.

"Yeah yeah right". She answered back angrily.

"You look so cute Mrs. Shergil with that round face of yours".

"You think I am fussing over for nothing?" She asked confidently but her over smart husband's reply made her awestruck. "Ofcourse you.are".


"Thanks for the compliment darling". He smiled and answered her sweetly.

"Please understand Sam that its a Sunday and we need to finish it all and we won't be getting this golden opportunity back."

"Chashmish am I doing anything?" He asked innocently while Gunjan rolled her eyes in disbelief. She is aware of the fact that her husband was a hardcore romantic but this was too much now.

"I know I am irresistible madam but still you should be concentrating on your work and not me we'll continue after you're done okay?" He flicked her nose making her come into her senses. He was such a maniac, she thought.

"Now you are being unfair wifey," he complained.

"Huh? What did I do?" She asked confused.

"This is the problem that you forget that I can actually read you like an open book so beware."  


This warning made her even.more conscious and she put her hand on her mouth in order to stop mumbling and Samrat chuckled at her and made her hands rest on her heart suggesting that she needs to stop it from here. He received a helpless look while he smiled. Her heart was tamed so well by Samrat that it only takes his side and she being a sensitive soul is made to listen to it.

"I love You my Shona." She was hearing this for the millionth time now her husband was in no mood to let her work and she was sure about it.

"Will you please stop now?" Gunjan asked with an appealing smile.

"I am just trying to help Baby, look." He showed her the pillow on which he was trying to put the cover on. His lips turned to an innocent 'I am just doing my work' look. She took the pillow and frowned at him.

"You look like a hungry lioness while frowning." He chuckled and flicked her nose.

"This hungry lioness can doing anything so beware." She warned him with her 'no nonsense' attitude.

"Really now? Come on let's see then." Samrat challenged her.

"I know what you are..." Even before she could complete she was encircled between two strong arms.

"Come on baby let me see what my wild cat can do." Samrat winked at her.



"Leave me"

"No first show me your magic darling, and if not then let me show mine."

MAGIC!! It meant problem. Gunjan was surely in trouble. Why God has to give her such a charming husband why? Does he has any idea about the amount of effect he has on her. Clearly, not! She was still in her thinking process when Samrat pulled her more close jerking away her thoughts. She being her shy self closed eyes in anticipation which made him smile widely. Gunjan's heartbeats were at the speed of a jet plane while he was enjoying this proximity. She could literally feel his breaths on her face and she knew what was coming but to her surprise nothing of that sort happened. In fact she lovingly smiled at him at his gesture rather than getting angry. He kissed her forehead poring all the love.

He cuped her face and tucked the remaining part of her hair behind the ears.

"Let's do it."

"Do what?" She inquired in a panic state.

"Let's finish the work so that we can continue from where we left,okay?"

"You won't leave me na?"


Both burst out laughing at his overly dramatic way of saying it.

After half an hour there was a huge sound heard coming from the kitchen which terrified Gunjan and she looked around to find no signs of her husband. She rushed towards the kitchen only to find it in a complete mess.

"You fine?" Gunjan asked in a tensed tone.

"Yup I think so." He looked at her with flour all over him and a basket on his head.

"What the hell were you doing in here may I ask?"

"Cooking." He calmly told her showing her some vegetables.

"What was the need of it?"

"I just wanted to do it for you."

"Is it necessary that you risk yourself every time?" She was enraged.

"Sorry baby."

"Go now wash yourself I'll clean everything here." She ordered him and he followed her being the obedient student.

Gunjan gulped hard looking at the mess he had created and started to clean it up all by herself. She was kneading the dough when felt someone hugging her from the back. She was still pissed at him but Mr.Charmer knows very well how to make it up to his wife. He held her hands and kissed her hair. His voice echoed in her ears distracting her. She looked at him and they stare while their hands were playing hide and seek in the dough. They were busy romancing and lost in their own lovey dovey world when the door bell rang and they had to come back to earth.

"Let me go." Gunjan pleaded with the most innocent look.

"Nah that's not done." But Samrat was in mood to listen to her.

"Please baby let go of me." Gunjan requested yet again.

"Ummm ...ok but a condition applies." Samrat was way too clever he just brought his face close to her and tangled it a bit demanding a kiss on the cheek. Gunjan blushed.

"Chashmish I won't let you go otherwise so the choice is yours. Decide!"

He never leaves her with an option she came forward and slowly bent towards him. She left a love mark on his cheek shying away when the door bell rang again. Gunjan hurriedly walked towards the door just to find the delivery boy standing with hot steaming pizza in hand.

"Yes?"Gunjan inquiried confusingly.

"Your delivery ma'am".


"Is it Shergil mansion?"


"Here is this delivery ma'am.Mr.Shergil ordered it."

"Hmm I see. Thank you so much."

After paying him when Gunjan came in she found Samrat running into the room slyly so that he is not caught. But Gunjan was fast enough to get hold of him and inquired about the pizza. Samrat was fumbling only because he had not told her. She was going all "Awww" on him but still put up a stern face. What could be more fun than to tease your partner?

Gunjan took full advantage of the situation and made him hold the pizza box while she went in. Samrat looked down guilty and followed her in. She sat on the bed turning her face to the other side with full attitude. He sat on down in front of her making her sorry face and as he opened his mouth to utter a "sorry" when she turned and cupped his face planting a soft tet passionate kiss on his forehead. Then she vent towards him abd whispered, "You know what you are simply the best and I love you a lot. Can we eat the pizza now?' She asked with a cute pout and Samrat smiled looking at his angel and creased her cheeks.

They fed each other lovingly after which Samrat washed the plates while Gunjan went in to do the dusting. She was busy in her work when Samrat hugged her from back and stated blowing her hair. Gunjan was enjoying his attention but work has to be done and she turned a little towards him and signalled to let her complete the work. He agreed but on the condition of doing it together. She smiled at him and they both did the dusting together.

"Finally its all done." Gunjan exclaimed with a sigh of relief.

"Chashmish still something is left right?" Samrat winked at her.

Without giving her any chance for defence grabbed her hand and pushed them on the bed. He kissed her forehead flicking her nose placed a warm peck on her cheeks and after that sealed her lips with his. Their kiss was intense. They poured love onto each other completely engrossed in each other with their hands intertwined. They broke the momentum after 15 minutes of sharing an intense moment.

Gunjan got up and pushed him on the bed with a grin. She announced that dinner has to be made and ran into the kitchen while Samrat smiled mischievously and followed her. Standing at door he looked at her naughtily and asked " Need help?" Gunjan nooses negatively smiling but it was futile. He picked her up from the waist twirling her while she gasps.  

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Posted: 18 February 2014 at 6:21am | IP Logged

Thank u so much for this amazing gift...

sAJAN NE maar daala...Blushing



Fati,u r  just amazing...
love u..


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Posted: 18 February 2014 at 6:49am | IP Logged
Sweet <3 <3 after long time read SaJan OS ! it is lovely !

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Posted: 18 February 2014 at 9:05am | IP Logged
fati u r one of my fav ff writers, and reading ur works is always a pleasure
superb os sis, absolutely lovely
happy bd once again di

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Posted: 18 February 2014 at 11:41am | IP Logged

Happy b'day one again Api..
and what a sweet gift it is for her Fati..<3
also a treat for all of us..
enjoyed reading it...
and the love that you have portrayed between them is beyond cute..
perfect miwa biwi they are..that too naughty & romantic HeartEmbarrassed

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Posted: 18 February 2014 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Good + Naughty + Nice + Awesome + Fabulous + Amazing + Cute + Sweet + Romantic + Lovely one shot. Me likes. You wrote it quite well. Enjoyed it while reading. Keep writing more on Sajan. It is a very special gift for your dear api. She is lucky that someone gave her Sajan OS as present on her birthday. I wish I could also write on them.

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 12:37am | IP Logged
awww really awesome and sweet os fatima..loved it..Embarrassed

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 1:51am | IP Logged

unresed Stern Smile

it was so SaJanish ..absolutely loved it Heart
fatu u're an amazing writer Approve
keep writing more..mera "RES.." hamesha tere saath hoga HugHug 

Happy Birthday once again DiPi  Party Hug

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