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september 12

Sharab is waiting at the college in the garden (how sweet) he decides to leave..for preeto is no where

Preeto says she wants to go to her he drops her. Dadi sees them...Preeto says lets go.. Kuljit said im not going tell them a lie and say im at my friends..preeto gets sad and goes in

Dadi and dada ji are waiting when preeto walks in (okaii preeto makeup just got darker)preeto questioned about kuljit and she ueses the excuse..there all talking preeto says shes going to meet seebo. Preeto enters the room and sharab is in there.

Preeto's mom enters all excited to see preeto and then dismiss's herself by saying she will get tea.
Sharab tells preeto to say what she wants to say. Preeto starts to stutter when OVER ACTING sharab throws a book and starts yelling enough..and says who are u to tell my mom i can't go to mumbai she brings up his drinking and the true reason he is going he gets upset

Seebo enters and hugs preeto..sharab dismisses himself..Seebo tells preeto he came because they both are going to mumbai..preeto feels happy for her sister.

They meet back with the family talks sweet..Kuljit enters and vir singh says that was short meeting..kuljit asks what meeting? he was in the car waiting because preeto said if he came u guys would make us stay and she didn't want to stay long because she wants to go out. Everyone looks a bit sad but doens't show it...Preeto gets shocked unable to respond. Seebo says wow u need excuses to stay away from us..even sharab needs them..kuljit gets angry and says SHARAB?..seebo says yeah he and preeto were talkin and then he got mad and left. Kuljit takes blessings and both leave

Kuljit syas wow preeto u came..and so did sharab..preeto cuts him off by saying it was a mere coinvidence. He cuts her off and taunts her and then calls her characterless..preeto raises her hand to slap him but stops herself

episode ends.

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sep 13

preeto doesn't smack him..thinking of her mom and how she cant let anyone have a chance to complain about her to her mom..
kuljit and preeto just sit inside the car and drive off

preeto made alu paranthas..and everyone pleased..kuljit smiles a bit Guddhi *kuljit's mom* says well yeah she worked soo hard 2 hours .for 10..preeto looks embarassed..then her thaiji comes with a diamond necklace which is actually supposed to be for sharab's wife...but now preeto gets it..preeto really happy with it

P and K's room
Guddhi went into p and k's room and somehting fell and she picked it up and saw under there bed..was like a blanket and stuff and realized her and preeto don't sleep together..she taunted kuljit and said we have to make her life hell..
Everyone goes back and they are discussing k and p;s honeymoon..and p says she doesn't want to go out..cuz seebo is leaving tomorrow. GUddhi says take preeto to the farmhouse then..and they go to pack.

p&&K's room
Guddhi taunts preeto and says she wishes that they could come back and give good news that she will become a dadi. Preeto is shocked..and kuljit smiles and says we will try.

Seebo calls sharab and asks him to talk to preeto since she feels preeto is hiding something and doesn't seem hapy..sharab agrees.

K brings p to the farmhouse.and enters there room which is decorated the way a new bride and groom room wud be decorated..preeto get scared and kuljit brings her towards the bed..then walks off

Preeto is sitting there when the power goes off..she yells for kuljit
preeto searches for kuljit..then goes to the door and its locked..she searches for some light sort..

dadi and dadaji discuss how preeto doesn't seem happy..dadi said noo shes very happy.and has a fake smile
Seebo sees and hears everything and looks tense.

kuljit's calls his mom and says how there plan is working so far shes relaly scared.. k's dad asks to talk and then asks to talk to preeto..k says shes sleeping and disconnects the phone

someone comes up to preeto..while she is sleeping on the sofa OHH POWER IS BACKK

episode ends.

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kuljit wakes her (person that was coming towards her)
she asks where he was and why he left her..he tells her to shut up he then asks her where her necklace is..(whoa kuljit starring at her that much to notice that) Preeto gets scared ans starts to search but cnanot find it.
Kuljit says they will make a copy of it becuz if anyone found out they will be in great trouble since the necklace has been in the family for 6 generations.

Dadi and Preeto's mom are at preeto's house

kuljit tells preeto to wait in the car and he will go meet the jewler..
the jewler comes to preeto and asks her to find the design as kuljit has met his friend and is busy..after much hesitation she decides to look for it..

we then see kuljit behind a tree watching this all (OMG HOW HORRIBLE CNA U GET.)

PREETO finds the design..and he asks her to sign..she says kuljit will but he said no she signs and gives him 3000rs. in advance.
preeto comes and her mom and dadi r there and guddhi asks where the necklace is...and kuljit leaves..preeto says it was heavy so she put it away.

Sharab is packing when he sees the watch preeto gave him and has flashback

Preeto is in her room whens harab's mom comes and gives her alomond milk and then questions her ..for her sinndor and tells her to wear it then come out.

Preeto goes to wear the sinndor when sharab opens the door and her sinndor dubi falls on the floor..Preeto yells not knowing it was sharab then yells at him telling him to knock next time. he gets angry and says he forgot she was married..and says he only came to return ALL her gifts..taunts her then promises to knock next time..

Kuljit comes to his mom..and she says tomorrow will be the preeto's worst day and both laugh
Preeto comes to the living room and notices her dadi with guddhi ..then she notices the jewler and tries to walk off

Guddhi calls her to sit..the jewler tells preeto her diamond necklace is ready. GUddhi is shocked and says noo not preeto we just gave her one..y wud she make another

Dadi looks upset and tells preeto to speak the truth..the jewler shows them preeto's signature and the 3000rs. in adnvace. Preeot then tells them she lost the necklace

Guddhi makes a big deal..and dadi looks upset..she says how could u think of making a fake one?..preeto says she didn't want to but kuljit convinced her..guddhi says she doesn't believe her and she will ask kuljit now and find out who is the liar

Kuljit room
Guddhi asks kuljit about it and kuljit is shocked and syas PREETO u lost the necklace..preeto says noo kuljit i explained please tell them it was ur idea..
Kuljit says preeto i don't know what u r talking about..preeto is shocked

episode ends.
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Preeto kuljit kuljits mom and preeto's dadi..still arguing over necklace..preeto says how can u lie..then BAM her dadi smacks her..saying how dare u blame other for what u ddi..she apologizes on preeto's behalf then leaves..guddhi follows her.

Kuljit says aww preeto r u sad?..well i have to say ur very naive. als seeing ur dadi beg for forgiveness on ur behalf..aww too sad. Preeto very angry and stays there kuljit smiles and leaves.

Dadaji is with his servant whio is giving him a massage..dadi walks in in tears..and vir singh assumes its tears of joy for preeto..and carries on.

Bikram singh family discussing preeto..and how they feel horrible that preeto lied to them.. Guddhi says Preeto.. and then preeto walks in and apologizes and kuljit's dad says we aren't upset that u lost the necklace..but that u lied..

Sharab walks in and talks everyones blessings and says he is going now..he looks at preeto
(poor girl soo much stress) and then he leaves with an angry face
Dadi was very sad sitting ..servant tried to cheer her up but didn work..preeto comes and dadi says she will go make bf. Preeto apologizes and says if ur not with her..who will she talk to (lots of..sad things guys Cry ) dadi says don't cry ..and gives her a hug..tells her not to repeat

Seebo is packing and sees a monkey that her and preeto were fighting over..and then says to herself..its mine(like how she did when they were fighting)..then preeto comes and syas noo its mine..they have a cute moment..and preeto tells her to keep it for her memory
preeto tells seebo to call her..she will wait

Preeto standing very mad..kuljiit comes and asks how she is..he says don't say ur good..other wise i will feel bad..he tels her his friends are coming tonight and he wants her to make dinner
she says shes not his servant( YEAH PREETO u tell him Clap ) but he says as hre husband..he deserves this much..then says (just to add to his cruelness) she must make it all byherself and leaves
Preeto calls dadi and explains her situation..and dadi tells her to make simple roti and gives her instructuons..then hangs up and says god please keep preeto izit well for his friends..(or something like that)

preeto makes the food and servant tastes it and says it tastes VERY GOOD..preeto gets happy

preeto serves to kuljit's friends and they complain how its soo salty it tastes like namkeen Confused ..preeto gets upset..

u see guddhi hiding..(OMG ..making preeto look bad also will make kuljit look bad Dead ..stupid lady)

kuljits mom comes and says its okay even sometimes she messes up the food..they can always go out to eat. if the food isn't good.

Servant comes and says that how is that possible she herself tasted it..kuljit gets irritated and makes her taste it agan..and she asks preeto if she added more salt and spices after..preeto left stunned
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thanks so much Wink
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thnx dear nice updates...i've
read all of them at once
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sep 19 update done by: soap_fan
thanks.. Clap Clap Clap

Since the food at home is bad Guddi tells Kuljeet to take his friends out to a Dabba for dinner.

Kuljeet and his friends are enjoying some drinks while Preeto is sitting by herself and just sulking. Kuljeets's friends ask him to give a drink to Preeto too, he tells them that she doesnt drink, but they tell him then give her some cold drink at least..So Kuljeet does and gets a cold drink and mixes some whiskey in it. He gives it Preeto, she tastes it and says it is a little bitter, Kuljeets says that he gave it to her that's why it is bitter, if Sarab givesit then it would be sweet..So angryly Preeto finishes the drink.Kuljeet calls and tells his Mom who has been waiting for his call hat their plan is successful. Guddi is all happy.

Meanwhile they show Mumbai.Sarab is totally drunk and Seebo comes to meet him, after some dialogues(I dont rememer what they were now) he justs passes out.

Kuljeet brings home a behosh Preeto and call his mom. Guddi comes out and he tells her that i a done with my part now you do the rest. She tells him that she is very proud of him for all he has done and she will manage the rest.She starts yelling for everybody in the house, when they come out she says she what happened to my Preeto she is unconsious. So everybody wants to take her to the doctor, and Kuljeet tells them that she is unconsious not because of illness but that she is drunk. She got drunk infront of my friends and just spoiled my reputation. So Guddi starts her drama and starts telling everybody ow bad Preeto is and that she didnt care for their mann maryada, and that they should just kick her out of the house. Everybody else feels that it is a big punishment for her mistake and they dont agree to throw her out.

The same time Preeto's dadi gets up from deep sleep calling Preeto. She wakes up her husband and tells him that she needs to talk to Preeto now, she feels that she is in some kind of trouble please call, but he tells her it is too late in the night and he will call in the morning.

The next morning, Preeto wakes up at the time is 9 . She is shocked and tries to get up but she holds her head because of hang over. Kuljeet walks into the room and she asks him what he mixed in the drink yesterday. He says what are you saying? I dont know what you drank or ate yesterday. Episode ends on Preeto's shocked face.

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sep 20 update

k tells preeto what she did last night was amazing and he can still smell her on his body..
Preeto begins to cry..
Kuljit says i should hurt u so much because u might just kill yourself i'll tell u..u did nothing yesterday..but the family knows ur drunnk
now come outside whole family waiting for u..preeto is shocked and she stays still like a rock as kuljit exits

Sharab wakes up to find a note and his room spotless..seebo wrote that she took all the beer away and drained it down the sink..and he will find none in the house..sharab is shocked,..gets mad as he reads :if like has closed one path try another..: he crumples the piece of paper and throws it

preeto goes to the family and begs for her mistake..they say they cannot forgive
Guddhi makes it worse by saying that she made a fool of kuljit...(kuljit had a very sad face through all the taunts going towards preeto FAKER) Preeto apologizes to all of them ...thaiya ji tells preeto we cannot forgive this and u must leave this house right now!
Preeto apologizes again and guddhi says ..r u callin them liars?,.preeto gets mad and :loud voice: im not saying that ..y are u always twisting my words (kuljit and guddhi look shocked) preeto turns and the rest of the family

Seebo enters sharab house and is happy that it is the way she left it.. She starts to search his room and found a beer bottle again HIDDEN..shrab looks ashamed Ouch

PReeto says sorry again..but this time thaiji says u came from such a good family and ruined there name..How can u be sukho;s neice?..preeto tears start rolling down..thaiji looks disgusted at preeto..Thaiya ji once again tells her to leave..and everyone exits the room leaving preeto ..shocked..upset..crying
Seebo turns and tells sharab to not ruin the respect she has for him by doing this..she tells him to promise he will never drink
SHarab says he will try..
she tells him to promise her also to have dinneer with her tonight..for she won her first case..
Sharab looks happy and says how can i refuse..they decide to meet at 8...
seebo leaves all happy

Preeto is packing..Kuljit asks y?..Preeto ticked off..continues..kUljit says didn't ur family teach u how to talk to ur husband
Preeto gets agrivated and asks him y is he doing this to her..what did she ever do to him!
He says what..u think i will forget my sister's death?
Preeto is shocked
HE says i can't take it out on ur i will take it on u.and ur family
Preeto says how disgusting are continue a battle with a man who isn't even alive nemore!
HE says he doesn't care and he will make her whole family life hell
He then says what will ur grandparents do when they find out what happened to u..what will the society do to them..they will be spat at and can't even leave there house..might even kill themselves

PReeto gets dizzy and faints

yells preeto..and holds her..and takes her down..and has a worried look

episode ends..on stupid kuljit Angry ..and cutie preeto Embarrassed

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