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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se
Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se- First OS Contest- Voting Round

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Hello all DDBEDS Forum Members Hug

 Finally its time to reveal the amazing OS written by our very own forum members  Big smileBig smile Woot WootPartyParty 

So after the deadline of the OS contest its time for all of us to vote for the BEST one Big smileBig smile

But Before that Myself  and Jyo would like to Thank the members on the behalf of DDBEDS DT for putting in so much time and effort on writing the wonderful OSHugHug
Before Jumping in the other stuffs, First Things First, and it is nothing else but Rules and Regulations for the Voting Round Contest

So here is what all the members who are voting  are expected to follow: 

You must vote for 1 oS only. No More, No Less.

Do not vote for your own OS .

Do not show your OS to anyone in any manner. If we find you advertising your OS, your entry would be disqualified.

If your OS is not included, PM me  -Misek- ASAP  

The last date to vote is: March 7th , 2014.

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                                                          Entry 1 

From Rags to Riches.


The continuous ringing of the alarm awoke Shivani. She looked at the time and shot out of bed. Oh no she was going to be late. How could she be late on such an important day? She scrambled around for her things, silently cursing herself for being late. She ran outside and collided with her mother, Latha.

"Shivani? Where are you rushing of too so early in the morning?" Latha asked.

"Mom, I have to go to the haveli. I'm already late as it is. Today is a very important day. Malik saa needs me to get everything ready."

"You work so hard dear. You left the haveli late last night and now you have to go again? I will have to have a talk with Malik saa. He's over working you!"

"No mom, really. I enjoyed working for the Rana family. We'll discuss this later when I get home."

Shivani turned and ran out of the house. She prayed that her legs would get her to the haveli quickly. She was a mere maid in the Rana household. She didn't want to do anything to upset them. The Ranas were like Gods. They lived in a huge mansion and had servants to do their every beck and call. Shivani was one such servant. She loved her job immensely. Malik Saa was a wonderful boss and didn't let her feel as though she was a servant. She had been trying to make ends meet for the past few months. Her family were very poor and they barely had enough to eat.  It was up to her to provide for her mother, father and younger sister, Ginni. Her brother Vivek had gotten married and left the family to find for themselves.

Today was a very very important day for Malik saa. His dear son, Raghu was returning home from studying in London. Shivani had never seen him in person. This was Malik Saa's beloved son. He was due to return later on in the evening and his dear grandfather was hosting a party in his honour. This was why it was imperative that Shivani reach the haveli at the soonest.  Malik Saa had given her the responsibility of planning and organizing the party. She had to get everything ready.

Shivani wasn't looking where she was going and she bumped into someone.

"I'm s-s-s sorry." She stammered an apology. She bent to pick up her bag. She didn't look up at the person because she was too embarrassed to do so.

She looked up at the stranger for the first time and a strange feeling came over her. She started feeling nervous. This was a strange reaction because this man was a complete stranger. She knew nothing about him.  Yet gazing into his hazel brown eyes, she felt connected to him. She quietly did a quick assessment of him. He was so very handsome.  He wore an expensive business suit that looked like it was tailored to the contours of his torso.  He was of the perfect build and stood at 6'2". The shape of his biceps and triceps were easily seen through his shirt. Being as muscular as he was, he was neither intimidating nor uninviting. Shivani was quitely ogling him when he caught her eye. He smiled and she was memorized by that smile.

"No need to apologize. I understand. You seem to be busy." Oh the voice was like honey and it made Shivani feel all warm inside. Weird Shivani thought. This was so strange. How could she have such an immediate attraction to this stranger?

"I'm sorry once again, I wasn't looking where I was going. I was rushing because I am late. I'm truly sorry Sir."

"Can I offer you a ride to work then? I wouldn't like it if you arrived late."

"It's alright Sir. I'm almost there. Thank You." And with that she stuck out her hand to shake his. He smiled a heart stopping smile and he turn to leave.

"What an idiot he must take me to be!" Shivani said out loud after the man had left. She hope that she would never see him again or she would die out of embarrassment.

She hurriedly ran the few block to the haveli. She greeted the staff members and went straight to work. But low and behold she could not get the image of that dashingly handsome man out of her head. He seemed to be a rich business man or something. He looked perfect. Shivani started day dreaming about this man. She wondered how it would feel to be in his arms, how it be to be a wife to him. She quickly snapped herself back to reality. What was wrong with her? She barely knew the man and already she was thinking about becoming his wife. Maybe he had a wife already. Who knew... this was totally unlike her. How could she have such a strong attraction to someone she didn't even know. ?and besides this man was out of her class. He belonged to another world. She brushed aside her thoughts and went back to work. Everything had to be perfect for Raghu's arrival.

Meanwhile, the stranger had gotten back into his car and was en route to his house. He ordered his driver to take him home. His phone vibrated in his pocket. He looked at that number and smiled.

"Daaju, I'm almost at the haveli. I'll see you shortly."

"Ah Raghu my boy, I'm just excited to have you back. I can't wait to see you." daaju said.

Raghu hung up the phone. He loved his grandfather dearly. He relaxed into his seat and waited for the car to pull up in front of the haveli. It was a good feeling coming back home. He'd missed home dearly. His thoughts started to wander. He found himself thinking about the incident that happened had just a few minutes ago. He was captivated by the lovely girl in front of him. She had long flowing hair. She was by far the prettiest girl that Raghu had ever seen. She had a shy quality about her that made him instinctively want to take care of her. Her clothes were well worn. He felt sorry for her. He could tell that she was poor. He wanted to help. He wanted to be her man and take care of her. He shook his head. What the hell was he thinking? He barely knew the girl. Why was he feeling this way? He cleared his head and looked out the window. He had arrived at the haveli. How he had missed this place. He had some wonderful memories here. Daaju had never let him feel the absence of his parents. His parents had died in a car crash when he was a baby. Daaju had taken care of him since and made sure that he never lacked anything.

The doors burst opened and daaju ran outside. Raghu saw him coming and started to run also. He meet his grandfather and gave him a hearty hug.

"Raghu my boy, welcome back to your empire." Daaju greeted him. Everything that daaju owned belonged to Raghu.

Raghu smiled at his grandfather but daaju immediately sensed something was wrong. He pulled backed from raghu's embrace and looked at his grandson.

"Raghu? What's wrong? You seemed distracted. Tell me son. What's wrong?"

How could Raghu tell his grandfather that his heart was in turmoil? How could he tell him that he wanted to meet the beautiful girl who had bumped into him? How could he say that he thought he was in love with someone he knew nothing about? This was silly.


"It's nothing daaju, I'm just a little tired."he lied.

"Oh well in that case you can go straight to your room and rest for a bit. I have organized a party for you. Come down in some time. Everything will be ready."

With that daaju started ordering the servants to get Raghu's bags and things out of the car.

Raghu turned an entered the house. Someone immediately bumped into him. The tray she was carrying spilled the contents onto his shirt. He looked down and he thought he was dreaming. The angel from a few minutes ago was her in his house. How was this possible?

"Shivani! What have you done? "Daaju roared from behind.

"I'm sorry Sir I didn't look where I was going."

Shiavni bent to picked up the fallen items. Oh no, this was a nightmare. She looked up at the man in front of her and it all became clear. This was the heir to the Rana Empire. This was Malik Saa's grandson and twice for the day she had bumped into him. She had no idea how to apologize.

"It's alright daaju. I bumped into her." Raghu said. He stood mesmerized by Shivani. Daaju turned to get more servants to help clean the mess. He was about to scold Shivani when Raghu told him to go get some rest. Daaju turned and left leaving Raghu and Shivani standing in the hallway.

"Well I must say, this is a very interesting way for us to keep meeting." Ragu smiled, but he saw the look of far in Shivani's eyes. "Don't be afraid little one."

"Mr. Rana, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

"Think nothing of it and please call me Raghu. Might I know what your name is?

"It's shivani." Raghu looked at her and it was though the earth moved. They shared an eyelock and Raghu felt something stir within him. He knew in that moment that he would have to make this lovely girl his.

Shivani felt a wave of electricity pass through her. She didn't know what it was but suddenly she wanted to be with Raghu.

Neither one said a word. They just stood in awe as these feelings washed over them.

"Are you married Shivani?" Raghu blured out.


"No. No I'm not." She suddenly found herself being brave. She didn't feel shy any more.


"Good. Well in that case, I'm going to make you the mistress of this mansion. I don't know what's going on but I am not going to let you go. I cannot understand these feelings but I know if I don't make you mine now, I'll regret for the rest of my life."

He gently drew Shivani into his arms and she silently accepted his proposal. He called daaju to inform him of his desires. Daaju was more than happy that shivani would be his daughter in law. She was honesty and trustworthy.


Daaju immediately went to Shivani's house with the marriage proposal.

Shivani's father, Baburam was hestistant to get them married as he pointed out the differences in class. But Daaju assured them that all would be taken care of. He promised to move the whole family to the haveli and that no expenses would be spared. He said that love had no boundaries and he only wanted to make his grandson happy. Shivani was the one to bring such happiness into Raghu's life.


Raghu was a nervous wreck. He h hoped that Shivani's parents would have accepted his proposal. When they gave their consent, he was ecstatic. He didn't know what was going with him. All he knew was that he was experiencing strange feelings. They made him feel all warm and soft inside. He'd taken one look at Shivani and knew in that moment that he would follow her for the rest of his life.


When Malik Saa and his dashingly handsome son had left, Shivani felt like she was floating. She couldn't believe that someone as handsome as Raghu wanted to make her his wife. She thought she was dreaming. Raghu was perfect. She suddenly started to feel sad. Raghu was a rich, accomplished man whereas she was poor and didn't know where her life was headed. It felt surreal to her. What could she possible offer to Raghu? He could have had any girl he wanted, so why did he want to marry a no body?

Shivani decided to call of the wedding. She felt as though she was out of Raghu's league. She fished out her cell phone from her bag and dialed the Rana's mansion with a heavy heart. The one was answered by Raghu himself. His voice was like honey. She was mesmerized by that soft velvet voice on the other end.


"Hello?" Raghu answered.

No response.

"Hello?" he said again.

Still no response.

"Hello? Is there anyone there?" he asked.

"Mr. Rana..." Shivani was at a loss for words.

"Shivani? Raghu questioned.

She paused and took a deep breath. She had to say something else Ragu would think her to be a fool...

"Please call me Raghu. No need to be so formal. You are going to be my wife after all."

The silence continued.

"Hello?" Raghu thought that the call got disconnected.

Shivani sigh and answered, "Yes I'm here Mr. Rana, and I mean Raghu."

"I want to meet you. Can you please come to the garden?"

"Raghu, actually..."

"No excuses, I want to meet you. See you in ten minutes..."

Raghu hung up the phone and smiled. I wanted to gaze at her beauty. His heart felt like it was about to explode. Such was his intense feelings.

Shivani held the phone to her chest. Her stomach felt funny. It felt as though a thousand little butterflies were happily dancing there. Raghu wanted to meet her. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. This would be the perfect opportunity to tell him she couldn't possible get married to him. She gathered her things and left to meet Raghu.


Raghu was excited and he couldn't wait for one more minute. He wanted to see Shivani. He wanted to tell her how he felt. No one had to tell him. He knew it was love. He had thought that love at first sight only happened in the movies but now it was happening to him. Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se came into his mind...


He was patiently awaiting his beloved's arrival in the garden.

Shivani came, but Raghu's back was to her. He was looking out at the pool. Her breath caught in her chest. He was dashing handsome and his physique was stunning. The shirt her wore hugged his torso revealing every inch on his muscular form. He turned at that exact moment and smiled. He had a heart stopping smile. It made Shivani ache in ways that was foreign to her. She wanted to reach out and caress his handsome face. She took a deep breath. She suddenly became painfully aware of why she had come there to meet him.


"Shivani it's good that you came."

"Sir, I need to talk to you..."

"Please call me by my name.."

"Sir, I mean Raghu, I have something to say."

"Even I have something to say to you. But please you go first."


He motioned to the bench and they both sat.

"Raghu, I will just be frank about it. I cannot possible marry you. We belong to different classes. I am not the one for you."

The smile on Raghu's face vanished. He now looked like a broken man.

"Shivani, you think I care about the difference in class? You think I am too good for you? Naahe Shivani. I don't care. All I know is that from the moment you bumped into me I felt the earth move under my feet. I felt a strange stirring in my heart. Ap mere sapanon kee raanee hai. Mai Tumse pyaar karta hoon."

Shivani was surprised. Raghu was more surprised. He couldn't believe he had just said that. He had never said those words in his entire life.


"Shivani, today has been the best day of my life. I want all my days to be like this. I want to spend my life with you. Ap mujh se shadhee karenge? Because I sure as hell want to marry you. These feeling are new to me and I want to explore them with you. Do Dil Bandhe Ek dori se."

Shivani had tears in her eyes. How could she tell him that she was feeling the same way about him?"

Raghu took her in his arms. He wiped her tears away and kissed her on her forehead.

"Will you marry me?"

"Yes. Yes Raghu, I'll marry you and Raghu, I love you too..."

The wedding was organized with great pomp. And so it happened that Shivani went on to live the life of a princess. She got married to the man of her dreams and they are living happily ever after...


                                                             Entry 2 

Shivani was sitting in her chair signing some importent files. She knew it was late. And she has to return to haveli. But somehow she didn't feel like going to that big house and prefers to stay in the office for more time.

That haveli became like a prison for her. Every thing reminds her of him. She smells his perfum in every where..even in her bedroom. 

Raghu..she remembers how happy he was when he left the property to her. He said:" It is yours from the begining". 

3 months after that incident. She still remembers how she tried to make him stay. But he refused.

If he loved me a little bit..she thought and suddenly tears gathered in her eyes. She stopped her self from crying, the same way she stopped her self from requesting him to stay. She knew that he promised Sumitra to marry her. And she couldn't ask him to break that promise.

The big clock in the office shows the time. It was 12 am. Shivani started thinking to sleep in the office. Coz she hates driving back home in that time. 

She was tired of thinking of her empty life when she heared a voice. Like someone opened the door. 

She was afraid to open her eyes. The worst ideas came to her mind about thives, rappists, killers. But she manged to stay calm, and open open one of her eyes. 

In the moonlight which was coming throw the big window.She saw a black tall shadow.She was about to scream when his worried voice wisbered through her ear saying:"Babyji..are you alright?".

She knew it was a dream. But she couldn't take a breath. His voice was very close. Her nose was full of the smell of his perfum. His hot breath warmed her cheek. But she couldn't move. Her heart beats were the only thing that move in her.

His hand holded her rist. Her heartbeats became crazy. His touch was as soft as silk, like he was holding a very expensive thing. 

He knew she was a live. But he didn't let her hand. That silky skin was blooding under his fingers. He smelt her fragrance. He dared to look to her face. Her dark hair was a deep comntrast to her fair skin. Her full lips were  shaking. He knew he has to go before she wakes up. But he couldn't move.

All those lonely nights he was dreaming of her. Not even a day he was able to stay far from his beautiful princess. Every night before she leaves the office. He stands in the road hiding himself from her. Watches her riding her car and go away. 

But now he is very close to her. He feels her heartbeats, her breath. He knew it was wrong. But he wanted to kiss her lips before he leaves. 

That was unbearable. Tears start to burn his eyes. He knew he has to go. He has no right to stay that close to her. 

Before he lets her hand. Her other hand covers his. He was shocked. He looked at her face, and was stunned to see her beautiful green eyes staring at him. And her smile shining her face.

"Raghu? Is it you? Or am I dreaming?".

He was charmed by her voice. His ears were dying to hear her talk again. He wanted to hear this voice for the rest of his life. 

" Yes, Babyji. It is me!"

His skin was burning under her hand. He was cought. He knew he has to go. What will she think about him. He didn't want her to think that he was trying to come back to her for that damn property. All these greedy ppl around her. He didn't want her to think that he is one of them. He has to go.

When he tried to stand up and leave her. She holded his hand tight and said:" No. Raghu..plz ..stay with me". 

He looked into her eyes. Her tears fell like pearls through her cheeks. His pain was doubled by seeing her like this. 

His fingers ran on her cheeks clearing those tears. When she holded his both hands saying:" Can't you see Raghu? Can't you see?"

His heart stopped. His eyes looked at hers trying to understand if she means it. Her eyes where shining like stars. He saw his face there. His body was shaking with feelings and joy. His voice was prisoned in his throot. He couldn't say any thing. 

He tried to open his mouth, but insteed.. his lips moved directly to her lips .. no one can hear what was they saying.


                             Entry 3 

OS-The Realisation 

And he fill vermillion in sumitra's forehead...
Raghu...Stop it ! what r u doing?? U can't do this to me..please..Raghu ..I love u..pls don't punish me this way..

Shivani was babbling...she opened her eyes...she was sweating..And she realised oh it was just a dream..not reality...not dream but a nightmare..!!

She took a breath of relief..

btw what was i saying?? I love him ?? !! Huh..He and Sumi are bound to be together..why me considering this as a nightmare?? Rather i should tell Raghu about my dream n i will also tell him i m waiting for the good news about his&Sumi's wedding..
What the hell r u thinking shivani?Will u be happy really if he gets married to Sumitra.?.No u won't,right?? Come on don't be silly..U love him n want him as ur life partner..U won't be able to see him with other girl,got it..her mind scolded her !!

She was not getting whats happening to her??what she wants !!! very confusing feelings..She took one sip of water..and went back to sleep..she just closed her eyes,,and all she could see was just Raghu n Raghu !! Arey whats this?she again opened her eyes...and realised no..Raghu is not here !! then why she felt as if he was standing infront of her..she rubbed her eyes..

Raghu,,,u r really a jadugar..u don't leave me alone at all..Even at night when u not here...u left ur duplicate to take care of me or what
?And u know what I really love jadugar..she said it to herself n smiled !!  Now i should sleep's too late..she slept off..
Yah maybe she was realising her feelings for him ! it's magical feelings..she never felt like this before..


The next day :

Sumitra's family came to Raghu's home(Including Sumi)..Sumi's parents apologized for whatever happened in the they wanna start everything afresh..
Raghu mom said to Sumi's parents-I had chosen Sumi for my Raghu because i know She likes Raghu a lot ..they will be happy no need to say sorry,,we had at fault too..but 1 thing is- Raghu can't get married to Sumi this soon..u know everything..Raghu n Babijy r still married couple for the they need to get divorce first..then only R can get married to Sumi..hope u understand 
Yes everything is solved..Babyji has gone back to haveli..and soon they will get divorced too,right??We will wait till then..Sumi's mom replied !!

Raghu was sitting there too..but like a statue !! he didn't utter a word..Sumi was staring at him again n again..but he didn't meet her gaze..he was feeling uncomfortable ! None bothered to ask him anything..what he wants !!

Bela realised Raghu n Sumi should talk to  each other but they can't infront of everyone..
Raghu bhaiya..why don't u show her ur room??
 yes yes pls go ahead bhaiya..Maya teased !!
Whats the need??She had gone to my room before i remember,right sumitra??He asked politely.!!
Sumi didn't reply..
then too go on !! 

Bela kinda forcibly sent them to his Room..she knew how shy her brother is..but all she wanted them to talk in private !! Raghu didn't like Bela's this behaviour ! he was irritated..

Arey such a small do u manage??she sat down on the bed n stand up the next second..whats this? this bed is made of stone or what?..
Raghu was bit suprised at her behaviour !! but he didn't say a word..

It was afternoon-

Why is raghu not coming??it's too late !!

Late??babyji it's 5 pm only.Raghu always come to meet you at evening na..he is in office now i think..Panna tai replied !

She didn't know Panna tai was listening..she felt embarrassed..
oh ya right panna tai..

Shivani went to her room..oh god..shivani do control urself..what r u doing hmm ?? she said to herself..

Shall i call him up n tell him my feelings??how will he react? I am sure he will start blushing like a girl..and thats what i don't wanna miss..i wanna see his will tell him directly when we meet..but i can call him to ask when is he coming

She called him up..
Hello babyji ?

Yes..where r u ?Why r u not coming today??R u alright??She was saying n saying in one breath..

Babyji..whats wrong with u?anything wrong?Shall i come now??
She took a breath n said-where r u?In office right? problem i can come now..anything wrong?tell me pls.
No no first finish ur work n then come..actually my watch is i thought it's night..thats why i called up to ask why didn't u come today??
oh ok babyji !! it's only 5.15 pm..all ok na? concentrate on ur work now..see you..
ok bye ! he disconnected the line..
she couldn't stop her laughter..omg what a silly excuse !! dead watch blah blah ! i m just too much 

At evening : 

She wore a pink Sari..she was looking extraordinary..She was sitting on the sofa(In the hall)..and was waiting for the speical person !!
Babyji R u going anywhere?Panna tai asked
Usually u don't wear sari na..thats why just asked.
Oh raghu is coming na...thats why...
she then controlled herself..couldn't meet Panna tai's eyes..she was feeling shy..
yah she is that innocent..she can't pretend..always say whatever she feels in her heart..she was wearing sari so that Raghu see her n compliment her!!

panna tai knows her since her it didn't take a minute her to realise Whats going on??babyji n Raghu??wow she felt as if she is in cloud 9..
Raghu entered !!
There he is..Panna tai smiled..don't worry i m going to kitchen..u carry on..teasingly Panna Tai  whispered it in shivani's ears n left the hall..
Raghu couldn't take his eyes off..she was looking very beautiful..they shared an eyelock for few seconds..then he broke it n looked down..
R u going anywhere babyji?
She came closer to him..And hugged him..
he felt uncomfortable !! 

what happened babyji?u got scared again?
she broke the hug..
no..I was missing u a lot..
he didn't know what to say in reply..
why  u silent?
u know last time when i hugged u i got electric to check if i get the shock again or not ..hugged u today too..u know what i got electric shock today too but this time double voltage..

She laughed saying this..
what she meant?she gets electric shock when she hugs me
?whats the meaning of it?Raghu didn't get at all..he gave a confused look !!
And one more thing- why u asking me if me going anywhere?U  tell me first have u come from any party?
?no babyji ! why r u saying this?
Look at shirt,black jeans...u looking too handsome..not bad..whats up hmm
(He was wearing a royal blue color shirt n black jeans..)
Anyway u won't wear this shirt after today,got it?
Okay babyji !!
Huh ok?thats it??Raghu u r such a dhakkan
why didn't u ask me why me saying not to wear this shirt ask na..
okay..why babyji
u won't change ever...
ok thats because U look too much handsome in this shirt.I don't want other girl to see u in this shirt !!they will get electric shock too..and it's my right only,got it??she blushed
what r u saying babyji?sorry i didn't get it
I know u will never get.
.thats why ur new name is dhakkan..okay??for god's sake don't say now 'okay babyji'  !
Okay babyji..I won't say 'okay'

they both laughed !! 
Whats this in ur hand?
It's..he was hesitating to say..
she took the paper from his hand..
whats this Raghu??
(It was divorce paper.)
oh actually babyji..legally we r still married so..u just sign it
she read it..tears roll down her cheeks..I won't sign it
she torn the paper..
Why not babyji?r u crying?why
?sorry i didn't mean to hurt u.
but u'd hurt me.I don't want divorce from u..I wanna spend my whole life with u !! i have realised u r the only one !! none can take ur place in my life..
Babyji what r u saying
she put her finger on his lips..

First stop calling me babyji..this word create more distance between us
..and now listen to me carefully..I...she hesitated to say..closed her eyes n said-Raghu 'I love you '..I love u a lot..I will die if u leave me alone ! saying this she hugged him tightly!!and started crying !!
so about this electric shock babyji was talking !! he felt something like that when she hugged him saying 'I love you'!!
It's very magical feeling..and she was right..he felt something like electric shock..before too she hugged him many times but he didn't feel like this..Raghu realised !!

           Hug  Happy Voting Everyone Hug

                                                        (Credit for tags appy_indy-KD)






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All the os r beautifully written ...and i m confused whom to vote have to vote for one so

my vote for Entry 1. Smile

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My vote goes to entry # 3 Smile 

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i vote for entry 2Smile

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Omg such beautiful stories...

I will go with entry #3..

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all are good. My vote for entry 2.

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very interesting stories..

My vote goes to no.3

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Help Desk

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Author: ALUJNA21   Replies: 76   Views: 16107

ALUJNA21 76 16107 04 July 2014 at 4:16am by its-alexandrite
Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Picture gallery No Comments

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Author: ALUJNA21   Replies: 1195   Views: 124465

ALUJNA21 1195 124465 03 April 2014 at 1:02am by awida
Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se WU 7th Mar 2014

Author: a_uma   Replies: 5   Views: 1311

a_uma 5 1311 07 March 2014 at 4:16pm by Surish
Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se - Written Update - 03/06/14

Author: MistiofMistz   Replies: 2   Views: 723

MistiofMistz 2 723 07 March 2014 at 1:09am by Ms.S.K.

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