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Innocent love: Arshi FF

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Posted: 15 February 2014 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
hello everyone... i am new to India forum.. i have written a story somewhere else before just wanted to share it here as well,..!!! i love this story since it was my very first fan fiction... i have been reading a lot of stories here.. and thought of putting my own ff here... not sure how many will read it, or like, or even comment on it..!!! i have been in love with the characters of ipkknd..!! this was the only show that i have ever watched after moving to US.. and i am very sad that it was over..!! any ways here goes nothing.. i hope you all will like my story.. thank you..!!

Love is innocent,,..!!

Khushi was pacing in her room, thinking about the ending date of their contract marriage. She still have no clue why arnav married her, all her attempts to make him talk failed miserably. She is still thinking about it. she was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't even realized that arnav was standing at the door and just looking at her. he entered the room and held her hand to make her stop pacing around the room, she was startled and looked at him and said.. "arnavji aap kab aaye?" "hume pata hi nahi chala." "hum aapke liye coffee lekar aate hai." She didn't gave him the chance to speak and dashed out the door. He stood there confused thinking about what's wrong with her. (arnav now knows the truth about shyaam and decides to keep it to himself.. he doesn't know how to tell her and his di about the true face of shyaam, he is thinking of the way to bring out the truth, till then he has to keep things going the way they are.. but he is not torturing khushi anymore.) he went to washroom to freshen up, when he came out he saw her standing like a statue with his coffee and again lost in her thoughts. He took the coffee cup from the tray and she didn't even realized it. and he just went outside to water his plants.

Anjali: khushiji..!

Khushi: huh? Looking here and there confused and looked at the tray in hand empty and saw arnav watering his plants.

Anjali: khushiji..!

Khushi: haan! Di I'm here.!

Anjali: khushiji aap yahan hai main aapko kabse dhoond rahi hoon..!!(khushiji you are here and i've been looking for you all over the place..)

Arnav: di use khud nahi pata ki who kahan hai aaj.!! She is all looking like a lost puppy. (di she herself doesn't know where she is..)

Khushi: still lost

Anjali: oh! Chote tum chup karo.. she shakes khushi a little and khushi comes back to her senses and say... what!? When did u get here di..?(oh1 chote shut up)

Arnav: see didn't I just tell u>!!

Anjali: khushiji aap theek toh hai?? She touches her forehead and cheeks..(khushiji are you alright?)

Khushi: di hum bilkul theek hai hum bas soch rahe the ki laad gavorner ka mooh kaise khulwaye.(di i am perfectly fine.. was just thinking how to make this laad gavorner open his mouth..!!)

Anjali: kya??(what!!?)

Arnav: what the...!

Khushi: embarrassed changes the topic and dashes out the door saying she has to help payal to make dinner... Leaving Anjali and arnav wondering whats on her mind.

Arnav: thinking to himself... abb isske khurafati dimaag mein kya chal raha hai.. pata toh karna padega..(what's going on in her devil mind.. have to find out)

Anjali: chote tumne phir khushiji ko pareshaan kiya kya??? Kyun aisa karte ho???(chote did you harass the poor soul again?? why do you do that?) U need to learn the fact that she is ur wife and is going to be around forever... sheesh why do u harass that poor soul so much??

Arnav: what.?? Poor soul??? And that too her??? did u forget how she irritates me..?

Anjali: well u r forgetting that she is very young...! U both drive me crazy sometimes. Always theres something or the other is going on between u two...! First I had to be worried just about u.. n now I have to think about her as well...!!

Saying this Anjali goes downstairs. And sees khushi making jalebis in the kitchen.

Anjali: hey bhagwan! Khushiji itni sari jalebian?? Kisske liye???(oh! god khushji so many jalebis??? )

Payal: humne rokne ni koshish ki.. but it seems like she is on auto pilot..!!(i tried to stop her)

Anjali: KHUSHIJI...!

Khushi startled looks around and then looks in front of her and sees a mountain of jalebis..!! and then she just starts mumbling

Khushi: kya??? Yeh humne kya kar diya?? Hume maaf kardijiye di.. hum na pagal hai... saying this she starts packing the jalebis into various small ziplock bags... confused Anjali askes her

Anjali: ammm khushiji what are you doing now??

Khushi: di hum yeh jalebian watchman bhaisahab and then driverji... malliji... HP..OP..JP... inko de dete hai aur jo bachegi who dessert for the night/

Anjali laughs...: khushiji.. aapka dessert hume lagta hai pura hafta chalega... saying this she goes out calling for nani..!!

Nani enters kitchen after sometime and see the amount of jalebis and khushi's face all messed up with jalebi batter on her forhead and chin... she goes near khushi takes a paper towel.. dab it in water and cleans her face,...

Nani: oh! Buaji ki sanka devi aaj ka hui gava appka???

Khushi: who naniji pata nahi

Anjali and nani look at each other and both say CHOTE at the same time and starts laughing..!!

i hope you all will like it..!!! 

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PART 2..!!!

Arnav: pacing in his room thinking what does she mean by laad governor ka mooh kaise khulvaye..!!! what will she do now..?? was the question on his mind... he knows khushi is so unpredictable,.. he never knows what she will do next..!

Khushi: naniji hum kapde badalke aaye saying this khushi leaves kitchen and starts walking towards her room.

Nani: yeh khushi bitiya ko ka huigava aisa kahe bartav kar rahi hai??

Anjali: pata nahi nani.. yeh chote aur khushiji ka rishta hume samjh nahi aaraha.. kabhi inki aankhon mein hume pyaar dikhta hai..kabhi gussa.. kabhi fikar.. toh kabhi uljhan.. hum kya Kare hume kuch samajh nahi aa raha..

Nani: hume lagta hai inn dono ko kahi akele bhejna padega..!! hmmm

Anjali: kya baat hai nani app toh kamal hai

Payal: yeh sahi rahega.

Nani: payal bitiya agar app chahe to doosre honeymoon pe bhi ja sakt hai

Anjali: laughs and takes nani with her leaving heavily blushing payal behind.

Khushi enters her room and sees arnav working on his laptop and goes to washroom to change. When she comes out

Arnav: khushi tum theek ho??? Kya hua hai tumhe?

Khushi: confused looks at him and says hum theek hai. Hume kya hoga??

Arnav: toh subha se khoi khoi kyun ho???

Khushi: kya hum? Nahi toh? Appko kissne kaha?

Arnav: kissine nahi kaha dikh raha hai.!

Khushi: hume nahi pata tha ki aap hamari khabar rakhte hai.

Arnav: ofcourse main tuhari khabar rakhta hoon.. kya pata kab kya kar baitho..!!

Saying this he leaves the room leaving khushi behind who is shocked and her mouth fell open, but before she could say something he was out..!!

Khushi: fuming follows him..

At dinning table: it was quite everyone was having their food and suddenly nani announces that arnav and khushi will go to the farmhouse for a week and she will not listen to any excuses..~~

Arnav and khushi looked at each other and then they both turned to look at nani.. nani with determined voice said "I am not negotiating anything" chote u need to give sometime to ur wife. It doesn't feel like u both just got married. Nor u guys behave like a new wedded couple.

Arnav: nani u know how I am.. I am not lovey dovey like akash.. no offense akash

Akash: looks hurt and embarrassed but says non taken bhai.

Manorama: oo ka hai na sasuma arnav bitwa hamre akash bitwa ke jaisan joru ke gulam nahi na hai.


Nani: manorama aap chup rahiye.

Anjali: toh yeh final hogaya ki kal subha chote aur khushiji chattarpur walle farmhouse pe jayenge pure 1 hafte ke liye.

Nani: aur chote koi gadbad na kare iss liye khushi bitiya aaj raat hamare kamre mein soyengi

Aranav: what.??

Nani: tum ka hamka budhu samjhat ho?

Everyone laughs except khushi and arnav.. they both look miserable..!!

Next morning Anjali, nani and payal had organized and packed everything.. there was no escape so arnav and khushi had to go to the farmhouse.. nani had informed the servants their to keep an eye on the couple and give them the report everyday.. good thing arnav heard that.. he was shocked with the level of interference his family can do..!!

In the car ride arnav told khushi nani's ploting and planning and all the probable booby traps in the house. khushi was shocked as well

Arnav: sab tumhari wajah se hua...!

Khushi: kya?? Humne kya kiya??

Arnav: agar tum youn khoi khoi na rehti to nani aisa kuch nahi karti..

Khushi: huh..? apko hamesha aisa kyun lagta hai ki sari galti hamari hi hoti hai..

Arnav: can't believe this

The rest of the drive they were quite with frequently looking at each other.

At the farmhouse it was a scene of chaos..hustle bustle..!!! every single person was running here and there cleaning...!! Arnav has come back to farmhouse after 8 years.. so all the old servants were happy and super excited and new ones were scared because of the stories they heard about him

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Posted: 15 February 2014 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
Part 3..!!


When they arrived at the farmhouse it was almost 8:00pm and the entire farmhouse was lite with thousands of lights.. It was breath taking sight. Khushi had a big smile on her face and looking at her expression and reaction arnav smiled and kept looking at her face until he was disturbed by dinu kaka. Dinu kaka is almost 70 yrs old he has been working with raizadas for over 50 years, he came and welcomed them and they followed him inside.. Once inside.. the house looked so amazing it was decorated with flowers lights... light music..!!

Arnav: kaka yeh sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi.?

Dinu kaka: arnav baba aap 8 saal baad vapas aaye hai aur who bhi aapni dulhan ke saath.. toh hum kaise na apka swagat karte.

Arnav: lekin kaka itna sab kuch karne ki kya zaroorat thi?

Khushi: hume yeh sab bohot pasand aya shukriya kakaji..!!

Dinu kaka: aapka swagaat hai bitiya.! Khana lag gaya hai. Aap log apne kamre mein jaiye mooh haath dho lijiye hum khana lagate hai..

When arnav and khushi returned for the dinner... the dining room was lit with 100s of candles and rose petals on the floor and table was set for two.

Arnav: yeh zaroor di ka plan hai

Khushi: appse jyada negative insaan humne apni puri zindagi mein nahi dekha.. yeh sab kitna khubsoorat hai..

They sat down to have their dinner and arnav couldn't keep his eyes off of khushi.. looking at her beautiful face he was thinking that.. how wrong he has been all along about her.. she was a true pure soul.. no trace of greed, treachery.. she has so much love in her to give to everyone.. everyone around her is so happy all the time.. he wanted to hug her and apologize for all the sins he did..!! and so looking at her he extended his hand and asked for a dance.. she was shocked.. at first she was hesitant and then she slid her hand in his waiting hand... they both danced on the slow music and slowly arnav kissed her forehead and then her eyes.. and then he hugged her... shock was running into khushi's veins..she was confused as to what is arnav doing..?? She had thought about this night many times and now it all came true she can't believe it... and then it suddenly dawned at her that he is just pretending since nani told the servants to keep an eye on them...

(But in reality nani has done nothing of this sort..!!! she just pretended in front of arnav... she tricked him into believing tht Anjali and herself will be keeping tabs on their every movement.. )

khushi pushed him away slightly and looked at him with tears and left to her room... confused arnav followed... he closed the door after entering the room and went near khushi... he asked her...!!

Arnav: what happened khushi?? Tum achanak wahan se kyun bhaag aayi?

Khushi: hum apke jaise natak nahi kar sakte..

Arnav: natak???

Khushi: naniji ko dekhane ke liye ki hum khush hai..

Arnav: realizing that he came close to her and whispered in her ears.. Everything I do is not a pretense..

Khushi: shocked.. huh?!!

Arnav: jo dekhta hai jaroori nahi ki waisa ho.. aankho se dekhkar dil ki baat hamesha nahi batayi jatti..!!

Khushi: hum aapko jitna bhi samajhne ki koshish karte hai utna hi aur ulajh jate hai..

Arnav: khushi..!!

Khushi: hume aapse kuch poochna hai arnavji

Arnav: nervous and he knows what she wants to know... but he is still not ready to tell her..!!

Arnav: Khushi.. bohot raat ho chuki hai so jate hai..!! aur haan tum bed par so sakti ho and I guess we'll have to share the bed bcoz

there is nothing else..!! and I'm not sleeping on the floor.. and since there is no spare mattress we have to share

Khushi: hmmm theek hai.. par aap hamre nazdik maat aayiga...

Arnav: raised his one eyebrow.. agar aagaya toh kya karogi...

Khushi: aap hame dara nahi sakte.

Arnav: uski zaroorat nahi hai..!!! saying this he went to sleep on his side and she went to sleep on her side...!!!

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Part 4..!!


They woke up into each other's arms.. Someone knocked the door and they both woke up and looked at each other so close they both jumped of the bed... arnav rushed to open the door..!! And khushi dashed to the washroom..!!! She was super high ventilating... her body felt like on fire where arnav touched her... hugged her...!! She can't believe that she didn't realized that she was in his arms...

Arnav on the other side was happy and wanted to see her face and waiting for her to come out the washroom... somehow khushi got up off the floor. Showered and changed clothes... She peeked out the door to check if arnav was still in the room...!! Ah ha! Infact he was standing right in front of the bathroom door..!! She looked and jumped and closed the door again..!!! arnav smiled and started banging the door with fake annoyance

Arnav: what the..!! khushi kumari gupta singh raizada come out the washroom right now...( why such a long name... Mrs raizada is perfect and that's what I'm calling her... sigh*)

Khushi: why??

Arnav: what do u mean by why???

Khushi: I mean I'll come out when I want to..!

Arnav: it's too early for all this drama khushi.

Khushi: this is a big house why don't you go and use some other bathroom..

Arnav: are u kidding me..?? I am going to count till 5 if u don't come out I'm going to break this damn door..

Khushi remembering how he broke the store room door in the office.. She immediately opened the door and ran right into him.. And

they both fell down... rabba ve...!! Rabba ve... Ohhh rabba ve...!!!!

Arnav: khushi..!!!

Khushi: just staring at his pretty face...lost

Arnav: KHUSHI..

Khushi: haan..!!? ohh.. She tries to get up but again falls..!! arnav was enjoying it so he was not helping her to get up..!! infact he hugged her and rolled over and pinned her down and hovered over her and kissed her forehead got up and grabbed his towel and went to take shower..!!

Khushi on the other hand was lying on the floor not moving... not blinking..!! just lying there on the floor..! What just happened??? Did laad governor really kissed my forehead.. NO No.. I must be still dreaming so she pinched herself... Ouch!!

Arnav: acting like nothing happened came out the bathroom and found her still on the floor.. he bent down and whispered in her ears... do u want another kiss for getting up???

Khushi: jumped up ... what was that for??? Why did u kiss me??? Who are u?? and what did u do to the real laad governor???

Arnav: I decided not to fight..!! do u have a problem with that???

Khushi: repeating... not to fight??? U are definetly not my laad governor..!! who are u??

Arnav: turned around and held her close by her shoulders... what did u just said ??

Khushi: what?? Oh! I said who are you??

Arnav: no before that..1

Khushi: blushing and looking away... my laad governor..!!

Arnav: say it one more time..?

Khushi: aa aap ko kya hogaya hai..? (what is wrong with u..?)

Arnav: nothing.. saying this he leaves the room...

Khushi is now all confused about arnav's behavior.. and it's not like she doesn't like the closeness.. but she can't understand the sudden change...

Arnav: talking to himself... I have to tell her... but if I tell her the truth she will hate and will leave me.. and I can't live without her... she is my life.. my wife.. my one and only love..!!

Dinu kaka: aree arnav baba breakfast is ready...

Arnav: oh! Thanx kaka.. I'll be right there.. and please can u do me a favor and call khushi... and don't get scared if u see her standing like a statue in our room.. she has been doing that a lot lately... just yell her name she will be back...ok!

Dinu kaka: shaking his head and walks towards their room and finds khushi exactly how arnav told him... and dinu kaka.. yelled her name a little too loudly scarring the living day lights out of khushi...

Khushi: oh! God! Kakaji aapne toh hume dara diya..!! (kakaji.. u scared me..!)

Dinu kaka: arnav baba told me to shout out ur name if I found u standing like a statue.. m sorry bitiya didn't mean to scare u..!!

Khushi: no worries kakaji.. its ok..! and they both went to dining room for breakfast..!!!

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Part 5..!!

After breakfast dinu kaka took khushi for the tour of the house.. And introducing to all the servants... arnav on the other hand was restless without his phone and no internet... khushi was having fun talking to everyone and being her crazy self.. As arnav came looking for her he saw her talking to the servants and making them laugh.. looking at the scene he had a smile on his face... as he was about to leave dinu kaka came near him and told him that his khushi is a pure soul...kind hearted and a loving person... on hearing this arnav said he knows... saying this he went for swimming...

Khushi came to pool side looking for him and saw him swimming... she just stood there and watched him swim like a pro...!!!! Arnav saw her coming but he continued to swim... he loved swimming but due to his busy and crazy schedule he didn't have time for this...!! He was enjoying to the fullest...!! After sometime he asked khushi to grab a towel for him.. she did as she was told but the moment she bent down to hand him he pulled her in the pool... Khushi being khushi over dramatic started yelling bachaoo bachaoo and drowning...!!! When arnav was holding her in his arms and looking at her kicking and screaming...

Arnav: KHUSHI..!!! Calm down you are fine...

Khushi: are you crazy...?? Why would you do such a thing?

Arnav: hmm just for fun..!

Khushi: fun??? What's fun in this scaring me to death...

Arnav: I'm here why r u worried..!!

Khushi: u are here that's why I'm worried...

Arnav: khushi do u know how to swim??

Khushi: no..!

Arnav: then shut up or else I'll drop u...

Khushi: hmmm

Arnav: thts like a good girl..!! Saying this he put her down on the edge of the pool and he himself jumped out as well...

Khushi: what happened to u>??? You have started behaving differently?

Arnav: so u r saying u hate the change in me..

Khushi: almost yelled.. No I didn't meant it that way..

Arnav: then what do u mean??

Khushi: nothing... saying this she got up and went to their room to change..!! Followed by arnav...

Arnav wanted to tell her so he decided to tell her everything today... the sooner the better.. Since they are alone here... he will not get this opportunity back at home... so after dinner he took khushi with him on the terrace...!!! First she was confused and then she got curious...!!

Arnav: khushi.. I have to tell u something...

Khushi: what..? what is it??

Arnav: khushi tonight I'll tell u why I forced you to marry me...

Khushi: what..?? why did u marry me?? Please tell me... this mystery has been driving me insane

Arnav: but promise me that u will try to understand the reasons and not get too much worked up

Khushi: didn't say anything... and then she said I promise

Arnav: promise me u will keep ur calm...

Khushi: I promise

Arnav: promise me u will not leave me

Khushi: start saying the truth already.. how many promises...!!

Arnav: on the day on akash and payal's wedding I was going to tell you my feeling for u... but before I do that... I saw shyaam hugging u and then I heard u asking him to leave di... I could not take it that the girl I love is in the arms of the man my sister worships... I mean what you expect me to do... I was shocked... no beyond shocked.. And in that frenzy to keep u away from shyaam I decided to marry you...!!! But then I came to know the truth and I regret it... all the hurt I caused u all the pain... I'm so so so sorry khushi...!! I know I'm selfish and always think about myself first... I love... Love.. You...!! And I can't live without you... and that 6 month marriage contract is all null and void... khushi please say something.. Anything...

Khushi: got up and went downstairs and went to bed...!!!

Arnav: worried that he has lost her... stayed at the terrace the whole night cursing himself...!!!

Khushi was shattered and cried herself to sleep... when she woke up her eyes were swollen and she turned and saw arnav was not there on the bed... She went out looking for him and couldn't find him... then she remembered him on the terrace she went there and found him sleeping on the floor... it had rained last night... She rushed towards him and realized that he was passed out and had high fever... and he was soaked... She called the servant and asked them to take him to their room and asked dinu kaka to call the doctor... in the mean time she changed his cloths and bundled him up...!!

Doctor: what happened??

Khushi: we had an argument last night and he left the room and went on terrace.. I think he was standing in the rain

Doctor: shocked... and scolded her for being so careless... he gave arnav injection and told her that he will be fine in few days but she has to take extra care..!!

Khushi: I promise u doctor I'll not leave him alone and take good care of him...

Doctor... good thing he didn't catch pneumonia.. u know how dangerous that would have been for a diabetic... saying this he leaves..

Khushi: looking at him sleeping started running her fingers through his hair and lightly massaging it...!!!

Arnav: talking in his sleep... khushi... I'm sorry... please don't leave.. I can't live without you...

Khushi: tears welled up in her eyes... She was replying him as he was mumbling... I'm sorry arnavji I should have told u about him before... I'll never leave you.

Arnav: after few hours arnav woke up and saw no one around... he panicked and was about to get up from the bed.. When he heard khushi..

Khushi: don't u dare put a step down from the bed... u know u scared me today.. What if something would have happened to you?? Who asked you to stand in the rain all night... What will I answer Anjali di.. naniji??? Don't ever think about other... saying this she was coming closer and closer...

Arnav just hugged her when she was close enough buried his face in her hair... Arnav: Khushi.. I love u... I thought u left me... I got scared...

Khushi: I'm still mad at u arnavji for not trusting me... but I'm sorry it's my fault too.. I should hve told u about shyaamji sooner...

Arnav: khushi.. u won't leave me right...!!

Khushi: hugged him back and said never...

Arnav: I love u khuhsi

Khushi: hmmm I know...!!

Arnav: is that ur answer?? Ohh I love u too arnavji..!!

They spend the night clearing their misunderstandings and mostly talking...!! Then fell asleep in each other's arms..!!!

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Awww, Cutee ; D Update Soon . But Khushi Should Have Not Forgiven So Fast ;|

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Khushi was the first one to wake up.!! He saw him sleeping peacefully. She touched his forehead with the back of his hand... his fever was gone.. She lightly kissed him on the forehead and went to take shower..!! After coming out she saw that he was still sleeping so she went down to make breakfast for him...

Dinu kaka: bitiya we all are here to make breakfast why are you cooking.. Just tell us what you want to eat and we will make it for you...

Khushi: no kakaji.. I'll make it for him...

Dinu kaka: as u wish my child.. He patted her head and went to do other things

Back in the bedroom.. arnav woke and saw the room empty and panicked again.. and then he remembered that he has nothing to worry... but still he wanted to see her face... he went down and then towards the kitchen... He saw her cooking..!!! he signaled to the servants around her to leave... they all obeyed and left one by one..!! khushi was alone in the kitchen.. he came close to her.. and hugged her from behind...!!! She was startled but on realizing who it was.. she smiled and asked..

Khushi: so u are up..!!

Arnav: yes I am... and I am hungry.. What's for breakfast..!!

Khushi: aloo puri... ur fav..!!

Arnav: well and??

Khushi: and>??

Arnav: what else is there??? I haven't had dinner last night remember..!! And what's for dessert..!!

Khushi: dessert??

Arnav: ya

Khushi: its breakfast time and not dinner time... u will get what I have made..!!

Arnav: pouted and kissed the nape of her neck and went to take shower..!!

Khushi lost in the moment.. Just stood there and her puri burned and the kitchen was full of smoke... dinnu kaka came running and turn off the gas and pulled lost khushi out... arnav came running in the towel hearing all the commotion... Khushi was biting her nails.hey devi maiya yeh hame kya hojata hai..

Arnav.. Concerned rushed towards khushi and hugged her... she still had not came out the shock from the kiss... and arnav without clothes and only in towel hugging him.. Made her faint...!!

He picked her up rushed towards their bedroom and sprinkle water on her face, She came back to her senses. And scowled at arnav...

Arnav: what?

Khushi: it's all because of u..!!

Arnav: what is all because of me..?

Khushi: you.. but she could say anything... she just covered her face with bed sheet..!!! arnav uncovered her face and kissed her forehead... silly... saying this he finally went to take shower... he came out he saw her lost and into deep thoughts.. he had on his sweatpants and a tshirt..!!! he went near her and almost shouted KHUSHI I'M HUNGRY WHERE IS FOOD..

Khushi: startled oohh ran to the kitchen and they had their breakfast..!!!

After sometime arnav told khushi that he has to go out and will be back in sometime... till then she can watch movies if she wants..

Khushi: frowned and said ok

Arnav: came near her pulling her in his arms whispered in her ears.. I have some things to take care.. I promise I'll be back..!!! saying this he kissed her forehead and left..!!

Khushi in the meantime busied herself with watching movies and crying when an emotional scene came...!!!

It was evening and arnav haven't came back.. She couldn't even call him becoz he doesn't have his cell phone with him...!! she was pacing here and there...!! Doorbell rang and arnav came in with tons of shopping bags...!!

Khushi ignoring all this rushed towards him and started scolding him

Khushi: where was u?? I was so worried...

Arnav: I told u I'll b back by evening

Khushi: I was worried

Arnav: I know and I'm sorry

Khushi then saw panditji and some girls behind him

She asked who were they...

Arnav: I want to do this right khushi

Khushi: what?

Arnav: bent own on one knee and asked her to marry him again

Khushi: was shocked and she kneeled down and hugged him and said yes..!!

Living arrangements for panditji and the girls were made.. And they will get married day after tomorrow..!!

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Part 7


Khushi woke up and finding the girls sitting on the chairs waiting for her to wake up... She jumped off the bed and asked who r u?? and what are you doing in my room?? Where is arnavji..??

Girl 1: mam we are here to apply mehndi... and all the other things..!!!

Girls2: I'll do ur hair and make up

Girl3: I'm here for ur clothes...

Khushi: what..?? I'm so confused..!! wait a minute... arnavji... arnavji...

As she entered the living area there were so many people decorating the place... she bumbed into busy arnav... she held his hand and pulled her to their room... and asked the girls to kindly leave them alone for sometime...

Arnav: what??? I'm really busy love..!!!

Khushi: what is all this..!!

Arnav: we are getting married...

Khushi: here>>>??? Now???

Arnav: yes..!!!

Khushi I told u I'll make it all right... since di is pregnant we can't disclose the true face of shyaam now... as it is she is week... telling the truth will kill her.. and I love my di... I don't want anything happen to her... and you my love is the other half of my heart... so we are getting married like we supposed to...!!! So don't be so dramatic and do as the girls tell u..!!

In the afternoon arnav organized haldi ceremony which was followed by mehendi... he sat next to khushi watching the girl draw a lavish design on her hands and feet..!!! he wrote A on her palm...!!!

There was dance and music... dinu kaka had tears in his eyes as he has seen arnav so happy after almost a decade...!!! His heart was full of joy...!! He went near khushi and thanked her or bringing the smile back on arnav's face...!!

Dinner was served and arnav was feeding khushi.. in the night they sat near the pool gazing the stars and talking about their future...

Khushi: aravji how will we bring out shyaamji's truth out.. without hurting di..?

Arnav: no matter how we do it.. di will get hurt..

Khushi: I know that's what I'm most scared of..!!

Arnav: but I can't let him fool my nave sister anymore...

Khushi: I understand arnavji... but he is a real smart man... he knows how to manipulate people...

Arnav: I know his way... he has fooled me and my family for over 4 years... but enough is enough...

Khushi: so we need to come up with a plan...

Arnav: I have already sealed the account.. the he has joined with di.. so all di's money is in her personal saving... and di has moved her shares and assets under her child...!!! So I'm not worried about that... becoz when di made her will she wasn't married and according to the will if something happenes to di... then all her money and assets jewelry will be tranfered to her kids if she has any.. if not then to me..!!! she never changed her will...

Khushi: does shyaamji knows about di's will????

Arnav: no..!! no one knows except nani..akash and myself and now u..!!

Khushi: hmmm...!!

Arnav: khushi.. we have to pretend that nothing new happened between us... we can't tell anyone about our wedding till all the truth is out...

On getting no reply from khushi he look at his side and saw khushi sleeping.. he picked her up in his arms and took her to their room..!!! and he went to sleep as well..!!!

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