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Namaskar, Swagatham and a Big Welcome to you allHug

This is Arjun Har yug mein ayega ek farewell thread.ApproveStar

The journey which started 11 August 2012 is finally coming to an end on 23rd February 2014. Never thought this day will come so soon, but it has come finally and we can't hold back our tears.Cry Still, we have gathered here, paying our last tribute to this wonderful show with a heavy heart and giving the actors and everyone associated with the show best of wishes from the bottom of our heart.Embarrassed

(Siggies credit Zan101)


But hey, hold back your tears and heavy sighs because now we are going to relive the moments once again, the characters who made us fall in love, who made us laugh and cry, the scenes which gave us goose bumps and the actors who breathed life in the characters,Wink but first, let's give a big thank you to the people behind the camera. Without them, the show would not have been possible!Approve

Gorky Max- The Director, the Creative Producer and The Mastermind behind this show. 

Anshul Vijayvargiya, Debashish Singh Irengbam and Ritesh Shah- The Writers of the show, who had been writing about the brilliant cases with a social message behind it.

Gul Khan and Nissar Pervez- The Producers of this show

And a special thanks to Forum  32, for always interacting with fans, for those hang out seasons, breathtaking pictures of actors, interviews of them, and articles contains advance spoilers.Big smile


Arjun, Har yug mein ayega ek. From where should one start writing about it?Confused It was a crime thriller show, but not like other regular crime shows. There was human emotion mixed with it, the characters had back story, they had an agenda to enter police department and sweeping off crime world.Embarrassed There were friendships, laughter, teasing, hidden likings,hero worship; also there were hatred, pain of losing someone, difference of opinions, some amazing action packed sequences.Clap All this in one show, centered around ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte, the protagonist of show.

Then there was ETF, aka Emergency Task Force, a Crime Fighting Organization lead by Chief ACP Sameer Damsingh Rathore. Arjun Rawte joined this organization, after years of recklessly spending his life behind criminals, determined to get justice for his wife's murder. Right from the entry of this angry young man, there was fireworks, be it his first encounter with Research Specialist Riya Mukherjee, or the Chief of ETF himself. We also get to see the rest of the team, Shreekant Sen as IT expert and Chandrakant Patil as Commando.

It was the initial characters in show, later more people entered and enriched ETF.Embarrassed

Aisha Kapoor, the ammunition expert, who joined the ETF after her cover blown by the team during a case in which she was working undercover, Liza D'cruz, the forensic expert, and last but not the least, Sakshi Anand, the ex crime journalist.Big smile

After show revamp and the end of ETF in a bomb blast, we saw new faces, Karan, a garage mechanic, Simran, an actress, and Anjali, a small kid who was brilliant in hacking.Star

The show showed how and why these crimes are happening, like Credit card related scams, honor killing, human trafficking. It also introduced Suraksha Chakra, where we can learn basic self defense tricks to protect ourselves. The viewers of the show, from our elders to younger people, everyone enjoyed the brilliant handling of cases and human emotions, learnt new and different things after every episode, and become awed all thanks to a certain Hot and Sexy ACP Rawte.Blushing...ehm, and of course his genius mind too, sorry for going off topicLOL


So, lets relive those moments and peoples who made us laugh, made our heart swell in pride, made us cry buckets, made us swoon in awe. Put on your seat belt, because its going to be an roller costar ride, a flash back of last 1 1/2 years, of more than 100 episodes.Wink

Cheers.Big smile

(Intro by Riya.S,007)

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Lets start with one of the favorite character of show, a very special personEmbarrassed


(By Kunchu)

Can a love be defined beyond words?

Can it be such that every breath that he takes remind of her presence?

Can he break all the rules and question the one above just for her?

Can anyone love her as such?

Only questions... answers unknown. Maybe some answers are good to be unknown too.


She came as a fresh dewdrop... knocking at the doors on a rainy day... taking his breath away with naughty smile...

With the ever so naughty question, "Rum, whiskey ya vodka?"

Her pouted face to her best friend. Her tit for tat replies...

And then the slow mellowing...

From the tit bit that we saw on screen, Roshni became a face, so loving and truly blessed to be in love with a man, who loved her beyond imaginations.

Her love for the flowers, her blush at his looks, her faith in him in each step...

Everything about Roshni was special.

Proposed by the love of her life and married in front of the sacred fire, there began another step for their eternal love story.

She was his guide, his mentor, his support and as he said in his own words...

"Jo har bhari se bhari mushkil ko dhere se...

bina kuch kahe halke karke chali jaathi thi..."

What else could define her, more than that?

But not every fairy tale gets a happy ever after period. And so did it happen here too.

Fate took her apart from him...

And left him with haunted nights and loneliness...

But their life showed something way beyond imagination...

It created a magic that made them so believable...

Her every smile brought a smile on his lips and warmth for us...

Her tear filled our eyes...

Her absence haunted as just as for him...

She lived in the memories and will live there forever...

In memory of the eternal love, a small tribute from me...



Born in Patiala, Samiksha Singh is an Electronic Engineer and she made her debut in movies with a Telugu film and later in Tamil films. She won several awards for the movie Arinthum Ariyalmalum including the award for the best Debut Actress in Tamil industry. After making her debut in Tamil and Telugu movies she finished more than 15 movies in Tamil and Telugu

She appeared as a model for many print commercials for reputed brands. She did many commercials and daily soaps before getting the role of Roshni in the show Arjun.


     Now, its turn to have a look on the ETF members Wink 




(By Meself)

There are some who are simply born to slap the other side of perceived life in your face. To let out what's on the other side of the ring and to teach that hope never dies, even when life goes crepuscular.

With the arrival of the ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte one thing had become very clear that TV viewing would never be the same. A true picture of the less known forces in our country Arjun Rawte was anything but a forgettable thing.

A grim, serious looking lad was introduced to us in the most unconventional manner possible. While we love to root for the angry young thing; he came across as a slightly tinted and broken form of the picture. While we were touting for a Wuthering Height he came across as a Wuthering Depth. And that marked the connect with the man with the guns.

A sheer brilliant lad, someone who never failed to notice the minute detailing of facts, someone who never let anything out of sight was more that just looks and demeanor. The story progressed and we came across a man who once had been a happy soul, a man who once had a life. We came to know that the one on the visible front was a shadow to the former one.

Arjun Suryakant Rawte was a one of those etched lines that are sympathized with but are never fathomed. His pain of losing his wife, his friend, his child was all very visible but then again was unfathomable. A man who had loved his wife more than his own life was made to trod on his life path sans the comforting solace of his wife Roshini.
To be snatched away from the love your life and then made to live and relive all those fleeting glances of the happy bliss is no less than being cursed with thousand deaths. Over the journey Arjun had lost a lot...his friend was lost to him immediately and from his Sam; he went to being his colleague Rathod. His adoptive child, who was perhaps the flickering comfort, too was gifted to the reaper. And at the end his team was burned to their death. It pains the heart to even think about the losses outweighing the gains, but here was this man living with the overwhelming burden with a never say die attitude.

Courage in never the absence of fear but; a subtle reminder that there are things important than the very fear that grips the heart. Faith is a very conflicting idea. An ever diluting entity...and to maintain it till the very end; is a trait of a brave heart.  Arjun never had a life that could be termed as wonderful. His father disowned him; his love eluded his life, his friend got lost and the only family left too faded in the oblivion. But the sheer strength of character is what kept him going on. Being brave demands sacrifices and demands the duty bound soul to go on...and Arjun went on...

His intellect is what landed him in the ETF; and his sheer brilliance made the criminals shudder. Be it trotting the guns or making the punches fly he was the best, letting no one inch close to the tag. The tough exterior mounted a soft beating heart that cared for everyone around. He always cared for his team, though letting all of that out might not be very conventional. A mentor and guide to Shree, Riya, Liza, Saakshi  and Chhotu; a strong support to Rathod, and a friend to Aayesha, he gave his all even when he had no means. A true man of honor he remained so till the very end.

An unfortunate scam took away his team and he found solace in a B-Team comprising Karan, Simran and Anjali. He became a brother to Karan, a protector to Simran and a father-figure to Anjali.  His equations were ever evolving and he remained likeable even in the murkiest of situations.

Arjun came across as a man who valued the worth of the humanism. To stand tall after going through Hell is a daunting task but to let all of that run and make you strong is the mark of a true man. 

Words fall short to describe the plethora that made this man. But a humble try I give by quoting Rudyard Kipling...
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too god, nor talk too wise:
If you can dream"and not make dreams your master;
If you can think"and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make it a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken ,
And stoop and build em up with worn-out tools:
If you can make one heap of your winnings
And risk it on one turn pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the will that says to them; Hold on!'
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings"nor lose the comman touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is the earth and everything that's in it,
And"which is more"you'll be a
Man, my son!
Shaleen Malhotra, born on 25th May, ex Roadies contestant is best known for his titular role of Arjun in Star Plus's mega cop series. Born and raised in Delhi, this hard core action fanatic is trained in kickboxing and parkour.  He has worked as on-air VJ for MTV and was also seen in an episodic of courtroom drama series Adaalat on Sony. A biker and member of an Army personnel family, Shaleen channels his work focus and  loves to take on different roles.

(By Meself)'ll make many but there always is one special person who holds onto that thin line of family and becomes the extension of one. Sameer Damsingh Rathod, the name speaks of one such person. He is both a myth and maxim in today's unforgiving and ruthless world. Even when he had distanced himself from his soul brother; he remained there to help him no matter what. Now that's a man that demands respect and nothing less.

He was one name that rang on the high. A true blue duty bound police officer and a thorough gentleman; he was every bit that rarity we've heard about. He too, in the long run had lost a lot but managed to stay put and that marks the brilliance of the man! A sharp minded, witty cop, a no-nonsense persona and a darling of a human being...
Sameer; this man had managed to stir plethora of emotions in us. A grieving friend, a strong pillar to his brother from behind the shadows, a man with strong hold over his team and most importantly he was one who could value the worth of human life. His anger used to shoot up undoubtedly, he used to lose control but he never let any of it get in the way of his job. Again the very rarity we so strain our eyes for... Having lost so much and then constantly living with black fury of having lost it all; takes away the human touch but applause to the man! His human heart remained intact. He had trained Riya and never for once did he lose his head over the fact that she couldn't bring herself to shoot. Instead he waited patiently, correcting her and in the meanwhile providing her with all the needed support. He never allowed Chhotu and Shree to lose their very touch. He did scold and threatened them at times but then he was also the one to genuinely care about them. He immediately took Aayesha under his wing for the talent that she was, he helped Liza and Saakshi through their journey. And even when he had been shown hating Arjun; he went long miles to help him when needed.

There is no way that you can keep your beating heart so visibly taped together especially when it has been subjected to unfairness of life. But then maxims like Sameer make us believe that even this is possible.

Jumping onto the lighter side; it wouldn't be wrong to say that he was every thinking woman's darling and muse. Be it the anthropologist flirting with him or the girls jumping on to him; he took all of that with a smile continuing to be the darling and gentleman that he was. Slowly but surely he lost his heart to another super cop"Aayesha. His subtle hinting at it and him respecting all of her worth made him likeable and lovable!!
This was one character that had a lot to carry on his back; to be the only remaining connecting link; he always was mounted with a lot of pressure. But he never failed to deliver all that he promised. He held an utmost respect for women which made it a highly pleasurable treat to the eyes. He gave up his all so that his team mates could go ahead with there being none to stop their stride! That, only a few people are able to do.
Representing the circle of good in the bad world and then never failing to loose the very essence is the mark of a man and that's what Sameer is and always be!

Man's abiding happiness is not in getting anything
But in giving himself up to what is
Greater than himself
To ideas which are larger than his
Individual life,
The idea of his country,
Of humanity,
Of God.

  ----Rabindranath Tagore

Born on 28th of February, Behzaad is the eldest of seven siblings.  A theater personality, Behzaad began his television career with Star One's mega hit series Geet as Brij. He then went on to work as Noor Khan in Color's historical drama Veer Shivaji; before landing as Sameer Rathod in Star Plus's mega cop series Arjun. He has appeared in many commercials and has movie roles to his credit.

(By Silentsilver)

Riya Mukherjee was the research specialist for the Emergency task force aka the E.T.F. With her charming personality and dimpled smile , one cant help but like her. But her persona don't only confines to her good looks, she is a smart, confident woman as well who tries to work up to her full potential and striving to make her own mark in the so called "man's- world" , that is the police force. She is a feminist at heart and retorts back whenever anyone questions her capability at work due to her gender . Time and again we have seen her retort back to Arjun Rawte [ her senior at ETF ] when she thought he was underestimating her due to her gender . 

While Riya was well trained in martial arts and could beat the pulp out of about anybody , she wasn't comfortable and fully adapt in using guns. Her sensitive self could not wrap the idea of actually taking some one's life, even if he was a criminal. But eventually in the show we saw her shoot a person at the time of need, break down over it and finally overcome this fear with help from Arjun . 

Riya was a charming lady, and she surely knew how to use that fact to her advantage. Who can forget the episode where much to surprise of Arjun, she managed to get a file which even he was unable to get with her sweet smile and endearing charm and thus leaving the Super cop absolutely speechless for once. Riya proved that she was indeed beauty with brains and her dialogue 'Aurat ki quabiliyat par kabhi shaq nahi karna chahiye'' became a tagline for women power. 

Riya's characterization would be incomplete indeed without mentioning her tiny little quirks which made her even more endearing like the pink pen she used to use , or her hygiene freakiness and of course her never ending statistics . 

Riya had a very nice rapport with Chotu, Shree and Rathore and later with Arjun as well. Her little moments of fun , jokes and teasing with Shee and Chotu and their urber cute friendship gave many light moments to the otherwise grim episodes. With Rathore there was a great sense of respect from her side, and support and guidance from his side, there were times when her statistics rant or her inability to shoot did bother him but nevertheless he always thought her to be an important part of his team. With Arjun, what can I say , it was something I don't think which can be put into words, it was not friendship, and surely not love, she used to hero worship him, always looked up to him with a awe expression in eyes and a hidden desire to be like him in work... there was a sense of companionship which they shared and which made them special. Sweet, smart, pretty, sensitive , stubborn , hard working well there are many words which can describe Riya Mukherjee as a person. But I cant think of a more appropriate adjective for her than 'Brave'. Riya was just like any other normal girl but she rose above it with her bravery when she gave up her life in order to safe the life of thousands . Thus more than anything Riya would always be remembered for what she did for her countrymen , how she proved herself to be good officer till her last breath , how she was a true daughter of the country.Clap

Actress Sana Khan was born on 13 June 1993 in Mumbai. She is actress and Ad model in television industry and is known for her great looks and equally great acting.Her first serial was a Disney channel show named  Ishaan sara.She also played the role of Shefali in Kitni Mohabbat hai season 2 and also acted in  the famous show  Iss pyar ko kya naam doon, where she played the character Lavanya Kashyap. Her last serial was Arjun, where she played the character of Riya a research specialist. Sana Khan entered Femina Miss India 2012 pageant and was crowned Femina Miss Beautiful smile 2012Embarrassed 


(By live-life)

Shree was an important character in Arjun who played the role of a tech savvy who also knew how to use a gun! Surprise surprise?!ShockedLOL Well... without him the team was almost like the apple without the pie.As the character of Shree he was a best friend, an acquaintance, a tech head and sometimes as a kamina friend too but he knew how to get those remarks right.Wink

Shree as I mentioned above was a great friend and this include the awesome threesome Chotu, Riya &shree. The three musketeers!Tongue He was the fun loving friend doing masti all the time with these two. Making fun of their bosses behind their backs indirectly with these too! For them there was only one phrase..."We are all in this together" . With Riya he was like the guide..who was there for her whenever she needed him. He couldn't see her in trouble. Even though he hated being scolded by the akdu and sadu bosses he would be the PIC (partner in crime) with her. They shared a cute little friendship.Embarrassed

And with Chotu it was always either food or teasing sessions and sarcastic remarks but in a funny way.  It was like they were both brothers from another mother Lol! Yup..You hear it right brothers..who shared this great bond called friendship as well. Whenever Shree used to make fun of Chotu he would get the hair opening with an angry glare Lol...but dosti mein saab allowed hai na..kyunki har ek friend kamina hota hai.ROFL

Well..coming to his relationship with Sameer Ratore and Arjun Suryakant to describe this..well of course he hand the professional bond with both of them. Though there weren't many Sam and shree moments but when u looked at him u could tell that he respected his chief a lot. Shree looked up to him as a mentor and leader (at least that's what I think). Big smile

Coming to Arjun..well we all know he was the no-nonsense type..but Shree had the sense of empathy towards him. Not because he pitied Arjun or anything. It was out of respect and gratitude. Sometimes our hotwa may have shouted at him out of frustration but he never took it on his heart because he knew that his second in command was just eager to get justice for the victim and eager to solve the case. Arjun even once complimented him and told him "Thanks" which was a big deal for him, but he was too stunned to react on it ! It was this really silent yet calming bond they both shared.Embarrassed

And then came the other characters Ayesha, Sakshi, and especially Liza. Shree shared a great bond of friendship with Ayesha and Sakshi! And with Liza *ahem ahem* well it was always just more than their little fights and nok jhoks. Although they were cuteLOL

Shree was always the bakra in most weird situations. Remember that drug case where he had to go undercover as college kid?ROFL tch tch tch, poor our Techy guy who always phasing in most weird situations. its not only once, but many timesOuch. one horrendous moment was when a serial killer attacked him. we all cursed brutally the killer as  he hurt Shree in most painful wayAngry, but was relieved when Arjun came to save him and later he was shown okay.

So basically Shreekant sen aka Sid is a great actor who worked hard for his character. We got to see him every weekend as Shree the tech savvy boy with that mischievous smile and nerdy glasses. And of course his laptop that said Shree on it in a very fancy manner. He was like the chocolate boy of the show, everyone's favorite !


 He is a hardworking actor who knew what it takes to be an actor.  A quote from Forum  32, "As Shree, Siddharth Sen has become the man, man who knows what it takes to be an actor and yet be grounded. The way he treats people around him shows his upbringing and his principles. Always sporting a smile, affable and straight forward, conversations with him always veer off to music, bands and food." Recently he has opened a restaurant called SID'S ADDA and it's in full swing. Unfortunately he had to leave the show Arjun because of some personal reasons and that's when the character of Shree came to a stop. He didn't die mind you! Just left... Let's hope he had a great career ahead and his restaurants gains a lot of profit. Applause for our very own Shree aka Sid! He is indeed a great actor.Clap



(By Live-life)

Chandrakant patil aka Ketan was the "bodyguard" and the muscle man fondly known as Chotu. People are usually surprised to here him referred to as Chotu as it's a contradiction towards his well built body and six feet tall height! Even though he looks like the angry young man from the outside but he is a softhearted person from the inside. He is full of love and compassion but when it comes to criminals that ponytail comes out and unki jo dhulai hoti hai ufff! ;p  And his  first true love is food...Usse khan eke siwai kuch nahi soojta..but when in work mode food has to go out the door! And he loved dogs apparently! So cute na...He has that innocent dace but when it become angry u don't wanna mess with way!

He shares a great bond of friendship with the other two musketeers, Shree and Riya. Him and Shree are like brothers from another mother as I mentioned above. They share this masti bhari relationship where there is lot of teasing and of course caring for each other. Especially when Shree teases him that coolwa ponytail comes out and then there is the bodyguard glares. Poor shree! :P But they were inseparable! And with Riya he was always like the protective friend and really caring friend too! After all they were the choree so the three of them were ultimate and inseparable threesome!

When it comes to Sameer Rathore well...hmm...He would always be the obedient team member that obeyed his chief because he knew that his chief would be right. He respected Rathore a lot as a leader and a mentor.

Coming to Arjun. Well with him Chotu was always on a a run in getting things done as Arjun would rely on him frequently after the exit of Shree. But He always got done what he was asked to do and he even respected Arjun as well. Not just because after Rathore he was the chief but because he was a leader too. Maybe not the same leader as Rathore but still a leader in a different way.

And then Chotu's relationship with Ayesha, Sakshi and Liza was also really sweet. It was pure friendship and care. The little scenes we get was worth watching because Chotu was absolutely fantabulous. 


Chotu aka Ketan is a great actor. He has that stillness about him that makes him look even more adorable. Recently he has been working in a movie.Ketan made his television debut with this series but he is not an unknown name in the world of entertainment. This brawny actor has shared screen space with the lights of Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, amongst others. He has acted in moves namely, God Tussi Great Ho, Speed, Asoka, Ramaa-The Savior (which also had the Great Khali) and has also done few commercials. He is a great person both on screen and off screen! 



(By Meself)

Woman endlessly divine object who is born and re-born to serve her purpose; a source of strength and a source of endless clairvoyance and power to change it all.

When we think womanhood; a lot many images flashes in front of the eyes. But the ultimate picture that's drawn is that of immense strength and power. And maybe that clear defining was brought to us in form of the mighty Aayesha Kapoor. An impressive individual with an even thorough brilliance. Rarely a defining moment comes in term of characterization at least on Indian Television that'll make you stand up and applause; and that one defining moment was the arrival of Aayesha Kapoor.

22nd of December; a case came ETF's way that changed its entire outlook. A street smart lass going around by the name of Nadia had given the best team its worst nightmares. The entire team had to pull and push itself to track this blazing fire.  She finally was caught but even then managed to give the phenomenon "Arjun Rawte" a big blow. It was then revealed that she was a cop playing along in the shaded and dotted mucks.  A woman who single handedly took on the drug mafia was thereafter absorbed into the ETF as the ammunition's and undercover agent.

Her equations began on a tough note; for she had been roped in immediately after the former officer Riya Mukherjee's death. With the entire team reminiscing the sad demise of their former officer; Aayesha's journey began on a difficult note. Her expertise though were respected, they were taken as an offence. She was constantly made to feel like and outsider but it was her sheer intellect and brilliance that earned her the respect, comradeship and love of her fellow mates. She became an integral part of the team whose decision were the final line drawn. She soon worked up her place as the third-in-command of the elite ETF.
She was someone who knew the trade of the world in and out. Be it analyzing the kind of ammunition used to commit the crime or going undercover to pull out the vital information's; she  was best at what she did. Her ability to see through things and work out a quick solution added to all that made her. A no nonsense cop; she could keep her cool and that worked in the favor of the team. Her interrogations were thorough and always at the point. She was that one in team who had mastered the art of psychological pressuring that did wonders to cracking of a complicated case. She could see through the guises and always had an upper hand at riveting the solutions. A full fledged cop with unmatched skills; she made a powerful addition to the team ETF.

With all her abilities intact she eluded certain warmth that made everyone fall for her. Her equations improved with her becoming a part of Chhotu and Shree's fun duo. She went ahead to become a great friend to Saakshi and Liza. Arjun came to trust and respect her and Rathod somewhere lost his heart to her.

A dynamic entity Aayesha showed what power she held over her job. She handled guns and blades just as she handled her sweet coffee mug. The lean looking frame beat the living ghosts out of the criminals and never once anyone had to run to rescue.  The entire team rested itself heavily on her and she had a knack of delivering all that she promised!
Aayesha Kapoor was a modern rendition of all that's lean, mean and kickass. There was a charisma that ran up her and drove the point home that women are power houses that runs the world. Aayesha showed what a woman is and should be. She was the most impossible concoction of feminism and tough; of strength and vulnerability; of charm and charisma and that had bawled all of us over. She never backed out from her duties, even when her father needed her helping hand to thrive through his operation...she chose to be with the team and kill the crime. Smiling through the stifles is no easy task but she made it happen! Grappling hot coals sounds cheesy but her job made her do that and she never shied away from it all.

Fitting in a man dominated world where the glass ceiling exists; she broke lot many stereotypes and killed the clichs. Now that was what a woman makes and that's the massive precipice she pulled up! She looked like a lady was a raging flame. She was the "Aayesha Kapoor".

Shital Shah born on 9th June is the heiress to India's globally recognized entrepreneur conglomerate ICECD. Born as the elder of the two daughters;  to big names, the industrialist Ashok Shah and Hina Shah; Shital is every thing that's expected of her.  She holds a degree in MBA and at present is the HR manager in her mother's institution ICECD. A painter, a danseuse and an actor, Shital has forayed into all performing arts and emerged with flying colors. An actor in the Gujarati cinema she also is part of Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal's theater troop and is constantly working with her mother towards women empowerment. Their work includes providing means of livelihood to woman in about 4000 village in Gujarat. Both the mother-daughter duo have been applauded and felicitated for their works. With the Shah family already considered a big name; Shital has created a niche for herself that makes her stand out for the work she does.

 (by AwriterAtheart)

Name: Sakshi Anand


Birthday: October 5th


First Appearance: 7th April 2013


Occupation: Ex-Journalist, ETF Member


Last Appearance: 7th December 2013


Character Details:

            Sakshi is a jovial girl with a highly infectious smile. Wherever she goes, Sakshi always make sure to leave people smiling in her wake. As an ex-journalist, she has all the skills required for research and proves herself to be a valuable member to the team, often helping in aiding the ETF Team in finding out about certain people. Sakshi shares a strong friendship with all the members of her team, all except for Arjun.

            Though many failed to see it, Sakshi never failed in noticing how lonely and conflicted Arjun was. In her quest to end his loneliness, Sakshi lost her heart to the no-nonsense cop. The realisation came with the help of her friend Ayesha Kapoor, who upon noticing Sakshi's anguish to see Arjun so lonely, voice her thoughts about Sakshi being in love with Arjun. Though the realisation came quickly, Sakshi wasn't one to be deterred. With a sense of determination, Sakshi did everything for Arjun. From annoying him all the way to keeping a glass and a thermos full of his favourite cutting chai with her.

            Although she puts on the perfect pretence of being happy on the outside, Sakshi suffers from dark past. A past which still haunts her in the form of having a bedridden father. Beneath the million-dollar smile came the tears of a heartbroken daughter. But Sakshi never let it hinder her from her task. From the moment she stepped foot into the ETF office, she liberated an aura of positivity. With her simple sympathies for the families who lost a loved one or her support for the budding relationship between her friend and the ETF Chief, Sakshi was a woman who stole our hearts and left a mark for eternity.


Relationship with other characters:


Ayesha Kapoor:

            Not only was Ayesha Sakshi's colleague. The two girls had become really close friends and Ayesha was the one who helped Sakshi discover the hidden love Sakshi had harboured in her heart for Arjun. Often these two would be found alone late night at the ETF office where they would finish up their work and would go home together. Like Ayesha played Cupid in Sakshi and Arjun's love story, Sakshi was Cupid for Ayesha and the ETF Chief Sameer Rathore. Our bubbly Sakshi always made sure to give tips to Ayesha in staking a claim on Sameer whenever she got the chance.


Sameer Rathore:

            Although Sameer and Sakshi weren't what we would call close friends, Sameer always held great respect for Sakshi and the two were on first name basis. The no-nonsense ETF Chief could often be caught smiling at some of Sakshi's antics, which often included getting on the nerves of the second in command of ETF or connecting cases to the several Bollywood films she'd seen.


Shreekanth Sen:

            Almost after the day she had joined, Shree and Sakshi became good friends for their fun and energized nature. The two provided a sense of comic relief and fell into an easy friendship. Shree and Sakshi were always looking out for each other and the tech expert was well aware of the feelings that Sakshi harboured for Arjun. Though he never commented on it, on her birthday, Shree and Ayesha made a bet on whether or not Arjun would wish Sakshi a "Happy Birthday" which showed that both respected Sakshi's love interest and made sure to never mock her.


Liza D'Cruz:

            Sakshi and Liza both had an easy friendship and the two along with Ayesha could often be found conversing with each other about various topics that ranged from work all the way to choice in men. The two worked closely with each other in many of the cases that only added to their budding friendship. Sakshi along with Liza and Ayesha have affectionately been called "ETF Girls" for their friendship, bravery, and commitment to the work that they did.


Chhotu (Chandrakanth Patil):

            From the moment before Sakshi stepped foot into the building, Chhotu had described her to be "Buddhi, adhmari, ladhkhadati hui" but was in for a pleasant surprise when she first introduced herself to be the newest member of the team. After that, Sakshi had developed an easy-going friendship with Arjun where she often teased him and offered him food while under the supervision of Arjun. The two were often found with Shree and were always joking around and lessening the tension in the air from the cases.


Arjun Suryakant Rawte:

            The second in command was not prone to Sakshi's charms and although he often got fed up with her and taunted her, Arjun did care about her. When Sakshi had been "injured" in one of the cases, Arjun had felt guilt and remorse for sending her into a warehouse with armed men. This was where we found Sakshi turning a cold shoulder towards Arjun and the said man with the devil may care attitude started to care for her. That included making sure to help her get in and out of the SUV or simply making sure she doesn't stress out. Sakshi, however, made the mistake of lying to Arjun about her injuries and once again Arjun's attitude towards her changed to the old. His taunts returned but she ignored them and continued to bring the thermos full of his cutting chai with her.


Portrayed by: Mrunal Thakur


About Mrunal Thakur


            Mrunal Thakur, born August 1 1991, is an Indian television actress who hails from a Marathi family Nagpur.  Mrunal rose to fame with her portrayal of the character Gauri Bhosle in the show Mujhse Kuchh Kehti...Yeh Khamoshiyaan where she was paired opposite Mohit Sehgal. After she wrapped up with Khamoshiyaan, Mrunal was roped in to play the character of the ex-crime journalist Sakshi Anand on the show Har Yug Mein Aaega Ek Arjun, where she stole the hearts of many yet again with her smile and chemistry with the show's lead, Shaleen Malhotra. Whilst she was working in Arjun, Mrunal bagged a role in the Marathi film Hello Nandan opposite Adinath Kothare. The movie is yet to be released and Mrunal's fans are eagerly waiting for it. Along with the film, the audience will once again get to see Mrunal on the small screen in Ekta Kapoor's new show Kumkum Bhagya where she will be essaying the role of the younger sister of the female lead, played by Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhav star Sriti Jha.

            From all her fans and supporters, we wish Mrunal a hearty Godspeed


(by Live-life)

Liza aka Ritu was the newly appointed forensic expert of the team. She had this daring personality that made her look all cool and swaggalicious but when it came to being professional and work...she would always put that forensic doc cap on then swoosh you are one step closer to solving the case and arresting the culprit! She was like mentos that had a cooling effecr but that strong influence as well that left you wondering as to how can anyon be like this. I don't know about u guys but that's what she did to me no doubt! ;P.

And coming to her relationship with Shree...*laughs* Ab mein kya bolu! They were literally like tom and Jerry..I mean agar tom and Jerry ke jagah in dono ko le lete na to trust me it would have been more famous nad a lot more kids would have eaten their food! Lol! They shared this funky yet string bond that used ti surprise us everytime. Although dono bhi kuch kam nahi hai ek doosre se but even in their little nok jhoks and fights there used to be love. Well...yeah they migh not have acutally confessed or even had those "intense" encounters but if u read their eyes u would come to know just home much they loved each other. I saw it, you sawit, we all saw it...just the cv's weren't able to that's why ek ko to bina kuch kiya gayab kar diya aur dosre ko uda diya! Sigh But they live on in our hearts forever and after...

And the Liza with Rathore and Arjun..hmm...well although it was a professional relationship but there was much more to it that just discovering boggling facts about the dead body or giving update on the reports to the both of them. I think it was more of bhai behen relationship..I know sounds realllyyy surprising as we didn''t get to see much of the above statement but...somewhere I saw it. In that one moment I saw the clear picture and I knew that it was "phoolon ka taro ka sab ka kehna hai..ek haazaroon mein meri behna hai"...but then again it's my pov

Hmm..coming to the threesome..nahi samjhe...aree Liza, Shakshi, and Ayesha bhai!

They are like that little group of gurls from high school movies that are always to gether. Aise lagta hai that fevicol se chipkaya hai...toota hi nahi. I know it's usualy the mean girls who are in three's but hey we just made new's the "good ones" in threes! Surprise surprise! "Laughs". Isliye to is ka naam Dosti hai!

Ritu, who was earlier seen in Life OK's Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki and Devon Ke Dev Mahadev breath life to the character Liza D'cruz. wish her all the best in her career ahead. 

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After ETF's existence wiped out in a Bomb blast and Arjun tagged as a criminal, he had to leave his job. The ex- ACP now bumped into Karan, a garage mechanic, Simran, a wanna be actress and Anjali, a cute child who is gifted with knowledge in gadgets. Lets have a look at these new characters and their relationship quotient with ArjunWink


(by Abjeya)

 The ultimate Flirt. Helper. Maintains relationships with multiple girls. Never backs down from giving justice to any individual. A guy with little bit of reckless attitude, full of humour and courage, Karan.Embarrassed

 Karan and Arjun,  Karan is a lets say a ladies man cum a mechanic cum Arjun's partner cum an actor. So many roles he plays but yet he plays them with perfection. Karan is never afraid of facing trouble and is always ready to take risks whether it is catching a truck or facing Arjun's beating when they first met. He doesn't care about the law that is why he is always in trouble with it.Like Arjun says in the child sexual abuse case "even if Karan by-mistake crosses the red traffic signal then the policeman instead of taking fine would directly put him in jail without making a case."LOL  

But yet his compassion is always seen the way he always takes care of the street children ensuring that they get an education with food and shelter or helping out his Russian friend. Karan and Arjun first met when Karan had by mistakenly stolen a truck of human organs and Arjun had caught him. After the ETF team's death Arjun had turned to Karan to help him find justice and from there their partnership started.Embarrassed

Karan has a way of always getting his point across like when he told to Arjun about the case when the girl had gone missing and Arjun wouldn't have solved this case if Karan hadn't pointed out about how her Facebook page had not been updated recently or when karan stops arjun from attacking the boys in the first case they solved together, the Priyanka case. 

That doesn't mean that Karan is dependent on Arjun to solve the cases. He is equally capable of solving cases on his own like he solved the Pujari (Priest) case and the jungle case.Clap Yet he never lacks humour. He always brings humour to a situation like when in the Ishita case after getting hit on the head he says "why do goons always hit on the head?".LOL He also always either fights with Simran or flirts with her. Arjun and Karan are like Sherlock and Watson. Both will cross any limits and all limits to give justice to any person who seek it.


Rohit purohit as karan plays this role beautifully. Serious yet humourous, flirtatious yet caring all the sides of karan he portrayed very nicely. Along with Arjun he also plays the role of Varun Kashyap in Life ok's serial Hum ne li hai Shapath.


(by Abjeya)

 Choti hai lekin uski dimaag rajdhani express se bhi tezz hai. She is a student, inventor, hacker and a Softwere expert. Give her any task related to computer whether it is creating new IDs, or hacking into the database or even getting forensic reports she will get it. Her Mr Arjun asks for help and she will give it. Anjali, our little Einstein.

 Arjun and Anjali's relationship is like a relationship between friends. Both always help and understand each other. Anjali always creates something new which can help like a remote controlled camera car or a jacket which has a GPS signal and a battery charger which is charged by the body temperature of the individual. Anjali and Arjun met at the Karate class he conducts at her school but their partnership didn't begin till Anjali impressed Arjun with her smartness when she opened the automatic locked door of the car with Arjun's mobile. Although she gets irritated when others underestimates her like Karan did when he met her for the first time but she happily proves them wrong or when Arjun conveniently forgot to take her on a case outside the city again. 

She gets along well with Karan and tolerates Simran's nonsense but when it comes to solving cases using technology then she is the best. 


Shruti bisht after being the Choti hitler in Hitler didi and Neha in Punar vivah-ek nayi umeed plays the smart girl in Arjun. She lends a cuteness and smartness to the character Anjali which conveys the message don't underestimate the power of children especially techno children'. She now acts in Life ok's serial Hatim.



(by Abjeya)

Drama queen but sensitive. Simran is an actress who came to get an opportunity to make it big in the film industry. 

She helps Karan and Arjun in their cases by going undercover for them like when she dressed up as a Bai (Maid)  to go into the husband's house in the Ishita case or when she went to the businessman's office for a job interview to find out whether he drove the car in the drunk driving case. Simran is a sensitive person but when it comes to her acting she in most cases overacts like when she created a scene in the traffic office so that Karan could get the database of the cars or when she wanted to see the cameras in the republic case.

 A memorable scene  between Arjun and her was when they pretended to be Husband and Wife during a case. She always flirts with Arjun and fights with Karan. But when it comes to matters of giving justice or helping to give, then she never says no to them. 


Sheena Bajaj plays the character of Simran with ease and familiarity. She is best known for her role as dolly in Disney channel's serial Best of luck Nikki.Embarrassed


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The high points and low points in show, the scenes which made us laugh, made us depressedOuchmade us swoon Embarrassed a flash back to those memories through picsEmbarrassed


the press conference of Arjun, Har yug mein ayega ek. for the first time we got a glimpse of the castBig smile from left side, Chandrakant Patil, Sana Khan, Shaleen Malhotra (the main lead), Behzaad Khan and Siddharth Sen



The first meeting of Arjun and RiyaEmbarrassed which left us all absolutely speechlessShocked we cant remember the last time we had seen such a power pact first meeting between charactersClap



Arjun Roshni Flash back scenesEmbarrassed Roshni Arjun's wife who was brutally murdered. this scene aired during Kalki devi case.




The prematurely demise of Riya MukherjeeCry when she had to gulp a deadly virus in order to save the countrymen. this particular episode left us all depressed and we all cried buckets.



Sameer and Arjun, two ex best friends. though there is hidden care behind their glares and layers of sarcasm, they both don't show it. if one is fire, then other is volcanoLOL



the entry of Nadia, oopsConfused I mean AishaWink kya superb entry thi bossClap the new female entry Sheetal Shah  literally entered with a bang !!


entry of Mrunal Thakur as Sakshi Anand. a cute entry which left the boys aka Chotu and Shree absolutely bowledLOL

 for one thing we will always be thankful to Forum  32. which is it? arre, for showing us the secret of Arjun's pen trick. Shaleen explained the history behind it, and how we can do it on our own ! many tried, many succeed, many failedLOL but this was one rocking interview of SM. a still from it.



Entry of Liza D'cruz, the forensic expert. Shree was not too happy seeing herLOL reason? because they were apparently enemies during college daysLOL


the Flashback scene where it was shown how Roshni diedCry such a cruel way to dieCry  Siggi credit goes to Saranya Senan from FacebookEmbarrassed

the new team and a off screen pic of them.Big smile best friends for life !!!

Arjun Roshni (ArNi for fansEmbarrassed) flash back scene. Roshni's entry in Arjun's life and his "love at first sight" look on face, shooo cute Embarrassed this particular picture is also set in a picture frame, which Arjun had kept carefully, in loving memory of his wifeEmbarrassed

the episode when Sakshi Anand got shotOuch while fans were having nightmare that if she will be okay or not, some rejoiced that now finally the story will move and maybe Arjun will show some feelings for SakshiWink 

 "you disgust me !!!!" no no, we are not saying it to anyoneLOL but Arjun said it to Sakshi when he find out she faked her injury post shoot outOuch he was no doubt very angry and she was shivering with fear seeing his wrath. even we fans were baffled why on earth she did that? reason was to gain his attention Embarrassed Love is blind, and sometime culprit behind our immoral actions. (pic credit goes to Despicable Me)

Arjun Aisha Chotu group hug just before the bomb blast episodeCry sorry for bad picture quality

New look of our Ex ACP post Revamp of showWink looking dashing as always, right?

Simran and Karan posing as police men during a episodeBig smile Sheena Bajaj and Rohit Purohit.

Shruti Bisht offscreen pictureLOL cutie pie

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Credit goes to Payal_156Clap


Credit goes to Tintin Juhi, Kunchu, Piya_Mallik and MinnuClap

Credit goes to saba- ramisa Clap


credit goes to Moumimon

credit goes to Bgargate

both creations credit goes to Zan101
credit goes to seher_90

credit goes to khemanisarita


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Tera Jaana
Dil Ke Aramaanon Ka Loot Jaana 
Koi Dekhe 
Ban Ke Taqdeeron Ka Mit Jaana
Tera Jaana...

Tera Gham Teri Khushi
Meraa Gham Meri Khushi
Tujh Se Hi Thi Zindagi
Hans Kar Ham Ne Tha Kaha
Jeewan Bhar Ka Saath Hai
Ye Kal Hi Ki Baat Hai

Tera Jaana
Dil Ke Aramaanon Ka Loot Jaana 
Koi Dekhe 
Ban Ke Taqdeeron Ka Mit Jaana
Tera Jaana...Broken Heart

Love You Miss You, Arjun
Come Back Soon, Shaleen


A year goes away and you sit back arched up or maybe relaxed to think and reflect at what went by. We had a journey that lasted about a year and half. Too many fleeting glances; too many memories...and to name one might take away the charm. Still my humble attempt at it all...

To begin with we saw a very unconventional beginning; a man with broken soul reeling with vengeance, thrown in crepuscular chasm possibly never to return back! That's how the series took off and that's how we got introduced to Arjun Suryakant Rawte!

A man who had lost his all, a man who never had the luxury of a closure and a man struggling to go on even when there was no will left. Over the time he lost a lot; his love, his life, his child, his team but managed to stay put. A man with steely sense of will, with an open wound and quick mind charmed us all into believing asking for second chances and clinging to hope.

Sameer Damsingh Rathod was another that added to that famed myth or maxim debacle. A strong support to everyone around; yet a hollow pillar on the inside. He too had, lost a lot. A friend was lost to death, a brother to agony, love to fire and hope to the reaper. But the sheer strength of character made him the impeccable one! He made us fall for the fact that certain lines are walked upon even when they are erased!

Aayesha Kapoor; a rendition of all that is good and massive. She came, she saw and boy! She conquered!!  A cult classic picture in itself; she showed what it is like to be the strength. She held on to her people and made others do it too! She was everything that defines womanhood. Strong yet feminine; she made us arch ourselves up and stand to a cause.  She mended the broken chain between two lost friends to some extent, gave back the lost friend to the other two and created a niche for herself. A true blue heroine in the man dominated world.

Riya Mukherjee; a defiant one...will always remain in memories even though her tale ended just about too shortly. She was the one who showed that courage is not the absence of fear but rather the fact that something else is important, something else demands attention. She killed herself so that others could breathe and that makes her just as important!

Shreekant Sen; another witty brain to a team extraordinaire. A soft, tingling kind of a warm guy. His gullible nature and the effervescent smile had all the hearts gutted with a satiation. The befriend all and hate none with vehemence made him likeable, and add to that his malice free heart and he was everything that a person should be.

Chandrakant Patil; our very own Chhotu...he was everything that made up the from-the-heart-smile. The tough exterior with a heart of gold was in itself a rarity, but he made that too a truth. He bore the brunt of a broken family yet never for once did he let the venom of it reach his core. A genuine lad he will always be remembered!!

Liza D'Cruz...the sassy dame. She came and conquered. Her expertise and her ease all melted to give you a result that could never be proved wrong.  Her fun banter with a genuine smile was all that was needed to brighten up the day! She respected the person for his expertise and that made her an intriguing watch! She will always mark the spot as the best example to Coco Channel's :A girl should be...

Saakshi Anand; a booming heart and a sucker for happiness all around. She made the team live the tiniest joy that came its way. A beguiling smile and charming face, will make her etch out a permanent memory!


Hum rahe ya na rahe kal
Kal yaad aayenge yeh pal
Pal, yeh hain pyaar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal
Chal, soche kya
Chhoti si hai zindagi
Kal mil jaaye to hogi khushnaseebi
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
Shaam ka aanchal odhke aayi
Dekho voh raat suhaani
Aa likh de hum donon milke
Apni yeh prem kahaani
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
Aane waali subha jaane
Rang kya laaye deewaani
Meri chaahat ko rakh lena
Jaise koi nishaani
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
Hum rahe ya na rahe kal
Kal yaad aayenge yeh pal
Pal, yeh hain pyaar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal
Chal, soche kya
Chhoti si hai zindagi
Kal mil jaaye to hogi khushnaseebi
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal

Kabhi socha nahi tha ke itni jaldi arjun ko bye likhna padega.. Par kya kare..?? Well..arjun mere dil me hamesha rahega.. Arjun is the first crime based serial which i luv to this extent.. Etf team ko toh mein kabhi bhul na pau.. Their dosti..respect for their senior..luv for our country n duty..just beautiful.. Almost all luv story does not reach to their destination..but still the concept with crime n romance was perfect.. Luv all the actors..specially the original etf team was my favorite.. Hope they wil release arjun season2.. Thanks for creating this thread.. All of urs work is really appriciable.. Hope all we arjun lovers stay love arjun n keep arjun alive in the forum.. 

First of all thanks gorky sir for giving us such a wonderful serial. Arjun is mind blowing.

I loved this show.

Iss show ki vajah se hame ariya mile.

This show is best.

First of all the characters are mind blowing.

Rathore: he was the true chief. He considered his team like family. He was a great friend also. Loved his damit very much.

Arjun: he was a super and handsome cop. Loved his dedicated towards country. Loved his dialogue samjhe ya samjhun

Riya: beautiful and chirpy girl. Love to help everyone. She is very soft hearted person. Loved her aurat ki kaabiliyat.

Shree: technical expert. He was cute. Andca true friend of chotu and riya.

Chotu: the khali. He was nice person. He also loved his te and friends very much.

Sorry uske baad nahi dekha.

But iss show ki vajah se hsme ariya the eternal love couple mile. Choree ki masti. Samjun ka bromance.

Everything is perfect.

Missed this show and ariya or sasha very much.

All thanks to my dentist , without his appointment , I would have never got such a wonderful show...
1st sep 2012 was the first epi of Arjun , which I saw in my dentist's clinic .
Thanks to team Arjun , which gave us wonderful 1 & 1/2 yrs of Action , Thrill , Comedy , Romance & awesome story line . Will miss each and every character , especially  ArAkshi & RaEsha completely rocked the show . These stories are incomplete I know ... But still love them a lot... And ArIya and ArNi will always cherish my memories ... ShrIza and ChoRee's mastis' will be always remembered ...What else can I say ...
A proud Arjun fan
Arjun ke sath bhi , Arjun ke baad bhi ...
Wishing the cast & crew a bright future ahead !!!
With lots of love
$ubha Maheswari
Edits !!!


Arjun it's been a really nice journey and 
I will always wait to see you again 
stay strong and always smile 


"Hum rahe ya na rahe kal
Kal yaad aayenge yeh pal
Pal, yeh hain pyaar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal
Chal, soche kya
Chhoti si hai zindagi
Kal mil jaaye to hogi khushnaseebi
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
Shaam ka aanchal odhke aayi
Dekho voh raat suhaani
Aa likh de hum donon milke
Apni yeh prem kahaani
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
Aane waali subha jaane
Rang kya laaye deewaani
Meri chaahat ko rakh lena
Jaise koi nishaani
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal
Hum rahe ya na rahe kal
Kal yaad aayenge yeh pal
Pal, yeh hain pyaar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal
Chal, soche kya
Chhoti si hai zindagi
Kal mil jaaye to hogi khushnaseebi
Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal..."

Words are falling short o describe about this show,which taught us many things regarding safety and all. Starting from the people who portrayed the iconic charecters,were par excellence.. It was portrayed finely to the T... My hearty thanks to Gorky sir and to his production house for gifting us such an excellent show like Arjun.. It carved a very special place in everybody's heart and will always remain there,intact...

Will miss this show badly... The first TV show in Star Plus which caught attention of every single people when we see the man,the great and selfless ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte emerging out from the sea water,carrying the Ganpati idol in his hand... His acting was flawless and par excellence...Inki acting mein chuk nikalna is next to impossible... It also taught us to remain safe through Suraksha Chakra... Have also applied some Suraksha Chakra tips in reality... 

Regarding the friendship of Rathod-Rawte... Well... I would like to take the opportunity to announce them as the onscreen "Jai-Veeru" of Indian Television Industry... Salute to this pair..

Riya,Aayesha,Liza,Sakshi and Roshni were the light and angels of the show... Each of these female actors executed their best of their acting skills.. Loved these girls a lot.. 

Proud to draw inspiration from this excellent and super-awesome show...

The signature lines,be it "Samjhhe ya Samjhhau," : Aurat ke kabiliyat pe kabhi shaq nahi karna chahiye," "Damn It!", "Kuch toh chhut raha hai,Rathod..", always created a stirr in us and in reality.. Will miss these dialogues a lot..

Shree-Chotu.. This pair always succeeded in bringing a smile in our faces.. be it their funny antics through acting.. They acted beautifully...

ACP Sameer Damsingh Rathod: Naam mein hi bohut zyada wazan hai.. Perfect chief with perfect qualities.. Wish to be like him in the future... 

Well,never knew that we will have to bid our favorite show like this... Spent an entire 1 year and 6months with this show.. Will miss this story a lot,along with all the charecters...

Wishing everyone related to this show, "ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE..."



It May Be Hard To Say Good Bye But The "GOOD" With It Is A Promise Of Something Better... It's been a wonderful journey... Thanks team Arjun for giving such a supperbbb... show will miss the show badly... Come back sooon Shaleen 

 Best of luck for ur future ,stay bless keep rocking ...
Allah gives u all lot of happiness and success 

Your performance in Arjun  is "awesome ,wonderful"

Rathod :- u justify the role of rathod . I consider mine brother I think no1 can justify this role as u did .u r best leader and chief  I love ur damit 

Arjun :- ur work is superb ...ur performance is natural ur face expression wonderful I can't forget ur sys u rock

Riya :- u r such stunning personailty I love ur expression which is wonderful depict by u in every situation  

Shree:- you r cute and swt .ur role in etf is fantastic ,I love ur side as gadget lover 

Chotu :- awww such swttt heman ,u r such cute ur antics with Shree are superb 

Ayesha :- she is pretty lady ...Love ur dabang avatar 

Baki mainai show dekhna chod diya tha so don't have opinion 4 them 

But best of luck to all


For me Arjun is not just a show, it is much more than that. When I saw its promo I thought it will be just like other shows, but I was wrong. I watched its First episode and fell in love with this show.
Ariya, Arni , Arakshi, Raesha are all incomplete love stories , but I am going to cherish them all my life. Shree, Riya and Chotu ki masti, Rathod and Rawte  ki cold war , Shree-Liza ki fights, Ariya,Arakshi and Raesha ki incomplete love stories, I am going to miss them a lot. They had become a part of my daily life. In this 1 and a half year there was not a single day when I didn't think about them.
This show is really very special to me and very close to my heart and I am going to cherish it Life-long.Its really sad that such a wonderful show is coming to an end. But as they say "Every good thing comes to an end and we have to move on".
The journey of Arjun has been Amazing.I wish all the cast of Arjun a bright future. Going to miss them a lot, Specially Shaleen. May all their Dreams come true and hope to see you all soon back on television.

Words simply cannot describe how much I love this show and Shaleen Malhotra. This guy will go very far in the future. This show has always made my weekends special and now I'm finding it hard to accept that this show will be over in the next 2 weeks. Thank you so much 4 Lions for bringing us such a wonderful and classic crime show. All the best to 4 Lions for their future shows. Thank you so much Shaleen for a wonderful performance and all the wonderful episodes. All the best to you in the future. This show has taught me to be tough and smart and it has also taught me not to be afraid of anything or anyone. Always stand up for yourself. Thank you so much team Arjun! I'm extremely sad that it's coming to an end Cry

Arjun is the one nd only i watch on tv..Its very difficult to accept the fact that my fav show is going to end..The good two years we spent wid u...watching ur all our love,care,concern and wishes..were wonderful.. We laughed with u when shree nd chotu cracks jokes..We cried seeing arjun pain..We have become a family..Now as it is going to end..we r sadbt there's still hopeseeing u guys in tv again..same in diff. roles and diff. shows..At last i wanna wish u guys good luckhave a gr8 futurehoping to see u soon in tv againlove u guyskeep rockingmmuuaahhh Heart

i just wanna confess 1 thng.(plz dont hte) i never watch any full episode of arjun when ariya was there..
i would just wwatch some flicks n scenes...then i joined ths forum n it was u (all the writers) who
made me so crazy about them ...i could felll them n watch them through the made 
so crazy that i started watching VM, n some scenes on U TUBE...i even cried watching the death scne
of if i she was my frnz i could fel the pain of shree of losing best frnz...rathore, who cried silently , chotu..n arjun of losing 2nd love..n riya 2 of losing every 1 n ushka ADHURA PYAAR..
i started using cursing cv they could have hospitalise her for few days y death...i would cry 
when i read some emntl scene in ur stry...i live by the stry...ok ab bore nahi karungi ...
I wish ..may arjun ka season 2 aaye n usme ARIYA, SASHA N SHRIZA 2 BHI HO n ho sake to
chotu ki bhi settinh ho jaaye...

Thank you so much for entertaining us for past one and half year. will miss Arjuna a lot. will All the best to entire team of Arjun..

Thank you to the cast and crew of Arjun who gave us this show their love and dedication gave us the characters that we admire and loved.. thank you 4 lions Ph for making this show, and SP for the broadcasting... To all the cast past and present good luck with your future projects and may you get more success in the future... 
I bid adieu and i like to thank Arjun for bringing happiness and entertainment in my life.

Lots of good wishes,

The night chases the day, each lamp blown out in the morning...and everything weathers to its end...
But the day also chases the night, we lit a new lamp at the evening to diminish the darkness around and something new came up from the old weathered one...
So a journey ends with Arjun...but we can hope for a new beginning...with a new one or some new ones ( who knows!)

It was always been a treat to see this show. & gonna miss this time.


arjun is my favrt show

i start this so previous few month 
when i saw one epi of arjun 
i love this show lot
but no this show become finish as soon this vv bad new
i really love arjun
miss u 
i want to say that we want arjun season 3 plzz

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Haal-e-Dil IF-Sizzlerz

Jedi of CC, FFG Cupids, YHM banner contest winner
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Posted: 14 February 2014 at 8:15am | IP Logged


Arjun to end hone wala hain, par apni ASR yani Shaleen, u will be always in my heart! Aap meri dil meri khushi aur meri zindagi hain !! aap humesha khush rehna !! love you forever.


Just keep loving your fans the way you do shaleen


Best of luck. Hope we get to see season 2 of arjun with arjun riya sameer shree and chotu


Hope to see season 2 of Arjun with full etf team and new team too. Hope to see Shaleen's interview in upcoming days too.


wishing all the members of arjun all the very best in their lives n careers.
it is an unexplainable feeling to express how much all characters gve me happiness.
my weekends were most memorable and awaited moments
wishing all of them all the success n love in the world..

But would like to wish all actors all the very best for the future...
Would love to see them in another show soon... particularly shaleen...
Arjun Should not have Ended like this. Cry
Will miss the show a lot. It was one of the very few shows i got attached to and even fought with my family to watch it on TV. Best wishes to all the cast and crew who brought such a fantastic show to us. For me this was the Best crime thriller show on Indian Television.Clap

Thanks Team Arjun. 

I will miss this show a lot. Here is a small tribute to the show ... my first attempt to make a VM SmileSmileSmileSmile


It was a start,wish the PH learns from it's mistakes and gets a new crime fiction show asapBig smile,
Best wishes to all its cast and crewSmile 

I want to thanks to entire team of arjun for giving us awesome mindblowing crime showsClap 

u guyz make our weekend memorable and awesomeThumbs Up

going to miss arjun sys  rathore dammit   aisha lady dabangg style   sakshi smile her laugh    shree chotu masti fun   liza chewing style   riya dimple smile   karan masti his acting    simran acting     anjali kid tech expert Day Dreaming

going to miss each and everything of this show u guyz are awesome love u sooo much thank u once again for giving a such a nice fabulous showBig smile 

wish u best of luck hope u get all success respect love from ur fan and from other people HeartHug



Arjun is the only show that i wont miss any episodes...i like ariya pair...the most favorite arjun episode is the kalki desai and the episode of republic day ...i miss all those things especially our hero acp sahab 

uff kya likhu
Arjun wo show hai jise follow krte krte main mumbai tak pahuch gyi...waise kabhi socha nhi tha k aisa kuch hoga...k jis show ko main follow kr rhi thi...uss team k sath as trainee kaam krne ka mauka milega...I am so happy...but wo time period bahut kam tha only 2 month...CryCry I wish main end tak show k sath reh pati...jab bhi sochti hu sapne jaisa lgta hai...k main set pe thi...aur kisi k sath pic click nhi karwai...idiot me...But mera experience bahut achcha tha...whole team of Arjun is too good...everyone...All the best for future team Arjun

MY VM and wishes for Team ETF 


I'm going to miss this show! I used to look forward to watching Arjun every weekend and I feel the show was not given the chance at a proper ending, the channel rushed things after giving the show an extension. It took some getting used to but I was enjoying the new cast, especially the Karan and Arjun duo but now its coming to an end. I wish this cast nothing but the best, hope to see them soon doing other projects. 

Hope to get our arjun back.


i'm confused from where i should start from arjun was one of the few show from which i haavee coneect myself i feel something strange when i have to watch it like butterflies r dancing in my stomach but 
i'm not watching it from initial days but on repeat telecast i watched it i fell for this show by a unique concept of cases the show has not only raise sensitive topic but on natural resoures topic also 
and the fusion of 
patriotic feelings,

superb and heat stealing dialouges 

well atlast what can we do on this situations now 
thankyou to all the cast and crew of arjun four lions .gorky sir, my fav actors shaleen n behzaad ,mrunal,sheetal that your charm has bring so many unknown people together ''on forum''

wish you all the very best for future to all the actors of this show just comeback soon on tv and not only on tv but on big screen also 
and have great projects on your bags Star

Arjun. To be honest I didn't check it out straightaway after it got aired though Sana caught my interest in promo in new avatar. I checked out India forums Arjun forum first LOL weird enough. Then I saw a fanfic of certain member Fiza28. The name of the fic was We were the mask up. I was so attuned to this, though it resemble little with current plot of show. I thought maybe in show I could see these characters walking talking, specially maybe I can see Arjun Riya pairing. It would have been interesting to see a so much damaged guy falling in love again with such a free spirited beauty! Later this show and forum become my obsession and I started to even write on them !! Shocked the characters Sameer Shree Chotu became dear to me. I used to wait impateintly for Sat Sun. LOL those episodes, dialogues, characters discussion those used to made my day. Ek alag maza tha un dino mein.

But of course the inevitable happened and my interest Sana left show. But hey still I didn't ditch show Embarrassed I watched it during it was all men in team, watched Sheetal entry on Dum maro dum, watched Mrunal entry, watched Shaleen injured still on show working, watched Arjun Roshni FB. But eventually I left watching it cause I could not stand Arjun Sakshi possible pairing. For me Sakshi never appealed so eventually my dislike turned into hatred and I quit. I still used to keep track of show and used to read discussions in FB and forum and F32. 

It was heart breaking to know about actors quitting one by one, show revamp, the news that show ending and now the reality show IS ending. Sigh...I wish every cast and crew all the best. It was a treat to watch something new in Indian television which lasted more than one year. You guys rocked in your roles. Best of luck for your future.

What to say more about the show. I really dont know how to thank this show. It have made some changes in my life, for this show and for this Arjun forum, i have got some wonderful peoples who are now the part of my life. 

When I started watching the show , i just saw the girl attacking on a man, later the heated case and tension attracted me and I fell for this crime fiction. I was never so mad for any tv series as i am for this show that I ended up joining this forum and got chance to interact with more peoples. With each passing episode i feel even more for the show and my favourite and special characters Arjun and Riya. But when Riya died and sana left the show, it was so painful time for me as I felt I lost someone very close to me. I cant imagine how madly i was in love with the show. But still I watched it . Ther were many ups and downs in the show but sometime it made me so irritate also with some cases and all. The creatives couldnot come up with what they wanted to show and it ruined it all. Later the actors started leaving show and it lost its charm. But still I waited if we will get any glimpse of the main villian of the story. But it never came! And it ended like that! 

In the first episode it was Arjuns walk on the Goa beach with background song 'mujhko ye zindegi' , was the most favourite scene ever in the whole show and it ended with the same song sequence and his journey still on. 

I dont just love the show for the casts or but The show also came upon with good approaches like creating awareness against crime through its every cases and also the suraksha chakra were the best thing of the show. So sad that they stopped it in the middle. 

I am still hoping for second season of the show. Hope they will soon start for it. Wishing best for the cast and crew and have a very wonderful bright future ahead with loads of achievements. All the best Team Arjun. 
You will be always missed. 


Message for Gorky sir and ALL those behind the screen : Thank you all for giving us this show named 'Arjun' ..I have seen innumerable crime based shows in so many years but none had such a strong concept ..A concept which not only is strong and fast moving when it comes to solving cases but also a concepts which succeecds in making sure that its viewers will come back next week with same yet fresh hopes and expectations...You people succeeded in keep that level of interest high almost everytime ..You made sure that by the time it strikes 9 you leave us with atleast one Q to be answered next time ALWAYS...

For  Shaleen Sir : (Will try and make is as compact as possible) Sir one word which comes out for you..I know mainly because of the role you portrayed is RESPECT ...I respect this fictioust character from the bottom of my heart ...Arjun is Arjun because of Arjun and Arjun's Arjun is Arjun coz of YOU...I am no one to comment or say anything about your acting skill coz I can't even pretend to smile when i'm angry and can never control my laughter when anyone touches the wrong cord...So i really know what it means to ACT in REEL LIFE...Its not only Shaleen Malhotra(sir) who deserved to play Arjun Suryakant Rawte but according to me it was the Arjun Suryakant Rawte who deserved to be played by Shaleen Malhotra (sir) . Lastly thank you for giving life to Arjun and in a way inspiring me and so many others .As you said Arjun is a legacy will always share a special place in our hearts ...Wish you all the luck for all future endeavours...Hope you take time but whenever you come back ...its with a bang just like Arjun...coz Its always the first impression of the foot which leaves the most impactful image on this sea of sand...Wish you all the success and good health ...


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Haal-e-Dil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2014 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Closing remarks.
many members spent days and night behind this thread, some became drama queen, some became almost madLOL so its the time to thanks them for their immense help and contribution behind it.
Zan101, Khemanisarita, Moumimon. thank you so much for giving your siggies, keeping up with my mood swings and weird requests and submitting them on timeEmbarrassed
The writers, silentsilver, Meself, AWriterAtHeart, Live-life, Abjeya, Kunchu. thanks for sending your parts on time.Embarrassed 
Vampire queen, callmemaybe.. for tags and dividers. thanks girlsHug
special thanks to Leki. thank you girl for checking the threa every now and then and giving valuable commentEmbarrassed maybe could not do good job so excuse
Though journey had come to an end, but we wish all the best to our cast and crews for the future. finishing the tribute with some linesEmbarrassed
Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again.

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