Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera


Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera
Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera

Happy Birthday Vishal Vashishtha a.k.a Pind Da Sher Baldev

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 8:22am | IP Logged

13th Feb, the day our sher was born...just in time for Valentine's day and to make the love week all the more special...

Vishal made his acting debut as Ayan in a Channel V show 'Crazy Stupid Ishq 'and his terrific portrayal of Baldev Singh in the Star Plus show 'Veera' he has won him huge accolades.

He has captured a million hearts with his tremendously loved grey shaded character that every girl has crazily stupidly fallen in ishq with this gabru jawan, pind di shaan...

Let's all get together to wish our dear Ballu aka Vishal a
very happy birthday !

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Baldev : Veera , do it fast sherni(lioness) , I dont have much time

Veera : Cant you wait for a second

Veera : Today our show is graced with presence of one and only Chotte Sarpanch of pritampura ladaku Singh Stern Smile

Baldev : VEERA Angry

Veera : Sorry Baldev Singh

Baldev : Yes guys its me . Chotte Sarpanch.

Veera : Lets move to questions .

Baldev: Hunji poocho Cool

Veera : So Baldev ,what are your nick names

Baldev: Baldeva , Chotte Sarpanch are my favourites

Veera : *Whispers* , why dont you mention your other names , DUNGAR , KHOTA etc ..

Baldev : KABOOTHRIII Angry

Veera: Next question is , if you get to know , you have a scorpion behind you what would you do.?

Baldev:BEEJI BEEJI ShockedShockedShocked WHERE IS IT

Veera : Stern Smile Next question .

Baldev: But I didnt answer last one *still looking around for scorpion*

Veera : Baldeva , we already got the answer .Stern Smile Next question is why do you want to be the sarpanch .Tell us two reasons .

Baldev: Because I want to make my son chotte sarpanch Cool and I want to call my wife , sarpanch ki biwi Approve

veera : You can even call other's too sarpanch -ki-biwi .

Baldev : You should stop being jealous .Stern Smile

Veera: I dont like long names anywayStern Smile

Baldev: Sur eyou dont , then why do you smile when ranvi calls you Veerakhdi instead of Veera ?Silly

Veera : *hits head on wall* Can I get some sword ?

Baldev : You are going hunting? Shocked What if some lion eats you up?Shocked

Veera :NukeNext question Stern Smile Last and final question . What do you want to tell your blind female fan following ?Silly

Baldev: FIRSTLY they are not blind . i am the lion <3 handsome and brave .Cool

Veera: wake up Baldev . and answer my question.

Baldev : Yes so , I would like to say .. if you want to see me bolo sher , sher ka naam lo and sher will be there Cool

Veera: So you all have got to know about our dearest (Angry) Baldeva , now if you have some questions , you all may ask ,he will answer you .

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overactor IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 8:55am | IP Logged

Baldev ka bachpan

He was a spoiled brat and cared only for himself and no one else...

Baldev 15 saal baad

Baldev as he grew up, has changed a lot. His entry scene confirmed that he still shared the same cat-mouse fight with Veera..in the intial episodes after the leap, we saw baldev as a bad guy who hurts people and does 'gunda gardi', and he just wants what he wants and can cross any limits to get that. But he was still mama's boy
After Karan's arrival we saw a new baldev, not that it was related to Karan's arrival, we saw a possesive Baldev, a hero who saves a girl's dignity, who loves his pind and the people, but at the same time we saw a person who wants to fulfill his dreams at any cost.
We saw a caring brother in him, who would not think for a second when it comes to his sister's happiness, he would go through all troubles himself and cross all limits to keep her happy and safe.
Baldev is a person who can be manipulated easily, he listens to people and blindly trusts the people he loves.
Baldev is not afraid and does whatever he wants on what we call in hindi "dhanke ka chot"..he's not afraid of anyone.
Another quality of Baldev is that he cares for his sherni, though he doesn't know what he feels, but still, he cares for her, feels for her and wants to protect her and keep her happy.He can't miss a chance to tease her and fight with her again and again. All his senses stop as he sees her. And there is a connection between them that he has to explore.


Baldev is a guy, who is strong, a complete man, respects women, cares for people around him, loves his village to the core, has good sense of humor and is a highly adorable spoled brat.

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...Arjuneeti... IF-Rockerz

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To the cutest birthday boy
I wish life's every joy

Dear Vishal,
Many many happy returns of the day, hope u get every happiness in life, and you reach heights in your career. God bless you. We all love you a lot as Baldev. And you are my only favorite nowadays..love you lots my sweety pie..my true definition of anger plus hotness..all in one perfect hero..

I wrote a poem for you

Vishal is a wish, a wish come true
he is the most handsome, the best in the crew
His smile is the deadliest poison
it sticks me to the tv screen with glue
His presence sets the screen on fire
we know that he won't ever screw
he is the best among all
and such beauties are very few
this lovely chocolate boy, 
would turn into the best hero who knew
he is the cutest of them all
and i know you agree too
Vishal is a wish, a wish come true
and today we tell you that we love you.

Happy Wala Birthday Vishal!

On this special day I wish you all the success, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come.
You are such an amazing actor and so versatile, thank you for playing Baldev exceptionally well. All the best and keep entertaining us.

Lots of Love Maliha Ahmed (-Arjunzaadi-)


Happy Birthday Vishal!!!
and thank you, because..

Hope your day is awesome...I'm wishing you the best now and always.

Here's your gift mere pindh de Sher...love a Cougar from Canada

Seriously though, Happy Birthday!

Love Sunny

Hey Vishal, Wishing you a very happy birthday.. You are rocking in Baldev's role and our love for you is increasing day by day.. I wish from the bottom of my heart that you have super year.. Hope all your wishes come true and you reach new height's of success in your professional life.. And you have rocking personal life as well ! Cheers !

 Lots of love from Smita (ST0207)

Many Many Happy returns of the day Vishal. I wish you lots of success and happiness. You are an amazing actor and you're every expression is total perfection. I totally fell in love with the way you portray Baldev and Your chemistry with Digangana is flawless. I am a very proud fangirl of yours! Keep on making your fans proud and keep up with the amazing job you're doing. May god bless you and keep similing, You have a very charming smile!


Many Many Happy returns of the day Vishal Party May god bless you with all the happiness you deserve and may all your dream come true.


Happy Birthday VishalHug

You have made your way into our hearts in such a short timespan.You have replaced all my favourties from their positions. That was a long listEmbarrassedKeep rocking and keep entertaining us as Baldev the ASB 'Adorable Spoilt Brat'Day Dreaming as fangirls name their hero. You are a terrific performer and your hardwork has earned you so many fans and Baldev magic is working on all of us.Have a great day and a great year ahead. Love youHugWish you all the success in life. You deserve every bit of it.Big smile

From Priyanka (lizaries)

Wishing you a very Happy, blasting & rocking Birthday Vishal!Party

God Bless You Always! Big smileMay you get all the well deserved success, health-wealth & happiness of this world! EmbarrassedAnd and and you are my current favorite actor...so thank you so much for coming in our life as Baldev...your one glimpse is enough to light up our day! Heart
Wishing you a prosperous and wonderful life ahead...keep rocking always... you are a true rockstar!! Star We love you a lot! Hug

From Mohini

Wishing you very cheerful & delightful Birthday, Vishal Vashistha. May every passing year bring you all the Joy you deserve and all your dreams come true. You are really very talented actor and your brilliant performance touches the heart. It's a treat to watch you onscreen. You seem very humble & down-to-earth off screen which makes you even more special. Wish you achieve more success in the coming years and keep smiling blissfully always. God bless you. It's a proud feeling to be a fan of an amazing actor like you. Wish you best of luck, happiness, success & prosperity in this year and in all coming years.

Have a wonderfully rocking Birthday.. Keep smiling & entertaining us always..!!!!

Best Wishes,

Dearest Vishal Vashishtha,

Wishing you a Happy Birthday. May this birthday bring an abundance of happiness, health and prosperity and outshine all that of last year! God Bless.

When I first saw you post leap in Veera, I knew that this is OUR Baldev! You were naughty and arrogant just like our little Baldev. You have retained Baldev's signature acting--especially when he gets fooled or told off by Veera as witnessed in throughout the serial and how he acts haughty since he is the sarpanch's son. As Baldev, you bring forth the perfect blend of charisma, attitude and mischief--I cannot imagine anyone else besides you to play Baldev! I always find myself lost in your infectious smile and your deep, dark and dreamy eyes! I always wish to see you smile and pray all the happiness in the world for you! Clearly, you strum the strings of my heart!
Best Wishes & Warmest Regards
Your Virgo xoxo

P.S: Please say that you love Virgo because I LOVE you so much! My heart knows you love me too!
P.P.S: Can you please post pictures of you smiling and doing the signature Veera eyebrow raise?!
P.P.P.S: I absolutely adore BalVeera/VeeBa & you my Ballu!
P.P.P.P.S: Please stand up for your sister Gunjan. Start listening to your own heart and mind! Also, you need to thank and apologize to RanVeera for saving your beloved sister Gunjan and for doubting Veera's character! Please give closure to Gunjan, you almost ruined her life by marrying her with that fraud NRI!

Dear Vishal,

Happy Birthday! Party Hope you always stays awesome. Cool Hope you always have that adorable laugh. Embarrassed Hope your beard stays short. LOL And hope you have all your wishes and prayers granted. Smile

Lots of love,

Beloved Vishal,
Wishing you a Happy Birthday! May they day be filled with love, laughter and warm memories!

Your thoughts fuel my wildest imaginations and I cannot resist the urge to day dream and create all sorts of stories about VeeBa.

You stole my heart while enacting Baldev. I cannot single out what exactly it is about you that has hypnotized me with your love: Your deep,dark and dreamy eyes; Your flamboyant and hunky attitude; Your platonic love for Veera; Your heartwarming smile; or Your comical dialogues and immaculate expressions-- whatever it may be. . . I am truly, deeply and madly in love with you. 

Vishal, you are the epitome of all things cute and sweet. I earnestly wait for the weekend to pass just to see a new episode of you. Sending you many happy returns and my hugs and kisses. 

Your Crazy Stupid Ishq & Fan,
Rimjhim xoxo

Ma Tarif karu kya uski jisne tujhe  banayaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Many many happy returns of the day to  sexy,Hot boy Vishal VashishthaHugMay god bless you loads of success n happiness !Vishal u know what u look so cute in this television industry u are yummy chocolaty milky boy of this industry the way you smile,Looks and the way you behave hayeeeBlushing i soo love you ..,just wish & want you to shine like a brightest star in the sky.Embarrassed I love you for the bundle of talent you are... , for your brilliant sense of humour , for your innocence and the million dollar smile , for those eyes that speak volume but more than love I respect you for the humility the down to earth nature , you have all d qualities of good damadLOLWink i love you truly own and not something fake that what really increases my respect for you and love you for every passing moment and will continue to do soEmbarrassedwish ds year brings so much  success n hapinness for uEmbarrassed oh U r turning 22yr so its high tym to mingle lolILOLWink most importantly keep smiling!!! because you have the most beautiful and heartwarming smile I have ever seen in any man... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEnjoy you day sweety <3Embarrassed
Tight Hugs n love fromHug

Sonu-monu WinkLOL

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"shaitan ka naam lo aur baldev haazir"

" haan to mainu pandit thodi na banna hai pritampura da.. sher hoon sher.. aur sher na thoda ukhda hua hi acha lagta hai"

"Mere baap ko log mere naam se jaante hai.."

"Hello...Bazaar Challo..."

" welcome to my poor khana "

Kamina hu kayar nahi..

-Sher hu koi chuha nahi jo raat ko nikal kay taare kutar jauga..

Chidiya na cheel k samne fudakti huwi achhi nahi lagadi..

 Panje ka ek chappatta mara na toh delhi tak failati nazar aayegi..

"Baldev Singh kisike saamne nahi jhukta"

"saadde sapne na vadde khaas hote hai ..aise hi kisi eri geri nu ghusne nahi dunga main samjhi"

"oho..o tere liye to har tohfa chota he meri veera"

"...Oh, bhagwaan ne ithni khoobsoorut shakal di hai."

pehle pritampura ranveerapura hua karta tha par ab baldev pura hai

Baqi saare kaam to bade mardon wale karte ho lekin yeh peeche se waar karna woh bhi tab jab sath ek kudi khadi ho. Is se zyada namardangi wali baat nahi ho sakti.

behave nahi Baldev

"Teri majaal kaise hui meri pind di ladkiyon ko chedne ki.. Pritampura ki ladkiyon ko chedne ka HAQ sirf mainu hai "

Oye yeh kabootri bhi acchi sir dard hai..

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Dearest Vishal,


Some say,

You are handsome

Some say,

You are a rogue

Some say

You are hot,

Some say

You're cool

I say you are all... and much more;

And oh it is so true...you are

The master of feelings and expression

The king of versatility

The owner of all smiles and laughs

You are the one who rules my heart and mind


Your face is oh so charming,

Your eyes are captivating,

Your smile leaves me swooning.

I am sleepless with your thoughts at night time,

And I don't know how to rhyme.

I have never known you personally,

Yet I have been with you completely.

With every episode, picture, vm and fan fiction,

Smiled with your infectious laughter,

Lost myself in your deep dark eyes,

Closed my eyes with the wish to meet you in my dreams.


You are always in my heart and mind,

You never leave me day or night.

Now I present you a glimpse

Of my crazy stupid ishq for you!


"Life mein problem aani hi hai toh use bmw me baith ke solve karna zyaada accha ya dhoop me khade reh ke...!"

The way you uttered this was quite cute,

With this audition you embarked...

On your acting pursuit.


And focus toh life me bohot zaroori hai, varna saari zindagi bhatakti reh jaaenge but manzil nahi milegi..."

Aur fir meri zindagi badal gayi,

Tujhko jo dekha dil me ho gayi mushkil,

Tum Bann gaye meri manzil...

When I first saw you on screen,

My heart sang-

Tujhko jo paaya...

Toh jeena aaya...

And slowly I fell in love-- it felt like a dream.


Haan, mai kitni khushnaseeb hoon...

I unknowingly hummed this tune... 

Hadd se bhi zyaada

Tere hone ka ilm hai...

Ishq ne kiya fida

Abb rukna bhi zulm hai..


Moving from my sweetie cutie pie


To my angry hotty, naughty, and still a cutie pie


Haaye... aap sach me sher bann gaye

Aur app sher hain, aur sher thoda ukhda ukhda rahe

Tabhi mazaa aata hai!


Aapko dekh kar mere dil me bhi hai bajti...

Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam vaali ganti.


Kabootri keh lo ya bhootni,

Mai toh hoon aapki deewaani.

Aur kaisi lagi aapko ye kahaani,

Sunna chahte hain aap hi ki zubaani.


Happy Birthday, Vishal. May this Birthday bring you an abundance of happiness, health and prosperity! Have a stellar birthday! Sending you lots of sher wali pappiyan, our sher!


With an Abundance of Love,

Rimjhim & Virgo




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Intro: Hina(hinz and Billicat.)
Lassi with Veera: Tanu(BilliCat.)
More about Baldev: Sonu(overactor)
Title tags and blinkies: Hina(hinz)
Name tags: Maliha(-Arjunzaadi-)
Baldevism: compiled by Sonu(overactor)

Special dedication: Rimjhim and Virgo
Creations: Maliha(-Arjunzaadi-), Sangita(dew_dropz)
and Mandy.
VM: Namy(-DreamWeaver-)

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